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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 19, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 19, 1959

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i; ti ISh I g Re. ; M !h enandoah Down's Genera er usselman.Pa ckson To f Man Of Broad Experience In Racing PI/r l First At 7:30; Shepherdstown, ' IJtt']i TOp yNight's c on NEWS o enThursda Ati and assumed his new duties at the ~i~:~: ~.:i~ :"*~i':i.:~ :::. g Charles, Town track. He has taken ::.. ::~:)~:.:~. ..... ~ :~%1:::.:.:i " ' I - . - Adml.'SlOn prices for all sesslons tip resioence here and his wile anu :: ::~ :2 WHERE WHEN THEY PLAY of .the Judges in Winchester sev- daughter now residing in "Mia- J ..... . ~ TONIGHT (THURSDAY) eral weeks ago. , , the section's Class "B" teams will of the touz'nament will be 50 cents Imi, Fla are expected to come here l~~i~:'~i' ~ ~.arunsourg at Norm tlagerstownwm oe ~ne return oa~rle oerweenaside their seasonal records in an tWith student tickets to be sold to make their home in Charles {~iiii -~:!;/ Brunsw,ck at Harpers Ferry the Romney_ ~lgh Pioneers and all-out battle for the secLiollal l only at the five "participaiiing Town in the near future Mr and I :~:~ FRIDAY ~ze ~.vla~-unsvuzg, ~wo ot cnampionsnip on the nuge Shep- I schools. Only $1 adult tickets will Mrs. Leavitt's daughter Carroll isI i ii'q/~ ~_,;..o~. .... , ~r ....... me oes~ cage teams m ~astern herd College gymnasium And this be s " i~,~*~--,,,~,,u~ *~* ~.~s~, W..~ Wir..,_,~ ~_ ,~.^ ~,~. ...... - ] .Old at the door the mghts of I now a student aL the Universi.Ly ~i: : : . w~ v ~..~. ~. ~z~e zzz~.v year only live teams will be pat'- . Charles Town at Berkeley Springsi.~. ,.r ,,.. ,... ...... ,.,.~. ......... ~ t toutnament play, it was stated. 6Y M A X B R OWN of Miami in Miami and she will t 'i Iiedgesville at Shepherdstown ~'.=.~'~;~,.~:=Z:~.'.'~' ~,,~.~, w~ uc~patmg m the scnoolgoy t.h~'ee- ] The Lightner brothers will of- .., , ~ come here wilt[ her mother with :~ / e~r~a~ , ~*.~---.,~u~z~ at~,x~z~*x~vuz~z,~cy, bzzv IRlgFIL cage a~;tracuon since He(l-|i~: " ..L,-, ,~ .: ~ . the c]o~e oI the current school ~ -~:[i.: ::: :. ;: :: ~",-~"~ Pioneers won out b a narrow m r ..... !~ c~a~e wlti1L)OIl<l ,.lnusay .to I . Y a gesvdle H~gh School ~s not ehglble . . ,~ be the offlcml t~me~and Kenny St. Joe Martinsburg at St. Joe gin over Coach George Whitacre'sthis year I .....' " /,: i::ii~:ii::::::.- r~etncn ~ne scozer term. INIAs Mountain. , within seven points of the Or- Mr a native of Con- ] :~ /:~::~iiiii:: i Emmittsburg, Md. boys. And this one next week in The five teams that will battle " " " ' t ~::::::~ ..... ':: : .................................... : "~ ........... ~ ...........~ k 1 ~,t~ UP their rezular J ange and Black. But it wasn't cord New Hampshire has spen ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: MONDAY Martinsburg is bound to be a real f,,r ch. C,~, ~,~d ,~:,r,~ C...... in [ Each team will be permitted to ~(l~y night ~and ] enough and the boys from a- 27 years on race tracks throughout [ !~iii!i~;::':::!:~i~::ii!;: . battle all the way. ~ ta e 12 p ayers to the tournament t.he coun'try and he brings with ::i!~ii~ii:::;:i:i:;f:i: Willia.msport at Shepherdstown ,~2~,:~\~,,~,22~ ,~2~,~;,,22~,.;::2'2" of Berkeley County and Harpers I {w2~%,~'~',~,~ ~'a'~,,~"~'~",~'a,,~,:;,~" ~ng their 47th Icross the line made it two strai- Musselman at M~dd|etown q.~, ...... , ...... **. ..... be Mus.~elman and Ramer Hlgh lit the. ,~.~h-,~ h.,~ ~m ..~,, a,~ .~ erer~ce and 33rd ]ght over Dick Harmison's lads him to Charles Town a thorough iiiii!i::iii~:~!i::::i!ili::/i TUESDAY ment finals will be competmg a-,a_,_sL ..... ffe- ~-~ C ....... [pate. 4rl a row ( now } on the basketball court this win knowledge of every phase of the ii~:!:iiiiiiii!iii:~iiiiiiiiiiii!::ii!i~ii~!ii::::i:i~!::::i ' ~ ....... *" ....... ': ......... "~' ~y ...... Ferry Shepherdstown and Page .............................. | , . . 0 CK'OII Ol O~ YSUII UUIILy. '~at the record if [ter. business of operating a race track. !~i:;:i:::::::! South Hagerstown at Mart nsburggarnet Friday mght ............ [ This year there will be two Page Jacksonof Cha lee Town - 'r P " g' " " the expense of -- w~nay ~B 27 however will come ten other bat- . . .. ' . ions of the winners of the various ~lg~On's slum-ing] STOCK in Charles Town's A human dynamo Leavitt is [ iiiii!i::i:!::!:: Shepherdstown at Capon Bridge Before all of this exc%ing action Musseiman rugn o, mwooa ann i grou s of ted es to make select ~a ~" , , ~ I constantly on the go and person- ] ~l.:::::::~L ~, ...... "_~:'~.'.r',is~.._". ties with local interest. For in- will. ge~_,me cage snow underway tournament awards it was stated ~,,, ngerous Colon- ['newest race track, Shenandoah ally supervises. . and takes, part and ROBERT G.' LEAVITT ~ crowd of 6,800] Downs, which isn't even com- In.tercEL m every detad, from con- ] ~.omney ~.~ ~,~ un uuz'g stanc~ tonight, l-l~rn~r~ l~orrv e~ weanesaay evemng a.t ~:~o when I ....... " ....... = Handley at t;narles Town f~,~ ~,(u"~-,2-~2"2~,~:~=2-:;~'2:= they meet in a single game. I ,~t me vegmmng of me ivo~-~ h se son it looked as though Shed h~eea assured and[pleted yet, was reliably reported struction to 'the actual operation ]job so well he decided to make Hedgesville at St. Jo n's.thetr'~"Y --':Tigers ........... take on the Bruns-' Then- Thur.days evening two ] h~ra~,,,,," u,, ,~ ~,~" ,),o ~,,,~ ~,,,~,~" aountaineers--- ],to be selling at $1.78 a share on of every depa~%menL on t,he track. ] racing's, work, giving up " " h ............... ~ ..... ~" ...... Althouuh the 1958-59 scholastic w~ck. (Md.) high team in a return g~mes will be on tap wit the i, t~ ~,,,,,,,o,~,~,~ ~,, ...... cage season is now on it's last la'u engagement and Martmsburg winner of ,the mght } ~.,~. all e~f J~b~ arbor trot.tiP , Ithe New York Exchange last is untiring by nature, and his abil ]mrugn me years., m every uepar~ the rest of this week and next tha't High School will travel to Hagers- battle tangles With the Harpers [ r,"~t~i~ ,~,,~" ,~,i'~h ~'2~'~vS~.R': ~- ]Friday. From highly reliable [ Bob as he prefers to be called ]coi~egea,namen on a aWrKlnge rzacz rile Way_ Up. -~ " . s ..................................... IE...~Nn ~.,,,~'~ ...u.-x#~- ,sources, we have it tha't, the re-. ity to keep driving himself, from ] ' last fling promises ,to be jus't as ex town, Md. to do ba,ttle wi,th a pew Ferry Tigers and in the second I o~'~'~'~m~'"~i~"~f "'~,~;~,2~'.~2" ~ ~ ...... ] sponse to the Broker s ads which sun-up until long after the last [Has Held Many Posts ............ a ................. citing and interesting as any for erful North Hagerstown High ga~ne the Shepherdstown High haw h~-,~ ~-wi,~- ~m*,,-,,,.~m~,~; John ~.h~u ]have been appearing in severalrace has been run, is a legend in ] Amoqg the many positions 'he the season since a nmnber of what team in what should be,a real Chri] Cardinals will mett the Ramer I ._ : %%Y'" ?"". :'~ .... ~"7. ..... , .... Willie~ilepflerQs[,ownstlilei'e(l a nd "'Va~'~('Sui'te [newspapers recently, has 'beencircles ,throughout the racing wet-Ihas held and ,performed capably is expecte,~ to be close and top ler from start to finish High .team of Martmsburg I ..................... th~ .~,,,~,~n[something to behold. Original ld. His popularity is ~vttested to by/and efficiently are seller, cashier, '* " . a uezens,ve mow wtm Lne so~s ot r are still on too As a Friday night the Martinsburg l~riday night there will be just i " - ate batles _. . . . , ........ - 1 Steve W lhams. ~tl~all~tour'na-" ]sale price of the stock was 60the fact that he never refuses to }calculator, mutuel manager, patrol mater of fact the annual ClauSE r~lgn ca~ers wm ~ravel m ~eysei- the championship game at 8 ',P I With the change in the p'ct Lure ts next T~,,r~-" Jcents per share and it has nowsee or talk to anyone regardless [judge, placing judge, clerk of "B" Sectional cage tournament fern return match_C.harles Town m. and the two winners in the lit now looks as though Shepherds I h Col wm go ~o ~erzemy ~p~mgs zo~ a re Whmsaay nzgh~ s actzon wm x y26 -- ~ almost tripled, how busy he may be. Applications/scales, paddock judge, steward, which opens a,t Shep erd lege ...... " ..~ : .... "s ' % " ' town will have to share the pre- fer jobs ufider his managership ~racing secretary and handicapper, Wednesday evening will on Friday turn snow ann rteagesvme wm oe mee~. t6urnament favorite spot with N HIGH's PEr [ NEXT WEDNESDAY evening are numerous and include the Jdirector of racing and finally gen ni~'ht- be competing with two top at Shepherdstown. With completion of tournamentPage Jackson since the Sporrans Ying before t'he] in the Shepherd College gym, names of many of the best known ]eral manager of various race cour games played in Charles Town play Shepherdstown High's prin-have come up with a record a.~ he year put up ] three Jefferson County basket-men in the racing game. [seE. Charles Town High's Panthers SPEAK TO BUILDERS CLASS ament director, will present the tPers Ferry and Musselman are ore bowing to Jball teams, Page Jackson, Hat'-Leavitt's first job on a race] V~hen the Mi.chigan Racing As- and Martinsburg. MRS. MARY CLAGGETT WILL cipal Keener W. Eustler, torn'n- good as the Cardinals. And Hat- track came in i931 drain- 'his sum |scia~in built it's Detroit l~ace will be p~aylng host to a good team Mrs. Mary Cl~ ggetl wi] be awards and an all-tournament I not too far behind. 't'he Martins- I pers Ferry and Shepherds~town- . ' g~. Course Bob Leavitt supervised ~re Tuesday I {along with Musselman and Ra ...... wh h ~ kin a ] mu~, ~z ~zze ~uu~zu~,,u. wu.~ ~,u mer vacation from ,the Umversity ._^., ^; ........... ,, ..... ,. ~..., from Handley High in Winchester, guest speaker .for Thi Bui] er's te~m will be announced. I Page Jackson- goes into the [nd early in~mer from Berkeley County) willo~ ~_l~no~so~ 9re off waS~a~ ages ~ was the first generv1 manager, a Vs. Friday night, ~eb. 27 and .the B}ble Class of Th~ Ch.~ "leE : )w~a In addition .to the trophies to [tournament wi,th a 7-6 record; ,nthers came]be competing for top honors inv.._ .......................... . rs b f r Panthers are expected to be roar- Met'hodist Churcl" Scl )el,un- go to the championship and run- I Shepherdstown has an 8-9 record: post he held for seven yea e o e clerk in the mutuel department/ " ing for revenge for a previous day, February 22. The class will nets-up teams, there will also be lMu~elman now stands at 5-12 ,the close of Ithe Class "B" sectional .tourna- time pulled Turn To Page .9.][$ a~ Rockingham Park and liked the Turn To Yage 2-B licking they suffered at the hands convene at 9:30. other trophies presented for in- and Harpers Ferry at 5-11. II I I ALL REG. qt ONLY REG. $ REG. REG. STYLES .... 34 $11.95 .... NOW $12.95 .... NOW $16.95----NOW $17,95 .... NOW $19.95-:--NOW, REG. $ $ .95 .00 , Re9. $&OO--Now $3.95 SPECIAL GROUP .... 14 DOZEN REG. $4.00 .... NOW $ .95 REG. $5.00 .... NOW Broken Sizes 14 to 17 33 to 35 Sleeve Washington Special REGULAR $47.50 to $65.00 SPECIAL GROUP .... 75 ONLY GOOD LOOKING PATTERNS T $25.00 .... NOW $29.95 .... NOW $27.50 .... NOW $ $ $ WEIGHT 2 FOR 1 S ALE NOW c REG. REG. $49.50 .... NOW 42.50 .... NOW REG. REG. REG. REG. $7.95 .... NOW $8.95---,NOW $10.00--,,NOW $5.95 .... NOW NOW e Reg. $1.50 to $2.50 NOW c 10 ONLY A REAL BUY ASK CLAY FOR A REAL BUY! REG. $1.95 .... NOW :95 .95 OTHER ITEMS many other articles of clothing and that will be included in this sale. Store Early for the Best Selection well satisfied with Articles from Most Complete Men's Store. NEXT TO CHARLES TOWN, POSTOFFICE ..... W EST W. VA. WASHINGTON STREET PHONE 353 REG. $20.00 VALUE NOW $ .95