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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
February 19, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 19, 1959

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CLASSIFIED ADS ACCEPTED FROM M. Till 5 P. M. Daily M. - 12 Noon Saturday Should Be In Not Later Than Wed- ~eSday 10 A. M. L ~ ' L ! i f : ", TO PLACE AN AD ' PHONE 222 8 A. M. Till 5 P. M. Daily . o $ A. M. - 12 Noon Saturday Advertisements Should Be In Office Not Later Than Wed- nesday I0 A. M. FOR SALE:-One used New IdeaI FOR RENT --4 Room " nfur I WILL CARE FOR Sick or El- [ SPIRIT OF JEFFERt~ON F~ZsS ADVOCATE ~A| ~ spreader in good condition. One .... : . .~. , u ~" derly People in my h%me. MAR- [~UTT~r~V ~TT~rDv ,,~ ,,~, ~ , .J/4LL used Oliver. 4-W~heel spreader on msneu .,~par~men~. m~,~. JA~vI~tG~ SI'MONS, Phone 495-W. l.~Wl~#~a, .'.'~w~a 1~, 1:7u:~ .~1. =--=--- rubber, cheap. See, Jefferson Farm R. MAIdS,ALL, Phone 761 I Feb. 12-2t.-pd. I .......... i SALE =Equipment Co., Telephone 691, r'eo. ~-a~. ! o . . dOT Ranson 4 ! Charles Town, W. Va. ] I_.WANTED:---Man or o an o I I IfFM MI.W I/IIIF I Notice To The Public! n--; ........ ~-~- Feb 19-2t- I _ ^ _ :-- . ~%.-I~n~rms Town Area. ~a~es aria l mu=~umm~nmu ~#~m=-s=s= I ~ s,~,~--, .~,u~,,- imen% zna Avenue. 2kyallaDle deliveries 4-6 hrs "~- n,~., Al.^ ~ . . } ...... se, 2 baths, resi- i . .... I April 1. Phone 636-M. AI.~EN Iwill consider older ~'~en'~50 - ~ Charles Town Council me~lng ! made. Mrs. Robert Brmthwalte I-a.~ave zormer/y _l~n g par|. er .... : FOR SALE:4 piece walnu~ re- ]D~NGTON. tWrite BOX 5071 Dept S'3 Rich: in regular session Monday night I Council also gave consideration / ~ ]m the ~eaung & l' rwm o ~r neer oeeroom su]~ ~n sprmgs Feb 5 tf h z o~ rmmmg ~ Lmya "xms pgr~ . ' ~. I - ~mond Virginia ' " ' aut ori ed the City Attorney to I to an opinion from City Attorney ~ Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Watson of / .... ,,,, ~ h,~. :~'~:~.,..~ oo ..~ ~o apartment re-ana in~erspring matt~ss. ~none [ ~~ ] Feb' 5-4~ -ud obtain from ,the Peoples Water I James M. Mason III in which he [ Martinsburg visited Mr. and Mrs. ! ~ ..... ~. "*~2. "??'2. "~*~"'~ " "" sleeping room re- 593 M. Address 703 Je~:erson ~ve. ] Fu~ ~Nx:--~. rcoom ~ungamw I, " " ' Service Company of Charles Town i held that Councii has *the author- |R. V. SwRrtz Sunday afternoon. |~ecem~er ~, ~v~. 5 room apt. near MRS. LEE ADAMS J.moder.n, Zerger St. I WANTED:-Fourteen Discerning and Baltimore, Md. a formal op- ] ity to lease City-owned Market ~Their son Kenneth who had spen,t ~.. Effective January 1: 1959, l . Fe~. 19-1t-pcl. I]_n. ~oJ~_var. ~mmem__a_~e possession. ] Women by February 14. A spark- tlon whereby ,the city may pur- I House property in Charles Town/the weekend with Mrs. Swartz re ]~egar~ ~.per~ung as an ~na~m~u,~j~ ~. LINAWEAVER i~ ]Vii-C~'U~i~.. E. BEI~I~ER, Agent. I ling career for the wife and chase the town's water system [.to a restaurant for more than one ]turned home with ~s parents. ]~ae~r ~ n~fae o~,::L~u,, x~ ~ -~eorge St. FOR SALE: --- Large Frame ] ~'eo. a-~L } mother. Full or part time. ~rom ~t sum of about $300,000. No I year. There ,had been differing o- | Mrs J F Macoughtr,, s,~nt | :~-"~---~ ~. ~'ffif~:~'" -- - J House at Engie Switch. Priced ]~ [Chances for advancement. No in- option has as yet actually ~been re I pinions on the matter because of ~ Saturday "with Mrs Haxr~Sm~ot~ [~-,~. uzz~ce is I oca~m on wes~ :~ ,eojtopcioverseeo. Ifor Quick Sale. Call RANSON]w,,~ ~'~ a'~,~';~h~:"~'~'~'~.~]-vestment. Phone No. 2141, Har- ceived but following action oflthe possibility o~ changing com-Iin Oharles Town " " |wa~sn|ng~on ~tree~ t~ngr~es "xow~: ~ rnone 3500 ......... ~ ....................... - ' w. vg. rnone ~o. m ~. ~ REAL ESTATE & INSUR4~.-NCEll 19s9 .~AWA .~ f~. ~h~n~ i pers Ferry, BETTY LOU CAVA- Council ~t is thought that one will I plexlon of Counml. The question I ~r,~ ~ ..... ~ ~,~h,,~...~ ^~ w~,. | ..... , .... ' ICOMPANY. l~v ~d~ " ~--~'~v ................. I~, 8- II A. M. or 1- 3 P. M. be granted by w~ter company of-larose because Mayor Nicholas Car [~'u~'~'~'~,~r,~" ~" | ~,~. ~ , , v~ a~ ~ i Aug. 22 - tf. ] ~~'.~t( ..... [ Jan. 22-4t. ficials. The water system in Char- [ son, operator of the restaurant [ ~'~'~'~'~o~,#'~'" ~" ~" ~' [ r~u. ~ - =~. k~'lpp .......... y at Farm on~ ~ ]~-- .......... I lea Town also serves the adjoin- wan,ted to make improvements to ..... ? .......... ~" ~sTownRoad R FOR SALE'--Midget Kitchen.] FOR RENT:--5 Room Apart-l-56".PG'.PLANTING_GUID.E lngtownofRanson. Jthebuilding taconsiderablecostl Mr..and.Mrs. org .C m Of L PUBLIC SALE .... , . . wamlog m color, oHermg v~r- i , and wan ed, ~umm~ t'om~ spen~ ~unaay even- Inquire a~ the CIRCLE SERVICE/ment and Bath, Walls Build|g,| ........... Counol also went over an es- I t to be assured of a ion ]in i .......... ~ ,',~r~ ~-~,~.~ T~,~.,~,~, STATION in Ranson, or Phone lEast Washington Street via [~n~as. J assor~men~ o~ yl~.n~ timate from the engineering firm lger lease than one year. Council {_ g..wvn~.r:, a na mrs. ~onal~l] UI~" l~i%flklJ i%~l'flkll%~ . Material lncluamg ~ewer varle- i f referred th m ~Cnlll ana callea upon Mrs J ~' -- 879-W. IGINIA E BENNF_~t, Agent. [.. . '~ ..... _ . of Kelley, G dley, Staubs, Inc. o I e at~er ,to the Market/.. -. "| ~r~ ., !-,, -- t~es m ~TU~S ~U~S ~)rnamencai Hou e m ~ macougntry ":~-Electroiux Clean- Feb 5-4t [ Feb. 5-tf [ ....... - _ , ~ Charleston showing the cost of pro ] s co m'btee for study and a { ._ :' :,. _ . _ .! ~esiaence ,rToper~y W, $39 80 " Electric ......... [ ........ [~lan~}--~'ree onrequest, fessional services :for the survey I recommendation. During the dis- ! ~o~..~y. L~eCl~, a resiaen~| ..... ,, 50 (i~a;estic) Elec ~a~ eazt-, m, ~ =, .... ~s~,,,~ ]FOR RENT:--3 Room Bungalow I~ialespeopie wan~ea, wr~e ~ep~..made of the water system which I cussion Mayor Carson abse.nted Io~ 'Miameway 1~as enlis~ea m zne|in lVllaalewav "" n~w ~o ~a ~r,,--"- ~'~" -~ .... -'-~'~.~"'A ~'_~"~'~ ! with half bath Fairfax Avenue, [W-18 V~AYNES~ORO NURSE- Charles Town will nay if and when 1 himsel, f from Che meetin~| Army Reserve and is now at Fort| " " , -~.., ~.~, ..~la~-~'rame l-louse convenlen~ly loca~,eo " ' .... ~ ------- Ranson H O LAKENAN RIES Waynesboro Va Knox Ky taking his basic truln " 623-R on South Mildred Street Con-j _. . ] _ :, _ .~ , purchase of the water system is I Council also gave approval to [in~ , "| By virtue of the attthority vest- " tact RANSON REAL ESTATE & ; ~ec. ll-tf. [ e'eo. ~ - a~. . : ~ 1 the pending State Senwte Bill 169 ] ~Vlrs William Reid and Mr Jackled in him by the deed of trust " I~ URANCE COMPANY ~ ~ z ~ i relating to county levies for fire . hereinaf, ter referred to and in r ~'-Com~ ~ .... " I FOR RENT:---3 Room Furnish-[ MALE HELP WANTED. I I}I ~ I~ ~'~ ~1 In ct.....d~ ~bi,-b ~ ~.~ h.]Flsher drove up from Baltimore) ........ ,t~ ...... ,~,:...~ ,., .~r ,. ~.lete Foundat- , ....... - ...................... rote__l~._ f ......... ,. ..... ............ .... , ................ - ~ in Ranson 2 blocks ........ I ea. Apartment, znu. iloor, pmva~e I AWE Y{~IT INTEItERTED i || | | | ~ |~ I hands of Vhe counties ~na m,,~,-i / Thursday to visit he formers cou },~,~a ,~f ,,,~ '~,,~ .... ,~,,,~,~ hool A real bargain , entrance,on East Washington al cot rations committee sin Mr. John Ollbert in Charlest ' .~ ~OR SALE:---Hagerstown su- N EXTRA EA N v p pc . . Trustee will offer for sale at pub- ~. B1 R BERT Street. VIRGINIA E BENN] , I RI GS. By Mrs. Charles Adams | Other business at the sessmn|wwn and her s ster Mrs Earl preme Building ocks. 0 I [ . . | .... ............. " l llc auction in frortt of the Court .... M. SMITH, North Lawrence St., an 29 f " g y utlne, including pay House in Charles Town in Jeffero .... } J . --t. [ Part t~me work available for IMr *and Mrs Warren LaRue | ment .... 1 ................. ] Friends of Mrs. Elizabeth Rich- I .......... i' ;'-O ~narms Town. ~ . . o ,,- ~ ,,~ =,,u s~=--~--,s v~ ~ son woun,ty, wes~ vlrglnla, on ,. ne 4 acre Lot ~m .......... [ ............ [ employed mechamc having refrig- I two children J~mmie and Carol | number of llcen~ [ ardson are pleased to hear she is [ ~ ............. ,. , ~ , ~a ~,~,,~,, y brock house~ [ ....... [e t on, elect and g lattended the Cub Scout ,banquet[ ~ |lmprowng but Is still a l~.tientt,~,~ ~ ~n.00 ^,,.b~,,~ a ~ ,ho~ at O1 men~ ana ~am over r'eagans m x erien Car es ...... ~' .... v..~ ......... .~. d Furnace on MODERN RESIDENCE FOR ] ~^. ^~. ~,^~^ :~ ~, ~.,~.,_~.^_ ] alnten~nce e p co. " I Friday held at the Presbytermn I I IF" P qP ~ ttl Itl [ in City Hospital Martinsburg. ~ ~,~rt~l- ~,~ ~ ~orce~ ~f la~ wi~h ~.. akerton adjom-SALE:--The Grover L. Bush ]~,~ xrr~_r~ ........ ~ I sentml. Reply BOX S 231, c/o [Church where Jimrme received his | ~ m r r m w N ] Albert Henry Jr. moved last ] dw,qlin# house and ,~er improve ' ' ' " "'~ ..... h T wn a mer~us ~ere on, situate In ~ne vii- ,~ Town. 4BedRooms, IAvingRoom,] ~. ~t~ - ]C~arles ~. ,_W.V . I Mr .and Mrs. Lee Adams, son|By Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr Street to ~he home of MrS.[l~zeof Middiewavinsald County . '. , K~ h n, Bath, Enclosed Porch, -=~~ e'eo ~z z~ pa . ~ rlougn a ~ew ~ors away , - ~ - re 1 ..... tc e I " | - .- i Donnie her mother Mrs Ernest I l " | ~l:Ontl~.~ about 90 feet on the west ackson~S~eC~:nnerBo~l Full Basement. Garage, O~1 ~.ur.t FOR RENT:---4 Room House,[' SALESMAN ..... [CIi,pp of.ChaHes Town called on| I)inner guests on Sunday wlth~istT~e,,~W~'~?~,~,~fthe~M~,.+e~~l~,~/side o'f']~ain Street, opposite the telephone 2282 W V nace, ~wo ~arge ~.o~s. wn~ac~!bath and no furnace, near B. &l _.__. ................ )~Lr. ana mrs. J. ~.. ~napman ~un-JMr. and Mrs. Noel Sisk and Whe-|~ower~':~=~:,~,:~"~'::~::lbrick building formerly .the resi- J~, Harper's Ferry" TI~UST. I)EPARTMENT, BANK O. Station East North Street I l l l ula ' bx day evening. ] rsea Taylor were Mrs. Bessie Clem ] night?* ~h~,'~'~,',"~"~'*a::~,~ ]dence of John W. Orantham, and , ' ~. ~lrl~t~_~ ~w~. IVIRGINIA E. BE~. I The ~ermcn-~.a.rklow wompany, ) Mr. and Mrs. Harold Haxrislons, Kearneysville Charles Clem-]wll~'~ .o~'~i'~;,~':,"~,~'~'~]runtnng back a.bout 180 .feet irt~ i t: r'eb. 5:tf. ] Nov. 6-tf. ~a leader in the held of g .cod-will from Middletown, Conn stopped [ ons, Sr., Charles, Jr. and Eugene | ~n~" th~-.~.~r~~ .......... v | depth, being the same property .... ~ ] ~ /aover~sing *has an openmg m to see his grandparents Mr. and | Taylor, Doris and D~bbie Sisk and |" ~I~ ~ -w-'-'T~ .... ,~,~,~oa } conveyed *~o said Trustee by Char- or .,uuv,., o~ ~,. o:--~,~u~ # F R RE T ~Charles Town .............. ~'~ ~t~u .... - ' _ RENT:-House, ~ ....... a~o~.~ ~,,~t. ~.~ ~ffl [ O N :--5 Room Apart- -. . " Mrs J L Chapman Saturday ev-lC~rla Slsk. Vlsitors on Sunday| t~ ~+,,~o~ ~o,,~ ~,,~, ~,~ ~.~., ,lea A. Kearns and Thelma M .... i ~acn style, three bed- ci~en+~v~:'~"~" ~e~e:h~n~ "~22~.] ment on West Washington Street. [ We- are now m our pe~s: selling ening. / evening ,at the Sisks were Allen i ~e":_YY~?"~:.~'"': ""~'.t'" .... ~ [ Kearns, his wife, by deed of i ,~ garage club cellar ~IT~)~'~E~I~E~(~ ~_ AD: Immedia,te Possession. H. o i seaen an.~ wane a neat-appearing Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anders re- | Sisk, Mrs. Davis Sisk and children | n~%t~nt 7:%~esO~Ym:~o~rn~n dated October 23, 1957, recorded :y~. rnone Shepneros ..... ~ ,-, .... ~^.**. r, ..... LAKENAN ' | nar~-~vormng man or woman WhO ceived word from their daughter ] Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gray from | cm~,o, v(-,,~h .... x~,~ ~,,,~,,= I in the Clerk's Office of ,the Cour~t~ ! ~und5 v~,~-. ~,~. ~v,~,, ,~,,,~ has the drlv ~na ambitio .to OD ' .~ .......... ~ .... ~ ........ ~ ....... p. m ....... J Nov. 6-tf 1 e . n " Mrs Edward Winkler and two|Charles Town and Mr. and Mrs.[ ....... ~,~+,~ ,r~ .... ~,, ~ .... ~,~ I Court of said county, in ~ o~w~. I ......... J ~ain much better than Just a |iv- chilclren Crom Florida her hus- [ Elwood Sine and children of Front | ~'~ ~,:~'o:+" :'.~ :~:..'~= ] Book 221 P~ge 80 and conveyed I OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT~IIn- ~- . .mu .... i xr~ .'~, ....... '~, .............. J"~" ~ ~*~ ~,~ r,~.~.~ a w,~,,.,,~ h~, ~t._ , .1958 Chevy 4 door Pr R I . b y most deUghtful and in,forma'tive . ofessional Building. Call ~ . You will be backed b~ the tram , ,, ~zabeth W S~aull by deed ~ta~| r~, ex "' .. has lef~ for tm~e Mediterranean Mr. and Mrs. James C. Tabb ba~k on "Roses iven b M cellent cond!tmn FOR RENT VanMETRE 282 or 173 lng program faciht,es and person g y rs. Au ust 1 1940-recorded in sald rude i _ ' ' ' Sea and will be gone until May.had a b~rthday party on Sunday Sghle . g . ' @1 a.n," Phone ~nep , May 3 -tf. , al help of one .of .the finest, and Mrs Wlnkler 'has plans to stay for their small c)augh,ter Ruth Ell- Cla~ number five Methodist office m Deed Book 152, I~tge ~4~ ..... ~' " ~' ..... FOR RENT :-Small Trailer with[ ~~1Jarges~ compames ~n ~ne ~oumness wl~h .her .parents until he returns[en vcho was 2 years old on Mon-[ ~,,,,,~., ~^~...., ...,,, --^~ ~-~.~-. [ to vchich said deeds re~erence 1~ u ~-s --4 ~oom secon~ (r~ted AAA1) all convemences. Call 624-W. ) ........ L'. ~_ ~ ' ........ ". ... / . when t'hey will ~hen leave for 3|day Guests included Mr. and Mrs | night at ,the home of Mrs Ker made. i '" F 2 2 Hoor erpar~men~, r~ea~ ana wa~er: xour rewaras w1JJ oe commlss- " - , ""l~egular spotted Pc eb. 1 - t.-pd. , ................... ....... years for Puerto Rico. [McKinley James and Miss Eleano~ ] mon Cross [ TERMS OF SALE ervice ....... ~ ~urn~szmu, v~ ~. ~.,t~-, ions pa4~ weekly, year-ena ~onus; J~,mes of Ranson Mr and Mrs " - ) ')~L ,_ boars and pigs. Ff~R RENT----~ ~ *,~ ~ A~,ent I~ ........... ,~ ~,~+o,~o~,,,,. ,~ Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Chapman| .... , . _ .| Rev. Mr. Evans of Trmlty Chur I One-third cash on day of sa~,~ I'h~RRY PUSTER, Bath heated "J "W*~It'ifiBAR'D~. w= ~ +~," t cl'usi've'~er~i:~x~r~Y~'~us~ncen~:,:re wish to =thank all their friends who [ ~arolu James and aaughter war- ~ ch Shepherdstown will hold ser- I balance in equal Installments, evi= '*': ~'Phone 4-~F-013. 418 ~.ast Libert-'~re~t ....... "~'" warH~ ~r ~]~ *" ~" ~" "~ sent such lovely flowers and cards|l.Yn and Nancy of FunKstown, [vices in Orace Church Sunday a~ denced ,by the no~es of the pur- ~ ~ ~ ....... - ..... , ~ r I Fob 12-2t -nd ] ......... ~ ~-~r r~rs~n~] Int~i~ ~t, ~ durln'g Mrs. Chapmans Hlness.[. a: ~a . and .Mrs. t~onald Dun- 12:30 p.m. [chaser, beamng even date with -I ~ " v .... [ II/ St M T no: Ii I ~-'~t-~TJ,~'27= ;,"-~:'-~;" -==-\'~-'-" The Chapman's were just ~A~rilled/oacl~ of Wazmng~on, D. C., Mrs. I Mr and Mrs H H Jennings Idate of sale payable on or before ~ )FOR RENT:--4 Rooms and! W a n m a u ) ~ivo~te%~:rlesP~'~w~ ~rL~au to receive a lovely letter and get |Mannie Fries of .Ranson, Sue .and ] made'a business'trip ,to T,ynch!burg tone and two years after da,e res- '~ SAI.AE! [i Bath, 2nd. floor, South Samuel Feb 19-1~ pd ' " " well card from Mrs. Roy Withrew | ~rryl r~?%~a%% ~neir gran~amer ]Va. *F~iday. Ipectlvely, bearing interest from :: [iStreet. Phone 37-R. ,NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC:~ " ........ "- of Fresno, Cal. whom ,they met ..... [ Those attending he P. T. A, [date at six per cent per ~nnum, .,....,..,,i[ Feb. 12-tf. ' |For Plumbing and Heating Call NOTICE whl'le visiting her sister Mrs. Char Regular preaching service Sun- [meeting last week enjoyed the I payable semi-annually, secured by ~T:~ .x~xz~.~ |1 ~~1082 JOHNNY PROPST ~ lea Adams and her mother Mrs. day morning, February 22 in the [slides and ~calks about American ~deed of trust upon the property :t, D I N G 1,1 APA~TM[ENT FOR RENT:---St. ! Feb 5 4t " The Senior Class of the Charles John Magaha during the summer Leetown Methodist Church .at 10:- [ Indians which were presen~ed :by sold and assignment of fire tns~r A~ ~_~ ~: ~,~j~ ~eor~ ~D~il~ng~~ Rl~tal. $55.00. " " " , Town High School will sell CEZ ~ere. it ~as indeed a ray of s~,. 30 by the pastor Rev. Samuel But [ Dr. Morris of CharJes Town A ance in a reasonable amoun uPon ' W~esf Wash..... Call MA~.~t/~#=, A~rS~'7-6661. ~WANTED!2~e~:~ise ,boy ~Q ride Llght Monday, February 23 shine to ,them. Clad to know Doris cher Sunday School at 9:45. [Valentine party was given the the buildings ~ere~n. with the treet m" Charles Jan. z~-~. = and help on horse farm, others and Wednesday, February 25 ..... you still read and keep u~ to the The women's Society of Christ ] scholars Friday afternoon. The P. privilege to the purchaser of pay , Va -F~ ~T ~-~,,^ ~,,,,~o,~ employed, good wages. Phone Per- 1959. community news. We axe mighty mn ~ervice wHl meet at the home IT. A. contri'bu~d fifty dollars ~o ing all cash on day of sale, or in- .~. " ~,~r"~*,~" :.~,-. ~-~~*~..~x~ ryvJlle 98-W-1. Feb. 19-1,t- ~, proud of our local ~a,per and glad of Mrs. Daisy Fri~ts Friday night [the school towards the ~rchase creasing the cash paYment as he ~_ _ . ,~ ............ , ....... """" ~- ....... " .to .hear you look ~orward to re- February 27. Iof a set of encycl~as. ma desire ntact ELRY STORE, Phone 378 ~'e~ iv z~ Im HITTI ~ oped y " - - " W NGTON, C O -A tri-relying it Litle Miss Kathy Blue was .the i Mr Lawrence Pierce is a paient Said Trustee reserves the right fREAL ESTATE Jan. 29-tf. . ~ beUte ~al~V:r t%!h%me~.~tYinftoUr i Mr and Mrs Orville DeHaven g~e~ts~0honori~turday afternoon [~nr~abk~:r'~lospital having entered d~o accept or reject any and all r ", -- ..... spring and next fall 1959 deliveries , ' g , two children Gall and P~nnie : g en for her at the I ation, bids. AGENCY ,for STARK PROS Champion ~ho entered Life Eternal one year i w~r~ ~+ o-~ h,~ ...... ~^ morn home of Mrs Ernest Slusher Jr I Mrs W R Barnes scent "Mon- ~RREST A BROW~ -_~ ]~.,~. T~,~.~A ~,~|~ Fruit Trees Shrubs Shade Trees ago today February 18 1958 -- ............ "'x~'7~ ............ " She received many nice 'fts of]day with" Mrs Calvin~-Kidwiler Truste---e"'" - -~-~--- , .... ' . . ' . bers of her family Sunday when g~ ~ Vines and Roses. Walter L. But- Loving and kind m all his ways, they entertained Mr and Mrs 'toys w,hich will gi~e her long hours [ nu"uJ~ nULLLLLL~I,L q~l&,(b~ ~{.,&L~ near Martinsburg. Paul Miller, Auctioneer I~ ~ cher, Box 134, Summit Point W. Upright and just to the end of his Stanley Boyd ,three children" of enjoyment. Those present for m ~ ~b 19-4T. Va Phone 31-F-011 ' days cH,~ ~o~ ~md Gloria Ann and the occasion were Jeneane and [ READ THE SPIRIT-ADVOCATE [, LOTS West Liberty Street, 5- Feb. 19-4t-.pal. Sincere. and kind m heart and Mr Willie Purr ,at a delicious tur Ka, thy Sagle, Alice, Susan and Deb [ ------ Drive CAR~Y. The LIF~ SALE Ran~mB?~hell~gst:h~ed~Ainmg SALESMEN OR AGENTS W~a~ wonderful memory he left ~)~Y:rl~erm~'Jtrsh oa~]th:;:imn~ylwn~ biaet~ir~Pe~ollMis?r~:2%J~sYonW~otyYen, [ ATTEND CHURCH SUNDA, YOU Save May Be YOUR OWN Room, Dining Room and WANTED ,behind." visited with ~hem in the after- Billy, Valerie and Michael Owens SON Kitchen Downstairs, Oil Hot Water Heat. 50x150 E.L. McDONALD, JR., Avenue AGENCY MASON 3d. Insurance & Real Estate NICHOLS Mason Building Building Charles Town, W. Va. W. Va. Sept. 25-if. I SALE HOLSTEIN COWS Need e~tra $25 to $50 weekly? Route work on your day off and evenings brings extra cash. Wife may help .too. Write McNESS CO. Dept. D, Candler Bldg., Baltimore, 2, Md Feb. 19-1t-pd. FOR SALE: --- Desirable Grazing Land, 50 Acres, on hard-surface State Road. Ideal for Horse Farm. In- quire At P. O. BOX 562 Charles Town. Jan. 29-tf. Canadian and New York ,,, ,, HOMES Holsteins. Fresh and Spring- [] TYPEWRITER [[] Can Be Financed era. Large Productive Cows [I ADDING [1[ with Square, Sound Udders. I| Sales - service - Rentals Ill has a $1,000 All cows guaranteed to have H Kenneth E. Henry Co. Ill Square, Sound Udders. Free II South Braddock St. Ill of Mastitis, Bang's. Vacd- [I Winehester, Va. I[[ Only nated. Feb. 19-1T ~Hls Children CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sin= cere appreciation to our many friends and neighbors ~or many acts of kindness ,and expression of sympathy ~hat were received by the family of the late Adam E. Ott. THE OTT FAMILY Feb. 19-1t-pd. Rev. S. F. Butcher of the Jeff- erson Circuit made several pastor al calls Saturday afternoon at the home of shut-ins. WANTED! Bids are requested for the Painting of Post No. 71, tact BART JOHNSON Real Estate WATERFORD, VA FEA6AN'S JEWELRY CO. TU 2-5491 AND WATCH REPAIR These Cows Are Priced W. Below what you would pay -114 East Wasldngton St. for similar cows at public Charles Town, W. Va. auction. W. Ca. 309 October 23-tf ALL WORK GUARANTEED American Legion Home. Con- tact ROY KISNER at Legion Home. Telephone 5019. Feb. 12 - 2t. I NOTICE! I am in business with A noon were Mrs. Hilda Brown, Mrs. Marion Blue. Miss Emma Washington, Florence and George Starliper, Mrs. Billy Owens and James, Clarence and Dorothy Gall Slus'her. R~msburg of Charles Town. The dining room table was at- A private Valentine skating traotively decorated with Valen- party was given Saturday night tines. Valen~ine favors and ,bal- ,at the Berryville skating rink ,by loons. Refreshments of cake, ice the owner Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Car cream and cola were enjoyed by lisle and ~heir ,friends Mr. and all. Mrs. Bill Willingham. Among the Kathy also received a nice gif 'large crowd who attended were from Debbie, Donald, Harry and Newton and Helen Magaha, John Bc~bby Shirley who were unable and Charlotte Kackley, Woodrow to at,tend due to illness. and June Adams, Charles and El Mr. and 'Mrs. Howard Ashwood izabeth Adams. viisted on Saturday evening with Mrs. Homer Samsell near Mar- the Slushers and Wilsons at "Rose tinsburg spent Monday with her Hill Farm" and the Ernest Slush- mother Mrs. John Magaha era Jr. The Women's Auxiliary of S~. The Methodist Youth Fellowship enjoyed a Valentine Party Satur- John's Church met on Thursday i day night a,t the home of Mr. and afternoon at the home of Mrs. Paul Chapman The meeting was Mrs. James Watson Leetown Road. opened with devotions after which Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Slusher Jr. the roll was called .and minutes of last meeting were read and ap- proved and a report was made by ~he ~reasurer. Several items of bus iness were discussed. A very inter- eating lesson was led by 'Mrs. Edna Nicodemus ~aken from ,the book of Samuel. After adjournment a pleasant social hour was enjoyed during which delicious refresh- nents wet served by the hostess. 'Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Adams were ~llers Sunday evening with Mr. md Mrs. John Grove. BALED HAY FOR SALE! and C~til were dinner guests Sun- day with the Slushers and Wil- sons. Mr and Mrs. Eddie Bohrer of Big Pool, Md. visited during the afternoon. Mrs. Florence Owens visited one day recently wi,th Mrs. Kate Riley at Summit Poin,t. Mr. and Mrs. Fred McCauley of Charles Town visited Sunday af- ternoon with Mr. and "Mrs. Charles Willis Mrs. Charles Owens and sons via ited with Mrs. W. T. Allen and family of Rtppon on Sunday uftero noon. JOHN Y. McDONALD at the First Stone NOTICE! USED CARS & TRUCKS 4- ( Torque - Steering, Heater ) 4- ( Dynaflo Steering, Power and lleater) -1954 Dodge V-8 Royal 4- Door Sedan (Powerflite and Heater) 1952 Chevrolet DeLuxc 4- Door Sedan 1951 Plymouth 2-Door Scdan -1951 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Sedan -1950 Ford V-8 Custom 4- Door Sedan 1948 Packard 2-Door Sedan MOTOR SALES Street Charles Town, W. 8:30 O'Cloek On ~t~d~ Nl~]ats PUMPER To Clean Cess. pools, Septic Tanks and Sani- tary Toilets. Robert Jenkins Phone 227-W RANSON, W. VA. Jan. 22 - 5t.--pd. I I W. LEONARD PROPPS Contractor. Builder Telephone 386-W Charles Town, W. Va. mll Gate on your left, about 3-miles North of Charles Town, on the Flowing Springs Road. No Week-end Sales. PHONE 2-F-021, ALLEN CUSTER, After 5:15 P. M. Feb. 5 - 3t. I I" II I FOR SALE! MODERN BRICK RAMBLER HOUSE with all the Latest and Most Modern Improvements and Conveniences. Located on the Leetown Road. Show by appointment only. Contact Ranson Rear [state Insurance Company PHONE 309--CHARLES TOWN Notice is hereby given that ap- plication was made on the 29th day of January, 1959, by the Wes- tern Union Telegraph Company to The Federal Communications Com- mission to elose the Charles Town! Race Track, Wvir. office from Sune 6, 1959, through July I2, 1959, if the application is grant- ed, substituted service will be available from Western Union! Telegraph Co., 118 N. George St., i Charles Town Wvir. Any member of the public desiring to protest or support the closing of this of- rice may communicate in writing With the Federal Communications Commission, Washington 25, D. C., on or before February 25, 1959. Feb. 12-2t. Located Near Rippon, W. V'a. Good Bank Barn, Good 7-Room House and All Necessary Outbuildings. WRITE P. O. BOX 231 "L" c/o Spirit of Jefferson- Advocate II I: I" We Are Equipped To Take Care :: of your Needs in Quick and Effi- cient Manner. Bring Us Your Work Today. (FREE ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN ON ALL WORK.) HOME OF THE 1959 BUICK t Phones I94 195 Charles Town, W. Va, L