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February 16, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 16, 1961

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Bible Material: John 10 through 11. Devom ~sl Reading: Romans 8:31-39. Lord of Life Lesson for February lO, 1061 i MANY MORE people died in Palestine than Jesus brought back to life. He did not spend all his life, or anywhere near the most of it, in breaking up funerals. We hear actually of only three partic- ular cases where he brought a dead person to life; John tells of only one, the story of Lazarus. Jesus toQk death as a natural end of life. It is the one event to which every one can confidently look forward. Jomm did not set out to make a heliday for death. He did Dr. Foreman not share the modern prejudice against even using such "ugly" words as "die" or "dead." No Tears for Lazarus Why then did the Master weep when Lazarus died ? Some think he wept for himself; but this would be most unlike him. Self-pity would be the last sin you could think of in connection with JeSus. Others think he wept for Lazarus. This could scarcely be true; for he knew he was going to restore the man to his family. Some would agree to this---Jesus did not mourn for a man death could not hold. But could he have been weeping for the opposite reason---that Lazarus had to come back to this world of xtn and sin ? It is more likely that ' tears were not for Lazarus _ all, but for the grieving sisters .ary and Martha. If he wept for Lazarus, it would be the o~e and o~dy funeral that brought him to tears. It is more natural to think of Jesus as sharing the sorrow of the two sisters, as he shared the woes Of the world always. He was Paul nor any other writer in the Bible (except Ecclesiastes) looks at death as man's worst enemy. That place is reserved for sin. The damage that sin can do is worse than any damage de~[th can do. This is not to say that prevention of deatlL or rather postponement of death, which is all that medical science can accomplish, is not worth while. If "Thou shalt not kill" is a divine command, there is another commandment wrapped up, as it were, in that one: Thou shalt do all things possible to pre- serve and prolong life--thine own and the lives Of others. Neverthe- less, though the healing profes- stous owe much to Christianity and have contributed much, the fact remains that no death can be anything but postponed, while sin can actually be prevented. So our Lord spent most of his time not in breaking up funerals but in break- ing the power of evil. It is less im- portant, after all, to keep men from dying than it is to keep them from sinning. Two Kinds of Life Let us turn this thought ereufid and look at it another way. It is important enough to be looked at for a long time. Here is a question: What is the most important thing in the world, to you ? Many per- sons would come up with what seems like the simple answer: My life. That is a true answer--per- haps. It depends on what kind of life you mean; for there are two kinds. One is the life that ends at the moment of death, the life that is tied to yo~nr heart and lungs. The other is the llfe called in the kpostles' Creed the Life Everiast- ng, but better called in the New Testament the Life Eternal There at Bethany Jesus did not prescribe for Lazarus a pill or potion guar- anteed to keep him from dying again. Lazarus would die again, and Jesus knew it. So did his sis- ters. Jesus did not offer them life everlasting; they had it. God has made us human beings so that death is not the end. But the press- ing, even the terrible, question is: What sort of person are you going 'o be, forever and ever? Without he life eternal, the life everlasting xn be an eternity of frustration at )est, torture at worst. Without the life eternal, life everlastlng means only existence shut away from the Lord of Life. Eternal life is that kind of life that makes everlasting life worth the hope of ma~ and the promises of Christ. indeed "acquainted with grief." (Based on outlines copyrighted by National Council of the Churelms of Fan's Worst Enemy the Division of Christian Education, f'hrist in the U. S. A. ]goleaced by ?.-~ny people, perhaps most, think Community Press Service.) c~ death a~ the worst enemy of man. Death is called once by St. Pa 1 t e "]ast erie " ~1 ~ . my, but neither GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY University it was announced this week. Awarded Scholarship At Announcements of the awards came from Ronald M. Brown, dir- ector of financial aid at the Un- Umvers, ty Of C010rad0 iversity. The awards became ef- fective with the start of the Miss Wendy E. Anderson of Spring term on Feb. 6. Harpers Ferry, a sophomore ma- joring in music at the University of Colorado, was the winner of one of 15 scholarships awarded for the Spring semester by the a TI By Miss Lillian blyers Discontinuing Farming, I will sell the Following Personal Property, on Avondale Farm, located 6 miles Southeast of Charles Town, W. Vs., South of ~oute 9, just off the Kable- town Road, Jefferson County, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1,961 BEGINNING AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. 29- HEAD DAIRY CATTLE- 29 Two Holstein Cows, springers; 2 Holstein Cows, ftin flow ot milk; 8 Holstein Cows, milking; Holstein Cow, will freshen The Rev. Willard White of Hy- ndham, Pa. and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Henderson recently visited the latters son-Pot. Ronnie Hen- derson at Paris Island, S. C. Mrs. Harris Kisling of Charles Town spent last week with her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Grover Thompson. Mr. Wayne Wright and Mr. Paul Davis of Washington spent the weekend with the formers mother Mrs. Clarence Wright. Mr. Henry Blackford of Wash. ington spent the wekend with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Black ford. Mrs. Lewis Sager is confined to her home with a severe cold and chest condition. Mr. Randolph Moler has been on the sick list the past few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Granville Mercer of Washington were recent guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Rob- ert Cross. Bobby Cross who was inducted in the Army seevral weks ago is stationed at Fort Jackson, S. C. By Mrs. Julia Whipp Viands Mr. Charles W. Henry of Ran- son has secured a job in Bethes. da, Md. with his cousin Sylvester Frye. He went to work last Mon- day morning and is staying with Sylvester in his apartment. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles and daughter Sherri of the Bloomery vlsited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiles Sr. at Loudoun Hei- ghts, Va. one day last Week. Mrs. Brown returned to her home on the French Farm last week from the General Hospital where she had been under treat ment. Glad to hear little Michael Ott who is a patient in the General Hospital is slowly recovering. Will be so ace whetl Michael can return to his home here. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hover- male and two children Davie and Donna of Prospect Ave. in town were callers on Wednesday night with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. Mr, and Mrs. Leonard Fritts of town were Saturday night visitors with their sons Melvin and Nel. son Fritts. Mr. and Mrs. Speed Barger of Charles Town gave their daugh- ter Sherri a birthday party on Saturday night. Among those helping Sherri to celebrate were the following, Mrs. Maude Small. wood, Mrs. Marvin Smallwood and twin daughter Cozella and Linda. Mrs. Paul Carson and two daughters Paula and Salinia, Mrs. Mills and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smallwood, Mrs. Peggy Johnson, Jeff Lancaster. A large Miss Anderson was selected for birthday centered the table with the honor by Sigma Epsilon Sig- nine candles, cake and ice cream, ms, honor society for women who candy valeritines and soft drinks. maintained a 3.5 (B plus)average The house was beautifully trim- med in Valentine things. Sherri during their freshman year. received so many nice and useful presents. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fritts spent the day Sunday with their daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Herndon and little ' daughter Melody in Falls Church, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Sublette Chamb- by d~y of sale or shortly ~fter;5 Guernsey Cows, milking; Guernsey Cow, full flow of milk; 3 Holstein Heifers~ spring- era; 2 Holstein l!eifers, yearling; 3 Holstein Heifers, Yrs. old; Holstein Bull Calf, 8-mos. old (from artificial breed- lng); H~reford Bull, 2-yrs. 01d. This is a Young Herd, T. B. and Bangs Tested 30 days prior to sale. Individual health Certificates will be given. 13 - HEAD HOGS - 13 Spotted Poland China Sow with 7 pigs; 3 Spotted Poland China Sows, bred; 9 Shoats, weighing approx. 40-1bs. each. FARM MACHINERY Two Farmall H Tractors, one, with cultivators; L H. C. ~0 T Baler, Mas~ey-Harrts 7-Ft. Combine with Clover Seed ~tt~chment; John Deere 17-7 disc drill; New Idea Single ROw Corn Picker; L H. C. rubber tired wagon; Z L H. C. side delivery rakes, 3 and 4 bars; I, H. C. 7-ft. mower; I. EL C. I. IL C. tractor corn planter, with ferti- ; ~olln Deere conveyor, 36-ft.; John Deere 12" bottom plow; L EL C. two 14" bottom plow; disc harrow, L H. C. HammermilL 8-hole hog feeder; corn sheller, 5-ton Ja~ck, seed sower, dehorner, grease guns, forks, shovels, anvil. Butchering and Dairy Equipment Two Scalding Tanks, 4 lard kettles, lard presses, 2 sa~t- ~ge grinders, gambrel sticks, 6rCan Unieo Milk Cooler, 11 10-galloa milk cans, buckets and'strainers, set of pony har- ness, bridle, saddle aiid cart. alsb some Junk. Two Horse Tandem Trailer. HOUSEHOLD GOODS R~nge Stove, Writing Desk, Morris Chair, Love Seat, Ice ~ai~ Singer Sewing Machine, Victrola, 2 Baby Beds, 2 High rs, 2 Tables, 2 Oil Burners, 2 Rugs, Lamps, FLat Iron, Iron Teakettle, Skillets, Pots and Pans, and Other Articles that are too ndiUerous to mention. TERMS:--CASH. Nothing to be removed until settled for. HOWARD O. BUSH MoRRow AND ORNDORFF, Atictioneers. It. E. MORELAND, Clerk. Lunch Served By LaAies of K~bletoWn Methodist Church. lin of Ranson spent the day Sun- day with Mr. and Mrs. RObert Frye and son Sylvester. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Popkins of Kabletown were Friday evening callers with their son-in-law and daughter Mr .and Mrs. Obie John ston and daughters. Mrs. Catherine Goliday and nei ce Mrs. John Hampton of Balti. more were Sunday afternoon call- ers with the formers brother and sister Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ott. Mr.-and Mrs. Billy Viands and sister Nancy of the Bloomery Were Friday callers with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Bert Viands. Mr. and Mrs. John Aists and grandchildren of Ranson have been visiting their brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. John Viands in Daytona Beach, Flor- ida. Mr. and Mrs. Viands have a- dopted a little girl by the name of Nannette. She is about three years old. Mrs. Melvin Fritts. r ceived a telephone call on Saturday from her daughter Mrs. Doris Herndon who lives inFalls Church, Vs. saying her little daughter Melody was very ill. Mrs. Margaret Hern- don of Shenandoah lunc on spent the day, Saturda with her son and Mr. and Mrs. TOmmie Herndon. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fritts spent Saturday evening with friends in Brunswick, Md. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hover- male ~nd two children of town were c llers F, riday evening w tll tlieir parents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viands Jr. and family near the Bloomery. Mr. Robert Stocks of the Bloom cry store is now the Martinsburg news carrier and also the Wash- i~gton Evening Star Pap0r. Mr. Albert Viands Jr. and two employees of the Peoples Supply attended school two days l~t week in Baltimore; Md. and if weather doesn't prevent they will l lgo back Wednesday, ] Mr. ,Sylvester Frye and Mr. [Charles W. Henry of Bethesda, [Md. were Monday night callers I witli thh formers p i ents Mr. knd her daughter Mrs. Beulah Fritts. Mrs. Cline is recovering from a bad fall at her home but lucky no bones were broken. Mr. Roland Whipp of Millville spent the weekend with his bro- ther-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Roland Whipp. Mr. and Mrs. John Hampton and son Terry and Mrs. Catherine Goliday and son Garry of Balti- more, Md. spent the weekend with the formers parents Mr. and Mrs. Garland Henry and son Da- vid. Mrs. Travis Viands and sons Glenn and Jackie of Congress St. in town along with Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Tumblin was a couple of hours callers with their par- ents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson and family near Marlowe on Sun- day afternoon. It is very good to see the child ren returning to school this morn ing after a whole weeks vacation. Some glad to be back and some like the sled riding they have en- joyed since Dec. llth. Sunday Services For Asembly Of 60d Church The Rev. William P. Reed, pas- tor of Calvary Assembly of God located on Fairfax Boulevard on Fifth Avenue in Ranson announ- ced Monday the following sche- dule of meetings for Sunday and subsequent week nights. Sunday School at 10:00 A. M. morning worship service at 11:00 A. M. Ev ening Evangelistic services at 7:30 P. M. Tuesday the Christ Am bassadors meet at 7:30 P. M. Thursday Bible Study at 7:30 P. M. Castro's older brother faces purge in Cuba. SMITH STRIDER FUNERAL HOME 304 West Washington St. Charles Town, W. Vs. PHONE :-- Day 370 Night ============================================= ~.'~.'.'*:~'~ Keeping younger than your years The gift of enduring health should be guarded above all other treasures. And one of the best ways to do this is to work in close co-operation with your physician. The science of medicine, these days, is concentrating on m a1~n~ g life simpler and more rewaraing for "chose in their hter years. Your doctor will have many helpful suggestions. And when you have your Doc- tor's prescriptions be, sure to bring then~ to this "Reliable" pharmacy. We can flU your special needs without delay. And at the right price, too. NICHOLS STUCK PHARMACISTS Telephone 173 Charles Town, W. Va. L McDONALD, JR.. AGENCY INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Mason Building Phone 735 Charles T6wn, W. Mrs. Mrs. Cline of was caller oil VL CALENDAR ---FOR-- Charles Town- Ranson CHURCHES BAPTIST: Charles Town Baptist Church Corner Congress & Samuel Sts. Russell J. Urquhart, Pastor Sund~y School--9:45 A. M. Morning WorshiI>--ll:00 A. M. EPISCOPAL: Zion Episcopal Church Corner Congress & Churc2t Sts. Allen L. Bartlett, Jr., Rector Holy Com~nunion--8:00 A. M. Church School--9:30 A. M. ( Paxish House) Mor~ng Worshit>--l1:00 A. M. LUTHERAN: St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church North Mildred Street, l~nson Richard E. Neat, Pastor ~unday Sehoo1~9:45 A. M. The ~-x~Ice---ll:00 A. M. METHODIST: Charles Town Methodist Church Corner North & Charles Streets Richard Theodore Scholl, D. D. Church School--9:30 A. M. Morning Worship--ll:00 A. M. PENTECOSTAL: Calvary Assembly of God Church 5th Ave. & Fai~fax Blvd., Ranson William Reed, Pastor Sunday S~hool--10:00 A. M. Morning Worship--11 : 00 A. M. PRESBYTERIAN: i Charles Town Presbyterian Church East Washington Street Carlyle A. McDonald, Minister Church School--9:45 A. M. Morning WorshiI>--ll:00 A. M. ROMAN CATHOLIC: St. James Catholic Church Corner S. George & Avis Sis. Rev. John C. Ryan The Mass--8:00 A. M. wnd 11:00 A. M. SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST Seventh Day Adventist Church Second Avenue, J. E. Kelshner, Pastor SPIRIT OF 4--B JEFFERSON FARMERS THURSDAY, ovI Saturday Services: 9:30 A. M.--Sabb~th Service 10:45 A. M.--~abb~th School When The Tempter Comes Sunday Morning Sermon For Lutherans The Rev. Richard E. Neal, pas tor of St. Thomas Lutheran Chur- ch, Ranson, announced Monday the following schedule of services for Sunday and subsequent week day events at the church: The Service at 11:00 a. m.; ser- mon, "When the Tempter Comes" Nursery held during worship. Sunday Church School at 9:45 a. m. Junior Luthera League meets at the church at 6:30 p. m.; Sen- ior Luther League meets at 7:30 p. m. Monday, Den 1 of Cub Scout Pack 39 meets at 4:00 p. m. Tues- day, Evangelical at the parsonage Wednesday, 15meets at 4:00 p. pers, Wednesday sermon on Genesis Den 2 of Cub meets at 4:00 p. m. Choir practices at urday, Confirmation at the parsonage at SELECTIVE OFFICE TO BE The Jefferson Service office will February 18 until for the following 24 and March 2 send of the office. GO TO CHURCH Educador swamp into harbor. The Saxons had a word for Spring. It was Leneten, shortened, in time, to Lent. So tl e name Lent was given to that springtime period of 40 fast days from Ash Wednesday until Easter. Lent came to mean a time of penitence. And it is. But it is also a time of preparation, and of promise. For because Lent means Spring, it heralds good things to come. It forecasts the glorious message of Easter. It is the dawn of the most beautiful season of the year. The bare branches of these trees will burst into bud and leaf with the touch of Spring. Our thoughts during Lent, our personal prepara- tions, also will reach fruition when the 40 days are through. Lent is the time for prayer and self-examination. Make this Lenten season really mean so nething by seeking help and guidance at your church services THE CHURCH FOR ALL FOR THE C The Church is the greatest factor on earth 1~ the building of character and good It is a storehouse of spiritual values. strong Church, neither democraq can survive. There are four sound reasons every person should attend services regularly a support the Church. They are: (l) For own sake. (2) For his children's sake, (3) the sake of his community and nation. (4) the sake of the Church itself, which needs moral and material support. Plan to go church regularly and read your Bible Day Book Chapter Sunday I John , Monday Psalms ~ 85 Tuesday I Chronicles 28 Wednesday Job II Thursday John 14 Friday John 14 Saturday Hebrews 10 0 Copyrl&,bt 1961, K'ei,~ Agi'. ,~erv;ce, Strasff~r&, V~ THIS ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINESS FIRMS BELOW IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF THE COMMUNITY: WHITMORE LUMBER CO., INC. BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 650 Charles Town, V~. Va. H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPEETANE GAS SERVICE Phone 241 Charles Town, W. Va. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., INC. SHERWIN- S PAINTS Phone 45 Charles Town, W. Vza J. EMORY KABLE ESSO DISTRIBUTOR Phone 578-W Charles Town, W, Vs. J. RUSSELL FRiTTS, INC. PHILCO DEALER Charles Town, W. Va. Phone 403 SMITH & STRIDER FUNERAL HOME Charles Town, - - W. V~. CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION 5007 Vs. I RANSON MACHINE WORKS PHONE 481 RANSON, W. VA. COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. CITIES SERVICE Charles Town, W. Vs. Martinsburg, W. Vs. - Leesburg, Vs. VALLEY BOARD CORP. HALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA POWHATAN BRASS & IRON WORKS RANSON, WEST VIRGINIA RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. RANSON. W. VA. PHONE 309 W. & R. SALES, INC. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. BOX 591, PHONE I13 MAGAHA APPLIANCE CENTER Industrial - Commercial Wiring Victor Refrigeration Equipment N. George Street - Phone 424 SHENANDOA AIR CONDITIONING HEATING--COOLING Plumbing - Sheet Metal - Charles Town, W. Vs. Phone T IE MELVIN T. STRIDEI COLONIAL FUNERAL Charles Town SUDLEY FUNERAL Shepherd~t0wn ~g PITTS CHARLES THEATRE---Ranson "ALWAYS A GOOD LEGGETr's DEPT. "THE HOME OF BETTER Charles V~. VICKERS & GULF DEALF, 321 West Washington Phone 5006 Charles Town, H. S. CLOPPER, Insurance, Real Estate and 120 E. WashingtOn St. Charles - -