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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 26, 1970     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 26, 1970

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FOR SALE: - No Tre pesstng Signs; No Farking, No Dumping, For Rmt, For Sale, No Hunting, No Fisizing, Rooms For Rent, Apartm~t For Rent, etc. Spirit Pups. Of Jefferson-Advocate office, Ngrth ~George Street, Public Sale : t~e balancedue therefron~ Said sale will be free of all son of,Va, were week end guestS Of Mr. and. Mrs. John Dodson end son. Mr. and Mrs. by a re- Monti and Mr. Dodson were also Purs,uant to terws of a degree of {lwelling house visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Bob |aild other outbuildings, .and ean James and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Charles AND the Circuit Court of Jefferson ~tJe used ~or~ ~tgrieultural or future D Angelo. 'rlw~ ~ ~io~ or z~. i orchard - :~ - ~ HOSTESS C~lunty, Welt Virlli!l~ dated Jan. e0mme~ deveiopment purposes Mr. and Mrs. Eugene uary 22, 1970, in alractton thereinbe desirtd), ton and ehiIdren I I T U R F D IN ~ R First citiz-~ ~ ~Bulhoi~ and Thomas of Raltiniore" Md. were ira W. St~ptod Special Corn- Apply In Peril misioiiers; Mr. and Mrs. ( ~RK'~I OFFICE OF Carlisle, FOR RENT: Two bedroom trailer ing Miss 1~0. Plmne 72~-220~. of Mr. W, i~eb.- i~-tL H:ELP of Jefferson Wanted: - To Rent-Farmwith or Ranson, W. i phoa~ calls, West that Lee without imuse. T~ buy Hay, Straw children of and oats will haul Telephone 725- with approved 8876 . land: Clark of~ Feb.26 It ~ night a~r: - . ~a~t~ ~ RIGGLEMAN beell tnade in full basement . CLERK by ttaymond street. Phone 743-67~0, Wat~ 26~t sons of Bakerton Luray, Vii. - "ralliill~. i~,J%. ~t,l .t Berillil, auction at 100 S. Winona, Minnesota 55987. made by A. G. Hooper, Jr: C.E I III I I II )Charles Town, W. Va. FOR RENT: - Large attractive Feb. 5-4.t.Feb. 27, 1970, 10:00 one bedroom apartment, central dated May 14,1966, recorded with ILL ILL TI heat, bath, private entrance near ~:,:-:-:-:-:-i~.-i,:, deed from Roger J. Perry, et. al. conveying same to said Michael Miss Dorothy Lake Malibu, 2 dr. Charles Town. Call Monday thr- dated May 16, 1966, in the office Notice: Out to circumstances ough Friday, 725-2729. [ un " of the Clerk of the County Court llt.~,~ll~~~~lll~ beyond our control the sale COUNTY Feb. 19-2-t. MOTORS, INC. ~~ : : :.: :.: :. : :. of said county in Deed Book 280, Mr. and Mrs. George Monti of at Remington, Va to be held page 255 together with a perman- March 9, has been post-poned. OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT WANTED: River lot to rent: ent easement and right-of-way for I I II - Professional Building. Call Dr. Write P. O. BoX 95, Halltown, W. twater' electricity, telephone, and FLOOR SANDING Mrs. Joseph E. Wright, Jr. Van Metre. 725-7215 ~r 725-7214. Va. I other utilities, as well as for pass- Receiver PILGIILIC SALE Jan. I-TF Feb. 19-4-t-pd. age and transfer of all kinds over AND been made in Harriett D. Wright of debts secured by FOR LEASE: January 1, 1970 41-~.-i~,: :-i.:-:.*'e.:.*:.-:. a certain 40-foot right-of-way lead F ! N 1 S H 1 N G - Individually the under- m Charles WashingtOn Shopping ing from the southwest corner the following Center, Ranson, W. Va. Store- of said parcel between Bane on ROBERT G. MASTERS James G. Tdout Auction Public auction at 222 room now occupied by Ranson" -" the west and Bridenbaker, WilsonROUTE NO. 1 -- BOX 110 And Realty, Inc. .- ~ s .~ ~'.; ~'.'.~.~i ' + ~. and others on the east to the [NWOOD, W. V A. 25428 1 W. Second Street Street, Ranson, W. Post-Office and store room for- : ~. ~ ~ ~-.~ ~ : :,*l~ '. county road running frOm Route rday, February 28, merrily occupied by Charles Telephone 267-8125 (Temporary Location) o'clock A.M. Washington Specialty Shop. Con- Lost: - A two dollar and half gold 9 to the Leetown road, which Serial No. 638W12332 tact Blakeley Bank & Trust Co piece, some where on the streets right-of.wayis subject to the right Perma-Flex Seamless Floors Frederick, M& of Charles Town or in some store.~ reserved in said deed for the said Free Estimates (301) 662-6231 II Serial No. Ranson, Phone 725-701a. REWARD. Mrs. Jas. Hough phone grantors'therein, their heirs and Nov. 13-tf. May 22-E: O.W. Feb. 26-1t- 725-2542 assigns, to grant like non-exclu- HI Serial No. PM FOR RENT: - Modern store room Feb. 26-1t-pd sire easements to any and all per- n I I MOTORS INC. or office space, front and side sons and to the rights of other entrance, in BusinessSection ~~':"~":":":":" adjoining land owners to use the $139.50 Ph. 725-9995. ] same, but without guarantee by Feb. 13 - April 1 ] " -- said grantors to clear or maintain; Hunting ~1o SUBJECT, HOWEVER, to the fol- For Sale. For Rent -~,:-.',t-:-: ~-i-,~,+~.-:-:-:-:,~ ~,i-:,:,:* t ;,~ ~t ~ ~, :, ~ ~ lowing restrictive covenants, to- at Spirit of Jeff-HaP ,~' wit: $12 A PICK.UP LOAD, DELIVERED Office on Nci'thi .- IN MEMORIAM: ~/(1) NO building of a temporary Charles Town. In memory of Grace Roper, whonature 0r trailer or tent shall beTELEPHONE 725-7210 --- Angus W. McDonald departed this life 20 years ago, ~!'ected:<0r permitted on said pro- ,rxo Ii)eli ; .Or Tel e 7; -2189 ~ConW01s- "~Memo~ z~:GO~S greatest gift. (2) NO beer;Whlskey ~)r wines, " - Hoists, Light O. Box 231-~ % Jefferson Pub- Grandson Richard. ] or any other kind of toxicating Sunday Through Thur ay F.M. Concrete Mix. fishing Co. ~arles Town. Feb. 26-1t- & Vibrators, Con- Feb. 26-2-L ~ Feb. 26-1.t. beverages shall .be sold on said Air Compress- ---- property except in motel or hotel New & Used. i ~ i . IN MEMORIAM: restaurants; (3) All toilet facilities shall WJtNTED In memory of Clyde (Miller) be within dwelling and installed Cook who passed away one year in accordance with State and cou- SPRING in a HOME OF YOUR OWN: nut trees, berry Wante |~ Immediately ago, February 27, 1969. nty health regulations; Many a lonely heartache, (4) No junk yards or used car 0, vines, landscaping SALESMAN Often a silent tear, lots shall be permitted on said ofered by Vir- But always a beautiful memory, property; Free copy Able to appraise used cars~ Top Of one we loved so dear. And said real estate is subjectWOODLAND: 100 A . SCE- BUSINESS: - This small in. guide catalog pay, insurance, paid vacation, car Wife Margin and Sons Monty to the futher easement for elect- NIC good locaUon: 30 Ae. vestment offers excellent re- Salespeople furnished. Sr. and Dwight. ric utility purposes, as granted ideally located. 20 Ac. reason, turns and living quarters for Nurseries, Feb. 26-1-t. Potomac-Edison Company of West ably priced 29% down. 8 Ac. owner. STOP by fo~ details. 22980. Apply Nine To Nine Virginia, by right-of-way from lg. spring fed pond. BLUE RIDGE ACRES:. Log said Charles W. Michael and his cottage, furnished, water front GODFREY VOLKWAGEN, INC. School Bus wife by deed dated November 29,FARM: - 62 Ac. modern 9 privileges. Owner moved from One 30" inch, good 3@31 Valley Avenue Bids Wanted 1966, recorded in said office in rm. house, 2 wells, barn, good area. window fan Winchester, Virginia Deed Book 284, page 488, and tofencing. Ideal stockfarm. FARM~rTE: . 5 rm. house half H. P. motor, The Board of Education of the the further right of F. B. Wysong 10 fenced ceres. etc. Apply Feb. 26-TF- County of Jefferson will receive Jr. and John James Wysong. IV, JUST LISTED: . Scenic 1 ac. HARPERS FERRY: . 98 ac. OFFICE H I I sealed bids on three school bus partners doing business as Wy- Keyes Ferry Acres, Terms. crop and grazing land, 6 rm. Street, Charles Help Wanted: Accepting applies- chassis and three school bus song Brothers, who have sowed a log frame house, barn and or Dial 72,%2046, tions for nurses aids,etc due to bodies 66 passengers. . wheat crop in the fall of 1969 on RETREAT or RETIREMENT stream. of New wing of Jef. Bid forms and lpeefflcat~ml are 25 acres at the northwest corner Manor. available at the Board of Educat- of~ said real estate, under lease 125 ac 5 rm. bungalow, lg. FOR RENT Made ion Office, Charles Town, West agreement with said owner dated barn, pond, SCENIC, half 5 rm. apt, 1st floor Virginia. October 5, 1969, which is recorded woods. 6 rm. mobile home styles. Give lil ' I I ' "l IHI [All bids must be submitted on to return during the summer of you are in For Details On These & Numerous Other Listinp Contact: - Advocate WANTED or beore March 24, 1970, at 7:00 1970, but in no event later than St Charles P.TMh.e August 15, 1070, to harvest their Wanted Immediately Board reserves the right said crop and receive the same, ' 0 to reject any or all bids. with access thereto for the pur- Jan. 1.TF MECHANIC T.A. Lowery, Superintendent pose alone. I ALFRED R. LINAWEA R Pads, made Jefferson County Schools TERMS.OF SALE: One-third or Any size and any Top pay, hospitalizaltion, and paid Feb. 26-2-L more in Cash on day of sale, and REAL ESTATE AGENCY Of Jefferson~idvo vtlcation. Forty.four hour week. the residue in two equal annual 212 N. GEORGE ST CHAIlJ--~=S TOWN, W. VA. lll~9111 installments evidenced by the not- Stree~ Pall ll5 GOOd working ~. Apply NOTICE TO WHOM es of the purchaser bearing in- Feb. 26-tf. nilleto five. IT MAY CONCERN: terest from date of sale, to be Buddy Chicklo ~ Service ManagerI will not be responsible for any secured by retention of title or GOI)I"I~EY VOLKS'VA(iEN. INC. ,~ o~n. t':[~,d .~3nmel I)Hh,~ r<:;~l,~ ~,' ~ Ih at ~l~a~ :i~.~i',',~ HERE IS A NICE ONE 3031 Valley AvcnlIC !: t{|"T~ Z i]~H'pCF~ l"l:l'l' ~vV Vd. !~ ~'l~! (): !lit itl.~lV:l!lvt" 1,~ I~RII~'I'I %Vinchcster, Virglilia ~ <'l> 26-II-i~(I -i I% ) 2(~:I'J"- ii~L~ S )l"rll (;Ig()It(~E STI~EI,'/I' I N()'II(T: I'() ))VIIOM 5 0 A C R E ~ :, It()()MS --- : I~EI)N()()MS I]" MAY ('ON('I+;t{N: IIEI,P WANTEI)" Male and ~il)lirl},ilii;il(,ly :I il~ib.-, lronl :ill ll tl{l)~i%'()l)l) l"l ()()l~,"4 i't'lli;ll(', W~I,II'('S~t'S. Mlol'l ()l'(I('l" [ ~AI[i rio1 [)c l'(L%l)l)llSlt)it' Ioi" ;lilt vo()t<,~ ,ll~al(l.*;, ('aMHoi'$, ni~t~l clerk ,i~,i>l~ v~J~]llm ii.(I i>~ :I[I~(HII (. ~1 t1! i)hinl, adia('eni i(t ]:tiilt llil%l tit,- (). K.t{,l':- 1.(l'l thMl washers, handyman. [)hlllib ~ lJt~II ~llt. ii] (7 /'(l<.![O. |~Otll(' .~ illL' dclelolied. Ttii I: itil ~1:15 .'~|.t )( ( era. ]JUS B()YS, lop pay, VI.I 1, 'l<(ii~cl~ t.('lTV. ~lt,'. V;i. ticcu ('h'ared :ili(l i, s~i.nth' roll- 1) TIME Oil Wt,;I':Kt,:ND~. I)arli,'u- t i, ;~(; !, u,v. hl,l I,r imm,'diah" d('~,'hq)- tXI)TIII,:t{ Nlt'l'; ()HI'; ~t. IS ]~tl' ~OOd ~altll*t-l~l) ~IIIC] ~tln(t~lx rill'lit, l)ric( I'('vl'Hll~, rc(lticl'(t ~'~ N[D"< HA " ' '"' r~ J~' I (:')'r '''(~ " i ' i " '' ~'" '' ' '~1~' WATER Irom ,5(;0 I(, 'q5,0 per acre, t'r(q)- t t ,L/,{ i ?~; OUI{EI) tlilt Top l{ousc, tlart>cr$[;'Ri:;I:: - W:ttcr arl:llysi~ on your cl'l~, i~ ill ~)1 oi Itti(,(liiOli t,i/(.l- ~) i{I)()$1S -- :: tll':])h()(), l~ Ii A~ Ferry, W. Va 535-I~321. ~ai~'r ,~(ipply at any tnne. We are ;ili(l lla~> al)pro (.)Oi)" ri)ad front- VIMMINI; I ()O1, :vlarlinsburg ),'(,I>~ ~1"4I eqml)l)ed Io le.~t water s )pl)ly'~ a,> (, A'IT. ('IIEI) l~Alt (,E-- . ('RI';~ "~t$) < % ANTED: l'artqimo (mini)f<)rproper cozldilloiltn; ('.~t,l, ;J) " "t ") -,) ,i-it /,)t ~l I,Ill)tt ) / ,-#0.1. (~,(illl* . or 267.S$27 lrtlcR dt'lV(;l'. F. T. '~Vhlilli~j41(it't ('qlllDilll'Ill holrl(~ ~'")5"~ ") flt.ll7, 7-{f-tl:tllloWn.Feb, l.%71W" Va t'honc 72b-274:~manllyMay 4-tf.Oil Co Charles Town. 31rll)Oiiitlll('tiill;tl'l)t'l`~I"('l<'r~ l)r t';ltt colhw# f+)r . ~1~ "' """ <"'' '"' "'""" """ JAMES WATSOH ,<, E. WATS0il -- EMHA D. & FILL DIRT t - .~ ~, N o T i C E : "S "','(i .itl, ,h r uli 11 Va. PHONE 725.9136 TI-;XA~ (ill ('()MI)ANtl Am In B[ INI,S~ With tiAuL . . .: lice) (l ,aut d i+, %1 ll'~t al'(';i. ~(i ('~t)('l'li'll('t' 1)oO1~. ,~,eI)tic Tanks and ani ih'( SHADE ", o(q 'csn;Ir). Ag(" noi inlllortanlt~try loilel, ]]c]J:till~'[-k~,tli I{('ct}t (io~)d c|lar;l(.|(,r ~l lilllM. I%'(" Ir~lill, 4~ . r , Xir Mail A. S. Dh.kersol). l)rcs ROIH!;ItT JLNKINS l~,~,i, STATION ~outh~,csh, rl) i etroh~unl ('ill'i) [~A.NSON ~. VA. tl;' ;;:,x ,{,] i l'ort ltVorth, '['vMl, PIION E -o~# ) ~,--;,S~,l'ttl('('ll', ill(' t ~ .'(~ii;* lQlit~ 725.7514 D~c. 7-E. o.W. ~, ,' ,i 1;II Vf, thwkc S1 ]~]art~nsl)ul'~-, %V, Y;t. - l)h. -o')"",- "')~,)+ t','b d{).ll t/ J ~ /-- I[1111 I1[ ~ ~-- - '~,~ i floor, '2 rooms fin- level, on one 'r lol. 5t)x]50. Fore (oIi). Phone 725- ,'- ~r fb,~,~,OC( rv |)IISmt SS. ~. tl p. M. ,~35-6852. I IEFFERSON ADVOCATE , FEBRUARY !6, 1970 : ors James. PHONE 725-5510 Chades Town, W. Va. Nov. 6-if= II I SOUTHERN ITATfl CHARLfl TOWN COOPENATiVE lli wm Vhldl mol Nov. 6-TF GEORGE It. HEIDRICH REALTOR HOMES FARMS LAND CALL CHARLES TOWN 725-7942 Feb. 13-tf- NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE If you plan to build or 5uy in the near future let us show you how easy it is to own your own home or lot. No wells to dig, beautiful lots with CITY WATER, now available with little money down and very low monthly payments. INVEST FOR THE FUTURE CALL US FOR FURTHER DETAILS Brochures, floor plans and price lists availablo YOU CAN SELECT YOUR CHOICE OF LOTS NOW During the month of February We Will Have "OPEN HOUSE" --- FROM 1-4 P. M. Daily; Except Sunday, and on Sunday by Appointment CALL 725-2323 or 725-2081 ( 4 ( ( ( ( L'l I [ t lH II Plcturllque Four.Bedroom Heine in River View Park. ])c-:-.i/fiv~t i~)z' 3 o<].}" ]'~)ltl~d i]~ {ii'/. Approxinlaletv 1~ acre~ ~llll;ttvd |fl l~aker lle~/l~l:~ 7 V()I~ll(~ ~.L|ltl qttlltholt,: ('|l:t~h:~) l'~)~n 7=5.-7II'7I .-.- ];~,~-TfJl~l , 7