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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 16, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 16, 1961

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I TolRacing Commission I Dates Suggested By, l Cage League I ,. I ....y GE ONE l Racing Commission [ tf l)imp To,,rt me =e t lmNItOtaz oz t .... I] II I flll l Plan No 2 suggested by Leav 1Ear Pa.., *=*,, T,=,.i,e I I itt, would give Charles Town vl zvuz jiuz~ /zul, n~ _ _e _ ....................., [Properties, Inc 31 days of racing ] [ The Jefferson County Basket-I Anders said three and snowy, but mszde the Shep-ITown's Jayvees to a 4544 verdict. |th ...... h"~,, ~'~'~,,a ~1 a.~, o'a,,,.. /Charles Town Properties, Inc. and |.i~b~ .... t .... nn~nt M~rrb .q Iturnament" They al n ill It The weather was. corn outsiue ~vans nan tl to pace tmarles Iduring ,ho "~;'od of Dec 16 [ After efforts to get officials of |bali League will sponsor a three [already signed up to ]herdstown High gymnasium Sat-|Wayne LeHew had 11 and John[,...~ .... :^~ _. ,,.. ~..,._~. [Shenandoah Downs to reconcile[ ............ [chet hve compos -,s ~-~ e=x,uu o~ ,,xa~ ~ tmou- m ann 11 at me tmarms rlown ' I . . -- . J urday afternoon lanky Bob Brown I Rentch 10 for the Cards. [-h Jul" 19 f-- " *-*"~ "f oo ~... | their differences in a conflict of | ] Russell Miller, Ron Shepherastown could well be,numeric 16-5 junior center for the CharleslCharles To,~ FG F Pts /~. .~ ~,.~ ,:.,, o o~ ~..a?./Snrin- and Summer racin~, dates/Senior High School as a benefit |Roger Ramey and ] ~' l'Ill r o f t at there eve - " s pmn woum gwe bnenanaoan . . - called tournament town for the I The..act h. .... rylTown Hzgh Panthers made things [l~.i~m,n ~ ~.a a |, ......q9 a ...... ,i~,. ~*--*,,~-Jfor 1961 had failed, the West Vir-[for the county March of Dimes ]the Ranson Rats, c next three weeks as Shepherd Col I possmflzty that James wood ann I really hot for the Shepherdstown IS'-;"" .................... "..T?"a ?" ...... .s .... s/-inia Racin- Commission on Dec /campaign it was announced Tues/Jim Wiltshire, Fran lege will be the site of three dif-I Handley High Sehool~ botche W~n [High Cardinals as he rolled in |~aoY~: fe ............ 125 8112 ~ |ght~laAfr2~,~:gaanrout~nrmg7m(~ays | ~' 1960, proposed the following [day by 'Kenneth Anders of Ran-|Bill and Charles Hines ferent scholastic tournaments, |chester schools, mig t me t "n/32 points and pulled down 20 re-/... ......... " / " ........ /dates for the four West Vir-inia/son, chairman of the project. [ny Anders; and the with the first action getting an-Ithe tournament finals, posed .the |bounds as the Panthers defeated[ ,er, g ............ 2 1-2 5/nOeg ntn ng w .2U YoZO a, runS |tracks. And the Commission ask.] Anders said tournament action |Bopes made up of derway tonight at 7 p. m. when| problem of finding a gymnasmm|the Cardinals 59-53 in a dose|~auenger, g ........ o z-a z/be ~a t~ y~s-o~w.~ |,~o..,,,~ wumu ed the tracks to ezther' acce~.~,~* lwill start each niuht_ at 7 _.D m./mann.. Johnnv_ and Ton Herndon High meets George|large enough to seat about 1,000|scoringcontest |Orndorff ............ 0 0-0 0L .. otal of 89 yays.. Revenue /these dates or try to work out|with two games set for each|ers, B. Ranalli and Bill] f " J~vans 0 0 0 0 to me state zrom tins pzan woum -- Mason of Fa rfax count and then ans Y I | ,vh. n .....,,. .... a I .............. " | ............... |somethiw, more to their satisfac Inight It is hoped that at least/ All players who W ..... ~,_...~, a u,a~=-u~, x,~,, Lowe 1 1-2 3 oe aoout ~l,o~z,u~/ irom ~narles . o " . " . .... ! at 9 p. m:. aoudoun County wfl![ nandley has 8-0 league record [nreviously postponed battle, was |~... ry ............. ^ ^ ^ . [~ .......................... ]tmn among themselves [ezght teams will partm~pate m |into the tournament. ~" Dauey . u u-u u ~uw. ~-zu~eztzw azzu ,,~o~,~.e.~ " " de tangm w tn warren t oumy oz/on the season and over-all mark/a Bi State Conference tussle and/ ............. / ........... / Dat ......... a .^. o,.^.,_^ Ithe tournament whxch zs open to/to contact Kenny An Frog* Ro"a' I / " / -- ilrOiil nenanuoanJ ownsiora / ,zo ,o eu xoz ,.,ssazxv l ...... t / .. - a ,. it as uite a different stor any team m oexzerson ~oun y. after a p, m. In Friday night's action which/L22 ra:drJao~e~ Wood, :itha:/from~ th2previous meeting of thY[ To!als .. .......... 22)5~L59 [grand total of $2,291,307. [To~ P rope~ies~ Inc_ ~, ,.o, ] One of the rules of tournament[ will also get underway at 7 p m I s- ..... - .... 7/two teams when the Panthers roll/Shepnerdsmwn rt, r rts./Presents Application l_ o.,.,. 2. .... ~2s~ o.2. ~ . ~xo~ lplay is that teams may not have / Laborites quarrel am~ onal marK ot lz-z, (ha not meet nays); ~aay z~ through JUly tv Handley High of Winchester, Itn rem,lar season nlav and should/ed easily over Shepherdstown. /Hunter, f ............ 7 6-6 20| After presentation of these](~ a.,o~....% r~^. ~,~ .... .[more than hve players and that|over Polaris base. champions ~ the Northwestern/they meet in the [ournament fiff-/ The Panthers, playing without/Stride, f ............ 6 9-9 21 |plans Leavitt. then formally pres-/~ee.~"~excep't]ng~l~r~str~asOi~yilahof the P!a~s must be from| GO TO CIIU~ $1J ~tstrm.t ot tiroup its, meeung/als a capacity crowd would be onlthe services of Dickie Wilson, a|~wpe, c ............ ~ o-~ ~| application mr a.ficense|(13 days) Total of 82 days io, ............... a. me winner oz me He rnaon:tieO-lhand for the finals [fine shooting guard, were pushed|~s~urn, g .......... o ~-o ~ltor ~nenanaoan Downs to race[ For Shenandoah DownsA'pril 81 ..... rge ~ason game. ann men aoout I Loudoun County High which [hard all the way by the Cardinals/~ya, g ............. o o-~ ~/trom April 14, 1961; .mrougn ~viay |throu~,h May 20 and July 20 throu | SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON F~aa ADVOIg~ v p. m. acmes wood, runner-up .... and it was not until the final ~arra ............... u ~-a 20 ann zrom amy 3 mrougn bept. o - - , ..... , ........, .....,.. Ihmshed third m regular season [ ] ........ 0 0 0 ........ |gh Sept 6 a total of 88 days ,2---B THURSDAY, FEBRUARY -,-=s-,a- ~va~,, ,=asuv v,~,t.., ........ .-^ ~..,.. *--..-*.. a~tfive minutes of the game that/~"~v*'" ........ - ..... u - u, the same antes suggested m/ .~ - ....... " .I will meet the winner of the Loud tJames wood ..... in league action, los Ithe Panthers pulled Into what/Snyder ......... . ..... 0 1-2 0 hzs Plan No 1 /~ , w nee ng. own... y a I .... oun County-Warren County bat- [ ....... | ....... a +. a winnin- lead / Attorney Clarence E Martin,/ohrougn duty I ann uct. v mrougn I p m, mm m m I " - I andthe winner-up team. . while Loudoun county is expect-I8 of 10 free throws. ..... Lead ,tz .ou..,$ . should, not be required^to race t~ laDr~Saca~CeP~id- a chan~,e Kathleen Hanley, popular A(lmlSslon to eden session OIed to stop Warren County With the score aeaaiocgea at a$a JtlOl, Ua~ t*UIII~)~LILIOlI all~ al~.) O ~:~ the tournament will be $1 for I J . a,x~ ,~., . ]43 all Sam Taylor sank a one-ID...L.&K.I! I... suggested the following dates for /of one week in April, opening on New York fashmn model, zs ~'~!~ both students and adults, with all I SENIOR WOMAN'S CLUB I hander from the corner and add |D~IUall L~ Charles Town and Shenandoah |April 14 instead of the This hard of hearing - but no one ~~ tickets to be sold at the door [MEETS FEBRUARY 21st I ed a free throw to put the Pan- I Downs.... . _ |re.ques was .granted Dy me om- would know it [ She wears the each nl ht rye ohn -- . ~or wnarles Town Properties mission. But wheeling Downs f:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:::;:;:~:; The ~:cision to play the tour-I The Senior Woman's Club will[hewSe#h:~ge2a64c~aR~;~h~t, Jthen[ SEFFERSONLEAGUE Inc., Jan. 2through Jan: 21, also|and Charl~ Town Propertms,lwa~:~tallS:h~tatn:th:~rZsn~vi~hd i!iiii}ii[ii)ii~ nament at ___eSh nherd.......... Cnll~eo ..................... earn~ Irn~t ~* ~T~,~ I-Iillo~r'v~ ......... 14n,,~ nnl hit on a 15 footer .... Brown urotect I o~x~t,.~, ur ~r.a~u~ zrom ~way z~t mrougn August a/*-',~., ,~,~u ,,~ ,,~_-,,~,, ,,-out it. she says. she couldn't ~~ as a result there are no gymnas-ITuesday, February 21st, 1961 at 81 ed Charles Town's margin by rip [ TEAM W L and from Dec. 15 through Dec. |Dec. 31: Charles Town rroperues be a success - " ~~~ iums in Northern Virginia closer [o'clock Miss Emily A, M. Stanley [ping the cords for ten points in J Painters 5 2 ~~Fart~' of 91 days. _ |~ncs -~i?ef?er~2~u?t/~cee~t She wears her Sonotone at ~~~ " i ute o ~ enanaoan uowns ne sug than Bridgewater, Va., large en- [ Clerk of the Jefferson County ! the final three m n s. t ~ ..... ~ ~ ............. 1,~ ..... ,.,^~. ...... +.a ,~,,, v~. dozens of fashion shows and ~r~~ ~" " relimina John Low """~'~ ~ = gestea Apru ~ mrougn ~aay zz; ,~uu~ w.,~. wv*~,,~,, ~,,~ ~,a~- OxUgehc~dS~at;:e h:u~dr:d~: ~oans [?ou~ willspeak on the dutzes Of le2nth~e~ 15 po~s' and Buddy ]Smiths 3 4 and from August 7 through Sept, ling Commission from issuing a li picture assignments .... and /~~1 ------ -" ...... -'ff-~-~- ...... " "~""'" ' -" --- 'Walkers 3 4 30 a total of 91 days. [cerise for any Spring or Summerno one ever spots z~. r~er llll ll 1 |l Althou,,h handica,~ned some Shenandoah Downs officials emlracing dates for either Shenan- secret: It's worn behind the -.--.1 ll 1 --" -- - ~-- ~ - ~'~ .... "phasized strongly throughout theldoah Downs or Charles Town ear, covered by her hairdo what m me past zew weeks oy . l~ ll m the ........... ,r, .... a .,her evhearing that the track eouldlRace Course untd further hear- No part of her hearing aid , bring m more revenue to the rags could be held on the ssue. ~ ~ll~l ll ~ ents scheduled, the Jefferson .......... ] ...... ked ~'-e ls worn on the body.. state w tn Jmy ann August dates wneenng uowns, as m Sonotone can hel ou as , FAN lip ~)' County Basketball league will " " hearth on P y ' " ............ ~d iQ i swing back into action Thursday ..... P [,~.~ .~** .... a the re-uest was we have helped Kathleen !ii!!ii ~: ii!:,~iI i ~ii iiii!] , ..... than could Charles Town Pro er- Commzssmn for a re- g :*~:~:~:~:~:~::: k'~ll~ ~']r~ 1 ,~I night on the Charles Town Jug- ~"~" . ........... ~denied"'t)v ~ae" Commission To Hanley Call, drop in or write .... ~,eavltt pointed out that bnen- " . . mr H~gh gymnasmm w~th the hit ~['~ i 0 Bo~,ers team tangling ~,ith the andoah Downs had offered to ro-[date nothing further has been for full mformatmn about 1 1 ll 1 ,,,a,,.^__ :_., .,.^ l^a~ue leadin~ tate the July and August dates I heard from Wheeling Downs of- our new hearing aids-plus an -- P'~i~:~: ~'o~int~h: .qSmiths s but that Charles Town Propertles ~ fie|dis, illustrated fashion book. Let ........ .... Waterford " ----- ~~.- ~ -'-" -- : -'.~ - - - " - officials would not a~ree to this I And to date only us show how YOU, too, can ~ 1 The r'ainters nave taken a two " in dates .... ~ ~~ -- -~ game lead in the race, with the Representatives of Shenandoah|Park has.any 1961.Racng ...lookyourbest,hearyourbest. "~ t~ ~,,~.~.~ J~- ~" Bowers Smiths and Walkers all Downs also reported that an e-I xt is mougnt mat wneenng _ k~ ~ ~,~,~,v~ ..... , - qual number of racin~, days did I Downs is awaiting the outcome of ~ ~ l~,l ~~~ l~,l ~ @~ "~C ~H~Y uea zor 'second place ~ th t o Char ~.~ m Thursday evening, "Feb. 23 the not necessar!ly re. eng..fairness Ithe hattie ~tw;;nbefoeretWmakin: ~~~~l~~~ f | Smiths will tackle the Bowers 3ne ~est rac}ng aay.s. ~ney con./ ~irXnex~t--ove s .~ | ~dl:ehres Painters will meet the [ent~eaea~eoft~muar~Z~eee~h~rer/ If t{ae con'flict isn't settled with ~ld~Tf~kll: ^~ J4:ma, Wll March" 2 it wilt h~ tho Walkers js no competition And they said [ in the next few days, it will be ,~IQI~VIVI~IIL II71 IlUt41~lJlll~lV f ~r meet;rig" t-he-S'miths-and-tla'e Bow Charles Town i~roperties have [difficult to get racing started in " tatrin~, ~n )h~ Painters " been getting these dates year af./Charles Town in April. ROY B. FURR, Manager " ..... ter year. 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FLUORESCENT LIGHTING Modernize the illumi- nation of your kitchen or bathroom (or of- fice, store~ or shop) he Summer dates for Charles with modern fluores- :own Properties, Inc. on a high- ~r pdr capita betting, a better cent lighting. We sell, zlass of horses, .reputation and a quality payoff. the Downs was entitled ,. to the '~'~ U, ,S. plans big radiotelescope next best days--July and August.. to track Mars trip. ........ . . The April, September and Octo- ber dates merely provide em. Advertise In The 8"plrit-Advoeat~ ployment for their personnel, keeps the horses in the area and provide revenue for the state, with little or no profit to the 'track, Downs officials argued. Riely Claims Leeds K. Riely, speaking for Charles Town Properties, Ine op- posed rotation of the dates, claim ing that consistent meets build up interest and produce more money. And being pioneers in Winter racing and with a reputat ~on for it, he said the Charles ?own Race Course felt they were ntitled to keep these dates. Martin based his arguments on install or repair at Riely said when the reputat- on of racing at track declines, sensible prices, the handle drops off, thus pro- lucing less revenue for the state J. EDWARD MAGAHA md the track. Riely ch~imed that : Charles Town Properties. Inc. has ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Telephone 424 Charles Town, Va. LAWL[N! effers a Double Prometlon Guarantee When your family monu- ment k identified with the Rock Of Ages trademark seal, it k guaranteed not on- " ly to you but to Che cemetery where It e o d. ook a "better class of racing t the Downs and better horses. ' This ~e said helps the Downs because nany df these horses stay on for ~acing at the Downs which fol- lOWS. Riely also noted a number of other factors which he said help- ,.d to give Charles Town Race Course a better class of racing- ;uch as stake races, policing thi'ough the TRPB, etc. After hearing the four hours of testimony the Commission said after transcripts of it had been made and the members had stu- died the evidence a decision will be reached on the dates. The de- cision is not expected to come however for at least ten days. Representing Charles Town Properties were Herman Cohen, of Charles Town and Baltimore, a co.owner; Leeds K. Riely of Char les Town, resident manager and Clarence E. Martin of Martins. burg, counsel Shenandoah Downs or Charles Town Racing Association, Inc. was represented by H. N. Glick. stein of New York City, chairman of the Board; H, G. Friedlander of New York, an association of ricer and general counsel; Rob- ert Leavitt of Charles Town, gen eral manager; James A, Bibby of Charleston, secretary; and Lee Bushong of Charles Town, attor- ney. i , OLd Yovr Itoek of Agos Avthorizod Dodzled' MARTINSBURG GRANITE WORKS L09 West John Stree! Telephone Amherst 7- 6141 Martinsburg, W. Va. "You don't hear so much about the man in the street FLOYD C. ODOM, Owner since automobiles hav~ IIO nUnMtlOIMJ' Phone Hagersotwn REgent 3-3242 or Charles Town 825 II ,/ Pay your bills in the comfo of your home . .' no more running all over town when you have- checking account at The Peoples Bank. A fountai i pen and a comfortable chair are all you need tO. by check . . . the modem way. OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY AT THE FRIEN For Friendly Help with All Your Banking Needs, you can depend on MEMBER FDIC--MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM PHONE 10 CHARLES TOWN, W.