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February 26, 1970     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 26, 1970

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Fred Staubbs and Lee Ballen. ger led the Harpers Ferry scoring with 13 and 12 points, while Allen Mahoney had 31 of the 61 Cougar points. In the third game the Job Corps increased their magin of winning the league championship over the II linton boys still had a lot of grit and determination left, and they continued to fight back with e- nough scoring punch to keep Charles Town from breaking the battle completely wide open until the two teams began moving down the home stretch. sPmrr FI ERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY' 26. 1970 B--3 the Charles Town Jayvees and the but four other Hedgesville players Harpers Ferry High Jayvees went were able to take up the scoring to Charles Town in easy fashion slack and carry the victory load. by an 82-25 score. The Indians led the Eagles Shepherdstown cagers to six Both Marlinton and Charles Bruce Singhas led the Charles by a 20.18 sco~ az ine end nf the games by defeating them 47-46 in Town substituted freely in the fi- Town Jayvee sconng a.ttack with c~o+ ~a ~ ] +n~ a ~a CAGE LEAGUE In the Thursday night action " ' in ton " v u ,- one of the most hotly contested hal period and in the last five 17 points, while Derw Lay [G OF TEAMS the Merchant Noland cagers man battles of the season, one which min-tos of nlav the Panthers be- had 16 points and Jimmy Walker locKea with them at ~z-~'z at the W. L. aged to finish in a tie for third r.equired an overtime period to. gan-to mov~ out to a safe and 15. halfway mark. i~ n ~14 71 overPlacethebYTasteeSC ringFreezea 60-48boys.VictoryKent settle the! !Issue.-" [ The Charles Town Ihgh" has-, front once again on the strenght comfortable margin. . . " -. III I I ~ ~ Shock and Skip Whitmore led the cDrnes%;~cvn~'thle14meoinT: ketballers had to work much har-lof layup shots by Carr and Lind- The Panthers, who hit 35 of 78 |~alu~lur~|~ TAI~e ~ io---- and 6 ~ Merchant Noland team to victory . ~ .g P( der Friday night on their home[soy 'and three consecutive from shots from the floor for a 44-per- H~:U~I~}T|||~/t$~~IA]{M~ []~A~|~ while vlc ~oimes lea ~nepneras- court to cage the Marlinton High l the side of the floor by Kim Reid, cent shooting mark, also .turned m, -- . I 5 10 FreezeWith 21 team.and 20 points respectively, t;;~w~m~~ ~ip:erh:~nd i~heha ~it~!es~h d ~ui~/n~g J~i I ~e!D::C;Y~eTin~dddsel y~dhh:e26 :~ ~4 i:n ~rdt~s'thetpT~!~?~2dl~ad ~,~ ~=" U~E 5 10Wil n and John Sk ner each IflOlal ;1 110 --O-- had 11 points for the Tastee season acuonm me th rebounding of Larry Carr, Bill |tl Panthers points. Carr 28 points to lead the County ]ndpnena,mt In the second game of e I~ am Pne,- 1 II Lindsey and Kim Reid made the [ In the second period despite the Charles Town scoring attack, =~'~'"~" ==~" = =,==v I t tJ P l~it ( League ended Thurs-night the Harpers Ferry cagers In thesem'i'fi'n~s'of'tlae taurna difference and permitted the Pan-[fact that Cart joined in the heavy while Lindsey had 22 and Kim The Hedgesville High Eagles UqUIU rt'lrlmL ll Feb. 19 in the Job scored a 67-61 victory over the + ,eh ~n~, ni,h~ the inne," thers to pick up their 16ttL vie-[ bomhardmev.t of the Charles Reid 16. Jay Stewart, who was sec- inanaged to chalk up their 17th nasium when all sixCustom Autoland Cougars and in n, j ~ defeat ,the 14srr~r~ l~orrv. Mu~lmnn tory as against one by a|Town basket, the Marlinton cag- end in scoring for the Copper- vzctory of the season as against For Its More PROFITS as played their final addition to knocking the Cougars ~,~,=~" ~i'il"~'o a- ~-ai(~st-the'Sh"e-n7- 90-73 score, ters just would not be shaken off heads, had six of his points in the only one defeat Friday night in ACt - ~te 'l'hst Vm, got ready for the be- out of the third place spot, the ~.=~'~,~ ~,h ~n~n~ ~.~ ~,~ The Panthers, who breezed to,and several times during the per- third period, while Mike Ander- Berkeley Springs, but this time it I ~"~.~'~7~ "~ the post-season league victory permitted them to move t~'~aso""n'%~l"t'~e'~'~r~~ o'f~"two a fairly ea'sy 107-77 victory overiiod they moved to within seven son who led the visitors with 21 was no breeze for the Eagles as tarl l~jux -- into a tie for the show spot. ' eames at 7"30 p m with Paw the Copperheads in Marlinton,[points of the Panthers. By half- points, hit 16 of them in the final they did not clinch the decision [ ~uc~x~ ~ ~rDt,~, ~ l~aw, the Morgan "county entry in were expected to have a more[time, however, as a'result of sev- period and it was his scoring bar-~until the final two minutes of[ ~uv~ r~ v~ w ~,~r~, the tournament, with a recoyd of easy time of it Friday night. But|eral late baskets, Charles Town rage which kept the Copperheads Iplay. [ M D R~.~t'I-I|I~.V 6-12, tangling with the I~dges- it just didn't work out that way[had pulled into a 47-31 lead. And in the battle until the end. f The Indians, who had been slau- [ "~" ~ " ~ne~** " vllle High Eagles, 18-2 on the and as late as the start of the final[ at this point in the battle, it ap- The Panthers hit for 35 field tghtered by the Eagles in their[ MIDDLETOWN, MD. it US |lay .~. peri~dthevisit~r~sti~weren~t~pea~edthattheC~pperheadshadg~aist~f~rMar~int~and2~first meeting with Hedgesville| ,llllil~,71~.~t/~.l - ' Friday night the two Thursday too far behind this time to be[been defanged and bagged. But foul shots as a against 13 for the earlier in the season, managed to,aui ,#/l ~o-t& night winners will hattie for the counted.out of the victory race. |the Panthers found out quickly iCopperheads. [hold Mark Catlett, ace Hedgesville I Feb. 12-TF sectional crown in a single game The t'anthe~ in the third period that the Mar- The preliminary battle between scorer in check to a great degree, ! I I i your bill !' set forSp, m. ,-- -- . m--"------'-7 " ' Immediately following the cha- mpionship game the tournamentI ffi l all-tournament team will bel / / - I m l awards will be presented and an i ills are getting you down- making it hard to make ends named and winners of other in-I II / / 1= II diP[dual awards will be announc-/ -~ ~ . . =--. ~ ~ . / -'tus help solve your. problems. . If youown your own Earle Lighther and Mearle ~~~ T~P ~ i ~ 1 10i for or not, we can loan you up $5,000 at low banke~L f ' Y stretching your payments ove a longer period of time Spickler, both of Martinsburg, I i ke one ,payment each month that you can afford. WrRe, will work the tournament, i 2 "- I visit US for full details " Admission will be 75 cents for I ~ ~ ~ ~ j 1 1 ~ll ' 1~3 students for each of the three ~--- ~ nights and $1.25 for adults on~ --. -- ~ " i Valley Mortgage.& Investment Corp. : [ Tuesday night when there will be{ only the one game and $1.50 onI =--" mE I " ' --Annex, BetweenMontgomeryWard'andFlreltone,h 2 a nnaR o.fFo nhd YenCght if on, -- -- ----- -- i?l / Call lack,Riley, 662-4115 ,i .ov o o it[lilt/ v/ / 11'/11 /r/'ai Sir: Please send me without obligaitpn full detalh,' e 5g eehSe yltC e llOW I can quarry for : ca, to get Homeowners Lot~," '' ""rt ~ .'~ gammeS' to VV && & lily J, "first I X / i. l ltltlne~ : I staThe tourname: p" nit finals" will" bel I -- /ill ill pl?Yaetd 2Saturday I i II i / it~kiress I,P. . !,'" Phone State 2 t State College gymnasium in Key- ,+ + . . i . I RIINGE BRE#tD Treatt with 2i I "N%!I ,OLORME"COIMTES" W the last several weeks of action, I / i ) t after a very dismal first half ofI { /~77 ~~ I ~ / season play, gave the Musselman a a l 1 ' lligh Cagers a real scare Friday ~ " I " ' " ,light on the Musselman Iligh ) y/ anything. And it sa local contest, open only to ktds in this - . / / H ve fun. Win big prizes. Best of all you don t have to buy 1 Sheds s0il and stains . . keeps its "new look foryears,rdBw dsbe[ re rynPcPeinfeanioSn4"l / ) area.JustgetanentryblankandcolorMissSunbeamRange /'The ~atr~inC lTi Junior Varsity/ Bread exactly as she looks on the Sunbeam Blue Ribbon started things off on a victorious l "" ' Ran e Bread wra er 20 win / note in the first of two games g pp . hers will be selected each --,ith a 49-46 victory. ] / week for four weeks. (Contest begins February 17th and :.k ' feBUtr:ngathmeee rulYsS a g:ns ends March 16th.) And from the 80 weekly winners, the ;i::::.i::i::~ tar" out in" front of Shepherdstown,' " I,t%l ~ ~/~" b~/ namesof3 boysand 3girlswill bedrawn for the 6 fabulous ii::i!i ;~: leading as much as 20 points at/ / -~A.-- - - ~ ".g./i -- ~x: . ~:~:;)~/:::~i7: one point. But Shepherdstown,/ / Grand Prizes! ~' " ,':"~ :~:/.;:':::::,:t:.i/. :::,':i:! i:~';~[~ one point 75-74 with three min-] / A / Everyone has an equal chance to win because tlaere's a -.~: ~-~[!::,-~- ::,~~~;i:{{~:;~i~:~:~7~:~:i'ii!$j:~::7] then rallied and pulled to within/ / ~~ r- I Id~ , utes of play remaining But just[ / /c~T'---/ /;~ ff ~ ./~) / - - !,~::i~)~:;%:~/L~ hen it appeared the 'Cardinals [ ~ f --- separate comes lor each of these age groups: !:7:~:/;;;(i~11!~:7 might turn defeat into victory,[ I ~tk ~ ] ~J / lhey began comnfitting personaoll I / / 1 Under 5 ' ears old fouls and Musselman hit on seven I I / . y o. / years old ,z 9 ann o years Old 4 9 ann ears old of nine from the foul line to ,no, e/ I " " Y too far in front for Shepherds-] ~ ~tc0N~t~t~ ~ ~.--- ~ ]] fn ]9 wetorc ~h-t town to overtake. ] / ~6 ~.~ ~Y3 v ~. ~ -- --s If Gene Lznaburg led the Mussel-1 i ~'.t~~ ll~li#~ F-U~ ~l ~~2~,l/l~tit-~::~:: ~ . ] man cagers to their ~th v~oto,~t ~---'-'-'-'-'-'-'---~ .-- ~ II CY ! i I ~' -- - as against the same number of " I ~ #,~/I . , defeats with 23 points, while Jim[ IT5 Tn BUY. ~ nrwo e far haw 9 nrlTl~e fnr 1 .: White had 7.1 points and ltlCK M1C-] ~l|ln |I : ~[~:~, ~ ,J,:',~ o=,~. ~. %~ ~ ~:=; heels 18. Ilmw--I " " ~S, [~2~',',!~1 ! The defeat was the ,4th for/ 4 prizes In each age roup per W !~,~.:~'~:':::,::,'"' ','C2:;,',7;,'"~.'/.: Shepherdstown in 18 games. / . =" -- ""7" i ' [ ,! 20 weekly prl, 6 grand prize "~ lop Inne ---" ,m s,m. r~pr,ntl I~r TWIN or FULL SIZE F0 A L MITED I . i, RKhlux Foam < ' " R I T ME -~ury and f" " i n n ild~l~ l~a?~ i Dteb, Irm support. Rich deep-needle qu ltl g o 10 Portable TV s t~'~Jray nfl ralpriatc vertreateclwitkSc tckgard l A It ; I!11 ~ AM.Translstor ir ' t~ ~Det stains. With FIRMRITE permanent edge border ~a~;eve~t sagging. Now save $20 on the set ($10 on the I ~ i I h r--4 I11 I ~ Rad,os In| IN~ bEL~(ess' $10 n the b x spring)" On March 10th theu;~E Will sell for $59.95! ]l ~ ~ica's ~ lest ' Bscyc" I Ill t Miss Range Bread ~ ~~ ' washer, the luxury " I / you can afford.~ A for as little as I Dolls t4 / Per Week i/ SUPERTANE !VIN T. STRIliER C I]. ! SALES CORPORATION I 5 Baseball & Bat Sets 2 AM/FMn AL 7 5 7087 Tra .sistor l t Ra&os 25-7068 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. I D[ 2 - I CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Fine Furniture For The Home' EAST CONGRESS STREET l