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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
February 23, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 23, 1961

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.r ,. ' ' ' ' Named Acting Manager AsPmrr oF ~i~'~)~~ U[l[ ~,~ ~ 1 ~ ,, er-in-Chief of the American For- -- , ~.~1t~ rl 1 ~ ' I ' ~ /~"1 ]i | ~+l~W~ ces and Commissioned in June of W I| [)~Aee ~An6ar .... WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER ~ I 1,, , ~ [ 7 U t,l lRIOl] 1775. No man in the Colonies v. lilac Ikd~flll~l changes to which you may be in-IPaul Hough of Charles CHARLES TOWN. W VA. _ * staked more than Washington ... ...... vited, remember that time and l Mr. and Mrs. Stanley IW ~ W. ~ did in the struggle that was begin |[~ HKidleburll, Yil. habit are at least as necessary to [bro of Kearneysvitle we. ........ THE FAVORED come tax entirely9 I am not clear ning. He had a great estate and ~ fix the true character of govern-Iday callers at Mrs. Toni BEST MEDIUM OF ADVERTISING CORPnRAT~n~r~ on this noint yet'and have writ- beautiful home, a distinguished , : ........ ment as of other human institut-len's. . FOR REACHIN6 THE BUYING POWER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY AND ALL ..... t~n f,,-- onnv of th~ hill position, all of which he risked if :: o s that experience is the sur- MIss Nazza Noble a . SURROUNDING AREAS FOR MORE THAN !16 YEARS. .~.1 wonaer now many people m The nlain and simnlo noint i the Revolution should prove to bc ~/::: :: est standard by which to test the Iry Louden of the Shepll l~l/e " x- ~. v x~ ~, :. --- st Vlrginm realize that the that there i~ -- ~,,~~,~.., a mere rebellion ~~~:~::: real tendency of the existing con lulty were Tuesday drone READ EVERY WEEK BY MORE THAN new income tax law, which waswhatsoever for exemI~t~ng'co'rpor During those eight years, men :~~:i.i~ stitution of a country. Hence ourI of Mr. and Mrs. James l~ _ 9c~ c~ru~ m~mcr~ enacted last week by the State ations from the tax and it is bas- from every colony served under Republic has a barrier against |Don't Forget The Skatl~ h,v,vvv a~.~,,.,v~,~,~ -- Le lSl ' : " ..g amre, does not------I RE-icallv unfair to do so There is no Washington, from the forests of hasty change. Other countries [ The Mlddleway Chmb PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY -- -- yEAT, DOES NOT!!!~im- reason whatever for'glvln" " them- Penobscot to the swamps of the .... :: have failed. .as republics because Club will hold a skating_ BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY. INC. pose an income tax on corporat-special preference, and a ~umber Santee; the fishermen of Glou. of unlimiteu power granted the]urday, February 25 fro~ E:~sc~: ~[--N :D~----~A:~H~E T~T~B" H ,S,S ;iilC~m~!~ai~?tbk!i~ii:waso~,yaeioase:!i!i~o~s!lii~~ pii! iii~i~;::!~iii~:idt~ Welslryt ~R:!;Utui:;nc:hp~de:edxi:ut~n~ddR~ol~te;h:wBerr vl--" reDruaff.,~o.1, Ilate "" 1 you have done f,,or uS ncioood I information," McCormtck.Deering. Model 3001 Tractor in good condition;See "::~i~:: ::ii~:!~i::: " ~ I own on[" WednesdaS ne'edesav:[[lare v!:~ecl ~::~telR~l'~rI SPIRI 1 w VAle sLast eekI resum contmuously bemg elected from w~thherdaughterandsonmlaw writin~ this column I called -,,r inesses do not nay but what At the close of the war Wash .... If the character of the Ameri. BAPTIST MISSION STUI! MAX BROWN. E~ ro~ Jefferons County Delegate,' Ken-'= would be the harem"''m imposing ington, was the first citizen in :::~::~:~:::. ::: i: .... can people is to be preserved the Baptist Mission Stu~ OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STREET -- TELEPHONE ~Z2 neth W. Metz. It's true. When I the tax on corporations like every America. Tke people recognized , principals of the Amerman Guy-Iwill be held March 1 at 7:.~ _ . ~ asked Mr. Metz how this could be one else and giving them an ex- he had won their independence ! ernment, must be persued:. A na? I at the Charles Town Bap~ ~r,o~A. ^t,v~r,,~ R~s~r~r,v~ he told me he had asked the emption on the license tax? and that destruction had ceased, i tmn wzm no regard for Its past leh. The book will be "~ WE YF WSA%A az V Nc' same question and had been told It takes no Drew Pearson to Our. country, however, was in a wm nave ittle future worth re-ICometh.,, Teachers are Ar-A~r~ -- C.,cAao "--' D~rao~r "' " t_~. a~ ..... by proponents of the bill that sin predict what is going to happen, cnheal condition, the new rules memDerlng. . .~ . Isell Urquhart and Miss .......... ce corporations had to pay a bus- Accordingly, I predict that within o~ governing known as the Artie- ~ :~ll~ ~ I. Let us rememoer tieorge Wasn IBarfield. ..~ ...... iness and occupation tax it was the next few months hundreds ies of Confederation had failed ~ ~ :~ ~ Imgton as me first anu greatest I~ AL~ ~UIBS~RIPTION$ ~[LIVER~D IN THr BTAT[ ARE SUBJECT TO ~t;,~CONSUMERS ~ : " ' : ' s,~ts T^x. Buasc, ,r,o, SZ so P.,, v~,n ,. A~v^,c~. ~decided to exempt them from the and even thousands of businesses Immedmte action was necessary, ~~]~ :::i: ~ American and Eternal V gzlancel income tax. (Incidentally, Kenny, that never dreamed of incorporat- conferences between states were ~ ~;~l ~ [our watch-worn. [ Th-rsa- ...... 9,~ ~ voted against the bill, I am happy ing will do so in an effort to hide nela ann In ~eptember of 1786 at . . Nancy Moler Poeter " "~"' ....... : "~" .... [tosay.) behind the corporate veil and es- Annapohs, Md. commissioners . L.W. LLOYD [ -- I I "But," I said, "what about vol- cape the effect of the tax When from the 13 Colonies met in im- Laurence W. Lloyd, local mann I Ikj I I~ I~ I II~ ~ W I ~J~l~] IFFFFRgflM IIMTV IMhlKTI~V [untary business associations that this happens the anticipated in- portam conference ger ot me west.ern onion, hasI I I/I/I_ IV 11/ I lr ll[efll .b.mLa~,~v~ vvw~: ~i~V#Zlla laren't incornorated such as .'art I come from the tax is -oin- to be The people of the Colonies had oeen namect acting manager of I _ _ "'-- I X~/ [nerships, joint ventures, tra~inglreduced greatly below~he~fifteen abundant experience in various the Western Union.Press Center [ By Patsy Zombro [ ? . . . [companies and the likes9 Are lmillion which it is now estimated forms of government previous to at ~am(aeDur~ va=.Tneuenter, m I ........ 7--"--- I Two storms appeared m thin newspaper last week that lthey covered by the tax?" They the tax will produce. Then the leg th;ey~nS~teU~OnfOrizAer~e~ifa h~d ~asteo~v~rn ttt~: w~ee~e~n~ vnhZ nOperasilZU'The rMZl:~vng M Y F metI-* prompts us to editorial comment One story which an- Ipay the business and occupation I islature will do either one of two Y ' o 9 .... I_ . Y I A P P | | A M ~. [ ..... .~ ..- ,~... ..... .~^~ ...:~L ~ ....~-~ - ~-~'- -- '-'-L'-~'-*~-- I tax too"' I things" amend the law to include years. AH of the Colonies but two uent l~enne~y visits his summer r~unuay night beginning at 7:301 ~ ~ ~ "- ~ ~ ~ " " J3~lt~u OIl t, ill~ |)~tgt3~ tl~,lb W/LII Lll(2 WOI'I(.[ WI(IC ~XIIIUILIOII ' " ' ' .................. [ ~c,mnv' ~,,~i~,~ .,~ h ....... ~ I them whioh ch.,,la ~,,~ h,~. had adopted new constitutions; home, Glen Ora, the 400 acre es. ~ p m. at the Methodist Church n(1 is rl 1 ....... ~ ................. , .... , ................... , R,,~, ,hA Iron XX)',~,-I~ 'rh,~ ,,~h,~, o, .... n,~ol~ ,,,;~, +~,o Ihe had been trying to beat someldone in the first place, or m- [! o thembut one were prefac- . ...... ~ ..... a I _. .... rs. Kenneth Plotner [ SALES and 5ERY a a t on oi me products oi our own lOCal i-owna an .... " al f tate is located "ust a mile and Mr and M .............................. ~, o~,,-~ ,,,~,,~ "'~- --~ Iverbal sense into someone's head t crease the rate on nersons na-in~ e~ oy a ~iu of Rights similar to halt east oz me wrgmla t~ommun lana cnlmren were TuesDay sup- I " development of a process whereby our own local Dixie-Narco ["Yes," he said. "They will havel the tax. Based on ~he intel~ligen~ that of Vwgmia which was ity and serves the numerous newslPer guests at her parents Mr and "~ can now manufacture a vondmff machine that gives you ]to nay But the individual owners]ouotient of the nresent le~,islat- drawn by George Mason. papers and radio correspondents, IMrs. William F. Abshire. Also [ th tar iCei cool, refreshing soft drink--with ice. I of ~laese unincorporated businesS- ure it would appear that the lat- asWhenidWn~Sh~ng~o: c~a~ti~h~sen who follow the president. [sMerviDgUgol~e Linke whhrs:een [ BE SURE to t'cu a mention was made of these two products last I es will be entitled to deduct from I ter alternative has the more like- " " - I . " " Y. I . j week. But they are by no means the only products pro- t their individual income tax the l ly chance of succeeding! al Convention at Philadelphia .in From the hour that the Constit I Sunday dinner guests of Mr. [ Full Stock of APP Two weeks a o th~s ob erv a ~way o~ ~~'t, ne was no nowce ann Mrs t: A t~earns were ~ar duced here in Jefferson County that enjoy world wide dis.. ]total amount paid, in business and . g ! s.. er t ............ ution was published, it was per-Io.. ..o" uk,:5"_., ........... s I fw a. ~.a. +,;~,,,;,,,~ ~P~,~ ..~,,~,.~ ...,, ~4,'~,, ;v ..... k .... ~. .... u, . ~.... ~ occuoation taxes I tempted to ooint out. in mis col- m zeglsiatlve proceuure or par- ~eaotl~t ~o~*t~in *h~t ic ~rl~n*i~n [ alau ~vxlo. llollllUb lille, lll. ~IIU I ..... ~.~a*au~* ................ I I gather from all this that if I umn, that much of the pressure hamentary law. H~s first electron wo,,ln h, ~,n,~,~,~ ~,,, ,h. ~,~,,, I s.C.N. Kearns and Mrs. Paul[ m. canay raw .material xor carton m" con- l we have two grocery stores' side I on the legislature for tax hikes to public office came in 1759 o'f-VCasl in ton"as he"f;rst t' es: [Hough and daughter Beverly of I !-amer ,was processect rlgn~ here _m oeHerson boun~y Dy t by side on a street in Charles I had been eased by steps taken at when he was elected to the Vir- ident No other man was thou" I Charles Town. I h*~ae ,rt=~ lel/l~ ~ne valley tsoam t o ;poradon at Halltown And the next'Town and one is incor"oratedlthe count,, level in the form of ginia House of Burgesses from .... ~ "_ .................. ;'1 Mrs. Hilda Creamer of Bruns. I R~[~|II~ .. /l=l[llJ~ ' . . " p z . guL o~ or mentl0neo ior thiS nlgll i . v~ **, ,time you happen to .be m.Hong Kong.and want an apple and the other is not, the one will increased assessments and special Fredermk Count.y, Va. and served honor. [w.ek, Md. spent Monday .mghtl or a race coo refreshing drink of apple juice--we said juiee,|be subject to the income tax and I vy. w p " ed to in-~. . .~ , Without Ha.~il---,- fi .... '-' [ ........ *- " " [ ~ a . Osl not jack take a look at the label. You might feel ve T the other will not. quire why, if the pressure still rair~ax t~ounty after he had made genius, Washin'g~on"s'~adm]nis~ra' "en !ng. I li II'il l'aI01 -- Iw much at home when you do And within the next few I Now it might be argued that I exists, no consideration was being n~snome at Mount Vernon, until tion ronld h~ral, h ........... ,~,~a'l~. Mrs. t'aui lng. ana ctaughters [ *, - " ................... - ..... ~-~,-'-',~,, Ter a a Ilia es no Denise called u on weeks " roducts will be "e-ct'in" .t.. --..~.. I the tax will ultimately catch the lgwen to a severance tax This ................. "1 P I 1 x a zt ~ ~ize uxiu azzaz~e~ zzgzx~ .... " . WZtnOUL the mlntant aemoeracy her mother Mrs Lee Brown of corporation when the dlwdendg week I ask, ff I may be so pre-No more cultured, experienced of " " from here, when the newly estabhshed branch of the Mm- . ...... Jefferson our county might Charles T ................ [ are paid over to the stockholders, I su~ptmus, why, ff the need ~s so distinguished and able body of hav .............. I Y" [ - TRY THF~" nesota Zvllnlnff an~ vlanuiacl~urlng bompany ge~s unaer way ....... e gone tap way o~ Diner ne- Miss Pats H Zombro of a "-- .................. " I but I have two answers for thss. | crying and great, we impose a tax men ~omed m a umted convent- nublics But without ~Xr~shi"'~"" I .. Y... . Ke 1": ,, inese aye a Iew me mctus nes m oeHerson t ounl:y I The first is that the Federal in-I on individuals and business as- ion in the history of any nation, at the "helm the newl'v'launct e'; I neysvi~m ca~eo upon ner ~rien~ I" are ms rumenta m keepm the local economy on an I come tax covers corporations not-Isociat!ons and exempt a large The first and one of t.l~. wisest ship o'f siate might hYve floun [n S aMa y ynn Ch,lds on Wed-, : even keel and playing their part in the world of today. I withstanding the fact that the I potential reservoir, me corporat- mings me convention was to ered before its first voyage had' -- " w.." ... ........ [ N/h ImMItll011 .We are proud of them, proud of our whole business and ]stockholders are taxed on their]ions? Next week I think I shall impose upon its members absol- ba~,~h, h ..... [ ~v~r. anaiv~rs, wnnam urnaon~I v.-~ ~v~',,,. _ labor community. Jefferson County is now takin a small I dividends as well. And the second lwrite on the Advantages of Trout ute secracy as to its deliberat- ;S'~_~.~'~"'" .~; _ . i oz near.~rucetown, V a. was a Sun I bBI ItlPr Pt IJPJ but proud place in the whole worlcl of commerce-and this/answer I have I wish to put in I Fishing at Billmyer's Mill, be- ions. James Madison of Virginia wasnmgton _woula nave ean l aaY visitor at trs. Tom DeHav. I ilrrl-lAl IbK l, UI,p' ! PmrO ed ; isPlc'aYn itSnStyalal g:t terlanhhebe Cre ge/!!ifio hi!i s u dhtPeP e [ uied!t~hsenr~e!!tmmeS ~As!~ea~b~u~ ~o~tnS~!luln~doTnthe:;rtweha~t!!et:tyeo:t~ ~i~itse~d~PPh:Z~ii~ii[netdo~htS~ [~:~rl'y anditMr irAl ehnarRisn and] PAUL& DICK 1 in which to live. [~inia9 Will the- escane the in:lone cares So I'll-Hit ison and the w--,~in- -~ *~ ~-o~ terms which for one exception ~ and Mr. Gilbert on Friday night. [ Phone 202 ~, ~ v " " ~" ~ ~" "'~ -'~ has in e " " - ...... s c been followed I Mr and'Mrs C A Kearns and | .. .e,r a. r~. a~,t:.t ,Pta,~, I ............. teenlamee]a/~oen~aSme~ong sapp:;et George Washington, in his fare-/Mrs. "William Abshire were Sun-| Charles Town, W. I wazz actmonlsnea, Alternate aom well ~ t lnr AILr5 AI'I'UIN/MrN/. I that Washin ton ke t silent and address said, In all the day supper guest of Mr and Mrs | 1= ~r ,I, |= lit ~ ination of one faction over an- - - g. P .. . | ~ other, sharpened by the spirit of onereu no auvlce or counse~ ~s ot The appointment last week by President Kennedy of[. 1 1 ~ [revenge natural in party dissen-course absured for unless the ' len h to a mo e Constitution met with h~s ap Stephen Aries as under secretary of the Army will be well[ ..... [sion, leads at gt r ! " . "..' " _.-._ _..~'~(~'~..- .... ~ A II received in this area where Mr. Aites has a host of friends. | --- TO Tl-ll: --- Iformal and permanent despotism, provad and nad his oacKing as . ~ .. ~_~L.. .. .'~1~ ~m~ B 1i The new Army Secretary, Mr. Elvis Stahr, formerly presi-/ I It opens the door to foreign in-. P s. ent of the convention, it | ...... # | r-I B,..,,, B,... ' r 1 fluence and corruption which could not De aooptea dent of West Virginia Unive s'ty, has gained an able deputy] It I T fi D I , " " . t B .~ " i |-|mA|aa |AqPAII/ | '~.~,~ ~,~ has , ained th, services .... +,.~m~./ L V | I Idl Ill I fines access to the government, l enjamin franklin of Penna at '| I lllt'llllll' I I lillk" I .... AT .... "'~'.~_~;'_~ J ................... ~ I thus the policy and will of one, the age of 81 was the eldest sign 'l II II H l lUkl I Illi. t 1 CD, paDI~2 /II~tll --- aa s'" .... n amazin- "-:" ..... I Icountyare subjected to the policy l er ofthe Constitution and Jona- | Irl[rl l|ll|VlVllV ! lllll Ill~lll~ I~lllJ~ ........... .~ a g ~.~ r, u~ cu~.zg w~zt pxe- I 'ha"les 'V"wn W Va I and will of another country I than Dayton of New Jersey at age.I ...... I 1 /I i / I ...... ~ ~ ~u , c spn and sk ]l ,through all the tqwa of a gwen problem[ February 21, 19611 As shown by his letters George]26 was the youngest signer. The ] I II TIII IU I II/1111 I/I II I!1 ]i ano getting ngn the near a matter, remams l u. n .... I Washin~ton was a ready and flu-I two most profound and original ] ]IV 1 HI |||I I III Imlnl l=l 1JII I to be seen how well this talent will endear him to the Army lent writer, exnressinz himself ithinkers in the convention ffere | 1]l Ill I ! ISPll I II r UU n r n n/ ..... v ................ - ........... t li tl lder a m~ "" " " v . .. as such, but there can be no questmn but that th~s ability I Charles Town, W Va I clearly in spite of the defects of I bu t e o th n Jonathan i,] "" ....... I I ! 1 W 1 Ill I 1 ll i | will serve the country and the branch of service to which ]Dear Mr. Brown:" I his early education; his advice|Dayton. Alexander Hamiltonwas 1 1 L | | U L1 1 1 l l 1J - 6o years oz age ana James Ma(ll ---- - ~ ~,~r,- m m i a m m~" I m m m i m he will be attached well. Few will deny that the Armv l I ,~i~ *, *~t-~ *hi ...... ,,,.;,,, land council were sought after] . - - ~'~'~ ~ son was 36 years ot age The two as well as other units under the Defense Department is i t-'thani iand relied upon constantly. While l . . ..... " ' heavily burdened with red tape and this has-been most the excell en t"c'overage'you give|Jhn.Rutledge.f South Carolina|mO to:am U ra i:[ :e tf rasSa- CLOSE OIJTS--EXTRA I COMFORTABLE USntruant ngr OecPre S sde lringviwi il t and consum- WIDE PLASTIC BIRTHDAY i PLASTIC COVERED BIRTH " al sound common sense and wide . to move with skill and adeptness m provldlng more expe- ......... "._ no man in the body John Adams and Thomas Jeff- .~ ditious dealings with his department. [.. ~n~sume ot me year wnen me lequalled George Washington. l erson were on a mission in Eur- It D A D I: J J I 'lllPi D PUIID /1' Another trait that will serve Mr. Ailes well in his-new [.runu ur!ve ]savout to Degm we i Fundamentally our Revolution lope at the time of the Constitut- V il/4 / i= J /! - i JAU't, LI! Ik, HAm nere at me tte~ t;ross oegm to assignment is his sense of humor. We,have seen him op-[_ -ll . . .... |cry War 1775-1783 was largelYlional Convention, May 1787-Sept. . ~ ~~ I .i. ,~ near ~ sorts ot inverse ~nlngs crate sometimes under most trying circumstances, and yet ].h.,. R.a ........ oo,,wh,,/ba.s.e.d on economic grounds, the [17,.1787; Upon receiving a copy ~, ~ ............... [ ........... ~r,L~ he has always been able to find a lighter side of thin ,s / ...... "%"::'"~laroitrary ctestruction of the traaetof me aocument Tnomas JeErer- negutar trice 1.oo ~FECIAL I .Regmar vame ~, ~, a. Do mey ever oo,-wny QO mey ' t hi many people this might be regarded as evidence of Ineed the money?"-and many [ande ' sP ixtaYtin t~t~oC~i:ireSi sninmmedeinat~Ynt~r~te~Mradn~n ' . ' .... fM ..... ' , superflcmhty. But ]n the case o r. Aries ]s ewdence [other reports far worse. [~o,,,o,;.,, J~.*~;- T;h,~-*;~S f-r ,h ..... WOMEN S WHITE I I ~IYl~r~ ]b~II~l~.l~ of a sense of hum]hty that shows a complete d staste for So we felt that we should m- a " r " " " ...... ........... omet " i t e a er to When W shmgton ode away Llbertms our. people and. their ORLON CARDIGAN C O R D U R O Y CLOSE oUT bemglmpressedw]thhlsownlmpor ance, lvlorepuoncser-lsert s]. rang n n..p)p . I from Mount Vernon on that April ancestors dld not have ln the old ___ I [ vents of this type are needed, and we are glad the Presi-/g ye, .mem some smal.l idea ot Day in 1775 to attend the Con- world: He accordingly moved in W A T C D I I At U I n ! u v r I' wnat is oemg ~on~ an~ now many dent was able to put his hands upon Mr. Aries. | ..... ~" _ [tinental Congress, he was the ty- the first session of the Congress J L A ! L n I J L A R ! D L A PI It I; 1 J ~~ [wzz! .vozu nteers we nave pical Virginia Gentlemen of his for the amendments, thus the Bill , [ i ' - /asslsung in me ~ea t~ross fro- time He was not to see his belov- of Rights were added to our Con- ~ -~ t2~/~ .~pw.f'TAT. I (p ~l ~.m/ ~DI~g~TAT i ~ A' ,~,~ ~t-lAi~ : ' gram to make it a successful sere " ~ *~ ....... ~ ,O~ ~"~'~*'~ ~ .D/ o~,'~,-,- [ ....... , d home again for more than six stitution. 1 I 1 I l- IJ'hll flit' Ikll/l'11'r'h /vice to me t;ommumty. , i i =i i =m= |UU Afii: IN1/[U [ Thank you.- sincerely,, ' Regular Price $3.98 ] Regular Price $2.49 [ Regular Price $3.9v '~ ~~ ' : Mr,. Gertrude R. PUBLIC SALE ~ Heidrich, Chrmn Publicity " TO ATTEND OUR . $1.00 Womans HEADWARMERS 57c [ $1.00 CLOTH CLUTCH BAGS " " Morgan Acres ,K-~ m~.w(~~ ............. Bunker Hill, W. Va .............. ' _ o $1.00 WOOL KNIT GLOVES- ] $5.98 Sessions ALARM CLOCK $~ o. I "~q~m~'~J ~II4~1.11 I~l~l~llP'li" ....... rt~ving ren~ea my term, I wan sen tnereon, saia term v,J I ........................... I .... "l i /hl I KIIIlII// reoruary z, x~t located along U. S. Rt. 40 near Myersville, North side of ~ | ~~,[ ~svt --,~v~vv~ Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate Rt. 40 mad about 11 miles West of Frederick, in Frederick $1.98 WOMANS KNIT HATS - 99c i $5.98 GIRL'S JACKETS" - . .. L~f" ~.~ I~l~l~k4|lPBl~ I~B~I~ N, George Street County, M~ryland, on | ~~ , Charles Town, W Va , $(J' rfi tql[n[ FAhl I .... SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1961 79c MISSES HEADWARMERS 27c [ $598 BOY S JACKETS - - ~, " ~o The ~:aitor: ' -- " ...... e" observed' as BEGINNING AT 11"00 A M TO-WIT" , I ~,~ reoruary ]s o lng ..... . ~ e,z .............. m-nth in man ....... ,,,. ........ $3.98. WOMENS DUSTERS . $2.3, I $8.98 IRONING BOARD .... rrlasy, l States ~'" "" "~" ~ ~" "~* -- ,s ao article, have ,-oo --,---o-,o-,---o-,o -- ...... ..... " ,,, 4.00 P.M. sincerel ho e' ~r a er Y i u i$ u d; I= d; I [/4 II I d ....... Y. P . Y P.P Farmall Model H McCormick-Deering Tractor in good con- " I ........ [ _.~f,, . wm prm mls aructe some ume tUtl0n and with power lift cultivators; John Deere Van 4 .97 SPECIAL [ d 97 SPECIAL I d 77 SPECI *V durra the month of Fenruary ~ Bru t 1 disc ru ber ttre m drill ,~,~./~-'~. " " g n 5 b gra" ; New Holland heavy duty "~ [[ I ~ ~ .... [ ~ II *---- \~~~ AT OUR STORE have not distorted any of the side delivery hay rake; McCormick-Deerlng 2 bottom tractor I I i I ~, ~ facts of history, as you may wellplow; tractor chains, belt~ - D,~,,,1,~,, D.~.~^ ~,~ fro I r/__. ~_.. ~_-._ ~,, ,-,, I .... ~ . . . , ~ -.,~,.,..~ tts~ o.~o t~egulttr rrl~e ;~.a~ t~eguiar trice ~~ ...... , Judge by the Blbhography. New Holland Model 77 Baler with mounted motor; Ruth [ [ --~'~ ~ee ~n Array oz ~ew ~a- Yours very truly, grain and bale elevator; McCormick-Deering field chopper, ,. chines for 1961, including the Nancy M Poeter motor mounted, both grass and corn head all good as new; W ri Mf ]w ~r ~ ............. :~ New IHC 46 HAY BAL Historian New Holland Silage Blower and pipes; 2 Grove rubber fire .... ~ '~ o JU~I" l~l*,bl*,l1~U ~: J ~-"-~'~'~ .... ' ~" " " ....o~h ~'alle" Cha~ter w~gons, side boards, high silage sides, rollers and gsttes, un- ALL WEATHER BIRTHDAY ADVERTISED ter zor a tree rawing on a ~nena,u a v ~ . ~. lo~der unit with motor; 1YlcCoflnick-Deering Corn Planter ~ ~ _ ~a New IHC No. 46 HAL BAL- N.S.D.A.R. Martlnstmrg with fertilizer attachments; 275 gal. Portable Field Spra, yer,. 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USE YOUR CREDIT JUST SAY CIIARGI .( Phone 17 Charles Town, W. Va. practiced by George Washington and the men of his times, be- come the watch word of our great country when it is constan ty being attacked from with-in by forces which tend to destroy our Liberty and Freedoan. George Wa hingtoa m..hi fare RENO L. ELDRIDGE MYERSVILLE, MD. EMMERT R. BOWLUS, Auctioneer. PAUL BITTLE, Clerk. Lunch Rights Reserved. February 23 - 2t. PHONE 314 CHARLES TOWN