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March 12, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 12, 1959

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following a recent relapse. Hqis a Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beahm and PPENINC.. lN i patient in the N. D_ Bake~.~os- son of Charles Town were Sunday "-" ..... pit al. r'rienas oI Mr. ~:ag~r ~'. visiT, ors OI ~ne zormers parents mm a --- ~ A a Jaco,bs, a former residen't, are Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Beahm and i K A R | ~ || W ~J sorry to leaxn of his continued sons. iu |, P|U L L V T| |~ ]illness at his home on Jefferson| Mr. and Mrs. Frank Co(~per and ;~t8 Cla ............... ]Avenue. ~vIr. Jacobs expects to lson Frankie and Tommy of Loud ~,- "~arenCe ~mallwooo rnone zu-~-uz4 ]enter the N. D. Baker Hospital in loan County, Va. were callers of ~i _. .... I the near future for treatment. ]Mr. and Mrs. Millard Ott and dau ~J~h ~i,o~+ ..... ,~ ~ [ Mrs. David McMillan will be ~he~ghters Janie and Cathy on Sun- ~'~on]er~iMrs. Joe ,Seal and four children I lostess to the members of t~)., ]day. ~Je ff erson Circait of t of Kearneysville were the visitors IKablet0wt:L Farm Womans Club on I Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Dodson and ~ches co.nvened onI with her brother and sister-in-law IThursday ai~ernoon, March 19, be-/son Terry Allen of Mlddieway ~.~l~ch with l ..Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Seal and fain-Iginning at 1:30. ]were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Ti~'~ct Superintend-]fly I Remember the Bingo Party on lMrs. Berlin Fltzwater and family. ~';:g~;d]" "On Friday night March 13 the]Friday night sponsored by the] Mrs. Esther Oden and sons Guy ~_~a. of members of-the]l~-~ ,~a ..m :' .... ~.. - 'ireelKabletown PTA Refreshmentsland Frankie of Bakerton Linda ~esi ] Bingo Party Refreshments .will be I will be on sale--Friday, March 13. ]and Teddy Gtt were Sunday call- satisfaction l~n ~al~ ~..n~-~ ~nd ~ntov th~ even l ~ l ers of Mr. and 'Mrs. tester Ot. I ........ I LL L, L| | L| r C" I Mr. and Mrs. Mack C aney and [~'~ator of Avon i" ?- '.. ........ I M El N N I N II ~ | daughter Mary Ellen and son Ron i-~r Parr~ o,.,~ ~-h.,:~',:l ~arJene wnpp, oaugnter oI mrI I'l #'1 15 I1 I I1 ~ ~ Inle of the Bloomerv Mr Donnie earl " and Mrs Harry CI~pp of H~llmde !~ ~ed the Thorn son!-- ' ......... ] ~t, ~ ~ h e 0tt ]Turner of near Charles Town, Mr. :-,~ ~-, ..... P ~rarm was nonoren on net Illl, n l Mrs. Pau n ,... ,_,_. .,_ ~t ao ~le m German'own ' ......... ] i ~LLU* Vll'b..t.~U~l '*-~U~ 7~&l~ /Yll ~blILL ~0nda ~ '1 mrmaay wnen ner parents enter- -- Y. Alvin re rts Mrs. Nelson Tarman were Sun- ~llll~g f ......... ~po. : tained to a pa~ty on Sunday aft- I Mrs Mary Ott and Mrs. Elsie I ........... f Mrs .... ie Ott and ~h w~+'- --- ,'; , } ernoon. ]Painter of Ranson were Monday ]family ~.00 .... year om cawes Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newcomb]visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest ] Mr;'and Mrs. Glenn Biggs of ~arrol~ Sco,,* ~K~o+ .... ~! of Leesburg, Va. spent Saturday|Hostler and family. ._ . _ |Leesburg Va were Wednesday visi ,~, ~couts of Troon 42 I w~th thmr son, ~Mr. Homer New-].. Mrs: wlary w.nne ~son me s~c~ ] tors of the latters paren~ Mr. and ~,J ~g hi~-o ^.. ~,,..~.,'comb and family They went in]use, we ,hope sne m:a~es a s~eeay |Mrs Forrest Hostler .and family ,~ Antietam Battl.eheld" the late afternoon to Martlnsburg. recovery. " -- n | Mr. and Mrs. Bobby_ Nick and ~ey MOnumeh~ ~nd ~her~ where they spent the night w~th] Mrs. Yola O~t of Charles "[ow.~ ]family of Chestnut Hill were re- ~2~aces in Harpers l~err- T relatives there. [ was vi_si~or oI mr. an~. tars. ~un- I cent callers of the latters brother ~Y nigh~ several locaiJ Mrs. Marshall Engle of Middle-]~ar?a Turner ano ramny on taon-]Mrs. Virgie Lynn and family. ~,~ne organization I way is staying with her cousin I .Y: - ......... h r I Sgt. and Mrs. Irvin Deener and ~'~a.u.r Kolb *of Freder-( Mrs. C. D. Boyer during the lat-[,_ ~ars. W~nara ~ma~wt~O~r~e~amr [f~mily ,formeraIIy of Abeline, Tex- ,~_ een a recent guest iter's convalesence following major / ... 2 _ : . .. las axe spending sometime with the ~cle were weonesoay visitors (~I tars ~],,, and a,,,~* ~wr ~,~H I surgery in the Charles Town Oen- I ............ ]formers roster and br~ther-rn-law a ...... ~ r ua'~n |~,l~. Smith ()~h'er"~i-]eral Hospi'~al |~uoy o~ an(l oaug~ e '~.Y: |Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilt and L"eh~e haw hee,~ 7vlr ] Mrs Marshal,l Thomnson is | Mr. ann Mrs...~eorge ~21o_w ]family. Sgt. Deener has a thirty ~'at0 w ....: ~';.2" ,~'~,+~,,:~ o~ ...... ~ , o,, o}7o, ~o~, /were ruesoay ws~vors o] mrS'ldav furlough and then he ~oes to :.~1~(l faxn"'il~y'~of Fr'e'den'ck: ing~" l~arge"~enrem"o~ved'~ro'm't"h\e]M2(~2tt,,a~d RMar~oElsie Painter ]Engl.and. l~Irs. Deener willgo in ~:.aad ~VIrs Rufus Ed- back of the ear last Saturday in] ...... i^L~ ...... " ^~ ~'~'"s ]xoou~ a month ai,~er ~-.~,~r.-~ " , ............. , ~wL ~.u~ ~w,,=. u. ~'~"" '' Mts~Emm~~ ~,ee nostl^r s~nt ~.2 2'g~on, Md. Itne ozi1ce oI ~ne iamlly aoc~5or. |,,,,~,. ~x,.~ .... e xxr=,A~,~e~le,,, xr~i*nr 1 ~ ~ ..... ~ . ~0}'~(Brown Underwood,[ Sunday callers a,t the home of[~r"~rl~r~V~.,#~:"X~il~~cl ]several days w,Vn ta~:. an,(1 Mrs. [~S ~as is visiting her iMrs. Thomas Mercer were Mrs. |f'an~'i'lv ......... "~ ........ /~onnny ~eai ann ~am~ly at ~an-I W~fenton Brown I Margie Miller and daughter ] "--~'" ........... '"-'-^" of "h~" Isn" - - ...... :" ............ ,,~ 'm ~w,~. ~,~ma,u oma,wuuu ,- ~ l Mrs Esther Oden ano son ,~uv evening Mr. an0~tars. ~aaoeJ rrmey oI near u~'~"'~les Town and Mrs Arthur Be~hm ~ - -- -" ........." r M" o~ ~azer~on ann ~,maa ann Teaay i ersbu g, Md., Mr. and ~s. f rs were Wednesday callers o M Ott w r nda 1 r f Marshall Frye of Charles Town - and Mrs Mllard Ott and dau"h -====~r==~ I ~raoy owens oI ~ummI~ k'oln~,la~,~ I. . ." .... ~ - ] recently discharged from the U. S. ['"~. ,o,,~,, .~,~ ....... ~ pers annie.ann ua~y ~ . . ~ Armed Services, after being stat-/Tl~r'esa Eon~erb~am'~hcl-daug'la'ter/. tar. ana .Mrs. ~oy ~'uise ano ~Lq---"-~l: - ~l " ' hi" e I ~ ~' Iv s torstamliY oi Maameway were ~unoay t - loned in Germany for over t e . r d a even " ! ''-'earss"ent Saturda'* w,th"Ins of ......... Mfllville we e We nesd y" i i of ,the latters mother Mrs. .~ v, : ing cauers Ol tar. aria tars. ~Jnar- ' Mar~ Cllne ]1],~#~ II ~ I aunts Miss Margaret Johnson Mr / ....... a-d so-- | ' " ' Ill0" '.l H I ..... r_ Clarence Omallwoo~ He/,~ u~ 2~ "%" .... Mr and Mrs Kenneth Turner auu ~v~ ~. ~ ~ Miss .:mma Jane oonnson Ol " " 'o callin on his friends . . and family of Millville were Sun- I II:(~3Y. I ~ ~ l yed g _. IMillville was Tuesday v,s,t~or of Ida,, visitors "ff the forme"~ "aren+o ~II~ I ~ ~ | The. home of Mr, and Mrs. Mar- [Mrs. Margaret Hostler and faro- [ ~.L" ,...~ ..~ ~.~rt ~r,~-~ ,u~ ~ I IIJFIIi~ I ~ b I tin ~mize o,z tayers~own was tnelip, I ................................ T her ~ Mr and Mrs Leon Longerbeam scene of a family Get oget R .... ," ~Ir~ obert Ott of Charles Town and d h ' a so ' ~' was ~'Ll~l(l~ty C~/leF~ OI ~/r. ~LIIU - ~.~~(~ ~ ]~lni~' mother Xars -~amuel [ ....... I of Ranson were Monday evening ......Darr celeb"r~ated ..... he/'87' bir~thday tars. ~,esser o~. visitors of the latters parents Mr [Mrs ' Dart makes her home with/' ..... Mrs . ..... Lucy: ........... Penwell is a patient, ,a..o t and Mrs. Forrest Hostler and faro' ; ; ~'~}~----.--- ~ Ithe Glame family. Those present[pita1 We wis'h ,her a speedy recovJlly:- ...... .~..~ ' ~ I were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Darr,]ery I Mrs. I~UCy venwell was Tuesoay ;~ ~ YOUR LUCK ~ |Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Darr, Mr. and / Mrs. Yola Ott of Charles Town ] ~. "~"" Mrs L O Darr son and daughter r s " " :~]N- -II/11' .... ~1 . , ,(and Mrs. Nellie Oden we e 'rue-[.Orao, of P"hl'--*'-- :~ 7-"~ UUl.., ~lMiss Otis Daxr, Mr. and Mrs: R ~day shoppers at Winchester, Va. I ~.*. v ~ .~.~,~,, ~t~ .... '. ~ [R. Darr, Mr. ~no tars tooer~/ Mrs. Josephine Jenkins return-I -------- iM ~luck. runs out ~ ] Welch and son, Mr: and M~. \V. led to her home on Tuesday from ] .. T tiE STATE OF WEST VIR- [(~?~.~e hit oz~e day ~i~ ~loa Mr. ann Mrs w. ~.%he Memorial Hospital, Winches' I~xz~, aenerson ~.ounty, O-Wl$: I Wright, Mrs. Walter Gla me, Bruce/ter, Ca. where she was a surgical I A't RULES .hel~._m ~he Olerk's ~'~Lent, yo-u will ~ ~ Darr, Mr. and Mrs. ~co~y_~onn- / patient I Grace ~ vne ulfcm~ ~ou~ ~I Jen- ~4,. A';_.~.~otection of a ~ (son Mr and Mrs. taar~in GJaize ~ ~a, o-,~ ~r~ Ph~-les Pa~+er ! erson ~oun'~y taarcn zna, ~vov ~~o]~'~'y.-See ~ IDennis ~laize and M~ss Glendale [announce the birth of Grvgory l Henry E. Saz~dndge, plaln,t~ff ~~: in~ran.ce ~ I Mangram, Mr. and Mrs. Gene / Allen a~t the Charles Town Gener- I ....V.S ...... ~. ~e~ea2~finanial ~ IWhittmgton, Mr. and Mrs. ~onny|/al Hospital on March 8. This is [ warne ~'ern ~an,ormge, ~e~enoant ~Jk'~ I | severa'l weeks wlth her sn and sns Steve, Keith, Terry and Glen r~he 't.O~vn Of Charles TOwn in ~the ~" [] ] daugh~ter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. B. were recent visitors of Mr. and ~oun~y of Jefferson. ~| | R. Clip,p of Washington, D. C. has Mrs. Roy Pulse and family at Mid W.M. JONES . h me h re dl w Clerk of ~he Cirouit Cour~ ,t~ ~ | returned to her~ oe . e ay. Frank J Be ...... | Mrs. Gertie Boyd has returned Mrs. Mary Anna Carper returned . __ . eKwa~n ...... r'. ~. | to her home after visiting her son to home in Washington, D. C. on Mareh 5-3T- | and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Sunday from a months visit with ' " ' m Cecil Boyd of near Shepherdstown. ,her grandmother Mrs. Ella Cline NOTVn ~ | The many friends of :Mr. Edgar ,and fa+ther Mr. Ernest Cllne and ~_,a=~ r |,Roderick will be glad to hear that her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. O*F DISSOLUTION he is showing some improvement Charles Wiley and family. --OF-- OATs .. Clintland Gary POTATOES...Irish Cobblers Katahkins Kennebecs Green Mt. ernal Du Puits Utah Grimm Atl'antic Public Sale Of Valuable Improved Real Estate RANSON MANUFACTUR. ING COMPANY, INC. Noti,ce is hereby given, pursuan,t to Chapter 31, Article i, Section 80, Code of west Vllginira, that by By virtue of the authority yes- resolution approved by the holders ted in me in the undersigned Trus of more than 60% of the c~pital tee, by those two certain deeds of stock entitled ,to vote of ~the an- trust herelnaf, ter referred to, and dersigned corpora,tion, at a meet- by the request of the beneficial ing regularly and lwwfully called owner of the notes thereby secured and held on ~he 12th day of Dec- d~fault having .been made in She ember, 1958, ample provision hay- payment ,Uhereof, the undersigned ing .been made ~or the oaymen,t of ~rustee wi'll sell at public uucti0n all del~ts and liabilities of said in front of ~he Court House in corporation, it was resolved th, at 'Charles Town, Jefferson County; ,the business of said corporation West Virginia on Saturday, March be discontinued, tha,t said corpor- 14, 1959, at 11:30 o'clock A. M. the a~tion be dissolved, l~ts charter sur following described real estate:rendered and i~s property and as- That certain lot or parcel of sets divided among those entitled land containing one half acre, im thereto after paying al~ debts and proved by a concrete .block ,bunga liabilities. All persons, firms and low of five rooms and bath, run- I corporations which may be affec- ning water piped from ithe cistern,, ted by such dissolu~tion are :hereby electricity and other ,eonveniences. notified ,to .take sqch aotion as Second: That certain lot or par may be ,proper. cel of land ,containing one acre, I RANSON MANUFACTURING ,Inore or less, adjoining the half| COMPANY, INC. [.: acre lot. ] By: Samuel SCeln Both parcels of land are situate | A2~rEST President in Kabletown District of Jefferson County, West Virginia, on ,the pub ] Mollie Stein ER -- (Various Types) lit road leading from West Virgin [Secretary ia State Route No. 340 to Summit l March 5-2T- [~ ~.~ Point, 'the first parcel with the l ----~ . ~/0 ~ . . lm, provements being the same " [-.,. ODRUFF S TRIPLE T which was conveyed 'to Darrell K. [ Order of Pubhcatlon. [ ~ll~. ..... Koonce, trustee, by deed from[ -- ---~=~-_~ - "" UEN and FLOWER SEEDS Sherlock H. P~0tterson and Virgie ] THE STATE OF WEST VIR- -- ~I III I ......... :- ........ Patterson, his wife, dated Maxeh~GINIA, Jefferson County, to-wl : ~ .~ 'o ._ ~ ..:.,.~,.. ~ .,..:!~ ..~..: [],A~,:. ~ 7, 1953 and recorded in %he office] AT RULES held In the'Clerk's ~~~ |~ iI t:*"~W'~ %'r]r~r~,c~_ ....... of the Clerk of ,the County Court I Office of the Circui,t Court of Jeff- I I I [ :, ", z~ ~/~l~h] I I.~. ,'=; -- - of Jefferson Coun, ty, West Virginia | erson Coun,ty, West Virginia, on ====== , ~=2= ................. [:... .-.L.,.~. . in Deed Book 192, page 48, the sec [ (March 1959. " ,,1 uoul~--t)~ ~ery tme~--aa~ ~ajety zua~ umss art a~a. v' , Ken+,, k BI Grass ond parcel of one acre was convey I Karlin Bradley plain.tiff - I. 1 ' ~, 1, , ?.~ ~ j t.~. ed to Darrell K. Koonce. trustee 'VS " [; L Wh,te Dutch Colver by deedfromS_herlockH.. atter-IThomas. Max Br,dley.;defend'a.nt Chel stovs auwkest.., aGes arthest on a aaUon ! [ . son and Virgm Fatterson, nis wife I The oojec~ of the above enu~lea ,.] -I. Jt ~ ~: : .qh .l l.awn d~ted July 1, 1953, of record in ~he J sui~ is for the plaintiff, Karlin [!. ,_,:,,~u.7 ,.~t,~. ,.~ ,, -- said County Clerk's office in Deed [ Bradley, ,to obtain a divorce a ci.n Chevy showed the best brakes of the Here's a Car that knows how to get ability of its new brakes (with more lin- -~ Book 194 page 105 culo ma~mmonii from ~ne aelena 1 ' lii ; Country I ark and ~he h' od,oinin= "~ro~rties I ont Tho~ Bradle,', " leading low-priced three in a tes~ of the most o(it of a ga ion. And it s the ingareathananyotherlow-pricedcar). Laurel ~u~ will be o..eredff se~_~ratelv., then as[ ~t ~-r-.'r~n~a~nv.. ..... on affidavit filed repeated stops at highway speeds con-, only car in Its d to. Drlng ,you But why not stop byyour dealer m andt [i~r~..~ a whole and s~ld for the highest [,in ~this suit, that the Defendant, ducted and certified by NASCAR .hydraulic valve lifter~ in all popular let Chevy do its own sweet talking. [~:I~I~'[~TI TrTT.~n t, ~, , 'bid, with the right torefuse anylThomas Max Bradley is a non- Chevy also won over the other two in engines- 6 and V8. This means ..... ! ~ta.~l&J~l~*=.= IU = D " and all bids deemed inadequate. J res!dent .of the State of West Vir- a NASCAR economy run--with the smoother, quieter performance for you. ...... [, ' ~ ~t~ ~ TERMS OF SALE [gima ana ne is nereuy Teqmreu ~o ...... , .... , ...... ~ m.#,~.vHIm#.~# [' ' - D = 11) - O ONE half cash on day of sale | ~ppear within One Mon,th 'after nignes~ gas mueage ior o s ann v~ s at There are many other ady nc just ~ ..... |! n. , ,,~. ,T the residue in two equal annual|the date of the firs~ 9ublica~lon cruising speeds of just over 55 miles as fundainental as the efficiency of , . . ~ . , Natto#at As~ttal~an ]or b'locg ~r Ad~aHa~m~#l I - l lcn llelO installments one and two years af- I of this order and do wha,t is he- ~,, h0,,r. Ch ..... I~. ,.,.;~,oo *nd the de-e-a -'-- - ~ " | ~ ter date of sale evidenced by the ] cessary ,to protect his ir~terests in .... "~Y"'~ ..... a ...... v ,.,-- ,,~a n~.a,~,~ | ~1%*** ' notes of bhe purchaser secured by/'this 'matter It is ordered that a .... " ~ _ , . ~,~r U~ l)l v...................... RI-II~.~.P MANIITR ,a deed of 'trust upon the propevtyJcopy of this order be fo~hwithh see _your local authorized Chevrolet dealer for _qu ck appraisal--early de ivery.n [: ~..-~m ~.~r/-,~c~ sold, notes to .bear mterest fromlPubl]shed once a week for t ree ~ ................................................................................... -_- ............................................... | l-qPSA'f I I day of sale, with the assignment [ consecutive weeks in ~pirit of Jeff | [] I of reasonable fire Insurance | erson-l~armers Advocate, a news- ~ I~--__ I [ on the buildings with extended cov | ,paper printed in the ~own of ~llll~lln~ ~lllII )A F I II r n o I II 0 D I V Ilerage, or for all or a greater a-|Oharles Town in %he Coun, ty of II l l ll I== l I I, I lffi 1 -- UrLL . urrL/ l l mount in cash at the option of ,the | Jefferson. ' ll llIlhlk F IVlIII Vl=tl iPI & I ' II q mMm~ ........... "' " N~S " ' purchaser. W.M. JO ' !7 Charles *Town W. Va. l[ DARREI~K. KOONCE [ Clerk of the Circul,t Com't (~[-I[AI:~I.I~..~I rlP(~W~ W VA PHONE 42 " " ' Trustee /James M. Mason, 3d...P.Q. " .... IFeb. 19-4T- JMarch 5-3T-paid . ~ t J ,, , },