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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 17, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 17, 1966

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e - TRAILERS FOR RENT: - One- HELP WANTED: . Experienced .......... Notice Of CAMPAIGN CARDS: . We print SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE one bedroom $20 00 a week; one electricians and helpers. Working [] IA)St & Found any amount, any lme: us THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1966 A--7 ......... large two bedroom, $35.00 a week in Fairfax Area. Full time work. ~ ........ ;~nerlii s ~me your neeus ea~y;~pirR-Aavocate ..... .... Apply Henesy Jewelry Store, or If interested please write to Box ' ' ' Aet ,htw n Telephone Yz -z o or nar- ...... 1' lea Town W Va snail property: the state will receive a $500 edu- SALE" - 1964 Mobile home, call 725-5411. Feb. 17-1-t. 460, Falrfax, Virginia, 22030. STRAYED OR STOLEN - Col m .... ,. -" ~ - ' " ' ONE 1962 BUICK CONVERTI- cational grant. bedrooms, 50'xl0', like new, Jan 6-tf Sable and White, CItILDS pet. '[O ' atlsly Juagment Jan. 27-tf. m ~'~-- ~.~..h..o ~o~,~.~. APARTMENTS FOR RENT: One " " Please return Telephone 725- I~ D ~ BLE, SERIAL NO. 815003092 Next spring, the State Betty ,~ ........ v ................ ~h .........~ h~th a~artment - - .... ..EM ~.,,~ (~f ONE 1957 CHEVROLET, HARD- Crocker Homemakers of Tomor- 1~ ,'"~" lEt floor; One - four room and ~ WANTED [] ~._..o~,~ ~ , TOP, 2 DOOR, SERIAL NO.I row from every state and the Dis ""~'~" bath 2nd floor Telenhone after~ "~ LOST: - Male Beagle, Black with TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: i~lit~l-1][I S ~ale C57B221511 [trict of Columbia, each accompan ' " ~- " - es " " SALE: - Service Station bus- 6:00 P. M. 703-882-8181. tan legs, tan face to the ey , Take notice that I will, on the -- The cars may be inspected dur-t ied by a school advisor, will join ;. For details Telephone 725- Feb 10-tf WANTED: . Someone to take from eyes to tail completely 26th day of February, 1966, begin- TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: ink business hoursat Shenandoah~ in an expenses-paid ~educational Motors, on East Washington St, ]tour of Colonial Williamsburg, or 725-7958. " ........ over payments on 10x55 Palace Black. Wearing a Black collar ning 11:00 A. M. and continuing Take notice that to satisfy an Charles Town, W. Va. [ Va., and Washington, D. {2. Then, 17-2-t FOR RENT: - Furnished apart- Wedgewood Home, three bed- with no tags. Lost in the vicinity until the sale of all of the per- Execution uoon a Judgment obta- -" meat consisting of living room, rooms, 1 bath. Can be seen any of Shenandoah River near John sonal property hereinafter de- ined in the Circuit Co-art of Jeff- TERMS OF SALE:. Cash on day the 1966 All American Home- T'S a gay girl - ready for a dinette, kitchen, bedroom and time at Love's Trailer Court, Tele Brown's farm When last seen scribed is sold, at the front of the erson County, West Virginia on of sale. 1 maker of Tomorrow will be ann. tarter cleaning carpets with bath Telephone 725-5648 or 725- phone 725-9316. going towards Harpers Ferry Jefferson County Court House, the 21st day-of January, 1966, in P E MILLEI~ Auctioneer I ounced at a dinner in Washing- Lustre. Rent electric sham- 5391 Feb. 3-tf ~h 17.t Area A REWARD OF $250 WILL located in Charles Town, Jeffer- favor of Bank of Charles Town, A " -" J-ERR~;'R SAL, SAN'O dba ] ton, Chosen from state winners ......... " " " Shenandoah I'otors tn the basis of original test score r $1. MELVIN T STRIDER - . . BE GIVEN ContaCt Boyd Hogge son County West Vlrglma, sell at West Virginia Corporation again- INC " FOR RENT: - 6 room apar~men~ WANTED: . Dependable man for 6000 Glenn Carlyn Road, Falls public auction for cash, the follow st John Paul Penwell and Bessie l~h 17.9~.t [ and personal observation and in- 316 South George S~ree~ Avail- dairy and farm work, near Par- Church, Virginia, Telephonic 671- ing property, to-wit: V Penwell for the sum of $827 07, - ........ ] terviews during the tour, she will rl~:~" ~lY2,~q~all~Y, ~mO a?le vlarcn, ISL t:au cellville, Va=. Good salary and 8333. One (I) A Three-year old I with interest thereon at six per [ have her scholarship increased to nd's raw e e:hone Berry- [ narles xown. r eo. good home: omy mose lmeres ea Dec. 9-4-t-pd. brown colt thoroughbred race I cent (6%) per annum until paid, " ..... ............ ]$5,000, Second-third-and fourth- .-- -......-. ann. aDle onolo a regu r^)OOr _ _ ____ _ horse named Happy Moon. [plus costs, I will on the 26th day Jefferson --'-'-County.. Ioul.nt" ._/rankingrow in theHmemakersnation will bef awardedTmr" p . . . . neeo apply. Telepnone o (2) A 1965 Pontiac, Title of February 1966 at the hour of . M, if no answer call 955- Professional Bmldmg. Call Dr.annlvin nerson" Center Field ~ .... ....... .. . Center, lne, will nolo their .%000 . 3000 and 2000 ,,ran* Feb 17-2-t Van Metre 725-7215 or 725-7214. . .... ' _ IVlISUUIIBLIlt tlS No: Cl11987 [ 10:00 A. M. at the J ank of Charlesannual meeting" " on Tuesday,[ respectively. ............. farm t'urcellVllle, va tan 21tf _ ._ ^. ..... To satisfy a judgment in rem Town parking lot, corner of Eas ~Lv:: - Antiques - z walnut ~"" '~'~" . Feb. ~-z-~ Obtained in the Circuit Court of ICongress and South George March 1st at the Center, In- [ The Betty Crocker Search for ca g es. 1 drop leaf, 1 smaller with FOR RENT Dunlex a-artment ' - - CARD OF THANKS the County of Hancock, West Vir- [ Streets, in Charles Town, Jeffer- ..... ted on wNrthv Geor e ,,e mStreetRe ] Tomorrowthe AmeriCanwas institutedHmemakerby Gen-f ver. 1 walnut towel rack, 1 five rooms," private entrances: w et.ue?.woman^pa Betty D: S nley: - __ _ I ginia on the 26th day of January son County, West Virginia, sell ...... , ........ t,, " . . ..... . i tram wor a.u we WiSH express our nanKs ] w rford Park at nublic auction for cash the .f th, ] eral Mills in 1954-55 to emphasize .mp Hen an ho water f rni hed ....... ' ................. I t d t u s , Lwe m small apartment, Shep- to those who were so kind to us[ onrnnratinn a ,ain ? Paul [followinu nrot)ertv which has the importance of homemaking I Louise Walraven, 120 South Sam- : herdstown, suitable for couple durin the illness and death of I - [ h... . nn "*n wit. , lSt Wm sunm tteu. oaru, . . as a career. . , ~" ~. w~a~, ~v. ~,~u..~,. ~,.~,-~. *~ ........... v---, ~--" .... ~.. .. | UllVla plans ~o attend college SALE: - Baby s^Play pen ] uel. St. Phone725-5919. [ References.Telephone 876-3561or our mother and grandmother.... [for the sum of Three Thousand, One 1956 GMC Truck, Serial of Dn-ectors wdl be elected at[ ............ i, six months, atz bamuel I oct. 21-tL [ wr,te t~ox lao_~nepnera~own, w. Berenice ~. willis ann l~etty w. I Five Hundred Sixty-seven Dollars ]No. 253PY4717 ~nls time.. [ after graduation tentatively study It, lv~rs. Harry James, l ele- [ ~.-__ ] va. reu.x~-~ -t-pu. ttney. I and Fifty Cents ($3,567.50), [ W.W. WHITTINGTON l~el}' it-z-l:. [ ing Home Economics. Iter hob. .he 725-5523. [ ~ ~. ~r ~ ~ I ~ Feb. 17-t. which personal property has been Sheriff of Jefferson ~[ bies include writing, reading and 0: 17-l-t-pd. rle!p wan eo ~ size piano. Telephone V Charles ~[levied ~n by attachm::dterb~fo~e IFeb 172t County, W. Va.I,ll}~k4~'e ~llVmf~|~|~ v.h UlSWIl~l!!l|mtn*|'itb }/sewing" Mrs" Lewis and Mrs" RUbYof the Homemaking department ~CIAL: - Boston Terriers A. K. [ ' [Town 725-5913 after 5:00 P.M. In Memory of Thomas C. Keck-] Sama~_Usgeme~f~ o~a~aid ~oeunt" ~[r~. ~,-~-t. -- , , ,,. ,, [wish their winner success and $50.00, Viola Tomlin, Phone IHELP WANTED: - Waitress,ex-[Feb. 17-2-t. ley who passed away three years I ~me~fer~.on West~Vir.inia Y I I:)|TI~T,|.~ .~A~.I~ ~,~r[e$ lOW~ ~|g~ $ [happiness for the far,are. "6907. ] perienced prefered but not nec-[ ,.-77"77~.,~.~ ago the seventeenth day of Febru I ~ Posted 'and dated ~his '14th da*" I x'~-'~'~a~ ~'~ 1 w.a t ll lJlvlanliving in or 17-2-t-pd ]essary Te ephone 725-9147 for in-I ... ~" _ . ary, 1963 " ' -- Beffy Crocker ~rmer [ ..... I terview 17 2 t I near t=narms Town to take over Three lon- ,ears hao "-asked I of February, 1966. ' [ Default having been made in What Church Can Learn SALE" - Ten stron- used I " - " " ' I established newspaper route, Sun . .. s . v o. I W W. WHITTINGTON [ the nayment of the nurchase / From Alcoholics Anonymous o . ' ann me memory your . . "- Miss Olivia Dreeme Upwright I ............... Stalled doors with heavy hmg I tIELP WANTED: - Woman for I days Only. Small cash bond de- love :s otill with me ] She~ff of Jefferson I prme, the undersigned, Jerry R. was nanmd Charles Town High's ~ u ject for WAVA t evotions ,nd fasteners, top half w thl .eneral housework and wonmglPos t reqmred. Wrlte P. O. Box r -ven ,,o,, t o- ] Coumy, w. va I Salsano, dba, Shenandoah Motors, iSlP A:n I [ [ of Tomorrow. She scored highest, gram over the Charles Town Rad. diti 3nalgrill? / rg nta l t22:gdays a week. T bP.hl . t.Tp25- 23elbB 0.%2tthis newspaper. I lveyustill '" Wife Leatha Feb. 17-2-t. oCharlesTown, West Virginia, will 1966 Betty Crocker Homemaker The Morning Devotions Pro- e ville " " " ' " - - " " ' LINCOLN WELDERS - New A: in a written knowledge and aptitu I in Station next week, commencing ~ 42 between 6:00 and 7:00 ~ --~~ Feb 17-1-t-'~dv ~'" ~o~~ ~,,~r~ ou~""'~, 22~o Am"~ FEBRUARY 26, 1966 at 10:30 A.M ' . Feb. 10-14. ] HELP WANTED! - Reliable reale [ Natlce Of Trus~:ee s .... "-" "~ '~"'_ ..... ] $93 oo including" Accessories:[ IN FRONT OF THE JEFFER-girlsde examinitiOnDec. 7, 1965,takenandbYisSeniOrnow [ a.I at m.7:55dailya' m.willandbeendinggiven atby 8:05the y -- . .. I or emale COOK in ne roy eatI ......... $ $ SAVE $ $ En 'dne Driven Welders Cable [SON COUNTY COURT HOUSE eligible for state and national]Reverend George V. Hunter, pas- ,:_ FOR SALE: - Timothy, ] aurant. Will pay good salary with [ sale Ot valuable SEWING MACHINES [ w~,..n.. ~. c, ...,~o ~'^c,_~.~' ] IN CHARLES TOWN, WEST scholarship awards. She has al- [ tor of the Shepherdstown Presby- me aria orcnaro grass. L;alll beriefits t-ri-ht .,erson For fur' C^, I o"VV.. o ......... " 6:00 P. M., Inwood, CA 9-/ ther information Telephone 304-I Real Estate Low Prices -- Phone 725-28 24 ]TOWNEQUIPMENT CO., Hag s I Sell at P blic Auction to the ]ready earned a special award pin ]terian Church in Shepherdstown. from the program's sponsor, Gen] The Reverend Hunter will use Jan z7 t~ ~ pa , tuw. ~u ' ~ "_ " " " ; ] 725-9170. Feb. 17-2-t. ] . ~ -- . , EVERHART S STORE ] Jan 27-4-; ] highest responsible bona fide bid, eral Mills. [ as his topic, for the entire week, bmPare the new-Homeaker] By wrmre of the authorlty Feb 1744. ] ......... [der, the following described per- Test papers of all school win-[ ,. . , What the Church Can Learn nile w.,.o., ,no a.,n o vsuo./r br" wA vrr : - man mr work I vestea in me oy a Deeu ot "ITUS ......... . , ] [ ale i in local grocery store. Good [ bearing date the 1st of May, 1964, Jane, I used to hate you Your ]l l Al. ]h : rIPAql l . hers in the state are being judged [ rom Alcoholics Anonymous.' ohms, sorm oz marvroo , wa_es -e "lar work tar* work I ........... ~_,_ :_ . ._. ........... . ............ ...... l" oz-x and a State Homemaker of Tumor [ - ' ' ~a---- .L- ~r---. ~r:----:--:-- v i~a [ ~ I ~tl O b | ~X~.U[a~L~(]. D Ual111 b D~lllt~Ilg~ l'tlg/$ always IOOK~Q younger than I .... . - ... I , ,,vul" the west. v rgtu a ' " ' Y " row and runner-up will be select-[ WARE R ............... lit once You must wrote P O. land Helen L Banenger to the mine But that was before I went I REAI E ATE rum xx 'none tmz-17 v ' " i it f Jeffer on " ". ...... ST ed soon The State Homemaker of I SECRETARIA -E-'-' "- , ' " ] Box 231 'Z % Sp r o s ] undersigned, Keffneth W. Metz, to Rlddleberger s Store, West I =a I I Advocate, Charles Town, W Va. I Trustee, to secure the payment Washington Street, Charles Town I "".'. .......... .,. .... I -_ ..;-- .. ... Tommorrow will receive a $1,500 ] S RVICt _ . . " . . rm. asonary resmenee, t situs THree enroom uwemng on Wrlte now ff you are interested l of that certain promlssory note W. Va. and rented a Glamorene Thl. _ro,.,rt,, well constructed 3ra Ave and Preston St. in Ran college scholarship, and her I Photo Copy Hearings Misc, l /'tD DIff Trp in a good job. I therein described, recorded in the electric rug shampooer for only I o__ '_" .......... [ u ;- ........ , __'_[ school will be awarded a complete I (next to P. L. & P. Co.) .' %/1~ ~x:ax~ x t~t Ireo ...... l'/-tt I ~'~f~ce ............................. oi the w~er~ oi me wounty ~z a ua"y. arm potentials xur . apartments, i son nex to hOSpitaL ml masonry set of the Encyclopaedia Britann- ] Box 414 Phone" 725-2615 ....... I ' [ w"ourt ........ o~ oexxerson ~ounty, ........ west [ rooming, house, Nursing. home, or [ with aluminum siding. Situated. lea by Encyclopaedia Britannica, [ III " _ HELP WANTED'.- "Beeline Fash / wrgm a .................... in Lmea z u, at deal for the larger family. Loeat- / on corner Lot 105x125. Priced Inc. The second-ranking girl in 1 ' , ,RENTs A artment Four ....... kA) taOlt2 S i tLlt . TANI . S : " P ions has onenin-s in this area[ ............. ed on quiet street in towni very Reasonably [- I I II A~ s and bath, 2nd floor, Avail- for' women who are interested in ] page xuV., the sma nomnow Demg I -- 1 6 room house W. Washington 195 Acre Farm on Rt. 9 Two ~arch 1. $30.00 per month.v~w~good,.income.,neat work flex-[~u~-e~..~a~=_Pa~y_a_~2~an~L~.a~anl~ ALFRED R. LINAWEAVER St., 1 baths. Priced for quick n~e$.~ort~ of Ranson. Approx- :'~ I/ SEPTIC .One 725-5972.' ]ible hours, n-'iffvd~men~ Wfite[~m-a4~-the.lYa.y~ent' A GT. vs=WALT~RBOWLING & sale. "" ~a~ f~ ~ ~ Fl~0ntage on ~S 11 Cleaned & Serviced J T-tf. mereoL the uncler ignea, naving V :I .A m XJ tC tsUWL, . 7 rm stone rambler, 3 baths, hJ hwav with wonderful develom W. LEONARD Rr_.~ ................. lwo oeuroom trau' | phone 371-6628 homebeen reqmredt sam tOnotedO so by tthe Before Merle E. Alger, a Justice 2 fireplaces, near town. This prop ment possibillUes Call now for ,~ ALSO ..... :- _ ...... ~: ..... r o ' .. , .will o ter of me t'eace of Jefferson County, erty situated in pictureque sett- an appointment to inspect this I[ u sell uor m, Tempnone zo ten. for sale pumm auction to the W. Va. and modern in every details, nro~erW Contr ^..D. ;!;t - I/ STONE & FIELD 17-t hig.hest bidder at the front door By Virtue of an EXECUTION A"home with prestige and spac- - ComraerciaI Leeation on Rt 340 actox uull(lr.4. -" immediate opening, five day week ot me t our .riouse m Jetterson to me directed in the above case, ious living, between Charles Town & hall- DIRT HAULED RENT" Seven room house ineludin Saturdays and Sundays ounty, wes .wrgmla, on me I have levied upon and will on the 4 rm modern bungalow In Ran town Five Room Dwellin Three I/ 1 baths, hot water base: Must heave own transportation z~m a,ay o.t ueDruary, ~.uo, .at 26th day of February, 1966 be- son, Moderately priced, eenven- Bed-r~ms Llvin~Room ~t~thFlre PHONE 72S-5~10 H Dial 725,9120 oil heat, located in Kearn- send resume, typing speed and ,v:t o cmcz b. r., me tween the hours of 10 o'clock iently located, nice. Modern Kitchen. Bath and e, 2 miles from IRS or telephone number to Evelyn ollowlng,,A descrltmu, property: a.m. and 4 p. m. At 10 A. M. at 5 room story brick home, ieull Basement. R taurant con- Charles - . . !t Richard Dodson VA Center. References re- Johnson, c/o Shannondale Club, . .ll that.certain parcel of real the front door of the County reasonably priced and centrally veniently located next door with Town, W, va. [ Nov. 25-tf Telephone 876-6056. P O. Box 72, Charles Town, W. estate located in the rtarpers t ourt House in the County of located. Good rental mvesmtem all fixtures Included in nrlce I I Va Ferry Magisterial District of Jeff- Jef4erson and State of West Vir- or home for the smaller family. Prime LocaUon Last--stop be ...... NOTICE Am In BUSINESS Witb To Clean Cess. Tanks And Sani. JENKINS RANSON, W. VA. PHONE 725.2728 , " Oct. 4tL. STONE AND eld Dirt Hauled ltoward G. Shade CIRCLE STATION 725-7514 tf. Boy" NAL.PL.EX ~with the BUILT IN SECOND ~AT so high in hiding, so smooth term, cling that one coat looks like ~.y Easy__ clean-up too-- yotl md watt. Tryit imd PHONE 725-2721 LIBERTY STREET , W. Va. Church SLmday erson County, West Virginia, said HELP WANTED Male & Female OPENING ON ESTABLISHED ROUTE in city of Charles Town. Full or part time. Experience, investment unnecessary. Above -- average income. Household pro- ducts in demand. Write Watkins Products, Inc., D-58, Winona Minn Feb, 10-4-t-pd. FEA6AH'S JEWRRY AND WATCH RI AIR 230 West Washington St. Charles Town, W. Va. ALL WORK GUARANTEED I HELP WANTED Nail Machine Operators Saw Machine Operators & General Labor. SMALLEY PACKAGE COMPANY, INC. BERRYVILLE, VA. Feh. 10.2t- SHADY ACRES S.E.L-E-C-T While you have a wide choice Now Selling Beautiful Wooded HOME SITES On Route 51 -- 4~ Miles West OF CHARLES TOWN ACRE OR MORE Your Investment Protected By Restrictions. ,, See: PAUL NESSLERODT (OWNER) Or Call 725-5949 Oct. 7-tf- property lying on the northeast side of Taylor Street in Harpers Ferry, said Taylor Street leading to the south side of U. S. Route 340 on the western side of Harp- ers Ferry." TERMS OF SALE One-third cash on day of ;ale, balance to be paid in two (2) equal installments, evidenced by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, bearing even date with day of sale, payable on or before one (1) and two (2) years after date, respectively, bearing interest from date at six per centum (6%) per annum, pay- able semi-annually, secured by a Deed of Trust upon the property sold, and assignment of fire :nsurance in reasonable amounts aport the buildings thereon, ff ny, with the privilege to the purchaser or purchasers of pay- ing all cash on day of sale or In- creasing the cash payment as he may desire. KENNETH W. METZ (TRUSTEE) Feb. 3.44. Special Services I I I I RUBBER STAMPS MADE TO ORDER Order Your Needs Now Spirit-Advocate Phone 725-2046 Office -- N. George St. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. i I I WANTED DOG WARDEN For Jefferson County to start work at once. Apply in person or write to the: JEFFERSON COUNTY COURT Charles Town, W. Va. Jan. 13-tf [II I II L ginia proceed to sell to the high- est bidder, the following describ- ed personal property, to-wit: 1957 Buick Body style 524039, Serial No. 5D5639308. ROBERT CARR, CONSTABLE. TERMS OF SALE: CASH Feb. 17-2-t. FREE. Our New Planting Guide Catalog in color. Write for your copy today. Offered by Virginia's largest growers of Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, Berry Plants, Grape Vines, Landscaping Plant Mater. ial. Salespeople wanted. WAYNESBORO NURSERIES Waynesboro, Virginia. Feb. 3-4-t. FOR SALE REAL ESTATE Homes, Farms, Vacation and Reereational Properties. Listings of Available Properties Wanted. Large 3 Bedroom bath home in quiet country location reasonably priced. 4 bedroom briek home with baths located on S. Mildred Street. Approximately 200 acres of gorgeous mountain property fronting on the Cacapon River in the Berkeley Springs area. Excellent business opportunity. A Super Market located centrally in the downtown area of Charles Town. Call Jefferson Realty Company 725-2914 FOR INFORMATION ON LISTED PAtOPERTY CALL: Jefferson Realty Co. 324 North Mildred Street Charles Town, W. Va. PHONE 725-2914 Holidays and after five o'clock Call Leo Rodgers 725-2826 Richard For ythe 876-7541 Ty Moore 535.6564 Nancy & Laurence Lloyd 725-2443 Gall Propps 725-2657 Feb. 3-tf. KEARNEYSVILLE: 6 rm. frame fore reaching tracks . Worth in. aluminum siding house with 2 acres land. HARPERS FERRY: 7 rm. qua- int home, nicely landscaped and fenced yard. Desirable retire. meat property. 9 rm. house; potentials for two apartments or commercial aspects Additional building site or park- ing area. WOODLAND: 100 Acres ad- joining Sleepy Creek Fores, t; Small stream, some open land. 28 Ac. 5 rm. log house renovat. ed located 48 mL from Washing. ton. Stately wooded, spring, stream with lake site. Furnished. FARMS: 79 Ac. 9 rm. house located in Berkeley Co. and a real buy at list price. 187 Ac. dairy farm, 9 room, 2 bath. Colonial brick residence, recently restored. New farm build ings and 1800' Potomac River frontage; deep water. 49 Ae. 9 Ac. wooded lot. Clear- ed. 4 rm. house, furnace, located In Back Creek Valley. 500 Ac. dairy farm, 15 rm. 4 bath Manor residence. This farm in A-I condition and has excell- ent income production. RESIDENTIAL: 6 rm. house on Liberty Street. reasonably priced Easy financing. INVESTMENT: 6 rm. house and bath on N. Lawrence St., Exc. rental property. FOR RENT 2 bedroom trailer - Jeff. Ave. Apt. 4 rm. nicely furnished. 4 rm. first floor apt. 5 rm. apt. downtown. 6 rm. house; W. Liberty St. 7 Rm. house Ciaymont Court Alfred R. Linaweaver Brokers Real Estate Agency 212 N. George St. PHONE 725-9111 Charles Town, W. Va. Jan. 20-14, 10 CHglEH SUNDAY vestigating! Charming Five Room Dwelling and Five Acres of Land approx. 4 miles from Charles Town -- Small boarded paddock- Priced right at $16,000. Six Room Frame Dwelling on Seeoad Avenue in Ranson. Situa- ted oll Large Lot 125'x125'. Priced at $13,500 to sell in a hurry. Very attractive four bedroom dwelling on corner of 1st. Ave. and Preston St. in Charles Town. Wall to Wall Carpeting . Large Living Room with Fireplace . Dining Room and Modem Kitchen Large Screened porch. Beantlfully Landscaped yard completely fen- ced. A wonderful heine priced very reasonably: Three Bedroom la Belvedere Heights, TWo Ceramic Tile Baths. Large Living Room with Fireplace, Modem Kitchen and Dining Area. A well built home in a pleasing location. Lovely Four Room Dwelling on 75x125' Lot in Blue Ridge Acre i Ye Enclosed Side porch Carport with attaehed shed. Priced very moderately -- Will be shown by appointment only. GEORGE R. HEIDRICH Realtor 20 acres on Route 9 -- no buildings --- good, flat land. CALL CHARLES TOWN 725-7942 HOMES FARMS LAND Feb. AT Attractive Mmninum siding dwelling on Ave. in Drawings Saturday Night at 9:00 P. M., I romptly, and Four Rooms and Bath . Forced the Lucky Ticket Holder, who must be present for the Air On Heat. Priced to sen tn a Drawing will receive First Prize: TWO-PIECE EARLY hurry! AMERICAN LIVING ROOM SUITE . Value $250.00, Five Room dwelling plus store, for 22 cents -- Second P ze: EARLY AMERICAN room, situated on lot 145' front RECLINING CHAIR - Value $100.00 for 22 cents; and and 200' deep on Martinsburg Third Prize: TABLE MODEL RADIO. ltd. about three miles from Char. ies Town. Foreed air oll heat OTHER ITEMS ON SALE WILL BE : Bath . Very Liberal Financing arrangements available. Platform Rocker $12.22 Recliners $52.22 Lovely Seven Room Colonial dwemug on Large Lot Mtda Fi e-Piece Dinette Set $34.22 - 9 x 12 Beaum ly Land=a Nylon Rug $25.22 Occasional Chair $11.22 baths Two Fireplaces. All modern o veniences in a home Day and Night Sofa $22.22 - Three-I ece that still retains that Exquisite charm of The Colon pertod. SectmnM $175.22. Ranson Real Estate AND Insurance Co., Inc 3rd. Ave. - Ranson, W. Va. Phone - Charles Town - Phone 725-7071 725-7910 April 29-1-t. Also Many, Many Fine Items Will Also Be Sold: ON MARTINSBURG -CHARLES TOWN ROAD NEAR ROAD TO AIRPORT TELEPHONE 267-6 31