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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 2, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 2, 1961

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q REPORT! d TWO SECTIONS sunny and warmer, high- ] p~| T.-I , . c .UUaV- 0night, lowest 35 to 40. Fri- | I1bI~ IQO I~ ItlYheIOufy, ~.~ndy ansda~Vuarrd~a; [ Read By More Than 20,000 fair and cooler. " / People Every Week I 6( * * " Serving The Charles Town- Ranson" and Jefferson County Community Since 1844" 97, NO. 10 WEST WRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 1961 COMPLETE LOt:At. NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS [H ! IR d C " $5 709IT F R " " G" DPA unty Just MIS led rs.HarkHo ne ross Dine For , ran er:, eszcfnehcns zve rnado Late Sat Jrd al,h IB " "th "KOk ff" " loft" I C ty },I y N F 4 eglns Wl IC 0 Dinner zc oun a:a ew aces /l" HII~ ~IIIl The Jefferson County Chapterlwhen they brought forth a lar el' v.o 11r -, Tr, l~,~, i 1,~ I---.-JI..-a , ilk_..--al Mrs. John Martin, president. | American Red Cross kicked offland'attractive birthday cake, re./Jt.VJ.Jt.L. o a ]klJl.~, l A..It.L%Jk.. J. .,.IJ ;-t11i: VV J.J.LJ.~1~,k%JJ. Illll[I iIlliiIll I Illil IIll/cnducted the regular meeting oflit's 1961 membership finaneiallPlete with about a dozen lightedl lll~l~IIFlll I IIIg4~ llI/the Woman's Auxiliary, Charlesldrive Monday at noon when 621candles and sang "tIappy Birth-I ,::.:-...,...::. ..... ... ..... ~:. ..... ........... .....: :..:~.~:,.: ................... ................ ~ __ ,, ........ /Town General Hospital on Tues-/Chapter officials and campaignlday'' to the Rev. Robert Scholl, I ~:::~ ~'~:1:~:~1:~::~I::'II " ~' ~ ::~:::':(:~::~: ~ :~ ~ :: ::~(~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :~ ~ ~ ~ ~ " " ~ " "~ : : ~/ By L. W. LLOYD i.......... /day, February 28 at the hospital / workers gathered in Methodist Ipastor of the Charles "town Me-I :.: 11 : i ~ :~ ~: : ~ ~ ~ (~ ~ ~ : ~ ~ ~/~ ~ :~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l: .' : : ~: " : ~ ~ ~ : ~ ~[ !" /w' I I ...., ..... ............ ......... ..~, ..... ........... .... ........... ~~ son .. th 14 members m attendance. Fellowshl ltall for a ham dmnex thodlst Chinch who pzonounced ........... ~.~ , ........ : 1 ........ ...... ,, : , ,- : ............. , : ..... : . ~?:~ :~ by a small mar in a tor Mrs Virginia Carothers Food and a campaign briefing the lnvocatmn for the program. I ~i~:: :.~,. : : :i -.~::!:.::.::::~::~:>:: .: :. ,:.:.~:::!;~::i~! i!i::!#~:;i : :~: ~ . :::~: ?. ~i~? g ' - ' ...... ...... --t~ :Ii ............................ ~:~-::~:~::~:: :e::~:;~:~::~: - : ..... : ......... . :. ~..:.,.::{,:::..,:, ..... s lacking to tri, er off New Manager le ell s new member of lhe auxdmry of March is traditionally designa- met their quotas last year and ........ : .......... ..... : ..... :~:~ " ======================= ::~:::~:::~:~ :~::,~, . :: : ' these destructive wind- Mrs. George Cole reported that ted as Red Cross month the work also those who went over 90-per- ::: :~i' :::: :~::::~:i:::: :::, :i:::~ ii:~:::i:~ .~.~:~i;:i?i ~:~i~:{{ ~::: i!. ' 'i ......... ~ ': :{~.# .:e lack of cold am at the I.Starp In Charl _ Tnwg 12 Permeal Treatment Lamps had lers were called upon to make I cent wer also introduced. I :.:.:.::.: :, ~;~ : :::::;::~i ~i.i!~:, ....... :~:~i~:;~ :~:~: ~:~::~ ~i :: : ...... ....... , ~ :: :':.,:.}:4~};~ oment. I /been purchased for the hospital/thmr sohmtatmn as soon as pos-I Mrs. H. It. llunter, Chapter ex-I .:.::::..:-..: ....... :1!~ .... :. .:.:::~:. ~:-~:~i~::~./ ........................ :~::~!~;~>~ ":~:~:.--,~ ....... ::.:. ~{N~ L been expected that on-I ..... : ====================== ......... ::- .- : :~:~1::~:~:~: , n : ............. 7 /at a cost of $37.50 eacn. I sible so the major phase of the lecutive secretary, reported on the[ : :. .... |:::: " " :::.. ii! i/ ...... .. , Cold air would collidel '::::::i::~i:;:i / Mrs. Mark Horn was appointed/drive can be completed during Iwork of the volunteer se, rvicel i ,::::: : i ::7!5:: i!:: iii!!!i!ii!i!!il/i: :::: : ::.:;: Warm unstable air from l '(:..": : ================================ /chairman of the June ,lamboree /the first two weeks. The last two lgroups of the chapter. Mrs. Geo-I " ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: at a point along a line [ ;::::: ::::::::::::::::::::: [ m annual project for several [ weeks can be used as a period for ] rge Heidrieh, Home Service chair I ;/ii~~i::!~i{.:: )11~. "[ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ........ ;.: :.:-:::::~~:?;i:i:::i{::?:::~!~::~ {~-~~ from Danville, Va to l ::~" :~1~ ~ ~:~ :~{~f :~ ::{:: /rears, which will be held on Sat-/cleanlng up the incomplete can-iman reported the work of herI ::.:i::).: ~Yal to Baltimore at ap-I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::':::!::!~,i / ~rday, ,June 3 on the hospital/vassing and for any extra work I group and gave statistics showing I !:iii!iiii!i!iii~iiiiiiii:!i!iiiii~!!:~:r : iii: :i!:i!:;i~:~ ~': :~'I" ........ I ~ly 3 p. m. to 5 p. m. Torl " :: ' i!.ii: :!:::~i~:i /;rounds. [that might be necessary to make[what had been acdomplished dur-I !~iiiii{?i~:i ~..!- -_~- -= ~s were flashed by radio I / In observance of National Hos-/the drive a complete success. I ing the month of January of this I- _ ,azrnore at noon and fromI /:i::ili~::.:(.:~:~!i ii!ii~i!;~!ill:: /pital Week a covered dish supper I Jefferson countians have in the lYear- I ................................ at one p. m. however I ::::::::::::::::::::::: ~::::::? ! will be given at the Charles Town I vast been generous enough that l Mrs. Floyd Owens, chawman ofI air ran several hours l =========================== ~ii:iiii~!:i7: I Woman's Club Home on Friday I{he Chanter has alwa-s met it's lthe Veterans Itospital Service l ,hedule and the expected I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: / lay 12. Guests will include the I-oal An(i maximum effort wil~i I work for the chapter and who a- I !S did not de~;elop locally. I I Iedieal Staff, Board of Managers Ige put forth this year to raise I Ing with Mrs. George Heidriek, I ut violent weather existI :.!::i~!:::;::::ii:i:::,~i::ii!~i~!!i~ii::i:: | nd hospital personnel. Mrs. O. S. Jthe $5 709 ouota I represems me t;napter~ on lneI . vet denending on where I i:i!iiii ~ii}::!:i~:: / loom will be chairman of the' / ...'_ .- .i" - IShenandoah Council of Red Cross I As a result of transfers and re-Ilaw ions for certification under this " : :~:::::.: .... -~:~:::.. ::'..~*~: l~ut netore me workers were , . . , ~ened to be Roanoke andl ./' nner / iven kits and sent on their wa ]Workers, told of the work thelszgnatmns, the Jefferson CountyI Members of the council votcdlnew medmal pzngram. Increastd ,rg reporteci winds of 501 1 'Mrs "Charles L Alwin -gave|g ............. YIcouneil does and Service camps[Department of Public Assistancelto release a lien held by the de-]rates of payments h) doctors and ~rhour, with gusts up tot / redit'to groups wiao took care of|~ egmeme~rdS~)ani~daUvn~)almey |and Veterans hospitals. |office staff has now undergone anlpartment on a parcel of propertylhospitals were also approved, cf. , were g e p ~ ".~inston-Salem reported [ ~~:. ~:~ii~ ] 'ae mending of linens at the hos I ..... f what th~ local Red Cross ] Then after two films had been I almost complete change in person ] where the department was fully [ f(ctiw January 1, 1961. LUL-~ O ~ ~ds, with gusts peaking I I ital during the past two months I .... .~.~ ,..~ .... ,o, o I shown-one entitled 'Your Breath I nel, with Mrs Ollie T. Tolbert, I reimbursed in the amount of $1 - I A report ~as made to the coun ]es' per hour I ~~::I~ I nd praised them highly for their I napter nas ~,,,=,_ .... %~ _'~_'__'""~ I Can Save a Life" and the other I assistance county director whol 306.00. " I cil that the Jefferson County ~gan To Show " [ ~:i~ I fforts in battling the deep snowsl tze~s~ ~.~.r~ol~v~ me pastiI~,ariaa,. I"A Woman Wrote a Letter". Mrs. ~has been serving as acting direct-IDlseussed Unusual Cases I Courl had transfelred the ~'emai;~ iIrlt storm be,.an to show I~-~~ I ~ carry out this important work. lterc~aa~rm"a~ wel~come~l' the' tea~IMasn spoke briefly about the I or of the department for the pastI Council members discussed the Iing half of lhe annual levy m 1he ~1 ~-- - ~" - -- I/l~:.=~ I Iending was done in December I . .' ........ I Red Cross blood program as the 1 60 days being the only member I nmn" unusual cases of n=e~ "t"a" I amount of $11 460 Councit mem- uarometers at ,~ a m captains anu worKers anu express . " . :, " " " . e u n t .... , ...... 9oa " I'Y Lutheran Women; January by l, a ........ , t,,,-...,Iclsmg phase of the meeting. I of the staff still around. And at lhave ,h .... , I bets thanked Mr. Whittingam i~e:.-_ ..... %':"7 "~ ....... / WILLIAM A ORNDOFF I ~piscopal Women; February bylL_", v ..... .'S _'_L_-:~.-'_'~._'=;_':%~I Mrs Lynn Scholl, Mrs. Johnlthe meeting of the Jeffersonlm.nth r:.~:~'~tein~ asked that he relay their ap- ~. ~cury, nut ny o p.m. , . thiS ear in comparison to tile u,., " n i r P ................ ................... lilen ,. .... I win.ore ,,m. dl Iethod st Women; and Marchl.,, o ..... a .... a Bartlett and Mrs. Norma K sne ICounty D A Council held Febru-lweather when emnlovahl- precmlu'n to members of the qo7 / hY'Le etT" s o' "'orT n Tt'ion I ending will be done by Catholic I ..... " ................ I were guests at the dinner. I ary 21, in the County office build-I were nm hle *- wark I court aod the county clerk. years ago as a sales-I Women 2 weeks and Rippon] ;.,..a .... a I Following is a list of team cap-I ing, the Council recognized theI nort their-fami'l'ies The meetin was attended by aantl ....... ?':-" ""lman in the men's department oll 'arm Woman's Club 2 weeks I ":' ...... .7"'"; and co-captains and the I outstanding leadership which l eriod the ministeriM associationlMr" E L McDonald Jr chairma u storms ano is us- . ' vme-cnalrman oi me orlve, tnls 1J " "/ " " . ' "' ItllSidm.oa .f h .... i .... I vhe c~mpany's large store ,n wm-I A report from the Ways and l ...... , T, v ..... . o. o., I TURN TO PAGE 6--A I Mrs. Tolbert has d~splayed and lin Jefferron Couniv mado a ~n,,o. lJ- Black~(ll Davts, Mrs. (. Man- ~i..?~'"?~ ....... ,.~.~-" t chester Va., has been named as l ~eans Committee showed that a I: .... ~'~; ...... .~Y .... _"':__~_'7~1 I the progress she has made in the l i.~ ..~f...'~'~,'~ rai-~'~nnfl'~-"~-h~lnlning Smflh, Mrs. Russell White, o-cs. tiurncane rmz- he n ' m na el" of Le ett's in ' cer ann long an acuve memoer oz . . , . a, ~a ,,.t ................. ~. , , . . ............. nt ew a g . gg . .I )roject recently taken on by the/ ...... ...... a r.r ..... v,. [D..!IJ... DIkl. Pl..,, [office during the past 60 days, lthese fnmilies dnrinfr thi~ omm. [Mr. Charles Wh~ttmghm ex off~c gtt ],U lie(e) WHICH Charles Torwn Tte was promo~eo " , tllt .IUI, I:=U UIUb2 ; dllU .t OIlllaI/* la ............ ........... " , ' I- .... " .... I - - , ' I auxiliary is the sale of 'Thin-/ . - IDUlII]I [ DlUlI$ Ik, IThe Council also acted to fill thel enc., "eriod Man" of the em"hr'l m member Mrs OIh I Tolbcrt .an aeen me xowest to this position after having serv- , " " ner urice cnawman , s ': v ' y v .v " . .... ' . Soy ball point pens The pens[ " ~acancy of the County D~rector s ~ . " achng county dwector Mrs Rena I wineh.~t~r st.o,r~ fnr abnut, a. Year ]:ome m assorted colors wzth the l I Held Annual Ban{lue|, I post winch has exmted since earlYlohor~ ..... ,h; ..... i.,~lMarshall. ~sm)r 1[ and Mr, It. registered m Eastern W. ed as asmstant manager of the . " Related Personal Experlemee o . . . able nen who could not do or- ,: . ~ltlv a severe hart of the [ "',MrTOrn'doff is w'el-i-acquai'ntedl aame of the hospital engraved I Kisner first related a personalI l~ ,,.H ,. ," I December when Lester Viands reI ~ael'pe~d "~l~e"cil~"w'~h "t'heir"snow I Ward Nieklin, l)islrict adminislra va -centered "-near thelWlth, and experienced m justI n gold letters. They sell for $1,001experience to ihustrate, no,W [llIH r take a similiar positionlremoving projects and in r :turnlt''r w.,~o~,.. ~i.. I ~bout every ,phase of the LeggettI inch including one red or black t Portant one phase ot me manyI I in r~ortn tmKo~a. I received emergency assistanc~l ......... "-"" ' ed " " " ndre n ............ .._ ,.2.,.~..yq:~% o..~ .... I stores operations, havang start I refill and can be purchased from I Red Cross servxces was efflcmntly/ Around one hu d me , I The Council named Mrs. Alice I .... ..... .. I ,,, .., ~..m; msewnere]as a salesman and moved intoI members or at the hosnital I carried out last year. He also list| their wives and invited guests enlBernice Knott who has been | ~"-" ..'-'.'.~..-':'"::,~-'=:~.~" ?.?~.:~.~[lur_ ~N~n Lr~ll~ |o ~*~. z0ur umes neavter stlch capacities as department " " -'- " " "" D" ' n n ue't f th " ..~ ~vu.,u. ~. vuu.c~y ............. ~-.-- --.- r ......... I ....... / ted the servmes as follows, xsas-/joyed the a nual ba q o e I cleric in the county State Roadl e,m,'ess ~,~ ...... ~.~,,., e.,. [ ......... . -re county, wlnas liKe h~td commlr~.eman Ior srloes ioi ..... f ..... ~. ........ ~v-~.--,-v ..... . ter rehef, the collectmn and dm Builders B~ble Class o the Char Comm~ssmn office to the ost .... ~l~h higheg on t~e [~ e~tre ~l~ggett-Belk~ 0rganiza- / Anmml Ida hn#l fit !........... "-~ bl .... i-s'- ction i=/l-s too" ;'- Methodi"t Church T-es I__ . . . . , _ ~. /the sp~rtt of cooperatmn shownl Be aker r0r lhird " ...... .... ' ' " ' .... " istJant I~ll[II~l~lll II'l~*IlI ,V " t~'t~[,lon IJOu; 11 LIU [1 ~ ~L W~[~ ~ * .' ~,l lne appomHnent was m~tlo ~t~ . ., ..... . # , ~ , . .llai~ I~R~ ~ldge an@It~on and iais~mto t~ae ~ ]1~ ..... " " ' , , p .... byl~ the m~lstenal a~s.c,~.l~llo~ , .** .~r~ damaged barns in managers post before coming tol, .. p... lcommun,t hea,= and safety :re/day ,,g,t. Alone Bud v~{el~slthe Council had re~ived antf'.conlT.he extent of ti~eir help w~alLemen : rvlce ~z,: ....... Charles Town. . u m,~99ai~i~ I=mII~ KAmI~ i gram; instrucuon ot young ginsI was toastmaster zor me e nmg|siuereo a register zrom me StateI ii'iade a matter of record and en'l secuon oz t.ouuoun , II I]VII IMII MVMIM C oss w rk asms and a ntfful ham droner was Since coming with t~he r,e gett/ lin Junlbr Red r o ; " t-t bou .' ! /Merit System which showed Mrs.lte~.ed in the minutes w~'ic*" "-'"r~ "~'~: ~ ............. :"~%~ ': :- - organtz~'tmn Mr. Orndof,fhas .......... lance to the ill, aged and homed served by the Young Ladms Class| Knott a Jefferson county rest./ ........... : ~~ ......... ~ "~i " ~'::::~: %. the winds were up to ' . ' , - zorwaraea ~o me slale aepart- ,:~:~:~(~i!7.'~:~.~.~ ,,,~ :.~.:>::~@~-~"~ , ...... completed sev, ral courses . hoo| I0 Be Held March 1 I less; formgn dzsaster rehef water[ of the Church Rev. Dr. Scholl / dent to be the highest person on/ .......................... ..... = I ~':':~'~'::]'l' ''~~::':~'~':'~::' -q hour tor larlet erlo s " . e , o n/ .................... [ / ' ' " . xzt ot IJULqlC aSSt ,taxlCe 111 nar .... :'. P fitting and foot-w ar hay ng t) e ave ~th mvocatm while James] " "" '-":~> "" ~ ~':':":~"; , . safety, etc. g ~ e n the register. Mrs. Knott was ap- ~,~, ,.:~ ,,..,:_~.. LSUnday mormng were graduated from the ,Natzonal Shoe . . . / leston. -~ ;:::~.:~: ~:% ,~;..:::~>. ~r I I T~ct-it,,~-~ ,',r ~a,~t.. ~r.~ r~o t~/ Member's and friends of the/ Klsner also introduced Mrs.iMoler introduced the Rev, Robert pointed subject to Memt System, Th~ roeon? ehanao~ in ~li.ihil. ....... ~:':: f, iha .anl, i.~ .r ,h~ a~o~'~~raclu=t~e~'ract-i-=o~'e'diat"r'ics~/Jefferson, County Fair Associat-|Conrad Hammann, Mrs. Calvin/Hiller, former pastor who made regu/ations requiring a six mon'Jltvre.~ir~=~'.nt'~--'f~"n'~'~m~'=a'~.. , :: ~aT~';~'aa~..~"~'~:.~;,,,~,~,~:'~ ma~'tv~ n~- vm.~.'tmta '/ion are reminded again of the an I Shoemaker and William F.' Ram./ a timely and fitting address tor ths probationary period Mrs. i~i~'t~..~-~',"~,~";~,.,~'a"',.,~"~=",~ ~i'~ :. :,:~ ~ ~:: 'D ~ ....................... /nual meeting March 7th at 7'30/ey as new members of the RedI the occasmn. Mrs. Hflle w Knott ~s expected to take over the l..ssed h,, ,~, ........ a ,P~ .... i. --. v .uegrees lil mlnute~ A native oz waaesvlne, va., mj . ' rou sin " " ' .... " ......... t'''" a~ "' ......... "r: tho a~'t'O~ n"'~"" "~ e~,.r~ C~nuntv Va ,Mr Orndoff P. M. m the County Court House.]Cross Board. . | here for the banquet. G p g post somehme th~s month. [re-uirexnen~ f.r ~li~,ihlU~v aro : ~~': -~ ........ :. 1~ ~a~oa ..... attended I~o,rrvville High ~chool Th~s meeting has been delayed| Mrs. Lacey Barley, chairman of| mg led by Mrs. Mary El anor The above pmture shows the ln.w a e,m.~,~. .... r~ .......... t.ig~lt'n~n;was'observed in and then went ,into Winchester,. due to the bad weather and time]the Chapter's. Canteen Service[ Peters added much to.the eVen- present staff of the Deeartrnent]i~ss t'l~an $1,5~)~aSnnual "n~mel ~l?e.~t ~v~tl ~vi~icm oir Va., 'where ,he first wo,rked as a is here for re-organizing and maKIwas mtroaucea, ana ner group/rag, beverat guests ano teacners as mnows: (text to rzght)-MrS, lless than .~5000 in the bank or in ~:~!ii:i~i~ ~>' )tt~h"'.~..~:'.~ ,,?',~,:.~",~'t,.:~'~ projectionist in a Winchester ing plans for 1961. Jgiven a vote of thanks for preparI of the class during the year were Tolbert Mrs. Laird Marshall of lu.,.a o..~,:~" ~, .......... ~ , ;L: ~' C" :.~,~"~,~_~':".~'.'.~. ,theatre for a time: But he soon Be sure to mark the date and|ing and serving the bountiful din.| introduced. The benediction was Shepherdstown Visitor II who ~s[if'~llvin~'to~,~et~er ~'~)~ i~n'~i,.~t~i~ j.~ .e_,tra~. v~.rgmm w~m discovered h,a dic,rC~ care ,~or t.nis nlan to. attend the annual meet-|ner The ladies then pulled the/given by the Rev Russell Urqu- directing the newest phase ofl .... ~ ~'~ .~, n.',,~i'~,.~ c,,,~,a , ,zt men m size. type .oz wor~ an~ accept.ea a joo .- " I " i Church " ' I..... s ...... ........... i h L z~e t's store as a salesman rag. b~ggest surpmse of the program/hart of the Bapt st DPA work m the county--the Med members were advised that there " ' ": wt e t " it c " ' ::': ........ ~,~,~,... T. ID. in Octo~)er 1946. He is one o fa izC:almAS~san~a~rnee "~r~l Proi,is a Steady increase in applicat- ~Igll][ IU Ug family of eight c~hildren of Mr. i u], g . ; ..... Y .I It,,". ..... and G. C Orndoff of Wades- IPll W, Leetown omce steno~grapnerano~ ~: m r0 ti t vllle. I VV, Mrs ott r Mee n 0 , .. . J.B. Ha ett, Jr., S aker g On Deeemt, was " " I V . ' " ' ' . . II At the recent Councd meeting] J ff~" ~[:/ |___m kl, __I_L maxried to the former Miss ~ncta al ,ar announcement was made of the IP___ I~ ol 1_ m n ~ / . : Ionaay flighT Proctor, of New,ton, Ga., and al- llUl|~ appointment of W Bernard I ror iHlllger$ on ~unaay ~~l~~ _ ,~ _ though working ~n Winchester and " " t.0wn.Rans0n P T ..... ~.~o~,o~ ,v ..... ,~r .... ,~ Mrs Smith as new state director of the I J. B. Huyett, Jr. will be guest - - : ~t Monday evening, Orndoff~have con'ti'nue~i ~o'-main- W:StaVzirf~n~ De~iartn~?~t~f b[ l cher for the Builders Bible DR. MARION J. CREEGER :45 at Charles Towntain a home in Wadesville. The " I as, f the Charles Town Meth- Dr ~t/i~vi,.n T f'......... h" ...... t School, Charles F Orndoffsdo however plan to take previously served in the attor-lodist Church Sunday nmrning -~ :: .... ..... .;-.-~,s~ ..... ?.c,.,- 'e Jn Charles Town , . . ' . " Lvt ~ecretarv oi me General Coin ~lent announced to- up ve,sidenc " hey general s offme and handled I Convening at 9:30 a m the Build. _, ,,, _ > ..... ..... , _ .............. about the middle of April since all legal matters pertaining to the lers extend a cordial invitation to on .tap!a r , wn!cn s a ood, program chair- trhe r .t ntly t oU acna dst.heo e rge desartpenticlar yb cllaqiuS: i lc I llllValit ter atncem:fetth lthatsh l n l[r current year, stated Street th o h h I . " " Ihe needs of chaplains in the Mil ~am for discussion IS Some ysars ago Mr, Ortadof'f be- uro,,t~ t,~. ~.,~o D,,~.n. . .~.... !,,.... ~tary Serwce and to asmst them . . ' r ug ~s knowledge of the bershxp ~s requested Sunday mor , " ' . should parents take came interested ~n cattle .raising ........ ~. ..........**~,.a.~ ,,,.,~. in n .................... t,, ~h,i, s,,~ from an enrich- anct today .rte na.s a zine nero o ' .... Mrs. Paul Fleagle Hereford beef e~ttle. And ir~cl~ld- vice will be most effective, will discussion. S. Ikenberry, presi- College, will be Holt Souder For Lenten Zion Church Souder, rector of Church, Win- wiU be the prea Weekly Lenten Ser- Parish afternoon thirty. Souder has 1)tea- in Zion Church four or five years here has always enthusiasm and ap has many friends and without the Zion To them all, and to to worship at a cordial invitation DAY FIRST FRIDAY Chief of Police reported seeing the t Friday. However, several local res- ~alled in to say that robins in various and county, SUNDAY .r ed in .the herd is one of the best purebred Hereford bulls ~n the country--Advance Dominion 43rd, which Ma'. Orzxdof'f purchased from Ydngsley Farms Jn ~Pennsylv~nla. 'Nil'. azad Mrs. Orndoff also own a farm in the north, western section of ~he county near the Virglxtla line. rn addition to a'aiMng cattle, Mr. Orndoff also has ,a great love for fishing and he tal0es .ad~rant~ge of every Opl~rtunlty to try his luck in the stxenm on his ,farm Dl,a- mo.':td Hill, and oecastonly some deep-sea ' fishing. Taking a promJnen~ spot in his spare tlme is his church work which he devotes ~nany hours and o~nsidex~vble effort too. He is a n~em,ber of the ~FLrst ~,aptist Church in Winchester where he h~ served .as Asst. ~uperintende~t Junior Department of tahe ~unday School; a member of the lMen'S Bible C}ass and a member of ,the Board of Us~h, exs .and .the Board of Deacons. 'While in Win,chester he has also be~n a member of the Cham- ber of Comvne,rce and the Reta2' Business Men's Associutic~n, hav~ng TURN TO PAGE 6-A CLEAR'ANCE ! RUMMAGE SALE-- MARCH 10th and 11th. MARY BRUBAKER SHOP March 2-1t.-pd.--~P NOTICE! aIlad am now offering bookkeeping income t~x service along with insurance. For information car E. P. "BUDDr' SMOOT, JR., ,~ad~erBuilding, 1091 Charles Town. Jan. 19 to April 13--~P IN ~POTLIGHT ON FOOTBALL BANQUET PROGRAM:--Taking the spotlight on the dinner program Tuesday night at which the Charles Town Lions honored the 1960 Charles TOwn High foot- ball team. coaches and managers, were the group shown above. They are, left to right:--Hugh Via, president of the Lions, who opened and closed the program as presiding officer; Danny Eismon, All- State footballer from Charles Town, who has been given a five-year grant-in aid schol~mhip at West Virginia University; Gene Corum, head football co~ch at Went Virginia, Lnd Ray Watson, his first ~ssistant, Who were the principal banquet speakers; and W. Gordon Eismon, executive secretary of the West Virginia SeCondary Sehools Activities Commission and a past president of the Charles Town Lions, who arranged-the program and introduced the speakers and special guests. (Photo By Tim Sinn~ Belated, but well-deserved, re. cognition was given members of the 1960 Charles Town 'High foot ball team, coaches and managers Tuesday night when they were ~he honored guests of the Charles l~own Lions Club at their weekly ~inner meeting held in the Blue Grass Inn in the Thomas Jeffer- mn Hotel,. And helping to honor the grid. ders were Gene Corum head foot ball coach at West Virginia Uni. ~ersity and his first assistant Ray Watson, both of whom delivered humorous, interesting and yet im pressive talks as the hightlight of the din~aer program. Corum and Watson drove in from Morgantown Tuesday after- noon and returned last night tak ing along with them large boxes of top-grade Jefferson e, ounty, a~- ples, presented them by memffers of the football team and the Lions Club. Corum first toughed on his own football program at West Virgin- ia, stating he and his coaching staff are not in the least discoura- ged with the prospects for next year. As a matter of fact he said he was very much encouraged be cause he said the squad has a good morale and their spirits are very high in spite of last year's dismal record. He said he will have 25 to 30 lettermen back. an- other eight or ten good prospects coming up from the freshman team, plus another eight men t~ ~, who had been redshirted last year and will be eligible as sopho mores this season. Corum said he will also have the advantage of having the same coaching staff together throughout Spring prac tice this season since the entire coaching staff was c~mpleted re- cently. Will Be Stronger Last year Corum said we had at West Virginia very weak jun- ior classes and most of our stren gth was in the sophomores. This year this will be different he said since we will have a good bunch of sophomores to go along with the )uniors and a few fine sen- iors. The ~chedule he said will be much the same next year with Or egon, Illinois and Maryland being dropped, bttt Vanderbilt, Indiana and Army being added. "Games are won and lost in be- tween season, for the most part, and fully realizing this we have had five coaches on the road d~ng recruiting since the season TURN TO PAGE 6---A A total of ten teams are now dults. entered in the big three-night Independent basketball, tourna- ment to be staged March 9, 10 and 11 on the Charles Town Sen- ior High gymnasium as a benefit for the Jefferson County March of Dimes drive. Tournament action will open at 6:30 Thursday evening March 9 with the Rudolph Five meeting 1he Town Boys. Then at 7:30 the Halltown Boxes will meet the Un- touchables and at 8:30 p. m. the White Grocers will meet the Fer ry Five. Friday night the action will al. so open at 6:30 with the Ranson Rats meeting the Shepherdstown Blfie Devils and at 7:30 the Hat- chet Five will tangle with the Gunners This will complete the first round action. Then at 8:30 Friday evening the winner of the game between the Rudolph Five and the Town Boys will play the winner of the White Grocery team and the Fer- ry Five. Saturday night will see the fin al round of play with three games on tap with the first one to start at 6:30. Admission for each session of the tournament will be 25 cents for children and 50 cents for a- Members of the varmus teams will be as follows: Ranson' Rats-Jimmy Wiltshire, Bill and Charlie Hine, Frankie Si mons and Kenneth Anders. Hatchet Five-Clay Leps, Russell Miller, Bill Jordan. Roger Ramey and Ronnie Phillips. Halltown Boxes-Bill Blackford, Button Ranalli, Tommy and John ny Bowe~s and Connie Hammann White's Grocery-Frankie Ran. alli, Oscar Day, Mike Pittinger, Scotty Johnson nad Gene John- son. Rudolph Five-Bill Zombro, Doc Nicewarner, Brownie Chrisman. Jackie Leslie, Ernie Rudolph. Untouchables.Shirley Gray, Cal vin Bennett, Bobby Burch, Char- les Henry. Shepherdstown Blue Devils- Martin Weller, John Shackelford, Nickie Buracker, Harry Lamp, A1- len Blackford. Town Boys.Donald Walker, Ger ald Walker, Dave Mackaboy, Ron- nie Myers, Gerald Anders. Ferry Five-Donnie Dopson, Paul Swartz, Dave Adkins, Tom- my Manuel and Ronnie Rice. Gunners-Bill Walters, Bill Trus sell, Jerry Kelican, Paul Focc- man and Bobby Spinks. be the speaker for the third Corn munily I,enten Service to be held Ttlutsday evening, March 9 at lhe Charles Town Melhodist Church. The service will get underway at 7:45 Dr. Creeger attended the Col. lege of Liberal Arts in Heidel- berg University al Tiffin Ohio and received the A. B. de~ree. This University alsn conferre~l the degree of Doctor of Divinity upon Dr. Creeger m 1956, Dr. Creeger attended Boston Univer. sity tor his theological training, Throughout his professional life Dr. Creeger has been m po~, ition of importance such as Presi- denl of the Connecticut Council of Churches: Presidenl of the Council of Social Agencies. Mid- dletown, Connecticul; District Su perinlendent of the New ttaven District of the Methodist Church; Lecturer at Yale University Div- inily School on Methodist History and Policy. Mr. Creeger served frith the Armed Forces as an enlisted man during World War I. During World War II he was Assocmte program Direelor for' Religious Emphasis on the staff of the Army and Navy Department of the Y. M. C. A. RITES FOR MRS. WHITMORE Graveside funeral servmes for the late Mrs. Venita Whitmore will be held Saturday mornmg at 11 a. m. March 4 at Edge Ilill Cemetery. Friends and relatives will meet at the Melvin T Strider Co. Colonial Funeral Honte at 10:- 30 o'clock.