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February 17, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 17, 1966

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PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO.~ INC. 210 North George Street Charles Town, W. Va, Zip Code 25414 " set when the sheet goes under the top cylinder. We have a Duplex E, have struggled with impress- roller "settings, et al. Perhaps, you or your foreman might have a suggestion or two on how you keep away from it . . . brand of ink, top blanket, or whatever. This, of course, could be a help if you also use the Duplex. If you have a Cox-o-type or some other press, my plea for help will have to go for naught. sworn to preserve, is worth pre. I've always told Charlie that we serving. To raise the question is, would appreciate more pictures by no means, an effort to answer about your area. He sent a copy it by simply posing it. But cert- of Harper's Ferry special issue READ :BY MORE THAN ~,500 PEOPLE Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffice NATIONAL NEWSPAPER MAX BROWN, General Manager DON RENTCH, News Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor National Advertising Representative, American Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave, New york Detroit - Chicago - Atlanta. San Franeiseo - Los Angeles SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 Per Yr., Plus 12cts. W. Tax For Business, News or Advertising Departments DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1966 I ....... not an election at all but is, instead, a nominating procedure. We are speaking of the election for membership on the Jeff- erson County Board of Education. In this election Democrats, Republicans and Independents may and will all receive the same ballot: a non-partisan ballot upon which will be printed ten names. The voter will have the opportunity to vote for two. tie may vote for only one, if he so desires, and he may if that is his preference refuse to vote for any. But he will at least have an opportunity to vote for two in order to fill the two vancancies which will be occasioned by the expiration of By Henry W. Morrow DIAL 725-7121 THE PRESIDENT'S OTHER CHOICE The story is, perhaps, apocry- phal, but it was told to me years ago as being true. A belligerent, experienced and extremely com- petent lawyer, in an effort to get his client released from jail, ad- vanced some highly technical and well-reasoned arguments to ac- complish that purpose. The op- posing attorney, not quite know- ing any answer to the arguments of his adversary, lamely deferred to the judge. WhereuPon, the judge, who had the power to decide the matter, struck down ment in power simply because it is anti-communist. We need to one argument after another by know not only what it is against, simply saying he did not agree, but what it is for as well. In utter exasperation, the older lawyer finally exclaimed, "Look Whether we were wise or un- here, Your Honor. I don't mind wise in getting involved in Viet- you being the lawyer for the nam is no longer the question, other side. But if that's the case, and those who debate this waste how about me getting another their time in esoteric discussions judge?" that may be helpful to the future BIRltlDAY SALES EVF The story, it seems to me, is bUtdilemma.Offer Rightn keYor tOwrong,the presentwe are NT illustrative of the position the there, and we cannot withdraw Johnson Administration is taking, even if we were to concede that Friday and Saturday, February 18 and 19, will be the annu- vis a vis its critics, in the escalat- Vietnam is not militarily or stra- al George Washington Birthday Sales event for Charles Town ing controversy over Vietnam. and Ranson business firms and an opportunity for thrifty Strong and cogent reasons are tegically essential to the defense shoppers in the area to acquire bargains in almost every store being advanced for the proposit- of Southeast Asia. We have, by , in either town. This annual promotion is held in February and ion that t~ TesUmption of bomb- our own action, set out on a attracts a large number of area and sectional shoppers to ourforcesings andfromtripling200,000of toAmerican600,000 turningCUrse frOmback whiChand intherewhichiS wen community. The business firms and merchants who take part (think of it: C {),0Q0 men! !) may have no choice so far as getting in this event, prepare for these shopping days by offering out- not be the answer to the problem, out or staying in is concerned. standing bargains and values on almost every type of met- And yet the Administration, But we have not yet lost the chandise. A shopper can be assured that specials are available which ~alone has the power to options available to us in stating in most stores, decide the matter -- to be the the conditions that will and must N--G UP judge, if you please,--- blandly prevailand mightWhileto tellwe theStaY'saigonWe haVegov. NOT]~ ~DE~ M'EET]~ COMI goes on, showing no indication both the "right" and the power STXKH that it is willing to even listen to the arguments on the other ernment it will have to sit down (BY HWM) side, experienced and wise and and talk with the Vietcong, Jefferson County will have an election three months from logical as they may be. One whether it wants to or not. The now, on May 10. We are not speaking of the Primary Election, would, at the very least, evidence Honolulu Declaration recognizes an interest in listening to the that the need for land reform in scheduled for the same date, which, technically speaking, is other side instead of being "the South Vietnam and also recog- lawyer for the other side." nizes that the life of the people The evidence is beginning to of South Vietnam under the mount on the proposition that existing government leaves much notwithstanding the communist to be desired. The Vietcong says affiliation and infiltration within this is what it is fighting for. It the Vietcong, at the same time is hndot btedly true that the Corn- the Republic of South VietnamImunist cadres within the Viet- may be nothing more than the cong are using need for land re- lesser of the two evils These are form and hardship of the people harsh words. But at least some as an excuse instead of a reason. tacit admission of these harsh But it is just possible that if we the terms of office of two present members of the Board. words being facts is contained in sponsored the land reform and/ We are happy, needless to say, to see a goodly number of the Honolulu Declaration. It is a better deal for the people of candidates in the field. We will be even happier if each of the contained in the long over-due South Vietnam, including the recognition of the salient fact Vietcong, the influence of Hanoi ten will with reasonable clarity make known his or her views that the Saigon government is and Peking will abate and di- FR~-~SH (All) generally on matters affecting the public schools which Board something less than the pleasant minish. members have the power to accept or reject. And we will be and brave image conjured UP by[ Lyndon Johnson, better than even happier yet if the voters of Jefferson County will evi- the noble word "republic." This most men, ought to know the dence as much interest in s ool the ten candidates cannot help but raiso the further truth of the old maxim, "When ~U ' " ' " ' ' " have shown by filing, and give Ca fu s udy and thought to nagging question of whether or y cant hck era. jme era. the selection of the two of the ten the voters are called on to not the present government in This is the alternative to both South Vietnam, which we are escalation and de-escalation. heavy duty equipment for their services. Once again "MANY THANKS" Helen Katzaman, Recorder Corporation of Bolivar ming. And most of all keep the "Spirit Rolling". Cheeko The Mayor & Council Bolivar, West Virginia February~ 12, 1966 Mr. Max Brown, Editor, Spirit-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Mr. Brown: The Mayor, Council and people of Bolivar wish to ,ta ke this oppor tunity to thank all who helped open our streets during our most recent snow storm. Our special thanks goes to "Courtney's Auto Parts Employ- ees" and "H. L. Jones Block Plant Employees" and all others with SLASH YOUR FINANCING COSTS DOWN THE Interest on a Farm Credit loan is about'half as much as some farmers are paying for financing. With Farm Credit you pay`interest only on the money you are actually using. (the unpaid balance.) The next time you bor:row money, ask if being charged on the full amount for the entire time. If so, better call Farm Credit. : LONG TERM LAND BANK'MoRTGAGE LOANS SHORT TERM PRODUCTION CREDIT LOANS elect. The Board of Education is, in both theory and name and practice, a public co poration. Its members are a board of directors, charged, within generally defined limitations, with the responsibility for the management of the corporate affairs. In many respects it is unlike a private corporat- ion. The common stockholders of the corporation are the voters, and the election is nothing more or less than a stock- holders meeting to choose two of the five members 'of the Board. Certain common sense rules that are used generally by stockholders in voting for directorship on private boards of directors can and should be used irr voting for membership FRESH 9 maybe too optimistic a thought. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE Our longest break in the last 15 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1966 A years has been nine days. But... some day ..... ! If you see Charlie, you might say you heard from me. Both my wife and I have always had the greatest regard and deep effect- ion for he and Helen.. .this de- spite being on opposite sides of the contient. Until that "visit" in your shop My best regards Dean Dunnicliff February, 15, 1966 Mr. Max Brown, Editor, Spirit-Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Sir: - Would you please give a public thank you, to the personnel of radio station WXVA in Charles Town for the wonderful coverage of conditions during "the Blizzard of '66". The cheerful voices of WXVA kept up spirits in many of us, even tho we were cut off I 0CKINGHAM C on public corporate boards. The interests of the .stockholders or voters r quire that the Board members, or directors, be persons capable of exercising sound judgment, capable of de- cidin on wise managerial policies, capable of working harm- g , . oniously with the other members or directors and with the Ib RANSON, W. VA. from every thing else for so long, and the news about the road conditions and other news was even a big. help. Even if the big snow was impassable, it certainly wasn't soundproof! Many thanks, to you, berry Krause Moler's CrossRoads Mrs. Laura V. Carter Rites Hdd Friday Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p. m. from Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Charles Town, for Mrs. Laura Virginia Carter, 70, of East North street, Charles Town, who died Tuesday, Feb. 15, in Charles Town General Hospital where she had been a patient for two weeks. The Rev. Abraham Lincoln Brockington of Washington, D. C., will officiate. C Ib C | Active bearers are: Jones, George Mitchell, Ja~ Hall, Jessie Bradford, EdWard Jones and Raymond TwYm : Honorary bearers are: Ev i Morris, and Ernest Dandridge. The deceased was born i~ Charles Town, April 9, 1895,; daughter of the late Robert ill' and Eliza Jane Rutherford W', tams. For years she was self ployed, doing catering work she retired some time ago. was a member of Mt Zion Metn dist Church. Surviving are her George D. Carter, at the h0 .e" three sisters - Mrs Mary W. er, Charles Town;" Mrs Nellie .W; Williams, Catonsville," Md.; a~d Mrs. Elizabeth Baylor, of WASP" ington, D. C.; and two brotlt Louis F. Williams of BYrd...$ Athyn, Pa.; and Robert B. W~1'' tams, of Akron, Ohio. Kounty Kist Solid Pack NO. 2 CANS TEA FLAKE Suporintendent of Schools who is its chief executive officer, to the end that a sound and sane policy for the stockholders may be adhered to. The one quality that strikes us as being the most essential is good, sound judgment. Judgment is noth- ing more or nothing less than good sense. We would not pre- sume to tell the voting stockholders Of Jefferson County which two of the ten candidates they should vote for. But we do suggest that each voter ask himself or herself this simple question: all things considered, which two o fthe ten choices are best capable and most competent to represent my inter- ests and the other voting stockholders as well in the manage- ment of the affairs of this corporation? ress. I'll send you my new address as sooll as I find out what it is. I sure don't want to be way out there without my favorite paper. Tell Bill the ole Love Bug finally bit me. Kathy, the girl I brought in to the shop the las~ time I was home, ahd we are planning to be married sometime in the not to distant future. Now Fort Sam Houston 'Texas Feb. 6th, 11966 Dear Mr. Brown, and my fellow workers: don't faint, but we've both have talked it over, and I've talked it over with my parents and we've both.prayed about it, and I thhnk: were doing the right thing. We I thought I would take this haven't announced our engage- time to write you all a letter, ment yet 'that will probably be thanking you for that wonderful sometime in late April or early paper" THE SPIRIT OF JEFFER May. SON" which I read inside and out We gave and received some every time I receive one. I look forward to that every Monday. shots this past Week for Medical (That is when I usually receive training, it was sort of fun. We had a Wac nurse in charge and " 4 she wasn't too bad looking, con- lt)I heard you-all received quite a I sidering she was a wac. And good bit of snow hack there I was|!oo ing Wacs are few and far listening to the radio the other! between. They have some' pretty night and I heard that both air- good looking Nurses down here ports at Washington D. C. were though. shut down, then I received The Spirit and that was enough to con vince me. We haven t had any snow down here so far, and I guess I won't get ta see any, at least won't get to see any in San Antonio. I gradUate from ;the Medic's this coming Frida (The ltth) And then Saturday morning I m " YOU know they have an old say ingdown here and I thought I would pass it on I think it is really ileaL. "It is more important to know where you are going, than to see holy fast YOU cain get there." And how true that is witli some of us. I sometime want to get to "sbmepiace in such a hur I forget where I m going. Oh welt, that's life for you. Everyone lake care and be good and keep the ole race track hum- flying to Denver where I will be stationed. So please don't send any mote Spirit's to this acid. ASSOCIATION The Healdsburg Tribune P. O. Box 517 Healdsburg, California, Mr. Max Brown, Mgr. Spirit-Advocate, Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Mr. Brown: Through the kindess of our good friend, Charlie Reininger, we receive your fine paper. And we read it. We note one thing which you don't have and we do (this is a bit of a negative approach) . . . and that's "ghosting"... the off- P Assistant Mgr.- Shepherdstown, W. Va. DIAL 876-7141 or WINCHESTER 662-3479 ~/~ gal 44~ C 2i39c i 'c 2~45c 2~41c gal Lb. Box C lb