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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 26, 1970     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 26, 1970

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/ 5 ~.e ~cLeratlonl' In D olDinKepublheldca nwthemen --- IN THE -.- --- IN THE RI'r./DVOCATE . . . . SPIRIT-ADVOCATE 1844- The Newspaper Charles Town, Ranson and West Virginia Grew Up With- 1970 106 NO. 9 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, (Jefferson County), W. VA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1970 West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE - 10 CENTS enn.Darlte n I|annr ,Vvgtma Man Hurt eth0dtst Youths Ath ndec Umted ][ddie Shull Named Ilrli I I I I, I [n rru|t A Virginia ITI~'I, name . ,hm rn I [n Vl! WUU J|[ V I ~. ~ 48 " i K K~ 1 rotor, w. vs area has oeen i l l l l 1 J Irl "/i" Ji. $ Iif,"ov"9 /sinop4. R.I' V.m.I IV .Via. In One-Car Wreck ah0ns" 5prlrm" Youth ;ell." lar Executr e" retary t ||hn I 1ot' Ril,51'!1119 1 !!t'1 ,otl "'= l, . . n ) v. o xot uat uil,u,F nl. = : ] i ]1-1.~ ~,- : 11 Iv,rgima L0mmtMee IlrlJ = J |Ji. rained injury abot~t 12:05 this I i ~.~-i~l Pldnff~d~ U,i~O whie~ occurred about four miles Eddm Shull of Falls Church, Va: WVlKll llV 41Ulll lll|ilqPll ~ [Nii~h of Kearne? svilte on State[ iat.ormer/esidem of th.e ~un)mit] l Post Auxilary Unit ] i~ii!:~;~!!:i !:~ ~ I I l ~il I Shull. son of Mrs. Nellie Shufil ] y ;pecial guests for the [ ;~ ~ :!-~ii:: ~ ~ ~ ~ [ ~0ns ~r ~,o~Te([er~e [ mm I mll~ i of summit Point and the late Mr. i I Charles Town Senior tligh School ~rogram will include I : .~ 81~ ~ ~i! :::i [ i The three Charl~ Town Youths shown above renresented the[ Thomas Shull, is well-known in i ~/-:./:.! I gymnasium. ~alloy,Department |~::!ii~ :~ ~:::i :: :? " . - Jefferson County, having been Ritchie first showed slides and . i ~ i :: : i IV,~t,r~,ne H~vA J~inn~ [Charles Town Asbury United Methodist Church March 7-10 at the] ' I i talked abou" tt-- six m-:o- I a native of Tunnel-I ~ If: ~, ~ ;:-, :/ |I~,l~lUlh~ llU[~ I~lllli~l I ~ ~ ~ wr ~a ~a o ~.~ ;.o. ;. ~J ~ v ~. o ~ ~. [graauatea ~rom t~narles Town I I t ~e " aj r mer* ~n County and cur-I ~ ff?))(~ :: " / I . . I " ~.~ ~ .~'."'.~. ;'~":.~ ~'.""' ~ "~.~-- %.~.*~. ~ .'~" "~.~:[High School where he starred In l l State road building projects in s ~.~ .~ I ~ |: ::i::~::~ ~ ~: : / I One new memoer, Joseph I are oetc ~o rigm;-.mart< ~auey, mac wmingnam, KteK Kuey. 'me / ~ th football and track I ! West Vir-inia which he said in- 3rewin Corn any [ ~ ~ "'~ ~/ [Chmstmn, Jr:, of Charles Town [trip along with 40 other youths from the Baltimore Conferencel [ ]eludes some 71 miles of new four r M~ll~y, a grPaduate [ ~r~ -- ~k o ~ ~ ] was aamittea into tne member- [ discussed major problems of the world, such as Vietnam and social [ [ J~mam*u ~'~|a ~,~,l~. I I lane highways in a seven county rg High School, at- i THOMAS P. MALLOY [ snip ottne tlenry lxyo IJougms [problems at home and abroad and how youth relates to these prob- i J" 1-1|lVl~ IlOUI~; Jl| I~,R~'il [ ~~ i area in Eastern West Virginia. tal " ~:amp, ~ons o~ t=omeoerate ve~ 'n State College [ Other special guests will be I "I Ictus. [-- . ~ ~ [ ~l~l~ I Then he touched briefly on d erans Tuesoay nlgnt when tne ~ , Dale Carnegie tIu- [State Adjutant Tommy Jones a [ iI)nwntnwn Ln;Irlt~ i~/rl i iplanning for the Alstadts Hill s a ; memDersnlp en]oyea a swiss steak . v v v -- .! " """ !~:;~:i:: : ::~:%:~:;~%~ nd Sales Courses. [prewous Department Commander, i . n r to ed with a d s -- . [ -- = . ~ = [ I i phase of U. S. Route 340, and ber of St. Margarets ilterbert Tobias, 10th District Corn [~mne ma~: cherr" "ie ~ ~al~'ts [[IAllll~ul~l| ~l~d~d~l JllA~d~d~ [ [ I State Route 9. tie said all ,pro- c Church; a member]mander and Ray Sencindiver, of l . ~.~ - - . I ~l|l llll[ .'~|:lll|l l ~|lj~lll:llld~ I J Emory Kable, well-known [,liminary engineering work on the aors ] "" ~ ' artm nt f] ~estauram near ~nepnerastown.[VV~lll~ VVlBVVl VV~I~V I~V I " "" [ s " " Progress Corps, the West "V~rgmm Dep e o . ~ local cR~zen and owner of the ~.:z::%~::,~::.::::~,~: :::~:~ .::.~::~:~:: ~:~ A1 tadts Hill project has been mm,ttee on HwelVeteransAffmrs. I [ I I 1 i nm -- IKable Off Company, was stnkenl Icompleted and the Bureau of t Dy AlVinr~nms, or, oI unarms he Governor's com- William W. Jackson, Post A- " [~AII UAAH~ [AH UAll UAIAAA [suddenly about noon today, (Thu-I ~[:'~::(:~1~ ~ "~ ::: ~ : ::~[:: :~::~ ~ [Public Roads has authorized the trded Children; Past merism Officier, is handling all Town ]~l ~l I[~illl~ll[ |II rile l"d~V n~ll ~l~ ~l~ [rsday) in a down-town bank and[ :i: ::~!,::):i:ii!~:i~ [project, subject to completion of n Heris; a member the special arrangements for the . Tne .~ev. Les.ter L[n~ gave tne[ mv ~ ~V~l~llq~ i V U~ n ll~ Vvv~ ]removed to the Charles Town[ i!:'::?~:!:?:~::; ::. ~:::~ii!!ii~!~i!i ]all right-of-way requirements. It ,lnvoeauon Wnlle wommanaam e ect t he in llSSlO Lodge, the Knights program with Robert Cross, mem- [ m.~ a r ;a~n ~ ,ho I Im 1 alP 1m d~ I [ General Hospital by Independent [ MIS~ DIANL~ rn~ ~ [ is Xp ' ed hat t Co n " " n LOdge A Navy vete- ber of the House Committee, ar-I ? ?y. v ~." "~L I l, vqPIdd~ llll4~JP~ Ld~lld "d~d~d~l~lll~d~' ]Fire Company ambulance [ .~. ~ ,~ ~y.o iwill be ready to advertise for bids re~4~[mar retm ntnlv. Lof~oIImeeung becre-[ a g [ [monm employmentll TInS same f remden e ass 1 n st War" II he joined ranging the Buffet style refresh-[~ g Y I n-llld [llllt . fill blldl;lllll[ I " [ Miss 19lane yonis: of Le~own, [about Sept. 15, the speaker said. Le~inn ~n 1 ~4.~ and monks aftor lho m~otine and the ltary frank w. /~UCKIeS reau me 1 lmll/ll nlV mvn l~v~u~.l-.m--m~j I . ~. ,-, t. ,m i a jumor 'at west virginia wvu [ The speaker aso said he hoped o minutes" of the revious meetin ~ various official ca- local Auxiliary unit members tak-[ P g[ [Aaa~ ~[ve~ ~[x ~on]'~s [was among t.he 34 ~rls in the [the contract for the King Strea th the loel and state ing care of the Birthday cake and [ an~eon~UCtoe~a r~l ca~,oc~ the i Pay increases for the 20 coach-I the $315 he now receives for 10 ] I Div~s~ n^. t: l~en~tal.~Yff2ene^t /inter'ehang.e with Inter-state 81 ' A n that owith]' ~" I . . [ . [ [patuc,p~.v u,e t***p ~ ce,-v-at Maruns~urgwm oe gwen our ~5 yem::~cai~e L:~all s~ ~he SPe~C~a~a~tr~I~l?l gs g swermg s~Oec[hepro~:es.fJh~e e;or~ npeCte~,a ; m h,q ,as Blakelev On-/V. Lo~on formerly M~rgaret/ . " I . . .- . . [West Virginia for the entire per/Shoa, p " t of th ocation| the recent sessio of the We ~ ~ ~ s ~ ' The coaches pom~ out that pay ann wor~ scale was proposes - . red 14~r~fnrd ea~l~ [ wnrd 7 al~- hv T~X Real Onward,Vorous of .Middleway, has been / I iod of probation. / It ~s awarded on the bas~s of pre-| Virginia legislature. ~ -,coacnlng is teacnlng, ano mere- for the wresuln ana asslstant 23 s~ ~ ~ [ m ~hl ~ h,~n sire nrosnect/named to ~the Dean s list foa" hhei I . g . ]Adams was indicted by the [ vious academic achievements, un-[ Jack Akers, a member of the ~ ~" ,- lore ]s wortny ot me same rate wrestlin coacnes. The heaa . . a st,Tr mont Farms first semester. g. . Jefferson County grand jury and questmnable integrity and fman- Repubhcan Executxve Committee of pay basketoail and wresthn coaches I. The sale featur-[Southern Pines, N C and Sally, In,order to be named ~o the n [ g [later convicted in connectionwith[cial need. [from the Charles Town district,r ng $763 ave- was selected by e [ ~cnom ~upem tenuent 11 ~ now receive ~a zss Colh st ster fo he r ' of ~r.~ ~o~] t~. I ~o ~rm~ Mnnrno ' N C for I Dean s ~ist a student a~ Madison[ :/ the highway death of Albert W ] M" "s, daughter of Mr. and[ served as toa ma r t p o - " " ' Lowery sam me extra increment , .'k Al19 Dominion i $2 800 [ must be en.rolled ha 14 semester [ [ The new pay scale for head Grubbs on November 21, on State i Mrs. Warren Collis of Leetown,/gram and introduced the speakers Silver 'Tone four~econd ton sellin~ bull was I hours of college work .and main- [ tor coacnes !s. over aoove tne [ track and baseball coaches calls Route 9, near the State Experi- [ is a graduate of Charles Town ] while Mrs. Louise Leonard, of ,-- ,- ~ regular teacnmg man ot rive per 'd sires in service I Blakelev Tone 33 by Silver Tone I ,a~n an a,verage of 3.25. Margaret I for $500 and $350 for golf and I mental Farm. [ High School,Harpers Ferry, 'chairman of the ,~ mos a any as reqmrea s h Thi s,~rin~, -earlin~ was nicked [ carried 20 seanester hours and I " / tennis, with the a sistant coac es I / Jefferson County Republican Exe s, ~ ~ ~.~,~. I ~.:;%-:~--~-"g ~ ~ fL ~ I achieved a 3 40 average for the I The requests from the coaches i in these sports to receive $350 I [ cutive Committee and a candidate a ~, ~ r--,a ~, ra.m~, ~ ~ ~v ~, a ieswit he variouss orts ' " ,vm ~ [~ro ~, ~9 ~aa w,~-~ho Hereford [ fir~ semester. Iv r h t P [for track and baseball and $200[ [Am,AAAA TJl~ UAIIi~AIId ~r~Allll411~l~A [ or the GOP nmmnatmn for State hand at" ~h'e'sta~ll~'arm~ Sarcl~n'ia~.~(~)laio, ~laced the I Presently a senior, she plans l coached. The pay scale as pro-| for golf and tennis. The present[J~l~V|~l~l[~.~ |l[J ~11~||||[ ~l~ll||l V ~,Senate, introduced the various The ~ t. ~ ~-~ 'r.i,~ -f ~1 700 on~ Blakelev [ to fi'nish at Madison tJais coming [ posed by the coaches to the board [ pay scale for head coaches for [ =''=J "=" [ other county chairmen present. Blends" were Onward 4 to become the new own [ ~ummer af~er studeR~ teach!rig at ] calls for a sum o $950 and. 1 lull Spring sports is $250. I mm = A =,|u .n mm,The county chairmen m turn m- nthon See er Campus ~caool i monms ot empmyment as against r bull ros ect Y g In football the ro osed su le troduced ~he members of the dele nt condition ers of a top he d P P .I ' . [ P P PP IMn~9 iln~Qndlna Vnlln~ IUl~n [ .! .~La "harg~e ~rwerlty'iwe" oflhs ~grosseh%~7?Sd i =- ---~---= - * "fTaea~z~ "'~o~ "~'~ e~ :t'ae "L~,a= ~6,' r~k=4k~d~ =~4~~ =~~~ =~il~d~l~ ~ (7,:~t~'~-.'~f'~'e~e.~, ' " gv~w w~}o Ed Brown. . to average $786. - I I~l A ~J[j[n Am l . [preparing equipment ann playing i ' " " . v I.some ~ present nan the at $3,050 was Second top selling female was I s~nnnn -nmn,airt~ 1TTlf l lKP lareas; two weeks of conditioning [ 8m u " ln- " ' d~ -- ,u [largest v~mung .group, . . ater of Tex a daughter of Dominion cruiserll[ IIUlll[3 IL/UIIlU4UilIII Vlll lllt[ll l rogramaspermittedbytheWestllhal| AV Ib~vmav q~,hlliqrR~lil,Dr: D. C. Master, .l~yor o~ I1 bidder on 8 bred to Winrock/All9. Final [. f de Virginia ,Secondary Activities ! LUUl/I1 tillI '- lUlllll~l lPU &UlUU][ [Charles TOWn, e~en(lea a we!- :r was Win- bidder at $2,000 was Mrs. Nettle,l~m 1 1 = Ill I Commission, and Medical doctors, [ =' cometo the gathering from Ch ~ Oklahoma. M, Overton, Bluemont, Vs. Thirty[ lll d ll nv [the pre.season practice per i. " " . " i " - ~ --,I1~ Town ann members ot [mal and the one females averaged $747. i I~lO~UO~,~ lIQA I,~i I ll l q uoq rlL [ iod: plus e.xtra time spent on Sat- [ It will be awards night again [young people Cha~es "l~ wn =Ehlnd B~as~t~rk~ ' I - . I urdays and on ~ff-season tram- I Saturday wnen ~he Jefferson* cou i One of "the highlights of the i socmuon serve~ me roa rtu~ " O " L ", lag programs. ' nty Jaycees- stage their annual dinner program will be the ham- di~a.e.r" IP.h mhar Imael nn ! b.ket ,and tlingthe] a h Sevviee Aw~rds[ing of the county's Mast Out'! of ~a~i NlilPU VVHfTII i vl IUilUlllUH1 =.---Rl~lllumm~a~umu / ~.! ~ ~ 1A ^ n ~ ; ~ i " * u : ~:- m - -,~ .i .u ~lo~, on~oz two nupuull~t ~auv |"q~ ml~lll~ ~ I ! 'q~'ll VV /,-vv,;a,v-,-, --,-,- u ~. x *-,--,-,-lalnner In tile unarles ,2"own-b'ltl-I z't~tuu-J~; zuu~q; ,mt~.x~, uJ~; ,tu~,J~la ~ ,~^ t~^ ~ ~ ~,~,~.m ~h;a a~,~ Iti Ch and game time during the Than I~-==~.-- .ks]~-"~. . u~t. ;~,~ ~ ' "," i zen s F~re Hall beginning at 7 Outstanding Young Educator and ond congressional distric,t was Junior eedeaders I Officials of the General Tele- Town the rate" on a residential ], usgivingtim and,ntChristmaSon Saturda, sh ! dayS,an And for the occasion the [the Most Outstand gYoung Far. [ also present and introduced. I phone Company of the Southeast telepl~one would juinp Tr0m $6:10|~ "Jf.~ea~on" t~inin~, ~r~rams ~Jayees, the Jefferson County [ mer of the year m ~LSt~ ~or to the dinner, members i~iii~~~ [ which provides telephone service per month to $6.20 and that the |'L0~:v estimat'~l th~ t~otal cost [ Chamber of C~mmerce and other I. The to.uowmg szx y?ung, men [~ the F edera.tion of Republican ~~ [ for Jefferson County, discussed cost - of telephone extensions/of the in~rease in the pay scale aS I civic and fraternal groups will ! navo~ ante ~.een nominate. ~or |Women of ~e~erson County serv- [ : " 1 1 -- [ the rate Increase which the corn- would go from $1,00 .per month,r,~uested would be a~ut $20 000 [ join together to honor throe of [ the l~iA awara; .Josepn.r. ~nnst- / ed punch and cookies to the early ~ i 1 " I p any, has requested .of the West to $1:25 I.''~ TURN TO PAd~ 8-=-/t [the ~unty's rh0st outstanding [la, n,^Jr'' ~ua~n:ss ~v,i ~a;~, l~n:Id|amval.s and s.pecml guests, from IVargmm Pubhc servme ommms- Tare pomtect out to zne group|, l s.y t, r, a rea set up m one ot [ ion, as the program ' for the lunch that last year the company re- --- = -- I R, wean ann ~tewart ts, wharton, [ the scnoo~ nauways. lil~~ [ con meeting of the Jefferson ceived only a four-percent returnl| N AN 'd gl J tl l J'hIMPrh [Jr. | Invocation and benediction for ~~,~- [ County Chamber of Commerce on it s investment and that the/Ib~;lll~;ll ,ePq~l Vl~ 1 1 ~; ~l ~[ l~l lull ~ll~ll ~,i|,Nominations for the DSA honor [ the dinner was provided by the [ held Tuesday at the Village House rate increase requested,would1 am eu- m~ . . ~ ~ ~aa R m a ~ are made by the county's civic [ Rev. Temple G. Wheeler of Harp- ~~~" 1~i [ in Shenandoah Junction. produce about a seven-percent re.[ ldHl~iid~* Kd~V ~t~iiIH~ ~ ]in K~ ~[[~d~kd~r and church organizatiot/s as well] ers Ferry. Group singing for the ---~i ] Sneaking, for the telenhone com turn. 1 IVlil~ili~ Jlai~e ~FV~IiI~J ]Ill mP~ ~v[[F~un~u as individuals, with the Chamber|dinner program was led by Mrs. ~~l I pany were" Logan Tate, general Breoks'in'hls remarks Outlined i a. Uh. p,a #qm a a" p " " of Commerce coordinating the] Owen Conklyn and accompanist Inatm s and e ud n A for the ranging was Mrs Charle~J [manager and Marvin Brooks man the company's proposed plans for/At zi0n mSC al ~1 I cn mmb* nora " n th j gig. i ' " ! " [ ager of the facilities in Jefferson ex tensive additions in plant con-~" " "- -'r r . . three-member committee of dis.| Jon.nston ~~ ! County. Structions and- hnproved service] ' " : - ' tinguished citizens act/re'in com.] otners m~ reauc en at the ~r~ler I Tate told the gathering that the for Jefferson County. He. saidJ The third of the Community mui ity affai from Martinsburg[we de n .oF hCe.j fa :rsm:r, ca I General Talenhone Comnanv had' the customers are aemanamg aiT~nt~n .q~rvices will be held at ~~ will-seieete ~ne winner ot tnei~*. . ~-.~ " -~!~z- [not had arate increase in Jeffer- better of m~rvlce such ~u| 7.~'~is-~ev"ening (Thursday) at ~~ DSA award. I ~r ~ ~,~ ~,~=~ ~r~n~ ~' ,tne ellmmauon O! multi party m[ ees for v - = =- -" ]son County in the past foui~ years .~ ." L1~t- ~ |tile Charles Town Presbyterian ~~ No "n to date the Out-| ~e 'Re~u~lican Woman's Club - -- [and that during this period of lines wnlcn carFy more~t~ tour]church, w"Ith the Rev. Charles ~~! standing Young Educator awarding: ~:~= ~:,~= r~t~- ~ [time, costs to the company,in pro- customers on a lln~. ~ ~ |M. Carlsso~, Jr pastor of the ~~ are: Mrs. James M. (Mary Jane)|n~ev ~t~e'~,~a~a~o'~'~j~ ~p='~: i viding .service had increased. He ~'Ollowmg t~ne p~en~auons oy] Woodstock, Vs Presbyterian~~~ Davis, Jimmy E. Kessel, Miss.] le~e ~==:,~=~n'C"l'ub at She,h"'er l - fo the [ said wages, materials, supplies [um~ *tu r~ ~-~ [ Church ,as the speaker.' ~~ Jane F. Rissler, William R: Wibl C~lege~M[~'Barbara Br~tina, but most Joyous and fruitful season ~r [and the borrowing, ef money to ,~ c' = a wm~ow| A native of Ridgewood, N. $. ~~] lingham. Nominations for this~vice.~side~ of the Teen.~-e High cheerleaders shown in the above ple~ure,make improvements in the serv Rev. Carlsso~ is a graduate of award are made by various* off-] Rept~bliean Club of the county; very important role in the great success the,ice had all continued to shoot ~ ~dk~ ~ Lf~---,Johns Hopki~ University, Union ~~i icials of Jefferson County's SchooT~[ Mrs Willim Ritchie and M~: 1 teams have had to date With only one more i ~PTea~v~H:,t~itdteh~e~ev~:::r ma~. ~l~~d~l~ i The01ogical ~.em~ary in Rich- ii~~;~ ,stem i Ro~rt Harman. are seneame--- u~=m~ .'----'-, .w~'-- ~,~-"Ior, . mg~-hs I panyn per year based oPn the rate" ~ l~ l" 1 ~ = " ] 1 ] l'1 ----: -- ~ I nim ndschooLand Yale University, Dirt-,Nominees for the Young. Far- [ , I.v .t~bt in f~h~rl~ qPn~nn the, L3~O Charle~ ]. [. ty ~ =- - - -: ~ mer award to date are. Bradley. JUNIOR CLASS TO HOLD --'~ "~ ' increase requesten, woma provlae .~ a c ',~m, " ve S uel le Jr a .~a ~, a~M,~.w ~ [ ~ i Thursday evening, March 5, the =-<~=~.:! " Gro,am Don y, nd BAKE SA SATURDAY .~ " - a~rvlee wm tm ~, ~. a~ -.~u. ,--p~- ~v :=--s. ~vs a.v.o x ~ma he J o C rl eeaehed by Harry Barker and the 7th graders, [ $1.3-milhon. Of this sum, he stud Sunny q~l :quitecold today.[ ~ **~. ~,^ ~r,~ ~ ~ ar a i th- vari~"s [ T un.ior Cla~ f ha 1L:Upgll bllUll~llt WII*II Llle '~,~2t~," ~Wgtl~at ~:~lilaU~ ~$y t;; Ut4 0 ]1 1| chalked un their 15th consecutive vlctorvlabout $300,000.00 would come High in the twenties. Lowse ~,k,v ~-~rn ,nil ~ ~t--o~ ~ IT ~ ~enor High Scaool w l --n~,~h-t ~ aza~ts(no-def- eats. And tim]fr m the some 16,000' customers night In the teens. Wiisds ~i*'~ '.~ ~" ~Y'~'."" 6 ~.~----: ".": 2".'r - .'"-? Y'Y."~'~" [have a bako sale Satm~|ay, Feb. -~, - * / ,~ x~ ~.~,~, ,~,Wo~, ~rir ~o,~,=,~, lg to ~n deminlshi-- I Tne commumty services are ~e- Anotner ~eature ot tne pro- 1 28 from 10-00.1"00 at ~ tuck and done t ir both at home and on ~'" " ~" ;"~'-" '~ " " ~ ' " " he ~ .= ~"e--"- [ginia: He said. the rate increase todlght. Fridaycpai~fly el0udy ~.~ing~sponsore l South Jeff- gram will be.the pers?nal app.ear[Alger" On the same day ~ Sun- as sueeesstm as ~ nas oeen. ~ m~ers I ~,~ Cr, ~m to 60-,~rcent a little ,~,',-er with * chance o,erson coumy Mmmterm~ ASSOCm~ anee o~. ~o~ ~ran~, ue~enmve nne [ iors will have a paper drive. ,nl"e:. Front row (left .to r .t [d p ding a course upon the a few flurrieS. 8atnrday Ion, with five church, ill Charles ~ ba cker:, for the Baltimore. I ~11mt and Trud:v ~rs& ~ltn~ a se~.~ .provid .ed the cust- el~din~ wit3~ I~ulm~Me t~in,[7own and ,the Ialtheran Church ; . whowill he the | Pena m z l r.lomer. J0"or m Charles peram es. m ltanson eo0peraLmg, Km .w spauer. J