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March 9, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 9, 1961

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.manufactures from that scrap the SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON r zas p m..m ~ ]same products we do and sends aA q~TT~,~r, AV MAD~ " | | I them back Into this country for . . "----= sale at prices much lower than ........ ....... WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER ~ P~ ] anything we can offer! lOCal retauer WhO uoes not make, ann completea basic 1 --- TO THE --- It's easy for the individual to the same assumption never Fort Jackson, S. C. CHARLES TOWN. W VA. ~ ~ W ~ criticize (he big corporate image makes contact with many poten-] Sims attended ~ ~~ INTELLIGENT DISSENT others have a right to hear it. ForI~' h Y ~ k that seems to have been built u"~v tial ..... customers. Whether the ad- High School His mc I |] I| || | I b'" man"~ of our cit.' news"a"ers vertlslng budget Is large or small, I Ada L Sims, hves at 1( BEST MEDIUM OF ADVERTISING : The late George M. Beltzhoover I there are many who will believe , r w ,= ~ ~ j ~ v v ........ =~ . _ FOR REACHING THE BUYING POWER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY AND ALL Ijr in his latter "ears .... f"e ~ - land the countrv's nress in uener- newspaper auveruslng gets me[Ave., martlnsDurg. A s " ~ ' ~"~ ~ ~ " most anything they read--even if ~ [ I al But it might be well to re- best results and the record of ex- ] ---" SURROUNDING AREAS FOR MORE THAN 116 YE R , e ......... I - - I qu nt Caller at my Oi~lce, ano ne I it is written in thi~ c.h,m- a.a " "~ " ~O'R~---HAN-'---- ~ ---- t hardly ever called without solic-I .... ~ ~-" ........... ~:,n~ino~nn Mn ]member that we're not all giants; p.erlence proves it beyond ques-I GO TO CHURCH SUN NffiAU = w = . iting my opinion on a given legal ]mese ar~. me people Who.are so "::'"-;''~:~' --7"~ I many of us are simply individuals tmn . ..... I -- 20,OOO PERSONS -- subject. He would generally be-Iurgenuy in neea ot wnat me ais- c..,.,, ~, . . 222 Y,2arc" ", I who have invested money that l The JacKson .(MlSS.) [ -- --- gin by stating the problem Then, I seiners nave m say. ov .... ~" ~="~'~''='"~=~ [ has been legitimately earned, and i t~larlon.~,euger I PUBLISHEO EVERV THURSDAY before giving me an opportunity I Unfortunately for all of us, the Dear Sir: [ on which we have a right to ex-= ~.= / ~= I BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC to speak, he would express his l art of intelligent debate has suf- Just received your card notify-Ipect a fair return. Extreme taxat : rl0vo ~. ~}lm$ ~a$ In I ~"~/~k~ SECOND CLASS PoP,rAGE PAiD AT CHARLEB TOWN. W VA. own opinion on the matter at lfered some crushing blows in re- ing me that its time again to re-lion has already placed many of =" I hlfw211~ : -- -- I hand,, following which he would I cent years under the hammer of new my subscription to the Spirit I us in a position where we can't ~v~F~|e,~ |~nn D~ee A~ I . ~PIRIT ESTABLISHED 1844-- ADVOCATE ESTABLISHED 18SSsay Now What do you think? ]what many refer to as the Madi- of Jefferson-Farmers Advocate]accomplish the two things absol hA~;l~,l}~; LylI~ /U}3 HI I ~k~[~'.Ak~]] ', COMBINED MARCH I. 1S48 And you don t have to agree With Isn Avenue technique This is the by March 15th You are so right I utely essential to our existence-- , _ I ~~ ----lme just to be pleasant!" It was ]technique of selling an idea by that I don't want to miss one I to make a profit, and to be able Philinntn Air Rac I -'--- MAX BROWN. EDITOR tan invitation to honest dissent, ]the use of a cliche or a slogan, copy Each week I wait for the]to plow back a fair portion of ..... ~.r,... r~. ,~,~ I u ~ forces, umnawa (Art Dour me Dills penolng Detore the ~ o ............ .... ~v ...... . the flexlblhty and alrhft capabll- OFFmE NORTH GEORge S'rRE~ TELEPHONE 2=Z couple c l 1/years, more and~T~more major re - and it cleared the air for us to land while this may be a perfect- mail man eagerly to read the]that profit into the research, re- . .......... I a ~ ~ t = a ~ ~ I _ _ I disagree, as the saying goes, with ] ly good device for selling every- news therein Thank you very I building, and development need m..~:. ~; ...... " I A ~ ~ L | A ~ ~ | .... ~U~) --~rmy~peclallS~ l~our NATIONAl. ADV=RTI$ING R=PRETENTATIVES ! ....... 'thin- from toilet -a-er to auto much for reminding me. Enclos-led to keep us effective. This ap. .~ ......... ] . ouc being alsagreeaole g p p - WZEKLV NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES, ,NC ...... 7 " -] .......... ed please find check for $3.501plies not only to West Virginiain ~i~YUo~ ~r~e ~nI~ea~te, v~l~en.I ~|~ ~ ~I 404 FlrfH AVKNUK NEW YORK |S N Y I it seems zo me mar mucn of ImOolleS, It nas no place In me ATLANTA -" CHICAGO "=' DETROIT "' LOB ANGELES the reason for much of the mud-Imarketplace of ideas Thirty with best wishes I dustry, but to industry all over ....... , .... ~.~ .7'1 "~"'-~ utm ~,-== w va recenuy paruclpa~eu wire Idled thinking today is attributab- l Years ago new ideas were condem Sincerely yours, I the country. The economy of Jef- A " . ....... I n , ..... Bertha A G]ttlngs ] ferson County would be dealt a se ............. I ALl. SUB=~RIPTIONB D=rLIVERED IN THE STATE ARE SUBJECT TO S 7~ CONSUMER" l e to the fact .that there, are too I ned as .being unconstztutlonal omer personnel rom me za &lr- ...... : ........ w i" the a-rolls of the borne ua~ue t~roup, aura inzan-I s&L~s TAxSUBSCRIPTION $$.~O PER YEAR IN ADVANC= zew UlSsemers in our society, ann Iwnen me bupreme ~ourL com- tmrs u d ~l~ungs) Ivere mo i p y .... -- - " " ....... in , xercise ong russ, a too-] BE SURE to that the majority of the few who ]mencirtg in 1935, began to take a ' .......... ~" ............. bilit traini ..... MEMBER OF THE are left refuse to speak out with ]dim view of this argument it be- "THE FAVORED I greatly reduled or ceased to ex- .., y _... ng exercise a~, ~.neI w.,, ~,....~. ^e ,,,~ ~r,~n~-~ =m.~ffi,o. I Met I'm vnn ~n~icln'f xv~nf~larK alr-~ase ~totsenDerg trazn- I =' =" ow~=t u= ~*v, .. _ -- I the result that the public in gen- [ came (and still is) common to la- u~= u~ I __ t^ I"o ..... a,, ,, .... , ....lng area m the Phflhppines. The I n~ an ~r:_.~. NATIONAL EDITORIAL ~d~'~--~l~l% feral is all too often required tolbel new ideas as "socialistic." By Ranson, W. Va. J. t exercise, which revolved almostl |A O TI N ~~|~[,'~ ~ lrender judgment without having J substituting conclusions and February 27, 19611lness" . . .. 6,000 U. S Army and Air Force] ~l 1"--2f "U'" l- 1% ~m~ heard all that needs to be said ]cliches for statements of fact we " - " - - -- - . "-- ~ I Modern Society begs for people ]conjure up images of badness Mr. Henry W. Morrow ~ - I nave teeung.a- personnel from the continental U. c/o Spirit of Jefferson- I- i la ..... S., Hawaii, Okinawa and the Phil- ] DAI~I~@ TEl ~UI( ~ who will not accept views widely I that create an unhealthy atmos- ~- ...... ~ ..... ,~ I ~,eg s rare m our represenmuves innlnes ended ~',~h ~9 t nEtu~t].~ =. /trgh , c , u hope . Thursda March 9 1961 and popularly entertained sire- Iphere for intelligent discussion ~. ..... ~,~ ~uvu~,t~ ' from this distri t an" I - vv .................. re..- Y, , ply because they are popular and J and debate. For many of us, any- Charles Town, W. Va. ]they ll ~ive full P~nidpratinn in Long Pass was designed to test] ..... ~ J widely entertained, and should re thing that helps "big business" is Dear Henry: ] all aspects of the situation before ............. ] ~mnae~ee .= ,, l~y OI U ~ Ilg/Kmg Iorces on a I1~111 ~IUIVI~ |r Tu ~'h P~nEe [serve its worst criticism for bad, and conversely, for many of I seldom read Hardly Worth lthey cast their votes. I hope .... . I Y IllI= I1~V ~,h~)~ J those who agree "just to be pleas- us, anything that helps "labor un Mention" because I accept your ] you 11 also give full consideration gl0DaZ scope I ant'* and without any other sound ions" is to be ebndemned. "Big own estimate of the column and [ to both sides of a question before The first phase of the exercise Cc~Ylre~Snase in point appears else- f:;:lrn~oen~mieSnb'ad~s '~ta~.. ~d. consider it really is hardly worth l you write another column! included the combat airlift of ~ TRY THE~' A few weeks ago a tornado rSWOOp dOWnofL?keth Ii i ' Ver trul ours. rmy ann Air rorce troops trom --" meAt on. However, I ve been deep I Y Y Y ............... [ oz ~nlcago ann neaoe ove a .... ' ......... ' "i where in this newspaper in this dom are propositions considered Iv interested in what'.~ ~nine nn |C F Reininger -wluely ulspersea mulmry lnstau, t gaB, mawng m l~S wake zlve nun~rea peopm nomemss, scores I issue A subscriber has written a [ on their merits. The Madison Ave iri Charleston nowancl-I.~i-n-clmy-- I President & G'eneral Manager ationsin the U. S. and the Far I injured' Be dead' and an estimated seven millin dllars 'letter which is highly critical f' hue technique suggests that we " " I V'E ~ East Following an air strike and ! self reading practically every- , paratroop drop, the second phase OLD DOMINI0 in property damages. In the wake of the wake came the ]an article that appeared in this luse everything conceivable to jud thing that refers to our state and ..... Red Cross with its ministry of aid to the unfortunate vic-]column two weeks ago. While I]ge a given idea except the one lo 1 situat" ' WE of the exercise mvolved 3olnt air time. A few weeks ago unprecedented floods forced rivers,{ do not agree with what the au-Jthing that is most important: the ~ Z~eks ago it's my re- rsU:d :neuversiaga]n tdan:g" aPPLIaNCE C0MI in the Deep South out of banks and swept away thousands[ thor of the letter says, and while J idea itself. It matters little to me collection that your article took | bat "[ ........... ~ Rofnro tho ~n~rrv water~ had subsided the Red]I think the argument the letter lthat a municipally owned water-the Legislature and the Adminis-I =.. OF OTHER --- . ~ ~-~" ~ "~ " Upon conclusion of the exer- tratlon to task because they were I ........ [ ..... ro osi .... else ~peclans~ rams remrneo m rnone ~.u~ p p ng additional taxes on in-I I= I~ | T ~ h t~ ......... I dustry, in the face of the extreme ~ ~ ~ | | U ~ ~ uKlnawa where, ne is a rmeman I .......... ~,~. need in West Virginia for new l in the intamry s ~ompany B. HeI t~naries xown, industry-in other words, instead I , entered the Army in October 1959 of providing an inviting, fay'Drab-]LARGE AnV~TJ~ ~ -------~1 le climate for the new Industry F ................. Ill AVOR NEWSPAPERS the State so desperately needs,/ . I DIIDI ii; e re--more--to c ear or t e several. 0. 0 keep it away. While the ol ect'on 1 ...... " . " "i ' v" ' ce s railers anu manmac~urers nave term ndustr_ doesnt ne s.ary ], . mean the same thing as "corporat / oeen announcing plans to return ions", I think we'i-1 both agree the bulk of their advertising to " " 0~ that tho m~inritv nf flrm~ ~l~t /newsDavers after exnerimentin I I will sell the following personal property, 1 fi'e-d a's "i"n'dustry"--are"corporat:lwith-ot'her media an'd learuing 7 miles West of Charles Towni W. Va., ions Therefore, I read with sur-/from experience that newspapers ~ North of Middleway, W. Va., on State Route prise, as well as amusement, your / get superior results. ~ Midway Inn, Jefferson County, Beginning at February 23rd column headed] Reconverts to newspapers this ~ O'clock P. M., on "The Favored Cornorations" /year include a major oil company _ It might be interesting to you, tand a famed cigar maker. Among ~ SATURDAY, MARCH 11, 1961 , -- -~ .... in the Twent" C , ry such topics as: Nature of Manage CAllllr lrf ClOI (f*fllllr wars, will clebrate the 42nd anni meAt, Planning Organized Struc- JI~LU/L /~ ~l~tL ~*VUi~ versary of its birth, March 15 to ture, Clarifying Job Require- __ 17, 1961, marking completion of meAts, Performing Appraisals, *b. C. rl Scouts on their 49th birthday, with 42 years of patriotic labors which Counseling for Development and "" ......... theil leaders in this have had a great and beneficial Management Communications pensation and Workmen s Corn-/ . A4though the typical small mer ~ , g a special ribu e o rne lrl cou s anu " o the weifare and secur " chant may not regard the decm . ' o impact n Mr Siler flew by commercial pensation. In the face of these in- [ .......... " " | TERMS.--CASH. Nothing to be removed community Congratulations on the work you d ....... merlca " " " " ...... -"ure ity ot A ' ; aircraft from Washington, D. C. "~e"s"s a"-arentl-" inevitable I irons o~ mese nauonat glares as m .... ,, ,el in your communl~y now, ouuolng zor ~ne lug, ..................... t r t e " some]low Vc~n't ;icture us 'as/significant to him, they actually]~ se~ueo ior. P g, r ow, nE r ru t , icno- m urleans ou e um d oy . ,, ,, - are very closely connected with ~#a,@m.~.~ ~mm~ #~ltl UI~~-~ ~ Ins Carson, Mayor of the City of way.of Idlewald, New York.and being particularly favored , in |.. . I~ WIT.T.TAM W Va do hereb wasmngton, u c sue m J~lsgm r|:Alnr, mua u~ RE~I Charles Town, . y .... . . spite of the fact that the very/,ms problems: because_the prob-[ ...... -uestionable state income tax lems ot retail seumg do not dif-[| W D ORNDORFF, Auctioneer proclaim the week of March 12 l ngmeers StAKe. not to fer geratly with store sizeI R" " L . " -- vv ......... ..... MORE. AND. Clerk. W th your shopping dollars. Why should your shopping, Ut,,L,D ............................. Ul IV :r n ilgyht;I nof. Ves Tne mg mercnanalsers correct- S ta ; 9- lt. dollars leave town to help build up somebody else s corn- unon all citizens and all or- {fl, a IU p e , ly. assume that shopping will be-]1 March ,, gin in a lOCal newspaper, so the reunify? You live HERE. Your children are growingup ganiza~i0ns to join in paying tri-!~u__J ~_ ~__ ~_ ginia will require the favored I HERE. You help make THIS a better place for au, .when. bute to the good works of The Armnn,, mm ~'m~,mmmm~M~mnn myron corporations to withhold from 7.~ -----------------~-----] ; YOU SHOP AT HOME. You have a definite stake m American Legion as a token of ~, their individual employees this this community. It is measured not only in the money the public appreciation of the war PI^-. II. income tax, which means another ..... which you may have invested in a home or other property time and peacetime services of lo, IlUll t)l~(llrU~ MII~ computation to be made by al-I ! rl I In P I~ | I I her but even more meaningfully) in the years of your ca! Legionnaires. I B ready "deduction weary" payroll~I ~ ~ I I ~ I ] ~ ] ~ I ~ ~ ~ IE ] e, ( " .. ~.. ~+ .... ~xn, .... T h~,~e rooke Blackford, executive sec clerks, as well as revision of staB L.|IllU L |LllM" t [ n k = L $ " " " re Bec er *,, "' ...... , ...... ]fie that you have invested (an4 will invest) he ...h...... f. my h nB nnf] eau.~ed retary of the Jefferson County dardized payroll forms, etc. The II r n r schools, Churches, recreational and other civic acilities nf'the-C-it~, Chamber Of Gommerce and Geo- cost for.this service will not be I / I I/ Illl II . I e m " " l'fe for ou and our family .......... ............... rge E Vickers, Jr and Mrs" Vick up to a h gher more satisfying ] y Y . ; of Charles Town at the City Hall . . _.... . . . . paid fop by the State of West Vir- I I I I I IIIll I I , A I The dollars you spend at home help to pay the axes ann on this 12th day of March in the ers were m ~narzesmn wearies- gin!a, nor by the individuals, but k !11 i g e servmes day attending a planning meet provide the contributions that support thes , " "" year of our Lord 196t t " '. . oy tile "mvorea" corporauons. ,, ' You " R N ing ot representatives trom all ' Another illustration of the way . . Truly, they help to feather your OWN NEST. .. NICHOLAS CA SO . a r parts of the state on a state-wide Powhatan, and others in our par- = "" always get more than merchandme for the dollars yOu M yo ............... .... campalgn to eep wes virginia ticular industry, are "favored"- spena numB'. . Green" the brass ingot we must use to WOMENS COTTON NEWBERRY W0MENS COTTON eanor L 'Albert, Brunswick, Md; Robed Chrlsmn ~fl The'meeting was called by Guy- manufacture our products is made _~ " " " n el'nor W W Barrol~ for the Civic from scrap; for fhe first three ~ ~[~ Mrs Bertie R Jones, l~aKer~o ;== ~ m ~-~- --- ~ " ," m " u~u,.^mua u~nu |14t Enl~/l~ uenterin Charleston at which months of this year the i~ederal ~ V I ~ T ' ~O ~ i ]fit I /" r, t 1 I Mr. Harry L. Martin, Salem, Va.; 9~I~ LI~OIII~ VI ~III~II BlaBs -,ere di~,~d fro. ~I~nln~ Government has granted to U.S. R I I ) 2' I II I N r lvirs ~wargaret ~; r lauler, - ............. scrap dealers quotas allowing " -- ,# .. A~ ~ .m up west vlrglnla so as ~o make i~ son. In Knimw ulr evmm ; more attractive to tourists and them to export to Japan more Medical .......... patients admitted were ....... ......... s clUzens, scrap than they allowed to be Prints and Solids VALUE All New Styles Miss Patricia A. Corder, Ranson; Esquire Robert Chrisman will Vickers and Bl'ackford were shipped to them in the entire year of 1900. This creates a short Five girls and one boy was the Mrs. Lacey E. Bussard, Millville; receive the Rank of Knight on named by Chal'les Town'~ Mayor age' of scrap in this country, ratio of births which occurred at the Charles Town General Hospit Mr. Clyde M. Luckett, City; Baby Thesday, March 14 in the Castle Nicholas Carson to represent which inevitably ups the price of WOMENS GIRL'S COTTON al during the period of March 1-7. Deborah K. Viands, Harpers Fer- Hall of Blue Ridge Lodge No. 131. Charles Town at the meeting af- the ingot we use. Japan, in turn, FLAT HEEL NEWBERRY ry; Miss Carol L. Ch~ffman, Kear All members are asked to attend, ter he had been invited by Gov- A daughter, Barbara Colleen neysville; Baby Eric G. Birkett, , The secretary of Blue Ridge ernor Barton tO attend the affair was born Mar h 2, to Mr. and Mrs. Mary M. Johnson, Mrs. Hel- received a special news bulletin and to bring other representati- Mrs. Burr W. Trail of Frederick, en E. Hoff, Mrs. Mary L. Wilt- advising of the illness of Grand yes along with him. TO SCRIBBS Md. shire, Baby Danny R. Jones, Mr. Chancellor Ralph Gump of Fair. Mayor Carson has also named ; Friday, March 3, a son, Robert Frank Johnson, Mr. George T. moAt, W. Va. Gump ben con- a local committee to WOrk on a Holmes, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, City; Mrs. Mittie I4. Sny- ifned in a Fairmont Hospital but clean.up program and it is corn, If Somebody Keeps James 8. Fadeley, Harpers Ferry. der, Shenandoah Junction; Baby is now recovering. Raymond l~osed of Mrs. O. S. Bloom, Vick. BorrowiBg Your New Spring Numbers. VALUE All Spring Fashions. Saturday, March 4, a daughter was born Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Jones, Knoxville, Md. and on Sunday, Ma h 5, a daughter, gale Marie was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Lerch of Knox- vii]e, Md. Tuesday, March 7, two births oe rt l at the hosi ital, a daugh ter Was born te Mr. and Mrs. Al- vin L. Irby of Charles Town and daughter to Mr and Mrs Myron F. McCartney of Lovettsville, Va. Surgical .patients admitted to the hospital were: Mrs. Millie M Trundle, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Christine Watson, Mrs. Grace V. Smith,~ member of Blue Ridge is Manuel, Master Rayfftond Page, also confined to his home due to Mrs. Mfldred'Ashwood, Ransom illness. Week Of :March 12-18 Slier Attends Seminar Proclaimed American IOn Bank Management, Legion Birthday Week Effective Leadership Ernest O, Siler, Vice President This is National American Leg and Cashier of the Biakeley Bank ion week as to help Jackson- and Trust Company, Ranson, re- Perks Post Post of Charles Town cently returned from New Or- properly observe the occasion leans, LB. where he attended a SCOUTS HONOR THE PAST SERVE THE FUTURE seminar on "Effective Leadership in Bank Management" from Feb- ruary 19 through 22. This semin- ar was conducted in the Roose- velt ttotel with representatives of banks from Louisian, Texas, A1 abama, Virginia, Mississippi, Flor Tennessee and ida, Kentuck:, West Virginia. The Seminar leaders were: John P. Currie, Management Con ultaat from New Lee ers and Joseph Staley, the latter president of the Jefferson CoUnty Chamber of Commerce. CLUB A ND R.CLUB MEETING TANEY~OWN, MD. Kiwanians Burns, Jack R. Huyett, JameS It. Masori and J. Burns Huyett attended aft in- ter-club meeting with the TaBBy- town, Md. Club last Wednesday. The occasion being the annual sea food dinner of the host club. Tlie fiienu coflsisted of oystbrs on the half shell, shrimp, fried chicken, potato salad, slaw, cheese bread and butter, with beverages. All you could eat for the raoney. The members of the Taneytown Club furnish all ot~ the food, did all of the work, and realized a- bout a dollar a head profit for their under-privileged childrens fund. Clubs from Ben?by four states participated in the affair, . SPIRIT. ADVOCATE -,-give him this coupon The Spirit of Jefferson- Advoeate, Charles Town, W. Va. Please enter my subseHpMon for .... year(s) and start the pa@er immediately. St. Address ................ City , ,. ,, ** ,, ,o ,, ,, ~, ,. ,., " St~ ,.... ,o,............. $3.50 ~r year, plus 10 cents ta~ in Wee~t Virinla~ THE LATEST 32 IN PACK NEWBERRY As Advertised on TV. VALUE USE YOUR CREDIT PHONE 314 f. . PLANT NOW JUST RECEIVED 79c Regular Price. JUST SAY CHARLES TOWN