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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 12, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 12, 1959

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iiI ] ing ice blue organdy with a match lug, Miss McGary said. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rxP.M RS e~....,,..,...,...............n ing hat and shoes and a corsageFollowing the lesson members of white camelias. Attending his displayed a variety o~ articles2--A THURSDAY, brother as best man was Richardfrom Japan. Among tchem were liE Davis ens, china, jewelry, novel hand soring these "m""'m"""'""""""""'""""'"m'"'"""'"'".""""""""""'""""""""."..""""""...) Mrs. Lowe, in ,taupe pure silk work and stationery made from One Inductee Is Sent monthly but Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Ceravalot-'~ with matching accessories Wore rice _ _ _ Clinic being held of BaUsch, announce the birth of[tin .. n t..|. I,, green cymbidium orchids, The Mrs. Luther Rodgers conducted Prom r,,..), this weekend ar groom's mother wore green eym- devotions closing her Calk with a .~ I~ .~Uli I.UUlli~ operation of the E V E 'R Y D A Y a son, Frank Samuel Jr. on ThErE ) Anrig0ne ~i|l ~e bidiums and navy accessories with reading "Easter In My Heart" by ~.. teen and the B day, March 5 in King Daughters'] her gray shantung dress. Catherine Marshall ~il'Dert Wayne Cook, H,arpersLions will hold f )11 ~~ Hospita'l in Martinsburg. Mrs. Cer ] D.~@.^.&^J A..:| .4 D. The weddlng party went to the Plans were made for the annualFerry, a volun,teer, was forwarded ing. A number ava~lo was the former Miss Diana l|/g~li|~U 14~i|| ~ D~ Plantation Manor for a receptionSt. Patricks Day Tea March 17 to Baltimore Tuesday morning by will be a~varde M. Crim of Inwood, W. Va. before the bride and groom left to at the Community Center for a the Jefferson County Draf,t Board dancers. { Miss Anne W. Smith of Arling-lhmriran II Plawrc motor South. Arrangements of work meeting at the Center mak for induction into the Armed For -------- ton, Va. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert [ ....... .~... v ..~l~.h, white tulips were used in the hall ing Planters March 18 10. m. and ces. Scout Troop ~, wi~h table centerpiece of white car for a Rummage sale in Charles He considered the quo%a for the Court of HoE Ell ~I R. Smi,th Jr. of "Silver Spring" "have returned to their homes af- [ ~ natins and snapdragns" The wed TwnMarch 21 at Mrs' McCaul" rmonth. "-' ter accompanying their niece and I il ding cake was encircled with smi- eyE. Also ,forwarded for pre-induc- At Methodis ) ~ daughter, Miss Mary R. Smith of/ I ~ :: _L. ~ : lax. meNe~W mee~be~I welcomed a~t the tion examinations were: David Ar Stuart Hall, Staunton, Va. to ! ii:i: Mrs. D~vis was wearing a toast '" g esdames Marshall hold Webb, Bausch, who was na,m Scoutmaster f Chapel Hill, N. C. where she will I ~ : : and black suit with matching ac- Orndorff, Fred Hosfeld, Harry ed leader; Joseph V. ~iVIahoney, announced today AT THE CIRCLE :IN RANSON be a student at the University of] !i ::: i cessories when they le~t Martins- Blackford and G. W. Fritts. Twen Shenandoah Junction; and Rich- Honor ,for BoY North Carolina this fall. I ! :~: i burg. ty nine members and guests wereard Luke Swartz Rippon. will be held ,Sane , Mary Lynn Brown, a junior at I i ............. present Mrs William St~arfired of :UALITY- bll ATS rneywnieacnmea~z~lt) Grafto~ W" Va ~uest 2f ..... " ................. the Charles 'I Queens College Charlote. N. C. will ] Porter street N. W WashingtonR .C ...'_ " _ :'_ s __ ~..'lw'~ . Church It is hop 'sa,H on March 21 for Geneva, Swit 8 D.C. ' " ' u~n 1v, mer ann Mrs. ~:ana ~tigers h0ns T0 It01d Record bers of" the troop zerland where she will be a stu- J ~~ 'Saturda:y's bride was graduated guest of Mrs. Rissler were intro- .. for this importer dent at the University of Geneva I il from Martinsburg schools and dared. their parents and for one semester. While enrolled t took a legal secretarial degree Mrs. Rissler assisted by Mrs. Hop Friday Because 0f invit Last ~0 ESSKAY BEEF--- at the University, she plans to[ from Strayer Business College George Dun~way Jr. and Mrs. - ___ enjoyed ~a sight-~ study in the school of in~terpreters. I Washington. She is a past pres:Marshall Orndorff served a salad der the direction Round, Sirloin or.Rib Steaks, lb. 79c Shet he willLi,bertel~aVeandfrOmwillNeWspendYOrktheOn! ~i~~i:~t~~ ~ Alphaident OfiotaAlphasorority.Omegain business'Chapter andCurSenuts.f coffee and tea, mints B~nd Chn[c This Week to the ,first week o~ &pril in Paris, Fran- ~ ~~%~~ she is a private secretary .for Am: St. Patricks color sceme was car The Charles Town IAons Club Turbine engine T-Bone Steaks - - - lb. 89c ~e. She is expected to return tot ~ "~~~ erican Air Filter Company, Inc. in ried out in the decorwtion, will sponsor another Record Hop ter s~les. the United States in the fall in ~ ~ ~..:~ Bethesda, Md. The April meeting will be at the on Friday evening, March 13 in Rockin gham time to enroll .for her senior year I ~/~l~ Mr. Davis on military leave home of Mrs. Herbert Everhart ]~he J~ior High School gymnas- Goldwater favor~ a Queens. One student h'om I ~ ~ ~ from Alcoa's Cleveland ((Ohio) I Ke~rneysville. ]" . he Lions have been s,pon- ination in 1960. Fresh Pork Shoulders--Meaty - lb. 35c Queens and wo students from t'he I ~ 1 works is a graduate of Salem High I ~ J "- School and holds B. S. and A. B. I H"='r) r,,nd n.i.. ~..~. ~.,=,.~.-~ ~,.~.,,..,~ University of North Carolina will[ ~ degrees from Salem College. ] ~.U i IMIIU ~IIW~; ~V~3 I Sugar Cured Smoked Hams - lb. 59c l~IrY~sn~S thedaughter of lVir. ,andl ~~ ~accmpany her on the trip. Mary ] ~:.~ ~ I 6.2 l] T 0 W N E H 0 U S E W V R K E Y S .... lb.39c" ~aax ~rown, Sou, th Church I DR. JACK YOCUM M[SS Anna McG rry . T0 $1. 1.34 With [ ............L~ .T W,n .... .-- ...'~-~ , .o~ I The Dolly Madison Garden Ciub~.. ~'"" ' " -h " -- - ~/ T--,Io i] Jefferson County's Heart Fund I~ The Restaurant in Harpers : Esskay's Sun-Up Bacon -- - lb. 43c erson County dairy farmer' is a IOZ t; arms rowe will sponsor the 6ices Jefferson arm More [fis To Come ] INVITES YOU TO DINE BY THE 0P] mong the 70",policyholder delega-[sPlanYedAn~ig~eWchi?nh will be p re CORKHILL FRANKS - - lb. 49c es attending 'the eighVh ,annual l Y a university and m~tinv nf *.h~ aa.~ ..... ~,,,~, I Players of Washington D. C April .... n-- I.... / [ OPEN DAILY for Breakfast, Lunch ~ee~()f':~ol'i'c~t~'ol(~ers'o~'~la~i~'~'~e ]4 at 8:00 p. m. at the Junior High .amen ials tin Jdl~l[! Idnve is still receiving contribut- [~* LONGHORN CHEESE - - lb. 49c InsEt ............ /Schools in Charles Town Admiss- ' -- I'ions and .to date the total received / ~ Sunday Night Buffet Telephone :! ance, being h=m a~ ~.~ .amy ~. ' Members of the Jefferson Farm ]has climbed to $1,621.34, Mrs. Jul / office in C~.vflnr~h,,~ t-~h(,~ lion-Adult $1.50-Students -$1.00. . T e American University wel- "J,apan" led ,by Miss Cam~ll:a Wilt ] county drive ~his year announced I FRESH FRYING CHICKENS - lb. 29c s ntre Woman's Club heard a lesson on ,es Langle t. co- hairman of the, shire and l~liss Anna McOarry at i Wednesday. This is only $61.07[I itANSON I] ll l] l] [ltYi ,~ttended 'the basketball tourna- |f ........ ~ p .- the home of Mrs. Brown Rissler J short of the all time record set ~or l ........ I essor in ~ne ~ngllsn ~e,par~men~. YACHT CLUB RED BEANS .... 10 '~:nb'er~necoS :nndpmyea ~y o~ ~. [Five years later, Jack Yocum is Tuesday af, ternoon, March 3. '],heart ~und contr~butions in the ] ~,~^,Y . was on a weeks ]Chairman of the newly formed history of Japan prior to World EL outlet said there is every indicat / YACHT CLUB GREAT NORTHERN BEANS 10c va ........ s h Miss McGarry giving a brie]county, i,t was stated and Mrs.] . ", I peec and Drama Department, YACHT CLUB PORK & BEANS - - - 10c _ 'Mr. Caleb F. Buz)ns has returned [with two full time. professors and War II, said that in 1860 the first ]don a new record may be set since, home af,~er spending ten ~ay.s }n /a graduate assistant working an- ambassador was sent to the U. S. [there is still some gifts to come in I SU-Z-Q RED KIDNEY BEANS .... 10c ruorma, z~e was accompan4ed 'by ld~r him A. "Symbol of the S~ate". [yet. Mrs~i'~e'rsJhnnL M';s [ ,, Ur ueandgMif+Ru? / ....... Miss Wiltsh're. using a new map/ In reporting the contributions DANDY POTTED MEAT ...... 10c ~lelir runDr p:~e?iS t~StgrYw~t A'twUo of Japan spoke of post re'arks, [last week the $11.57 which Came in BONNELLE'S SPAGHETTI ..... 10c -._...,o ,~, ~_... ~: .......... : l organizations here on the campus, trends and gains among interest- ['from the Hall,town section was in- / Phone 664 Ranson, ..... c n umverst~y ~layers / ARMOUI S BEEF STEW - - 24-oz. can 53c ~u ........ ur~ ...#=.. lvir ....... C~'The Ameri a ........ ing information, Miss Wil,tshire|;advenently omi~ted as was the R. Ma,son vzszted her s~s,ter Mrs [ and A1 ...... said Japan ~has ~ population of 91 | $6.70 which came from individual :~ (One Can FREE With Each $20.00 Order) . ,pna rs~ ~mega me nonor- PR !M, SPAM OR TREET ..... 45c Naetshsearns Vacher ~v~cJalmPn~ and cry dramatm Iratermtv. 'largestm~llin cityand intha~tf~heTkYcountry.iS Thethe |pany|membersin Charlesf the Citizen's Fire COmTown. D. P. Clarke in Miami and Mes- zea~ures o~ ~neatre here a~ ~ne LUZIANNE COFFEE - - - 2-lb. can $1.38 Burns ~tayed with 'leEr. and Mrs. [. One of .the most_remarkable people live in ,a land of exception | _. _ BOSCUL COFFEE ..... l-lb. can 73c sere Hutton and TeNnis ~ Fo t. [University is that participation ~s al scenic beauty, that art follows | Eight Students Enter Myer. AH reported a- -most deli~l~t sb~'ea~hefentisre~ecStUdreonut bmOdy, in- the simplicity of nature and Nxt-|Kni~hts of Pythias are conditions the atmosphere of/_ ~" " 1 ROCKINGHAM " ! COFFEE--Maxwell House, Wilkins, Chase ful trip. g p ajoring Missthe homeMcGarryand moulds its life.said. RichwoodThe |Scholarship Contest I SHOKED ] ~s~orney '~'rey ~yrer is ,a pa,sien:~; ',achieved ,by ~he "warmsh and & Sanborn or Beech Nut - - lb. 77c .... .~ . . in this specific ~field This feat was Japanese observe Mothers Day, I -------'--- . " b. i MONARCH INSTANT COFFEE - 6-oz. jar 85c ~ia~thes,:A.gCenter hospztal near friendliness offered ,by the direct is An~touncementwasmaaea,~ the PICNICS used in the building of homes. ]regular meeting of Blue Ridge ESKO SBORTENING--10c OFF - - a-lb. can 59c .... :... . . Ior and members already a part o.f Courtesy is aM intrigue of charae- |Lodge No. 131, KnightSenteredOf PY-the ll 'F R E S H(6 - 8-1b' average) ms home on ~:as~ ~;ongress Street I In order to join A U Players a teristic of the nation cul, ture of Ihias of Charles Token Tuesday 1 MONARCH EVAP. MILK - - 6 tall cans. 79c Jac~ l-iun~er returned to Ithe organizations mentioned. ~ast weekend after being a.pat!ent sincere interest in t'l~e ~theatre the people and Ako maintain a [night that eight students ,from high concern for the new members [Charles Town and Shepherdstown DOE SKIN TOILET TISSUE - 4 roll pkg'. 29c ,ln,~ne umv ersr~y riosp~%ai m Char lmustbeshown" This includes such of the family ~ho .have reached lHigh Schools have :i COMO TISSUE ..... 16 Rolls $1.00 o~esv~ne, ca. zor %rea~ment. His [phases of the art as stage craft much ~mprovea. ]back stage work as contrasted has cala~ured the youth in Japan larship contest. The op prize in 1 PARKAY MARGARINE ' - - - 2 for 53c condition is reported as being very lighting costuming and in general Che Sun-set slope of life. Baseball IKnights of Pythias national schol as ithasinAmerica. Freedomof the contestwillbea$1,500s,cholar COUNTRY EGG5 d 'i SPIC AND SPAN - = - - 1-1b. pkg.25c Mr :and Mrs. Marshall Eugene with a~ting, reli~on is guaranteed by the gov- I shi,p to any college of their choice.! ' Kerns of Ranson are ,the proud I These past few years have been ernmen~t. The people have keen | , 3-lb. 6-oz. pkg. ~9c parents of a daughter Marsha|filled wi:th many first for the Un- minds and are especially skilledI Production and sales of autos R I ~1 Z ...... 'i' " full pound pkg. 33c Jean. Mrs. Kerns ,it the former ]iversity. Under the leadership of ~----------~- -~--~-~-----~" SCOTT COUNTY~i~z~TO ~-~ATSUP - 2 for 39c ~Miss Betty I~u Carl~r, " .' >.[,Dr. Yocum an outdoor theatre w'as in ship building and watv, h muk- show increase. Mr. ~nd Mrs. G'~ld fl:)orseY.~oPe'ne~ In which "An:t~[on~' was BETTY CROCKE ~: '~" ) ASSORTED' 'and ~wo children of Brunswick Ti~resen~ed in 1955. I~d;@58 due ,to PILLSBURY ) CAKE 29c Md. spent the weekend with Mrlithe wide interest in theatre at A. and Mrs C N Dorsev IU shown by the students and the DUNCAN HINES ) MIXES Mr and'Mrs Ge or'ge Fleming[peple of Washington, performan SUPER, iBxSUDS - - - - - Large Box 23c -- ~"'~'~'"-- '' u'~ " om es wr~teon c vs.7": .... ~7.'; ......... .ces were extended to run for our or. u~ ~v~av~m~,u~ ann ~v~.. anU~evenin s Ex im " " '-- - Mrs g per en~al tnea~re ((One FREE ith Each $10.00 Order) andoa?ergepG laS ,SferrdvftShenn/wasbegunsStudents diereaCt d, aand STARKIS'I TUNA ...... 7oz. can 37 Su~aY~l~ern~.ngwrthMr'andMrs'/Perhaps the most exciting ~ Yali ('AMAY SOAP ..... 3 reg. size 2: c . ' .... lwas 'the integration of the Music ~vir. D. L. Heneoower of I,an-iand Drama Denartm~nts i~, *h~ CAMAY SOAP - .... 2 bath size 29c *ham, Md. was dinner guest with|nresentation of"ori'~inal~ n~,~"~ his parches Mr and Mrs D W "" This ear mark ~'h "~-~'- .... Y s t e beg....~ H~fl(.ebower St. George Apart-[of still another phase in growth.. =~__~~~~,~,~~ FRESH AHD ...... o. An American .University Road ...... / "" " ~ Jefferson Avenue returned to their |cam is the guiding hand. and pro GIRL'S SPRING SUITS 191Dl[5 BL0 T O M A T O E S - ..... ctn. 10c home over the weekend after a viE irides the inspiration bhat promi- i,t Mr. Smi~th's sister and his lEes a full future for theatre at f~ther in Sarasota, Fla. The wen- ]The American University. Many Complete with Gloves, Bag and Hat. STAYM: N APPLES .... 4-1bE. for 33c Lovely Spring Suits for Girls. Sizes 3 to 14. Blouses.Lads andTailoredLOadS OfstY, 49c very enjoyable. | tickets to "Antigone" please write ~t $ to O TEMPLE ORANGES doz. ther was excellent and )the trip] Anyone interested in obtaining /51 Styles for that Easter hPOlint~t~.~ ~en begin with "I l Jefferson-Avenue Charles Town, ~ /~/~ ~J~I Knit Styles, All At Out POTATOES--U. S. NO. 1 - - - 50-1bs. 99ci 'g wear." 'W. Va. 845-R. ~~ [ AT (~]'~ FROZEN FOODS WiDS IH CHURCH (EREMONY SATURDAY Cute NylonGIRL'SToppersTOPPERSFor GirlsANDthatCOATSare Wash- ONLY able, or Longer Style Coats in Solids and Checks. Ladies.Skirts $2.1)8 BEEF,STARcHICKENMEAT PIES=-=OR rI'URICEY- 5 for 99c , $5.98 to $12.98 BLUE DRESSED WHITINGS - . - I 0-lb. box $1.49 [ " EVERFRESH PEAS .... : 2 for 29c I SPRING SUITS i Special Purchase of Cotton $ FORDHOOK LIMAS" - .... 2 for 35c .... .... " Lovely Suits at Low Prices. I Blouses with Roll Up Sleeves. . t CUT CORN ........ 2 for 39c ! Regular and Half Sizes in a Wide I 'Cute Styles and Popular Patterns I I Sizes 32 t 38 Only" 'J. Assortment of Styles. See These ~E~i ~ T~a ~ $14.98 to $1 7."8 87c' ~ ~, L,ADI~ TOPPERS ~ A Wonderful Selection of New VALLEY FORGE ..... ]l Toppers For Spring in a Grand Styles,$ Fabrics.88 and$ Colors in ! Dressy and Sport Styles. Sizes : Array of Styles and 'abrics. to 15, 10 to 20, 14Vz to G U N T H E R ...... 87c I Solids, Tweeds and Fleeces. 46 to 52. SCHLITZ ...... $1.25 1 i 5 8 I A R R O W .... (Cans) ..... 83c ! 1 6.98 .98 ~!ii!i!iil/ LADIES DUSTERS NEW SPRING COTTONS I Navy, Black and Colors in These ( ivesCOUPON MAGAZINE COST ONLy' 20c INationalYou ABrandBankNamesCheckIo ChoOseFor l< rom) Inl Lov:ly Dusters for Women and Lovely Street Cottons in New MiSses,..- .98 So Reasonably to $1 Priced. n"98 Spring LadiesPatterns "Sizes .989and to Styles. 52. ..- I. B:y (he products ,o use the couports. I iad,es Spring llals - - i.98, I i 2. Rem,)ve the section from the product as shown, "Mrs. William E. Davis g , . . $ on each coupon. I Ladies Y !n Bags 98c & $1.98 GIRL'S SPRING DRESS Only relatives, with the immed- Joseph T. Hammond. late families, attended the infor- White snapdragons and glad- Ladies 3. Insert coupon in the ench)sed envelope in magazine. ! Sprln = . 98c Lots and Lots of Fancy, Frilly Spri i mal service for ,the marriage of ioli were in the al~ar vases with Girls. Cottons, Nylon Sheers and i Miss Barbara Lee Dutrow, daugh- palms and candelabra of white 1. Mail and receive check for coupons redeemed. ] = Completely Washable Styles. ter of Mrs. Juliet Heistpn Lowe, tapers within the ~hancel. (OI EN EVENINGS Till 10:00 I. M,)Uland36 west Race street, MartinsburgWilliam Edward Davis son t.aff t. In a gownhallerin of l n thwhite lacet . P, n,ver Ladies Mo]ud Nylons $1.00 t0 $1.35 '~ sizes 3 to 6x sizes of Mr and Mrs E F Daws of w r h " i"" - o e-a' soulde'r-ve'i'l'~nd"a'si'ng~e , $ .96 ,Salem, which occurred Saturaay strandroom of pearls" a gift~, of the 6,rls Ha) and Bog Sets $1.98 & $2.98 I & Z"94 $ ).94 (Quantity Rights Reserved) I Evangehcal and R, eformed Chur-~hvAo er book and white orchid with ae n n neS, Tots Caps and Bonnets- - $1.29 Girls' Subteen Sizes" . Always Plenty. of FREE PARKING![ _Kc~ecker, org~.q~st., preceded the Her s.~te:. Mr.% Dian~ H. Pc- i [ I ccreniony performed by the I~ev. trucci was matron oi lioaor wear- \ > ,::