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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 3, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 3, 1966

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/ 'Is NOW Stationed At or In other word,, The American William L. Glaize Of In addition to political mat- Credo. ters, the league ,aLso concerns it- se, lf with other programs such as Fitzsimons General water resources, re-apportion- ionment, the state constitution re- vision, the war on poverty, etc. Hospital, Denver, C01. Mrs. Hoffman stated• I In her remarks Mrs. Hoffman also referred to the booklet Fire Jefferson Motors Has SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE ' S IHUR, DAY. MARCH 3. 1966 Courses are developed from met- hods used by successful dealer- Completed Service Course ships Ford Marketing Institutes are William L. Glaize, service man- located in New York, Chicago, ager of Jefferson County Motors. Dallas• San Francisco, Atlanta THE MELVIN '1. STRIDER "Know Your County," which is Inc., a Ford dealership in Charles and Detroit• Since the first in- "~ "L ..... being published by the League Th " r .... Town W Va has been graduated stitute opened in 1959, approx- C U U IN 1 A L • e bp mg vores~ ~are beason " • of Women Voters and will be ........ from the service management imately 75.000 persons have art- v1T~r, nT ~t~n~. • ' • • openeo ~aarcn i ann conunues " ended courses, v ~.~, ~-.~,,-, ~,,-,-~, The largest turnout of the the organization is limited in made available to the public m until a*a' 31 inclusive Durin- course conducted by the New membership in some time was numbers at present, only 46 mere- anb~lUt: mo~thnTheabtOoOklets w~ll these months of fire danger no York Ford Marketing Institute• Charles Town present in the Rib Room of the bers and one male associate mem- duties of the various branches of outside burning will be permitted R.D. Jones, mstitute director, GO TO CHURCH SUHDAY Shepherdstown Turf Diner on Tuesday, Feb. 22 ber, and while the County Long- the county government, etc. It be tweenthe hours of 5 A.M. and Ssagdethet:h~e~aYe~.~ursed~Sp:r~- for the monthly luncheon meet- us is still being guided by the -,i~ r,,~ nlo~,m ..... ~ ~÷ .... ~ .... a r. lvl. ~astern ~tanoaru lime it - 70*8-PHONES-876-: ing of the Jefferson County state organization, she said the .,L~_, ~,-v ~ .... ~"'~ ?~-~ .... ~.°! such burnin~ is located wherement personnel improve car and Chamber of Commer~ce and heard league has already concerned it- pmces m me county at Jo ceres o t~er ccmv 1 fire may spread to any forest truck owner service requirements Subscribe To The Spirit-Advocate ~.t'~'~:~.~'.l"~'.~.,~'.~,".,o~ a progress report on the activ- self with a number of county, .__~,-~.,, wmi,,.~ ~D,,~ Toot- ! land• Burning may be done after Included are measurement and ires of the League of Women state and Federal matters ..................... ~--v, ..... "I " ' Voters of Jefferson County. Mrs IIoffman told the ~rouns ..................... 5 P M Eastern Standard Time evaluatmn of serwce~business and - _ a. ..... _ ~ I • ~. - on ~pz-e~muu Iur me mncneon, "... ..... The purposes and goals and not to expect miracles from the program nnd infrarluCod Mr~ [ prowdmg fire ~s attended at all effechve advert~szng and sales the progress made in timtwo Leazue sine it ' D ttof~man to'"the-'~att~erin~ ....o.] times and completely extinguish- promotion. th 1 a u e ' _ e- is made u_ of Other ....i-~ -% .... "~o ~''- .... [ ed before 5 A, M. Eastern Stand. The course is one of a number year.s e- e g e has be n m up- housewives and working womeri ov ....s .......... ar Tim " ' eratmn, was gzven by Mrs: Glenn who can devote only their spare ........... I d e. offered to benefit Ford and Lm- ~ia:ger~e~nn: a~da.ccq~3ntrantrdtr°~. The careless burning .of trash, coln-Mercury customers by era- Electrical Contractor (Certified Wiring) I ItlRp' " ---MODERNIZE YOUR--- 1 MOFi:.ETT'S PHAI ACY Home-Office- Farm GET our FREE ESTIMATE Westinghouse ....... Products COMPLETE LINE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: RANGERS. WASHERS-RADIOS • PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Go T0 CHURCH SUNDA. I I "" REFRIGERATOI S- TELEVI, SIONS ................ r t' oudo'un ANGUS "Ut'L any of these towers, local Fire ee-ay APPLIA,cEMAGAHAcE ER SALE ........ Dial 725-5516 North George Street --- Charles Town, W. Va. SATURDAY MARCH5 1966 PUBLIC SALE I Having rented my farm and discontinuing farming, I will sell on the premises located just North of Middletown and Rt. 40A along the road toward Myersville in Frederick County, MarY" THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1966 BEGINNING AT 9:30 A. M. PROMPTLY. TO-WIT: 60 HEAD REGISTERED AND GRADE HOLSTEINS--60 • . • 22 REGISTERED--38 GRADES i,. __~1 I 1 I~m ~_____~._____1 .__ I~~ I lii eleven large open heifers. The herd is nearly 160% artificially " ,,~o ............. sired by Maryland-West Virginia sires and bred now to these P UBLIK:SALE good udders Foundation cattle were of Rag Apple blo dline~ ~offman, League vresidem.~ time to tbe league oro~rarns I []ned r r oh tow / i ~~t.none rlagers~own milker units; wash up tank; strainers; milker line in old ha#" ' The 48 Chamber members and While the I[eague of Women ¢;rava~t tho now'niroot,,- ,¢ n,~"~ and children playing with match phasizing after - purchase service guests heard. Mrs. Hoffman re;- Voters does deal with political searc.h ~,,,,--n ~---~,-v-,~-~r~ .... ~ ..... ~ .=,,~=,r"-'"~ es are the. most common, causes and better customer relations at Rhonhortl Cnl]oc, o a re,oct .el of forest fires during these Spr- port on revmwmg the league's matters, it does not give support I)r "*()~ver"S"Ik-enl~e~rY~-Presi"- , ing Fire danger months. A metal - - mstory that one of the purposes to either political party or any dent ,~ Sheniaord Colle~,~" Cliff'[ DOMINIC COTTA, JR. ]container, with top located away ~l_~..l~. ~U~I--~NN&~, for the foundmg of .the league political candidate. But as a rot. " ....... " I • " • was to combat apathy m the coup- er service it doe, s attempt to pro- or Collier and An~hnnv 17roo~i~ Private E-2 Dominic Curia Jr, from any materml that will burn ~il[l[i~ WflMll|lUltlll ty towards mumopal, count~, vide accurate information on the of Keyser _ known to his many friends and m which to burn trash will help ~" r~,m ~.v~n~ ~,~o~n,~,,~ ~ [acquaintances in Charles TownI pl~event many grass and forest state and Federal government candidate and to state their po-je~erso~-~o~un~y,~un~or Ocfhthe.]and Ranson as "Cheeko," haslf!res-Parents should warntheir Theatre and problems, sitions on issues to the voters Mrs. Hoffman said that while who desire to become better in.- ber of Commerce announced that'been transferred from Fort Sam l cmmren of the danger oz playing D~r~r ~xr ~r* the Jaycees will hold their an-~ Houston, Texas to the Fitzsim-[ with matches and keep them out ~o,,,~, ,~. v~. _ nual Distinguished Service A-!mons General ttospital, Denver, I of reach of youngsters. Persons wards bannuet nn Wodnocdav Colorado. His new address is Pvt./allowing fire to escape to the Fri.-Sat. Mar. 4-5 March 9, at the Citizen s Fire E-2 Domlmc Cotta, Jr., US 52-638- property of another are.remmded Jerry Lewis - Tony Curtis ttall 922, Medical Co Box 1831 Fitz-I mat they are responsible for any .... ~ ............ President Jackson reported'sir/ions General Hospital, Denver, I damage as well as cost of suppres "'I:~Ut~JL[N~ l~l.}]2jl~N~'" that the Chamber had received Col., 80240. /sing fire. IN TECHNICOLOR 104 E. Washington St. -" Charles Town an invitation from Walt Whitt- He is a former employee of the/ Three Forest Fire Towers will ington of Shepherdstown to hold mechanical department of the[ be manned in the Tri-County area SATURDAY 1 P. M ONLY the March meetin~ in th~ dining, Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate this Spring, North Mountain Tow- . ..... " " DIAL 725-7321 " -- .................. • , . aonn .... n~ in eoom of his restaurant l er, tezephone number, CA 9-3379, ""~ • ~---- ! t---- t~L__t_. I~ll~ " observer Mr Gates, Sleepy Creek"TE'r PILAW'' I,ee Line ndpler nan [Fire Tower~ Berkeley Springs, o ~. ,~,_,~x.,~t V , telephone number, 258-1825 obser I H~ ~_ll~h~-M~hn~ Atlver Mr. McBee, Sideling Hill Fire Cartoons. Adm.- 25c For All Ages ...... ~ [Tower, Paw Paw, telephone num- ~'*~~ - - - - " - - - - - -- - -- " ............ ] ~n.$$ ,n ~ . . ] ber 947-3145 observer, Mr. Powell Sun.-Mon.-Tues.Mar. 6-7-8 L~tiAL ~OTIC~ Forest fires may be reported to I t, llti'Slge nemurant I Sandra D Bo" b Darrin NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN I Be "i "" "e ~" '" [ - • Donald O'Connor ........ [ e ~ ne unapt r, ~gaugntersl Department, or any of the follow • lna~ appucauon was mane on , me" lSth day of February, 1966, ~ of the American Revolution, held] ing persons: That Funny Feelinz__ a luncheon meeting Saturday Feb l CHARLE~ TaWN ' ,,,~ ,~,,~ ,,, by the Western Umon Telegraph ruary 19, at Chffslde Restaurant[ ~.~.+ ~ ^..~u ~a c~.,,+~ Company to the Federal Corn- m celebratmn of Washmgton s[ ,~. __~ o. ,0= 0~=0, .... • ............... munio~tia.o P,~mm;o | ~-n ~| hiy~hd~l~' [ UIILIIIdll DL., Id~O'~OOd~; Ulli:tllUb X1.Yveu-IUUrS Mar ~-zu • ............... ....~s.ont~, u,~ ........ z. I Clinn M-ercfo-,,, ~olnn 79~ ~707"" " ~ " continue the seasonal office lo- rs. Emory Kable, Regent, presI E ,az Da,~ ~h ~,,~ R ..... 79~. Troy Donahue In outedin CharlesTown Rue~ ded and 1~ rs J Edward Savllle, I .............. ,~, _ n~ _ _1 n f~_,_**~ ...... "--." ..... ~ ~ozo~ ~ rmmmg, oa~ ~agm lYlv I~IOOU l~un~ m ~11:i T " unaplam ancl ~lag unalrman, leo • • d o ~.~,, rack, West Virginia. If the appli. . ......... I Ave 725-5375 • In Erie salute to ~tne Flag ann • " ev?~°ni'l~ g:a:t2'a:lUb~tltU~s=" t gave the invocation. ]HARPERS FERRY --- Play "BANZO" Every Thursday ! I ..... y .. ':l ~kmong guests introduced was/ Virlis Peer, Rt. 9 near Va. Line II I I ger ano tempnone, a~ no auoeu Mrs James Phillips, Regent of] top Blue Ridge, 725-9174; Edgard 1.00 P. M. 4-H FAIRGROUNDS cost to the public, through the Pack Horse Ford Chapter, whose]R. Everhart, Rt. 32, 0.3 mi. N. of 1 1 Western Union and agency of-, extended an invitation to all mere/Pipertown Grocery; Captain H. I lET 0ll R | LEESBURG, VIRGINIA rices in Charles Town, Jefferson bers of Bee Line Chapter to help Rodgers, Rt. 32, 0.2 mi. S. of Piper I ." U 1 County, West Virginia. Additional them celebrate their fifteenth an town Grocel'y, 725-2400; Ollie | "lAIATf" LI ~/~ ¢'2_" I teleohone acceptance and d~liwrv niversary at the March meeting ttawk, N. of Rt. 9 on Rt. 32; Clan- [ I v ~ r~.~, , ,J ~.~,,.4 1 land on: Offering 26 graded and weighed herd bull prospects service will 'also bo avnilahto .~t m Shepherdstown. . de arcum, 5 mL S. of Mr. M~ss- I I f~ I I !.4 17"/~T1 ready to make profits for YOU. no ........ ~ :: ...... ~..7" A card from Mrs F. L. Bush- ion on Rt. 9/5 Daniel M. Arm-I I ~,~ l_ ~,,__, ~ 1 thr auue~ cos~ ro ong was read saying' that she was strong, 2½ mi. S. of Mt. MissionI I -~ERVI~E I Sale Manager Virginia Angus Associatio " ougn me western union ottice present in spirit if/ not in body. on Rt. 9/5; Harry C, Armstrong; [ I v v 1 at Baltimore, Maryland. The afore- Each member then introduced 0.3 mi. S. of Mt. Mission on Rt. I 1 G UA R D ¥0 U R I DAVE LEONARD, Executive Secretary mentioned offices observe open their guest or guests:. These were; 9/5 Charles Town, 725-2459 Frank 1 1 P. O. BOX 196 hours as follows: , Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. G. W. Myers, Ainsworth, Opposite Fire Hall; t I HEATI N I " • 1 ....... CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA 293.3044 CliarlesT,..~. ~..,¢ ,~^ IMrs Rmhard Neal, Mrs. Robert 725-3581; James Kzdwel, Fflmore I I ~West"~ir~l~;" .... ILeal'lit, Mrs. Raymond Riddle-Ave. Residence 725-3381; works I COMFORT I Feb. 24-2t- w .... "-',..L:J~.t: ....... ]berger, Mrs Joseph Henderson, at Blue Ridge Acres 725-9016. 1. m Mo.d,.%,., .ao AM- s: oM.'IMrs. Donald "Kable, Mrs. Rolfe FOREST RANGER 1 I ~'a.. 725-7510 Forty-o~e,,are milk cows, seven "bred heifers due in fai~ S~d~avar CLOSED ]Hayes, Miss Urat~a Gibson and ~"1"~" L T"'~'"i'* ~'~ 'txr -o~,,,~ l ~l~llLL AGENCY OFFICE ~wrs. xa. t~. ~uen. St, Martinsburg; Office 267-7730" I ~o~ AUTOMATI0 DELIVERIES OF | Monday-Friday 5~.30 P.M. -~ 9:00 P.M. [ After a delicious luncheon Mrs. n~o;n .... ,~a ~ ' 1 - - I ~aturday 8:30 A M - 9"00 P M I " " " Sunday B 9:0o A.'M.- 2;0o PIM: K2b~eion:r°d:mC~i:the °f:ine2rst~nd SERVICE FORESTER- I ~~ i top bulls. It is a young herd with lots of dairy character a~tl W~alTti~d~7~MNrylandE turned the meeting over to Mrs...Gal~o L, G.eertsema, 528 W. I ~ I and several excellent cow families sell. Daughters of Champiott, Monday-Friday ALWAYS OPEN IM. I. Edwards, Program Chair- trace ~t., Marunsourg, Ottlce zui- 1 ~ I Poseh, Supreme, Rim, Reward, Booster, Leader, Della, EmF DtsconAnuing farming and havingsold dairy herd and airy S~drd~yr ~LW~Y~ nOp~[N [man, who introduced the speaker 7730; Residence 267-6172.[ I ~ ~ [ eror, Master Cross, Grand Master and Senator selling. The co~ equipment in fall of 1965 we will offer heifers and complete ._ ." .......... L'-"";'L"'7:" IMiss Gladys Hartzell, a member COUNTY CONSERVATION 1 • ~ ~ ..~ ~ • l ~uy memuer oz me punne no-~ Pack Ho Fo~" Cha "er ...... • • ~ ~ ~ TM • are bred to freshen throughout the year and sell in all stages line Of farm machinery at farm located on Hollow Rd. between oI rse ct p~ . OVVlUWU -- I Rt. 40 and 40A Northeast of Middletown, Md. on; sil:ing to _protest o.r support the ]Miss Hartzell was selected in 1964 Earl Kidwell, Charles Town 725~ I t ~ ~ ~ ~l~ I I of lactation. The heifers are welt grown, artificially sired fro~ c sing of this otnee may com.[as one of four teachers in West 7137. I 1 ~ ~l I the top cows of the herd and exceptionally nice. An exeelleM SATURDAY, MA 'CH 5, 1966 municate In writing withthe Fed-]Virginia to receive the Valley VIRGINIA FOREST WARDENS I "~" I opportunity to purchase quality Holsteins, either registered at " AT 10 O'CLOCK oral Communications Commiss~ Forge Teachers MedM She chose Land0n P Compher Loudoun i 1 1 grade. T. B. and Bangs accredited and Certified, and 30 day test. ion, Washington, D. C, 20554, onlas her topic Valley Forge, Old ...... ; .... , ........ i • nrl1=l&lA' All I FARM MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT 20-GRADE HOLSTEIN HEIFERS-20 " an New uounw, rlmsooro tm~-ot~,~; J~,ll or before MARCH 23rd, 1966 ] d Ro st ..... ~" . I I nl:/lllllti UIL I , " . " y on, ularKe uounty ~ront , M~ss Hartzell told of many , I due in April, 15 bred to freshen July and August, 4 calves Mar. 3-10 . ~.~+~ ,^ xr.u ....... ,~ ..... Royal, ME 5-8218; John Racey, I I McCormiek-Deering Farmall Model M tractor recently ovee ..... .... _ a in ton,7' %a dua der 7°2 Frederick County, Winchester; .............. hauled, good rubber; MeCormiek-Deering Super C Farmall wi~ fast hitch, corn cultivators; Model 600 New Holland field eho~ 8 mos. old. Tested within thirty days of sale. 1 " [ on- item- vi~e- -- ?~:: "P?_" MO 2-7925; Cloyd C James, Short [ ~kAJ[~Jl~l~J U~ ~).~ LI~(J. per with grass head; New Idea 2 ton rubber tire wagon and flat Will sell Baltimore milk base. 1 [0" Ill VA.. I silvger fil~ ewe.o mere were two Mountain Tower, i-Iillsboro 668- [ FARM MACHINERY . ~t| - ~gree wine coasters wl~n 2671 I DISTRIBUTOR 1 t, ~ m ~. ~ I walnut bases brought to Hare- HARPE FE Y I I bed with racks; McCormick-Deering 4 ton rubber tire wag0~ 1 r~n] ~pp~y Needs I wood by George Washington, a RS RR " I with flat bed and racks; John Deere rubber tire hay rake; Farmall Super M with remote control and new tires; Farmall I ~ Call or Visit Us silver ladle brought to Blakeley NATIONAL PARK -- Model 606 New Holland hay crusher; Super 77 New Holland 200 with good rubber; cultivators; grader blade; 7 ft. mower; baler, good as new; John Deere hay fluffer; JD 27 tooth 3 see~ I I~! ....... ] to his cousin, and a copper kitch- Andy Hutchinson - Chief Rang- [ UAJ~'I corn planter(manure loader, all for 260 tractor; 55 International I ~J Sn.TII[RN TITF 1 en teakettle made by and given to or, Harpers Ferry 3692; RobertI IlWll~ll t , ion harrow; 28 disc heavy duty McC-Deering disc harro¢; baler with bale thrower, like new; InternaUonalr hay crusher; | .................... . ...... 1 I Martha Washington by Conrad nck, Rager, Harpers Ferry, ; :~~!~: ::~ ] Smoker 40 ft. grain and bale elevator; new Dunham 2 row eultF 4 bar New Idea hay rake; Case elevator; International one row I ~HL[:~ |~N ~U~R~|I~[: I I Schindler, who later came to 3691; Joseph R.'-Prentice . Supt., ] iiiiiii~~i!iiiiiiiiiiii ] packer; tractor type wood saw; 12" Little Genius 2 botto~ co#n p|eker; 2 International di~ harrows; J?hn Deere 2 gang 1 Ran~0n, We~tVirg~nia Dhl725-2~12~ Shepherdstown to make his home Harpers Ferry, 2821. ] !!ii~i~!iiiiiiill / plows; JD fertilizer and lime sower; JD 7 ft. trailer mower; 14 in. trip bottom plow; John Deere 12 ft. lever harrow; 4 wag- ~" ~ [and continue his trade since his S.C.S. OFFICE --- Charles Town, I iiiiiiiii~~!iii:::!::~ / New Holland large size pull type manure spreader, like ne.~ ons with high sides for bale thrower; pulverizer; 1 heavy drag; --~4 ~, ~,-. ] beautiful stone house at Valley Office 725-5424; George L Cole, ] i~i!ii~~::ii~!~:i::ii / Century fiehl sprayer with drums and 2 wheel trailer; McC- New Holland table blower and pipe; New Idea P. T. O. manure ±~orman r~. ~lsner [Forge was to be used as Washing- Residence 725-9073; George E. I iiii~~i!i i / riding corn plow; Syracuse 30-~8 barshear plow; single a~ spreader; 4 wheel manure spreader; Century sprayer, Superior -----OF----- ion's Headquarters. Tabb, Residence 725-9360. [ !~!l;:~!::i~:~::i~iii!~ Nationwide Insurance says: The Old Valley Forge Memor!al ' ]. :iiiiii:~:ili:ii~i:iiiil [ double shovel plows; corn coverer; one horse dump cart, good 13-7 drill, f ft. snow blade for manure loader; tractor chains , . , ] Monument includes many old his I~U ~^,.,.&.,,~4|~n D^.m|& [ ~i::~~::!::i:i:i!ii~ 1 condition; corn sheller; bag truck; 1,000 lb. Fairbanks. scaleS; 2 I. H, heavy duty hydraulic'cylinders; ~12 ft. trailer with flu* [ "M w f ¢hmre I [torical buildings the Bell Tower, lVl ~Ull~llUt, llUll rclm. [ iii!iiii line shafts and pulleys~ cant hoo~s: 15 h)g chains; old bro~ll bottom; snow fence; iron fence posts; electric fencer and 6f ,~u .~,.~,~ l ~::::~.:,~:~v~.~':,.,, ] [ [the Chape, and monuments to ....... [ ~~ axe; grain sacks; 2 buggy poles; single and double trees; hiteil: iron posts~ feed cart; 2 hay racks; heat houser for Super M" I . [ [many national heroes, brante lo CITies I ~~~ mugs; wagon tongues; hitches; yokes; jocke3 sticks; 2 ,sets gda~ several gates; 40 ft. ladder; hay and straw left by sale; garden [ n0hcv gun n~v ] [ Winning the award made Miss t ~~"~ breeching; wagon saddle; leather lines; fly nets; pair stud : tractor; 12 milk cans; paint sprayer; barn fan; 90 ft. new silo I I* $ I" $ ] "l Ha~ltzell more aware of a new T~tun D~a|~ ¢$~&|~, [ .... ~~~i~ I housings: plow shears; log wagon; hay loader; 2 sets block a~d rope; I~A in. vae'imm line; 250-electric chicken brooder; 2 metal [ . . ] I Val ey Forge and she spent part /UWH IIOUIU Jlalltnl I ~~::~ I Crml ..h n _fi " I ]of her last trip learning more I : tackle; 2 sets dehorners; 2 screw jacks; 150 ft. hay rope. hog troughs; 11 tires 4 850x17, some ilke new. ' i "~'l~,,.,,v I I about the Freedoms Foundation After many months of suspen- I ~~l ~ : Complete blacksmith tools---anvil; forge; vise; tongs; hammerS; HOUSEHOLD 1 " ' , I tat Valley Forg.e The pro'ectj plans sful.waiting, word was officially : etc.; horse shoeing equipment; lot of old home made door stl~ | .. ', " .. [ [many buildings to be built in the received at WXVA Wednesday] ii~ ~ll hinges; etc. White porcelain Monogram heater, excellent condition; 3I ~ATIONWIDE s new vam- ] [ future and named after American Feb. 16 that an ~M construction [ i 1 : Butchering equipment---scalder; 3 iron kettles; tables; hool~; double I~eds; 4 coil springs; 2 iron baby cribs; 1 double ward. I ily Security Plan for ! I Patriots as, for example the Ben- permit had been granted by the] : I : robe; 1 child's wardrobe; 1 chest drawers; 1 vanity; 1 bureau; I "getting started" families ] ]jamin Franklin Communication Federal Communications Curare-] 8 sets tripods; good grinder and stuffer, etc. ', with sm ll, bud ets can Center The centers will be plan- ission. : .::::,:::::~ 6 wood bottom chairs; 6 kitchen chairs; 1 child's training chair; . • • ~ a,~o,~.~ ....... :. DAIRY EQUIPMENT: Majoinner 250 gallon tank; 3 DeLaY# a g --- " . ~ ii~::!~!.:~::~ .... rn,~r..+~,,,,,-~ +;,,,,,s as places where the Ameri- In commentmg on the announ-]! :~~~," : 36 in. Ilotpolnt•electric stove; 4 9x!2 llnoleums; new lard cans; | 7;;e amoult["YJur~fi= | [can Way of Life can be explained cement, WXVA president and gen ] ~J i for 18 cows; stall cocks; 2 sets electric clippers; feed cart~ barrel vinegar. All in good conditiom forks; shovels; scoops; hand tools. Robert And Margaret Guyton ~ {fly could get~" $34,000 for- ] ]studied,on mtactUnderst°°d'c e ~and passed erai manager, J. Strider Moler, ;:.;:~:~ep, mat-'~:~s a ..... nearmg" " [tm'~ ] ] ] " • to su c ed'ng generat- said that construction would be- . ......... -- FEEDS--All baled alfalfa and mixed hay, and silage left bY [ a $10,000 life plan. [ lions. The Foundation hopes to gin in the near future, with" an ano tt can .cip m~n_lonsoz, Pt~" time of sale. Also to be sold for Mr. George Wiles, same ttme and place, I Cost is low, protection I [ maintain and honor and show on-air date to be announced soon. sons. It s tile SON I='I.--~, t e IIOUSEHOLD, ETC.--Large Advance heatrola; 2 oil heater~, 75 new 10 in blocks; 100 new 8 in. blocks; 3 9x12 chimney block; [ highest when you need it I [ that the American Way of . The call letters of the new smallest md ever macle Oy lp~- electric brooders; poultry equipment; gallon milk pasteurizei t00 ft. barn eeili~g; 500 fL 2x12 forming boards; some lumber; ] rnn~t C~nll r~--- I I Llte is tl~e responsioitiw ot every tacility will be determined soon neermg ~onotonc. it s so I g t 60 new cresoto large posts; 4 eresoto gate posts 8 ft.; 40 gal. I ,'*" .......... uw. ] [true American The Freedoms The Charles Town allocation for and tiny that it's worn entirely crocks; jars; pans; dishes; stands; electric heater; tin tub; met pressure tank; 2 rolls new barb wire; 2 rolls new American wire t~ht ~ttl m ~met~¢,t~ ] Foundation is a non.profit project channell 252, will be found at' 98.3 in the ear -- there's nothing wardrobe; porch furniture. fence; wtre stretcher; 10 sheets new channel dralnroofing; 1 al- • N~[~N ro ~l~[:[~ ] to be supported by all Americans on your FM Dial, when broadcast outside the ear. You just slipAntiques: 6 hardbottom chair~, walnut case Worcester org~ -- -- [with many wealthy patrons as its ing operations begin, the SONET in your ear and and stool; spice rack; hand churn; butter bowl and print; 0 most new three-section overhead door, 8x7, with hardware.Insurance Consultant Ibackers. With this additional facility, ingenious focused 'hearing di. wooden safe; 2 section metal chest; 3 old poster cord .bed Items too numerous to mentionJ I Especially interesting was the night-time service to this corn- rects sounds to the eardrum, solid cherry bed; bureau and stand; chest of drawers; rocket NOTE: All farm machinery in excellent repair and working Faiffax Bldg.-Phone 725-58141walk in Independence Garden munity and Tri-State area will be etc. and many items needless to mention. conditioni , " [which is made of stones or bricks available for the first time Def- S O N O T 0 N E TERMS: CAStI0n day 'of sale. ~ , West Liberty Street ] froha historical places all over our inite hours of expanded otrerat- TERMS--CASH on day of sale. Not responsible for aeeide~ ................... ]nation. Though these stones are ions have not yet been determin. Of Ha erstown on prenfises. You are welcome to make inspection anytlV \Not responsible for accidents. ~n~r~Lx~ tuw~, w. v ~. 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