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March 3, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 3, 1966

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PUBLISHED ,EVERY ~SDAY :BY THE JEFFERSON PU]~LIS~[INO COo~ INC. 210 North George Street, Charles Town, W. Va. Zip Code 25414 By Hem7 W. Morrow was the Corps of Army Engineers points for the Lakers. l SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE then approximately twenty .years I In the second game W, ednesday~[ q~HlTi~A~y MAl?(~H ~ lqR~ .... later, it was again the Corps of night the Celtics eliminated the/~_..~."'~'_~.~'~__~"~_~_" .......... ' "~_.~.~" ~ .... Army Engineers. After working, Royals from teurnament play by] ......................... planning, lying awake night after scoring a 26-11 victory over them ]wnl De at me wommumty Un recenuy omn a oau,v~ night, and always the cloud of Lloyd, the league's leading scorer, Company's plant on Euclid Ave., foot factory at uncertainty hanging over our led the attack for the Celtics by in Charles Town, beginning at They are producing the heads, we again seemed secure scoring 16 of the 26 points. Lay- 9 a m. Fireman line of heating Now it is indeed doubly bitter ton also had eight points Ma- The new VCR Model Air con- merit, one of tbc leaders iJ that the enemy should come from conaughey, with seven points, ditioning unit, the new Custom field of heat for years. home and that our own represent was high for the Royals. Mark Ii Boiler, Circulaire Fur- Community O~l Company atives in Congress should be ad- The fourth round action nace and Tahitian Air Purifier, comes this oppo~lunity of vocating a bill that would take staged on the Charles Town High will be included in the complete ing trie people of this ........... ~ ~ 22 500 ~,,-,~T ~ ................... all of our Ioyely Shenandoah hardwoods Friday night, Feb. 18, heating and air-conditioning latest in the modern, clean, l~r~l~ ~x ~.-~, l~ ~ ~,JX-L,~ THE YOI,LY OF get arouna,..~o reeogn~mg mat it River frontage for a "scenic ease- saw the Royals defeat the Lakers showing being sent to Charles omical way to heat and ai~ __ . -- ..... USING LABELS rumply can t De expmmea in sucn merit" Is it those who are partly 20-18 in the first game of the Town by the Space Conditioning dition re.~idential bu.~ines6 Second Class Postage Paid At Chm'les Town ros oince The longer I live the more I'm simple and naive terms as com. misinformed, is it something that doubleheader attraction, with Me- Company. indus--trial- annlication- YoU ~ . '~ ' convinced that its lack of ability mun!sm and anti-communism, will look just fine at election conaughey hitting for 14 of the The unit will be at the Com- welcome from 9"00 a m NATIONAL NEWSPAPER to communicate that's at the ~e.m~eaiy, weare coming to reco- time, or are there those here at Royals' 20 points. Thompson and munity Oil plant until afternoon 10"00. _.D m." " ' ~ | act~'~e~Td~N root of more than half of the graze thattor the past one home who are looking for a soft Mills each had six points to lead This i-s the first time a complete Insl de a - io xtr cure" s snoma vls " : Read Spirit-M " 3 966 . . . i . , - " tl build or remodel a" home THURSDAY, MARCH , 1 save..- and I'm having difficulty age Vietnamese. doesn t.give. 'c two / be human. It is true, the land- Packers Walker was high scorer Ch.,,~n~, ooo ,~o ,o,oo~ ,. ~ono~. Go To Church Su ..... enough getting it across in plain hoots m hell about sopmsu areaowners are in the minority but for the Packers, with 7 points, h'ea i'n- and a r "condi'tio n ............... CPU/%gI| ~ i~ ~d}~fll~ English to other people who read political laoe~s, communism, or [ is it only us? The Power line has [' rnet~ ~ ! ~I|WI- U~lll Ih~llVll plain English - - - is that even in .aemoracy. wna.~, ne wants zs a]gone through, the landscape hide. I~~~:i!~.~'~i~Y~ ""Th~7." . ............ lan ua-e different e$ er way ot hie, and we are/ouslv marred tho fields l ....... ne tmsmm arK 11 un lrea If"--'] Vnf, Beil Jefferson County voters will have an opportumty next words conjure up different ima- permitting the communists t]scarred. The Vepco bulldozers[ ~V|~ er w 1 be shown w~th the II I : c t or re ect a method whmh has f cnampion that when we ought to |'|~|~ remarkable oil saving feature Schools March Tuesday, March 8, to ac ep j " ges, with the result that many o i ' . . can spread mud all over the high t " " II''~ be championing it ourselves m- with savings of 20% or more on been p oposed" by the Jefferson County Board of Educatmn the conflicts that, exist m the . . way m a manner that If done by .1 . Pol .................... ,~: ..... :^_ :_ ,L^ ~.^^~ v..n .... rP +oda-' arent conflicts at stead, we are~strmgmg along with[a farmer woul~ "-robabl.. be ~ro PRI:VlFW o, Space Conditmnmg Company I ( C nntv Wo hr, that every voter eligible all: They re jus names over I "%:: --7 -.'= ! secured, borne one else naa I I ........................ .~--v ....... , 2 .... . .... m the serious and studied con- labels. _ . [ ................... i: ..... ,^ ,^[enough pull to get rid of it, so] By Kani Lane. " n r Take Vietnam, for examp , . thanks to the procedure of apprai- mderatmn It deserves. We are not ndowed with any supei o which ha-,ens to be our Number have the kind of government they t sal and condemnation here it is I ...__,^_ I i knowled e that would give us the right to tell people now ,~__ ..:.5.,'-^_ ~, the moment Iwant We even call it the Repub-! ..... ' - ~ u~Hc~ ,a.~n,,gtu, ,.c~Hr ~ ........ g . . . v,~ p~uo~w, a~ . " . on our lanaseape, zo make us they should vote on thls matter. But we do say tills: every We've ot 200000, men there right I lic of ....... SouthVietnam. But nOW[c-rmoe~ everv' tlm_o we drive" ha__. ~~~,~-~,.~ , ,st ] .... "~ ~+ ~'. " t.~::~, , N. -- ~.~--,. i.~------ ~ "~['~ ~ ~" g - -- "- , i. voter who intends to vote should weigh the questmn carefully now, with more scheduled to go. [the tacts.are" SlOWly. oegmmng, to ] a tower or see a scarred field. ] "BO~'- Rn~,, -~h,,~in~, ] | ~ 1= w. -- , come 0 ilgnu ~nat JX an election 9 .... ' ......... ~ not onl from the wew of what will happen if It passes, but And why. The one single word I . . : ; ....... [ But is this the end. In the face / atur"-,- I -- -- -- = = = also from the angl o$ what will happen if it doesn't. Only that seems to explain it all is ]were to De .acid In ~ou.m wemam| of naked power, there seems to t Thanks to expert fun-makers ~ | || | N ~= P |! ~ | | [[ + + ....... ' d maay our sloe woula take a nell- , ,, = ~ = m = '~ ~ m whon t.ho voter ha.~ done thlS e~n he be m a os hon to commumsm. All you ve got to o[ .............. | be no defense. Sometimes, It[ and beautifu~ ~.irls Boein~ suc- | ........................... ~ .'- ..... r uva liCKing; ~nat $ne ~epuDiiC 0! . . ~ o . , . o . -- ~...t~ ~;o ~_~|],~+ ;,~mHe.m4hr ~nv~no wh~ ~.~ aho~bJe to vote m this country ~s pin that wo d I ......... ] appears from nowhere, msideous- [ ceeds m susnendm- audience dis- J .,~ ,-o ~-~..-~ ........ ~ .... ., ..... a .............. o--- he ~ournvlemam isnot exacuy .... ~" ~, ,, ,, or that label on someone, and t ly w~thout warnm like a thmf e e n 1 n should g, . belief to th xte t that most can put ~n X one ba lot, a,d . overwhelming majority of the [~Vhhiat netthi~:r$f rWehe~lihe/in the night, and then it ,s again t moviegoers should have a fine ! ='rue ...... ~.,,= ,~, ,~,,~ people in this, country are off t.o I o..n ~oot o,:]., ,,,o,,~o .pu ,a~,~ ] too late. [ time. Direction for the most part I =" l H K the races Its me one magic ........ ~ o.. .... o ...... .~ .......... ~r'~ '" Sincerely, keeps things moving at breakneck WtL 0MI:, JUIS .... ch orm are at the root of the .... I! wordthat, mopposltlon.towh, "[...~,,om ,...~,,~, w~b,v~hOXO~/ Virginia Burns/speed. Color photography ls,~ DATTI E'TflilJl/M IMM we can use o 5e pUDiiC support v .... ,--,. --, o-..-~, ............ . -- fine, and Paris locales are wellI ourselves into a very untenable of m our ,o. ie .... i;o; o 'a e, oom [ 11111 esteem in this community by those who know ram, ma e an wnere on the giooe. And m any- I *" ....... ...... -- ':] ........... | " 1 " .... ] v munism, we nave iv.en a oad Thanes lown, ~V va properly harassed as a man wlm rv tmn to us dm'm the ast week whmh we beheve body dares to question what we , g ] _ | l i ~I)DVMIIIE |/Ill.lUll obse a " g P ........ aame an unaccentable name to! March 1, 1966| a complicated love life and a min- ]1 DI=I I ! ILLEe IlKIlNIA " S The ist of his comment was are oomg we ve goc anomer zorm , ~ .... metals passing on other . g ........... .... I something every decent American[ Mr. Max Brown, ute-to-mmute romantic timetable. th~s: The Job Corps located two miles notheast of Ch ' ........ i~ ~ ~-~m t-o" w^ -et ~ wants" a better deal for the| Editor, Sprat-Advocate| The big comedy news, however, [ | ........ ,-~; tu s=~ -u ,,-. ,- , ,, ~ s" " Cha 1 i ut er ewi Town ~s now a reahty; notwithstanding the d~wsmn of opm- rid of him b,, sa-in~ he's -ro- ]people of South and North Viet- r es Town, W. Va. [ s the deb of a new J ry L s, ~ ~=|| r]l~.~., T~ TI-~ ~==L,|=~ ion that once existed on the question of whether it should or . v " ~ ~" [nam The only way out of the Dear Max: - |who is excelleent in a sophistcat- ~ ~||| ~[~.||||l~J[~ ||| |||I~_ ~|||||||~ .... communmst. " " " " ' A a- -" ........ ~ ..... " "-a-h "e-' come~- --I- ~ .. === ~.=.~= ~ ~=v ~m~~ here , s n /ntervsteo parent, t~ c U uy ru ~ should not be located here, the fact remains that It ~s ; This is the sor"~, state we re in [ impasse is to recognize what Sen- [ .... "/ I | w , er, ana resioent of Jefferson Cou x and it now becomes the duty of all of us to pitch in and ork in this countr- today" We re short I ator Kennedy gave voice to last ....... |. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ I ". " . " i r nel and to make the facilities , " "" week: that all factior s need to/.n,W' I nave oeen rymg to d scuss| THAT FUNNY FEELING" !1 r u K ]jH I N P N N U N w th to work wlth ts pe son , ~ handing ourselves to death with [ ............. ~ tn coming, ,~ona issue wim as~ e.....~.. ~ .... ~.. ~,,. ~,.,,h l~ "- " " " " -- ~ w w " " i e axn is here etime o but sit clown ana tam w zn me unaer .......... ............ of th s commumty avmlable to them wh le th C p [ labels that som s d , I ................. I many people as possible | 6 7 8 tv ........... "-e-tl- sensible view that this news more frequently don't, have any [ s an ng pol ucai lapels wmI feel that our Board of'Ed and " " Tnls lS an cram u y. '" ........ " t~'i"- but " su'-erficial relation:~ ue ie[t at rue door of the confer-I ......... " / Bobby Darin as a publishing I 1~1 IV k4 IBPU [ q flll paper apologizes for not hawng expresseo it neretozore, weI .... [ence room so that proper attent-l our m.zens. omm ttee nave pre:| firm executive with an apartment I~ Ji' I ur ual manLn :!. ~- ~ -~ ,'- -'~ ~" sented tO all voters a ver souna , .. i. .. = =.===v== w~ =----. surmise that there are some people who are literally watering we're'faced w~t'l~ The best wav~m ] ion can be given to the issues [ 1 '~ Y ....| on New York s fashionable East I the aiting the irst opportunity to s y, ' to d I the world to des reditl and t ere I themselves as di ti uished from/ 2 2fsena 2_r r2 ) 2t Sahara nee: as an aspi I! you so," wben efforts at the Ca p fail to meet a one hundred Iby discourage, constructive and [ the labels we have so foolishly ] actress WhO WORKS as a part- 7, ~ . l, llllJ~k Iill. f r ..... put on them .,0.~ y~uptv, xi tn~ ~allJ~ ~.uuv, time malo 1:o meet expenses wnne rcent measure of s.uccess. These same people will set a independent thinking in this I | -~ an" othe- "ou" were +o ._.~t-| ..... . ....... I I KA | ! H" ! IIWN .... i ,, -- # - s- v, ~ **o.~ awalung staraom, nt easny into - ~r~ k~- v ~ i ss ~l h gher standards of conduct for chose at the Camp than they [ country to pin a dirty label on [ L ncoln once said, If you call I on a plan for many years, Im| - - I dare set for themselves or for others whose, to put it bluntly, [ it. It is not a new technique. In ] a tail a leg, how many legs does / sure it would not be the perfect| this ,rothy, well-mounted comedy [ | D~I~WIII~ UiI~_IUll randfathers~ - were born and reared he e". Let's face it" the fact the technique is almost as [ a dog have? Five? ......... No; calling a { solution n-r would it ~wrv| o* e~ors., ~onaR1 O'Connor .as | .~ DL~R I ~ ILLLe ~i~]1~!/~ g " .... " " tail a le don t make it a le ~ - " ~vlr. uarin s pu~-upon associate, transit personnel of the C mp will not be composed of asthecunt ry:tsel And tlThim, age hat t ev are egt" There are those whO]and Nita Talbot as Miss Dee'st, bunchofLittle Lord Fau.nt! i oOyS, d twfllernr tben OmPsOSoed / ecause peo ple are as 'ca ly'in ei [ w t we cali" them7 ~/e contin-/gr:mld t~re ~e e~arg%~on%P;~| ~hon~mvat~[tare ~afPYdaddi~on~to [ A~ _ --=-- --- - --.e~o~ _ _ - : - oz escapee oz penal Stl U . . p pe "I ectually lazy and are for the most! ually play into the hands of the I ....... ................. e . y. "I " C[Ial/~U Llll~ UI- tll~Lt, UUL W~ I[IU~L nel are as deserwng of our help and cooperatmn and hos- I hart nerfectlv willin~ to let other [ real communists in the world to- [ .......................... | color. , ~ ~ ~'~ I ,~ I I ~ / ~ " " en " o . . u, c t,e v,upu u v*a, plt~llty ~S anyone else. If we do not have the good judgm tI people do their thinking forday when we permit tehm to[is the result of much study and| "-----" I~ | and the good manners to ~how that, it might be well for us tthem. The technique is simple| champion every move for social~consideration " | "MY BLOOD RUNS COLD" ~ /V to ponder on the question of whether or not we should not be I enough all you do~ is pin a bad ] reform in underdeveloped coun- / We need a buildin- ~ro--am| 8bowing Sum. Mon.. Tue., March [~ " " . ' " ' label on something you don t like tries. A'll they have to do is say ~ v ~j~ 6 " ~7 " 8 [ ~ ~ ~ stupped off somewhere for a program of rehabilitation for] ......... [ ..................... f now, not in or in d~finite num-/ ........... c-i ....... 1V"" I~ ~ ~d~ :~ ~ +~" ,~,,r~lv~ ~or oon~ unoers~ana, aria men/mey are ~en,nu SomctntHg atto. ~,,.~,. ,~ ,,,,,~,*~ .,,ho,~ ~oo~,~&.,+~ .,..~-uugn ~n a ~ u~n~, a W~ ~u~l~ ' _,.~:~.~ -' .......... [pin a good label on what you dowe respond like Pavlov's dog. It ~"~" ~," v~-~ -,,~;. -?o ..... ; .... I heiress gets involved with a dis-]O "-=Tl~--= ................ ~ ]like and start waving the flag. /is time we started responding may ve c.nangea, we nave oeen.[ turomg young man, who con-|}[ assured, It me need arises, tna~ ~N ~~~~" [ No effort is being made hereto causes instead" of labels. The ........... Ivrices her that they are the re-I~ me proposed ouumng coma oe " [ to suggest (why do I have to even [real friends of communism in the .............. [ incarnation of a pair of ancestral | ~ ~- l-- m ~ -- anoea to wlmout any great alttl I say that' ') that we have no/world today are those who jump ......... :[lovers, dead for over a century.]~ ~mm~n~ ~~IAA~A ' CUlty Anyone OOUDUng me neea I For Greater information and more enjoyment in reading business in Vietnam. But when,/into opposition everytime the . ........... .Against the over-wrought ob-I~ , I IllL PtUYU1 llk your newspaper, a jouralism professor has suggested i in the name of heaven, will we/communist label is used.|som^ o" t~'^ ^ver-cro--ded ~'-~s]fectins of her dominerring fa-IR " ~ e s'" ..... ~ ~ ,~ , w ~,ao- ther, she is intrigued into meet- these Ten Commandme fm R ader . I roo- ; .... r [ ...... Read your newspaper fully each issue. Make it a habit. I much needed High School for the I land for school buildings and was As'I not i n'the'construction J rags with thlsro .manuc .s}ranger. I A+ D] , . . ' ana elopes wlm mm on nlS D0at J.~ t~o~.~j -- .~.t~ .Llx~c~ .t' ~JZZVvvlx~ .c 2o~.~o D~n t be h~adlin~han~v He~ds are ~ust the menu" vou ldlstrmt 1931 the corner stonethought of one time to place the husiness I fee~ that I must re. " must eat the food itself't og t a satisyfying meal. i v9a3s2 ort th Sssb il rn ad;.aatd #eho l f?f fld %%ithere y of' spect opinion of the reputable I T . ,I, ,, Don t p ge-one happy. Your most nterest ng items I from this High School Halltown ] the Ha,'-ers "Fer,-, Atumni Asso architect ..wno .asmstea our ~Oaro~ ~|~[]~ ~|[ ~[]~|||~[]|~ ~ in t nanes " own, mms ..n, Je erson " S . ,iv -a " ~ ~aucauon in many monms i , could be on the p. ~e. grade school was closed, Englelciations Bulletin of 1940, said: .qannin-His business is not just ~" ~ . o. .. County And Surrounding Areas. Don't be one-subject happy. Stickinff only to sports, comics" [ was closed and those students ["The History of the Harpers ~uilding~'but school-building. The I ~S~|~V_ , 10 ~ bll0Wil A~ I l{ or society news is like picMng up pennies and ignoring dollars. ] were.brought to the Harpers Fer- I Ferry H~h School is a story of i citizens of Jefferson County have [ _ - ..... ]~ .... T T~e'~ r~n**r.v e ws olumns ry SChOOlS ltSelt r~amrauy ~nere nave oeen alwa ot Be a fact-seeker. Get the facts from th ne c ,] [ . ..... , ys g ten a great deal more |C0mmun|tv ml Pl nf CtlA IUWI ed many experiences wmcn nave ut el E ca D llar v ....... l then read the comment of editorial writers and columnists. { There were many dedic~ ~o ou an- a- b "" for t-e t . o of th "r du tional o ] ,~ ................. ]y S USO 01~1 n SU You may find that you are the better thinker (at least in ] men who gave of their brain, and [ dents and teachers The ~o.,s how[ than many neigl~boring states [ The latest developments in ~ ~UI~U~IVkL /~W~-~'l'/k~l/ Your own oDinon) [ ~rawn to aavance ms, eaucauonai [ .... ,: ~o~ ~.~ ~.,: ...... ,~, ~ ' [ and counties. I heating and air conditioning will I]~ MOFFETT'S PHARMACY ~ ~ -A .... " ................,=.._: ........ a= ^_a ~,~l system, nameiy-~naries ~ava~mr,]~-~-- ::-~,~:~*~":'~+~o~ +~;o] We gain absolutely nothing ifbe shown to the people of Char-JK PAUL'S SUPER MARKET "who says so." Don't take an accusation for a conviction, ] nolds Moler, Hunter Winters, Dr. [ year 1966 or 1967, .plus the School[ ~ue~a~"as~'we ~o'to"vote" 7a'nd i~r~ida~"'l~Iaxc; li'~'~n~'a sv'ecial MILLER'S MEAT MARKET " i e McDonald m Wal h Frank Bond Levy Several ,weeks ago a " " . ." ' ~" .-" rumor for fact, or confuse Naris wLth accompl shm nts. [ , W . s , [ . ._, ......... ] vote we should . I hope we will I mobile van-type display which ]~ WHITE S S~PER MARKET , , survey was maue u, Don t be a reading coward. Don% be afn~id to weigh opin-[ Nichols, Dr. Perry, Lucas Dennis[ .... ~,.~ ~h,,~:',, ,~o+ o ~ ....... "[ all leaye our petty grievances and[ [X pEOPLEg II)RITC .~TC}Ri~. Key r~ cnolson, l~ev J C N w ers resent nts t me ions in complete eonflmt w~th your.own. [ " . .~ -_" " 2' "[ centa-^ o" th~,, is owned]p onal me a ho , [ |~ .~,~, ?.~ ~r.xr~n. - ' " nd comer, aames fox, Tnomas uur- ~ ~ ~ ,. v ~ and remember the important con ~..~,,r~ ,,.~. Get out of any readm rut you may have fallen into a g " e by aged and reUred people, who , read at least one thing a day completely apart from you Jnh,_ ,n *.vlolwfll naturally pay a large per-[ ........... [ [| r lmgh, Wm. Doran, Dr. Stotl r,. sideration - The future educatmn CONKLYN S STORE ................................ , .... ; ot our girls aria ooys ThiS snoula MA ET MANO normal interest, to give yourself a mental ~og. [ Eacldes, Gilbert Perry, L D [ centage of the taxes./The younger ~, ....... ~,~ ~h .... ~'~ "~h'~ ,~e [ - - "- I][ RK R Plan your shopping and buying at home with the help of Duke, and many otherVenerable] guP, verY few of...them, o,wn hones iy asia our e'l es, this[ ]][ tnelr own homes, Wlll pay nora the advertising columns of your local newspaper. [men too numerous to mention to[i__ m__= ..... r "-xe- _-[Bond Issue improve and increase] J, [ ! ] |] RANSON ..... [ help, advise and.counsel the work[ +~ge., or~tn uum~ u u La s as)the educational opportunities for] "--" '' ]~ .~h~ ai~,~;.+ in .h.....fv ~.[ for a better educational system l',~g ...... . ..... I our children~'' / I~ RANSON GROCERY CO .............................~" --" i " nowever, you ~eel aoout it go .... 9 i izen etition for the Harpers Ferry D strict, incerel ' mmmmmm ~--- ltheyearl 10thect sp [ ^ * ...... ea-~ l~ter the ~t~t,~[t the Polls and VOTE. If you[ .. . S ... Y[ ~ I~ JOHNS RESTAURANT i IJ lllUg led the oard of Education ,or it YES If you do not l mrs. u. reters[ ! i'l ! [0 RANITA Y c- OCERY new HI h School braiding pro ....... ~, ......... 'hk it vo ....... t e " trict rul;ng "and have"a centralz- ' e" te NO. But be sure you ] ~ I-~o ~" __~,l Jl corn.r stogie WaS{en Board of Education consist-tunderstand t41e question. Be sure e~J,|a~. ,|eqpt W|m l ~ tl e,*--r~l-~V~a~n~w~, i n SHE NCY ]held " and" ...... . wishes you, am yours, [ / [i SPECIAL ELECTION FOR .meetings. parades I re-[ ele~t~onUS~e~st~a~edmbe~ore~.~a~.~l[ Sincerely ~__X,_ I~_ -i .... ~.4~nrmr~o v:~v~r~v 2