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March 10, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 10, 1966

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PUB~S~D E~RY ~RSDAY BY M JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO., INC. 210 North George Street o Charles Town, W. Vs. Zip Code 25414 RRAD BY MORE THAN 22,500 PEOPLB S nd aM Pm At Town Pos ffic. MAX BROWN, General DON ~, News ~l~r -- HF.,NRY MORROW, ~soe~ Editor Naflomd Advertising Representative, Near ~nQUves, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave., New York SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 Per Yr., 'Plus 12cts.' W. Va. Tax For Business, News or AdvertimMg Departments DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 THURSDAYI MARCH 10, 1966 mE S0100t BOND Cll0tt: ITS MEANING FOR ALL OF US (By HWM) In any fair analysis of the School Bond Levy vote last Tuesday, it is difficult to separate the "winners" from the "losers." It would be grossly unfair to say that holding the election was unwise or a waste of money, as some of the more rash to judge are saying.. And it wo ld be equally unfair to say, as some are saying, that the people of Jefferson County have no interest in providing adequate school facilities. The truth of the matter [s that notwithstanding the "de+- feat" of the proposal, the election returns provide an excell- ent barometer of what the thinking in the County is. And that thinking is that a majority of those who voted want school improvement and are even willing to vote for a tax increase to get it, and that a majority also want some meas- ure of school cOrmolidation. The fact that sixty percent did not vote this way does not alter the fact that more than fifty percent did. + , The question how is, having failed to get the required sixty percent majority in an election, does this mean that a pro- gram of school consolidation and school improvement is dead ? The answer is, No. But to understand the answer one needs to know and understand some facts about West Virginia's somewhat novel tax structure. Thirty-five years ago, in the midst of the Great Depression the people of West Virginia adopted an amendment to the State Constitution which placed a limitation on the amount of taxes that could be levied on real and personal property: five dollars per thousand dollars valuation on all Class I prop- erty, ten dollars per thousand dollars valuation on all Class II, fifteen dollars per thousand on all Class III, and twenty dollars per thousand dollars at+ all Class IV property. There was and is nothing wrong with he tffhitation. Where the trouble lay was in the fact that as the demands and needs of the times increased .... and school needs were among the most critical .... the assessment remained static. When edu- cational demands and needs reached the point of where they far exceeded the amount of revenue that could be consti- tutionally exacted from property taxes, attempts were made to solve the problem by sttch devices as a consumer sales tax, state aid, and later, federal aid. Finally, the tax limitat- ion amendment Was itself amended authorizing the issuance of bond.s provided the bonds did not exceed a certain amount and provided further sixty percent of the voters in the af- fected area approved. It was pm'suant to this latter authority that an attempt made in Jefferson County last Tuesday to get $1,7!0,000 for schools. The move failed. Meanwhile, for the past few years a move has been under- way in West Virginia to take a good second look at the assessed value of all taxable property. It was felt that While the Constitution forbade raising the rate on the various classes of property, the potential income from property taxes could be greatly increased by increasing the assessment. For example, if a Pesidence property with a fair market value of $20,000 was Only being assessed at $5,000, and should be assessed at $10,000 (fifty percent of it+ true and actual val- ue) the income to the county c0uld be doubled by simply assessing the property properly without touching the rate. So, with at least m me idea 6f rtll+kiti bond issues, which are hard to pass, partially obsolete, the-:[eg slature a few years ago ordered all the counties in West Virginia to revise and revamp their assessments. Jefferson County is now in the process of doing just that- with the result that every lad[cat- on now points towards a substantialb increased assessment base for next year, For example, if this yeax s assessment of approximately 45 million dollars should jump next year to approximately 60 million dollars and the rate of taxation remained exactly the same as it is now the County would be provided with whatever additional money the 15 million dollar increase in assessment furnished without any special election and without any additional bonded indebtedness. In other words, mo ey which can now enly be made available by a special election may in the very near future be available by a simple majm ty vote of eitker thqBo t l, of Educ, tion or the Gounty CouP, as the case maybe. And if the potential made available by increased assessments should still prove to be inadequate, resort can still be had to a special election. For this reason, tnembership JV ,the future on the Board of Education and on the County Cou takes on extremely added signifigance. For it is not at all unlikely that as tile assessment base increases the membership on these bodies will determine what we shall do and what we shall not do in the future. ' _ " Sit down and lets look at the record. " We+l a e dev r won any concess ions from the Communists, every tried to bargain them We lost. Even if they treaty they break it necessary for them to Charles ToWh, W. Yd. of defending Kennedy, : March 5, 1986 , Morse, or any of the The Editor: . : leaning Liberals, they t pirit of Jeffet o t Advocate e highly criticized, for Charle Town, W, Va. and comfort to the Dear Sir: . enemy. With reference,, to your c lunl James P. Morgan nist Henry W. b orr0W, in his Route 1, Charles Town, W. Va, +cry weak de,e.oe, me. G0""13fllItlJI-- SUNDAY Ke.nedy, t m.ldmy+ mat an, IU Kennedy +hould+ do as Alfred E t mith +ttsed-to- k:people-to do. !+- ........ Child" - ,I needlessly beat, torture, torment, t SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE ease De caretul. . /m ttflate, kill, or overload, over THURSDAY MARCH 10 1968 A |1 .... Sincerely yours, ]drive, or wilfully deprive of nec- " ' l| l It #,.~ ~l I II ~I Mrs. Glenn Hoffman I essary sustenance, any horse or " i l -- [other domestic animal, whether* ..... ' Illl J~[|l ~ll, ,, [ ill . 338 . .E" WoodwardI such horse or other animal be his hre PreventI0n, Sch I,l ~0n~llssue I I '1 l l l ]l fill Rogers CRy, Michigan, 49779 own or that of another person, or . Ii III " " Ill March 5, 1966] shall impound or confine any AIMd At Ifamma.+.,+tl~ eTA J~l^^t:.. It I I IB- Hem w. Morr*- I I I| B' ill Mr. Max Brown, Editor t such animal in any place and fail, ]NIII U #41 ii ;MII JJVlIII I I/4 llVl .'lgllll it Ill " -" ....... I I I,ll+ Ill Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate ~ to supply the same with a suffi-J - . -- ~__ , Charles Town, W Va. | some food and water, or shall posed School Bond Issue were the] the house or utility room, esl .............. Dear Max: [ carry in or upon any vehicle, or subjects presented at the March] ially if there is a water heate[ THE VOTE were many in me .... minoriw ot criEnclsedi check, is to cover sub-| otherwise, .any such animal in a meeting of the Kearne.ysville Ele- the room T h e somewhat remarkable muse WhO voma ~u las~ rues- ~ ...................... ry . old 1 trical ci~ ~ ............... s pt on to Smrtt-Advocate for/cruel or inhuman manner, or menta School Parent Teachers Househ e ec Ida who were "and still are" de a,ut,+r year veems we mus~/Knowmgy teed a cow on rooo+Association are provided with fuses tol~ thing ab?ut the vote last Tues- ] ,rYved of an o~(-ortunit- ~f ~stat"l keep in touch with activities in I that produces impure or unwhole I Mr Harley Potter President of from over Ioadin the circuit oay, on me ~cnoot uona zssue, v vv ~ u " Je zers " ' " ' g ~+ is the fact that it got as many ing why they voted no simply ~son t~.o.unty. ..... ]some milk, .or sha!l abandon to the group, brought the meeting causing a fire. Normal hou because the had no stomach for ~,uu~, we are norm oz reel ale any malmea, SICK, intirm or to order and the group was led[circuits proved for a 15 ara votes as it did, considering the Y 45th ~arallel we ~av b ., ............ m~ overwhelming,handica~ under ] trying tO explain how they could I .... v ....... ". /i e een much [ a~se.asea ammal or snau o.e engag, in prayer by Donald Heinz. I fuse and in no case should a l~ ~, ~. ~ ........... i zuure zvztuua~e man you IOIKS/ea in or empioyea at cock tignt-[ Mr Potter introduced John er am ere fuse be use lhaice2 IsaS Inentohue hr:ot l ;ai O nt 3r p ept:sritiS:nn.OOlinSdea: ] this year as far as.the weather ]in.g. dog fighting, .bear gaiting, Cooper, Sanitarian with the Jeff A lPtle preparation dbyt get people' to vote" o" even~" a ~"~I me ........ trum ot me ma~ter"~ oe" I goes.. uouo~ U we nave reacnea | pltung one animal to tignt again-. I erson County Health Department home owner and cool think[ ..... Y .. I,. ................... [70 inches of snowfall- the amount | st another of the same or differ- who ave a demonstration -- ftrp I time erii ann u .... i. t simple majomty to increase meir ~,uwn t,cre were sOIIle W'rlO re i ..... " - ............................ taxes But whe- t~- m~i--l~,, t voted "YES" who did not do~sol--qu red to qualify for allocatmn[ent kind, or any mmflar cruelty preventmn. F~res flashed, explos I saved. ............... g ~ ............ ~ ot snow removal tunas trom me t ~o animals, or snail receive money ions sounded and all were to illu ~ I"- " .... -~-- -" ..... ~ ] is comnounded bv a legal re-uire t enmuslasucauy, out WhO aia so c+~+_ t,~_~....___ ~,__. t. ....... . . . "I mr. ~otter u~en ntroouceo z- ---~ ,~ ca = i ........ ....,..,1 otot~ iXZBllW~ty ~ept. /ior me aamlss.~on oi any person, strafe what fires was; how to Lowell H Hetzel, a member" ment of mxty percent, to be ef [+orwant ot a oe~mr prop,,+~; I I was recently In the east of/or s.ha!l knowingly purchase an handle small hres around the the Jefferson Count Board c ]on The question is Wheredo Qmrans Rainbow sponsored by[ , o y p . k pt for home, the Importance of having Education wh di ~a fective, the task becomes difficult . ~o much, men, t or me erect- ,, . ,, admlssmn t an lace e ' Y bravestenugh Int thehallengesecond place,eVen thethe we .... stand? The answer, I think, me ~wams, whmh was att-[ s . . , o scuo~.. uch purpose, or shall use, tram your house properly wired; and| forth coming bond issue Ex# regal" " requirement" " or a county-" ~is that one of the factors that]enoea oy over 1700 persons for l fur possessth a aug or omer., amman, the dangers of petroleum produ- m'g that the proposed" pr~ ,,~a ....+ ........ ,.+ ...... +. [ helned to defeat the ,~teotion win l the three performances. There | or e purpose of seizing, detain cts. [ hna h~o.. ao,o~,,,oa ~,,,,, i n out be were about 90 persons revolvedg, or maltreating any other dom aid " " uo er whmh served t- even fur [ n the end, tur to the I ...... [ ............. [ He s to have a fire threelhnes recommended by the A~ ._ w v _ - . in me snow aireeted by a uatho- esuc anzmaz, ne snazz De guizty oz .... ther handicap the nronosition. As I factor that will provide what I [ ............. / ............ ~ things must be present. Air, fuel,| ory Commtttee which was ~ if these hand[cans were not e-[am convinced an overwhelming uc ~.riest, an v~plscopai ~mster,[a. m.~sueme~_non an.o, upon con-land heat. If any of the condit-/posed of many citizens front nn-~,h ~ ~" o Pro--"o'~-" o~o, [majority of the people want but playing one of the leans, com-lWC]UOu, snau De tines not less ions are removed the fire will parts of the Count ............ v ............. . ' binea wire the oalance of the ca~t than five nor more than one hun~ . ' Y" contained a hitherto untested [which, at the same hme, is most .......... ; !dre" ~olla ........... go out. A fire m a skillet on the Uses of the bond issue factor" a measure towards county- [ difficult to obtain by a sixty o~ .~umerans, memouists, vresoy [:_ a oU~__ rs, aria, in mscret- ! stove may be smothered by putt-[ set forth in published adver~ wide consolidation of both rural [percent county-wide vote. As was [ terlans and Cathoucs, now is that [ lionO s neeOur o justice, may_oe ring a lid over it. Don't ever pick[ mets and would have to be observed in' the o ening" para zor co-existence ,-v, ,,~u ut cue county,, jail not up the skillet and attem t to that way The cost to the ta~ and urban schools. It is interest-I P "] ,~" "- .... [exceedin- -i .... +~'o [ P [ ' ing, I think, to note that not- | graph of this article, the legal re- [ i ~.~]ve our regaros ~o our ~rienas [ + s ~:,* ;- .... ,~o... . [ carry it outside, the speaker said. [ er is fixed and only so ]~ .......... ~ -"mr ............ I n t~narms town / ~t sincerely nope mat our cid- I Petroleum products emit van / mone would be need d tel wimstanalng mese mree grea~ lqu ement ior a sixty percem, ; ...... 'ze-s ............. -. Y e to .... eosepn r. bmltn n Will accept mls letter as a ors whic the bond each ear obstacles--.two of whmh were [ma~ority of the county-wide vote l |'-ind-es ........ [ h settle to the lowest t Y a s ot mougm tor muse imposed by law and one of which [ made for an almost imposible I ~ "'" "" | "animals ...... [ point in the building and can be ] A question and answer per, r es Town, w va WhO canno speak tor was imposed by choice----the Prop- [ situation. There is little question [ .. _ _ .^_= [ ~ . ] ingnited by a spark. Always store ] was held by Mr. Hetzel, March 1, l~titi memseaves osition still received the support/but that, notwithstanding itS|Mr Max Brown "-i" r | .. . . [petroleum products in a tight] which all retired to the 1~ , ~ct ~o Tours Truly, of more than a majority of those / general irrelevancy, the pending ] S-i'rit of Jef .......... | ............... I metal container that is clearly | room for refreshments and f~ v ierson aavocam mrs lsancy numer oru who voted. These observations Ireappraisal and reassessment of [ Charles To "'" ~" [ " [ marked as to what is in the can ship will provide scant comfort at the [ real and personal property in [ ~. ,. ~wn, w va. [ __. ~ I .............. : ............... " ~" momen th v | Jeffer Cou . 'uear mr urown: g~:~!~i~i~:*~zi:~ , t to ose who oted son nty played a major an il .... Would ou lease ubhsh this d fam y of Winchester were A. s, Sunbeams YES last Tuesday, only to see [ role in the defeat of the Proposit. [. _ Y'( P P"" [ Im Ikl 4~' I Im [ -uests .................... . - . Je~er in me paper ann in ooing ~ oz mr. and Pars. Tnomas ~:ut~ r. M. tmolr ~ra~ their immediate hopes bashedllon last Tuesday. There is nOlso I sineerel,, ho~,e that the -i++ [ r N ~ L r [Welty and family and Mrs Ruth (Junior) against the ballot, so to speak question in the minds of those ' ,v ~"" 1 zen " ' C egg, Sunday Thursday" 7"00 P M C~ But if they will stop for a min-" [who are in a poszhon'" to know [ ............ s m our county after reading t Mr. Wayne Welty [ Mr and Mrs Franklin Hoeken Practice 'AduI't " ........ l ..... I mls, Wlll remize just wnat curesty t--~+.~..~.....~.:.__ ....... ._ ........ t ' - x , ute. ~o mink they will come rolma~oyasear~yas this time next]is and means. Somewhere andlll~:'~'~:~"~:~*~~~lsmith and two children, willleave 8:00 P.+M Prayer ServlC~ realize that while they may have I year the assessed valuation of I somehow ever,, da" livestock [ Mr Arthur Viands has been a [ Monday morning for Kansas City ;2 r ' J J ' " lost the battle, they have won [ p operty m Jefferson County [ do~,s cats an~ horses are bein- | patient in the Charles Town Hos [ where Mr Hoekensm~th has accep Read The S irit Aav | . .... , , ~, ~ - p - O~ the war. To be sure, there will[will be so substantmlly mcreased[mi~reat~d |vital for the ~ast tw~ w~kg!ted a position with TWA Mrs ...... - th .................. ........ " be no new schools blossoming[ at ~t will be possible for the! I was in Washington recentl~[underging a series of exminat- Hockensmith is the daughter of [ in Jefferson County this Spring. IBoard of Education to adopt a I at the re-uest f "- ^~...~, or::, |ions and tests ~ Mr. and Mrs, John J. Bragg. _ I But the signs for a later and I program of school construction, I. ~ .q o +me ....~ "Y'/ Mrs Pearl" Elwood and +J~' q'h~ +-h .... ~ ,~o,~,~,~....~.~ ~ ~ I ~1 ~1 .~ i c " /Iare ~oclew oI Jetterson ~ounTy . . .. ...................:,--,,~-o-,v ,.,,,oo bmghter Spr ng yet to come are[s heel improvement, and school, and talked with Mr Patrick]Gatha Riley of Bowie, Md., spent for the Eagle, Mfllville and Boll- unmistakably there for those who [ consolidation without having to 1 Parks who is a Service Director|a couple of days with Mr and var charge of Methodist Churches have eyes to see It is for that resort to a special election and' '[ for The Humane Society of U S |Mrs" George Gageby last week. met at 3 p. m. at Eagle, Sunday. . . ~ [ later Spring that we now need|withut having to resort to a A, in regard to cruelt" to an['|Mrs" Elwood spent Friday after-i Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Zombro I||~III.~]I to prepare. It would be foolish I bond issue. Hence, the election mals Cruelty to animals in the [ noon with and was a supper of Falls Church, Va. spent Satur- "[ ' " t I and, indeed, downright absurd[last Tuesday does not close the State Code Relative To Animals[guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas day and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs for those who voted "NO" last|door, much more slam it shut, i.~ ~ mi.~derno~n~r |Welty and family and Mrs. Ruth Harry Gageby and Carole Ann ' _ _ -, I Tuesday to think that the closing l on school improvement in the - I ~ould-l'ike'to'ex ress m-self ] Clegg. [ Miss Carolyn Delauder spent ~ ~ l ~ t~ I | of the polls marked a closing of / forseeable future A fair analy .... ~P ~ | Mt~S Cath,, ~ ..... + ,,~ un,,,,~,~ the weekena with h~P ~i~t~- o.d ~ IV m L t ~ ~ " ..... a +.--+ , j u....,+.+o- ..--- ..... ..+.+,+,,+ ....+ their nslb s s , s a represen~atlve tor our bOCl- respo fl~ty. On the con-[ ~ of last Tuesday s vote sug- _ ........... |ter Va sneW ~-,oo~-~ ,-~ brother-m-law Mr and Mrs Lar- trary, the closing of the polls [gests that a mapority of those 3a~v:: f:Wb:W~:kle~ ~Sr:r ~Y [Mr: and Mrs.'Thomas~Welty and ry Jones, in 'Frederick, Mcl. ~~ zast Tuesday marked the birth|interested enough to vote very mothers as ,,oun- as on~ do, old |family and Mrs. Ruth Clegg. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Freeman and ~~ of.a new respons!bility: a respons-]definitely want school improve- hauled t~ tl~e stockades~con~fined!and Mrs. Welty motored to Win- daughter of Norfolk, Va. visited ~__ . J.~ffli[ mmty to recogmze ma~ a ma~or ment ~ ' . -[ , and are even willing to in dam,~ hens with no beddin- tchester on Sunday to take Miss lwr. and Mrs. Harry Staubs and " - ~-- -'= - I ity of those who voted want some- ] pay more taxes, as they should, waitin~for an individual t- buv I Covert home. family Wednesday. - -- ..... ~ -[ done +aboutour present]to get them. At the same time, it or ~aiting to be hauled ~'o the| Mr. HowardAmbrose was a sup Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kidwiler -.+.--- +- - I nou"g]~ "t~at'~h~ey"'evena?avor a|'mere is some.remctance---or at slaughterhouses late in the even-[per,guest, and Mrs. Neale spent Sunday evening visiting :-- ~ - - I /mast a more man terry percent in~ or night Also calves are be-/~mrse and son, Larry, Tnurs- with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kidwiler measure of consohdatmn to a reluc nee t ah ~" ' da evenm .. ~ .. +.~ .... " '[ ? ta. -7 o go. ead at this ing hauled in trunks of cars with l Y " g. and family. ~ compnsn zT.. it ~s tooisn to say, as [ particmar ~ime. The cnances are all four legs tied or even hauled Mr and Mrs Neale Ambrose " . . , ~ . :4i ~~ I have heard some say since last that all that wiIl be,needed a b : " " " " .... I ' y someone to be sold for as of Charles Town wmted Mr. and~m~[[~ ~ A~,&.~&|A~ - + ...... I Tuesday, that the people of Jeff-]year from now to get what is little as $150 Mrs Thomas Welty and family W~'ll~ ~I I~LII111~ e~so~ ?#:inrtYcdOno'lts gT?o a ~t |Pmr;S:n~ly ~ted Will be a s,mple In regard to curelt-" to do-s it and Mrs. Ruth Clegg Wednesday _ s [ J y o vote of the School would be we w : ~ ni ht. interpret the vote in that manner Board, and not sixty percent of . tl .orth 35 cents.for ~r and M,, m~b,Pa u,~o, ~noIjNCed teet0w.. ,,,.. ,_ .... . o, commit a grievous error. There i the county-wide electorate ~nycne, wno ~s ~.meresteu. to ouy of~'Claarles To'wn v'isit'ed~Mr~'~,~ - - .-" :: ":"~';["-~:-'- ~=~"':--':-'-.+"-*.-:" . " me eDruary Llte magazine ann M s .. . _" "2"" ,,,, .a.,, read about the place in White r. ~eorge ~ageoy and mr. JUlIIIIIIII rtBHI DOlllll Ib Farm Credit is ready to tiu# " " W. Va. Dept. of Welfare is that all of this happened on a Hall, Md. that was raided bv Th~ Howard Ambrose Friday night. _,_,, ............. Martinsburg, W. Va. straight, fairly level stretch of Humane"Society of the U S-,~.~ Mr. Howard Ambrose and Mr. The fallowing schedule of act-.v,.y u,u ,,u.~y yu.u ,t~u, , ivi wnen you need it March 8, 1966 road with several feet of clear represented by Mr Frank'Me- Neale Ambrose visited Mr. B.C. ties for the Leetown and Sum- Mr. Max Brown ditch on each side, in broad day- Mahon Do~s were found i,, crates Mitchell Friday night and later mit Point Baptist Churches for . _. Sptrit of Jefferson light in a 25 MILE ZONE.! so small "~they coul'cIn't" move visited Mrs. Gertie Weaver in the week of March 13-19 were ~to, nt Charles Town, W. Va. . I know that.sometimes an an- around, one was found frozen to Dargan, Md. announced Tuesday by the Rev. s~r, rm~l~ Dear Mr. Btowh: mal wil dart rote the road and death som haft sta v o Mr and Mrs Charles M Viand Mfllard E. Williams, pastor: emfstt.oaas I want to take this opportunity a driver can't avoid it. But any- beautiful Collie too we'ak+'ioc'raw~ and "daughter" visited lVlr. and LEETOWN CHURCH A Farmer Owned, F~rmer to e~press the gratitude of the one in an area where homes are It is just unbelievable that any Mrs. Charles Nuneville Friday Sunday 9~45 A. M. Sunday .,. Department of Welfare for the close together, like this, shouldI one could be So cruel to any kind night in Fairfax, Virginia, Mr. School, Charles Whittington, Sup ],,~lrr~ splendid cooperation you pro- be prepared to stop quickly. I lof an animal. Beware of Dog Nap and Mrs. Nuneville's little dau- erintendent vided us during our recently com. have come to recognize a number[pers! It could happen to your ghter, Michelle, returned home 6:30 P.'M. W. M. U. Week of pleted foster home campaign, o~ cars mat go right through the [ pet! - with her grandparents, Mr. and Prayer, W. M. S., Y. W. A., G. A., Although the weather during center of Leetown village, with. I As a representative for the Mrs. Charles Viands for a few 7:30 P. M. Worship. ,6, S S O C I A T I O the month of February somewhat out slowing at all, at 40 or 50 or lAnimal Welfare Society of Jeff- days visit. Wednesday: 7:00 P. M. Choir hampered our efforts, your help 60 miles an hour. l erson County, I am asking that The W. S. C. S. met TuesdayPractice (Junior) in enabling us to get our needs To these who do speed through l you publish these provisions of night at7 p. m. in the Churchhall 7:30 P. M. Prayer Service, W. W, H~MOHD made known to your community these small communities, let me The State Code Relative To An[- Mr. and Mrs. David Gageby Showing of the film, "A Constant will undoubtedly reap many more say this. In our little settlement reals. ,, and daughter, Joyce, motored to T POINT CHURCH ASSISTANT MANAGEI1 applications for foster home care of eight houses there are 20 child- [ 6074. (19) CRUELTY TO ANI- Washington, D. C. Saturday, Shepherdstown, W. Va, during the coming months, ren of school age or younger., MAL~, PITTING ANIMALS AGA where they spent the day shop~Sunday: 10:00 Sunday School, Again, my sincere thanks for Next time you come through INST EACH OTHER IN FLIGHT; ing and visiting Mrs. Gageby s Lee Allen Drish, Superintendent. DIAL 876-7441 Or the part that you have played in here, remember" that it may not PENALTIES.. If any person sister, Mrs. Lena Lightner. 11:00 A. M. Worship , WINCHESTER 662-34 helping the community learn of be a dog you hit . it may be a shall cruelly, unnecessarily or Mr. and Mrs Harold Covert Tuesday: 7:00 P. M. R. A. s, G. this vital program for children. If there should be any possible way in which we could cooperate with you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us. Very truly yours, John A. Yankey Welfare Supervisor Child Welfare Kearneysville, W. Va. Route 1 March 6, 1966 MP. Max Brown, Editor Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate C]aarles Town, W. Va. Dear Mr. Brown: Have you ever seen a frolic- some, friendly young dog trans. formed in a moment into a fear- ful, pathetic creature that can- not move its own hind legs? That happened to our dog last week. A station wagon came through Lee. town, struck the dog, and drove right on, without even stopping to try to help. The poor animal dragged herself to the edge of the road, and lay there until our good neighbor phoned us to tell us what had happened. We will not know for about a month whether she will ever walk again, though she has shown sore improvement This is our fourth dog in six years. Two were killed on the road . one struck so hard his collar was ripped right off. Neither was chasing cars, nor was the injured dog. Perhaps we should confine our dogs all the time. we have kept them penned as much as possible, or in the house, but they do need a chance to run occasionally. It was unus- ual for this last dog to be in the road at all without being on a leash. What makes me most unhappy All you need to do is to complete this form, phce it in the envelope with your check or money Order and marl it. Keep abreast of Local News happenings, Sports, Pictures, Ads, Plus --The largest Classified Section in the area. Use The Convenient Order Form Below. $4,00 Per Year Plus 12eta. Tax in West Va. J $5.00 Per Year After April 1st.