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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 9, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 9, 1961

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REPORT! cloudiness, becoming ~.. TWO SECTIONS rather cold, possibly a IA'~ ..... flurries today, highest 38 rfflll q/ I~ lip J--.. 4J dr, windy and colder to- 'Ill 10 r~QeS/o(]aV |0 est in upper 20s. Friday Ill[ ~ ' /su.nny and continued c?oi. Ill Read By More Than 20,000 ' m middle or upper ~us. ~ People Every Week t for Saturday, partly cloudy + , l~}'~":":~:":":*':":":'ement was made 1ms I ~" 1 ~ [ [" . dl~ ~l~ [ , '~*''"";""" " ......... i~" ....... Coming a little warmer .... *" ~:,-~ .. .- ..*--..-.--..~.}, "Serwng The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson County Commumty Smce 1844 97, NO. 11 WEST_VIRGINIA' OLDESZ NEWSPAPER . CHARLES TOWN, EFFERSON COUNTY,. W. VA. THURSDAY, MARCtt 9, 1961.------ COMPLET LOCAL. NEWS COVE.RAGE PRICE 10CENTS k,..& f'.:. O. IE I DISCUSS TRANSFERRING LAND, BUILDINGS OWNED BY I Driver Of Truc ICk d. "..u aumuons m me cat ~- '[)een c ntplet (1 , ~nk I~~l~. gll ,Uill IIg'l UIII STORER.COLLEGE TO NATIONAL PARK SERVICE I,,,,. ,,,.. , luutu uuu wvwwuu rd I1 I n'cnn't cn " ITo Ru,, |2 Day Meet Head Fai)Boc dly, us Ba ur , ., so [/ li ',ili)ili i ! iilBeginninc" lipril 14 me Businesses [arch 7 m Jefferson Coun Charles Town Tuesday i~ad a fair - ~ ?ou~e an~ after ~'o~m~ Chitnae L0ciltl0ns I~ ].,,.., ,,, ,,.o,.,... T...... :e ...... ,] It has been learned fronl auth- the san,e racing dates for the four aatters. 'of business a new []'head- --=of "~Hereford- --a |l ~ ] [ H o~s*~'*ila"l"..v '"l'~;'~r~" ~',,' ....... ~'~a'-" "'( - k~')~'~'k'~" [ ra tire' ...... ".,,,.[ g' . sourCeSe huthatch andracingthenWillad track.-', the new, Rat'm#, Conm,iss-, . mrectors was named and I~ I~l~Ml~m Ta,,,R I ~ [lowin" the accident [ b(.gHl again in Charles Town on I mn upheld th( r(.comm(ndatmns IbbOar dp go lZedthieY oe+ill t, llllltl /UWll ] I Ma'r~in, ffho was driving alApril l4 and run thrugh May 20. l ftlracmg(.ta~'s made b+~ lhelor- ' + ( Y) Smith Tire & Batter Com an truck and tank owned by the The West Virginia Racing Com- met LO~I!I]lSSIO~L . . ++ )r ,h. ,bird .......... ~+,,, las week, moved (he site of ils op, ]~~. [Foulz Molass.s Serv,ce el Salem,, m,ssmn has oflcred the 32-day : ....... -.. ............. ' ,,,,,,,,::,: , premdent of the assoc- Y " P Y , ,, +, ., , ,, fne nares which tim ('omnuss- .................. l eration from the corner of Wash- ] ~~ |Va. suffered serious head and rib I Spring m~eting 1o Sh(nandoah ' -~ ~' , .. ?." - ~ ..... ...... [ington and Charles Streets in[ [injuries and for a lime he re-[Downs, and aithough a( noon (o- . ('ha!~h~s Town rropertws, inc7 u[ncers rose re'name [Charles Town to the corner ell I~ili~~~ Imained in a semi-conscious. I day the Commission had not vet l ~uaY z2 mrougn ,)my ~ (52.!.lays) . rl Burr, treasurer" Dr " + ' "++++++++~ +:++:++::++++++++:~ accide " " ," . , + ann l)eC |.~ tnrollgll De+," 'JO tax. ,. " .... ' :lSouth Geor~,e Street and Con-} /~i~;~ I The " nt m which 20]tecewed a request front Downs/ +. - ..... ". '.." yser, vice- presment amt ~:~z :~:;:~:~:~;~ .... ," . ceptlllg Cnrlsllnas l)ay lllCinfllng ...... " I zress Streets and thereby set off I l~ [school chddren narrowly escaped lofhcmls for a hcense to operate .: . - _.- .... . ;= tule v (r , me la days wmcn t. llarles /owll , secretary. ]a chain reaction in changing a l l~~i~~ linjury or death occurred aboutlduring this period, it is expected l .~ ." " ~ ''_ ' .. embers of the board of number of business locations. | l !i[ 18 a. m. as the driver was picking I that the request will be forthcom ! rroperue/s ran trom January .{ I were also re-elected. I ..... c,,,--an- I lup children to bring into Char-]ing by the Tuesday deadline Un- tbrougp/p...z : tp s trae wm, o ~'" ~ VI Rarr ~,~h,~q- t, I ...... ~ ............. ~ ":.':" ~ I l~/ili::l~ ~ .... _- - Ilo,: T,~wn to qt.h,~,d Ider West Vir~,inia law ,avernin~, + full a total el 83 days during me B ....... has leased a new location torrn.r-i l~+i+:! l~+/ - - - -: - " 'r ................. " - " wysong, aacr: t=atrow, 1~ ......... io++ h. c.,,,.t, ar.+herm I lillii!:l~i:: - - -- I rhe school bus was being driv-Iracing in West Virginia, tracks 19.61 year; ..... l ~ ,- ~ ......... , r or ~nenanttoan ioowns me '++ Pain, Mrs William Har-I:Y'Y"-+-~-Y "~-- Zr"~':~ fr-m the I ~)il~~ _ _ :-- --: - l en by MeClelland Scott Route 1, Imust apply for a license 30 days ' " . . . '.': "~ . . " JUSt iiCl'OS~ Lilt2 ~t 1212L () :: ' " les Wh~ttmgton, Dr. Key- [ ............. lid:''~ Effective March [ ~!il~;~ - - :_ - : |Harpers Ferry, a substitute driv- [prior to the start of any meeting. Comm~:sslon sugg(~steo Apru ~ Irias Ma k~oultty DU I~. ~ " ~ ' , Jr Georgaha'e MrS.TabbRObertj E } x ................... t.c t,.~ co,,, ,., u.u~.,~,,.+ ........ t a I - - --=- _ - ler for Newton Magaha of Charles [ ,lust what will hannen,.,, as far as thro. ugn May. 20, .nut na._agree~.' ' --"' g , "lchange in own~rsl~ip as Charlesl ~~ ITown, was proceeding South onlracing at the Charles Town .,o 'e vr: 'arvn 1 W. p. Perks, Ed Blake Clendennin- III nurchased lhel~[]1 IRoute 340 with the youngsters, ltracks is concerned after this tor+m'.~.,~Pr~g..,m(,~e ,,~', ..,., ,~ Wn ht Just as the bus was about to Perati~nrai staff and de-{+nterest of the other stockholders I ~ l make a lee, turn int-m.i,h .+oA r s, days "o, racing. .................. +"+--'~ u CtXllJCt:tUl~ 3IIILU l|Cltllgl t~)llt+~ll + t . m me corporauon. For Waterford Park July 3 heads will be a pointed (Secondar Count Road 38) the P I On Anril 1 the 01d Dominion J ~ / ' Y Y l andoah Downs nor Charles Town .................. le r ' * mrou n ~ept anu 1.+o+ - lllI'UU+ Xt regular board meet- I ~.~,+ .... c, ........... h+,,~ ro,,l I tanker truck struck the left back I Prouerties Inc have notified the - g ~ ..- ..... :': + ,_ l~ ' t~vv,,a.~: ~,,.,v.-#, .......... . ~ :,' ". . gh Dec .~ Ollleials Ot this track uneement wtll be pub- I ..... +,,,o~ ......... ha4 -,,cur, I ~ I ~art of the bus. The truck bashed [Racm~z Conmussmn what thev . " "" + . ..... a *,,~ v-~ ~--,+- : .........~.- -- * naxe requesteo opelaung II(~eliSes t~ the papers the lied the store room on Washing-i ~ I n the left side of the bus as it I plan to do about dates the Con~- ~.' +.:..,. ' ...... ~2+s ""d' '+~;~' ae meeting and me air-is,,. +)...t adininimr Smith Tire[ ~ | ,wung to the left to pass it. The lmission has suuzested for their ~.'" ~;~": "))". "J ..... ..... OUld like for all interest- [ ~"'~:)')'~:~" C-omu'anv~iiinlovein-- ] ~ [ ruck then plowed into an em-J Summer operatio'~as ' nave neen grameo: ..... '~s of t ,+ ...... a ..... v-- ~ .. " ) ' For wheeling ~owns--~tay zt~ - Jefferson Coun y ] t,~ +he l~valinn vacated bv Smith I ~ I ankment and the tanker part of [ Several weeks a~o the Racin~ ..... ..... .. +- lid 1 ........................ - ........ . . " "~ . '+ mrougn July i ann t)et..~ mrou- ~ke to see the Jeffer t turned over on tt s top C , t~}y Fair grow "bigger IT~i:p &whP:/t~1" su~hietaes3dR:C;~rl.I Pictured above, from left to right are:--Jennings Randolph, Senior United States Senator from wes, l e+te the fact that the busltinomySSa~3~' afr~nC:~at'i:d~rmg te~ gh Nov. 8. ~'heeling.Downs. offie- :er attend this meeting, lee... +~,~ ~..~++~, ,v.+~ ~. n~++ .... I Virginia; Henry W. Morrow of Charles Town. Attorney for Storer College; F. E. Sylvester of The Na-I was damaged to the extent of a-la meetin+ of the Commission i- mrs nave not requesteo a Ileem~e )aid like to call attention l~."~"~.~,~'~.,~:'L'~.~'~.~t~+~+as~tlti~p~ Park Serviee ;+ Harley O. Staggers, 5ongressmanfrom this Second Congressional District; Conrad l bout $300 the children in the bus] Charles Town on Feb 10 sent to to operate the Octoner-Novemner 'Drornit~m ohool~ t~,co ! ..... v.~..a o,u,.,.. ............. v.. I ". wirtn, virector ot xne ~ationaL l'arK ~ervice; and l*ooert C. Byrd, Junior Senator from West Vir-I wore nnt iniurod noith@r wor~ i.L . " . ......... ' ~... ~.. meeting. ~d ~,'.~*'~;~:h ~"~'~"~'m"~"~'~ t few years, will move into the sRe I ginia The group conferred in Senator Randolph'e office on Maraeh 1 relative to tr~nsferrin~ the l~nd| the.7 ~:~.~"~.~' +~.'~;.~"~..0~ ~7.~. ] ti~e two C ha)les Town tracks a.d art...~ +~ .... ~, ....... .o ~m,~,~t -- UJ O UZJ ~ ) ~n~ ~d~V ~l~ Wt ~* ' ' i ..... ' ~ ~t~W~y JU~tlt:'U IIUIII IVIICll at:fitS Uy also wneelln r ~owns a lelter ,..e. ,,,~.~ .,.. .......... ,,~.-- v"'the ..... ASSOciation AJso,'" /vacated by Old Dommlon Appl an l and bmldmgs owned by Storer to The Natmnal Park Service. Plans call for converting the howl ..... I '-" " g - " ~' ed m" Dec(' .... nlb~l 1960' b3' the ft)r+ h .... ~" " {ce company, ]defunct College into a National Park Service Training School. As a result of the conference, authori-I ~. . 'X ........ I contammg suggesteo dates for op ~ , " ,, ...... +,+ ,;; ..... i.?. various l)ept, t~tasses / Goode Brothers Inc which has I ties of the College have been instructed to prepare all legal papers neees.~ary to effect tt transfer ell t~nartes down ~tate Trooper W. lerations during the year of 1961. mer ~ac~n~ ~omm~s.s)on. ~Utt~F* Jth Regulations of the I ........ ~,oo,,~i'~d )h~ ~ite to I the College property to the United States Government on or about July 1st of this ~ear Senat.rl R. ,Barlow investigating officer I The dates suggested bv this new fore varK and Shenandoah l~owns rand start now preparing [ ~'~+.~,'~+. :< ..... :~.: ::: ot nogs, Iarmlng lmpement8 ferson County Department of Pub r ' . ~ourn mr lne SlUfly Ot lne lesson ,:~:~::~*:~ : ,: ..... ~: . to 30 days per year, per person Ma tmsburg, as Commissioner of t ' t : " +'>:: .......... : ................................... an a hances .... The h~rd earnberths went to at th ~r var~ " :~ [ _husehld goods ..... d pP II c Assistance, aid lasz t week that [hospitalization and all acute ill-iofficials and Robert Scrivener of L Ardin~er and Richard GruberI .... e+ .__us". . . ~ .;..,class roon~s A massie tmrrls seli propeJJeulto date her department has ap-, ...... ' I,r,. ~t~...,;..or. ..... ...... , ... , .... -- ..... +, ..... i~vemoers m me women ot Tne ,1 '>"> :':':%i.:f~: :'! ::':):'.:'.-.!..::'ii~!. . , lll:~b~t:~ t*,c ~,XaLt.*OOU*.~ ,~u**,~*ao *taG- OI 1 llams 02" " a , :~i: I corn pmker brought the top price [proved a total of 38 applications I ,,, ....... .... + .... |.,, ~,~,i~,ioi,,, [ w~ p t, ti ry men, ~ar-[Church, the Yokeiellows and Sy- 1 ~ f the sale 1 155" a New Hol and . . .......................... ~,,+ ................. , persferry; ~tantey ~num, rian- dnor-Lewis cl " " + ]~aa-- baler b$1u-ht $91050 an~ Oli[fr the Medical Asststance and/ered under tms MAA program, ex/ In the seelctions for the three cockand Ron Frye of Hedges-Iliae Churcla ~lS~i~trTag3th::sm li[il~~~ I Y ~ . Inave anomer nar oozen or so To tce..t for such diseases as diab~*--" .......... ' " " " : " " " .... ' - .... :: I ver tractor brought $800 and a 661act upon as soon as investigation/ei~le_s., term'inal carcinome:/=a.-uont.erence teams, _ t;nar,esTURN TO PAGE 8---A reed a cordial welcome. , l~!i;~ ........ :~:::: :":~'::::~:~:~'~::: : " or brou ht 710 00 V V Y, , ' , l own rllgn ~cnool galne~ one Per + ~::. ~.::.:-: .~ Oliver tract g $ on them can be completed And p .... ." ~i:~: : i ]AnI H C Cub tractor and culti-Jail of those an-roved to dare are/ arkm.sonlsm, Pmmary enema, ~th on the first team;.a~ld two on ,, . , ' --, A,. - ....... i~~ ..... +] !artnrms,tsaraiovascular ana thesecndteam+K'rtBrwn'I doptLOnDomlld R. Edmond+ I, Ot erda" n,..LCe W'lll I+c,, ++,,+++o and aHerel,oa, Assistance for the Aged a:lage, the age to be verified must ]u___J .__. --.m, . ~utve t, nr,es town IT s uwn : ..... ' .... +---'+---r b-ou-ht 19700 'West Vir-inias Governor Cecillhavea statement from attending~"mm msnsmnr/rust + < ~/~ ]*ut~Iou~h'o~l+goods soldamounted]Underwood call6d a special sess-lphy.sician to verify the need forl^o," ,,, . ,+ . | W+IilAP C~+la~m lira [at+. [..&...a n 1 meolcat assistance, antt must not .:ii:::i; to 9~8 15 ion of the West Virgi ia leg'slat- " " Ill tll I I I $ / ....... )have an income exeeedin- moreIUITICer 51aKeley 5ink JY3 ~IUl Ill II~UI [UlUIt~ llllr~;~~ ~--- I " Auctioneers were W. D. Orn-lure aurmg the Ilrst of Octot)er, I., s I , m :.:~: ~UA t a as man $1,500 per person per year ,~ RLES HAUN [dorff and Ned Morrow and sale|just a few days after he l w ~v { . | At the regular monthly board _.. ~ _ -- .................................... h lca a have oth Alter more man two an(/ one- . Mrs. Charles Haun]clerks were W. C. Moore and R.Jpassed by the Federal Govern. J T e appl' nt m y erimeeting of the Biakeley Bank ha" ears of lannin and ork 1.k. ~ k4r~nmn ~amvnnn D" "'~'~ "''~"'~ , featured sneakers at lE Moreland /ment and the W. Va. legislature]resources not exceeding more |and Trust Comvanv Mr Donald . ~.Y .... P. ...g .. w ; SVllll no v~t, nvrtu ,~g~n~Mi ~. ,,,,,~., ,,a,,,~ ................ - th .nd I -. - ," lng ny,me t~nares Town tJouncit --i ., Sstons rally to be con-I ] an $5,000 for a husba or $7,- R. Edmonds, wee-president of . _ ........... . Dr. John Br)ght teacher, schoi and Mayor Ntchola~ Carson, Char ar , ~ar I 500 for husband and wife and r~achet wh( eh 16th at the Cal-, A, ,m" I~ q' Illonn 1the Blakeley Bank was named as ............. In Han -oP,) r=.=,). P ~ ", ) 1 as been 1 les Town Sn0UICI Wlt/'lln tne next u q~ %+111 ~l~lll ~II r s lbly of God Church l|'h~lFl~ |A~n ,K~n~| n |~(~ 111[|11 Applications for the Medical[sistant trust officer. His primary . ......... ~ ~ $ p ofe,.,'or of Hebrew and OId'Tes Parifax Boulevard onl ~llUllSi~l mvvllu_, m|umm,lp, ll mmvvp'~ ,, mm Assistance program are accepted/duties will be assisting Mr. J. Er- e~gntweeKs nave a mumc~- , ~,,. . . ~. tament at Unicn "lheo,ogicat Sea Le pally ownea water system mar ~ in Ranson, the Rev. JAm ~ I 1~ L t f____l_ P__--J--.. !]I.. in the county office of the De-[ roll Ward the present Trust Offi- .. -, +, . ,n mncnemr 5tore y "n Richmond, ~a. for the treed pastor,announ-[||~_~_ hlrl 3~UI 1 ,eeK 3unaav DV of MAA. It is not necessary to/cer in administering estates and r'urcnase of me. water system past 20 years, will ))e ~.ue.,t yocak i iv'~'v" "" .................... ~ # Wait until one is in the hospital/trusts " which serves Charms Town and Mr. John Ramey McKown, for- er for ~he fourth Co,dmunt)v Len Mrs Haun have been I .. m m~m I_ P ___e__l !~ ....... for treatment to apply for M./tA / ~,. "l~am..a~ ~,,~d ns Asst-) Ranson from the Peoples Water met manager of Leggett's Depart- ten Service to be held Thursday "" ~ ...................... " Se i an f " e * mi " a I Mlcnnlnrl tnllrCn, leflill rrmmram aonlication while he or she is|--+ ,i, .... + ~,;.~. ~.. ,h. a]a r~To+ rv ce Comp y o Balt~mor , ment Store in Charles Town has evenmg March J6 in the Cha,les SSlon_r+ se..... II I~IPlI~I I wvlm--m mm ~----= --*- ctz~+ x+uot vxzxt++ ~vx +*,,+ v.u .~.+ + " ' ' Plui~iu~iu v ~ ~ Md was moved one s e oser , t p el , been transferred to Le tts D( Town Pr(sbvtermn Church [he ~sM~ins Dfe~r~l ... ] ' +.~+ . .--:~7---7 . .... Se'-" well aTdr:OT:n;a~eeTdl.a~e of Martmsburg from and in fact was made a certainty partment Store Winchegg;er, Va ~ervice wiil gei underway at 7:45. The tliri ~couts ana t~rownies at me Junior rtlgn llOOI -- - " ' ' " :ional headquarters I .......... ............... , ,._ _7. ...... wtth the unammous adoption by where he is serving in a manage- Dr: Bright was born in Chatt. d, Missouri. After i ot ~.naries. "rown an~.ttanson w.n! ,,__~,~e ff~ve~,~,t w~'ub~Ve~,u~ ............ City Council Monday night of an ment capacity, anooga, Tennessee in 1908 and 1 leora~lon OI L)lrl t~te ~enlor vvuill~ij~ ~ UU UI I..~Uitl. ' la,~,,,, .... h,a, +,, IDegm me r ce ........ O ..... O..&l-. D.... t .... U.I1 il ..Ik..,dl, ordinance providing for acquisit- Mr. McKown while in Charles ~as educated at the followino in. ..~, ~,. o a ,, out Week b attendln the Ba les Town WhO sponsor me t~lr~ + ' ~" ~e Ha=~'~ .,,i~l'"~.~.t. [Sc Y " g P - . fldmCV/DUlICF DUV t [CCll 11111 urt;ilarU~ ion of the water system, the ex. Town was a member of Jefferson sti)utions and was awarded lhe t,st Church m Charles Town in a bcouts. - , - " '" .~gle Indmns at thel .............. All --arents and friends of Girl ~ ' ~. m m - - .. ,, panslon and ]mprove~nent of ~t, County Chamber of Commerce, degrees mdwated: Presbyterial) )I the Amazon Riwrl~gro_up on ~unaay, m arcz3 ,~u, at . .,v ........ hm lira ll~ llmAnu~ I~! ,~a l[m~R~iiAl~t* and the issuance of town water Retail Merchants Association and College. Clinton S. S., B. A.-de- "" - i11:00 A. M. All Camonc ~couts ~couung are mv~tea to attend.II! IJIIt tall IUUIIit Ul ,31GI iiOIl lCI3 revenue bonds in the amount of Kiwanis CJub Although ila Char- eree Union Theolo~icai Seminary :vi~ngm,pa~sO~arreY a~/W'~hn~tlleldaTn{heCbt:~nlr~C:~:U::~ AK~uATN :~e~:~p:c:qu!a~~:he::its~m~ lve:~wt~ ::n,: IANSvWILLNHT~ARNIAL Among the real estate transact. ~r the Old Charles Town ;nlYc(nenY3?~y h~faWas~ dR~hmndj BItDkiand Thi ,Cod Church in Pen[ " P ' g P - ions consumated in Jefferson Race Track containing 15 acres P . P r." Mrs. M~'Kow.n are mere sity, Baltimore, Md., ]h. D. de- Preparation for mis-/ed for the Juliette Low Program . _ County last week were four trans to Charles Town Properties) Inc. inthe next six to eight weeks, bers of the Charles Town Presby. gree. In 1947 Presbyterian Col- -', they were grad-|and Silver Tea to be held Sunday .Members of the Charms '~ownfers that netted the sellers of the owners of the race track. The Fresent to endorse me oraman terian Church where -he served lege conferred on him the honor- ")tern Bible Insti-/March 12th at 230: P. M. at the Klwams. ...... Club will hear at)out property concerned a grand total seller was' L. E. Toire" yson. The ce were~ Mayor. . t;arson,, + t;ounoJ- as" secretar' y of the, Yokefellows ary de, Bit(,'+,: Dtttor)~ ()f Dwm~t" ' " y. he, Pennsylvania [CharlesTown Junior High pans tor the west wrginia t~enof $193,500. price was $60000. men Joseph warremeltz, H. H. Sunday School Class and as a lie has served as Assistant Pas ~e Wv,'liffe ~um'[School. tennial celebration from Thorn-On March 1 a deed was recordedThe same day deeds were olac- Lehman, T. A. Whitacre, Roy member of the ushers guild tot of First Presbyterian Church ! Lingu+istics,+uni~[ The special program planned is ton T. Perry at the club's reg;in the local Clerk's office recit, ed on record transferring a tract Steeley, H.L. Sechr!st, H. C~Whit Mrs. McKown and children Durham, 1~. C. Pastor of Calons- oma. [in commemoration of the 100th umr Tnursaay mgnt a+lnner meeting the sale by Greenhill Or-of land in Terrapins Neck north more anti ~i. ~xa. Muuen: . . . John and Karen who are students ville Presbyterian Church, Balti. ~. Haun are now[Anniversary of the birth of Jul- ~ngat ~:~? p. m. at me Tnomas chards, Inc. to Turner A. Ramey of Shepherdstown from Charles . The ordmance was mtronucen at Wright Denny School and The more, Md+ and as Chaplain in the ++paration for ser-[iette Low, founder of the Girl ~eHerson tie,el, and Robert W. Butler of 390.21S. Jones and Jean Parish Jonesoy t~ounciman ~lUejen ann gwen mas at home will reside in Char- Army in the European Theater ~companying them/Scout movement in the U.S. acres of land in Harpers Ferry to John F. Hessennauer of Arling a second by Stee y. les Tov, n until the end of the during World War I!. He is a con ;r, Elva Jean, a-e/ All Scout troops of Charles "[~ 4") qP T ~ ~ ~ "District and Charles Town Dis- ton, Va. The land in question has Ransnn uao ~greea schol term. Then they will join tributor to. the Interpreter s Bib- [Town and Ranson will participate ........ trict. Most of the land involved is an acreage of 203 acres. The sale Members of the Ran+son Coma- Mr. McKown and reside on Whit- le (Commentary) and to a num- cu na~ p woumy nounetl me tar Ave Wmc e P. Reed extends |in the program which will coverI am now o~z bookkee-ing orchard land and is a part of the price was $25 000. And in another . .. r~ ..... " ., " h ster Va. ber of theological magazines, He tion to the public [various phases of Girl Scouting and income tax service along with land Greenhill Orchards, Inc ac- deed Robert ~V. Buffer and Peggy Charms Town tsouncil they woum Mr. McKown thanks the people is author of the foilo~ving books: ~iss 3ns rally'. The [The program is under the direc- insurance. For information call quired from the Jefferson Coop- Ann Butler have deeded to Lyte adopt an ord!nanee granting me of Charles Town and surround. "The KingtJom of God," "Early the Assemblies of |tion of Mrs. H. M. Evans, pro- E. P. "BUDDY" S~IOOT, JR., erage Company in 1953. The sale C. Tabb and Virginia D. Tabb a water trancmse ot me town to ing communities and employees Israel in Recent ltistory Writ- )rk in Peru will |gram chairman of the EasternS adler Building, 1091 Choa'les price for the five separate tracts tract of land known as the Lee the new ownership, of Leggett's for their devotion ings and 'A H~story of Israel . of thellfn~a~nn]P?p:a~dleeGirlrS!:UwtaitlCOiiClLelmd. "*'~. 19 t0 April 1.3~ ?~Vd~rn:~:~r7!0~a'd:edtwas 7i ~L~iin20F;rmn3a~orLeet~,?e:~ c2fte~U~!~:s~i~3~!n~?m~ S?{?eakg~r:n~:SLe{g!ewt~ns l~n~rt~nh::,~ Hi:i: ~iic~il:~l~;:::fp~blh.Ii~n::~P~e /Thursday afterno : p. ,. GO TO CHURCH SUN Y " g "P ..... ' * ." "+