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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 16, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 16, 1961

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, ,,,, , , LL ,, time to time, about the MasonicSPIRIT OF JEFFERSON F r.RS know anything about it. He thou["*-~. ........... ,. _ -- ..... r----. (, P,L By Mrs. Lena Ambrose Cave. Few local people seemed to A A THTTR DAY FERRtTARY ght we should have a Tour Your- +, " ; ....... d WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER ~ v v~, Mr. and Mrs.----Marvin Breeden self of our communitv with this of me main projects ot Lionslot ouilaing up unite ton as tne greatese man n t ] i 1 d + cave listed[: hon|elklW~iTit~ ~~~ Club throughout International. ]ports. CHARLES TOWN. W. VA. I t ' h Nmn W. lt~mrmv ' and family and Miss Joyce Gage- We were " The Charles Town Club has al-I An exhibit booth happy to be able to+ ' " to ..... by visited Mr and Mrs Leonard 1 r p r ha P " e te 1 T oo e Wade t t we ho e ways played a big part by htting budt and equipped DEPRESSED AREAS create an unemployment problem McDonou-h and dau-hter Linda to have the Georze Washington those who need glasses and treat-IPowhatan's brass fir l; BEST MEDIUM OF ADVERTISING AND TAXES in the areas to which they have in Charles Tow- S~nd"" after FOR REACHING THE BUYING POWER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY AND ALL moved In fact the de,qetion of " "~ " Masonic Cave opened to the hub- ment and cannot afford them Ifittings to their best SURROUNDING AREAS FOR MORE THAN 11S YEARS. It was just a year ago that Mr. nnn, datin h~ ~lro~dv ~o,m .... h noon. .+ - ...~11~ (hi~...~ .... ov-..,s.'" urn........~h ....... -~-~..--J~"th' working_ through .the schools in [has been delivered to. thl, --...-- Roul Tunley of the Saturday Ev- ['l~t-~he"numl~e~'o~f""~on;re~smen ~r.. and Mrs. Stanley ~omDro printed a Tour Yourself map of the county and w}th the eoopera-Itsen Company for mclU. ' . b ann aaughter ot raus t;nurcn, our area and the Masonic Cave tion of the Health Nurse. Lion E. lexhibits of other matei READ EVERY WEEK BY MORE THAN enlng Post provoked no small a- in West Virginia x hioh ie hnod ........... ~es o,r~r~ D ....... mount of dismay in the State of on popu!ation~"hasl~'een re(iuced va; spent the weeKenn WitH Mr. will be listed on it as soon as the D. Hahn local Sight Chairman l automotive equipment, -- -- ...... ~mx~.~ -- West Vir-inia b- calqn- attent ..... ann mrs. Harry t~ageoy ann uau cave is open would like to call attention to [al and road building e + . . : t q" .." Irom six to Ilve. -- Ion to our aepressea areas it + , It is ood'news to us that our those who have not mailed their[building materials, c PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY might b'~ ra,,.n,,a ~/ .... o ;ho+ The pFesent State Admmlstrat- Larry Ambrose of Charles State Tr'ooners are so much inter- donation for the Sight Seals that [household appliances, BY THE JEFFERtION PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC- t'fii; observer'wroto a ion has not shown too much sense Town spen the weekend with ested in ot r state. For West Vir- it is not too late and that all do-[uipment, technical ni SECOND CLASS POSTAGE PAID AT CHARLES TOWN W. VA. - - ~ ~""~"" "f oon"mic r'~li+;'~o ;" a,, ,,, ...... ' tacatiaug rahnttal in Mr r~m~nlov ~ ~'~" w ga ,,~.o a,, o ~'- Wdyt) anu L, ll:d['lt)t~ w~lty. -- alt'houg-h irely on"th'e"reeo'r'tl'~to proach to the problem The better Billy Johnston of near Ranson ginia to receive proper reeognit- nations will be greatly appreciat, l etc. SPIRIT ESTA'~LISHED +an4 - ADVOCATE ESTASLISHZD ~$aS .... economic view is that in times of visite~ "'r --~ Mr ....... ion, it will be necessary for all ca. [ The Fair w]ll be ex.n GOMBINED MARCH I 94a , prove mat my reouttal pointed ....... m. :auu. yu of us to work together The next regular meeting will [Beirut, Alexandria, JeSt out that the article could dorecession or aepresslon we are Breeaen ann ~ami~y one nay lasg* * * * * be Feb 28 at the Blue Grass Inn [Sudan, Karachi, Bombg ....... .t wh....~.,^t...,.,^..,,^_ . frequently forced to resort to ~tax week He is now working at The MAX I!tROWN Er*ITOR a~,xa~ -,,= vuj ,u, , outs i" -rno" *- h-o;I, ." ..... ._ _., The Potomac Edison Co. has when the club will honor the [port, Hong Kong, Keelt OFFICE NORTH GEORGE ~TREK~ ' \-- TELEPHONE aaa had to Mr. TunleY's article was ~ ,,.,,.y~%.~? ot,,,~;,~? u.uo,- Dowle racetrac~ m mu~. just issued a population report Charles Town High football[an and the interior cities' ,ho+ ;, a+,~ ,,,~ ,~^~,, .,,+ ,h .... a Hess acuwty, tsut notwlmstanumg Mr. anu a~rs. tieorge tiageby of on Jefferson County (18,648) and team The speaker of the eveninglascus, Baghdad, Tmman~ .............. v ............ s~'" t i t - - side o~ West Vir-';- -'t"~--"h s heory the present State Ad- Reedson and Mr Neale Ambrose the 17 communities listed in our is expected to be the coach of[toumh. NATIONAL ADVKRTII$1NG RKPRKBENTATIVmr~ I- s+,,,-, ., _:_i.,,^. _ _ .^: ...... . .. . WEEKLY NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIVES |NC our senior United Sta~es Senator, "u" ~u~un...L~as see.. ~;~. ~u ~m: caueu on me;r parents mr anu county, according to the 1960 een West Virginia University and as-[ --" L ' " ' " pose an aaaltiona sales taxann Mrs H C Ambrose Sunday 404 FIFTH AVENUE. Nmrw YORK i~. N.Y. Jennmgs Randolph, did an adml- has enacted a state income tax Gre" Glbso * Hos "ta~ " sue. " sistant coach Those wishing tollaafl f # nvarinfl AV NV -- CH,C O D rao T -- Lo. rable 'iob of taking, are of thi gg n In pl "oint view in a s rieo Neither of these approaches can Mr. Gregg Gibson is still a med They are listed as fo'lows" Bak attend must make reservationsl,- ,u----, +"[Je t IblU an + ~roonv Bowermae ora+ ++++'~Show erton been ed June and vacation +(225); junior cold Bolivar date, high with the (~7); little programsnow; I "Char[Isbrandtsen~[1 with Perks; Surgical thecity; Lions patients Company, Mr. Secretary Jake admitted operators I Painter, Robert[,.. to ] ------~~ [ terested in same for m.ei[ I ....... ...... A .... ~'o ~_ Au Su.scmPT,o.. m $ ^U Cossu. .. cles which were publishe i be expected to offer any induce- ical patient in Charles Town Gen les Town (3,315 ; En le 164 ; Willis or be a guest of some Lion BAt.mrs TAX. SU'SCRIPTION $$,$0 PER yrAR IN ADD^NOw. the Charleston Gazette- merit to. inausiry., to locate in eral Hospital .... He is getting alon~ Halltown (300~" )+Har~ersg (Ferry) The Premdent" called a board[ 15e$" Ul Mantra ---~ - -- :'. .. - W~st Vlrglma On the contrary very well ., -,- -- J_~St bunaayme r~ew XOrK " " {822)" K-bletown 50~" Leetown meeting for Feb. 27 to be held at|,, m., s, ,m_l MEMBER OF THE they can have a completely op , . - ,, . Times, in its ma~azinesection ...... " Mr. John Fraiser is now staying (300); Middleway (760); Millville Peoples Supply office. /Nealln N0W AYalI ~,aTir~a. ,-,-.,T,-.~,.. ~ published atwopfigespreadsho~; poslte e~eet.+ . with his daughter Mrs. Lillian (500); Myerstown (50); Ranson Dr. Leo Burnstein of the East-[ ~,~m~ ,~m,, ,~ ,,p u ,@~~ ing the depressed condition in Why the state, if it feels that Keller in Charles Town. doah Junction (300); Shepherds- was the speaker of the evening l0f the Jefferson Cou~ ~[ [A SS~C~TI~)N [ ~,~~ J southern West Virginia. For additional revenue is necessary, Seriously Ill (1,927); Rippon (175); Shenan- erR Panhandle Heart Association[ Mrs. Willis Shuman, (~i~F~~ ~ mll, y.y.y.y.y.y.y.y.~ many people in that area the sit- has not given serious eonsiderat- Word was received here from town (1,326); Summit Point (250) and gave a very interesting andmiation for Mental Healu~ --w- - - - - - ~ uation is nothing short of path- ion to a severence tax remains un Youngstown, Ohio Sunday that instructive talk on the heart and[Ced that literatures in etic, and while we are in the known. It could be that those who John Snowden was seriously ill diseases causing heart attacks. I of leaflets, pamphlet: q'h,,P,~d~v l?~h,-..vv lg lqgl throes of an economic recession opposed such a tax when the Mar in a hospital there John is for- V ~ ~ /now available to organ~ ....... J, ...... u +,-, .... - ,+ .... ' m m ... -- right here n Jefferson County an Admm;stratmn was m power marly from here and is known by the situation is nothing compar- are now too proud to admit the all in our neighborhood. He is a f~?T~TTT~~IT'~ ...... | t th projects. Also to g WACMIM .TflM AMD /lurnlH ed to the situation in the south- errors of their ways. It could be retired brakeman of The Penn .... u~P Ulll l --- I E Iglill'm'll I Iwho are concerned with W#4k~mllll~#/Vl~ lkll~ I.II~m. erR part of our state, that the industries which would R. R. there where he has lived + [ ] ~ ~ ~m~m ~m ] [of today. -- The Kennedy Administration be obliged to pay such a tax have since the past 18 years. , I ~ J ~~1 [ These popular leafll February is the month in which we commerate the has promised relief in the form great influence in the Legislat- Howard Ga-ohv farm~rlv ,f Im Y I I II 4 _ - Irl--v,,~-_ [many topics relating to! birthday of two of our greatest, George Washington and of a bill to aid. depressed, areas, ure; . ori it could be that .................. many here now livin~,-~n R~'l't'im'~ "i~ ~ I tal health and menta A hrmh,m LinPoln one rtuallv created the Union but as was pointed out m a letter feel It s too late. But it never waitin for a vacancy in a Vat r TIME F"" fiR" DP' ] The stork was partial to thelThey can be obein ~ ~h'~f uccessors by to the editor of this paper which too late. West Virginia is one of ans Hosnit-ai- I-~hi"n~r "~;,rt'~: ........... ~ ................................ t e r'ch " ................. u~ ,~u,~ tx [male sex in his trips to the Char-[Ders of me ~i. n. _,. ,t. ....... ; .... ~;,h h .... ,,o~on +h,~ ,~.,~;ao,,,, ,,nder was pubhshed a few weeks ago, h i est states in the umon m ard near Baltimore He has been ~,~= ,,,,~,,,,=~ .- ...... * -~ "v'~-,~ ....... v ......... J ~, ... ~^~ .;a ...;1~ ~.^ ,.,,, ..... mineral ............ ~ +;---~-^- ++ . _. ., TO SHUT UP I les Town General hospital during I trom ~vtrs. 1-1. H: Hum~ . ,,= ,=u=,,,, ,-- ,,,, -= ..~ ,, ,,,=.~ .=ov..,~=~ ....,+,u=.. ~ eom lainin f " the Conshtutmn Thomas Jefferson referred to Washing- i,, +ho * t.. o *h.+ ; ........ ;.. P. . g or some time with It's time for Grandpa to shut Lthe period of Feb. 8-15 with S~X of[Infrmatmn Chmrmagg 0 "" :" " " "e ever knew When one con ................. ......... ". "~- +~:"- ~ "':Y ..... 2" ."~ Y:~. ~ .... s complications. He is a son of Mr. up. About those winters when he [ the eight babies being delivered ] .. rune regu!ar . " he w'despread need. For most of to tax anyming it snoum ae our and Mr~ W l~. ~,crhav hm-,~ a~rl siders that Jefferson cast no small influence on hm era it will provide only meager hand wealth instead of levying addit- ,='=.^--.'-2:.'-"" "~" "' ....... was a boy, that is. ]there being boys as against only i~ ~ssocmuon wuL. ~+ " b he com li " , ...... ,uw.. ' Grandpa never saw anything to/two girls. [ monuay, reoruary % o- and times, one is all the more mpressed y t P - outs of food which, while sorely ional consumers sales tax, income ............. mLingt was a8 different in most respects from Wash- e o gr ged hPran i mt:: thl:e ~!~tl~af~!~2wei! !rj~f:atefie~r~e;:h:A~ ~uU~a~il1 ~itet, t~rf/ now. The winter of '60-'61 will go [Wednesday, Feb. 8 and all of[ ten~S~c~nam3~a~rgesc0i eRr.cola SnOmWv~curea" beat what we're going through [ Three of the births occurred[ea~r~ r~ouse atop... in on as the difference between day and night He came . . g ........ 7: ......... down ifi the records as a real ding |them were boys A son, Lancel ..... ~0 t~ from The spring of 61 will be one to [Ralph A. Bush of Charles Town[ ma e o n y _-~ htlmble surroundings and was virtually unknown when ~ratsh~o p~:p~e mmvtheoud~Tis:et OnlltbevaSSrnUmPe~?awh::~tpp~p.lme an~'fam~ymr;en~U~n3ayP~ dong-daddy. , [ Lee, was born to Mr. and Mrs. [~u o~ appoltn~:a :alSs he was elected to the presidency, whereas Washington was on the o~s .... tio- thot t-uth of th~ "~ott~ ;o +~., ~- -^* Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Owens at remember, too. There just won't [ on that same day; also a son Geo- [, . ' p . e, probably the best known man of hm t;me long before he even if obs are not available in But the lar-e minin- and *'m bl s Statmn. be any, unless you can imagine ]rge Elwood, was born to Mr. and [ Len e e l(:es took up the executive leadership of the nation. But both West Virginia they are available interests, m~ny of w~ich are own There hasn't been many p eo- a springtime with carpet of snow [Mrs. James E. Shipe of Harpers [ pie out vlsmng arouna only me men were strong. Lincoln never lost sight of his goal, elsewhere. But the fact is that un ed by outside interests, do have snow man He has been comeR- instead of green. Because at the ]Ferry; and a son Thomas DeWay[ ram. h,&K .... Pkmmr( which was -the salvation of the Union It is a curious fact employment is general, with the wealth and it is right here in .+. . ~.. . . s rate snow has been piling up in ! ne was born to Mr. and Mrs. John [ lUl LMIIII~Iall bllM ' .... " . " often since o~ore Christmas recent weeks it'll take a good, hot T. Spitzer of Brunswick, Md. [ .~ . that although slavery extended beyond the rebell|ng Con- hgure now approaching mx m l- West V rginla It seems to me " r m ....... ;'" federate states, into Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri andlion jobless. Nor does this argu-t a these interests should pay w ene yOer aNWe erwUs eb on June sun to melt it all. , Thursday, Feb. 9 a son, An-[ The Harpers rerr even as far north as Delaware, yet Lincoln's Emancipation ment bear in mind the fact more than they are presently pay ............. "' Well, the~:'s one consolation. [thony Clark, was born to Mr. and | Churches will have LeVI proclamation did not include the tates that had remained a Ynn Ven Csma aYvmV3:ed: megalt e.fre they remove "our" ivet 'ro:gh e WhenGrandpa,We gct,tOwell be aenjoyVenerablesaying, [ville,]Mrs" ThomasMd.; andH" thePerrysamef dayKnX'alm.[Ces iteaChwasSUndaYannounce eVen loyal to the Union. ,, .............. ....... snow) Mr. Ambrose is thankful "Sonny you, call this a snow? I daughter, Diane Lynn was born [ by the Rev. L. B. wi!liI We do+ righ't honor these two great former presidents. _ __ . too. Why, backin 6L." I to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Dailey, [ tor. This Sunday evenl Both have helped shape our the manner in which 49 Nil (Winchester Star) [Harpers Ferry. 'vice will be at,St. ...... 1.......~. ...... ~r-, ,,,,,,~,,,u,,~m ,,,-urn , -- [ Friday, Feb. 10 a daughter, and at St. Paul s Chur~ they acted m the t mes m which they acted We salute [hall,, ..=J... " ' ' " the h , ~_ . , I I/Vii3 MgUI II t IClIUCII their memory. May they continue to rive in e Ck~nh,,,~ h ll./io+ i[X.p..+... /tg I + OLDTIMEBS CONJ~EDE I Brenda Lou, was born to Mr and 26. The services will of all Amemcans. JIl [m u I. OIIOIIOII UI " [/*mull The Oldtimers who usually like [Mrs. William M. Haynes of Char. ted between the churcb~ to talk about the severe winters [les Town and on Sunday, Feb. 12, ure Sundays. + ' + * W Dolly Madison Garden Club we used to have are about to [a son, Edward Earl Jr. was born I ~" throw in the ~ponge. They con- [to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brittin- [ ~ o,,a ~,.o ~,~ce J0 cede the present one that has six I ham of Charles Town I .. ~ ............. ; .... -~,, weeks yet to go is a dilly. I A son, DeWayne Ray, was b r.+ t:nsn+we ie It"s a little difficult to grade I to +Mr .andMrs. Donald R. Wean, %". + ..'"':, w[ t na zamlly winters as to severity. Some have l of Braddock Heights, Md. I others have had about average [the hospital were: Little Richard[~Imm sqow with reasonably moderate IA. Knicely, City; Mrs. Helen V. I temperatures. [Lawrence, Rippon; Mr. Walter T. [ But the winter of 1960-61 has [Roper, Mrs. Sarah L. Coe, Mrs. [ [~]~]~ ~e::e~oi] ]: h~d everything in extremes, [Alice Underwood, City;Mrs. Phy[ ~lm~,~ o C Sfiowfall has been just about dou [llis P. Penwell, Halltown. [ ~[~rr~ ble the average; temperatures fre [ Medical patients admitted were[ ~~/ quer!tly had beeF) below zero. And IMrs. Georgie King, Pipertown;1 , , From Panhandle CounheSpat. est Vir nia Seal Heart D eases NOTHING BUT PRAISE. ] +, [members met at the home ~f Mrs. Allen Marshall, with Mrs Jack " , . Of the 49 students at ShepherdIMembers of the Charles Town [,, ....... ;~ . tiuyet~, co Hostess zor Its r*eoru Old man winte has dealt tough blow ~ College who made the Dean s listlffftwands Club held their weekly ~. " .. " " It iaas ]3een routrh and expensive on everyone But per- for the first semester of 1960-61,[dinner meeting at /he Thomas[aryz'nu meeung.. .... ~" ," ot 1 f he re from e Jef e s v ,~ memoer ot me Jumor uar- " - h o ~a t a of 30 o t m a th f r on Hotel last Thurs ay e - ha we needed this added d splay of Ratine s w at t ........ c) en Cl b ~..,~P~.~.. ,,~ +~, ~h,~ ~'~t fh~ ,~6,.~ ~;fh ~ll ,~f th~ thin.g,Eastern Panhandle sect[on of[enlng and considering the weath d(.._u committee reported very ,~war,=. u~ ~. ~,,,. ..... ,.~-~ ,--.-. ...................... a--t~xr^ot wi..;..;. ~ith t~n af fh~m l er tho ntt~andanP~ s~ae ~nnd mat me attenaanee at me last " " ~ t IV gD A~gllAa, *..v.. ,-v.~ ......... ~ /~ fly)rig arounde ]n 3rbi :rdsre t_ SOs3martt:f e " aUn who [from Jefferson County. I"The club approved a motion [ UnnmreGrayrdena Ub :e pgghamd At any ' P - P g~-a ..... ] As a mattex" of fact six of the [ authorizing the Public Relations [ ............... " ....... .... Rave WOrKed many, many Hours over tnjr regular one I+.. t~n ~-,~ ,..m _Taffa~'enn ~n,,n l eamrnitaa fn ~,n, lt,~ o laH-,~,- f,~ hA Iwas nz gna[g u[ ffll"s, rltlgrl ~a- elrtef:eOtrt:otOmk~ePe Oo~roh~ghC~t~rY~oa~dci~ wad)~O t~et~2ofrO~e23Fg;nC3ou~ty ~d [ phh:rlcelSuT:W:ppCOUp~:oeXpfroeSS~ge :tt wt~s ~n~?sy~edHby ~h~gejs~" in long cold hours of time to help keep the wheels Ilist includes only those studentslquick and efficient manner in[ . a ...... business turning as normally as possible. [carrying 16 hours or plore with a]which it has cleared the snow and for weeks at a time it has failed [Mrs. Nellie M. Beavers, City;[ Then, too there should be a word or two of praise forl3.200 or better average. [ice from Charles Town's streets. [f'odil Show"t'o'be to get above freezing. [Mrs. Dorothy V. Goode, Ranson;| _+ our husthn and hard newsboys who deliver our daily The upper ten op the list are.[The Club also asked that the[+ For this "ro-ramm'~r-~-~'-~S0me ~yinters have had deep[Baby Terry Hill, City; Mrs. Car-] ~ ~ m | ~ ~CI newspapers,g The snowY and high driffs failed to halt these ]Catherir e Louise Hanson, 17 [ (ancild e pr.ess apprec!ation to ]corated flowerpots snows, hut 'all at one time. This [rie E. Johnson, Millville; Mr. Ed-[ m.,e m.-" youngsters who made their daily rounds on foot, either [ hours, 4.000, Shepn~dstown; b ar[. nen n o_n uowns, zor the trac.~S[acinth bulbs will be planted for winter snows have piled one atop [ward E, Summers, Mr. Bennie S.1 ~-, ,-~- . a'| carrying their big bundles on their backs or pulling them[ nd 19 hours, .l .yn rJes[ anmoOL eav /equ!pmem useo re[the Knott Rest Home. the other with monotorlous regul. [Johnston, Baby Susan H. Stagn er, i 2 L!3 ans ...~.~i. ^..a ,_-., ...... ,:---~ +~. ........... ];fHo l~f,~ /Town; ~anara usoourn, ~ nours, l,~muv+-~-,~ ~now. I Mrs Leeds Rielv was in charge arity. L " [Mr. Robert B. Ballenger, City;[ .......... on ~=u~, ~,.u w nttv ~zue~uu~ ,y,,~ ................ [3.833, Shepherdstown; Roy Lut.[For a program the Kiwanians[of iud~in~ for the'meetin~ "~ Even the kids have had their [Mr. William M. Horn, Harpers[ ~ney never rauea come mroBgn. . ...... I man, 18 hours, 3.833, Berkeley | heard an interesting explanation [ 151ow~er~Show Productio~a%,Some fill of snow. Perhaps they're tired [ Ferry; Mrs. Helen Watkins, City; [ Yes old man winter Has dealt us a rougH DIOW, DUb S rin-s' Svlvia Bn~son 16 hnur~ l of the great seal of the state of[ ..... - .... , , . , P o, ~ ........ , .... , . ming r~ew, a mobile teaturing we 11 keep battling and It shouldn t be too long now before [3812, Berkeley Springs; George [~rcst Virginia, given by Kiwanian fr.~h nigh+ ,~.~i~ ...... f of shoveling, or look with disgust I Mrs. Gladys Shirley, Cumberland, [ BE SUR~ to at the poss|bility of r0aking up [Md.; Baby Cynthia G. Ballenger, I _.. the Robins and Blue Birds start chirping.., lB. Warner, 16 hours, 3.812, Her-IWilliam Browm principal of Char i s ' leme-nts'"was"arran e i" school beyond the" normal [Harpers Ferry,' Miss Eleanor J. [Full Stock of ....... shey~ Pa.;'Car01 Ann Thacher, f7 lies Town High School. Mr. Brown IMr~ 'I-Iarfld Rmrr Mr~ AIl~n M;~r lkA# m. B ..... I. M......J I their annual convention in Baltl- I hours, 3,764, Shepherdstown; Dor [saiF1 th Seal was designed by I shall and Mrs George MulleR and ' e ..................................... People who have lived in this[Kearneysville. [ur 2Xll lXlnaS. W. m-. ~(]m~, Jl. ~omgll imore this week. The Mar-Del-Va [othy Mason, 16 hours, 3.750, Ger- [J_o~eph H..Diss Debar, a Rathe of I received 99 points. vicinity as long as 85 years sayI Out patients were: Ruth A. Par l ......... I Association consists of some 221 I rard~town; Mary Edna Jenkins, [~irpnce WhO em~grateo~o voo~- The following ribbons were re- this w|nter tops them all for snow Iker, Sharpsburg, Md; Alice Un-] Dir fnr Of Mar.Del.a [Farm Machinery Dealerships in Hours, .zau, ttan2on, ridge t' env .r; ceived: and severity. Who are we to dis-[derwood, City; Harry A. Brill, Eli nll lh ,t-I I: 11 "-''" .... " " ..... "- " " e a dnenorlczs, Hours, o./zz, anew Mar land Vir mla Delawarn . . 1 Arrangement-A monochroma . I [ 1 I... y .,.._'::_g ' lanaoan Junction War. He was elected as a dete-[tie dried arran m n* A 13 agree' lie Cline, Harpers Ferry; Luther I IAV mm [ILI VI' west v!r nza . . ............................... Hagerstown Mormng Herald i w Comer, Ranson; Wager Pen-I " a gate from Doddrldge County to Farm Equipment Dealers [ Mr. Ramey has been m" the [ ....... Lorn Benner of Shenandoah th~ first W Va Lemslat,,re' One [Peters' .... yellow. ....... I well, City. - I_ _. Ii equipment business for a- Juncuon nan.. average ..... r of ......... his flrst du es was to act as z magnmia (urma !oziage}--, I)r. Leo -,nstdn rl I I]elrmgerat0rs., m Wm F Rame Jr Mana -r ofl -, oo ......... ., .... ,,+ withi Th0s9 w,tha 3.6 average wee ......... I Mrs. C. C. Hammann, Blue. .... V"t I P0whatan Brass Has I -, ., :r . . cHairman oz a committee to Re- . Peoples Suoply Farm Machinery, [p ,mw.s Sunnlv [Mar orie Folk, Martmsburg, Haz- . .... ............... I 3. Pm Oak (dried fohage) Mrs. .............. '-'~" e t Md'Har a ,c.te, ., a | m Inc of Charles Town was elec-I ,,. [el Hay s, Hagers own,., ry ~. ...... . )Allen Marshall, Blue. Talks To U0ns On A olSO a oat oi rms xor me new ted to the Board of Directors of l ,LqE THE CLASSIFIEDS I Todd, Winchester, Va., Paul p- ............. 4. ArbarvRae, Mrs. A. D. Pc- Fxhlblts In Isbrandtsen --TRY THI " ............. , ............... ,..le Berl;ele., S.,rin.s. Diane ~tate oz west virginia. Tne l~eg- i ter~ w11.~, + * [ [ me lvtar.t~el-va Ketan v arm t~q-! -- Iv , ~ ~ ~, s, ;~v.+ .... a^..+^a +h^ c^.]o ~..a~ -~,-~-, .... uipment Dealers Association atI GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY IHammersley Rockville, Md.; Co~t"-'[ A~un~l~rl~icr~n'~d ~7~k~r ~:[ ~ ~l .... |ncm Is, aye note, t~reat t~acapon; _," ~ "- ....... , ............. , , Mobile Trade Famr I .... A .... I Bonnie O'Rourke, Martinsburg; oar" ~ /I a~Ammtmm~ll [ The Charles Town Lions Club[ " [ m" ..urn,10 Uill fll~llCn@ *|or ufllll DrlMP iporn;r r+n Dale Seburn, Hagerstown, Md. The disc of the Greater Sea! is/I I'IUIMIV I met Tuesday evening, Feb. 14 at[ It was announced this week by! VLV M~armm,"~, lUNL uBurI~t~ /tRr IIUW DrlRII ?tbbLr/l'U Those with a 3.5 average were 2~/~ inches in diameter. The ob-t[q~qaUllm I [ the Blue Grass Inn 'with presi-tC. F. Reininger, President and IBB! IIUPI~ /*~M[ ............. ,,* ........ . ........ Robert Jones, Bluemont, Va.; verse bears the legend, The/I I~mme, nkl~a-e, ] dent Via presiding. IGeneral Manager of Powhatan /Irrl, I/411bl; ~v," Charles Atherton, Shepherdstown State of West Virginia and the/I nmm mmr i Announcement was made that |Brassand Iron Works, Ranson, I + .,1 I'111)1 r.AUI.I~IVK Klqlf41/4~l;~11~111/ BE~IIIII~ " MONDAY, FEBRUARY at 8 P,M, Ane tta Kial6en' Shriver, Berkel. motto," Montani Semper Liberi'-/I .-v.....,.. i the Lions Sight Conservation ]that Powhatan was participating PAUL. & DICK ev Sorin s; Isabella Rockwell Mountaineers Always Free-was in ][ Ae mw [ Committee of W. Va. have start-fin the Isbrandtsen Mabile Trade i -" - " Young+, Berkeley Springs; Carroll serted in the circumferenee. In/I I III I I == I ed screenin all children in grad IFair, a program sponsored by the I Phone Zua Jones, Bluemont, Va:; Charles the eenter a rock with ivy, emble-/| ........ I Hill, Martinsburg; Anla !tarr s, matic of st~bil|ty and continuan./I I will take abou six weeks. [of round the world r iling yes. + narles TOWn, ltk l . Shepherdstown. Ce andon tile face of the 'ock the/I m.eo.t,.. Beeretary , i The Lions Sl-'ght program is one Isels, with the ultimate purpose Those with a 3.4 average were: inscription, June 20, 1863. There/t Chamber of Comtaeree + I " -- ! ..--.L_ Henry Ruppenthal, Berkeley is also depicted the pictures of at _.A ~'~lll~ Springs;Wa~heDeavers, Ali~xan- farmer with his axe and a miner / President JoeStaleyandyour Cl0sigg Out Sale Of Stove . dr[a, Va.; R( nald Dean Busey, Ha with his pick and anvil. [secretary became spelunkers for' mm Jr gerstown, Md.; Roberta Renn, On the reverse side is the pic-[a day recently,when we explored sueMartinsbgrg; CrabNrmaorchard;Jean Car.Seh" ture of a farm an oil derick, a ISkyline[anthoditesCaVeraS(caveatflowers)Fr0nt Royal.iand REDIJC[D PRICES Nn PERFECTION STOVES wien, Brandywine, Md.; Ginny manufacturing plant and a via-[This is the home of the famoB ii .~1~ ~ Snuffer, duct on the line of the B & O. I Ole Anti Drake,+FaIIihg"Water . Rail Hoad. These pictures seem[they are found in no other cav- ' Those with a 3.3 averagepamelaWere: to have predicted the future of lena. at the AMh MflRNING HEATERS Immll , alP' mmlllm m II -tnl Linda Riley, Augusta; Mary Fran West Virginia. [ Another anthodite room has mm y m-I m m ces Mason, Martinsburg; The speaker said that Governor ]been discovered Skyline WARM re,my f A LJ IJ LJ Emswiller, Wardensville; Nancy Boreman made Mr. Debar Con -/Caverns and we were invited i mmmm, Nm tmw liD' Selove, Martinsburg; Gloria Ell- missioner of Imigration. In this[the pre-vue. Radio anti news- EVERYTHING MUST GO! BUY AND SAV) ' , + "PTOWN THEATRE io,t, Martinsburg; Peggy Miller, position he induced imnflgrants|paper coverage was provided-a- = v ' S P E C ! A L: lm a~-, ~sC--~', w.~,~.l'~ c wo H~00 Hedgesvflle. to settle in West Virginia. He[long with a Social+Period and a ,A,|,US Ar 2 r/a AT ,,*0,a Those vith a 3.2 average were: brought a Swiss Colony to Dodd./steak dinner.* L / r,.H,_ ta.,.~ ,,r~"" "'/ram4' .-=-".~.T," :2":~._.. r.~. ,,. ,,,s0+ t*-,, --.- ....... **,,. ,,' :'.m, Edwin Stanfield, Falling. Waters;++ ridge County, another one to Hell It+was a very pleasant exper. " PERFECTION. 40 INCH ELECTRIC RANGE...FulIt H,I,,) ._ | e.M. ch, t.,o Joann Campbell, Milton, Dela- vetia in Randolph County. Mr, |ience, Our president was introdtm V~.NING$ l~ ) 7 30 P M Orch i~ ,~ toge IZ l~ ISet $l #4} ,, " t ................ ( " [ ' ware; Richard Keiter, Winches- Debar moved to Cincinnatti, Ohio led at the banquet as Jadge Sta: ;+ .... ter Va.; Albert Copenhaver, Mar- a few years before his death[Icy. The "Judge" got in sol!7 e 'd mA95 .... ....... -. ...... ..... + Automatic-,--REDUCED TO $ mc,, ' tinsburg; Marlin Evans Moore- which occurred in 1875. [good plugs.for Jefferson +Cotmt 1 II0t~Y M~t, ~ P.M.--W~shl,~t~,'~ II~n~, W~. ~. ZZ field; Robert Holmes, Shepherds- [ ;:+ " ::' * ' *' ~ : N~MI~ L , town; Irma speg, Shepherdstown; ............. | While on the subject ,of cave,~, ~*"' " + - Alice Marquiss' H~gerstwn' Md'; J~" Wglt~t~ 't "~ ~'~ [Wer have received a mst 'nterest" (',HATKII }Vii STORr." ~-= ...... ' ; ...... - Ethel !tenneberger,' Boonsbor0, VALENTINE PARTY ling letter from W. Vai~ State I~,O~IZAT@+.w_ .AT$~....ORcH.r~ ~OO~r'] IIAkC. E] ~4AT~ I&VIL[~ Md.; Way,nan Braxton, Halltown. ** ' -- |Trooper A. J. Wade in connec- ........ The Charles Town Junior Wom[tion w th our own George Wash- 215 W. Race Street Martinsburg, W. .......... - Air conditioned umbrella is pa art's Club Valentine Party will bc lington Masonic Cave. Trooper -- ~ tl4~lF t, Dl~lzSs(e. SrAMPEO INVELOP WITH I;HECK OR MONEY ORDER ~O T~ " ' "a e .... C ,,.o., mu,.,,,, c,.,.,v,.,.w.w.,m+w.J.m, tented, held at the V. F, W. Home s tur|Wad ,,who ,s now lo ated in Par OPEN EVENINGS ALL DAY F,r Tkeotre ]Pqrty Informotl~n Ce)t WO ~+7@~! " . . day night at 9:00 o'clock. Mere-|sons, said that while tationed _ i,] I I , I m j ; , USE TI : $1FIF 8 ber aad glebr guests areinvRed./here he received injuiries, from