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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 2, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 2, 1961

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- : ........ I night but only lasting a short,NOTICE Im IP T | Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Young SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FAaMERS ADVOCATE time. "~" of Waynesboro, Pa. visited Mr. " ' LOCAL AND PERSONAL ACTIVITIES IN ............ .... ,-..T 1-, C [ 1 I ] ........ THURSDAY, MARCH 2, [. we, too believe mat me puo-I P5 ...... ~ ,~iAI,VJ ....... land xirs., tmtIord Star, per on _ .... __ U I~1~IP}C I~l~nlN $ AL|h In ~1 [|| J ~1 [hshers of/lie Hagerstown Alman-l ,-,,, .r ., By mrs, Mary ruee vurr [Sunday. , __ IL fir[iJ I-I:1111 [- APlP I1 UL 'It 1 at- have do.e wen in their e th- OZ vamame ---- - t Mrs Taylor Winkler attende the ha,on s oldest honorary er predictions during Jan. and ~r~ T~ . . ? Miss Pat Heflebower of Rippon [the Women's Missionary meeting scholastic fraternity. I ~ .-. By Mrs. G. E. Webb Telephone 2492 Feb. r~eal r~state, was a weekend guest of Miss Vic- Eat the BaptistChurch Friday She is the daughter of Mr. and [ ~ ~wllm, B,4~'JI Mrs. Lenora Staubs continues By virtue of the authority yes- ki Blue [night Mrs. R. A. Hockensmith, Shenan-[ ~ ~'~F'JD'~ | I i i i .... ' ' V " ' quite ill at her home in Bolivar. ted in me by a Deed of Trust Mrs. William Carper of Eg~ pt[ Mrs. F. P. Owens and Mrs. Ily doah .lunctmn. At Southwestern[ ~ ~-r' Death of Mrs. Putts ,in the Washington county Hospi- Her (laughter Mrs. Isadore Kisner bearing date the 26th day of June is a surgical patient in the Char- [Bratina attended the Red Cross she is a member in Chi Beta Phi, [ ~ - " | Mrs. Leona Beatrice Waiters [tal near Hagerstown where she]of Waynesboro, Pa. will remain 1959, executed by Herhert A. les Town Hospital [luncheon Monday at the Metho- honorary science fraternity and[ P- Putts ()f John T. Putts of Engle, ]underwent a major surgical oper- / with her for the present. Her son [ Sumney and Ara L. Sumney, his Miss Gera!dine Fritts of Wash- ]dist Church in Charles Town. she has been on the Dean's List [ tfarpers Ferry, RFD died at an lateen a few days ago. tier many ]Earl Staubs of Richmond, Va. vis- [wife, and George P. Hammerly ington, D C spent the weekend [ ~ and the ttonor Roll three seines- [ !:)-~1:^ rl~...l,...:~:,-.~ early hour (in Friday morning at [friends and pupils are hoping[iaed her recently land Esther R. Hammerly, his with her" parents- Mr. and Mrs. ] ters. ] [~tltttl o L~l~Vl~luJt her home. A daughter of the late I that she will soon recover. 1 Mr Thomas ]3eehmer of Bolt-[wife, to the undersigned, Ken- KennEth Fritts. ]k4.~n~ H2rnl~ ~ ~ttwAI, c The Southwestern chapter of[ T-,-, T~. ~. George and Almira Walters of] Members and officers of the P.]var is a nalient in Frederick[neth W. Metz, Trustee, to secure M,.~ Mari-n ~lue ana children[i'i jyt. atuivtm n. ~v~.tJ Phi Beta Kappa is one of four] 111 r] tereo Dargon, Md. she was born there [O. A. held a business meeting at[~Md ~ hosn'-ital where he ha~ un [the payment of that certain note w.r'"~"" ~llor'~ .~--~t.rd.~ ~vonin. [ta~*.a - . ~ t ~ u chapters in the state of Tennes-[ ....... . on Aug. 20, 1881. Survivors are [ the G. E. Webb home on Friday ] ~lerzone sur~,orv " "'" ] therein described, recorded in ~';~ M~-'~"l{~]sv~Fr]t~-" ~ ...... ] Wn" JUt ~avmrv m ~orea see. A 3.5 grade point average out [ W ~ ~ ~ " ~, two stepdaughters, Mrs Lena ]atternoon with the usual number I ................ [ he office of the Clerk of the ... ...... [ of a possible 4. is necessary for [ VV ~ U I~ ~P Lightner of Washington" D C ]of officers and members being [~ ~mss ~annle ~ariatt oz l~art)ns I County Court of Jefferson Coun- ..~ayn.e urewer ma(le)ne/Jean s ] 1st Car Div, Korea (AHTNC) membership consideration Init- ] . , ' ~ " " ourg spent me weeKen(t wire ner t an t - nst tins past monm at me west " " " . . and Mrs. Bessie Gageby of Engle; present, sister' Miss' Kate Marlat y, d S ate of West Vlrglma, in VWglma" ' " Umvers~ty" ' ' Army M/Sgt, Harold R. Bowers,lation occurs on March 24. [ R~r]~a~..~_...,~,, __~T~lOVlglO., II, two sistersMrs Beata Gross of[ The MYFoftheBolivarMe-[ '~..."!.. "'.., [Deed Book233 atpage317, the , " [40 whosewife, Virginia lives at [ ...... Salisbury, Md.; Mrs. Mac Myers [thodist Church spent Saturday af [~..~lr. ~ari up.perman ot [said note now being due and pay Mr. and b trs. Dennis Link were [618 W King St, Martinsburg, W ........... [ hn~,l;,~,,,a* .r rn ..... ........ "'e ........... :-- - "1 ...... [aria, va is qune m anu a patient table and default havi-'- b-~n in ~dartinsourgThursday Mr ~-- " , ". ~ - -- ; U ~ scientists fine bovlet f t'~lJl.~la~at~,~o .I .~,=a.spring, lVlfl, a ioster son it r.oo. LIOWllIlg IllDFLI/]SWICK, /. ,_ ' '..., .. .. .. I , tag ee jva. recently arrlveu in ~xorea anti _ ". : . ,~ j .~. . ... .. . ,~._... William Potts of Bolivar, several lMd. I mana i~sP~rtnere'~ir~,~pper, [made in the payment thereof, the Link went to consult a doctor.. Its now serving with the 1st Cav nopetm on arms tam. , [ west wasnlng[on ~tr grandchildren, neices and neph-JA Beautiful Day [ ....... t,~_ u~tf~ ~ .,~.o~t~_ff.~ ]undersigned, having been requir Mr. ann Mrs. Lester ~naae ot [airy Division. ' .7. . [ f'k~rl,,s Town W. Vs, t~l" ()1 DUIIV~I" ia.ll~ tlt~ uaUglltet- OI a i ~Jato. a~. ews The body was ten(eyed to I Friday was a beautifulday I .............. . led so to do by the holders of said near mwooa re me parents o a I The 1st is the only U S divis- SteelbacKlogsrawest since I ~vtrs LllUe t~mer ~ne is a gra(v " bab be "William Martin" born - " " " ' II the Eackles Funeral Chapel, Boh- [throughout this entire area with [ '" . .. ...... ]note, will offer for sale at public Y Y lion presently manning a front 1958 recession. ~ _. var-Harpers Ferry and the funer- ]clear skies and warm sunshine, [uale ot rtarpers terry tt]gn ]auction to the highest bidder at in the Charles Town Hospital last [line in Korea al was held there on Monday at [the best day by far since last Nov ] 3canl" ....~ ~,.o ~nr,,~, ,-,,~n [the front door of the Court House ]week.. ......... ~ Sergeant Bowers, who was last m~~~~~-.~-.p.~,,.,~-.~-~,~..~.j-.~.~-~:~,~:~.m.~.~ 2:30 o'clock p. m. with the Rev. ]ember. The snow disappeared,/ ..;. ~,,~;..:...o..~,:~.~ 2,,L..::-iin Jefferson County, West Vir-[ Jay watson is on me sic~ nst. ]stationed at Fort Knox, Ky is ~ ..... ....-.i,. Harold McClay officiating. Bur-~gradually beginning earlier in~ woo~ an~ ntue ~augnter ot ~ait.~I gin[a, at Charles Town, West Vir- I Mrs. Dave Morningstar and dau [Dvrgonnol sergeant of T-/oada]'~ar- g fi T O P ial was made in Fail'view Ceme-/the week when the temperatures I mre- m'..r spent' , the wee en I gmia, ..... on the 18th day of March, ghter of Hagerstown, Md. visited hers-.......... Company ~" in ....... the division's-'- I' 1 ! I/li wiIn Mis bmaliwooos parents ivlr , n tery, Bolivar. ]soared slightly each day. Rain be-[ . ".' "'-.. .... ! .. [1961 at ten oclock (10:00) A. M. ;one day reee tly with Mr. and ]8th Cavalry t~ A '~,t~ ~s~V.a~m~ , . . anu Mrs. ~Jranvltle l)lnKle ~' ' Mrs. Calvin ttowell of ttarpers |gan falling on Friday night con-I ...... . . I the following described proper- drs. Lee Demory. | He was uraduated from Mar- ~ ..... , , . xne winter receive(t a most in- t Mr and Mrs Frankie Gardner ' o o Ferry, a member of the Elemen-[tmumg through Saturday and [ ........ ' [ Y .... [tinsbur~ High School in 1939 and ~ T ~ ~ ~ ~ D || ~ | | f~ | I rerestinletter a iew ua sa o .... tary School faculty is a patient turning to snow on Saturday [ :ng ..... y g [ A 4/5 undivided interest in all of Charles Town visited Sunday lentered the Army in December, ~ | ~11 | || L l IJ LIP L I Ik~ . irom a~ars tree 13avenpolt, w]Ie h r ar - t) -----[ . ~. , ';~. .. ~ ": , lot the following described real afternoon wit the forme s p "11.141 -- --. ..... ~ ~ lOt rarK ((anger uavenport wno]estate, with the improvements ents Mr. and Mrs. John Gardner [----" g l hlnn I lnthl|; , .... [moved about five months ago to [thereon and the appurtenances Miss Sally Watson entertained it,. ttT,,t tt t ~ T U I~ l(llOIilOII ||llJUl~il 0 ~~ I [Wind Cave National Park, tt.otlthereunto belonging, situate in with a luncheon at her home[~l$$ I10cKensmlm .amen - / n C - .. . _ _ . ~t-,~ll~?~~ It~ ], ~:. v. wnn mew live In-I Jefferson County, West Virginia Saturday guests included Misses l g ~QQrlNflt l~rn~'] ~~~ ~ [terestmg role uavenports whose/and more particularly described Kitty Blue, Ludmila Bratina, GaillTti Mgmharehln In Phi k ~ m~n mmq Alll|II III& IIl~glllll~ t,ll~ll~l,. ~I~~~! ~ [ pictures were encmsea, one plc-]as follows; to-wit" ' Fitzpatrick, Betsy Wysong, Jane ItV |.|~H|ie~/,~Hn~l~ IH |am ~ Ill I! Ill -- ~~ii ~ [tare showed the .children and[ The following'three tracts of and Patsy Rissler, Bonnie Jack-]_ _ _ ~ II~il I I iklliWN INB their mother on theil way to Sun son and Janet Pa ne t~ Kathleen Hanley, popular ~~'.ii [] [~a" O~'h3~''- C"-i"'ra~ ........ ]real estate located near Shepherd " . . . y . .... IBeta Ka..a Fraternttv S Ian I/I=L/v I1 Jit' New York fashion model, is ~~~qi li~ [ u y o~ ~,t,~.,~. ~, .~u. ~y,,,~,f~,g ] stown and comprising what is A very goa size crowu attenaea I rr w 0 ....... ~'~~ mm t ann the omer snoweu me cnuo-/kn,.w, ao e....;....., ,o...~. o.~,_ the W S C S meeting, Fridav t .... ~ .... o ~ oil lie " nara oi nearing-- Du~ no one ~;~r ~:~m mum I en i .... ad ..... l ,, at o oaittla, a,ttu la/lu~ auja..... ~ " , Margaret Ann tiocKensmitn, A I~AIl~tlmlllIg llIl~II~I~lk !~;~:~::::~:~:~::;:~:~:~ " r s tung on a ue t~uttalo, cent thereto " ni ht at the home of Mrs Warren - t~ would know lt ' She wears the ~i~ [] [The"have been without snow a'l[ " " -g [senior at Southwestern at Mem- ~ D II I|III I .lgtnla . . ~':i:~ili:~iii:i!~ :i!: y z TRACT NUMBER 1--That eer uollis . - latest Sonotone hearing aid I winter and onl- a ver,, few zero/ ...... " ..... ,-,_Z .................... [phIs, Tenn. was chosen Monday ::::::::::::::::::::::::: .'g r ::::: J ~ tam tract or parcel OI lana sit- ~,ou ~ tot-get use ,t-r( a~eetowu ..... h s s les 1 - ::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~z:: ~ ~ - . r " . . for membership in Phi Beta Kap- withaltt~elate t ty .W!th~. ~ ~! [days and are facing a very drY[uate 3ust east of Shepherdstown Toppers Club willmeet Friday[ ! ....... ,., ~=m -- ou~ it, she says, she coumnc :~r':'" ~ ::: season Tne tamuy marie many . ~ ,, , ~:::::~ ~:~ " . . . and bounded on the east by the night March 3 at G. E. Tabbs. be asueeess. ~~ ~ [frmndsdurmgthet[me, Mr'DaV'[landof Mrs. J.S. Pierce, andon Mr. and Mrs. Thillit Harrellll I Wall Re0uen T0 The Pubic She wears her Sonotone at ~il~~~ 1 / enport.was stauonea attiarpers / the west by the present fence line and son of Richmond, Va. visited [ wtt#t~ P tt~t~tr~ t~ IV Ferry r~ahonal Park as rark Ran Su a with Mr and Mrs Ken dozens of fashion shows and ilr~~ ........... ] ~ that now stands between said par. nd y " . -[ UA~I~ r. ~1~!11 g picture assignments.., and il~~~ ~:.~:'~iill ] get; ......... ] eel and the land of John N. Stipp ffeth Fritts and family. I ~ I~/~h Iltl lt~lkllPt["i~ ~kl no one ever spots it. Her /.. lv~rs, pcie w.etzel m ~arpersland bounded on the North l?y the Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Furr andI~.~'p~tv~l~{no' ~a,,~;oa e nm 5u mra_ tm . .., - . . - . ~:t-~:m t terryis apatientin unarmstv.., .... ~- ...... .~ -..~.,~..,_ o.. w;.,, ,, ,ho.t,~ ,v.,...,,,,,,o,~ i ----~-,'----'-'~-'*~ ~"-'- ~"-~. I~ =~== '-----== r-~.w --= " secret" lx s worn oenina the ~:.:~ I " I xuttutzat, x~tve[,, auu cu.tamlug, ~o,, .~..., v......t..~a .v.. .... ..x-'e.-- I U " ear, covered" by her hairdo" Town General Hospital. Since her about five (5) acres, together by and took Mrs. Mary Bruce o No ,-ar ,~f h.~r heart-" =;~ I ]Pusbands death in Cumber!andclwith the right and privilege:of Furr for adrive Sunday evening.I INWOOD, w. VA. WFhMF hAY IdhRrH 10t . v o .. . ,.a iil /:wu. some time ago sne has been/free and unrestricted use flf Mrs Jimmv Ix)eke attended a I O It ill l l dll lPI// I'lS tllq#ll I 1[ I/V S WO 0 ": " ' " " ......... -- a ~ rn n me oqy. ~I ]spending part of the time with [open (abandoned) public road stork shower at the home of Mrs.[ t~lTr. T~ l~lVqrlM~. AT I~ ~ono~one can help you, as ~ [her s~ter MrS. J. J. Kain of Har-[leading from Shepherds(own to Cletus Lowe Friday night forI .................... Eta" R q, t- q, s~ t~ ~ ~ t,i ~a we nave nezpea ~a~nleen pers v erry M er [. .. -.... . [said land, for ingress and egress Mrs. Bill y s. [INWOOD CAPITOL 9-4176 [t~ K~///PIlIW N I N N Hanley. Call, drop in or write I1 ll, lax wvans iaxen .m . [thereto and from the land and Mr. and: Mrs. James Blue and[ I.Q .wrtni -- =,,, tt v ~ .~ .~ .~ for full information about 1 [ ~ax ~vans, t~onvar and tiar-]right of way ' children. Michael and Nellie Blue/ ....... [t~ lt~l~l)l~VX/-[l" T.17 X]'II~(2I~d'I& /~eD ~ 4"c (1 uJt~X~xvxvxxax.a,~ --xxvux~ a.x pers Ferry s only taxi driver has were callers with rs J S Locke P ~ ' our new hearing aids-plus an i:]i [ ' ' " | TRACT ~IUMBER 2--Begin " hi .. . | " "'- O i::~i~i~? .:~i ~i: been a patient in Charles Town . " " Sunda evenin | o , illustrated fashion book. Let !)!ii~ / ...... 1 ..... iP" -i .......... /rang on the South side of old a-Y g" ~ [~:,~'=~.,~'-~,-~:~'-~ ~'-~ ~ ~'~"~" ~'~ .~ ::i:." .::::! '.::::::i ~euera rtosp n~ s ace m~ rvz- b --------'--~ .... -- ----- ----------- II us show how YOU, too, can ~]~ [ day undereoing observation and ~. andoned county road and comer ~ I il / look your best,hear your best : ::::~ #:::::: ~ . . to James ~taley ana ~oumwest " ~ ~ [ treatment He was quite ill when]c n ........ ~l~i~i~pil~ulim~l~i&i~ , [taken to the hospital. [t~:cntert~nc~e ~u:n~YSwS~w~e~e , ~ ~m.. -- ly with the Southside of said road ~ ~ ~IlWitl~ I~ ~--, | GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY [ t " " ' ~ ~ i~ $0HOTOHE of Haaerstown / coMmm. /i:a nnt :om e hid;iue38:! e e f ~ l~ ~ ~ ~ / tion of the South edge of said i " ] .... --A=''',~='t'~'~';,..,,, ]road and the dividing line be- ARE TIRELESS ROY B. FURR, Manager | M:K1 t { UMYAHI |tween James Sta|ey and John A. . Stipp; thence running in a strai- [ WE ARE NOW [ght ine North arm l~e,rly paral. & | t /[117 'l%J . 1 733 South Potomac Street ltagerstown, Md. 1 I Phone Hagersotwn REgent 3-3242 [ IN BUSINESS FOR /el with the Western lilleof sakl q mm / ....... i P U M P I N G /Baby to a point on top of the ~ ~ ..... : " g ang , , ,. ::: 500 Gal Tank - $12 00 last line, 226 feet to said i~:ii!i!:i ~k~:i::i~:~i~Gii:; ~/llll ] to ", " ]Baby's line to the point o~f begha |'l lh I'l t. II ~ ll i1~ ll 1 ~:~;::: ::~i~: i!i~;i~!!i ~::]1~ I.UE CR05S BLUE SHIELD /800 Gal T kan $18 0 ]ning0 And with Special warranty "~ ~ :~ , " " " all ~'ight, title and interest what, WHEN YOU PRESENT" YOUR MERCHANDISE TO THE TRADE i::ii! ii I . to^ .......... soever in and to the Cliff-and theTHROUGH THE MEDIUM OF YOUR ' OWN !ii:!~ ~!:!:: 1,000 tial Tank SZ~.UO la i ~.- J " " | nd between the above described : ~ ~i~ " ~ :i " to lan e t ' ~/7:::'~"~" "="~" d and th wa ers of, the P0to- ~ ~: :. -" ] 1,500 Gal. Tank - $38.00 ]mac River, that is to say, ill,all I t FAI IdI:tHtDADI:D . . ~..:.....,,.,..., ;~ , the adjoining land bounded on /7:: ....... UnTIr~ Tn r, uB CRIBERS / PHONE 40-F-022X |the South b the to -- the Cl'ff ' JlllV~llajj- ttI~ tt 4/l~J~iJlI~ . ...;;:~ ~ , IIV/1%~i- V ~t,~ .~ I F - 2 4t d ~ rY P ~ , ~ , ' , ~ ~ ~.:~;:,:.:..J / eo. ~ - .--P J and on the North by the Potomac " t~ ~,::~Ir~ ...... , [~]ly line of BabY, and on the West 24 HOURS A DAY, ~Y by the second above describe~ BLUE CROSS OF D J[ DID 6/line (running from :the James THE ADS REACH YOUR PROSPECTIVE BUYERS RIGHT IN .8,.....t=~,,, ~u~.~,m t m _n nlA |u~ [~ r J4 r I. ii -- I] [Staley comer to a point on top YOUR OWN COMMUNITY WHERE YOU DO BUSINESS. NqiollK/MI~KN VVI~/ VlK~ll~ll~,~t ll~i~. |~ For Wrannin~ and ~[Cliff, 225 feet West of Baby) ex- - . - ." , /Ig t~~E=_Z-~_L-.i-2_... ~/tended to the river. 'And again, i ' - (Formerly Man.o. County /~ ~"'~.~,,f'~ ~ [with Special warranty, also h'ae] ' free and perpetual use of said ' HospJfal Semce, Inc.) /~[ ""'7'~~=2,;o,~ 8/ - ' - -: ........... T H E .... ,. / I/ _ %,p.~,,~. ~-,,,t,e-,~o_ ~/open ttoaa, now almnaonee, as a i aun For Homes-Stores--Et |pub!ic road, so far as said road , , ' NORTH A, INC. . . ....... on the South by the five acre '. . . MediCal service, lilt./ !tract of land granted to said Ray- Advertmmg Columns Used Conmstently Are Bound to Help Your Business! mond F. Baby,. by John W. Stipp, ha ~plla~co with ~.qTICLE V, SEG-~rloN D of et ux., on the 23rd day of October 1915; on the East by line made by extending the line running be- tween said Baby's five acre tract i: L~ the Hospllal Set,rice Certificate and ARTICLE VII. SECTION D of the M lic Serrice Ceztiflc e, notice is hereby qiven of an adlustmenl in sub- acriber fees effective March 30, 1961. Toqelh~r the adJuatrnent in aubsc~iber fee~, certificate chanqes to provide an expanaton of benefita will becomeeffective March 30, 1961. Specific detatls conceminq tho llustment of feea and expamion of benefits'will be furnished to each sub~:ttl~', efiher throuqh him emPloyer o~ Remfitinq Aqont or to his last known address aa it appeara on tho recOrchs of the above-named corporatZoms on or before March 90, 1981, The Boards of Directors c/the two below-named carporations have entered into an A eement of Confederation-Merqer with West Vtrqlnia Hos- pttal Service, Inc. and West Virqtnla Medical Set'vice, /nc., ot aeellnq, West Vlrqinlcc BLUE CROSS OF NORTHERN WEST VIRGINIA, INC. Falrmont, Weat V ginia BLUE SHIELD OF NORTHERN WEST VIRGINIA, INC. Fairmont, West Vkqinia Attest: W. MORgL, Secretary i I II II I NORMAN E. KISNER INSURANCE AGENCY Office City Building Telephone 552 Charles Town, W. Va. 1FiA?IONWIDE i~, ,~i MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY| ~.. MuruAt tIRE tNSU~NCE COW,~V I I''~.' " LIF[ INSURANCE COMPkNY| Home Office: Columb~. Ohio II I I II I , MARYLAND BULL SALE FAIR GROUNDS Frederick, Maryland Saturday, March 11th 1961--1:00 P. M. SELLING 41 BULLS Performance Tested Angus- Hereford - Shorthorn Bulls for both the Purebred &nd Commercial Breeder. INFORMATION ' CONTACT: STAN HAWORTH AUCTION CO. Warrenon, Virginia Max~h 2,21;. !i~iA and the 4. S. Pierce tractto the Potomac River; on the North by the Potomac River and on the east by a line ma~te by extending the line between Said BabY's five cre tract and ffohn W. Stipp to the river. TERMS ,OF SALE One-third (~) Cash on day of sale, balance in two (2) equal in- stallments, evidenced by the notes of the purchaser, beartng even date with day of sale, payable on or before one (1) and two (2) years after date, respectively, bearing interest from date 'aL six per cent (6%) per annum, pay- able semi-annually, secured by a Deed of Trust upon the property sold, and assigament 'of fire in- surance in reasonable amounts l upon the buildings thereon, if any, with the privilege of the put chaser of paying all cash on day of sale or increasing the cash pay ment as he may desire. Kenneth W. Metz Trustee Feb. 16-4T- Let Us Demonstrate that Newspaper Advertising is to Customers... and the least expensive. the Most Direct Route You Read the Other Fellow's Ads---You're Reading This One! THE --- i i YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER. Serving This Count 1844 t