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Charles Town, West Virginia
March 10, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 10, 1966

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road locomotives resulted in six alarms in Charles Town. Died:. A telegram from Miami, Fla., brought an announcement of the death of John Strider, a native of Charles Town. 80 -- YEARS AGO -- 80 I law, Mrs. Clyde Griffin, of Fall- good butcher steers, 23.50 to Married: . At Harpers Ferry ing Watm~ 36.00; plain to medium st1~, by the Rev. W. D White, Capt. Mr. and Mrs Robert Light were 20.0(} to 23.00; choice butcher heir- George W. Green to Miss Emma among the g~est$ victim, s!ned by ers, none; good butcher heifers, O. Nichols of Maryland. Mr. and Mrs. James Louthan 22.00 to 24.00; plain to medium Mrs. IIannah Butler sold 35 when the Rippon Five Hundred heifers, 19.00 to 21.75; good bulls, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATE 29.00 to 33.75; thin calves, 2&75 pigs per ad, to 21.50; boars, down; heavy calves, 24.00 to 20.00 down; sows and pigs, none. 40 --- YEARS AGO -- 40 8 Died" - At his home in Duff- Colston evening, cows, 18.00 to 19.00; utility cows, red head grade lambs, 28.5{}; Each Monday ields, William H. Link, aged 72 The "First National Bank of Little Miss Trine Propps, of 17.00 to J7.8~5; canners and cut- butcher ewes, 8,00 to 133.00; stock .... years; in Charles Town Hospital Jefferson, at Charles Town, had Charles Town, was a visitor over ters, l~./a (/own; cows oy me ewes per ne~, none. , " ,u,b,,~ 10 -- YEARS AGO -- 10 Town was named chairman of Clarence H. Edison, aged 53 years deposits of $48,050 and resources the past weekend at the home of head, up to 200~0; stoeker and . Good butcher hogs, 36.00 to &ll~D'ARrg~g/ImHCW ____. the W. Va. Racing Commission. at his home near Charles Town, amounting to $154,072.84. he raunt and uncle, Mr. and Mr$. ~:derr Staeelrs~lls%.~ 2~e.~heaStOck 27.57;. m e~i~ul~n butcher h.ows, ~ rec~used$1000 in damages Feature of Blue Ridge Live- John Wesley Smallwood, a for- ~ I Page Hinton. + e ~ uu ~ u+ ~ ~, ug go.;~ to ~:/D; aeavy Ditcher hogs, OUtbuildings and contents on stock Sales was veal top $29.25. mer resident of Loudoun Co., ~IIV-~I~BI~f+~I~++:~~ Miss ~ue nyder visited on Fri- to 135.00. 24.50 to 25.00; butcher sows, 21.00 .,~,tb. ,J~~ ~George Cole farm on the Lee- Miss Judy Derr, a student at aged 76 years. ~ee~=q, ~e~ day slight and Sat~Lr~la.v wjthMi~s Choice to prime ca~ves, 37.00 to to 23.00; heavy feeders and light ~~ .-+ ~1 roa~l- Shepherdstown High School, was Rev J. E. Wilburn and his son[~|IMM|| Vl |IN | I Vanetta Snyder at her home ~ 40.00; good butcher calves, 34.00 butcher hogs, 25.00 to 27.00; ~T~~2~ t was announced by the Bank the winner of the American Leg- who were convicted in Chal'ies ~a "aI" qa vs s I Charles Town. to 36.75; medium butcher calves, i shoats, per hundred, 39.00 down; ~~ Charles Town thtSa hirley M. ion Oratorical contest held at Town in 1922 for second degree i Mrs. Stuart Crim [ Mrs. ~, C, Glad, ford isa patient ................................ at, Sheriff of Jefferson County Shepherd College. murder in connection with the I ~~~g~:A~":~:~~ 1 in the Charles Town General Ho~- m.~l~ ~ AAA ~~e=~u~,d~,~ 6~.,'~ Ltld join its staff on completion 20 YE~'-AGO 20 kill~:~aOf three, deputy^sher_~ffsI W S C S Meets [ pit~ haying be~.n adm+ i.t.t~l, there ~Bi~ ~'l~~-'~~~i, ~ his term of office "- .'- u, ~ , uu,~y, lU tuc armeu .... ~ .... I oil ~tmuay evening vlsiung net" .............. .... ;[eve A. Smith, manager of Real Estate Sales: Br~scoe Real march of miners to unionize men- The Women's ~ociety ot t:nris-I at her he~ on Saturd,, w~'~ her -- -- - + " ~ely Pontiac Agency in Char- Estate Agency sold to Mrs. Philip ers in the summer of 1921, were tian Service of the Methodist/ son az~d daught~r-m~hiefVll~ll I1~11~]~ hlJ~||ll~ I~JJ~l~ S~ll~il~ I~l~til~l~ll -- -- -- r Town, suffered a skull frac- G. Sims the residence prope ty paroled by Gov Howard Gore Church met on Wednesday eve-[ Petty Officer and Mrs James ~DU ili~i[ll |ilil~R~ ~li~lLilil ~mlmlL lim~|m~t|iiE " nin~ of last week at the hom" of' " " . . ,.. , . _ .. -- .-.---~ i-.=.--- ,,- ~-~- ~~--, ~m~ e when he fell from a horse of Mrs. Rosa M. Boyd, W. Wash- ----- I. ~ ..... ~ / Gtas~orq ann ChASten, o[ ~'atts Was ridin~ on S Mildred St. ington St., Charles Town; Mrs.60--- YEARS AGO --- 60 Mrs. t~atph uunn wire nine mem-/ Church, Va , : ' .............................. .... : ............ ' '" - ~Ub Scouts" honored for achieve Virginia L. Benner sold through Marshall Burns bought thebers in.attendance. The meeting[ Mr Robert Shirley of "Locust[ A new list everyweek from now until March 31st. 429 first prizes. ] nts at the annual Blue& Gold the Sriscoe Real Estate Agency Quaker Meeting House lot includ was oraer oy the presi-[ Grove" left on Friday to spend | : ..... '~ '~+ ......................... .... ...... : .... , b Scout Banquet were'. Steve her residence property located ing the graveyard, south of Char- a.em, ann ~evouons and the .eve-[ about ten days visiting hLs b~o~- J IJ4 2G65 2P~9 3A~0 3J62 3S42 41747 4G~ 4N69 4Z64 639[. 863A l an, Blackwell Davis, Bill Mill- on S. Lawrence St., to Mrs. Anna i lea Town, from the Rohr heirs I nmgs lesson w~e .presenteu oy[ e~ in law o,a -:=ter 11" ,,a u,., | I_K4___ ~J26 2r~:~4 3A~ ~U65 ~ 41~47 ~i #,$57 843 ~ 864$ | " ' /Mrs Cnarms uec~uey These,"" -- .... "="""" I =,,~, 2JS~ 2S~ 3A67 3J67 3S67 423 4G62 4562 $047 f~L 864W]1 .Walter Smith, Dick Ebersole F. Myers. Died:. At Kearneysvllle M~ssI " ". [ Leon 0ti~ and family at their ! 1747 2J63 2W51 3&68 3J69 3U~0 442 41 4S~ ~ 616 IB74K I David Bowers Dry grass and weeks set on fire Susan Lucas, in St. Louis, M~., w::: fmOelle~W:d bYdaa~OU~neobU~,, home in Philadelphia, Pa. [!839 2J64 2W64 3A72 .3K2 $U64 443 4,~ ~}U64 614~ 6.13 8~$D ! rbhn F. Ambrose of Charles by cigarette smokers and rail-mrs, uer~rude M. White, daughter , g u u-| _. P . , _ | g1847 2367 ~w~69 ~74 3K32 3U67 48537 4J3 4U72 61#M 6K3 884T | ~ [ of the late Judge I R Douglas of I seen a peasant social hour was/rig resen~ ny V.F,W. | 2K~ 2~ ~$1 ~ 3K38 3U~ 45637 4J57 4U74 621K 712 8~ ! ~ " " enjoyed during which a fund / - i 2f~ 2J72 ~ ~7 ~K42 3U72 ~767 4J6 4U76 ~2M 7~ 816 ! Mordmgton. " A large American flag was pre- .... raisin a i 1 2 2K32 27,69 3E65 3K43 3U74 45867 4J62 4eTa 623 76 J3 Fire destroyed"RockHall" the l... g act on was he d and de-se,ted, to the lo~1 Methodist 2~77|2K47 311353Eel;3K47 ~Y83 4,72 4J64 4W=l 62'B 7J~ ~ Willis famil- ~ ....... ~ .... ;~jucmus retresnments were servea[ Church on Thur~uay oy the I 2E72 2N51 312353E67 ~KA8 $Z43 4A74 4K3 4W52 625C 7K3 962K l I.... ~ ...... ~ .............. | by the hostess / Charles Town "-st ~ tho W~+o. ~ I 21174. 2N52 31635 3E69 3N74 3Z47 4A76 4K38 4W53 626A 814F 963K I " L'' -d th~[ Mr. and Mrs. Phihp Creamer[ ns of Fore,gn Was which had | ~Tg ~[ 31~ 3"2 3S'e 3Z~ 4~t 4K47 4,~ , ......... I MccioWW: V,. h~te. purchas..~ ..... /and children,' Julie and John/ become aware of the churches'~ | ~1~32 L2N6[342 3F47 31>51$Z6F 4E57 4K48 4W61"~/ ~'=+'+632W ~tw844L ~u~AJ2 I I near ~liA~mea.nme o~,,~ acres / Philip, of "Locust Grove" spent[ need for a new flag. The preach-i 1 29si ~ ~ 3F~ ~3 3Z6~ ~Z 4N60 4W~2 635^ a~ A~ | '= =~+ ~=,,w t "O Z ~ $44 3JSZ 3P61 408374E64. 4N65 4W64 636M 854M Bl [ ~ [ Sunday m Warrenton, Va., where/ ati n was made by Post Corn- | ~, ~ ~= ~,~ ~~o ~,~4v~-~ ~,, ,,= ..... +=+,,, /,~ | [ they we e guests at the home of] maid r Leroy Ware, and accept- I 2~ ~67 363D 3J~$1~$3g 414474~53 4N68 47~2 ~3~ ~a~w r~ | .... [ Miss Isabelle Hilleary. [ ing it in behalf of the Women's l .............. .... ~ ........... " ...... -'"~ | l !! ~ [ Visiting Mrs. Bonn W. Crim on[ Society of Christian Service was, ,, __ ,. _ _ .... [Saturday evening and helping her[ Mr s..~obertL. Li~.h.t. _ _~_ [ II~ me lira! DaN 0f v0ur urJ I/IM 11' @'ll'l~lhPD Ptt [ to celebrate her eighty-fifth birth.[ W! liam ti. ~ieasiag, jr., WhO I lab IlllU MLll.Vll~ /. J/l~ll/a=R ~U, / day were her niece and nephew,[ has been attending Shepherd l - __.= . --~--: r---~,,== ~ ...... | Colonel and Mrs. E. F. Dearie, of[ College as a day student, has tak-[ ImltlNO inollRnl~$11fln nllmll~n C O L ON I A L [ Charles Town. [ en up residence in Shepherds-[ IgOIll l!ll IUUlIIIIIq#M|IUII IIUIIlUO/ [ ....... / Miss Wallis Anne Snyder re-[ town for the remainder Of thel ~_ -_ ....... ,5 ,,_=-_ : ,, .... u ~x~ L~ numx, ] turned to Shepherd College on[ school tee'm, mov~g into his new [~l{l~ nnnn Vail mmn! no s wln~ } | Sunday afternoon after spending} lodgings on Tuesd$y evening. I lie IIUI Me J UIB IIIi] 11| IBOIB RIIIIIIIBI = Charles Town [ the weekend visiting her parents,| Mr. and Mrs. +Charles I eprel , Shenherdstown [Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Snyder at[ and son, Rusty, were recent dln-I ...l~pm's ~ R WIN~Ik.L.OO.k.~t t, he.first.symbols I rwent, no Puzzles to so~ve. . In fact ycAld~t .evelt ~ ,,~r,~+ ~h,~.o*,,.o ,, i .~,~ m,,~o.o ~* *h,~ ~,J..... ,., .~,~ I ILme prefix~ Off your vemle mentiTication Slip./nen I~eve to own a uujck to nave a winrtiog 0urnner. ~o~ ~neo I~'~T~O o~a ~noo / .................. | ;,:~- ~,~ .... a.~ ~ ..... ~=~, v* ~+~ I look at the II~y..m+ bets listed abo~. if you find yours While ~ou're in the shOwroomi get good Ook I~t I +~-~uuo-~u~o-o~u-~ooo / Episcopal Churchwomen Meet / Ja~er s paren.ts, ~r. al~ Mrs. tier- On .thelist, bu vetakenthafirptstFptowardbelng th~ BulckSpeciai The$2332+~O*hal~pensto,bettt [ I i ......... [ man Swartz m Rippon. I ~wiser. ;W go see your. ep!k aeaJer. He ,has a price. MIn,factwer's sul~ntlKI ~ ~'ic~ f~r.~i|l VJ~Z~lr.gapl. P,~s I ] me ~ptscopal ~nurcnwomen OZl Mr ~nd M~- UJilln~,~l~ht, ~=~ | b301 lzwl/mers ~mo in mlsnowroom, uyou I~r~,~E~.-~r,z~s~=e~r~,ii~=~lw~a I - A_ _ I I I II I the Church of the Holy Spiritl ~. .... " ..."~" ~'~'.--~;~.."'"~?~,'~,A;;Z?'| See your ant!re vehicle ld.ent!f'ation number on COntest Rules. Residents of Kansas, Missouri a~d I ~ j hel~ ~ ,..+^, _~^.:__ _. .,._/o,,,,* a~=~ zan==$=,~, u,t ~viU~ivW/~Y,] ~n,DOsfA~r--l~r~Bsyrl~DOlSplUSIrmrestoTlnenum- NeDraskamay. iftheyprerer, send in a postcard tO / ~lbl Ill le m I == tl a u.ttct lllt~VU~lg ;alL. Lllt~ I w+'~r'a ..................... xriitn~ nn RatHrd~v pv#hin~ / I~rs--$2332 cash is yours.(ylfour pref x ........... ~.~)'~R Polk and P+O So 7, Q ...... tr =t Mic Igsn t [h~rl# Wahinntan I church on Tuesday evenmg of I o+ o,o ~..:," ,, ~* C... ~r:T/ I|st~l In the= ad. don't g w up Your number, roW_ ~S~t,rd recQC~v;tha Wee~?~ofw~?~ n,~er, i '+~~"~ uuu*~ u* ,~== ~ ~=~o[ " " ~y ms Tot comparisOn w th thel oWn veMle ldentl. vsee,,Iuna~ VV~dP|eunnn eVil " " ..... b vabeen ostaddurm the st few weeks. And , . , last week followmg the weekly j e S tO f~Catmr! nt~rnber, An offic entry form wl be in* . am s H, Snyder and children, ve week there are ~ nswWinners posted on 4 dSweep ekes 4tm~ d to per ons over 21 ' q.e , ,Lentenservlce. The meetmg was Beth and Nicky. | ~l~srlhowmem~ll:tSowatehfornoxtwee.kslistof |i~%;~nti~ec~nen~ei~:~.Not~;k~|nFlor|deo I |lld~r|~ called to order by the president, I I ~ s~lrtbe~l ~lt tPda Itewapal~ff.) No slogan to states where prohibited by roW. Be i~MllU~ Enterta/ned at Dinner I Mrs. Philip Creamer, after which/ l ~ ~. " .... | RANSON, W. VA. the minutes of the last meeting~ Complimenting the Reverend[ " ~' [ ~ were read and approved and a re-[and Mrs. William H, Kleldsing| ,~.~+'~'~ ~ ' [ Frl..Sat. Mar. 11-12 port was made by the treasurer. [ who are leaving for Oak Hill, W. t z,, --~-- ----- "In every field there ls one outstanding value to whlch [ Several items of business wereI Va., on March 15, Mr. and Mrs,] IngllolLIrg@tlil A~| A~j~bnlkIIAAN~RIIJAn~nP'H all others arecompared. In memorials, that one is Rock [ Joan Crawford In discussed and plans made to hold i Stuart W Crim and Mrs. Harry] IRIIiI::i I_11111 IJlliir" , liHl i3 l lii . of Ages, the only memorial guaranteed both to you I "| .~ur ~t~h~t V~, DIA" a bake sale at the Western Auto C Frazier entertained at dinner] pmel~m~ v ~qpvvqlr~wv~www~p~wl~mnq~qk~ end to the cemetery where it is erected. You get this= ~" '' *'~ --"~ "~ Store in Charles Town on the~ at their home, "Monte View." on[ . . ,j~7 .L~,~ ,n.... ~l.,~.k.._.~.~.. : .................... ~,,~,1~,_ ,,~ ~ _ - 1 There's an authorized Butck dealer near you. See his ~// Double-Checked used c~s too. exclusive Double Protection Guarantee only with me-! ~ ou ~,~ o~uruay ut zway. ~O ~es~on rrmay ew.u~, tmez~s WhO were I , " . serials that bear this soaP'. I "Th+~ VtT,~r.~n Wh~ was planned for this meeting present In addition to the Rever- ! =.=~. ,, v==,,u='' ~" which w .... ~ ....... ..... / . _ as ad~]ourned fo]]owmg ~ad and Mrs. K~eldsmg and son,, / Wouldn't Die" the business session, i William, Jr, were Mr. and Mrs. [ &d., L .,.su...,,....,.a,uncnuh mite Works |~ Visitors on Sunday at the home Stewart Yarbo ~nd daughter, Ter-I ~,+nn~v ~ p ~ n~v of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fellers, ri, Mr. and Mrs. George R. Crim, I Miss Sallie Poston and Mr. Skin- Miss Shirley Macoughtry and Miss l L09~rESTJOHN ST. MART I~SBURG, W. VA. "~w~r~ And ner Poston weretheir aunt and LibbyStagner, of CharlesTown, TELEPHONE 267-6141 FLOYDu Uwl~e. ODOM, 1~ ~... v__ _~,~.- ,r~ . uncle, Mrs. S. P. Hane~ and ~r. the latter:of whom remained to , lie J)ragon Grover Stickel, their cousins, Mr. spend the weekend with his rEDNESDAY, MA ,CH 16, 1966 Beginning at 10.00 A. M. At the Bessie Lloyd Farm, approximately 2 miles West of Rlppon, on Summit Point Road. Follow Sale Signs. 61--HEAD HOLSTEIN CATTLF,--61 This Is An Aecred/ted Herd. Bangs and T. B. Tested Within 30 Days. Individual Health Certificates will be give~ for Interstate shipment day of sale. 9 Cows full flow milk; Cow will freshen in March; 3 Cows Will freshen in April; 3 Cows will freshen In May; 3 Cows will freshen in June and July; 24 Cows will freshen in August and September; 2 First calf heifers will freshen In July; 12 First Calf heifers will freshen in August and September; 2 Heifers, 7~lonths old; 2 Heifers, 4 months old. Tills herd of fine Holsteins have been raised by Mrs. Lloyd, from Wisconsin Holstein Cows. FARM MACHINERY John Deere-fi0 tractor, with cultivators; John Deere-A tractor; .~ew Holland-271 hay baler; New Holland-404 hay conditioner; ,lorrlll rake; John Deere 28 ft. elevator; John Deere-8 mower; :oha Deers-13.7 grain drill (used one season); John Deere row corn planter with fertilizer and sprayer attachment; ;eld sprayer; John Deers.229 2 row mounted corn picker; ntern~tlonal 200 manure spreader; John Deere disk harrow; !lark eat away disk harrow; Jolm Deere 3 bottom trip plow; ohn Deers 2-14 inch bottom plow; John Deere 2.12 inch bottom ~low, on rubber; John Deere 10 ft. springt tooth harrow; Inter. ~tatlonal spring tooth harrow; 2 lever harrows; Cobey wagon ~lth bed; David Bradley wagon with bed; rubber tire Wagon; ~ICCormiek DeeHng soil pulverizer; GeM ensilage ehopper; land lrag; John Deers hammer mill; John Deere feed grinder. DAIRY EQUIPMENT Surge milker units; pump and motor; 30 ten gallon milk +-ass; 3 stainless steel strainers; 3 four gallon buckets; double rash up tank; Diamomi water heater; can rack; metal wall ~abinet. FEED .700 Bales wheat straw; 400 Bales alfalfa hay; 400 Bales :lVaothy hay; 200 barrels corn; approximately 75 ton silage. IN COLOR -- CARTOONS and Mrs. Stanley F. Hardy, all of+ grandparents. Winchester, Va., Mr. and Mrs.! ADM. : 25c FOR ALL AGES William Griffin and daughter-in .... + +. + ' '+ - Sun..Mon..Tues. Mar. 13.14-15 , ......... A Thinking Man's "Goldfinger" "The Ipcress File" In Color And Technicolor Wed..Thurs. Mar. 16-17 Glenn Ford . Geraldine Page "DEAR HEART" Play "BANZO" Every Thurs. I I of timer on her farm east Club met with them at their 21.00 to 22.00; pl |n to medium 32~07. ~~ Sal~ Start 11:00 acres of Charles Town to Frazier and home near Rippon on ~aturday bulls, 19.00 to 20.75; commercial~me head grade lambs, 30.10; A.l~[.--Llvesto~k Sal~ 1:30 ]P.M. NED MORROW Clerks: R, E. MORELAND and CLARK FURR for Bessie Lloyd. AUCtioneers: WALTER D. ORNDoRFF and Feb. 24-3t- .| + t 7-- PHONE 725-2211 Belt Avenue Ranson, W. Va. Phone 725 2215 I I I MISCELLANEOUS this week? For extra cover- are staying. He i~ about to ~ettle on = __A_T_L..A..N TIC ,o, ag'~ ~eCullogh has becol~e fagag~i t~ an attrac. chain saW; rubber tire wheelbarrow; Sunbeam COW ;lllpPers; feed cart; motor and grinder; vise; forks; shovels; tive widow (Angela L~sbury),. lgging irons; ropes; some small tools; sleigh; junk, and other lie t' '11 $ C t= but iS not averse to a bit of play ing around before his freedom aTI~RMS.~[CAS_~e._~]lrtlcles too num rmmtn m~.nt removed at time of sale. And For Prompt Delivery ends. ...... Laneh will be served by Ladies AuxiLiary of Citizens Fire CALL.... '~Pany, of Charles Town. The Old National Bank ;. S TI Of Martmsburg DISTRIBUTOR uot.tloa a Attorney-in-Fact to Sell Personal Property u=,~ Old Dominion Appliance Co. Phone 725-2811 W. WASHINGTON ST. Charles Town, W. Va. VALUABLES HEED EXTRA COVERAGE A Homeowner's policy in- sures your valuables... ]but how much? Most Home- owners l olicies limit losses on valuable& For example: Money ............ 100 Fiscal documents .... 500 Jewelry, each piece .. 1,000 Furs, each piece .... 1,000 How many burglaries and hold-ups have you read about For Ck n And Use Triple-Refined Kani Lane, Mgr. Charles Washington Theatre "I SAW WHAT YOU DIIW ~l~w- ing Friday-Saturday, ~ek 11-t2 Two teens and a sub-teen plod along with the telephone as a crutch until a bloody killing takes place in a shower by a mamec. This has quite a bit of SUSl~Xtse and appropriate atmosphere. Stars Joan Crawford and John Ireland. "The WOULDN'T DIE" also Showing Friday Sat- urday, March 11 - 12 This well-made murder seller holds the interest well. With sev- eral surprises along the way. Stars Gary Merrill aad Ja~m Mer- row. ' rHE IPCRESS FILE" Showing Sun. - Mon+. Mamh - 14 . 15 Espionage in color is to be roland here along with liberal qi ntities of action, iotrigue, aJad adv~nlure. [ The resuR sbo~fld generally please the fans of this type of] film. There are also artistic cam-| era angles in ma~y of the scens| which keep viewers on tthe alert during tthe unfol~ag of the at- tention.holding yarn. "DEAR Thu ., March 16 12 " Corning to New York fer a postmaster's convention, small, town postmistress Geraldine, Page, overfrlendty, meets greet, ing card salesman Gleam Fd~l in the big hotel wl~re both of them Say goo y #om r to ;st up flam ess electric drying. And losers on the lines of the Potomac receive tlmda e ranges and water heaters). our e trical appHa . or dectrical ontrac " tar II Livestock Sales, at Charles Part of the/VJe~w W. Va., Monday, March 7, 19i~. Receipts ~f all ~lasses rn0der-] ate, with a good demand for al!~ butcher classes. ] ' Prime calves top, 40~, fea-] P.S. also free installation.on electricranges &wa r] eaters tired the sale ~ "+ Choice butcher steers, =one;| ..................................... . .- ,_ - : - G. E. Appliances