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March 5, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 5, 1959

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% }? records of Jeff- year after boast about Friday, F'eb. Dallas "Ted" a member staff of this make it to the would have year as he was 15 years tll to reach the table from ".Ted" as he is officials Jefferson areas, iar figure in of the office. As a many times as much printing and m Jefferson as this paper in H year this .e white hair, aching body department and after ninutes to rest, ii!iiiii D. "TED" WEBSTER headed homeward. And as was al ways his custom "Ted" called out J as he left "See you tomorrow". And he meant just that. But to- never came because -PHOTO mY EIqlCM MAFITIdANN, MAGNUM Tied down to a wheelchair, this soldier got help from Red Cross-when he neededit most. .. do when )'our girl says "yes' and you're wheel chair? You sure want her to any girl! is nice Red Cross Gray Lady, Mrs. Parker, ny girl got one. She did my shopping- ings from the store-so I could take Wonder how many people realize the does for us guys!" interest in the Corporal's prob- Cross work with our servicemen. lriend to our men ha service-and to their and overseas. :ice to our armed forces-and their [an ilies- ! iob Red Cross does. 87,000 men in uniform Cross assistance of one kind or another 94,000 service families are helped by Bed month. ~o far ba, ck tnto hiz early chAd-Iw:t= back at the tyl~0, cazen il~ LhP l'q3e loliowm: p o;:ram wa: Ll;en SPIRIT OF JEFFERRON r. Rs;r ADVOCATE hood days and dig out many in-lSpiri,t of Jefferson plant and he lgiven: Prayer-Richard Magaha; teresting events, [has been with the Spirit of Jeff- [ Scripture-Ellen Roperr; Readings- THURSDAY, MAR('H 5, 1959 3--1{ Would Make Good Story ~ erso nand the Spirit of Jefferson ~ Larry Magaha, Sally Quimby and ..... ' neve~ discovered/Advocate continuosly since 1916. I Eddy Whi,ttJngton. Bobby Smalley ,~ ' . . i-iO!lywooa " " ""*" -'s/Ted watohed and accepted all the[gave a talk on his rabbit pro!ect 1Tnegd u ndatnh e SpeOOeOnac . ~l~elmany modern advancements re[and a demonstration on his emc- [[I DIL VERA. FISCHER, Optometrist ~pape-"pr^fession would make[ the mechanical end of the new..-[ trical project. Janet Kite and tin [U EYES EXAMINED --- GLASSES F'ITTED ~'~'d'~rfn{ ,~ certainl- most in | paper, but he always kept his fin- [ da belght gave talks on their cook I[1 Hours:--9:45 - 5:00--Cloud Tuesday and Thursday ............... " "!gers in the old type cases even/ing prelects. The meeting adjoui'n Ell[ OPEN Friday Evenings Until 9:00 P. M. te.restlng~amnTn~locOpy fOr~nee~ep1~rpeWsl~apel,any story per-[ thoughI cal~eanaindaldddvf'tenaP:hr:ytethehe did learn how .to oper-/ednaa~d ~ Drlveand'ascialcAREFULLy.hur followed.The LII~ fill Phone 785 112 S. Charles St. Charles Town. W. Va. ~::ilh~!!"ihe'~'~'eh ,,,,~ 4i:~fC#hhm~' . f ." '. One of six sons of Caroline ann " " "Ted's" . . '' [. " "~ . ed to the newspaper and today he [ YOU Save May Be YOUR OWN, Thomas Dallas Webster II "Tea" . . . ' " and so ...... "._ '.. ~ _ ~s still one of the best hand-type [ had to was s~uaylng ~ne pin Met.tmzey s~t~ez's in the newspaper business. printing Third reade," .at the, old hRea2;cln Tl~ere never has been a problem Return e~megeta~ac~Cn~ w~nt all the at the Spirit office that Ted 'hasn't '~=" J"'s been able o solve. If he ran short Several months before "Ted" three "'R's" he wanted in the of a certain letter or letters in a had been forced to take some time schoolroom. He answred an adver- off because of illness and al- t~isement which he had seen in the tyoce ease he cauld always impro- vise with letters that hardly look though he had through sheer de- Spirit of Jefferson newspaper seek ed any different from the regular to support this vital program. Join flea's great volunteeftask force. This Message Sponsored By Town, W. Va. termination and love for his work mgnaged to get back on the job, +~W.lm 7! his reLurn was short lived. And , when last. l~z'iday rolled around i Ted still had no~ recovered enough from his ilnness of tahe past six months to permit him to once a- gain take over his old printing job. . So from an active dean of print eres in West Virginia to "dean em eritus" is the slight change whicrh came about in "Ted's" title last Friday. And although both the . news and mechanical staff of the Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate hope " : U'hat the active title will sometime soon again be restored. Ted him- self feels he has cleaned off his ~rinting block and closed the type case for the last time, "'Ted" still doesn't know for sure whether when he said goodbye to those at the office on May 24. he was also saying "30". But if ~he doesn't get his fingers in printers ink again, he says it was a most pleasant "30" for 59 years, Although he has not felt up to doing any work since May 24, "Ted" has been back to the office to see the boys and to look over Chose familiar surroundings a num ber of times, And it's always a cheerful occasion for all each Ume he pays the plant a visit. Come March 16 "Ted" will cele- brate his 74th birthday and while he is not able to work. he still gets around fine, often walkin/g .the nearly a quarter of a mile from his home in .the Nit. Parvo ~section of Charles Town to the down, town section or to the Spirit Office. His eyesigh~ is still good, his hearing nearly as good as a young person's and his memory such that he can - -- .: .... Z ....... PITTS. JEFFERSON THEATRE CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Wednesday and Thursday March 4 and 5 Sunday Shows:--3 & 8 P. M. Wednesday and Thursday March 11 and 12 ing two apprentice boyS. Ted got the job on Feb. 20, 1900. And so the education which he had stop- ped in the schoolroom began again in the backroom el the newspaper office. This was some four years before the world even started talk ing about a machine called Lino- type, His pay the first week was 50 cents and board. The hours of work varied from 10 to 16, It was four years before "Ted" moved out of the 50-cents a week wage scale. By that time there were not many thin~s around the prin~ shop which he could not, and had not, done even to helping to turn by hand the old Cincin- nati cylinder press which was being used in those days. Ted's first job was to learn to set type by hand, the only way of setting it in those days. And when he left the office on the a,fternoon of- May 24. he had spent much 'of the afternoon still setting type by hand. Oh yes, Ted had learned to run the linotype machine and just about all the other modern mach- inery i,n the ~piri plant. But his favorite spot was at the printers table just an arm's length from the same old type case from which he ,had worked for so many long years, Worked For Two Papers As a matter of fact Ted learned to operate 't3~e linotype machine shortly after World War I staPLed when Brown Prissier, another vet- eran prin,ter with the Spirit plant, but'ilion with the old Farmer's Advocate, we~t into the AzTny. For a considerable time Ted worked for both the Farmers Advocate and the S.plri p~pers. Many are the interesting stories tha~ l~ve been written abourt the old ,time ~ramp printers, but few have been the lines, Penned about the trials and tribulations that ' the m~re stable prin,te~s like "Ted" faced after the tramp ,prin- ters had come, stayed around. ,long enough to 'foul u9 all the type cases and then move on. Often it would take days to get the '"back room" of the old time print shops straightened out after ,the tramp printers had gone, And many and I humorous are the incidents which "Ted" and 'his remarkable mem- ory, can retatg abduct' the early and old days of printing. Ted ,started with the Spl'rit of Iefferson newspaper ,at the very bottom of t~he profession doing j~st .a4~ou:t a Ifttle of everything th~ut had to~ be done ,in the me- ehanical room of the newspaper. He was g:ivert the ~tle of appren- tice type s~ter, and In'. those ~iays every liti~,ofJnews and advertise- ing ~t:: ~t ir~to ~he ,make~u1~ of a liewsp~p6r had ',,to ,be: se~ by har~d.$t ~a~T~ s ']:ob*t0 s~et a ',lot ol !~datS !~andset.tyiae:i,"~ ~ .:. , ~ . :- Ted~s.:,l~rst.,l~s-,.jn. ,the new.s- wi,h, ,q,h' ~a~rl,lf, Unt~l )191!~ then he WeB~'~L, MI~I~ t,~ae 91d ;'Vi~i@r , .pUB..~,Ci.SaLE !,. (': ,THE +...: CtiiAaLl!ISt' N,:AND: L ' WASHiNG:TON CITY ' ...... SUB'r isION[ ' " t:ala "deex~ie' entered' in the* Cl~roUit Court of aefferson C6ur W, West Vtrglrda the , lst' d. y kg. Jan,- u i'y, .1959 in the ehanqer " suit thb dln"pefidlng, styled . ohn M. Ktmes"v~rsu~ "Marvin' ~ N, Kimes, Eth011ner Kimes -and Dorothy Kli, n- es, the underSlgneCl Special Corn- missioners Will ,s, ell .at public auc- tion. in |root. of the Cour~ House .in Charles Town: Jeffersdn C'~un- ty, Wost Vlrgl~a at 10:3~ o'clock A: M. Saturday, March 14, 1959; the. following, desorlbed re~tl est@te. That certain Lot No. 1311n Block No. 5, fronting 50 feet on the e~ side of Jefferson Avenue,: extend- ing .back an even width 150 feet ,to ,a.n ~lley in the rear as. said lot IS designated, ctellneated and de- scribed On ~e pla of ,t~he _,Charles Town and Washington. C~ty Im- provemenl; ,Com~ny of' record in .the office of ,the Clerk of .~e Coun ty Court of Jeffei-~n County, w. Va., in Deed Book W,,page 195, im proved by ~ SIx l~oln bungalow wi%h bath, full basement, warm lr furnace, electricity, ei,ty water, all In g0od condition. Being the sazne 1~ or parcel of ]and which W~ conveYed to John M. Klmes and Lena May FA,me~, .his wife, jotn~ly by deed from Charles T. Smith. et ux, February 6, 1940 and recorded in Deed Book 151, page 400..records of Jeffer- son County. West Virginia. TERMS OF SALE One ,third cash on day of sale and the residue la, two equal an- nuaJ installments, evidenced ~by the notes of the ~ur~user bear- ing lnterest.lrom d~.y of s~le a/t six per cent per annum, secured by a Deed of Trust on t~he reai e~- t~e, with prlv~lege to ,tahe pur- chaser of poling all. or ~. greater a~nourtt In cRsh on day o! sale. This pr0p@l~y m~ty be inspec- ted by ,telephoning F. Dean Nich- ols 16, or John M. Klmes 41-J for appointment. DARRE~L K. KOONCE ~. DEAN NICHOLS pec|~tl Commissioners I, Wlllla~n M. Jones, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, West Vlrgi~a, certify that :~he bond required of the special Com- missioner by the decree of ~he @lrcult Court of January 21, 1959, has been giver . W. JONES Clerk of the, Circuit Court Feb. 19-4T type being used in the job. Holds Number Distinctions Ted holds the d~stincti0n of being hte first and only person in Charles Town to teach a woman how to operate a linotype mach- ine. And his student-the late Vir- ginia Davis was as far as is known the first woman in the county to take over ,this type of work. Ted also holds the distinction of bell~g the only~type-setter to have a pony as a dally spectator for his .labors. The pony was "Topsy" a famlliar four-'footed animal a- round Charles Town for a number of years. T(~psy used to wonder ,from her grazing quarters in back of the print shop into the mechan ieal deportment and stand pa- tiently by Ted us he set type from the type case. Ted married the former Mary Alverta Baker, a Charles Town girl in 1917 and ~he still goes home 'to the same g~irl. They have three daughters and a number of grand- c~tdren. And Mr, and Mrs. Web- ster never fail to add much to the enjoyment and life of those an- nual Christmas parties which Mr and Mrs. Ralph Dorsey give each Year for .the employe~ of the newspaper. Middleway 4-1t Club Members Explain ?heir. Projects At Meetmg The Middleway Climbers 4-H Club met on Friday evening, Feb- ruary 20. The meeting opened with t~he song "West Virginia Boys and Girls", followed by the 4-H pledge and Bible verse. The mln- ales of the last meeting were read and approved Each member an- swered roll car wi,th a safe~y slo- gari. The club voted to pack u bas- ket of food as ~m Easter gift to a needy family. They laso agreed to make dish towels for the ki,tchen of the Mlddleway Methodist Chur oh. 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