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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
February 24, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 24, 1966

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Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hodges andISPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE .... - son Gregory Viands of Kearneys-]THURSDkY FEBRUARY 24 ville were callers on WednesdayI . , ~ 1966 with Gregory grand mother Mrs. Julia Viands. elude a breach of promise suit' Leetown Methodists Mrs. Julia Viands Little Louise Woodward of Bak- threatened by a gold-digging cho- PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY ~~::~~ erton spent several days with her riDe and to straighten him out, ~, m, H ~ .. ,. M ..... grand parents, Mr and Mrs he is sent to a small, isolated |0 MOH] Peal0tl0n BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO.~ INC. . .;y a eepes~ s.ympatny goes ou~ Harry Ashby " "t western college. In the Nevada 210 North George Street- Charles Town, W. Va. By Henry W. Morrow Oa ne amhl y o o ne an- Mrs. Maude Smallwood and son college town he gets involved in C..d u U r#.h ~v??. :~ .............. .."~?" *~.ZJ Martin and twin daughters Gase- the financial troubles of a sweet ~1 VI~C ,,~tlllUO~e I*lgll, aa Zip Code 25414 n eo in our communlw in ms lia an" Lind er i ""nchester ......... ;, , , , , ,younger years when nls"- z'a'~ert,u. a w e n wl t young tnlng t~onnle r'rancls), , was the miller at the ~ate Werick on Friday afternoon, and turns the homestead she is - The.congrega~on of the Mr and Mrs Garland Henr"sb i " c ........ town memoamt ~nurcn has L READ BY MORE THAN 22~500 PEOPLE ~ THE SCHOOL l is no sure way of knowing orMill.' s e " F' "" Y i . e ng mr ea m sell miD. a rash- urged to attend a speclal" Mr~ Albe~t vi-~a~ -f the p nt today mght and Saturday tunable dude ranch for divorcees .......... BOND QUESTION ]predicting how the reassessment ............. -. w-~ +h~ .... i-~ ...... a a .... h cauon serwce ~unuay, marc, Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffice On March 8 the eligible voters/a~flf:::eCtss)h~ taxl:Y~r" 2eULlil BloomerYli has been on. the. sick ..~_. .................. ~..~.. ,_,~ U.T,,,__,~,~ o--,,w,,S~h"----'~--"'" uT..*,,__., at2 p. .... m. at which time spf of Jefferson County will vote . ......... imt alLLast week, she is lmprov- and son in Baltimore, Md[ Thur, Mar 2- 3 recogmtmn will be given the NATIONAL" NEWSPAPER olthor f ...... ain,t ~ ~rnnn~sl ma[ when you get rlgnt Down to -s ....... Mrs irl " " . . cenuy compie[eu church imps* ~N su'l~m'itt'ed to" t~lem"~)~ "th~'Boar(iTM the tax argument lacks validity M- ~,~n ~rr~ ~,~, ~i~ .... a Sh ey Wise and two ] There ~s no denying the drama- ~.+o ~ ............................. c~.ildr^,~l^v ............................... IA$~0' ~f~Muca~i...f jeffeYson County ton either side of the question family -f --qhdll .... .t ~,.d~v " vn oz~ e'~"u, vmo sP~utlUC power anu snattermg lmpac[ .......... -- -. ............ v .......... . - ueo ce ......... " i " " "~~ *~~" ~'~ .... n ~~ ~" the weekend w~th her mother Mrs l of this brutal story of life in a lcateo at me servl ~-~-~ .... * ~hi~' land, by fa r and objective stand- ~, ~,~f.~,~,~.~:-~'vi:'~'~" Hall Thomson Mr. Thomson re-I military stockade. The brutality be the additions to and inno' ...... d a'in - de I S, snoulo De enmlnateu zrom me ~oara o~ ~ ucto has "t i " "' i~n'an'd'fam'fly:ir, and "l~rs: Don- mains a patient in the Charlottes]is unrelieved, and even the roD- ~f:s made m the church ~U i11~J-q l]tt ][ 1~1 ILwll'l" ter i - "h " it i neces r t-atcons deratmnIf the proposttmn ttme tt so, oetter cart farm t~reott a ,~ m ned t at s sa y n ' ro s " aid Johnson and children of Cha- Vllle va. laospltal. [ ments of humor have a sharp cut- ~t. .... ~.~;~ ;. ^, ...... ~+oa MAX BROWN, General Manag ' ho marlo in tha]P po ed necessary and w~se, DON RENTCH, News Editor --- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor Jefferson County School District; Vvmg .due regard to a!! factors, rles Town were Sunday evening . Misses Mon.a and Mary Jane] ting edge. It can be honestly clas- this"serVice"an^~ a~v to'a~'~ i hn~ ~temizon *he imnrovements] it would De cheap at twine me callers woit e ot Arnngton, va., spem|sified as a man's film, although ~. ...... ,.,~....,- ,^,,^-.. ,- 1 Miss Darlene Turner f Hat ~unoay aft moon with Misses "'"~ " ~'* ~ ~ " "-i- " e 11Uttl Wlllt:ll Will IUIIUW National Advertising Representative, American it has found to be necessary; it[" .1[ t is necessary or un- o P- .. ....... ] the presence of Scan Connery will church buildina f"un~ that t^ make throe im I w~se it woum De too expens;ve ere Ferry spent Thursday night mary ann. ~ancy vianas.... ./be of interest to the gale who ....... " Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave. New York ha ..... " a i provements it will cost approx-[ ~ any Dr ce, even at no price with her school mate Miss Judy and ~rs. t~art toulon, o~] have been attracted hy his James Shirley warrenton, va. spem the week/ Rnnd imago Detroit - Chicago - Atlanta - 8an Francisco - Los Angeles imately $1,700,000.00; it has[ ...... Mrs. William Woodward of end with his parents, Mr. and[ found that the only way it can[ One of the most difficult Bakerton was a caller on Wednes- Mrs. Joe Milton. Other callers] FRIENDLY CLASS TO f'"='l Vote Yes for Betig SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 Per Yr., Plus 12cts. W. Va. Tax make these improvements is to] questions posed by the proposal, day with her mother Mrs. Harry were mr..and Mrs. l~ay marcus/ MEET ............. I b4 I borrow the mone_v by_ issuing[ ...... as mtered, is the question cre- Ashby and they went into the and two children of Winchester,] ~ Schools March 8 For Business, News or #vertising Departments bonds, with the principal and[ ated by the .~auure of the pro- General Hospitafto see the latters Va.. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Milton]_ The Friendly .Class.of the As- ~..~ AdV,1 interest of the bonds to be re-[Pusa[ to specity precisely where mother Mrs. Margaret Williams ann son of. Millville. and Mr. and! ~ury.iviemoo~st ~nurcn willmeet ~rm. ~ : DIAL 725-204 or 725-2047 naid by increasin~ the taxes on[ the four new schools will be lo- who still remains a natient mrs. l)onam mctiana and little monday mgnt, ~eoruary z~, a~ all tax~'ble proper~y in Jefferson[ cared. Of the four new schools. Mrs Doris Herndon and "friend daughter of Middleway. 8:00 p m., at the home of Mrs. -- THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1966 County for a oeriod twenty| mree are elementary SChOOlS anu of Ardmore Md. spent the day Mrs. Joe Milton is entering the Marie Conrad, Forrest Avenue.GO TO CHURCH __~1 years- All of - these facts / one is a new high school. Two Sunday with her parents, ~r. and, Charles Town General Hospital | together with further amplificat-~ of the three elementary .schools Mrs. Melvin Frills and her dau,- where she is to. undergo surgery fm | A MOVE T0WAI~S BET'ltR TRt~H0~E SERVtCE l~n~ of them, are contained in the/are,, accornmg to/me nonce, to ghter Melody. Melody is stayir~ 1 wzsn ner tne vest ot rocK. _~S14 ~l I Notice of Special Election, which] be centrally located." The other another week with her grand Mr. Clint Smallwood and son 1".' -. '" |]~ | Mark Twain once said, "Everybody complains about the is printed elsewhere in this news-[ new e mmemary scnnool .De parents. Vernon of MartinSburg was call- A YUUN ~ |~ | n n ~ " n / locatea in rtarpers erry DlStrlCL weather, but nobody ever does anythinK about it.' We use a._er. The vot is for the .ur-, the quotation by way of preface to some carefully chosen pose of determining whether or[ and.the .new highschool isto be Mrs. Donald Hovermale and ers on Sunday with his brother FINANCING [ B E ion iocatea m me rlarpers ~erry-Ichildren, David, Donna and Tam- ~I ~e~:ge Dunes. COSTS ~ I not the oard of ducat | . . remarks we would like to make about telephone service in should dn what it nronoses to do | Charles Town areas. Within the mie of Leetown spent Sunday y d pest sympathy goes out ~ ~ ~ | this community, and in Jefferson County in general. To para- It is not the ohrnose of this] limitations outlined in the notice evening with her parents, Mr. and ~ImMi~, Am,~:S~eO~?o~glrasnL~I ~ ~OWN ~ ~ [ .... " - Mrs. Albert Viands Y OY' a ~t ~'~q~ THE ~ m 1 phrase Mr. Twain, everybody complains about it, but few article to state an oninion as| of the electron, the precise rotes Mr and Mrs Melvin Frills Ambrose. Mrs. Ambrose in herI ~ ~ ~ ~ ' | n e 1 1 v t on will be determined by the Board people do anything about it. But has it ever occurred to ~r~ose t~ how p up e shou cl o e | - .... " ..... spent Saturday "evening with fri- early years lived in our commu-I ~ MIDDLE | who are doing most of the complaining that they themselves this proposition, nor will any at-/ot .~oucauon. it woum o.e much may be responsible, and that they can do something about it ? tempt be made here, directly or] easier for people to decide how ends at the Moose at Brunswick, / mty. - [ ~ ~ ~ ~ | Notwithstanding the griping and grumbling, basic tele- indirectly, to persuade people to] they should vote if they knew M~iss Susan Rissler of the State I~l~~:~-::~l~ /~ ~~ [ phone rates in Jefferson County are not what we would call vote either for or against the pro-[ precisley where the new schools I College in Keyser spent the weekI k~j~tUllp [ ~ ~ ~i~ | unreasonably high. But we have noticed that the griping and posal. The object of this article] would be, but at the same time ! end with her parents, Mr. and ] ~UV|~ ~~ ~ | grumbling increases in direct proportion to the particular is to direct some light, however| it should be thoroughly under- dim, on the question, in the hope] stood that the Board cannot ac-|Mrs. Lewis Rissler and daughter/ _ _ I - - - - ,.~k ~-~---~i~~ | kin