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February 28, 1985     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 28, 1985

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2 Consideration of the man- passengers who still distain datory use of seat belts by the use of seat belts. Their West Virginia motorists is one resentment against seat belts proposal certain to be discuss- is that of not wanting to be told ed loud and long by this ses- by an intrusive and pater- ,sion of the West Virginia nalistic government that it legislature as the result of in- feels it must protect us from creased public interest in ourselves. highway safety. There are those who say the When Sen. Mario Palumbo seat belt law would infringe (D) of Kanawha County in- their civil liberties. But lets troduced a bill in the 1984 face it, there are many worse legislative session making laws that infringe on peoples seat belts in motor vehicles in liberties every day. Although West Virginia mandatory, he the American public has an in- could not even get the Senate herent opposition to mandates, transportation chairman to we feel that seat belts would be put the measure on the agen- a much better way to install da. But in the interim year the more safety into cars, and cer- seat belt proposal has gained tainly less costly than air bags. heavy support from the West The air bag, and or the seat Virginia Medical Association; belt, legislation is being sup- the West Virginia Insurance ported more strongly nov, than Federation; the West Virginia ever in West Virginia as a way Safety Council; and the AAA to curb the ever increasing Auto Clubs of the state, as well high rate of traffic accidents as the thrust of federal interest and related deaths. in such a law. And while there The air bag, while claiming is still quite a bit of individual to be effective, carries an ex- opposition, it appears that we cessive economic cost, thus may be forced to buckle up mandatory use of seat belts soon. seems to us, to be not only While the successes of the more economical, but also Mothers Against Drunk preferable." Drivers along with the support The legisla'tors of three ma- of the above mentioned forces jor states - Illinois, New Jersey all added to the favorable sup- and New York have within the port for the seat belt law, un- past year passed mandatory doubtediy the Federal Govern- seat belt laws and legislators ment's decision to require in some 40 other states as the either seat belts or air bags in result of Federal policy order to share in federal recently adopted, are con- highway monies will have a sidering, and likely to adopt, major effect on passage of the some form of highway safety legislation, in cars whether it be seat belts We don't doubt that seat or air bags. If one or the other belts have, and will save lives, is made mandatory in West and its a good idea to wear Virginia we would opt for seat them. But there is still a large belts and forget about air segment of drivers and bags. II Kudos to the West Virginia Pro utors Association. Very recently, meeting in the+association a resolu- tion agreeing to "assist each other in neighboring counties, by serving as special proseetors." What this boils down to is that when a county prosecutor cannot handle a ease because of a conflict, current practice is to hire a special prosecutor, often a local lawyer who is paid at his hourly rate. Under the association's proSecutor-on-loan program, prosecutors would go from one county to another and would charge only their expenses for handling the case. The result would be a "considerable sav- ings to taxpayers on a statewide basis." According to association president Harry Deitzler, almost every county in the state has a case or two a year that goes to a special pro- secutor who bills at his usual rate which may be $75 oral00 an hour. The case ends up costing the county anywhere from $10,000 on up. Said Deitzler: "our offices (prosecutors) are already set up and geared for prosecution. We coqldtrade off cases and it wouldn't substantially tap our resources. It might not always work. Ther might be schedul- ing conflicts or other conflicts, but there's no reason not to tap this resource first before spen- ding large sums of taxpayer dollars." Before passing out more hurrahs for the prosecution association's action, a word about a recent in-state action that revealed the true worth of the association's decision. Two lawyers were appointed by a Kanawha County Circuit judge as special prosecutors to probe election abuses by the county clerk. The two private lawyers charged Kanawha County taxpayers $160,000 at $60 an hour. County commis- sioners balked at the bills, but the judge ordered them paid, unde threat of throwing the commissioners in jail. A special judge later ap- pointed Wood County Pro- SPIRIT OF.JEFFeRSON Farmer's ADVOCATE -- -THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28. 1985 February 25, 1985 Dear Mr. Rentch, Pravda means truth. Bob Hanrahan, speaking at a seminar of the American Security Council, read an editorial that appeared in Pravda. Someone had translated it and published in the Great Salt Lakes Boy Scouts Newsletter. The translated Pravda editorial follows: "A recent survey revealed that the organization called the Boy Scouts is turning American youngsters into hostile, war-mongering imperialists. Every boy who is forced to join Boy Scouts is trained to be a master of all forms of espionage, violence and germ warfare. He quickly becomes a very dangerous tool of the ruthless United States government. "At the age of eight or nine, innocent American boys are herded into an organization known as Cub Scouts, which prepares them for future foul deeds. The Cub Scouts clietators force the youths to worship the wolf, one of the most vicious and uncivilized predatory animals. After three years of servitude in the Cub Scouts, the boys, now howling adolescents, are forced to join the older, more corrupt Boy Scouts. "The most deceitful ritual is the shameful court of honor, vdaere the war mongers are decorated with so- called badges. It is here that they receive rewards for their work in such insidious fields as swimming -- which really means under water demolition and sabotage, path-finding, which- means counter-espionage and pioneer- ing -- which means exploitation of under developed countries. "In their efforts to completely con- trol American youths, the Scout Tzars have set up a sister organization call- ed the Girl Scouts of America. This ill- conceived group turns girls into unpaid door-to-door cookie vendors. The pro- ceeds of these sales go, of course, to the Wall Street master minds of the en- tire plot." That seems to be the end of the editorial. I cannot see why the unknown writer did not use the Soviet "truth" and say that the girls had im- itated the sick minds of those people who, when children go "Trick or Treating," put needles, pins, broken glass and other sueh things into the "treats." There have been stories of Girl Scout cookies "sold by the unpaid cookie vendors" that were con- taminated with broken glass or other hazzards. Girl Scout Cookies are as American as Aple Pie. The unknown author of that Pravda editorial missed an oppor- tunity to make Americans, and even little American girls, into" vicious -'poisoners. seeutor Harry Deitzler as I wonder how many Russians special prosecutor in caseo ~b~lieve Pravda? of alleged election abuses by Lela Gardner Kanawha County Clerk Phyllis - February 25, 1985 Rutledge. Deitzler charged Letter to the Editor Kanawha taxpayers just $300 Mr. aentch in travel expenses. Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Deitzler's rationale, he was 210 N. George Street already a prosecutor on full- Charles Town, West Virginia 25414 time salary. Dear Mr. Rentch What a breath of fresh air in For several weeks now people have a continuing situation where "been asking me how I feel about the even prosecutors attempted to competition to my guest lodging, collect special fees for doing Countryside, now that other bed and breakfast inns are opening in Jeffer- prosecutorial work in another son County. county. To set the record straight, I don't You will remember the bills view the other inns as competition. As submitted by two Monongalia a matter of fact, tourism is big County prosecutors who were business in Jefferson County and there is a definite need for overnight called upon to prosecute then lodgings. Judge Pierre Dostert in the Privately owned inns are not like Bolivar copter case. chain motels. They are all different. The bills were submitted, There is no one that is better or nicer the Jeffeson County Commis- than the other. They vary in size, shape and price and reflect the per- sion balked at the amount. We sonality and tastes of the innkeeper. assume it was paid by the There is no room for petty jealousies State Supreme Court. or competition in the lodging field in However it was paid, it was Jefferson county. All of us promote tourism in the state, put.many dollars paid by your tax dollars, even back into the local economy and give though the Monongalia Coun- travellers from all over Amreica and ty attornies were already on the world a very positive impression the public payroll, albeit not of west Virginia. full-time. So please, friends and neighbors, Thus we give a standing don't ask me how I feel about the "competition." There is no corn- salute to the West Virginia petitiveness among the innkeepers in Prosecutors Association for a Jefferson County, be they located in step in the right direction, and villages, towns or in the country. We acknowledgment that when are all working together toward one you seek a public office, and common goal and that is to share our gain it, you have an obligation beautiful part of the state witL those not fortunate enough to live here. to operate that office as cir- Yours in the West Virginia spirit. cumspectly and as penny-wise Lisa Hileman as is reasonably possible. February 25, 1965 Travel Council Looks Mr. Rentch, Editor The Spirit of Jefferson TO Seniors For Help Farmer's Advocate 210 N. George Street The Eastern Gateway Travel Court- Charles Town, WV 25414 Dear Mr. Rentch: I would like to respond to the letter written last week by Lela Gardner. First of all, she referred to the peo- ple who voted against Reagan as the "few." I never knew 30 to 40 million were referred to as a few people. The only reason Reagan's victory is refer- red to as a landslide victory is because of the outdated Electoral College system. I grant you be did win by the majority, but just because the majori- ty wants it does not necessarily make it right. If we always weat by the ma- jority, this country would have never been formed. There were enly 33% of the people in the colonies who favored forming a nation. . She also states that no U.S. ]and- based missile has been built since 1969. I am not qqestioning this statement. What I am questimflng is Reagan, the eft is looking for Senior Citizens to do volunteer work at the Rt. 340 Informa- tion Center and Travel Council office in Harpers Ferry. The Eastern Gateway Travel Coun- cil is a nonprofit, membership organization serving West Virginia's Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties. The work would include assisting travelers stopping at the Information Center and helping the Travel Coun- cil Director with office and clerical work. Seniors interested in volunteering" their services are invited to attend an introductory meeting of the Charles Town Inn on Rt. 340 in Charles Town oh Wednesday, March 6, 10:00 a.m. For more information, contact the Eastern Gateway Travel Council at PO Box A, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 or call 304-535-2482. President with the biggest defense budget in history. What has he done with all of this money? Also, in my opinion, anyone Who believes that more and more missiles will deter their use is naive: Has there ever been a weapon invented that was nev~- used? Finally, I understand the need for defense of the United States, but in this day and age it must be handled dif- ferenUy. As of now, a nuclear war can- not he won. Both countries already have enough missiles to destroy the world many times over. This is a dif- ferent era from the past when there were no nuclear missiles. A war will simply mean the end of life as we know it. I am in my early twenties, and as I understand, Ms. Gardner, along with Reagan, are in twilight years and have had their chance at a long fulfill- ing life. How about giving the younger people that same chance! Sincerely William R. Mattei Feb. 21, 1985 WHAT IS HAPPENING? ? I am filled with deep concern regar- ding the issue of prayer in the public schools. I know it has been said that our na- tion was founded upon the principle: "In God we Trust," but what has hap- pened? Where are we headed? Who are we not trusting? Are we totally trusting those who make the decisions for us? I know it has been said that "this is the land of the free and the brave," but what or who makes us free? What or who makes us brave? Is it bravery to declare that prayer in schools is un- constitutional when many of the laws within the constitution are biblically. and morally based? I~ it freedom when we allow racial and cultural pre- judice to exist in our schools, and yes, even in our churches? What is happen- ing? Can we honestly, without convic- tion, say that it is tmnecessary to ~ even one moment to acknowledge our creator? (Excuse me, this is only for these who believe that they have been created and not evolutionized.) Whocb we call upon in the time of trouble? To whom do we pray when our last breath of life is being withdrawn from our bodies? Our schouls nesd the interven- tion of a providential being to guide them in the right direction. This can only he done through prayer. I cannot understand why cotintless time and earnest energy are being spent to abolish something that has proven to de us good, when there are painful issues that should be fought against: broken homes, hunger, in- justice, crime, ~de, drinking and dr v,drag sex prom - ty, incest, child abuse, abortion and rape. The list goes on! But, we fight against praysr! ! ! Does prayer bring pain? Plea I do not mean to sound bias- ed, nor am I trying to force anyone to change their beliefs (then, maybe I am). I am open-minded and willing te listen. But we need to really look at what is happening. Is America stray. ing farther and farther from its basic and moral principles? Is this truly a nation under God? Or do we only pledge allegiance to the flag? It is time, America; retm'nl to file "Old Landmark" upon which this nation was built and upon the principles that governed the lives of ore- forefathers. Remember the words of the pream- ble to the U.S. Constitution: We, the people of the States, in order te form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, pro- mote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. The only way we may be able to secure any blessings is to release our pride and osafem our need f~r im~yer, which is the key that will bring heal- i,g to our nation, our homes, our chor- ches and our schools. Will you pray with me for our nation and otw worm so we may know and what is happening? A Concerned Citizen GIVE THE D WAY EVER HEAR 0 tllWWltWlItIttWWtWWWWWtWlWttl ESTABLISHED 1844 JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO INC. DONALD G. RENTCH EDWARD W. OOCKENEY R. MEAOE DORSEY Published Every Thursday At 210 N. George St.--Charles Town, W. Va. Telephone: (304) 725-2046 Or 725-2047 Subscription Price: In Jefferson County - $9.00 a Out of Jefferson County - $10.00. 5% Sales Tax Must Be Added for all Entered In The Post Office At Charles Town As Second Class Matter -- USPSSI0-960 Ad Deadline 4: 00 P.M. Monday ttlttlttttlt!!tiitltlltttltitl NEWS OTHER YEARS 10--YEARS AGO---10 Robert R. Darr. of Shenandoah Junction. was honored when he was cited for 50 years of service by the Elk Branch Lodge 93. of the Masons. Sheryi Sturges was named as Jeffer- son High's 1974-75 Betty Crocker Leader of Tomorrow. DIED Mrs. Elton Lee Carper. St wife of William F. Carper, Sr of Jefferson Terrace; Mrs. Rebecca Irene Boyd, 85, in the Fahrney Keedy Home in Boonsboro, Md.; Mrs. Clara Gertrude McCauley, Charles Town; Mrs. Edith Ellen Shewbridge, 84, Etchison, Md.; Austin Clyde Reger, 9O, Charles Town: Wallace George Barron, 74. Charles Town. Mrs. Frank Lee Bnshong celebrated her 96th birthday by attending three big events. Deborah Marshall, a senior at Jef- ferson High, has been selected for the second consecutive year as a member of the West Virginia All-State Band. MARRIED Miss Delores Marie Staubs. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grafton Staubs of Harpers Ferry to Mr. Richard Wayne Jenkins. son of Mrs. Gerald Grove and Emory Jenkins, Harpers Ferry. Mike Kelley, a senior at Jefferson High School, has been named the Citizen of the Month by the National Honor Society. ~-.--YEARS AGO---20 The W.Va. Horticultural Society holds its ?2nd convention at Shenan- deah Downs race track and elects four new directors: Stanley Frye, Charles Town: William Kilmer, Martinsburg, Vernon Shade, Arden and Henry W. Miller, Paw Paw. No new Officers were elected. More than 1,000 persons attended the Thomas Jefferson Hotel liquidation sale of furnishings and equipment. Two Powhatan Brass employees retire: Howard L. Ashwood, 18 years of service and Raymond F. James, 47 years. DIED Mrs. Laura Belle Callahan, 82, of Martinsburg, at the borne of her niece; Mrs. Harry Jenkins. Ranson; Lee Roy Mason, 70. Charles Town, B & O brakeman before retirement, in Charles Town General Hospital; Mrs. Cora Bell Martin, 64, of Winchester, Va a native of Charles T0wn, at her home; Mrs. Dorothy E. Walters, native of Charles Town, at her home in Martinsburg; Miss Mary Hunter Marlow, 83, at her home "Willowdale," Charles Town. Nearly 375 Charles Town High Pan- ther boosters hear plans for installing lights at the athletic field and a talk by Johnny Unitas, Baltimore qua tier- hack. at a dinner at the school. 30--YEARS AGO---3~ The March of Dimes fund goes over $8,700 in its yearly amount of $3.492.15 Shepherdstown. MARRIED Miss Jean Robertson of W.Va. supervisor of son County schools and James Louis HanifintUSA, and Mrs. Paul C. Hanifin Town. DIED Thomas A. Standard Lime injured in a fall from stown .bridge; Mrs. Blackford, 91, at her Jr 16. son of Rev. Locke, Sr of Glendale suddenly while Scout trip with his father boys; William A. Olive Boyer Stock John W. White. 82, at Clarke Co.: Luther J- returned salesman of Orazio Chicchirichi. local hospital. Charles Town High's thers their with 4 wins 40--YEARS DIED Mrs. Clarence Hille~/ word from her brother ton, that his Henry Charvel had died i~ Australia; the Stauffer Hospital, Md.; Archie Hite at his county; Mrs. Lizzie M. in Frederick Cit, Bradley, widow of and daughter of the late Amanda Lake Burns Rockingham Memorial Harrisonburg. The Whitmore site for their planing side of N. Mildred St move there from the south of the B&O DIED In De~alb, Burr, 78, a native of r~eighborhood: at her George St the home of her son near Va Mrs. Jemima K. of J.R Elletett. FOR In the that following February 21 i~me we p. mrting who waded into the Shenandoah River Brill out water on Bloomery the rer, cuer "Carl" Penwell, 37, ~ I, The this