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February 12, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 12, 1959

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" son David were visitors Sunday with ,the lusters parents Mr. and THE WEATHER AND OTHER Mrs. Moss Ran alli of Mille|lie Mr. and Mrs. William Wilt were visitors recently with their dau- ghter and family Mr. and Mrs. Guilford Turner (~f Murrell Hill By Mrs. Georgia Pearl Mr. and Mrs. Robert O~t and ,~ family and Mr..and Mrs. Paul , , ,m ~ Wil.t and daughter Patsy Charles Changeable Weather ning cooler but a day of sunshine; Town were dinner guests 'Sunday S..d.~ Sch~ ~o.*lnte~~ V.~'~ Well every week there is always cooler in the evening. Sunday mor with Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey a report of some sort about .the ning some fog not much sunshine Writ and daughter Antionnette ~eather which has been rather all day and toward evening heavy and Arbutus. Bible Material: Mark 12:28-34. changeable the past week. On *Mon clouds. Monday morning snow and Death of Mr. oat Devotional Reading: 1 John 3:1-11. day morning very heavy fog, verysleet appearance of a bad day. Our very deepest heart felt sy- pene~atlng air but in early after Take good care of yoursel, hopempa~hy goes out to che entire noon we did have some sunshine, to ',be with you again ne~t week family in Che'death of their father Tuesday morning an appearance Mr. and Mrs 'Eugene Wilt and Mr. Adam oat who passed away in of a very nice day We did have ason Lee and dau hter Cind L . g~ y ou Charles Town General Hospital. very nlce day and in mid ,after-of Murrell Hill were visitors Sun He had been a p~tient ,there for noon westerly winds were becom- day evening with the formers oar lng cold and during the night a ents Mr and Mrs Humtphrey "~llt one month Mr. O~t was well $~ change in the wea.ther and warm and dau" hters A : " . known in our community and . ..... g n~tmnnet.te and A1 many years ago lived in our ell-SUPPOSE the world had grown or. weanesaay mormng w~th ram butus and fog later in the day glad to.. ....... lage for quite a long time His so wicked that you could not ha~e su.nshine but late in the ev- oar. ana mrs. ~eorge rat.~on hobby I know .was ,music and a on~.~= .,~.~ -,~ro ~,.= ,o-~ ~*r,,,~ motored .to George~wn Hosl~tal real lover of music, iMany ,were the find any one who could be guar- get 'from west and sure enough a,,on ~ ~u..,,~: .~# .~,un~ay an~v~s times that he along with the late anteed to keep more than one of .... w'" h-i ................... ............. .... Mrs. Grace Ott and the Nicewar- the Ten Commandments? And sup- wm~e carpe~ mc a an ~ ms~ ~oo " ' ' Hers would visit in our home when pose you wanted to be married ? long as the bright sun sent forth tCh:rrles Talton who is a patmnt we lived on the farm near Mar- Which commandment would you its golden rays and the white car- ,.~et vanished. FYiday ~norning a Mrs. Annie . Grove of Charles tinsburg and Mr. Pearl and my- feel your future wife or husband day ~f sunshine all day rather Town was a wsi,tor recen.tly with 'self .along wiVh Mr. oat and Bobsimplymnstkeep, seemed like spring. Satu~tay mor her son and family Mr. and Mrs. Nicewarner spent .many precious regardless ? If ~!~ Oscar Grove hours in hymn singing Many were you can answer I IIIII II II IIIII III III i Mr. and Mrs. William Dinges the .ti,mes we sang until ,the wee that question, you .......... i and family were dinner guests Sat hours of the morning. He will behave answered ~~ ~|~J J~|li~ i urday with ,the latters mo~hergreatly missed by his family andanother question: H~ ||||L.L~ Mrs. Moreland of Hamilton, Va. friends and neighbors. What, for you, is ~~~ ~. __ ._.. [ 'Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilt and JlV~ TV I li,ttle son Duane .were visitors re- the most impor- ~~~ ~F,L, | cently wi~h the latters parents Mr.~"lr ~ Mi~i0n|.|lW tant command- ~~!:~ .and 'Mrs. Ral%)h Marshall of Lee- . ment in the law ~~;i~ TU,, I,, _ Loans Made o, ,a , rs. Oll e r, awK were very old question. Dr. ~orema~ R.~fl ~'(~I,~CK Iris|torn Sunday wi~h the labters Teachers of the Law used to de- ,~'_~.~,'~.~ ,motherGrove. Mrs. Mary Cogle of Silver ilal) !--'ufng 19~ bateit at length. Jesus himself was J[b~W QU[ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett once asked the question directly: ~,.n,,,o TOWN were visitors Sunday with their "Which commancLment i~ the first wn~x~ ......... ] daughter and family Mr..and Mrs. Loans made and insured by ,the of all?~ At~V Vl~51z'~lTl~ Nell Slusher of Ranson. Farmers Home Administration of My lied, My Neighbor, Myself WILL BE Mr. Charles Tal,ton h,as returned the U. S. Department of Agricul- ('~ _~M~f~R~I~ RV TlS ]to Mr. Howard Wilts home asterSure ~n West Vi.rgini,a during 1958 Jesus did not answer the ques- ----, " ~,~ v-.-, ........ several days in Georgetown Hen- ~totaled $3.4 million, Kennebh W. tion by quoting a single one of the ~AP~U ' IMIEI~kIEg'~A~/ j pftal for check up and ~rea~ment. Shaffer, State Director, announced "Ten Commandments." He quoted ~[I ~IY~I-~| He is getting along very nicely,today. T.his compared with $2.3 His f~mily is at Mrs. Talton's par n~llion advanced in 1957. The ex- two verses from parts of the Old ~.~.V.~qPER aT ~UR STORE Ients Mr. and Mrs: Howard Wil.t. panded Iarm housing authori.ty ac Testament which to us are less familiar. First from Deuteronomy ...... ..~'~?-" "--*~----~--"-----='-..~. Mr. Eugene Shreeves (~f Arling counts for most of ,this increase. 6:4.5; and second from Leviticus FOR YOU~--F-R-J~-'-E--(~-'H-A'/~-L;-J~TELEDHO~I~ CALL. ~an' Va~imt.~ed to the farm Tues Loans outstanding are estimated FOR A T " ' I y a ~ pe .t the day making aat approximately $9.9 m~llion com 19:18. (The reader might well look YOU MAY WIN THE BIG check-up of odds and ends that pared with $8.5 million on Decem- these up and mark them in his -- [~leeded to be done when spring Bible; for if Jesus could be said JACKPOT PRIZE. came. , oer 31, 1957. Approx.imately 2100 farmers, inever to have boiled down the whole / Mr. and Mrs. George Talton, cluding ,those ~ho had nat corn- Old Tes~mment into two sentences, ~|it I~ I~ I~ ~ ~ [Mr. and Mrs. ~arland Piper were pletely repaid advances (~btalned these are the two.) One command r ~ ~ .~ Iv|alters recer~tly with Mr. and in previous years, .made use of the unites the two: LOVE. Jesus did . ,, -- w w Mrs. Howard Wilt and family, agency's credl~ services during the not, of course, mean to say any- ~|~ Tl~| ~|~|~U i Mr. and Mrs. Charles GarreCt year. - thing so absurd as that a simple|~J " |I.LL~I~I~JII land Mrs. 'Myrtle Wilt ,motored toThe number of loans made dur- command can produce love. The a ~ ~ ~ i ~ s~ ~ t- ~ ! Warrenton, Va. and visited with A r r L t ~ ~ L C ~ i their aun,t Mrs. Maud Healy who ing the year totaled 1,045. sergeant can say, One, two, three, ! is a medical patient in the hospital More than 250 repwid their loans in full in 1958 and reached a pen- March! The music teacher can say, ~ West Washington St at Warrenton, Va. Latest reports |4ion where they could obtain cred One, two, three, Play!" The lion "-- '" ~" "atm, t Maud as she is better known it through other sources, tamer can say, One, two, three, ~h~..l~ Town W Va Everyone in our community is im The bulk of the loans was used Jump! But not even God says, One, ~.t..-..,,- ' " " proving and very proud to hear ato develop and strengthen family- two, three, Love! Human beings OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS good r e?ort. Mr. r~oward Wilt and son Estel type farms. Farm families who are not made that way, and no one brorowed the funds were assistedknows it better than the God who l Wilt delivered a load of coal to in developing sound farming sy-made us. .li~ ~ ...... Ithe home of Mr. Lacy Lanham of stems and adopting farming prac- What Jesus did mean is hat NiW=" 7!N/rN,~v/rN I Neersville, Va. 1 ,bi ces. Before a loan is made an ap- this is what God requires of us, ios9 May Need More Coo plican, t's planneod operations must "~'~~ [ There are indications of snow f~ ],and we may get it. Winter isn't show sufficient income to pay liv- nothing less. We cannot fulfill his ing expenses, operate and main- other commands till we have made lover and Mr. Wilt is making plans ~ain the farm, retire debts, and an honest effort at this one first. ~~~k~[|l~k t~o motor to Shaw, W. Va. and provide a reserve for emergencies. ~Jesus' selection of these two .. ]bring a load of coal back. Mr. Credit was extended to farm ~|~[~r[~il~ [ Groundhog saw his shadow so he ~families who had or could obtain commandments shows also the mis- "~k~J~J~p~ I has gone back for a snoo~e of six ~he land, labor and other resour- take of taking either of them sop- _ | weeks and he has his plans all cos needed for successful farming arately. There are those who do ~|~~~::;;~:,..~ | made and we want .to have plenty i bu,t who could not obt,~in frown not understand what loving God ~|~~~,~] | coal and be just as cozy as ,Mr. local sources Vhe credit needed ~5o means, and so try to make up for ~I~!~Et~T~ :~tl I Groundhog. I Mr and Mrs. un or Grove of finance heir operations, it loving people, how is it During 1938 loans for the ,pur- possible to love people, who are ~!~~'~||1 I Silver Grove were visitors recently chase of equipment and livestock God's children, and at the same !:~|~ | wit;h the latters parents Mr. and and the financing of fertilizer, in- time ignore their heavenly Father ? ~[~'~/~I'/AA~B I Mrs. Thomas Longerbeam. sect~cides, 'fuel and other farm and ~I~U~~')~|| | Mr. and Mrs Elmer Jenkins and home operat4ng costs were made Also there are those who are so much impressed ~by the greatness ~"~.~)~::ii~ | " I sons Rodger. Bruce and Warren to 800 ~farmers for a total of $1,500 of God and the littleness of man, ~~ | and daughter Charlotte and Lois 1000" ...... ....... | and little Marcie Jenkins and Mr. Loans to buy, develop or enlarge the holiness of God and the sinful | Carl Viands all of Murrell Hill farms or to refinance debts were follies of man, that they give up | were visitors Sunday evening at made :to 39 ,farmers for a total of loving human beings and lavish all ~i!i ! | the home of Mr. and Mrs. G C. $550,000 of whioh $350,000 was their affection on God above. These | Pearl. provided through the insured loan need Saint John's reminder: How ............ | 'Mr. and Mrs. 'Mearle Wile .~nd program, can a man love GOd, whOm he has -r'-- " | ~on David were visHJors Suhday The first water association for not seen, if he does not love human v ~ ~ | evening with the formers sister the sta~te in ~the amount of $144,. beings, whom he has seen? Then | and family of Murrell Hill. 900 was made to the Tri-County there are the numerous people who tt t Mr. and Mrs. Mearle Wilt and Water Association of Falrmon.t love only themselves, period; and ' " ~ during the year. Farm Housing loans were made by contrast the people who believe PUBLI(: SALE ,to162 farmers for a to.l of $1- we Should never love ourselve,. 200,000. Loan .funds were .'used ,to (This overlooks the point--love thy build 74 new dwell,ings and remod- neighbor AS thyself. If love of one- " el 14 old ones. Barns and poultry self is sinful, so is love of neigh- houses were built on 98 farms, bor!) The true ideal is not any one Water systems were installed in 52 of these with the others left out; Discontinuing Dairying and Farming to devote my entire I homes, but all these three--love (which is time to my other business, I will sell on my farm 3,milesThe farmers obCained ,the loans North of Thurmont, along Route 15, in Frederick County, through 21 county offices located to say, concern for the good and Maryland, on in agricul~tural areas .throughout the welfare) of God, our neighbors, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1959 West Virginia. ourselves. In each county a commibtee of BEGINNING AT 10:30 O CLOCK A. M. TO-WIT: three local cRizens, ~t least two How This Works of Whom are farmers, determines From the numberless applica- 55 - HEAD REGISTERED AND the elig~:bility of each applicant tions of this central law of God, GRADE HOLSTEINS - 55 orsand iassiStSnadaptingthe agency'SnationalSuyerv, iS-pollcies let us select one which is approp- , Thirty-Eight axe Milk Cows and 18 are Canadian bred to local conditions, flute to Temperance Sunday. Here cows, mostly all registered. Eight fresh by day of sale. n~u~ll iSchristian, sa problem:attitudeWhat to-Shuldalcoholicbe a 7 close springers and 5 first calf heifers fresh in January Brow as liquors? Suppose a man tries to and now mtlking heavy; balance in full flow of milk. Three due in April. Eighteen Head Heifers from 4 to 18-months Had B y Ti tly answer that question on the basis old. Calfhood vaccinated and herd T.B. and Bangs Certi- ~$ m~ Re~e~ of love to himself alone? Then his fled and test will be run within 30 days of sale so that question will be simply: Is this animals can go into any herd. This is a fine herd of heavy producers and can be inspected anytime prior to sale. Members of Brownie Scout going to do ME any harm? If the Troop No. 45 of Charles Town answer is No (if---l) then he may 1 Palamino Riding Stallion. have been quite busy the :past four proceed to drink like a fish. But weeks enjoying hikes, a doll show suppose he tries to solve his prob- DAIRY EQUIPMENT and making a visit to a fire hall. lem on the basis of love to God For the doll show each girl alone; then he may4~sk, Is the al- Wilson 250-gal. Milk Bulk Tank, like new; 4 DeLavai brought her own doll ~o represent coholic content of my blood, high Milker Units, 2-years old; 3 Compartment Wash Up Tank, a, model frovn Paris ,and New.York or low, going to hurt GOD? Well, Drain Rack, 2 Stainless Steel Strainers, Rubber Tire Feed City. The Brownies also enjoyedhe thinks, of course not (though Cart, Jet Fly Sprayer, Other Small Items. a bu, bble gum co,:test and last he is mistaken); so he again may FARM EQUIPMENT T hursdaYTownIndependentthey visitedcitizen,sthe CharleSFire proceed to drink like a fish. But Ferguson Model 20 Tractor, Ford 12" double bottom plows, Halls. At 'the Independent com-suppose he opens his eyes wide New Holland 7-ft. mower for Ford or Ferguson 3 pt. hitch, partY EIwood Unger explained the enough to take in his neighbor;-- used 2 years; McCormiek-Deertng Model H Tractor and cul- fire ,truck and also the ambulance his children, his family, others who tivators, McCormick-Deer|rig F-20 Tractor, New Holland service to the group, while at ~he have weaker will-power than him- Model 77 Baler, used 3 years, like new; McCormick-Deering Citizen's Hall Howard Whitmore,self, those who look to him a~ an blower, new; Fox Field chopper With grass pick-up and corntook the girls on a tour ~f the hall example, those who will be affected head; 2 Grove low down Wagons, one with high silage bed; and e~cplained the fire-~ighting by the clearness or fuzziness of his ~o~er and winch with roller for silage wagons; Massey- equipment ,to them. mind as he makes decisions . . H~flS manure spreader, 2-years old; Case heavy duty 4 bar Friday ,the Brownies of Troop then he will look at his drinking $1~[~ ~e;2 wheel trailer wlCh cattle racksi wood frame bar- 45 along wSth o~her Brownie andhabits in quite a different light. No row, David Bradley 28 disc harrow; Saxton harrow, D2 Cater- Girl Scouts will have a skatingmaa lives on an island alone; and p|Uar Tractor, almost new with less than 2,000 hours, alsopa~ty at Be~ryville, Vs. Christian love keeps that fact al- ~l~" power attachment, Heavy Duty Loader and pump; Moulton F arms Cow Has ways bright in the mind, 105 H. P. Minneapolis almost new "power ~Unit, John Deere Model B Tractor, lot of new lumber, coal chicken brooder, Record Production Mark (Based on outlines copyrighted by circular wood saw and frame; some small tools., thOr|Division of Christian Eduoation. E E D S o christ in the U. S. A. Released by ,: ' : ~ F Bra~tleboro0 Vt.-Aregistered Na onal CoUncil of the Churches of Holstein cow owned by Moul.ton CommmdD, l'~ss Satyr.} 60 Tons Good Silage, 1,000 to 1,500 Bales Good ltay, S y- ~arms, Charles Town, West Vir- bean and Mixed Timothy, other items that are not mentioned, glnia, ~aas completed an official 363-day record of 17,522 lbs. of , TERMS:--CASH ON DAY OF SALE. milk and 600 lbs. of bu.tterfat on NEXT WEEK- ANOTHER MR. & MRS. JEPTHA E. HARWOOD Sdvanced. e istry test. Hazel.ton Pride Cascader Lea THURMONT, MD. PHONE 5652 3159621at the agestartedof her8 yearstesting periOdand was RRI@OI4 EMMERT R. BOWLUS, Auctioneer. - milked 2 times daily. LESSON. FOR H. M. ALEXANDER, Clerk. Weighing and Ces~ing of her Lunch By Ladies of Thurmont Brethren Church. produetion.~,us superv.ised by'W. Febz'uary 5 and 12- 2't. Va. University in coperation with The Holstein-Friesian Association ~[ MODERN WOPd.D ~.. of America. i "This Way Please" To Be under bhe National Wool Ac~ of SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS Sermon For Lutherans 1954. Payments under the 1958 program will be m~ade ,this summer 4---B THURSDAY Sunday;. Other Events Set when the p aymen~ rates are deter mined on the basis of national The folk~wing schedule of ser- average prices received by produc vices 'for Sunday, Feb. 15 and ers for shorn wool during .the 1958 DR. VERA FISCHER, other church and Sunday School marketing year Any marketings EYES EXAMINED GLASSES functionset for next week were af.ter March 31 will be eligible un- _ .... .... -- .... announced Monday for St. The- der the 1959 program Hours:---v:aa - ~:uu--t;losea iuesaay ana man Lu.t'heran Church, Ranson by I.f any condition concernin~r .the OPEN Friday Evenings Until 9:90 F.. the Rev. Richard E. Nell, ,pastor. sale is not sebtled by 'Marcta 31 Phone 785 112 S. Charles St. Charles T(~ Sunday Church School at 9:45 a. ,~he sale will not :be considered as t m.; Robe!-~ Ross, Superintendent. completed. Title must have passed ~; The Service at ll:OO a. m. w~th ehe buyer, the wool must have_. sermon, "This Way, Please". Nur- been delivered to the buyer( eith-~l sery held during worn.hip; er .physically or through docu- p ~ ~ t# #t u ~ '. hour follows the Serwce. Jumor men, ts) and the last of the factors r || K |J ~ K Luther League will have a su~pper (price per pound( w~lgbt, yield ....... ,'==~ "'~A~=~, tllil~ meeting at the parsonage at 5:30 [and so on) needed to determine I[~li~Jtnv UlY I'IIIMII'D[It- i~l~ p. m. Senior Lu,ther League meets [~he ,total purchase ,price must be !11./4151 "IVlIIA bUl~b111./1. at the parsonage at 7:00 p. m.; .avaiMble exrqained ,~ .topic-"Gambling" by John Martin. A1aplic~tions for paymen,t under CALL CHARLES TOWN 899 "'W"edne?:~Y'-mimW-WseeekmLen~"efn?~e,w~n['the 19,58t:nunr, vPrgram mustbe filedno~ VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILLI',; ~l~der n es s,, ."Sen'~:o r Choir' rehear-lia~e-r t~hnaen Xp~l--l'30 ~I~9.Umce mm..---ffi....n .--===~ .--. ,= ,i after the service. Thursday, I ................ / llR |HMRbR II|MP Curb Scout Training Program .at .... , ...................... |||V|||~ L~|,|~L,|| ~l'|t~ ~x,~ C,UrOz~ wu :,,~ 'v,. . v ~'~ " r f " " "~ ers, workers and den mothers. Jun [ e lnery. MillvlUe Plant No. 899 Charles |or Choir practice Friday at 4'15 ~ " 55 - m First "ear catechism classI Premdent calls talks on defense Martmsburg_ Plant AM 7-89 ,~ v" Y I spending ( at 10:00 a. m. Saturday; confirmI at|on{ class at 11 : 00 ~. m. u ou ....~asons wh ~? ~ ' Wool ear SMITH &STRIDER Will End March 31 FUNERAL HOME , . ,Plan Home Gardens Now West Washington St. I It Chairman Clyde Bonar of the Charles Town W. "ra. kk I i F m State Agricultural Stablization , . 1 i m and ConserVation Committee to-I l l ~ ~--'~='; 7j~tt~ day reminded farmers that the[ PHONE'-- 1 ~l "Y~-~~\._-_\ ~:~ marketing year under the 1958 " ~A]~|~ Tnw~ ~] wool program will end on 1VIarch [Day' 370 Night ~uMt|,-,,-,,~ tv.t~ v,,.,~j 31 ~" ~ PHONE 226 CHARLES ;the wool program, is conducted t Ell [ ][ I i " ' ~"'~'=~ 0 ..:::...........: ::::::=::::::~::::::::i~~ $ The Church is fl)e greatest fact 1 [ ,i [ ~ch,mekher democracy " ,u,v~v,. ~h~,, .,o fou, ,oo, e~ shouldauend service support the Church They are" (I) For his , ' gl ~ ] support the Chu.rch~.Th.e,y are: ][ I ~~']the sake of his communityY r.o ..o^ .,~ ^i ms~2f:l?~7:,and n they come encircle me grade ney speak many languages v- [ the sake of the Church itself, w [ moral and materi~! supp0tt.' g [ church regularly and read you I ook ~ m Ja an or Chxca o and re ardless of h s 0ket~ Day B C p r r 4 '' [ Sundai Mark [ Monday John ' Tuesday Aets 12 1-)7 ..... ~:)~* : [Wednesday ,James I ~r:~"' t~ This Advertmement Sponsored By The Business Firms Below In Support Of i I ' The Churches Of The Community: SMITH & STRIDER KIRBY CLEANATORIUM ,, J. L, EACKLES FUNE FUNERAL HOME i "DRY CLEANING AT ITS BEST $. DONALD EACI~ Charles Town, - - - W, Va~ East Washin~ton St: Phone 686,W Harpers Ferry, W. .... " L.W. JAMES, Owner 1~ , WHITMORE LUMBE MERCHANT & NOLAND ' . I G U L F S E R V I C E CHARLES ,TOWN .... BUILDING sU 8 321 West Washington Street ESSO SERVICE STATION Phne 650 Charles T Charles Town, W. Vs. Phone 5006 Phone, 5007 Charles Town, W. Va. -~J. EMERY K ' "':, -: ..... " ESSO DISTRIB~ H.W. WAGELEY, INC. COMMUNITY OIL CO., INC. Phone 5~8 W Chaxles SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE CITIES SERVICE ~u~.~ .,,o-..~....~f_f Phone 241 Charles Town, W. Vs. Charles Tow,, W. Vs. PITTg..IEFFEILqO~PITTS- JEFFERSO ~ Martinsburg' W. Vs. -- Leesburg,'Va. CHARLES TOWN, J ~, r r I~ I% ;~.U .1.~1 ' :" "ALWAYS A Good HARDWARE CO., Inc. VALLEY BOARD CORP. ~. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS HALLTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA J.C. PENNEY C Phone 45 Charles Town. W. Vs. RODGERS SINCLAIR CHARLES TOWN, ~ SINCLAIR & GOODYEAR PRODUCTS & INSURANCE CO. West Washington St. Phone 5036 & IRON V RANSON, W. VA. PHONE 309 Charles Town, W. Va. RAN$ON WEST