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March 9, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 9, 1978

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2 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 1978 The Days February was the last full month of winter, and a severe one. Yet the perceptive observer can see in the longer days, and in the slowly changing angle of sunlight, the approach of spring. At the end of February, longer days and sunlight brought the first flowers. In more northerly states, the earth may still be covered with ice or snow, but the days are growing longer and one can see hints of change in nature's signs. Many experts now believe the earth, or that part containing North America, is gradually cooling. In the future, we may look forward more and more to the warmth of spring. Com m u n it'/Newspapers The problems of local government, the problems of *local schools, church activities, local sports events and social activities. The metropolitan newspapers are limited in their abilities to cover all community activities and that is where your local or home-town community newspaper takes over. People like to read, need to read, what's going on in their com- munity. This is an open market. And as long as we have this kind of open government -- where people make their own decisions, where there's debate, where there's an exchange of views and decision making and open elections, we're going to have need for and a demand for the local community press. Radio hasn't put it out of business; television hasn't put it out of business; the easy access to the metropolitan cities hasn't put it out of business. In fact, the community or home-town newspaper has thrived in the era when all of these things have developed. And, today it's growing faster than most anything else. Our County Correspondents Quite a number of our subscribers are amazed at the vast amount of Jefferson County news we carry each week. And the answer to this is easy because this newspaper, one of the very few weekly and many sectional daily newspapers in West Virginia, has, and has had for many years the largest number of county correspondents of them all. The Spirit of Jefferson- Advocate is the leader when it comes to publishing Jefferson County news items each week of the yea L and has been for many years. Our eighteen faithful correspondents are on the job seven days per week, covering every nook and corner of the county and they do turn in news which is of much interest to every citizen in the county as well as those who live in distant points, who are regular subscribers. These eighteen county correspondents, along with our regular news staff, places The Spirit-Advocate in the numbel" One bracket when it comes to providing good' local news coverage each week, as the numerous award winning W. Va. Better Newspaper Contest plaques on the walls of our office will attest. Executive Waste UPI recently did a survey on government travel and found many federal employees routinely traveling overseas first class. The federal bureaucracy's travel bill alone is n0w approaching three billion annually! The four-week survey also found that employees of international agencies, such as the World Bank, not only travel first class but regularly use the more expensive first class Concorde. World Bank officials have already taken 600 Concorde trips this year! I I I I I I II I News Of Other Years I I I I 10 -- YEARS AGO-- 10 Dr. Mildred Williams, prominent Charles Town physician and civic leader, is elected Chief-of-Staff and president of the Charles Town l Years wRh the F. H. Canopy [Assembly Aircraft Division in ] Hagerstown, Md. [ Charles F. Printz, Jr., is I named as the Valedictorian of [the 1967-69 senior class of General Hospital medical staff l Charles Town High, and Ralph at the annual election of officers, i Shirley M. Hunt, one of Salutatorian for the cam- Charles Town and Jefferson County's most outstanding civic, church and banking leaders, is named as a vice president of the Bank of Charles Town, by the bank's board of directors. The Charles Town High cheerleaders are, named as the best in the Class-AA, Section 3 tournament, for the third con- secutive year, with Stephanie Clopper, senior on the Panther squad, as the best single cheerleader of the tournament. Howard L. Sechrist, retired postal employee, resigns from the council office, which he held in Charles Town for 10 years, DEATHS: Randolph Highley Redrick, Sr., 85, of Charles Town, dies in the Charles Town Hospital, after an illness of about 3 months; Mrs. M. B. Robbins dies in Winston Salem, N. C.; Mr. Earl Caniford, 58, of Bolivar, dies unexpectedly at his home; Mr. Ira P. Richardson 45, of Prosperity, W. Va., and a former State Police Sergeant, who served 20 years in various State Police detachments in this and other parts of West Virginia; Mr. George Mason Mercer, of Charles Town, dies in the Charles Town hospital, following an illness of 10 days;. Clarence William Barton, 87, of Charles Town, often referred to as "Dean of Barbers", dies in the Williamsport, Md., Sanitarium. Wilbert L. Smith, of the Johnsontown section of Jef- ferson retires after 17 E. Rickel, Jr., is named as the mencement exercises. The Harpers Ferry Tigers upset the Musselman High eagers by a 552 score in the finals of the Section 4, Class-A play, staged on the Shepherd College hardwoods. Following the championship game in which the Charles Town Panthers upset the Moorefield High, Yellow Jackets, three members of the Panther squad were named to the All- Tournament team; they are -- Larry Carr, Paul Johnson and Bob Appell. Harpers Ferry High School's ace scorers and rebounders Lee Ballenger and Bill Craven, and Shepherdstown High's ace scorer Raughn Russell, are named to the first and second All-Star teams selected by the coaches of the Bi-State Con- terence spring meeting held at the Shady Rest Restaurant. 20 -- YEARS AGO -- 20 A $75,000 fire damages the Burch Box Factory near Mid- dleway. Three of Jefferson County's oldest farmers -- William E. Gageby, Warren H. Rissler and James E. Tabb, all 84 years old,, are recognized at the annual banquet of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau. John Doyle, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doyle, of Charles Town, is the winner of the District American Legion Oratorical contest. DEATHS: Mrs. Walter W. Pnston, 75, of Summit Point, dies Official Publication of Jefferson County -- Established 1844 -- EDITORIAI.S / OPINIONS MAX BROWN- Editor DON RENTCH - News Editor WEST wild, wonderftd VIRGINIA Dr. Jamt'! Moler k The legislature gets into some interesting controversies. Motorcycle riders are required to use a helmet at least until the House of Delegates voided the law except for persons eighteen or younger. At this writing the Senate had not acted At the same time, one of the greatest of all challenges to legislators is the demand for more and more safety legislation affecting mining. Now the fact: more persons lost their lives from motorcycle accidents last year than lost lives in mines. In repeated actions we spend millions to make mining safe and by the same stroke of the pen make motorcycling less safe. The one common report in most of the West Virginia dailies during the past two months has been the hardships on low- income families affected by the mcreasing utility bills. The most common reports reflect the cost of natural gas. From $200 per month to twice that, in many eases takes over half the family income. Most of the major utilities in West Virginia have put in for rate increases. It is generally conceded that the price of coal will increase following the strike and we will have this added to our electric bills. Whatever the results of the coal strike the consumer will "pay the bill". It is easy to see why Governor Rockefeller has asked for minor relief for low- consists of 200 men and 11 boats. Its air force has about 300 men and 33 planes, mostly cargo planes and helicoptors. The U.S. has a population of 192,120,000 and a land area of 3,698,787 square miles army , consists of over two million men. There are over 500 ships in its mcome elderly. The electric navy. It has 315 interceptor companies claim they have no aircraft, 1054 intercontinental facilities to administer such a ballistic milliles, 656 submarine program because they have no launched missiles, a navy, way of determining "low in- come" users. If the state has to submarines and other means of self defense. add staff to administer such a The army of the U.S. is larger program, it would cost less to than the total population of "add a few food or utility Panama. There are more ships stamps", in the U.S. navy than there are Most of Governor Rockefeller's tax package will clear the legislature and this 1978 session will become known as the first, for a long time, to have raised taxes. The proposed amendment to permit a state lottery has gone farther this year than ever before. This may be an indication of "hunger for more taxes". This column has reported before that West Virginia does not have enough population to support a state men in the Panamanian navy. So what did the American president do when the Panamanian dictator wanted the Canal -- the most expensive territorial acquisition of the U.S.? The president, a James Earl Carter, buckled under with terror and signed a treaty GIVING the Canal and the surrounding zone to Panama. That treaty included provisions to pay Panama $70 to $80 million lottery. There wouldn't be a year for 22 years, or a total of anything left after ad- around $2.5 billion, to take the ministrative expenses. If the Canal. amendment would legalize gambling, both the northern and Oh, yes, the Muldive Islands. !eastern panhandles would soon What did their president do in face of the overwhelming become slot machine centers. As superiority the Soviets the bill stands, it would also legalize bingo to commercial presented when they wanted to operators thus taking the fun RENT Gan Island? He said NO. No, you cannot games and money-raisers away from local charity. The great push for gambling comes from the northern Ohio area the home-base for much of West Virginia's illegal "games" now. One of these days we West Virginians are going torun out of nuisance taxes and the bite will really hurt.' rent Gan Island, even for a million dollars a year. There is one country that can be called the home of the brave. Mrs. Priscilla Harrison Summit Point, W. Va. NEW GYMNASIUM February 28, 1978 Dr. Ben L. Morton, TALE OF TWO COUNTRIES Dear Sir: This is a tale of two countries. Each has a piece of property coveted by another country. The first is the Muldive Islands -- a group of microscopic islands in the In- dian Ocean with a total land area of 115 square miles and a population of 130,000. in the local hospital; Mrs. Julia Shewbridge Morgan, 69, a native of Jefferson County, dies at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Poisal, in Pikeside, Md.; Mrs. Rosa E. Russell, 79, of Duffields, dies at her home; John Thomas Campbell, Jr., dies at his home in Bluemont, Va.; Donald Hunter Brown, 34 dies at his home in Charles Town. 30 -- YEARS AGO -- 50 Announcement is made by the Standard Lime and Stone Company, of the appointment of Oscar L. Wilt as Superintendent of the Millville plant. DEATHS: Mrs. Lorenzo Lewis dies at her home in Berryville, Va.; Amos F. Sager, World War II veteran, is killed in an ac- cident at the Shepherdstown bridge; Perry W. Snyder, for- merly of Jefferson County, dies at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore Md. 50 -- YEARS AGO -- 50 MARRIED: Miss Elsie K. Davis, of Ranson, and Nelson A. Coleman, of Charles Town; Miss Ethel B. Pine and Robert L. 'datson; Miss Florence Lillian Kidwiler and Martin R. Griffith, both of Jefferson County. DEATHS: Miss Janet Smith dies at her home near Zoar Miss America V. Mock dies in Ranson; Mrs. A. J. Payne dies at the home of her sister near Leetown; James W. Gamey, a Charles Town councilman for many years. Chancellor W. Va. B: [ Regents 950 E. Kanawha Blvd. Charleston, W. Va. Dear Mr. Morton: As a concerned citizen of One of the islands is Gan Jefferson County, the fastest Island on which the British built, and later abandoned, an air field with an 8,710 foot runway, radio equipment and other electronic installations. The Soviets offered to rent Gan Island for $I million a year. There "is no record of a Muldive navy, army or air force. Perhaps there is a local police force, probably there are canoes to go from island to island. The Soviets have an army of five million men, an air force of 2,600 intercepter air craft, 825 mium and heavy bombers, 314 cruise m!lliles, an unspecified number of intercontinental nuclear rockets with war heads many megatons larger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Also a navy and submarines. With an army that is more 38 times as large as the total )opulation of the Muldive Islands, surely the Soviets are a formidable opponent. What was the president, Ibrhim Masir, to say to such strength? What could he say ? The other country is the United States. In 1903 it pur- chased land from the newly formed Republic of Panama -- land that was a pest hole of malaria, yellow fever, bubonic plague and smallpox. The U.S. cleaned it up, made it a model of sanitation, and built on it a canal which, with the military isn- tallations, is now worth $10 billion. A Communist who bad ousted the legally elected president and seized control of the Panamanian government, demanded that the U.S. give him the Canal and the surrounding land. Panama has a land area of 10,208 square miles and a population of 1,630,000. Its army is chiefly a national guard of between 8,000 and 9,000 men -- a fourth combat trained. Its navy SPIRIT Qf JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED 1844 MAX BROWN DON RENTCH EDITOR.PffBLISHER NEWS EDITOR Published Every Week At The Offices Of The JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO., INC. 210 North George Street CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 25414 Subscription Price: $7.50 Per Year Second Class Postage At U. S. Post Office CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 25414 :Changes of Address, Undeliverable Copies, Orders for 'Subscriptions and Other Mail Items Are To Be Sent To: P. O. BOX 231 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 25414 growing county in this state, I request that firm action be taken to provide this area with a new comprehensive gymnasium as a part of Shepherd College. The present gymnasium located on campus is at least 26 years old and was built to accomodate a student body less than one third f the present, and with no Journal terms it silly in an editorial of February 16, 1978. I realize Mr. Humphrey was really never connected with West Virginia in any personal way, however, Route 9 is a second class highway. If Route 9 is named after Mr. Humphrey it might become a first class high- way and help to solve some of outside participation, the problems of the past. Route 9 The present facility emphasis is a dangerous highway and basketball to the exclusion of other sports and this just isn't fair to everyone. If we had a complex large enough to ac- comodate the bread interests of this section of West Virginia; all the various games and exercise programs, dancing, and perhaps classes in fencing or ballot, it might reduce the incidence of drug use and criminal activity. In fact, I would also suggest introducing programs of in- struction about the effects of drugs on the mind and body. In many homes both parents work, leaving their offspring too much freedom and idle time, too much at the mercy of the community. These youngsters soon seek outside interests. We need a building such as the one above described to provide in- volvement in the right direction. We need physical training for -our young to offset the {act that they no longer have hard manual labor at home. Plysical training begun at a young age could help prevent our rate of increase in heart attacks, mental illness, arthritis, and other diseases. 'Our senior citizens would likely not become so soon in- capacitated and vulnerable. My personal interest lies in the fact that I have two little grand- sons, ages six and three, who represent my future in this world. They will soon become teenagers, and there just aren't enough interests for them here. Consequently, they could become involved in drugs or just lose interest in life. I want a better future for my grandsons! Sincerely, Dorothy Barger-Fuller bringing it to the attention of the public might be good since it may get some improvements, which it so sadly needs. As far as naming it after Mr. Humphrey, I'm sure most West Virginians would be proud to have Route 9 named after such a great leader and statesman. To quote Vice President Mondale's eulogy of him: "He taught us how to hope, And how to love, How to win and how to lose, He taught us how to live, And finally, He taught us how to die". Sincerely, NancyAmbrose c.c. Sen. Robert F. Byrd c.c. Rep. Bianca James c.c. Gay. Jay Rockefeller c.c. Sen. Late P. Ward HUMPHREY HIGHWAY Charles Town, W. Va. March 5, 1978 Mr. Max Brown, Editor Spirit o[ Jefferson t - Dear Max: In regard to the issue to day of naming Route 9 after Hubert Humphrey, I feel it might be the wise thing to do in spite of the fact that The Martinsburg Parents Mint In The next monthly the Shenandoah of Twins Club Tuesday, March 7, l thwestern WorkshOp Cameron St., From 7:30 p.m. to 8: Spring Clothing conducted. At chester Rescue present a and First Aid for Months". Any parent, grandparent of children interested in. club may call 263-8438 or write to 231-R, Martinsburg. *.8$ This is the to buy the garden you plso year. BILLIE'S REST RANSON, W.Va. Will Celebrate It's 1 Ith Anniversary Tuesday March 14tb With A Special Appreciation Dinner As a Gesture To THANK Our Regular Customers Bring The Family And Enjoy Our All.Day Special of Breaded Veal With Mashed Potatoes, Hot Rolls & Butter All 99 Without You We Would Not Be In We accept Carry Out Orders../ Phone: 725.9927 BILLIE'S Third Avenue & IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY MAY !!i!!ii!!i!! ! i 'i il ili! }? STAFFORD KO0 FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER Harpers Ferry Dist Pd. Pol. Ad.. Pd. By Candidate