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March 12, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 12, 1959

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i .j C~ PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. t 6PIRIT ESTABLISHED 1844 -- ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED 1885 COMBINED MARCH !. 104B MAX BROWN, EDITOR OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STREET '~- TELEPHONE 22Z SERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR 114 YEARB AND READ BY MORE THAN 20.000 PEOPLE EVERY WEEK, ENTERED AB SECOND CLAIS MATTER AT THE POITOFFICE IN CHARLER TOWN, W. VA., UNDER THE ACY OF MARCH 3, |871;). WEEKLY NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES, INC. NEW YORK CHICAGO ATLANTA DETROIT - LOS ANGELES NATIONAL MEMBER OF THE EDITOR L ALL SUBJCRIPTIONE DELIVERED IN THE STATE ARE BUBJECT TO 22 CONSUMERS BALEB TAX. BUBSCRIPTION S3.50 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. Thursday, March 12, 1959 PARKING IN CHARLES TOWN It is reasonably safe to say that during the coming year Charles Town will be visited by more automobiles than at any other time in the 1 ' ' 58 years of the county s history. The principal cause of this will be the fact that between now and the end of the year will be more racing days than in any other year before. Coupled with this is the fact that the Harpers Ferry National Monument is annually attracting more and more visitors to the county, a goodly number of whom make it a point to visit historic Charles Town; add to this the fact that Harpers Ferry is also planning a John Brown Centennial observance; and when you add them all up you can see the reason for our con- clusion. Parking facilities in Charles Town, particularly when the races are in session, are far from adequate to accomo- date the convenience of the public. Parking space in the central area of town is extremely difficult to find, with the result that many transits just don't bother. Many of our business houses suffer from this, and while the loss may not be astronomical, yet at the same time it is there. Something should be done to lessen the problem. The town owns a parcel of real estate on the east side of Charles Street between Liberty Street and North Street which could, without reat expense, in our opinion, be used for this purpose. In addition, it is possible that the lot privately owned back of the Peoples Bank could be leased and improved to serve the same purpose. Under proper supervision it is possible that both of these lots could be used to accomodate centralized parking; they could be made to pay their own operating expenses and in addition could produce some small revenue for the town. But the im- portant thing is that the general public could be served by such a project. We hope the Mayor and Council will give the matter some consideration and thought. i II II I I LOCAL AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES IN . . . By Mrs. G. E. Webb Death of Mrs. Stewar.$ Residents of this community were shocked and grieved on last Sunday to learn of the death of Mrs. Ethel T. Stewart, wife of Chauncey B. Stewart, the latter a native of Bolivar where .he was born and raised and graduated from Harpers Ferry High School class of '21. The deceased is survived by her husband and four sons-Walter B. Stewart and Howard H. Stewart of Washington, D. C. Lieut. Robert A. Stewart of USAF, Kansas City, Me., Cadet Donald E. Stewart of West Point, New York. One grand son and three brothers Marion R. Thrush of Rochester, N. Y. Fred C. Thrush and Herbert Thrush of Front Royal, Va. Services were held at the S. H. Hlmes Co. Fun- eral Home in Washington on Tues day morning and the body was brought to Bolivar where it was interned in Fairview Cemetery. Mrs. Stewar~ died in Sibl~y Hos- pital, but the cause of her death has not been learned. One sad feature connected with 'the pass- ing of Mrs. Stewart is .the fact that they had recently purchased a building lot on Cavalier Acres near Bolivar and were planning to ,build a home there within the next two years when 'they were planning to retire from the U. S. Post Office Dept. and live in their new home in Bolivar. We of Boli- var extend our deepest sympathy to "C~auncey" and his ~our fine ,i , Telephone 2492 sons in the death of their loved ones. Mr .and Mrs. Strother Watson and son of Wiiliamsport, Md. spent the weekend with their son in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dopson. Mr. G. E. Webb is very much indisposed at his home in Bolivar. Scouts Held Meeting The local Girl Scouts, Troop 22 under the leadership of Mrs. Ray ~ond Billet and the Brownie Scouts under the leadership of Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Gay attend ed Worship Service in the Bolivar Me t~odlst Church on last Sunday. Each group was well represented. An epidemic of flu, of some all merit along that line has struck four *local Hig~ School, there being !46 absent on last Friday and 50 absent on Monday. Some of those stricken are quite ill for several days or longer While others are only indisposed for two or three days. We understand that several cases of mumps have developed in the elementary school during the PaSt few days. Mrs. Dewey Meadows of near Bolivar returned to her home on last Saturday after spending three weeks with her daughter and fam ily in Chicago, ill. Miss Mary Capriotti of near Bol War is spending .this week with relatives in Was'hington, D. C. CoOk- Staubs Marriage Miss Barbara Anne Staubs, dau / Immediate Openings Pleasant Working Conditions Steady Work APPLY AT PLANT IN RANSON OR PHONE CHARLES TOWN 462 orth ention By Henry W. Morrow An American Ultimatum is March of 1959. In less than two months it will be May. Americans are busy. The television programs are good. Basketball and horseracing dominate .the sports theme, and baseball is making its first signs of emerging from the winter cocoon. The President speaks of balancing the budget and the Secretary of Defense, un- mindful of ~the all too small voice of protest, seeks to implement th~ Commander in Chief's mandate to reduce ,the numerical strength of the armed .forces. No one is ex- cited; everyone is calm, everyone that is save a few small groups w.ho are trying against overwhelm ing odds to awaken us to the fact that we are in deadly peril. These few small groups are trying to tell us that in less than sixty days, when the Russian Premier's six month tfltimatum to get out of Berlln will have reached its dead- line, we may be at war, No one" be lieves the small groups. The threal of war has been so heavy in the past that we have come to regard it like ,the little boy who hollered "wolf" so often that no one would believe him when irt was true. And so we play into the Russian hands It is almost four months since the Russian Premier a:nnounced his intentions as ,to East Berlin; and for :the most part the present Administration has fritted ,those four months away in generalized statements without taking any concrete steps to avert the crisis. Small wonder that the main crit- icism of our present American for eign policy is ,that it has allowed the valuable initiative to always rest wl~h the enemy. We have come forward with no ,positive pro gram to meet the ,threat, other than to say we will resist without saying how or where. If there ever was a time for bold action it is now. It is not enough for ,the President and the Congressional leaders, Republicans and Demo- crats alike, to say that they are "opposed to what the Russia~s in- tend to do.' It is incumbent upon them 'to say in unmistakable lan- guage what we will do if the East Germans deny us access .to Berlin. We can seize t~he Initiative .from the Russi,ans if we will but be bold. The risks are .great but the danger from not 'taking 'the risks are even greater. Indeed, the ~t'es ent critical si,tuation is filled with opportunities for us if we will but exploit them. We cannot allow the Russians to out-do us in ~boldness, as we are now doing. What should we do? We should, we must let t'he Russians know that i,f they go through with their plans and ~that if the East Ger- mans as "agents" of ,Vhe Russians deny us access to Berlin we will consider it as an act of war and treat it accordingly. We should let it be known that we will use force to keep West Berlin free. And it is ~t precisely this point that we are presented with a gold en opportunity. We should eurther announce to the people of Easl Berlin, who it should be remem- bered rioted against the Russian occupation but a s:hort while ago, to the people of Poland, to the people of Czechoslovakia, to the people of Hungary, to the people of Yugoslavia, and to the other ~stless nations that if the Russ- ns wigh to make an issue of it we will regard .it as an act of Rus sian agresslon and will direct our whole reply to the Russians. Such a move could be calculated to stir the strong nationalists tendencies in these subjugated countries so ,as to make 'the Russians wonder where they would stand if a show down came. And if the Russians could not be certain, reasonably certain, that *they would be free of satellite trouble ~hile busy with the West they would, it seems to me, hesitate a long time to take such pyre steps as might lead to a major conflict. And then after we give the satellites the assuran- ce that our war is wi,th,Russia, the real culprit, we would take the next step. The Western Allies would then assure Poland that they would guarantee Poland thwt ,the Oder- Neisse Line between Poland and East Germany would be respected. The East Germane would be prom isel free elections; Czechoslova- kia and Hungary, where national- ism runs strong, would be assur- ed that any nationalist movement Whether Communist, or not, des- tined to break away from Russian domination would receive either our active or ~passive support. It is obvious to "even the most amateur of observers that the lat- est Russian move on Berlin is de- signated to break up the NATO and Western Alliance by forcing the United States to wi,thdraw and lose fitce with all of Europe. It is respectfully submitted that this is a game that "0we can play at, and now is the time if there has ever been a time for ~he Western Allies to offer their support to the sub jugated satellites. The course calls for bold and daring action. But if it is not tak- en we might as well leave Berlin and Europe as well, without going to the summit. ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge Staubs of near Millville and Clyde Montgomery Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. Miller Cook of Harpers Ferry were quietly married on Saturday,. evening, March 7 in Bethany Lu- theran Church, Brunswick, Md. by the Rev. ~al~ph Miller, with a double ring ceremony. Both are graduates of Harpers Ferry High School, he in class of '57 and she in class of '58. After a short wed- ding trip through Virginia they will live in Frederick, Md. where both are employed at the Ameri- can Optical Company. Only the im mediate members of the families were present for She wedding. The Friendship Fire Company has been kept busy wiVh calls, but none of them as serious as they could have been although several would have been very serious with ~out the Fire Co. to extinguish the ,flames before .they did too much damage. Today Tuesday they were called to ~a rapidly spreading fire near the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wilt which may have start ed in a large dump some distance away and had spread over quite a large area :and had gotten to the proportion of a Mountain Fire. However, it was soon under con- trol after the arrival of the Fire Co. On Monday evening the local Fire Co. was called to Silver Grove but found only a large brush fire which it is thought was reported by someone seeing the tire about dusk. The next Benefit Party for the Fire Co. ,will be held on Friday evening, March 13 , a- bout 7:30 o'clock. Anyone wishing to donate a cake, pie or homemade candy or anything in the line o~f food can rest assuLred that it will be-gi'eatly ,appreciated and if it can not be sent to the Fire Hall any member of the Fire ~Company will pick it up if notified. Mr. Monroe Rathbone, who with Mrs. Rathbone had been in bus- iness both in Harpers Ferry and Bolivar for a number of years has secured a job in Peoples Drug Store in Silver Spring, Md. He started working there about three weeks ago. The Ra'thbones dis- continued their business, in Bolivar recently. Mr. William Henretta returned home from Charles Town General HoSpital on l~onday. He is show- ing. quite a bit of improvement. The Explorer Group of the Boy Scouts, Post 28, with their Post Advisor, Mr. Sherman Harrison spent the weekend at ~ock Enon near Core, va. They enjoyed out door 'hikes, the practices of mark- manship and other interesting out door entertainment. Except for some rather cold high winds on Saturday morning ~the weather was clear and beautiful and those in the group enjoyed a very pleas ant weekend. David Davidson of near Bolivar. accompanied them on the trip. Recent visitors at the home of Mrs. Edna Kern "were Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson and dau- ghter, Miss Reva Thompson and Miss l~ye Anderson of Martins- burg; ,Mrs. Sam Wheeler and Mrs. William Anderson of near Hagers town, Md., Mrs. Raymond Funk of Brunswick, Md.; $gt. and Mrs. Harold Basore and son Michael of Frederick, Md. and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kern 0f Washington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Massingill of Parker, Arizona spent a few days last week at he :home of Mrs. J. L. Eacktes. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ballenger and ~nfant daughter of Charles Town have moved into the Rcig- ger cottage in Bolivar. One of t'hose widely known "Country Style" suppers will be held at the Ebeneezer Methodist Church in nearby Loudoun Coun ty, Va. on Saturday evening, April 25 beginning about 4 o'clock p. m. It will be a roast chicken supper this time and the entire menu will be given in this column later. Proceeds will be used this time for the expense of the mountain spring water which will be piped to the yard in front of the Church and into 'the kitchen in the .former school house which has been con- verted into a dining hall and kit- chen for holding church suppers, socials and etc. A fountain will be built in front of the church. An- other project for the above Chur- ch is to paint it before the Annual Home Coming on the last Sunday in August. The senior class of the local High School have selected their play "Here Comes the Bride" to be given on April 3. Funeral Services William Gray Funeral services were conducted on Saturday afternoon at Eackles :Funeral Chapel for William Lem- on Gray Who die~l on Thursday in University Hospital in Charlottes viHe, Va. after a long illness. He was born in Fayette County, Pa. ola Sept. 19, 1874 and was a son of tht late John Wesley and Mary Margaret Shaffer Gray. Survivors are four daughters, Mrs. Jeanne Spickler af Harpers Ferry, living WHAT'S GOING ON IN . By Mrs. Roy Breeden Telephone 256-JX Miss Elizabeth Webb and David there he helped his sister celebrate Webb visited with Mr. and Mrs. her anniversary. Dineen Welsh of Bakerton on Fri- day. T/Sgt. and Mrs. Harold Webb and sons and Mrs. David Barfield of Southlawn, Md..and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Webb and sons were visitors at tJhe home o Mr. Ar- thur Webb and family on Sun- day. Mrs. Mac Webb and Mrs. Ber- tha Morgan o$ Millville visited at the 'home of Mr. Arthur Webb and 4emily on Tuesday. Enlisten in Marines * Stewart Wharton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Wharton of Cook Street enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on Wednes- day, March 4, 1959. He is receiving his basic training at Parris Island S. C. He would like to hear from all of l~s friends. His address is: Pvt. Stewart B. Wharton Jr. 1862874 Plp. No. 114 "D" Co. 1st Rec. Training Battalion Marine Corp. Recruiting Depot Parris Island, S. C. Mrs. Judy Leake was. a Monday viistor of Mrs. Hortense B~:eeden. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cunningham was Swturday night visitor with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mauck and family. Mr .and Mrs. Richard Braith- waite and family was Sunday d~n ner guests with Mr. and Mrs. John Braithwaite of near town. Johnny Wharton returned to school on Monday after being con fined at home with the mumps. .Mrs. Emily Smaliwood was a visi tor on Thursday with her daugh- ter Mrs. Richard Braithwaite. Lt.ttle Stevie Springer of the Ranson Innn has been out of school for the past 'two *weeks with .the mumps. Mr. Francis Alger spent the past week with his sister Mrs. Nelson Nichols'of Purcetlville, Va. While ce last December 3. A native of Kearneysville, she was born on April 15, 1879, a dau ghter of the late John Calvin and Betty Hinkle Bitner. Her .husband died three years .ago. She was a 1903 graduate of West Virginia University and was a member of the Universi,ty's 50- Year Emeritus Club. She taught at schools in Bloom ington, Ind.; Aurora and Charles- ton; and at Martinsburg High School from 1924 to 1931, teach- ing English. She was a .member of St. Bar- tholomew's Episcopal Church in Leetown and ~the Martinsburg Branch of ,the A. A. U. W. Surviving are: a son, Lynn Gran tham, Jr., Miami, Fla.; two dau- ghters-Mrs. Alston Specht, Brooks ville, Md.; Mrs. William W. Gran tham, Middleway; seven grand- children; brother, Dr, E. H. Bit- ner, Martinsburg and one niece and nephew. Services were 'held Monday at 2 p. m. at the Brown Funeral Home with her rector, the Rev. T. K. Evans, off~ciating. Burial was in Edge Hill Cemetery In Charles Town__ ~ IVA CASEY MARBURGER SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON r aas 4--A THURSDAY, The group was also instructed on the proper way to address vat ious members o~ the House of Con tress and Senate. The group was also urged to keep in touch with their representatdves ,by writing to them. Senior, Junior Woman's Clubs to Meet Monday Received word from Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Alger. They have much ~m'proved at ,this wri:ting. ,Miss Dallas Russell, Mrs. Eliza- Members of the Charles Town beth Willie, Mrs. M. C. Trussell ,Senior and Junior Woman's Clubs and Mr. Roger Rissler spent will meet Monday evening, March Thursday in Winchester, Va. 16 at 8 p. m. at the Hilleary House Litle Jeff Lanham has been on in Charles Town. This will be a our sick list for a few days. Change in date rfor Senior Worn- John Smallwood, Carol Reed and Shelia McC~rty was visitors on Sunday width his sister Mrs. Hortense Breeden and family. Mrs. Gene Whittington of Char les Town visited on Monday in Ranson with her grandmother Mrs. Susie Glaize and sister Mrs. Jo'hnson. Mr. and Mrs. Frahk Carper and grandson Rickie was a recent visi- tor with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Glaize of Myerstown. Mrs. S. B. Wharton spent Satur day afternoon visiting with Mrs. Charles Peer and Mrs. Albert A1- varez of Charles Town. Mr. and Mrs. James Young and Children were Sunday evening vis itors with Mr .and Mrs. S. B. Wharton and 'family of Cook St. Mrs. Ella W~harton and son were Monday afternoon visitors wi,th Mrs. James Young and children of the Ranson Inn. :Mr. and Mrs. Howard Anderson and family spent Strnday in Shen- andoah, Va. for the home coming of Mrs. Anderson's brother First Lt. George Campbell who just got back from Germany for thirty days. Mrs. Rosebud Pearl with Mrs. Clarence Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. William Stevens and son Greg me :tored to Bal*timore, Md. on Sunday to visit Mrs. Pearl's husband. Mr. Byron Pearl who is a patient in .the John Hopkins Hospital where he underwent an operation. They found him improving very nicely. Penweli, Harpers Ferry, Rt. 2; Mr. Columbus W. Jones, Shenandoah Junction; Master Edgar R. Paint- er, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Cornelia D. Souders, Ranson. Republican Women Have Covered Dish an's Club Mrs. S. H. man, will be in gr~m. \, The members not the linen s hoWe Child Heaven. Mr. and Mrs. visitors Sunday Mrs. Grace Zinn in Charle~ Have you many people vcalk? OUR DINING ROOM HAS BEEN And in Addition to Serving From 11:30 A. M. Until 2:00 P. Featuring A Merchant's Special Lunch It Consists" of Main Entree, Two Drink and Desert. We Also Cater to Parties and JUST CALL MR WILLIAM THOMASJEFFERSON CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. HAND YOU THE Luncheon, Program The Jefferson County Federat- ion of Republican Women met Tuesday, March 10 at the home of Miss Catherine Childs at 1 p. m. and enjoyed a covered dish lun- cheon. A large group turned out ,for the affair for which Mrs. Paul 'Micou assisted Miss Childs 'as co- hostess. In ,the absence of the President, Mrs. Leland Shugart, Mrs. Man- ning Smith presided and various reports were given. I,t was an- nounced that the organization will be represented at the National Re publican Women's Club meeting in Washington, D. C., April 13-16. A large number of local members are expected to go to Washing- ~on for ,this meeting. This will Mrs. Iva P. !Marburger, age 68 ,take the place of t~he regional years, widow, of ~he late Fred Dan .meeting. iel Marburger of Bellevue, Iowa, A most ~nteresting discussion and a daughter of the late James and review of the article on the F. and Francis M. Casey of Ran- "Republican Women Strong" son, W. Va. passed .away Friday made up the program, with Mrs. the 6th at four a. m. i~ ,the Belle- Manning Smith giving the re'clew rue Memorial Hospital where she on the article. had been a patient for .~he past four months and six days. She al- so had surgery in November at Iowa City Hospital. Mrs. Marburger was a loyal member of the Presbyterian Chur ch in Bellevue, Iowa. Survivors are sister 'Mrs. LeRoy Baker, Ranson and a brother Earl D. Casey Sr. of Arlington, Va. two nieces and four nephews. The ,body is resting at ~vhe Kem GENERAL ELECTRIC 13-Cij Automatic Defrosting Big Zero-Degree ROLL-OUT BH-13S on Bolivar Heights, Mrs. Irena Page of Gre~l~urg, Pa.; Mrs. Vir- Nelson officiating. Burial will be ginia Bailey of Hecla, Pa.; Mrs. in the Presbyterian Cemetery. Neva Miller of Washington, Pa.; fourteen grandchildren, three of them living on Bolivar Heights; eight great grandchildren; one sis ter Mrs. Mary Burkett' of South Fork, Pa.; five brothers, Robert and Alva Gray of Dunbar, Pa., George and Daniel of Farmville, Pa. and Harry of Altoona, Pa. Ser vices were conducted by the Rev. Wm. Miller of Harpers Ferry Me thodist Church and interment was made in Fairview Cemetery in Bol .ivar. - iTg MRS. CLOTHILDE SMITHSON Mrs. Clothilde Marie Smithson, wife of R. C. Smithson, died Sun- day morning in King's Daughters Hospital, Martinsburg~ she had become a patient at the hospital five days earlier. Born in New York City in Oct- ober of 1888, daughter of the late Silas and Ardele Royston Hoover, she had been owner and operator of the Smit~hson News Stand here for the past 31 years. Surviving besides her husband are: two nieces-Mrs. Frances Cral- laher, Baton Rouge, La.; and Mrs. Evelyn Siener, Staten Island, N. Y. The body was removed from the Smith and 'Strider Funeral Home Tuesday afternoon to the tare res idence on South Charles Street where the Rosary was said at 8 p. m. Tuesday. Services "Wednesday morning at 10 at St. James Catho- lic Church were in charge of Father John C. Ryan. Burial was in St. Mary's Cemetery, Peters- ville, Md. pter Gallaher Funeral home until Monday at twelve when the body ,will be moved to the Presbyterian Church with services at 2 p. m. with her minister Dr. Lawrence MRS. LELIA GRANTHAM Mrs. Lelia Bitner Grantham, wi dew of Lynn IF. Grantham, Kear- neysville, died Friday at 2 p. m. 3 SWING-0UT SHELVES, ADJUSTABLE AND REMOVABLE PLUS Swing-0ut'Vegetable Bins, Egg Rack, and Butter Conditioner. In White and Mix-or-Match colors. PHONE 202 A Trade D CHARLES TOWN, NEWBERRY GIRL'S $1.59 $11 .37 Womens Embossed ,& ~4 EVERGLAZE SLIP COTTON DUSTEI Shoirred .Lace and LOW PRICE Permanently Glazed L01 w Tram. Washable The stork made trips to the ] , Charlds Town General Hospital ] I during the period of Mach 4 and 11 leaving three boys and three GIRL'S FRILLY COTTON FRESH 19-0Z. BAGGED WOMEN'S i: girl babies. A son, Michael Alan was born i March 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Karl Lee D R E S S E S JELLY EGGS P A J A [ I Taylor of Brunswick, Md. Thursday, March 5, a daughter .97 1 Pamela Sue, was born to Mr. and LOW l LOW 11 BAG l LOW $ : Mrs. Ray Cletus Miller, Kearneys ville; and ,the same day, a son PRIC? in I PRICE [ PRICE 'i Mark Anthony, was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Richard Green, Knoxville, Md. SIZES 7 to 14 I REG. 29c VALUE 12.Piece Saturday, March 7 a daughter, I I Debra Kay.w s born to Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Lynn Speaks of Route 2, Harpers Ferry. Tuesday, March 10, a son, Mi- chael Benner, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Franklin Hebb, Brunswick, Md. Wednesday, March 11, a daug'h- ter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Smoot of Halltowu. Surgical patients admitted to the hospital during the period were: John L. Wysong, Charles Town; Obie L. Johnston, Route 1, Charles Town; Mrs. Katherine L. Pennington, Kearneysville; Miss Patricia L. Bennett, Charles Town. Medical patients admitted to the hospital were: Littie Helen E. Wilt, Ranson; Mr. John Harrison Hall, City; Mrs. Agnes Rebecca Williams, Mlllville; Mrs. Mary Lore~ta Cooper, Knoxville, Md.; Mr: Walter Arnett, Ranson; Mrs. Margaret C. Marcus, Round Hill, Va.; Mr. Benjamin L. Byers, City; ,Mrs. Thelma V. Spenue, Brunswick Md.; Mr. Harvey Lee Schuitz, City Mrs. Lotus Youngblood, Harpers Ferry; Mr. Arthur Win. Strother, in King's Daughters Hospital Summit Point; Mr. Paul E. Moore, wllerc sire had bccn a patien~ sin-Drunswick, Md.; Mrs. Lucy L. REG. 4}9c 1-LB. Chocolate Enrobed EASTER EGG Decorated---Fruit and Nut or Coconut. NEWBERRY LOW PRICE Girl's New Sprin HAT 'and BAG # X I PHONE 314 CHARLES