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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 17, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 17, 1966

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TWO SECTIONS LATEST IN LOCAL, AREA SPORTS --- COUNTY NEWS ADVERTISEMENTS SIXTEEN PAGES LOCAL NEWS --- PICTURES WEDDINGS -- SOCIETY CLASSIFIED ADS 1844 .... The Newspaper Charles Tow n And Ranson Grew Up With ....1966 i VOL. 102 NO. 11 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, W. VA. THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1966 _.. West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE 10 CENTS m , I I I I I r, . , I i F ,, ,, " I The annual membership fundT 1, " P B ....... I II k~ l t 'li drive of the Jefferson County[ |;; res a n[O l J ~ -- ~ ~ -.---- ;- 1--.---:---. I ) I Ill .~,l~A,t~.,l~,l,,t ~t.~t.,lu,,i, zt.v A" m,lA .-'-'~,~v~,...I, at." | Ken t~ross~napter istaggmg " n Ion, a nounces the annual meet- T ..... I badly, wRh more than half of the I * in-~f th- or-anizat:on will "-e I definite steps were taken I I * a I month of March gone and eontri-I It f h~d Tues3a- ~i-ht ~I~arch~. 29~EI i T evening by forces of l !I rl, II | ~1 [~n I butions to date running only a-I _- ~^ J. _? '- . .. _ I )n and Morgan Counties I III It I h,I t,U I bout 20-percent of the county's I * , l at t:t~ p. m. m the uounty uourt- I g the inclusion of the l , I goal I I 11 I no use. . . . . I ' " I ~ All memoers ann represent- Thirty-three names for memo doah and Cacapon Rivers ' " 0 ~ ~rt officials of the local Red Cross " . . . " . . "Wild Rivers Bill" at in-[ l| | IChapter said of the county's[ . atlves of orgamzatmns that .re.lRey, hm~B, Storev ]bershlp on County-wide Econo- of a serie~ -f m~;,~o~ I . . . ............... ............. I e.~ m9 ..o~ .,h, ~ 9~n h~a ~,oo,, I At a recent Convention of the members are urgea to attena ann I " I mic Development Committee was hV- h.on I : ............. I Mar-Del-Va Farm Equipment help transact the bt/siness of theI ~lta Ir~ For Fourth i a roved by the Jefferson Court ................... ........... ..... assers to date . nlzat" PP [ weeks. ] i ~ :::: ~ ~ ~ [ The war in Vietnam and a IDealers Ass oemtion held at the erdar ton.. ....... i .pa.r ,th s mornin~ some :~ :: :: r~merson Hotel in t~ahimore, u ectors and otttcers MII De . !25 persons from the I ~ .... :~ .... :: ~ ~ I number of ma~or d~sasters have I ......................................... [. . ,~ . ~. . ~ I Robert Cam, superintendent of C0 /.~ William (l~lll) l ame , Man c ecteu cvmmmees unties meeting in the Jeff-I ~ [~{~i ~?: ~ I placed a heavy and serious drain I - - - o Y - " ...... " .................. :.... ! Lenten nstvIce mrcn i Charles Town Funicipal Works, a Count Civic Cen er in I ; . ager o[ t'eopms ~upply e'arm wilt ue gtven ann suggestions -, Y t ::~:: ~ ~: ~:~.;;,.. on the fmancml resources of the .... who presented the membership 'los Town. first r " ed un " ,, ~ I.o ~ro~ that will likely con I Machmery, Inc, m Charles Town ~mprovmg the fatr will be wel-i I]~, ,~ ,h .... Co~.t .or cf ,-~" o an , oo ....... , ............... .... lderat- the name of West Virginia, ;~ ~:i ~i ~i I tinue~i'nto~ the~unforseeab~e fut-I was eiecte9 presiaent o[. me comed. I ~ ~ lion and action, said the members arn p ~ ~ ~ group, nawng servea prewousty anhandle Land and t ~!~!.'~ i!iii :: ~:: ~ ~ lure, Mrs Daniel Yowell, chair-[ ........ _ / - _-- _-:_-- - --~::~ ~i I will now be notified of their ap- r Protective Association; and l ~ !!;i:! y i::":~ l [man of the Jefferson County l :s .sec.Onactand.t~r~ wee-presSeat ~]~ ~lll~@ ~l~l~l~l~ I ~~ = :~ ~ I pointment and a meeting of the _ they adopted a resolution i ~ i ~ ISI ~ l I Chapter said today. And it is for l n~ a r tor t ve yea s. ~ I qJlli~ hllI~ll~:U [ ~~/[~ I group will be held to formally ~g upon Congress to delete l [ I I I i2 I l-this reason that every effort l This organization is composed ~ J,t ~a / [M I organize and set a plan of action. ~acapon and Shenandoah Riv-I I I I I I I should be made to have Jeffersonl of all the Wholesale and Retail In IIIItQn ! ff/harm / ?-- ....- -- ~ ~[ I The list which Cain submittea from an and all revisions ~ :~: Count once a ain meet its oil Farm Equipment Dealers in III lh~U~l~Ib, II VI ll~llUIlU to the Com~ is a broad one, com- Y P ..... : y g g . le "Wild Rivers Bill" I ill ~ I 1 I and obligations I Maryland, Delaware, West Vir- . II, IN Ill I 1.,.. / ~ J I posed of peoples from all five t~ed to head the organizat-I I a I ~i~! [] n I Red Cross services to military lginia and part of Virginia and /A K~ H~|~ A~[il | ] ~- ---:---! ~i I districts of the county and from ~ere John S. Rissler, of the I I i l !i !ii! [] i I personnel in Vietnam have doub- I has a membership of 179 deal. my u~, m~m~ rl~#|mm U / ~- :- ---: ~ ~' [ many segments of business, in- ,town section who l~ad head- I [] i 1 i 1 I led and re-doubled in the last / ors. A total of 29 lovely girls from ] ~--: ~ :=-~ [~ I dustry, labor, civic, fraternal and UP a similiar organization I I~ l l 1 ll 1 I six months. I The National Retail Farm E-Charles Town Senior High School ] ==f- i_---- -- :: ! [~ I religious organizations of the n successfull fou ht the ~ " ~. Y g I I i i?~i ~ 1 I If you have not been contacted [ quipment Dealers Association, of have entered the annual Queen / _- - :-.- _ - -~ [[| county..~ ~ . _ ung of a large dam in thel i | ~ i / /nlease feel free to send yourlwhich the Mar-Del-V~ is a part, f Charm, to be held Friday/ :-.~ ..... - II / The ~conomic uevelopment ~ndoah River back in 1961,I I n I ll l /contribution to the Red Cross/will hold their annual Convention night, April 1, in the Chariest ::::--_---- _ I I | Committeewhen formally up- resident; Dr. Ward W. Kee- [ i I I l / Office in Charles Town I in Washington, D. C., in August. Town Junior High auditorium/ -- - I [] / proved and organize~ will con- ~r of Berkele S rin s as ::~!:~ " r r hi cern it's activities entirely with Y P g- I [! nI 1 ] . , undo spouse s p of the Band. :?::-: I1 I , president; Clifford Um.I [] [][] ii1 [] I / ..... I ............ Boosters Club of Charles Town l -: -- II /matters that will work for the [d, Route 2, Charles Town, asl 1 I I ::::!! n I / IDa.|nn~l/'l^l, kmn I All Ul iCel 10Ulil The entries are: --- Tuna Bar:l [] / improvement and betterment of 7airy; and Mrs. John L.I t t t n l | II IVIIGI I IVlllIll I ron, Linda Carsbn, Stephan[el ~ [] / the economy of Jefferson County, ~s, Jr., Route 2, as treasurer, i n U F ii I l i ~ t" | = R m -- I t*~mb~ I,, O~_n~m~. Clopper, Mary Lee Demory, Mar-! ~ [] / Cain said. Such a group is neces.s- treed as directors of the or-I " ....... /'r"Mt At- ra=no I~glll~l'r Illlt,,i Ilt~'liOilll~HI, tha Evans, Jeannine Gruber, i ~i 1 ary before the county can take ~tion were : General Pleas I - . . . . | O~llVV ~ all ~ [ Paulette Henderson, Annie Lloyd, i I [ advantage of Federal loans and Ogers of Hawthorndale, Jeff-] George W. Reynolds,district gram, inaustry honors ann eom-|_ . ~ = t ]D,,~~be ~am~ I[n~*~twm~|n~ garen Marcusl Mar[ l~aul Mar.I REV JAMES B STOREY | grants available under the Ec- a C0tlntv. Dr Ba,-ho,~ M,,,L I manager for the Peoples Life munity activities. The presentat-/l'~ll~ ~}llll~l~u I II~lN/ll} l[~!] IIdlSVUlM~l!ll~ ~'=]~ r~i~,,~ ~rill~. /~i~ 1~g.lo*. ] " | onomic Develonment Act Browne "ttFD" Charl'es T'own" I Insurance Company, with offices ion was made at a recent dinner/l~lIll~| ,mm|uul I .... .'.. . . . ~.~"l~c'l~o]o"t~'e~t~ ~l~ewe~ll"~ar'] A former minister of the Char-I ................ ' , , ..... -- Election ot Officers ana a oara ,, ,o, , " ' Stew nn~ .1~ Char]~ ] m Martmsburg, is shown (left) meeting and dance held m Mar-[ .......... [ ........... ... t~ ..... u ~i.,ao mo~.,~ M~,. I les Town Presbytermn Church| ~ It . I ~; CO1~. Clo~PnPe~' DauntT"Jr.~ presenting a trophy to agent tinsburg in recognition of Dis- ~leven -~eglonal t~mmmg ot mrectors ao~I toe nearing ot s~a.l~ne"-~e~n~-e'-l~ame~y~lot~a will be the guest minister at the ,t Cacapon; Miss" Louise Bris I dwar @hrisman, of Leetown trict Managers Reynolds and assi-/Schobls, have .been sc duiedlannpa reports featured the an. Riekel, L'inda Rouss, Althea Ruth fourth in the current series oft nwo tim in iwo RFD . (right) m honor of his selection g , . . .... Community Lenten Services. The , Charles Town, C. C.I " - [ are des[ ned as tram eetin sI 1 erford, Marc Rutherford, Cher- fl M m bur wh g g m g County Youth Center, Inc, he d :---' . P .' M'a.tineh,,~-~, T~irl.f ,~ P,~nnl,~ onmnl~t~d 2.5 voar.~ nf service for 4-H members, leaders and Tuesday evening, March 1, at the yl Starkey, Judy Solenberg ,Bar minister nf that ehuroh durin~i$1ngle C0r Wreck $~ann of She herdstown" as the Man-of-the-Year for the M es, Jr., of art s g, o " er Rev James B Storey, who was rt R. Smith, RFD, Charms ............. ~ .............v ........ ,- ............ parents and a refresher for Ex Youth Center Then at a meeting bara Stiles, Diane Stottlemyer, -- .............................. ~, ~' a; Thornton Perry Charles I Life Insurance for the year 1965. with the life insurance company.[ .... "[ ...... , .. = .... v .... ,i~,~ no,t,;, ur.~o t'~.~n I the years 1946-1948, will speake ] I~ el ~[~ l a; and Lvle C Tabb of Lee-I The award is presented each year Also at this dinner Mr. Chrisman| tens!on _Agent:.. _ ." _ I ot me alrecmrs nero march tt, me ~e~il'mer.~-~, ~" ~-- ........... ] on the topic, "There Was A Lad." [ rr|~v, ~[~v , ires year s attenaance is reacn new Ottlcers were electea == =.... . ==1.==.-.- t. - " l to the most outstandii~g agent in was recognized and congratulated[ ..... ...... "] " The e'-"i"- wil' ~'~ qUod with ] The service will be on Thursday, [ $ mg out into scnom ctasses, teacn Rle ne of the "~" "'~ z "~ " "~ committee of H S Clonner I the Martinsburg District and it is for his outstanding record and[ ......... ': I Mrs. Leeds K. " ly, o o,~,,~o~,, o,,a o,~eo~+o~,:,~o,, M,,~ I March 24, at 7:45 p.m. I . ' : e as pubic relations com-/ |~U, ..|~,i~,-- i~m~ 'A O--~||&m|m=~a~ I the Bardane ~_,ommtmity~ Centerl,a.-,. 'Me"]---" wa ~_~,~,+,a [play. Plus A~ put on by' know Mr. Storey there is the in-I Charles T~ State Poli~ e; an CIo er ..... ...... ..... " . d pp was also I l'l lJli J llt l ll IIIUII l U UIIII U I on Saturday March 19 9 a. m. ..... .... n, n p I various members of the Chlrles wtatlon to renew your old friend-l The first of the two accidents }r provisions leading" to or" i next'school term, with the school I is. $3,000. Last .year the .cuntyI rotary of the Chamber, said Mon'-I P I Some 100 members and friends l others who founded the Civicl re- or ea: rne nan- "?S us SaidrounseclYarbra Ing condemnation without year to elfin[ally run from August I ra.mea .over ann me day this is the first time thel In#IH l l lniA I of the Jefferson County Civic I League and nurtured it from al rep ........ ] . t the resolution further le~v- -f ~h~,e, for ~ year w~ I than ever I o**o:a ry / In contrast to the lar e con I a,~a hl,hu,~*~,,, ;h,~ " 'I " P " I Yarbro car was completely de- ..., - .............. ........ . g " ...... ~,,.,~ ...... ~ ,n~ birthday years. . . . UPon West .VFgmla s two accepted by the board and two[ Mrs Bloom expressed appreclat:[ ~ ~ /tingents o~ boys which Jefferson] banquet were the bestowing of] A r~vi . ~ mohshed m the accident. Trooper ew of the found , the Davisson said in ves.tigation ot s .... to publicly ..withdraw appointments were made. lion to all citizens of Jefferson] 'A_ i County has been sending into[ material tributes upon a num-I historv'and "ro--ess of thegcivi ~p_por~ ot me ~)m m~.tar The resignations included Miss I County who have contributed to ] AITe~[I ~[] I W0 / the. Nation.s Armed Forces the I ber of persons, and an address ! Lea~e was ~'~a~,,~oa -~ ~ .... ~ il accmen~ ]s commmng. p~.pnes .~o west Mona Bias and Mrs Mary simm-[the success of the Crusade in I,. . .. .. . I past several mourns, the aelegat-~by Howard W McKinney, ell i": -" t~-" ==-~:'~-~ .'~;,~.'~=~"~":l _'.-__ '__'~."__. ~t;' an(~ l[ ures tnat ottic . . ., ..~ u. ...- ~v~a,, w~, oam=o ..... g .... " ons from the faculty of Charles I past years and is conwnced that li~Bn~ ~ll'~r ~l*~Pif /mn whtch was sent to Fort Hola. i Charleston, executive director of l w ~i~v .... +~,, a~.o+ ~..a .,...~,l -~ ..... ~~ ~Sl atea memDers ot m . . .. o VV~llle W~llll lili~ " * .............. , ta&~ ≪~l, O~li~ Ulll~ ....... e Town Semor H gh; Mrs. Evalyn] they will continue to contribute] I b rd, near Baltimore, Md, Men-] the West Virginia Human Rights[ ~ere*~rv ,~f *ha T....... t,~,~] ~ ...... anrgm.~a_lsa~stern_..vannanam Brown, from Wright Denny and I and support this work. Twenty I Allen Gaines of Charles ToWn,I day for induction, was only two [ Commission. I this ;resenta~'on ~t"~as'o'--"-'S::~~- I L~_.~, - -- = - rTomcuve Assc- Mrs Eliza Symons, from Shenan- | five of all funds are used in a [ was cnarged with no operators I oys. They were ttalph Melvin [ The theme -f +he moeq,-,| da .... ,=" ..%e appomma serve, on doah Junction elementary school.|service program for Jeffersonliicense and failure to have hisIClem,$r.,andAllenEugeneFrye./throu hout wa muc" "the"s |th P" ' " -u at[ commit.tees,, tas[ Aleave of absence of one yearl County. ~ [car under control followingatwo-| Mrs. Lyle Townsend, clerk ,,:=a h~ ~,- ............. or o mer s~mlnar .bodies was granted to Mrs. Carrolynl The-ChaHes Town Senior We- I car collision Monday at noon at[ the Jefferson County Selectivel =~'~= :~,~=~, ;'~o=:.;,,~_.~[~i ~:~:,"~,==~o ~,,~.~ ~~ SDt~P~I ~il~mi~~~m~mm 5unsmer recommenaauons Kotz from Charles Town Senior l man's Club, the Harpers Ferry l the corner of George and Wash-I Service Board in Charles Town, l Sunny and mild today, with tim lug the uture use of the ~ , in ' ........... ~ ..... ~ ...... ~ ..... -[ ~v .... v ..... u,~,,,,,,~,,~,,e~l ' tit * High to comnlete her masters/District Womans Club and the[ gton streets, m Charles ToWn.[satd that originally the Board[m~ ,,~ ,h. . ^ highest in the upper S0s ami m and Shenandoah Rivers "- , Ser ean e .......... -e past 10 years to- Town, Nmkens related. The ~r .... .~. .... . . . degree work. I Shepherdstown Woman s Club I g t Perry Ott, of the! had been requ .sted to send. three / ward~ t~fl! ~'.oto~ ~tln~|itv ~lnd ~ | o'~n|~:.fir~n h~ri #~ ...... I, ~ ~+~1 lower 60's, Fair tonight and Frl. .,~e ~otomac ~er mr The new appointments were'], will participate in this Cancer[ Charles Town Police Department~tI men for induction in March, but| llo:" ........................ - .............. " .... ,~-'~':"-' ~-'~'~I day. Lowest tonight 34 to 40, mey tmw .... " " " l ok ahead to further accomplish- purpose, he sa~d, f .... ... f the rose Utlon are to is now comp]etmg her work at[ The Rambow Girls will conduct ] Specht, Jefferson Avenue, hadl two. [ ......................... | ,~n Co,,-*,, "1~ Outlook for Saturday, variable tflo the President of the. Shepherd College, to be librarian[ Tag Days on the streets of the[ stopped for a light when her car[ Tuerday the Board also sent 23| vuque s ,m ]or rose-/ "--:"- . _ . . . .I cloudiness with ehenee of show, States, Secretaries of the at the Charles Town Junior Hi~h| Town on Friday the 15th. and| was struck from the rear by a~boys to the induction station for|lutions, pmques and flowers were]. ~c~mney, wnowas mtroclucea] ors, and mild. Winds variables ~r and Agriculture, Gover. School; Miss Katherine Bartholow| Saturday April 16th. | vehicle operated by Gaines. Sgt.[ pre-i~duction exxaminations. / bestowed upon some of those who| ~o me group t)y t~eorge A. Lewis,] MPH this morning. Southerly 5 U lett Smith, Senators Jen- of Fairmont, now a student at| The chairman will entertain all] Ott said Gaines reported that his[ Mrs. Townsend also reported| had led the efforts in Jefferson[ pres!aent of the Civic League] tO 10 except 10 to 30 MPH F andolph and Robert F. Fairmont state College, to teach[ vomnteers at a buffet supper on| foot slipped off of the brake pod.] that the local board hasreceived| County and in West Virginia in| stated the past ten years naveI acres to. Southwest advanein th wel are f iI neon a remarkable permd m the ongressman Harley O. French and Social stu lies at Char[ Monday April 11th starting at[ al and landed on the gas pedal I a requelt for five boys for in./ g e f o res-| . . .. " " L ?[ S to .T_S and other concerned of- los Town Senior High. [ 5:00 P. M., at which time the[ Damage to the two cars amounted[ duct[on from Jefferson County in| idents of Jefferson County. There/ area ot race remuons; one ot ut-[ erly TURN TO PAGE 8 The board also approved the crusade will be launched.J to $400. April. I was also personal tributes tel TURN TO PAGE 8-A 1 15 to