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March 17, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 17, 1966

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. .... | The Junior Choir, under the [ a week ago. [ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE 1 if ......... ]| [direction of Mrs. Carolyn Huff- Mrs. Fay Longerbeam, of Boli-ITHURSDAY MARCH 17 1966 |l ___ I| | ma~ will sing /'Come My Sotll var, is ~ecov~/'ing satisfa~tol:i|y[ ' ' I1 l I_..JL |l| I II |~()u Must Be Wa'k~i/g" - Hydn. lwith the"helP*o' crutches after] .... . . ' .. . . :,,.,L .... i[ l I aru|v Ill II | This service is held at 11 a m. I quite a siege of illness which af-is ~" anu fs. vernon webb and I uay. ~uest.s were ~iss ~. .. with a nursery for re-sciaobl fected her health in a cri lin m 1 daughter of Alexandria, va Wel~h, Martinsourg, Mr an~l PUBLISIt]gD EVERY THURSDAY [ U J WA_&k li II I . p ] pp g/ ...... . I . . g~i ~ ~ ii ~ Ill II!111 Imi II I children provided. [ way Her manv friends hone that t V.lSlted ~ar. and Mrs. frank Kid- ] Norval Jonnston and Mr. ~mI ..................... I', I I w! ,w.,. III _ 11 / Church School is held at 9:30 [ she ' will soon-be entirely well]wiler and family, Sunday. [McCarty. .~l B~ "Xu~ ev.~hl~mr~t~ tJo., l~u. I - -- d !- IIIAa6nA~ il i a. m. with classes for all a~,es la~,ain. ~' I Mr. and Mrs. John A. Weltyl Mr. and Mrs. George BenCh' J[~ v ota' "uil, VISIt U his mother, Mrs o - ,-w.,.. 210 North eorge Street- Charlea Town, W. Va. itII y near7 .. -orrow |llll~lltlOII II [ Yu are invited to come and wor-i " Mrs. Hazel Carter, daughter of]and .family of W aynesboro, Pa.,land daughter, Barbara, w_er~!|~ -, " : ~, ~ ship. ' I Mr and Mrs Charles WiIt, of Bol- I spent some time ~unuay visiting I cent weekend guest of Mr~ | Code 25414 [! [ Cherub choir practice at 3:301 ivar, who has been quite ill from t Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Welty and [ B. Hammond . ~ - ' "~" . " " I p m Mondav: Jr choir at 4 n lnndumonia has recovered ~n~lSons and Mrs Ruth Clegg. I Mrs. Ercel Boyd entered REAI) :BY ]d[Olt~ "rH.JkN ~500 P]~OPLE WHERE OR WHEN I made the mistakeof be!teving[ s~ipT~eriMoet~~i~nY~t? ::ll~i[ ~arSs~:twU?eMd t,nhirtohhme ~no:Haa~ [ foTghe~ tEng:ebMiinY" tF~) ~lls ~t [ HurgP~;! laS~hWednesd::u~,~~ o .... a ~,-.._ !-, ..... _ ~.a., ,,~__~__ ~_..._ n^_,^~:_^ Every time I pick up the news-[ that the French Revolution of[ in Fellowship Hall Monday even-I nurse"in the Hagerstihwri Hospital [ day. They will meet at the Church [ satisfactorily. ....... "~1 ~m:~xau ~ a-~ ril4,q' xl~ ~ma-!.vl~ auwn ~-t~W~a~ paper nowuays and read wnat s 1789 and the Napoleonic after-[ ing. A talent contest has been[ Her maby friends are so glad thht[at 7 p.m. ] ' __ [ : ~o .... going on z get tne ~eellng that I math had been caused by an ill-/ planned for the evening. [ she has recovered after a lon~/ Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hale andl Abided l hm, ,h ,m tl NATIONAL N|WSPAP_EII W~at I.m reading .isnt news at ladvised experiment with liberty,/ The Bible Study Group, leaderl and serious illness o/soft Bret, of Alexandria, Va. vis-I ~::.~:u ~,,ul~.u ,Im~! /'~(llJ.J..I.l~ ~ I.'i.~,.~d~ aJi, and tne naunung re,rain or land that the peace of the world[ Mr. Williams, Wednesday at 7"45/ Mrs Elsie Mariatt of North]|ted Mrs. Hale s parents, Mr. and] ' " | (I::~]~$1 | ~1 [ O*~'"~'T'~ an old song goes running through [ could best be secured by restor-/p m " | Mountain has recovered after be'-[ Mrs. George Gageby and also Mr.[-- ~ .... myt m~nedor~wSeee?:oliekde w~ hav~ I ~grothe O~7o~0~de~tTheuhlt~orY9~f/at S~:.4C~o.lrrehearsal' Wednesday I loTgI~uIte:~lMSshec~atrh:s d~vUgth, ten/H~lwra.rdAmbrss.e' SeU~iday, h.rehart/ ~,{ " ' other in the same way then/but I attests to the folly of this notion./ ..... / Bolivar " I of Washington, D. C., visited Mr. [ ~ l~ | ~! ~! i i~ ~,, v ~r~t~,,r~, ~ .... , ~ ...... I Can't remember where or when. I The old order was doomed to/t .... t*..... ~___1_.*._._ I Mrs irene Rinaldi, who lives in/and Mrs. George Greenwalt, on[ - " --~ ....... .._~.2!.~ l~x~. w~, ~va~vx~t ~t~- ..... So, I get the odd feeling thatI extinction: the only question was,/ ~ii1~01" l,~lrhoH rroclillm$ l Bolivar where she operates an un. [ Friday. [ . 11o2~1 KI~N'I'Ihltl, I~eWS l~lllgl~" -- !llik~lltl[ MUIIfd~UW, .~.S~I)~ l~all, or we ve been on this road ~etore, 1 would it die quietly or would it/ "~ * - / t,~-da~, rna~ c*nr,~ ,,,~v hay h,m~ [ Mr Forrest Buckle~ romain~ ~ / ' - .., ; a . m .... ~:dn~ha:n~VhilleactehseDam~?ff:r:h~,ldie violently? /March 20.26 National been ver~j*~muela"i'n"d'ispose~i]patient in the King's Daughters/ it']lll;(ii N~,*~onal &dyertlain~ ll~ncesentatlve- American .... .~ ....... I The most signifigant fact, Ii .... ..... i and unable to be in her ~store for [ Hospital in Martinsburg. / ~ "" "'"~-- --'~"-~ "-" "^'~ .... - "-- New York the l~)aces tnemseives arent ult-I think, to recall in studying the/ II/:lJr.~. ~..I. i -.-iL | the past week. We hope she will] Mr. and Mrs Leslie Arehart/ | ~ewaPal~r ltepre~ent~uv~, lua., ,~ rnm ~v, ~..erent or new,tney ye.]usst ~eenl history of the United States and[ llllU!llil~ Wt~il~l~ I.UI~ilIlY / soon be on the job again t are visiting Mr" Arehart's sister,/ Detl~lt - Clltlcal~ - Atlanta - ~ Franelta~ . Los Angeles T!tted into .a ~wen.t~etn t;entury Europe over the past one hund-/ , " / n.,,. ~. " / Mrs Forrest Buckles, while Mrs / i I~ '- | ~' I I ~~ " .... sett.~ag.. ~lstor.y is hapPen.rag[ red and fifty years is this that/ Charles Town s Mayor, Nicholas/."';':l /Buckles' husbann remai,~ ~,, *h::| .... | U, TO~O.~T~ e~ nn O~. V. Oa,.o ~'),,*,~ ~ Vo ~ aga n. no witn it comes tne l ~h .... .. +,.^ ,.~,,.. ~.. ,~.^~Carson, has proclaimed the week/ Miss Dottle Cornell, of Oxenl / ' ' "c a orld is inevitable, and that the . . ..... Mr. James Mitchell of Newton . , yana s famous di tum. th t those . life Week and during this eriodl her mother, Mrs. Thelma B. CoT- . v rti in De t - tempo of change operates in dlr-. . , P , D. Baker Hospztal spent the week For Business, News or &d e g p~ men . who fail to remember history are ect ~ro,~orti-,~ ,- *~- o+~']~+,, -~ special emphasis will be placed l nell and grandfather, Mr. J. C. onn ~,~ ~o ,~ .... ,o Mr nn,~ in t r live it ~. ~. ................. a -- ............. ~ ..................... DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 dest ed o e I the middlo ela~o q~ho, ~o +.1 on the need for preserving nat-I Ballenger. / Mr R (? 1V/i*oho|, .,~1 ~r,.o lrl. I - -- - - -- - - -~ ................... Mr Gu ................. " '~ ........ .,.- Over the past weekend I got/ ........ I ural beauty and all citizens of the l y H. Cornell, Jr., of Pur-[,i,,i~ (, .... ~...o " I - - - :i- say wnere mere is no ml{l(lle ~ ,, ,, -~,,,,,,-,,,so ~, THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1966 out my old notes on a history[ clas-violent revol, *i"" '- -1' ~" ,I County are being called upon to l cellville, Va., Miss Donna and| ........ '" . I - -- -- -~ ~ course I happened to teach at / ine~._,_,_, _ _, L~L u,,;~ ,, i .ou~ I participate in programs of a con. I Beverly Walker of Leetown, spent | _ ~--. ~. :-__~i~ I _ ~: i - ~i " . ' Shepherd College nearly twenty itau,e, an.a wnere mere is a l servation type [Saturday night with Mrs. Thelma/ ~ I ~11~'~ ~.~ : a~rie~u nlnl, l~av years ago,'and it was not until mid(he class tne vested interestsl ..... IB Cornell [ vr'IDLIL /fIIII/I= I - ~ kk'tillfllq lfllnUAl then I * remembered precisely ofthat middle class tend to moder I I^m:,, B.,& A...I1~.... I "Mrs Donald E. Walker, of Lee-[ ~luAnl~lt I JTILLK I ~&/l~li~I ~ what it was I had forgotten" that I ate it toward more peaceful evolu- l L~IUII I'U I AUXlIIdry / town, gave a birthday dinner for/ w~. ~,~.~ u......,....a I - -- - -- ! Americans with common interests, past or present, are half of the world and two thirds' tion ilastead of violent revolution I ~ i her sister Miss Dottie Cornell,/ ,,,,~. ~,~l aa,~,tlate~ I I: generally quick to orgamze. It was natural, therefore, that a of its people are going through The Russia of both yesterday and I 0hed~lq/${ 't7}h ~lr}~:lv / of Oxon Hill, Md. Those attending[ ~,->]ll~,,~.'l~7~m [~ small band of Americans Who had sharetl experience of wear- right now what the other half today as well as the China of to-[ wv~,, ,,~ ~,n, ~un,~3[ were Mrs. Thelma B. Cornell,| The Ed-ewood Homemakers I "--~'~-----~--~ | ing their country's unifoi, rri ifl ~time of war should meet in (and a small half at that!) have day are ClaSS.ic examples of the[ ~t ~ .... J.*__ etl ~ __.*_ [Mr. J. C. Ba!lenger and Mr. Guy| met with Mrs Charles Symondsl Whether ifs a few acraS ~| truth ot mls theory ttussla ti t;ornell, Jr, of Purcellvllle Va Paris in 1919 and 9rganize the American Legion. This month gone through and are still going h ............. . . _!i I U| rUUl]U|I]~ ~| le~l~ | . / " , .| at Duffields last Tuesday. The I ~ adjoining 250 acre lariat the American Legibn observes its 46~;h bi~'thday, and we ex-through, and that the answer to v~o~encean2'~eCo~a~ymf s~m i~n~l Members f Jecks .... IMrs. Butts in Hospital | meeting was conducted by the I Farm -Creditis ready to ~t~l~[ , . some o~ touays convulsions can o on-r'erKs rust . president, Mrs Norman Whetzel tend to our warm congratulations, h, ,.n,~ ,, ,,,,~,i ..... *,~,.,~-,,' Revolution - that v,~,, r~,,, ,~ol No 71 American Le~,inn ,ha ~b,/ Mrs. Clifton Butts, of Bohvar,| -. ..... ....... I ply the money you nell. r:i .... . ........... ~-~-..~, , ....... a o . ........ "~':. ......... " , ' ~ ' ........ n " alter tne uevouons, leo oy 0~rs. . On.the local Jefferson County scene the American Leg[on seizures The rediscovery I con- Russia of today bears httle resem-I Post s Auxiliary, observed the/co tlnues quite ill m Charles| S~monds Mrs ~.hort r~rnav I when you ~ed it. ' I has d s cinguished itsel in so many, many ways tha we hesi- fess, made me feel fo(~lish If blance to the Russia of yesterday 1 organization's 47th birthday last/1*wn ~eneral ~.osp!tai. | ,oa,,_ ,~^, ,~.--^ . _ -.~2~2- ~_-.-Z-~ I " . __ I ...... " " "tion .... " I " " " Thursda ni h " Mr. ~rnest IAttleton, of Atlan- so~e t.~,~ xv~oa~ oh, oa~e ~*w~a~. LongTerm tare to enumerate them lest we overlook or lfa l to men history is repeating itself, as I n 1917 Russia had nothing to/ y g t at their home on| ................ |The -roun discussed a summerl ~n~aT~Lolne ~,,~ I isome, we at this newspaPer cart ~oes~ illustrate our personal am Leonfident it in large measure lose from violence and revolution / West Washington Street. / T ur ~.~on,,, . ,.. n ...... :;| trip, although no definite plans I ~Tt~'r r'~P~,d~a~on ~~ i esteem for the Legion by relating something that happened is, we would be less than wise since nothing from nothing still i rne program featured a dis-] ~aer'la ~m"''?'''~'' ~ "=" ~'~Y~ ~su a~| were made Following the husi- ! ~/t'~*~i ......... ~ ! ~t the local Leo on bi hdav in CharlesLTown last week not to look back and take a read- leaves nothing. But today Russia| cussion of the Vietnamese con.l .no e in ~o;~ar.- - | ness the iaostess served nu~ch I "~JtV~." .j| -'c~'.~ +~,, ....~;..,. ~ ,~,~.ff.: ~,~+~'~ ~+o ,~ +h'~'d ,~,~,,~n~n,~ ing on the past. " has much to lose from a toolflict by Henry Morrow and a re-[ .. Mr. Joan t~nllaS, Jr.,.anu tam-[ bro~nies and cookies Whe~Anrli [ ,~ Farmer Owned, Farther OI/'~I~I -,,, ~11*~ ,,,.,~ao,,-,,, ,* ,,,~,,,~,~- ,,~ ~,,~. o~o.,, ,~, v,.........~.~.~.~...- I " ort ' ,,~ t"_i .-, cr+,.-,+,.,|" , ny OZ ttomney, spent tne weeK-/meetlng Wl]1. . ~" Was asked to speak to the assembled guests On the general know of no task.~at more ~ve:tUr:u~SusPOl~Yl, iandihe~cena[ Pa(st u2errtr~ t~iissrll~arl~ara[ end with his parents in Bolivar. beheld at the home Farm i I subject of Vietnam, a subject the Legion is understandably appro x mates mposslouty ot per- . ..... . Hunt [ Miss Nannie Marlatta, of Mar-/ot Mrs. oacK t;a row. I ! '. ..... ;_ 1-, ......... ,..__ ,,__ .__:__,__ _,, ~., ....... -_,^tormance tnan condensing a cen- tolioweu unlna is today inl ' / tmsbur~ has been s-end|n- -uite/ Mr Floyd Thomas was guest of I | ~r~g'~li.t~_ 1 m eres e ,.m. ~u~ pz'eceamg !,no rv~I~Z~ v~ ~I.~e n~uc~t~ tury of history into a column or almost l~recisely the same posit-[ Mr. Morrow related the history[-~om,~ t~me wit~ h,~ ~*,~ oo|honor at a birthday dinner at his[ .~..~! ~.~41 Ik~ i eoltor oI :nls news aper a young ~rlarles lown glrl, WhO nat1 " " " of Viet ............ ' ........ P ,two of newspaper space But I ion Russia was in fifty years ago'/ nam for the past one[ r .]i ....... |home last Thursday evening. Otb [ ASSOCIATION i been sent to the Legion sDonsor d G rl s State during the p cannot help but think that what ~ust emerging from the Mlddle l thousand years, and then posed i been indisno~ed ~ ..... ~* ..... |er euests were Mr and Mrs Brii ............. i summer, rose aa d poke simpIy a ad elequently on what Girl's is going on now in Asia, in Africa, Ages with nothing to lose and I several questions concerning the [ tim^ ..... "~ .......... | an Silveous Boonsboro, Md "Mrs" I ~w ~# ,, , ,t ,A,,~ | tare had eant to her Her remarks rovided a rrrovin and in the Middle East and in Latin everythin to ain current struggle between the Viet| '-;~" - ....... [ co,,.. ,,,^,, ..... .... "I W_ W HAMMIINU I S m , P g . g g " Mrs J0nn Mower an cniiaren ,.,a,~, ,,v,x a,,u ~,,ut~,~, a~IU ~,*t-~. ,,, ,,. ..n.',.',v.,-- 'touchin exam le of what.~he Legion and its auxilia units America, bears a striking resemb- The meaning in this for all of[ Cong and Southern lVietnam. / . Cum'horland Md .2 .... ,^=| Jessie Henderson Bardane and I "'" ...... ""1 .... J ! g p .... ry ........................ can do and are doing m every community m the land. lance to what happened to the us should be self-evident: that .Miss Hunt vividly recalled her/days recently with the former's|Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rickard, Ran-i ASSISTANT MANAGI i q'h ,,L,O rn_,k' hi . +h ..... rest of the world commencing the world is to survive the threat/stay of one week at Girl's State,| narents. Mr-and Mrs Ravmond/son. I . la h rd atn W State, through Boy's Stat'e, (l rough aid to indigent veterans hundred fifty .years of atom m suicide the half of the| w ch was held at Jackson s M II.[ Wilt in Bolivar. [ Miss Tonia Judy, daughter of l . ;, .... and running rlgnt up to tne world tnat nas already beenl following the program, tne t Mr Mrs Walter Judy ob-I DIAL 171J-'1441 ur i ?ndnTn:v?rans as w~:~nd ~r?g~2o~l~?~:gl-~um~ylPr~ present, day. The year 1815 isthrough the mill will have to g01 birthday._ ce!ebration was cli-~:~:~g~