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March 9, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 9, 1961

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OBSERVE IT BY ATTENDING THE CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE! . #k ...... ~ ." * I iI I i"- ! II 11 .l || ! al Bible Material: John 14 through 16. Devotional Reading: John 16:7-15. Home of the Spirit LeBson for March 12, 1961 llVOU know him," said Jesus to hi8 friends, speaking of the Holy Spirit. Could he say as much to the average Christian today? On the contrary, the ordinary Christian nowadays finds the Holy Spirit a hard problem. His notions about the Spirit are very hazy His immediate reaction to Jesus' words, "You know him," would be a denial and a question: "No, I don't know him. How can I know him ?" One reason why we are confused Dr. Foreman and uncertain about the Holy Spirit may be that we start think- ins at the wrong point. We won- der what "Spirit" means, and what "Holy" means. ~Since they are two X's in our minds, of course the Holy Spirit means notl:- ~ lug definite either. A better place to start is not with some definition. ~but to look at what Jesus had to say about this. We must remem- ber that this "You know him" was ~:spoken before Pentecost. There had been no "descent of the Spirit" on the first Christians. "In My Nama" As a matter of history, m~ persons have claimed to pos:~e~ or to be possessed by, the I-~c Spirit; but not all these perz~ have been acknowledged by t Church. In I John 4:1 (an eptsl written by the author of the 4~ Gospel) Christians are told not l believe every spirit but to t~ them to see whether they are t~-'~ "of God." The test spoken of : the Epistle is suggested already the Gospel: Is the alleged "Sp~: in harmony with Christ ? Does L Spirit "confess" Jesus, is t1 Spirit "in the name" of Jesu~ There have been in American hi= tory several self-styled prophet or Bearers of the Spirit, but the church has not accepted them Just on their own say-so; indeed, (though it's a feeble false prophet that can't get somebody to believe him!) the church has rejected nearly all these prophets so-called, largely because their lives were not Christlike and many of their teachings contradicted or distorted the teachings of Christ. "Spirit of Truth" Another, sign by which we can know the Holy Spirit is the simple sign of truth. God does not sponsor lies. "I am so full of the Spirit that I can't sin any more," a man told the writer of these lines some years ago. Well, that man, still claiming to be full of the Spirit, first coveted and then ran away with another man's wife. He had convinced her, poor soul, that since he was filled with the Holy Spirit anything he wanted to do would be free from sin. A Christian with better sense would have a right to suspect a man who claimed that it is right to break the Ten Com- mandments and to do what God has condemned as sin. So when people who Claim to be "spiritual" make Bible interpretations that twist and destroy what the Bible actu- ally teaches; when they make prophecies that do not come true; when they claim to have the cen- tral place in God's kingdom which rightly belongs only to Christ, then we have every reason to know that whatever they may be filled with, nonsense, madness or wickedness, they ar~ not filled with the Spirit of Truth. Oonditions The Christian church very early in its existence conclude< that the Holy Spirit is nothing lea than God. In other words, the dec trine of the Trinity meets us here already in these simple yet pro- found sentences from Jesus' last mzpper with his friends. If it seems too hard to understand, remember three simple truths. One: If you could understand all about the Trinity, you would know all about God--and only God can do that. Two: You will never be any neare) God than you are to the Hol: Spirit, no nearer than you are t~ Christ. Three: If Father, Son ami Holy Spirit are to "make their home" with you, there are two conditions. First is love and the s~ {~Imtest, of ~the ~rst) i~ O~Ce.~L~0d IS Lord of ~ll men but he comes to make his horn only where the door of loviv obedience is open to him. (Based on outlines copyrighted ~, the Division of Christian Educattol National Council of the Churches o Christ in the U. S. A. Released by Community PreSs Service.) GO TO CIIURCH SUNDAY e l ents Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. I Mrs. James Dailey recently 'spent the day with her daughter By Mrs. Julia Whipp Viands Mrs. Lester Ott and family. Glad Mr. and Mrs. Milton Popkins of Kabletown were Sunday after- noon callers with their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Obie Johnston and daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Small- wood of Martinsburg were last week callers with their brother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. George Jones. Glad to hear Mr. Smal~v~ood is .able to be out after being a patient in the hospital in that town. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stocks and Mrs. Catherine Holler of Brunswick, Md. were Tuesday night callers with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye. Mrs. Nelson Bush was a caller one day last week with her mo- ther Mrs. Willingham and daugh- ter Bernice in Kearneysville. Mrs. Maude Smallwood and son Mr. Marvin Smallwood and twin daughters Linda and Zella were Friday night callers with the for- mers grandson Mr. and Mrs. Fran cis Sinallwood and family in Ran- so~. Mrs. Julia Viands and grandson Richard spent Friday afternoon with her friend Mrs. Floyd Faw~ ver in Martinsburg who recently returned from the City Hospital. Mrs. Fawver has been in and out of the hospital since the first of January. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stocks and Mrs. Catherine Holler of Brunswick, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Sub lette Chamblin and Mrs. Eliza- 'beth Henry and son Garry of Ran son were Sunday viistors with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye and soil Syl vester. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles and daughter Sherri of Loudoun Hei- ghts, Va. were Sunday callers with the latters parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viands Jr. and fam- ily. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Plotner and two ~randsons David and Irvin of Hedgesville is spending today (Monday) with her mother Mrs. Maude Smallwood. Mr. William Frye of Brunswick Md. was a caller on Monday with his mother Mrs. Robert Frye. Sorry to hear Williams wiles ather Mr, B~adloy ~nwood is a~ )atient in the hospital and Mrs, ~'rye has ben spending some time with her mother and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shirley and family of Middleway spent the day Sunday with the latters par- NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE Of Valuable Ringers Gben Suprise BreedenA buffetf Winchester.dinner was served Real Estate! with a three tier cake with white By virtue of the authority ves. On S0th Wedding Day icing and pink trimming inscrib- ted in me by a Deed of Trust ed with Happy Anniversary for bearing date the 26th day of June the center piece, Mrs. Ringer was 1959, executed by Herbert A, By Their hldren presented with a purple orchid Sumney and Ara L. Sumney, his and received other gifts. One wife, and George P. Hammerly Mr. and Mrs. Mike. Ringer of other daughter Mrs. Clark Cooper and Esther R. Hammerly, his Berryville, Va, were given a pleas of Woodstock was unable to at- wife, to the undersigned, Ken- ant surprise at their home on tend due to illness of Mr. Cooper. neth W. Metz, Trustee, to secure Feb. 12 when they were honored They have two children. Mr. and the payment of that certain note by their children on their 50th Mrs. Ringer have twenty-one therein described, recorded in the office "of the Clerk of the wedding anniversary, grand children and three great County Court of Jefferson Coun- The following children were grandchildren. present: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rin- ty, and State of West Virginia, in ger, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Unger, .k .. a .. ~ s. Deed Book 233, at page 317, the Mr ,and Mrs, Carroll Sealock from [VO||V mu, s0n 4-n said note now being due and pay Charles Town, Mr. and Mrs. John '~.." ... ..... able, and default having been Unger of Berryville, Mr. and Mrs. ~,|UD [:n|0y5 ~K|~', made in the payment thereof, the Curtis Breeden, Mr. and Mrs. ,~ , ,, - undersigned, having been requir Johnnie Finchman of Winchester vem01l$|rsTI0 ed so to do by the holders of said with the following grandchildren note, will offer for sale at public Leonard, Esther, Roger, Diane, The Dolly Madison 4-H Club auction to-the highest bidder at Frances, Larry and Lloyd Unger, met at the Presbyterian Church the front door of the Court House Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Williams Jr. at 7:00 on February 28. The meet in Jefferson County, West Vir- and Doris Unger of Charles Town ing was called to order by the ginia, at Charles Town, West Vir- Mr, a~id Mrs. Arthur Breeden, President Carolyn Urquhart. Mar- ginia, on the 18th day of March, children Stephanie and Terry, garet Saville had the roll call and 1961, at ten o'clock (10:00) A. M. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Breeden, minutes. After the business meet the following described proper- Floyd Jr., Judy and John Ringer ing came the devotions. Those ty: of Berryville, Millie Diane Harry participating in the devotions A 4/5 undivided interest in all and Billy Finchum and Colin were Janet Payne, Ronnie Widmy of the following' described real er and Carolyn Urquhart. The estate, with the improvements health committee entitled "Lunch thereon and the appurtenance,~ eon Don't Munch?' Margie Byrer thereunto belonging, situate in David Magaha, Mildred Brown Jefferson County, West Virginia and Doris Unger were in the skit. and more particularly described Demoflstrations were given by as follows; to-wit: Becky Dailey and Patty Moler. The meeting was concluded with refreshments served by David and Marsh Pine and Patty Moler. The 4-H Club Week will be March 6-11. During this week the The following three tracts of real estate located near Shepherd stown and comprising what is known as Sarnia, and lands adja- cent thereto: TRACT NUMBER 1.--That cer tain tract or parcel of land sit- uate just east of Shepherdstown and bounded on the east by the land of Mrs. J. S.' Pierce, and on the west by the present fence line that now stands between said par- cel and the land of John N. Stipp and bounded on the North by the Potomac River,, and containing about five (5) acres, together Dolly Madison 4-H Club will dis. play an exhibit in the old Pen- ney's building. We wish you would observe this at this time. Joel A. McCauley Now Serving on Landing Ship Out of San Diego, Calif. San Diego, (FH~C)--Joel A. with the right and privilege of McCauley, electrician s mate third free and unrestricted use of the class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. open (abandoned) public road Willard S. McCauley of Sixth Ave leading ~from Shepherdstown to nue, Ransom W. Va. serving~ a- said lan'd, for ingress and egress LOCAL TRAD~[ARK$, I~.~ Be sure your tank doesn't get empty. Phone 118 and one of our metered trucks will deliver quality fuel oil promptl board the dock landing ship USS Colonial, operating out .of San Diego, Calif., took part in cere- monies, Feb. 20, marking the 19th Anniversary of the Pacific Fleet Amphibious Force. Established by tile late Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, the force is comprised of ships, landing craft and specializ- ed units with the mission of land troops ill assault~ on hostile shores. thereto and from the land and right of way. TRACT NUMBER P,--Begin- ning on the South side of old a- bandoned county road and corner to James Staley and Southwest corner of R. F. Baby's five acre tract; thence running Westward- ly with the Southside of said road to a point on the Southside of the abandoned road 2a8 feet to the. 0mt formed by iatarseo to hear little Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ott seems to' be improv ing in the Charles Town General Hospital where he has been a pa- tient for nearly five weeks. In Winchester Hospital Mrs. George Marlow of Federal Hill was a patient last week in the Winchester Memorial Hospit- al where she went for x-rays and observations. By Miss Margaret Houser Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eaton and family of Silver Spring, Md. were Sunday guests of his mother Mrs. Albert Eaton and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webb and son of Alexandria, Vs. were Sun- day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Loudan and son. Mr. Clyde Daugherty and Mrs. Edna Daugherty of Hagerstown were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Daugherty. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Loudan of Harpers Ferry were Sunday even- ing guests of Mrs. Annie Loudan and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harding and son. Mrs. Edna Daugherty of Hagers town, Md. visited Miss Margaret Houser on Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Robinson and sons of Harpers Ferry were Sunday evening guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill and daughter of Winchester, Va. were Sunday evening guesst of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hill. Mrs. F. A. Hill who had been visiting her son and daughter-in-law made the re- turn, trip home. Mr. Ira Moler of Alexandria, Va. was Friday guest of Mr. Clar- ence and James Moler and Mr. and Mrs. William Rowland and daughters and attended the fun- eral of Mr. Rowland's father. Mrs. Charles Knott and son and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. B. Houser mo tored to Martinsburg, W. Va. on Saturday and attended the wed- ding of Miss Cynthia Knott and Bernard Cloud which was on Sat urday evening March 4th in the .~ethodist Church ~by mend Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Higdonof Knoxville, Md. were Saturday ev- ening supper guests of Mr. arid Mrs. Richard Houser and daugh- ter. tion of the South edge of said road and the dividing line be- tween James Staley and John A. Stipp; thence running in a str~. ght line North ,and nearly paral- el with the Western line of said Baby to a point on top of the Cliff 228 feet from the Westeri~ boundary of said Baby s five acre tract; thence at right angle, with the !ast line, 2~-]~eet to said Baby s line to the point of begin ning. And with Special warranty all right, title and interest what- soever in and to the Cliff and the land between the above described land and the waters of the Poto- mac River, that is to say, in all the adjoining land bounded on the ~outh by the top of the Cliff and on the North by the Potomac River, on the East by the Wester- ly line of Baby, and on the West by the second above described line (running from the James Staley co~nel~ to a po~t on top of Cliff, 225 feet West of Baby) ex- tended to the river. And again, with Special warranty, also the free and perpetual use of said open Road, now abandoned, as a public road, so far as said road extends over the other land of said Stipp. TRACT NUMBER 3---That cer- tain parcel of land lying in Jef- ferson County, West Virginia, East of Shepherdstown, known as the River Cliff, that is bounded on the South by the five acre tract of land granted to said Ray. mo~d F. Baby by John W. Stipp, et ux., on the 23rd day of October 1915; on the East by line made by extending the line running be, tween said Baby's five acre tract and the J. S. Pierce tract to the Potomac River; on the North by the Potomac River and on the east by a line made by extending :he line between said Baby's five acre tract and John W. Stipp to the river. TERMS OF SALE One-third (~) cash on day of sale, balance in two (2) equal in- stallments, evidenced by the notes of the purchaser, bearing, even date with day of sale, p~able on or before one (1) and ,two (2) years after date, respectively, bearing interest .from date at SiX per cent (6%) per annum, paP- able semi-annually, secured by a Deed of Trust upon the propel, ty sold, and-assignment of fire ih- surance in reasonable amounts~ upon the buildings thereon, if' tny, with the privilege of the pur chaser of paying 'all cash on day of sale or increasing the cash pay ment as he may desire. Kenneth W. Meiz Trtmtoe Feb.. 164T. , SPIRIT OF JI .FFERSON FARMERS Mr. and Mrs. Richard Houser baby of Kabletown spent Sunday 4__B THURSDAY, MARCH and daughter spent Sunday after- with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gifft and noon with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth family. --- .......... Hoffman and sons in Martins- Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Butler Hill spent Sunday with Mr. and BAKE SALE MARCH II burg. I ha've treated themselves to a love Mrs. Marvin Breeden and family. [ly new Chevrolet car. Hendy Wel- I Mrs. L. B. Dietrich of Blacks- i Thespian Troop 993 les Town Senior High ]ty has got himself a new Chevrol jburg, Va. is visiting Mrs. Mary sponsor a bake sale [ et Station Wagon. I Engle this week. March 11 at the Western Mr. Neale Ambrose is a pa-I Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Gageby and sociate display windOWL By Mrs. Lena Ambrose tint in The Newton D. Baker Vet- daughters Donna and Nancy until 12:00. erans Hospital for x-rays and spent Sunday in Baltimore. They[ --- Mr. and Mrs. Leonard clegg of treatments and observation. He [visited Howard Gageby, a patient Baltimore spent Sunday with has had stomach troubie for some [in Fort Howard Veterans Hospit- Cary Grant plans Mrs. Ruth Clegg and Mr. and Mrs. time. , ]al. He is improving some now. He movies. T. W. Welty and sons. j Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Penwell [is a medical patient and formerly New Soviet pact is Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Manuel and and two sons of near Chestnut of here. Cuba. Only wise men and hungry children fully appreciate their blessings! Many of God's gifts, like the air we breathe, are received without " .bought. Others, like the abundance of the harvest, we think about only in season. Still others, like our religious heritage, get varying degrees of attention and response according to our spiritual perception.., or the precariousness of our plight. This isn't Christmas... or Easter. And we hope it is not a time of personal crisis for you and, your family... If it's just a normal week, full of the routine of life--then it's an ideal time to remember your blessings. And Sunday will be an ideal day to begin, renew or strengthen that wholesome habit of worshipping God in the church of your .choir. THE CHURCH FOR ALL . .. ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the grdatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. They are: fl) For his own sake, (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan to go to church regularly ~md read your Bible daily. Day Book Chapter Verses Sunday Proverbs 20 7 Monday Psalms 78 7-8 Tuesday Psalms 88 12 Wednesday Romans 14 1-$ Thursday Ecclesiastes 11 %8 Friday Malachi 3 10-12 Saturday Psalms 25 1-5 Oopyrlght 1961, Kelster Adv. ~rvtee, $~tas~r~ 6 . THIS ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINESS FIRMS BELOW IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF THE COMMUNITY: , J L , H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE Phone 241 Charles Town, W. VL JEFFERSON HARDWARE -CO., INC. sHEaw - s PA rrs Phone 46 Clm~iee ToWn, W. VL J. I MORY KABLE F:Sso m$ gmu oR PhoM 578-W Charles ToWn, W. Va, J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PHIl,CO DEAI~R Charles To~n, W. Vs. Phone 408 SMITH & STRIDER FUNlm HOME Town, - - W. Va. CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. V~ WHITMORE LUMBER CO., INC. RUII~ING SUPP/JF~ Phone 6|0 0harles ToW~, W. Vs. COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CITIES SERVICE Charles Town, W. Vs. MarUnsburg, W. Va~ - Leesburg, Vs. VALLEY BOARD CORP. HALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA , ~ i i ii . POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORKS RANSON, WE~T VIRGINIA RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. RANSON, W. VA. PHONE 300 W. & R. SALES, INC. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. BOX 591' PHONE 11B MAGAHA APPLIANCE CENTER Industrial - Commercial Wiring Victor Refrigeration Equipment N. George Street Phone 424 RANSON MACHINE WORKS PHONE 481 RANSON, W. VA. J THE MELVIN T. STRIDER CO. COLONIAL FUNERAL HOM~ Charles Town 162 - $5 SUDLEY FUNERAL HOME~ Shepherdstown 2683 PITTS CHARLES WASHINGT01 THEATRE---Ranson "ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW" LEGGETT'S DEPT. *'THE HOME OF BETTER Charles Town. W. Va. VICKERS & ASHCRAFT GULF DEALERS 321 West Washington Street Phone 5006 Charles Town, W. V~ i ~_..-~ H. S. CLOPPER, JR... Insuranee~ Real Estate and~_.~ 1.20 E. Washington St. Phone ~:" Charles Town, - - W. V~ J SHENANDOA AIR CONDITIONING HEATING---COOLING Plumbing - Sheet Metal - Charles Town, W. Va~ Phone