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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
February 17, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 17, 1966

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE TBURSDAY, FEBRISARY 17, 1966 A---3 Charles Town FROM PAGE 1-A alton and Mr, Duane Andrews, ~esident of the Charles Town MOlls Club ~ ~*.'~: ":-~ ~,%~, ".. ~',~w.." ".. ,r,L~ o: ",.+,,',L.~ ,-+ "...~ .A~~ ,,- -.. ;-A..*~ The Sight Conservation Found- ation was established in ,June, 1959 at the annual state convent- ion of the West Virginia Lions, with a primary objective of ad- ministering within the state, cer- tain phases of sight work that could not reasonably be expected from individual Lions Clubs. In less than seven years since it was founded, the Foundation has ac- free of charge. Some 70 men worked around the clock from Saturday, Jan- uary 22 until Friday, February 11, with several of these men working as many as 80 hours straight through without rest. In addition to the 13 trucks and snow plows, one endloader and two graders supplied by the local Road Commission, another two snow graders and three large heavy duty trucks were provided by the district equipment divis- ion to help fight the snow battle, Begins For A search for the most outstand ing young man in ,Jefferson Cou- nty in 1965, is now underway under sponsorship of the Jeffer- son County Junior Chamber of Commerce, it was announced this Best year yet to CHECK ACME! complished much to achieve it's Rissler said objectives It has led in the fund " week by Gary M. Kable, project . '" . ....... It will be somehme before the chairman. razsmg and aammlstrauon oz iob of assessin~ the dama~,e ~'.gj~:::~;::~g~::::+o~:~.:?;:.:~::~t~:>.~: over $100,O00. It has pa!d for .in which was done io the roads due Each year the Jaycees honor a excess ot zao eye operauons, in- .. +~.. ~ ............ n ,,,,z+n. young man from the county be- ,. " . . ' t,, |l,31Jt~ ." |IUW l Cmulng cornealtranspmnts, cat- --'ell Rissler sata bu* alread.' tween the ages of 21 and 35, who VOTE FOR erects removaldetached retina, some''-otholes a"re ~evelo-'in~ has made outstanding contribut- r o- " l,, l~ ~,; ~. ~/[ ][~]D][~Ih(2]7~ st ~z~htenzn.g of crossed eyes and undoubtedly will show up as ions to the community and county | ........... ~-'-~,~, and /nner slgm.promems, the thawing begins on the roads, [welfare in the fields of spiritual, .. Former Principal Of .-. w l~!m me major poruon of the particularly the secondary high- social, economical, educational, T-BONE or ! p ............ ~ounoauons acuvlues has beenwa"s politicial and medical service by ! /t.s,,v,a__ -~e JaCKson tllgn ~cnooi in the area of aid to the medic- Y'" ~ I presenting him the Jaycees Dis- PORTERHOUSE (Th Man ~Vith .q,~l~,~(,l ally indigent, it has been by no tinguished Service award. Only I FR;SH SNOWHITE (EXperience And Trainin means limited to this field. It nlu Mm^e I the young man's accomplishments " g] continuously promotes the sign- IJIil~ VIIIp I'IIlIIVI, [during the year 1965 will be con A A J MUSH- OR THE , ins of pledge cards so that per- ~ | a e~ ~ I sidered, Kable said. ~ JEFFERSON COUNTY sons may give their eyes uponK~ ~.(~|(I~T Any young man between the ]~0Aor~ ............ death for corneal transplants and ............... loges of 21 and 35 a rest- Jb 49' Y *.~, oF I~DUUA'I'IO~ eye research and the program has ~ CCl ] dent of the county is eligible for lb. , + our Vote Appreciated bought and strategically located Only one mi or highway a "" ]nomination for the award. The EXTRA TENDER& JUICY.... ~ Jan 27'TE Pd Pl Adv these eye cntainers thrughut dent was reprted t and investi" ] ! q ~[[_,. 0- ~ ~. u. ~u~.the,;~tate to assist in making the gated by the Charles Town State winnerof judgesWillwhobe selectedare previousbY a panelDsA UelmonKo ,t| S... 5 9 prod, ram functional. It is such a Police in the past week and thereI winners, Consideration will be LEAN, TENDER ~ -- ~ ~ cntainer that has nw been were n persnal injuries invlv" given Ely t thse yung men I' "4 made availableat the Charlesed in it. I "OTE . who have been officially nomin- Eye Roast ti[ |: |29 .. :FOR Town Hospital. State Trooper Gary Arthur smd l ated by some individual, church, JOHN P. BURNS, Jr. In addition to the Eye Bank aboC~r2rucL C~lul~han a t:u;r3dicivic or fraternal organization. LANCASTER BRAND FULLY COOKED + ll 1 * and aid t0 the indigent the ~. v; " ~" " ~ "h I The award will be presented to U ta FOR i Foundation has also purchased on ~econclary ~toute a,.near t j UOll--~ "" i eye screenin- e-ui-ment and ed mtersecuon ot ~tate ttoute a~s, the young man to be honored at iilams $EMI-BONELESS ,, .... 89* l_L_ +J1 ~?~Y ~?pmlS212n2r[ucational fil~msqonPsight eonser- when a 1959 Ford .truck being[ the annual Jaycees DSA dinner MPORTED ~ 1 ~t~LI~TOWN I)I~TRI(ST I vation which it makes available orzven .~oum on ~oute ~. oy]to be held early in March the no l " Larry A riousaen, l~, ot ~nep- exact date, time and place to be X " t on y to Lmns Clubs but to . Penenced County+Farmer .... ,.i,,~, ,, ~,,,+ .... herdstown, struck a car beingannounced 'later. Canned Bacon........12.,79' ~ mU y [-*'~ ...... : ..... .~" ~"'"Y~ driven north on the highway by i ,._ OUR SUPPORT .group which may ~)e intereszea ............ [ All nominations for the award IMPORTED SPICED Dr ~ mJ~' W~ ~owln D l~eiler, ao,l~oute,~, LL BE APPRECIATED [in the program ...... ]must be received by the DSA maruns~urg, eommittee priortomidnightFeb. Luncheon Meat .... ,~1~ 89( / ~ ] ~~ Feb 10 TE Pd. The Foundation provided $2- .. ........ " , 14,~ ~ ...... : .......,.~ ~. " t~amage to me zwo vemcms I 28. Nominations are to be mailed FANCY MEDIUM 40 to 50 COUNT ~ A1 I rooms o~ t~hqeU~Ves~Vir~,in'~a unU~ was listed at $600 and Housden or delivered to Jefferson County ~ ~l ~}versit,, Medical School~]~,,e Clin" was charged with failure to keep]DSA Chairman, Gary Kable. Shrimp ~ 79' rio nne ,,~ +h .... ~ ..... ~,,.a,~." his truck to the right of the cen-t North street, Charles Town, W. Y~urt ....................................... V~l~ "ter of th -i- ae n gnw y ' iiiiiii :iiiiY Fi0i]iAi: Plii ii WHITE, ~:::::::::::::::::::::::::: l takings of the Foundation has . Va. ..,::~ii!::iiiiiiiiliiiiiii::i~::,: ............. :~:~!~;~!:~iii~!~iiiiii~i~iii~iii~iiii~iiiiiiiiiiiiii~ii~iiii~i~!ii!iiiiiii~ii~ii~i~iiiii!~iii~i~i~iii~iii~i~ii~iiiiii~ii!iii :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: and support will be been the acquisition of the In- ~ ~ i!iiiiiiii:::.I ':':':':':"::':':':':': ............................... :' : .... appreciated by--- dustrious Blind Enterprise, aI D~,~ Du~,~Am$~m~ Sentencing of John William ..... I broom and mop factory in Herr- ][al|||~|/ nUl||~ll~|U Hardy, Jr., was deferred due to aonn , ewcomer ison County. Industrious Blind _ _ the fact that his court appointed Candidate For Enterprise is providing vocational ~.|U~lm Dl~|~lm Theme attorney was out of town. Hardy !l!ii iiii ..... rehabilitatin and remunerative UIVl[;;|l/ll~)l~| ll[;;l|ll=)is presently free n bnd" He had!iil GRAPEFR I i unty uommlssloner employment for over 20 blind or _ _. :_ -- pleaded guilty to breaking and i~i:ii::!j " ":,.:!i~:: 'i Harpers Ferry District [ vi~31vlYnhanddi3apped p;r(#en;" in- On Fmal Dav (ourt Termentering at an earlier day in the i++i+l i+++ +i (Owner and Operator) l formation coneer~ing the Eye " - --w Court recessed last Monday aft- Cliffside Motel) I Bank or other services of theTwo Jefferson County men CrEdOS, February 14, and will not l eb. 10-tf-"d. l West Virginia Sight Conservat-lwere given prison sentences and convene again for a regular term ::!~i!it! _ I ~ Iii v ion Founuation can contact HugE oassinu of sentence was deferred until April 19. :::~:::::: ~ C .............. Via r Duane "Andrews f the 'dE a t~hird man in action in the +ii!+iiiii Juicy Anlou Pears ... 2 39 ! iI,i +r+s own+++t+t' +ty m ., iiiiiiiil I Will Appreciate Your ] ,on the final day of the current Red Emperor Grapes 2 ,. 39' for - I Co.nt,,'= [Term here last Monday, February Teaching Post To Go VOTE And SUPPORT I" " I + )ii!i j ~ .... l FROM PAGE 1-A Steve Leonard Painter was giv- ! iii Fancy Avocados .........a,d9c I ', vmwar uagana I down under the heavy and con- ena one to fifteen year sentence To Curriculum Center .... I + , -- I tinuous work load ] in the state penintentiary. Earl- , t ---FOR--- [ It does not include however, ier in the Term a petit jury had Mrs. Warren Mickey, a teacher ~ " " ~ ~ L' + ~ .... [ anything for the use of two bull- found him guilty of a charge of at the Charles Town Junior High :i ~OLlrlfv (~nmmld~.avl dozers belonging~ to+ the- Perry[ breaking and entering. School for the past several years, +[ ..... j ................. Engineering Company and two{ Floyd AHen Rutherford had A M.AM|RICANFAVORITEI...MUSSL~.MANS ~l l I(ABLETOWN DISTRICT dozers belonging to the Stone and pleaded guilty to another charge' has been released frm her teach"ins post by the Jefferson County, Cherr yP',e ... 2 6 9c|.r. =, ....... Webster Company since these of breaking and entering and Board of Education to accept a1 l+e" l/'ll~' t'" fur pieces f equipment were ! was given a sentence of frm one position with the newly created { LUCKY LEAF |~- ~l loaned to the Road Commission t to ten years, curriculum development center I y p. 11b,6 o:. * I ---+ ..... i~ at Shepherd College. Her request]Cherr me MIX. ,3 " "~=: contract was granted at a special[ IDEAL RED, SOUR PITTED IB l -- i -- ~. 2 DAYS ONLY - FEB. 21 & 22 to be released from her teaching J 49 ~ ~II 9:30 h. M. TO 4:30 P.M. meeting of the Jefferson Countyl Board of Education held Monday. J P,e Cherr,es....2 ' The resignation will become ef-l con. I ' "911 fective Feb. 21. l O The board also approved the] Pie Crust Mix+.... 2 :~.~. 27' appointment of Mrs. Odessa Shy-I - . . ~ der to replace Mrs. Mickey for] FLAKO U / the remainder of the schoolj~ . . 1.0. c .. 1 term. l P,e Crust M,x ....... + 23 Kiwianians To Hear About l o,. , / ] '"''"''""""""'+"+'"" +'+" ++''" ::+++ +:+::::+ :+++++' : :++++++++++ ++: +++++:: School Bond Levy ... o , ,aKes .... ... qy ::~:+:+?#:; +I'S~+~ ;: +:~::~C ::+%;+:~4::.~?:::::~:! m :++:~;~i+~+i++ 12" OFF! DUNCANV HINES _ ,-p,~a zz$1ZE ~c'~V .... Heeting Tonight At 6:15 o .. .. ,, . l, ., Mlv 2-11~ 99C IpECANCHERRYRINOS, APIKE-HERRYPI|$OR '/~ 1 ":'~:S:;~':':.~":C: ~ ~/;:;" :!:::::::'::i:!::::.:-~:: "::::i'.~::::::.:[~::.:::::: .,roll V rles.-, ::~i!i~i~i!:~:~;~i~:~": ~i i!' i~i~i~!i ~ Kiwanis Club will hear a report ~ i/l~!", an the proposed school bond levy ] rancaKe iVllX.. ...... zY :+++.+ ~+:+:C;:!i::.+!i( +:+::+:~!:.:+:?~.:+:!:.:.::+:!+!:+-- ~-- '+'" ' !.::.:+.+:".::.+++i+'.~, ~+:.:-: