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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
February 24, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 24, 1966

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, eortaln m nor tncon nt ce PL..I.. ttAbP -- l a geographic b ck rount , elima-] SPIRIT OF FAR R J ADVOCATE I sometimes associated with mass I*tW ~,llOIll~:~ /VWII Illyll B.J. Allara, Laura Allen,] tic. conditions and products and I THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1966 B--.2 I revision of business and resident- _ .... Brent Anders, Karen Baker, Dale| lnaustrms ot our county. ~ne ex- t --------------~ " ' lucent| hibited very small knives, forks] ill numbers wall be corrected as TO Bartles, Janet Baylor, V . . , / ......... Students ...... i .... I-s-i ..... adford Nor ~and spoons used by the Vmt Naml Mrs Clarence Smallwood On I tf~,.~f,~f~~ | SWlItly as reports can oe process- reace aue,, e s ca Dr , "~ ": ~. " ..... 1 .- :'; ...... ". i q# yd. He added that any such prob- ~ ~ it ~ - so, Braithwaite ....... Barbara Bratina I people. ~ne closea With a s~ory ~ rmlay, t~raay uwens,, ol Aiexan-I ..... .A,~ l lems will be of short duration Scn00i H0~0r ~0|I Jod- Butler Sam Bver Dor'-lot a father hghtmg m Vmt Nam,~ drm, and Jane Rlssler, of the I ~j-~-/.~/~" ~ T(~j ' ~ ~'' ~J .... I " ' ] an~l" uwnl~ ..... *arha] .... r] hw Cp~nrlnl Joffo~-. Clark WilliamIwrltmg to his eight.year-old son. ~Bloomery were vlmtors of theirl ~... ~the introduction of superior A total of 144 students at (Vlen[,-'~:nne Coyly, Brenda Car-]M;eSsidW~l~iam.Walke~ePre3isds?:t, aunt, Mrs. Smailwood !. ~,.~'~[ i ~ equipment and resulting i n-Charles Town ~emor mgn ~cn, oo~ son, Clara bailey, Linda Downing, [ P~ " a t, r ~ne ous s s _ . Mrs. Thomas Wolford anti son, I " "~l~w~,a~~ | creased customer convenience,maae a SChOlastic average o~ ~ Debbie Fellers, Pat French, Vie- / r#lore COOK OOOKS were oraerea to Stuart, spent Monday with her J jl[~.~"d(~f]~llt~ [ A sum of $155,000 also has Ir better during the past semes- toria French, Cecelia Green, Ter-lbe sold by cl~bmemoers. ~em- I mother, Mrs. tlomer Kees, Ger-J ~~ | been budgeted this year to pay tter ann were named to me ry Grey, Gregg Grove, Wayne lers ot meclup are piann!ng}o [rardstown. ~ ~j~ ~[~dJ ] ...... ' ........ lishments in| for the enlargement, extension, SChOol s honor rod. ! Harrell, Joyce tIarris, Russell[ attend a church servme m ~ne [ ~ [ ~" --~ ~ "-~-- Major service improvements at .~2~?-..:,... .... "'"V '" " "n "he! and recentering of a Capon The Senior ,class led the list Heare, Lyle Hoffman, Patsy!near mture as a group: 1 ATTEND CItUR,CH SUNDAY ~ ~ " ,ontheBridge1966 grossand CharlesadditionsTOWn,bud. ~vnaattl;~lrW(lPa~cuAa:;YDlistr~ct.[ Br~g~N~le ~I~ROVEMENTS [ w:th4:s:tl~2~n~: ~hh~lethheJ3fe ~)e~tk):SLMiykde, J~)ne~)~iDe~Ine~:ScK:rtk. tUnnCnegen~aW3sS n~a:be" 211es~n t "~~ of General Telephone Corn- 'i'Gen(~raltohap:sbigt J~bwt:rdOcao~ndl Upward of $142,500 is expected class 26 and the fresl~man class Sharon Miller, Cindy Payne, Pan:: MprrChle~SoSn.inFaelb?tear~r22 f~erf LIVING ON WHEELS. By Bob Stiles -- They're not like they were tY of Southeast, with approxi- . ........ l- '" he -rom"l .............. a-le- Town 1 29. la Propst, Missy Rimer, Kim Reid [ .... ".. - [ in grandma s da:~ The modern bathing suit doesn't shrink" it has atedtely a half-million dollars al- pm~jon remnuess y,~ -[ ~o .oe n.ecueu a~ ~] r s. ~ 1 ] Those named to the honor roll Rickie Riley, Elizabeth Ring, Jeff [ Lions ymo ~ne members were] nowhere to shrink to ....... for upgrading exchanges isea. | aurmg the mourns mmeulate Y i,,.a ~h,~..-,,,~,.o,-,oo ........ .,,~.,- ~,,~, a,,,~ ,~o~ ~,,~,~,,h ,~a~ l aszea ~o participate in me moon/ .... The proposed installation of a[ ahead for cable placement along/;vth."~l~k~)E""~ i David S~a'llwoo~' l~egg~"SmootllBank in March at the Citizen's [ * t serve northeastern West Vir- ia's "Panhandle." 400-line addition at Capon BridgeI ~.outes zoana ~, ~outn.. A con-/ .. . .. -- ...... I Patty Spiker, Daniel Staubs; Deb-[Fire Hall sponsored by them. It/ And then there was t.he girl in my class who was so nearsighled, will result in substantially better smeraoly less cosuy canlmg pro-/ ~arg~e ~yrer, a.,m; par ara hi,, ~altor r)ian,~ Waltov Mao]was announced that Mr. Clifton] sho couldn't even ~ her coniact lenses !he company currently serves facilities and speed the han llin;I ject is planned for Summit Road l Hunt, . 4.40; ~ebecca Nernooa,~ Willin"--l~a-m ................... J Collier would be at the Commu-[ " i.~~ * , .... ~''" ~,: ighly 13,000 in this region plus of present and future requesls for[ in 1966, while $25;000. has t)een/ t.40; L~naa ~oyie 4A1; Tana par-[ ~' " [ nity Center Feb 22 at 7 o'clock to[ ..... " ....... , . . '. . )ther 30,500 along the lower new and regarded service Duel aumorizea tor auaing carrier| ron, a.ta~; Danny ureamer, a.vv; ~.+. ~~~.~,,m| discuss Church " Lawn Beautifica-] when ~ne JOSS tet~s you ne w3nts a meauy worker, ne (mesn'~ mean ,'e of the Mountain State. v ~" " .... oth m~~~'~ " ................... , ,~._ vmce circuits between Charles] Lmda Link, 4.00, Paule Jean R ~ ] lion The oossibilitv of makmg|a motmnless one... ~/. N. Scholl, General Manager ~o me compivx ~u~ u~ t,~ ,1, ..... .~ ~...,:__,.. _.. / 4 aaPierceBarr 3"" Janis ~ =~ a ,-~ ~A~m,~ ~. " . . -- -- . ~ t...,~.,~ ~ .... h o~.~.o~,.,* i* ~vili .t,w~ .~u ma.u.~uu~. ! .w; , .ou. I ~' AU| L I ||~&i i lamp snaaes and trays was sis-| * * * : LiatheDivision,Jint WeStsaid aboutVirginia-Vir'$400,000 ~e"nece'ssary" to"i~"sue"new'~, hone ceTpe.nt at:nstalla~inequ'pmemf pmsline con-tne ~ C~)PP~-I~r3~0~hSUS~in; , 2~ph~n~; I ~ILIL | ~ J cussed.licious rezresnmemsMrS; Dai!eYcarryingServed outde" [ My daughter developed an entirely new' personality-- until I made J Mrs. Mananna Smallwood her wash ~t off numbers to the several huz dred .... be divided almost equally be- - ....... modification of some central of- Kern, 360; Doug Perks, 360;I [the Washington Birthda-, theme | "'" Capon Bridge and Charles ~u~3crm:r3hse?:a oy Ine ~.apon rice facilities (figured to run Chuck Sager, 3.60; Barbara Stile~ ~~~l Reporter--Mrs. H. N. Cl~ndening| * * * ~" He pointed out that antic- "~ ~ .. ~. ".. . . close to $23,500) will greatly en- 3.60; Linda Ellis, 3.55; Greg Carp- ~ ~.,. m,,n,,~t ~vm~a*hv~S ex-| Debbie Seal and Vickie Penwell[ You know what we mean when we ~y that a certain woman has expenditures will augment itowever, ;~cnoll assurea cus~ ...... . -- ..... ~ .... ~---.- ---- - , . . " hance mter-commumt service in er, 350, Russell Cave, 350, Jeff ~e 1 ~ ( ..... " ~ - e .... Y " " " tended to the members of thelwere absent from school se ra | po~se We mean that she rmses her eyebrows inst md of the roof large-scale rehabilitation- omers m me aHec~ea ira tna~ th~M3rU~lt aMioSSi?nn:e~:i~)nost the ~?Y S?lei ~5~aWilrl, ia~.40F;r?~e~ family of the late Mrs. Lena Am-[days last week due to illness..| ~: ..... : , P " ; Y Y " " brose one of our co corres ond | Miss Jane r~issler, laughter ot , ~ . -ualit,, o,n ,uantit,~ ~f se,.~ic,, Ashbau~,h 325" Mike Hankins ' -. P ". ................. | Mv Aunt met my Uncle at a travel bureau She was lookmg for a -~ ~ .....~ J .... b , " ' 'ents -f the Snirit of Jexterson-Ad- I ~wr. ann ~wrs. ~ewls ~. tosser an(/, - ........ ' in ..... the Shepherdstown area pro- 3.25; Greg Corbin, 3.20; . Janet vocate.-" The'- deceased will" be re-I a senior in Shepeherd College vacauon, any. ne was the lam resort .... riding subscribers there with 200 Clendenmng, 3.20; Jeanme Gru- m~mh,..,~d far h~e .ncolfi~h nn. [again has made the highest scho- * * * * n li "1 ....... ~ ............................ ew nes, whl e another $50,000ber, 3.20; Norabelle Shuman, 3.20; tiring and faithful efforts to ful-[lastic achievement at this institu- Living in a mobile home sold by us makes every day like a will be spent on cable that will Howard Willard Speaks, 3.20; fill her obligations as she saw [ tion of twelve hundred students, vacation.. TRI STATE MOBILE HOMES Charles Town, West Virginia -- Tel. No. 725-9338 l I I IN CHARLES TOWN Always Plenty Of F-R-E- PA KING For Our Customer At Rear Of Store :HEAT OUTLETSs Naw heating comfort for homes, restaurants, offices, shops, ansywhe, l Wall furnace comfort without costly mstaua- tion. Stand it flush to wall or recess it. Pours heat out front and can be piped to rooms at side or back. New season selector help develop access to the Bak- Susan Hill, 3.10; Sharon Small. them. She will be greatly missed. I Howard B. (Sonny) Bush erton section, wood, 3.10; Francis Athey, 3.00; Ernest Chamblin and family twrites home that he is stationed At Burlington, meanwhile, Linda Bell, 3.00; Ellen Funk, 3.00; are moving from the Wicliffe, in Darmstadt, Germany, not far something less than $10,000 has Chet Hines, 3.00; James Magaha, Va., neighborhood to the Heskett from Munich. been appropriated for vital cable 3.00; Cheryl Ann Miller, 3.00; farm on Rocks Ferry road recent-I Mrs. Milton Poppins who has and line acqumltmns. A near hke Debbie Morris, 3.00; Sheila Moler, iy vacated by Mrs. Homer Wood. ~been a patient in the Rehabilita- amount is earmarked for Moore- 3.00; Roger Nicodemus, 3.00; Sus- field where 150 lines will be an Ott, 3.00; Keith Ott, 3.00; Will- M/Sgt. Ray MacQuinn, Mrs. Mc- tion Center ,Charleston, returned added and doubtless this will tam Senseney, 3.00; Judith Shir- Qutnn and their three children to her home Saturday. She was trigger increased demands for ley, 3.00; Frank Welch, 3.00.visited Saturday at the home of not fitted for artificial limbs but In]hal and regarded service, llth GRADE her sister, Mrs. Henry Clipp and hopes to be in the near future. Subscribers Will expermnce .................. family. M/S McQuinn left Feb. Medical advisers there suggested steady imnrovement in servic~ ~ayle ~arsnau, a.~v; ram ~ny- 22 for Vietnam. He has been in that she wait for a later appoint- aurina th~--vo-~-r~--'~h~'~n'--~- der, 4.16; Donald Specht, 4.00; the U.S.A.S. for sixteen years ment. dlcted-'--'"~" Sehoil. ..... "as .......... General spares"'~" Sandy. Ring, 4..00; Deborah. Baum-..... having served in Germany and Mrs. Milton Rouss accompanied no exnense to brin~ We.~t-Vir garaner, 4.00; r~orma Jean mcKel Alaska as well as in other thea- by her mother, Mrs. Wlllard N. -- ...... ~--* " r ~inians the most comnlete and 4.00; Carla Colhs, 4.00; Ann Ca- tres. His family will remain in White, were visitors Tuesday r~easonable comm-nica~i-n~ ~,-~ ver Gracey, 4.00; Becky Pestun, Manassas, Va.,' where they own with the latter's brother, Mr. Er. tern possible." "- ............ "~" 4.00; Becki Ennis, 3.80; Mariland property. 'nest Clipp, who is a patient in Operates on low fire on mild days, high ..tim in cold weather. Perfect automatio [m ag I Vote Yes for Building ,Improvement March 8. (PoL Adv.) Dunn, 3.80; Cheryl Starker, 3.80; Mr. and Mrs. Oral B. Hughes the Newton D. Baker VA Hospi- Diane Cook, 3.60; Becky bailey, spent Sunday in Alexandria, Va., tal. Mrs. Edward Seal assisted by 3.60; Angela Lloyd, 3.60; David visiting the litter's daughter, Mrs. Dalgarn, 3.60; Christian Bratina, Melvin Ar~ler~ and family. The 3.60; Judith Furr, 3.60; Nick Shy- latter had the misfortune to fall der, 3.60; Doug Seibert, 3.50; Kar- last week injuring an ankle. en Day, 3.50; Alice binges, 3.40; On Monday Misses Barie Pen- Bill Henshaw, 3.40; Scott Coyly, well and Shirley Jackson, student 3.40; Bane Schill, 3.33; I~ill l~er. nurses in King Daughters Hospi- chant, 3.20; Mike McKee, 3.20; tal, Martinsburg, left for Phila- Sharon Pulse, 3.20; Robert Hank- delphia for further training. Mrs. ins, 3.20; Mary Bowman, 3.10; Paul Clendening, mother of Shir- John Shocker, 3.00; Wayne Hill, ley, took the girls who had spent 3.00; Venetta Snyder, 3.00; Debbie the weekend at their respective Sisk, 3.00; David McDonald, 3.00; homes. Sharon Demory, 3.00; Barbara Saturday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. David Heishman, Jr., and Miss Peggy White have been soli- citors in behalf of the annual Heart Fund. General and Mrs. Pleas B. Rog- ers have returned to their home Hawthorne Dale after an extend- ed trip through the South, re- maining for several weeks in Texas. They made the trip by motor and thoroughly enjoyed the visits with their friends and relatives. Lilly, 3.00; Paul Wilt, 3.00; Mike Mrs. Clifton Mercer, their two ----" .....TH-i ......... Dorsey, 3.00; ShepardOgden, 3.00 children, Terri and Jeffrey, of Ephraim Day, 3.00; Doug Harri- Northumberland, Pa., were call- son, 3.00; Rosemary Pierson, 3.00; ers on friends in the village here Mr. and Mrs. John Heishman and son, Eddie, of Rockvillel were visitors Saturday at the home of her father, Mr. Marshall Thompson. The Heishmans are planning to purchase a home near Winchester, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Thompson and son, Billy, Carolin Cloudy, 3.00. where Clifton formerly resided MRYIH ~STRIPER C0, lOth GRADE -- with his parents, the late Mr. and i Glenn Bradley, 4.25; Stephanie Mrs. Joseph Mercer. C 0 L 0 N I A L Clopper, 4.20; Jack Rickel, 4.20; Mrs. Richard Dailey was host- (Certified Wiring) ---MODERNIZE YOUR--- Home - Office- Farm GET OUR FREE ESTIMATE Westinghou~ Products COMPLETE LINE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: ? RANGES - WASHERS - RADIOS REFRIGERATOI S - TELEVISIONS J. T. Kitchen, 4.00; Frances Grin ess Thursday afternoon to the of Charles Town, were visitors FUNERAL' HOME them, 4.00; Cynthia Tusing, 4.00; members of the Kabletown Home on Sunday with his father, Mr. Charl Town Kay Jackson, 3.80; Vsrlene Barb Demonstration Club. The devo- Thompson, of Summit Point. Ies, 3.75; Mary Mastel,~3.75; Cha- tions were led by Mrs. James Mrs. Grady Owens, and grand- Shepherdstown rles Printz, 3.75; Pat~oyle, 3 75; bailey Mrs. C. D. Boyer present- daughter, Wracy, of Alexandria tt " ,, ~25-7068,PHONES-S76'2683 JeaneaneSagle, 3.70; ~eha Jones ed the lesson, Vlet Nam, glVln~ Va., were visitors Tuesday of '3.60; Pat Moler, 3.6~ Lisa Shu- ~- = = =-=--_--_-_--- -_ = .= =_ _5 man, 3.60; Danny~hey, 3.50;I ~, Donald Willingham, .~:50; Diana - ~ Bailey, 3.40; Bonnie~inor, &40;I ~#eWlPg~,o~N, We~# Marsha Pine, 3.40; D~ris Brack-] ~lfll" ~h~ ett, 3.25; Karen Marcus, 3.25; ....,.. guy who'd rather drive than Thomas Tumblin, 3.25; Nancy Barnado, 3.20; Charles Cooper, L.Ifo Insuranoe Plafl3.20; Calvin Dale Manuel, 3.20. tor your 9th GRADE -- * W H Ot [ FA M I LY Charlotte Rowe, 4:00; Paula .... Propps, 4.00; Jacquelin Bush, 4.00 Nadoawlde's new F~m//yPo/-Elizabeth Snyder, 4.00; Pamela Joy,covers Morn, Dad, and all dependent children under ~q~e Hoffman, 4.00; Selma Jones, 4.00; 18. And new babies cover~:+d Daniel Nichoals, 4.00; Madonna atno p[a[][I.,l~l~ iaC~ (a~(r Martin, 3.80; Michael Mays, 3.75; 15 days old). One policy -- Christopher Sagle, 3.70; Claude one low'prendum -- for aU,Wojdag, 3.50; Pam Giles, 3.50; hunily pr~onl , Diane Kratz, 3.50; Cynthia Cain, 3.25; Shsie Ward, 3.25; Kathryn NORMAN Eo KI~HER Henshaw, 3.25; James Fleagle, 3.25; Martha Seibert,' 3.20; Jean- Insurance Consultant ne Mason, 3.20; Peggy Taylor, 3.00; Pat Hamilton, 3.00; Debra ,: Fairfax Bldg.-Phone 725-5814 Doff, 3,00; Sammy Carper, 3.00; Kathy Sagle, 3.00; Fred Whitting- West Liberty Street ton, 3.00; Laura Dorsey, 3.00; Lois Athey, 3.00; Debbie Rinaldi, 3.00; "' CHARLES TOWN W. VA. Jerry Salsano, 3.00. J 78 des Tow. Jr. ' CHEVELLE ATIONWIDE High Students Named Home ogle*, ~ Ohio To ScKool Honor Roll " A total of 98 students at Char- les Town Junior High School ac- quired a "B', or better average during the third six weeks of the 1965.66 ,school term and thereby were named to the school's honor roll, it was announced this week by Roscoe R. Payne, principal. The list by grades follows: 7th GRADE -- Clayton Anders, Patty Anders, George Brown, Kay Bryant, Bar- bars Bussey, Timothy Calkins, Steve Cooper, Debra Creamer, Ill . Chloe Dafter, Mark Dailey, Deb- A-oliane - |l torah Deeds, Kathryn Vehaven, New trim styling , Ill JJ [Brenda Dignazio, Darlene Dedson Always looks built-in. Vent cover hides the ~qe. I II il I Walter Dunn, Richard Funk, Ela- Ill'll @_ CI VIPI Ill ine Gageby, Pare Hardman, Jew- Finished in 2-tone cordov~m and beige. Ill }~,l ,]~ ~[ ,~[~[~Vl~] IJlell Harrell, Robert Henshaw, Viv- -+ qt, lllll!ltttltl IIII~, ii [J~ [l] inn Howell, Elaine Jackson, Peg. y Ill m ...,------ ll[gY Jenkins, Mitzie Lamm, Sherry on displa nowat i,, [] l~ll|l~R~t~ |J[Liles, Marshall McCormick, Vick- INCl Ill II bl I II=il~P IJ| le McDonald. Michael Myers, Joy- WAGR~ |11 .1.3 r~+~.--;--;..-- '|| ee Ott, Charles Owens, Jr., Dottle II W Ill um ,L~OIIiIIIIUII tIID' Perks, Beth Perry, Tim Ridge- S,. VVo , Ill Annliance Co. Illway,Becky Rogers, Sherry Shin- ..... rr~ .................... rle "m-ll FAIRFAX BLVD. -- PHONE +725-2921 lll tiler, ~amy ~ms, ~,na s ~ a- III Phone 725-2811 IJjwood, Walter Smallwood, David ---SUPERTANE GAS--- III ,I, ur~r~,~t~ ~ tl|Morgan Smith, Claudette Strange, [j~ vv. ,.~u.~..~...V...o... ~J|George Tusing, Lorlng Viands,. CHARLES TOWN, WEST VIRGINIA ....... lJl Charlm Town, W. Vs. III Linda Vorous, Eric Waggy, Judith llk |walKer, Kumanne wilt. APPLIANCE NTER Dial 725-5516 North George Street -- Charles Town, W. Va. e, SS396 Chevdls SS $96 ~2~d Coupe ~ Body by Fisher, seat belts front and rear, one of d~h$ SeaSm'es now standard for your added ~f~y. This is about a Chevelle--a very lal oue--wlth a bulging hood, a black grille and red stripe nylon Start it up and you've tuned in on 396 cubic inches of Turbo.Set VS. Get it moving and suddenly you're a driver agaln, With gears to shift. A dutch to work. Even a set of gauges to tea& .pedfled. Now take a curve, amrrmmded by a machine that delights in exooked road This, you see, is an SS 396. A CheveLle, yea. But what a ChevelIe. kinds of em all In one place.., at your Chevrolet dealer's CHEVROLET 0HE II CORVMR CORV]H' 47.H4 ROUTE 340, EAST \ i CHARLES TOWN, W. VA+ DIAL 72 7045 I I I I . + +o_ II I II I II Illl I