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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
February 12, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 12, 1959

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H~ lul.~i.'em ~'..~^~t.,I ~Am&^~&,~N$ , ]~'~ or wi~h an avernge be~er Ehan at Fah'wny Cleaner:~ in Charle~ .qPIRIT OF JEFFER,qON rAnMn . l~. MUlIIII ,.)UL~,~IUI ~,UIIIg~lOIll B. Of the students named this Town. The couple will live at Soft *6--A .... TH[:-RSDAY, FEBRUARY e m i~# w e,e / e, #, . . [year, half are graduates of public thorn Courts in Charles Town. InJunior womans uuu ewtngt, omes, [hi~v~issChu:~am is a raduate, o, ---=-- He-- ssembly 0OfRa __ Stuart Hall Staunton Va and Mrs. Dorsev Honored ~ : ~%:~:~:: ...... ~:~,~; ...... ~ she ,s pros,dent of the freshman rder __ inbow] II J By Women Of Moose At Girls Is Institute urday I! [ MIss Henry Becomes .... ;i: ] IwIIU wlnl ;I b /ll/ l llq, Chaplain, Jean I4 i!i :!! ..... ' I! I Bride Of Mr. Barrow Mrs virginia Do,'sey of the Col AT THE CIRCLE IN RANSON I lege of Regents of the Charles [ ~ leader, Marlene Kisner; [ Announcement was made this Town Chapter Women of the| ~ na Tiernan; Religion, :MEA- T S ~~,~l~ [week of the marriage on Wednes- Moose and who was honored Jan-[ ~ Say|lie; Nature, Sand nu" * LIT| v w :! ~~:"S~ ~ [day, Feb. 4 of Miss Sylvia Bell uary 25 at the Mid-Winter Con-] ~: ~ tlmmortality, Linda Po ~k~ ] ~ ]Henry daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ference held in Martinsburg, ~as ! ~ ~ [ity, Doris Slaughter. -*~ ~ ~ ]Ralph Henryof 10thAvenue, Ran speaker for the Women of the[ ~. ~ ~ ] Patriotism, Jane M~ : :~~ ! I~l ~ I son to Mr Max E Barrow son of Moose meeting in Charles Town ! l~ ~ ~1 [vice, Dolores Steeley; c j ~ [Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Barrow of Tuesday evening when a Ritual' ~ ........ & [observer, Jean Lorenz; FRESH FRYING CHICKENS - -|~lIJ. 29c :d ~ ~ [Bunker Hill, W Va Chapter Night program was held. ~ ~ [server, Mary Merchant; ll ~ili}i : ~ ~ .~ ~, [ The ceremony was performed by Mrs. Dorsey talked on the ritual ~ [Natalie Warden" choir ROASTERS .... tb. 39c ItheRev. IvanG. Mangle of Keedys and whyitissoimportanttoprac [Jane Specht and' Mothel Iv|lie Md at 8 p m at the church, tice the ritual. Mrs. Dorsey also ]Mrs. Roscoe Payne. Rock[naham Fresh PORK SHOULDERS ]bo 35c ~~l ~l~ ] The couple were attended by !gaveamost interesting talk on the [ Advisory board mer~ [Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barrow, bz'o College of Regents and how to be . ~ [Mesdames Clark Furr, C :~@@..v.[~...~ QUALITY Di-[:l-DPrP'=" ~~llk~:':~~ -7~ ~. ['Jthergrmand sister-in-law of the ferenceCme on at the Mid-Winter Con- :::~: |troll,[hie' RoscoeMiss MaryPayne'Magaha,singl' [Mrs.RichardAdams, ~]4 . . /The bride was attired in Navy Semor Regent Phylhs Pro pps ROUND....u L_I___ . It__1.. 89c .... ..... . o who presided for the Tuesday It lt .......... ! I ; |blue with m tchin shppers and . . : |Glaize. . other accessories in white with a mght meeting, announced that Mrs. Wlllard Martzn was declar- ta splash print of royal and pea- [ ........ f , ~+ ...... ...... ~,~,,~ the organ'zation will ,serve dinner :: |Assembly,| Gifts werethePresentedaltar Bi:bl~'t SIRLOIN STEAK . = It[0. 79C ed the winner in the Charles Town|cock blue on white the single but/~u,,'~, ~.', ~. ':"~.'""T,, ..... ~'f,~ ........... ......... Junior Woman's._ Club's s.ew!ng [ton jacket !|ned with. white cotton ]le~Vow~~I]gh~ ~r~aoU~ec~as~nao~ }or~'i't~,s'~b'a~nquet~Sa'~ur~ay~ n'ig~ i, /Martinsburg Asembly; am CUBE STEAKS .... lb, 69{: eon~es~ staged r'moay mgn~ m ~ne inulin. 'ro~ai cos~ o~ ~ne ou~i~ was ho~g ~nd she was also '-raduated and for the Kiwanis Club banquet [Eastern|els by thestar;Charlesthe PutTThor i Hilleary House in Charles Town [$7 00 and on it she was given 97 l;~ ? ....... ~. ~ -- - ~- ~7 ~~ ~a [cover for[Cntentsthe PotbY MrS.of OolaZi'M~ C0RKHILL FRANKS .... |I$IL.@7~,A~" in connee,ion with ~he General l.f". .......... , ....... |zrom ~ne wes~ wrgm~a ~oiiege o~- ..... Federation of Woman's '~l-~- ~----~ [''"~'~-%'Y'~Y'---~'-'~" "-- ....... ]Beauty Culture in Martlnsburg.B!rthdays of co-workers Ger- |~ Vogue Pattern Sew|n- Contest I ............................ tShe ls presently employeo at the , ,~ # ~ ......... ...Fssbav~.can ~ [h]_lln-_r.. BACON '__.m 43c s ............. c~ozz~,,~u,ac~.. Martha Washington Beauty Sal-Kathryn Feltner were celebrated And :n the above picture Mrs. Mar [ Last Saturday she competed in [ I w'th a bir+h"~ ..... t.~ ...~ ^~.. Y. _ .}.ty of ~upreme As ]for initiation by Mrs, r'~ tin is shown with the three other ]a district contest in Moorefield. [nThe room a~tended Musselman ] r;freshmentscarried*'ou'~t'in~7'a~'- sem~y..o{ ~ne ~roer oz ~ainoow ]estals and ballot boxes bY ;or ~;ris, under the direction of|Mrs Carlton Hehle" tit Esskay s Finest Grade Bacon. New Cure lb. 59{: contestants. They are as shown in] Judges were Mrs. Brown Hen-| g ] entine fashl"n ,,,h;'~ ....... ~ .... .~ Mrs. Olive M, Zimmer, Charleston, [each new member bv the ' " ' m lo ed ~ " '~" "'~" ~"J~' LONG HORN CitEESE - - . |,lt'. the p~cture (left to zught)--Mrs. [dricks home ec instructor at Char |High School and is noTe p y ~. -,, " Supreme Inspector, Charles Town [visorv h~rcl. ~ clerl~ f 49c Norman KAsner. Mrs. Martin, Mrs. |los Town High SChOol Mrs Jos: ]by the Jefferson Manufacturing ~'* "~"" . Assembly of the Order of Rainbow [ Mother ........ Advisor Mrs. Ba ~-m Harry Jenkins and Mrs. C. F. ]eph Cepelka in similar work in|Company iri Martinsburg. a Dasket2f fooo was. .takento.a for Girls was instituted SaturdaY[ne ' Printz. |the high school in Berryville, Va. [ Following the ceremony the I n~e~l~Y zamzsy o~ ma~, w~e and s~x afternoon in Charles Town. The [ ,~ ..... ~',~- ,~,os atte" Mrs. Martin wore a sheath dress [and Mrs Linden Bush a former |bride and groom left on a wedding cn z.oren ~unuay, ~o.. ~ v y co- new Assembly is sponsored by . -- ....... ?~'"~.'." ~*- -zal with short jacket of cotton satin home demonstration agent. [trip to Cleveland, Ohio. On return I workers ~_~er~ruoe yram, t-n~.ns Charles Town Chapter 128 Order large number o~ oovzz m*e~ ' h rid s r'ropps ~acnerme wrier ano ou- ~~- ling they will reside wl~h t e b e I. . =~ ....... of Eastern Star with Mrs' Clark ana ~naries rown ~,, = . ------ Ill~ll~l~ [[narents~ ]oer~ ~ropps, ~ne la~er of the meet~ng.FurrAssemblyWOrthYofficers31 MatrOnformallyof 'Martins~burg'peninUinstitutedthe[ ~rveaEastern~he~yStareveningmemoersand MasonSo~_dCtl~ ...... ~ ' - ' l- "~ men's lodge. It was announced In a ban~ COFFEE ...........~...~.~".~..~".~~'~'.~....~.....~...."........'~.............~.......""........."......~..~.~".....~.""."~...~--------.- ..u--. l"[eaners ~|ass*~' Has|' clothingthat the family is also in need also any members having the new Assembly. Martinsburg of I"l:wn ;as:ern. [ar ........... ~'--'~ "~ [ ~ . ~ ,~ .* have clothing they can not use ficers then exemplified the in|t-]oz l~a.znDow ~,~g BOSCUL lb. 73c "~~~~""."..""~~'"~"..~"''~~"'""~~"~."~~""~~..~~~~~~~~~""""~'''~""~~'".'.""~""~"~~."~~.".'""""": blOST I:nlovame ~eenn-. are asked to leave the clothing ai |at|on and formal closing, ........ , A~rneevenlng^mee~,d ad .... ry boar [ J ,I the Moose Home and it will be de- 'f Special guests presented were|charles Town Assembly WILKINS ) Mrs. Virginia Osbourn who and daughter, Mr. Harold Smith [ ~& ILl~m~ ~$ Ed~, ~,11~* l~vered. . to. the~ ~ family. .: Theze.~ .;z'_aze Mrs. Zimmerman; Mrs. Vava Mc- [ stalled hv t.h~ ~rand offi BEECH NUT ) lb. 77c makes her home .with her sister and Mrs Tho ....... r ...... ]14~| ||~m~ ~$[ Ml~. OU1||~:zour gins .,no vwo ~oys ~.. ~ne Fadden. St. Albans, director of| Following ~he'evening Mrs H P Whitm ..... ~,,*~ . ,,=~ ~v~oo ~, r~;~.~- | family. The oldest boy is 11 anoDrill Teams and Camps; Mrs. Ke- ~ a social was =;yen 'bY 111, MAXWELL HOUSE ) ..... ,~,~.,~,~ ~ bu g a Mrs Ehzabeth Milton I ...... h .... h"'~h*s of the the oldest giz'l 12 torah Gaff, Parsons, District Mo- the new Rainbow Girls ~=..urcn~ree~ s~.....,~a Irac- M " - -" .... " ...... " ~~ "~ ~~ ~"~ "'~'~ ' rs Jonn ~;uow and Mrs ~:is;e The meeting .was adjourned .to,thor Advisor, District 4; Advisory I bers of the Charles '1~ tured hrp m a fall at her home last -. : s " - | monthly meeting of the Gleaner s .... CHASE & SANBORN ) wee~. She is a patient in the Char ~aym~ o, near town. [ Sunday School Class of the Char- meet again, u'eb. 24 at 8: Reports Board members of Martmsburg ........ |Club acting as escorts, LUZIANNE ) los Town General Hospital Mr. Steele Ruble, son of Mr. aUdio [ los Town Methodist Church held pubhc ty,t be g]venhbrary,at thiShosp tal.mee ing are: Assembly 31. . [ morning the AssemblY] Mrs. F. L. Bushong has returned ms name w~ n :no Mrs" -C-harlest'Rublemeasms.lS conhned /Tuesday evening at the home of Officers are: Worthy Advisor, [church in a body at the i~ home from Pensacola Florida i Mrs. Edward Savllle ~outh Mi~- _ ~_ Sandra Adams, daughter of Mr. ]Church. .,. ' ' S where she has been visiting friends Mr. and Mrs. George W. Flem- Idred street, was a "Parcel Po.'t [~AI~|~P~] r~ll~C~ Tat and Mrs. Richard Adams and a ] The first meeting of ~ for the Past 3 weeks " - * ing Jr. of Martinsburg were sup- [ Sale" for which Mrs. Mary Fran- v.u.v..,~u. ~,v...,~o..v junior in Charles Town High [ bly will be Thursday ei .. L ... Z" ..?". . per guests on Sunday with Mr Ices Ingram acted as the auction- ._ . . School; Worthy Associate Advis-[the Met~hodist Church a 2-lb. Call ~M, rs. ~i. w. ~m;tn ;s recover}ng and Mrs Calvin Fleming eer Packages from far and wide R~ ~afl~ RV hSlllan or, Carolyn Rissler; Charity, Judy [ ~-~ a~ rne name oi nor oaugnLer nars ~ ~'~' ' Alfred R Linaweaver on Georo:e Mrs. John S, Alfriend who has [were received by members of the awl..J.u~.u 1 ~ v.. Snyder; Hope, Janet Shumaker; [ ATTEND CHITRCI~ ,. $1.38 S reet " ~ been confined to her bed for sever class and !t was. a hilar!ous =~ . . , p , a =~ , Faith, Sandra Hehle; recorder, ] ~.o" r~^~,n ~r,, ..... +...n ,,. al days with an eye infection is[~on oI sa~e .crying an a.D~aamg |}i zrlrI r nrliarv ]/ Mary Martin" treasurer, Patricia| READ THE CI~SS] ...... .,u,,,~,~, ,~,,,,=, ,,,o~,,.=,, ~, ......... 'which the laoies en;oyeo ior more " "--," "*"-"" J -- ' ' Baltim-r^ M~ -n ....... s~ .... sumc~en~ly improvea ~o oe up ana I . J u ~, u. u weuuc uay ~u ...... a I than a hour visi~ her mother Mrs. Edna Hardy ........ ] x~. Mildr-d Bowers Lennon The Tenth District of West Vir- who is a patient in the Mount M~ and Mrs. Oliver.Kast]e..and |con~i'ucted The Devotionals using ginia's American Legion~vill spon- ~in, n ~n~ni,~1 elSn t=ralgancl Mr" ancIM-rs'~ussI'"" " er ......................... ~...~,,--,~ ,,, .... ,, ...~in~, ~ sor the Twenty-second Annual Nat INQU! RY CLASS M I L K .... Carnatmn" ) 6 " --::"~ --~'::~'-~ w~.. , ,,, , .... w., l Mill Jr and daughter D~ane [~.~'~,,,~,~ ~f ,~,~ c .... th ~hsdter 07|anal High School Oraorical Con- Shirle Eb at Mt Ruiner. Md ' ["Love Lifted !~/Ie" sung bv the holds Hall at 1"00 p m on Tues- Pet , ) Tall 89c day to visit her sister-in-law, Mrs. ~pent Sunday m Washington, D. John Following was the hymn test at Shepherd College's Roy- Borden s ) cans terLi~tY~vStmYan~eY~itHu~USe~, Jr.henn ~M~dftCta?h!~21nhl~Ben!n:~t ~S~ks [.~l~OUc~aW~tehacM~, oat thC: p?aanlV?~ disuYnF~b;s~s~::Ma17 ~tahha:~eb:enP~d~p~o r ST. JAMES .CHURCH HORMEL SPAM ) --~-kino ~,~i ...... it- w .... its! t~, P g Y I short poem was read by Mrs. ten ~" 'P --.~- ..........a -*.~- ....... a w f " ss inis r " n (~v~ .... do,,) f .......... t~ ........ ~ lth Mr. and Mrs. John F. Am- [non "His Wonderful Love Express essor of Busme Adm ,t dUO CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. ation on his e,,es. He was accom- b use. led" after which she closed with a at ~hepherd. . . , ARMOUR TREET ) can 45c ............................ - r o an rs f The DeAccol,qln to the con es rules Danied to Balti,more bv his parents Mr. d M . Charles W. Appell IPrayer. In conclusion o - . ". :- ...... : SWIFTcRISCO PREM .... __) can 84c home ...... on Saturday J~mes M. one s~uoen$ ,ram each mgn scnOO~con_ ch~ R-v and ~rs ~anle- Hauser were ws~tors recently with Mr. and [votionals Mrs. Roscoe Payne class Thee y~oung lm;n ex~l~cis ~O return Mrs. John Corbln at their cabin at president' took over and called on in .the area will be allowed, to par- WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, ] R-lh' rover View Park. [Mrs. Moler to read rain ticlpa~e ,n the program. The Mrs A J Willis'South Samuel Mr and Mrs Charles F Rein|n- utes of the last meeting, test winner will be awarded a Iour 7:30 P. M. S P R Y - - - - " 3-ib. can 83c ~ree~'~ "",s '-a pa~,en~" "' :"m ~z~e *~ wmczms ..... ger "left Saturda,,, for' FloridaI Following. the business meeting, yeare e "scnlarSmPn s gooo ~or any cos. s ri- tumbau h was in 1 g m ~ e ~a~e oy the West Vzr ter Memorial Hosnital Winches where they will vacation .for the Mr. Do ~ S g ............ F L TT F F 0 3-lb. 81c o fit Call m~ I mS " ' " .... '-~-- -- -~- ....... - ~ ~char~'e of the nro~,ram and turn- gmla ~ta~e ~oaro oi ~oucatlon. FIG NEWTONS full " ter Va unde~-oin~, a eve onerat- z'~,,=,au~z vz ~u~ ,.vu~n uz ~:~u .... REVELATI N AND FAITH Nabisco 39c , .... ruary ~ed the sale of parcels over to Mrs. I~OU,~ ~OnMrs~nerecharlotte Hess of Fairway . Mrs.' Margaret E.nnis is a pc-tIn~~s?' ~av?~leca tiO~long.n off with her Z]0n* EpJsc0oaJ" Church SPEAKER:--REV. FATHER CYRIL l~rafts Velveeta CHEESE 2-1bs. 83c ~leaners on North Geor=e Street ~ient in the King's L~aughters tios r _ ". "-~ ...... ~ ~" . . ' co-nos~esses Mrs ~e~y ~oze and ~s' a patient" m the Winchester Me p~tal Martmsburg for observation ,I ' " SrAR KIST LIGHT " - ............. r "" and treatment Miss Lucille Printz served dehght ~m,~e (~$$.**a~,e ~amm CHUNK TUNA - - 6-oz. can 33c mo,ua, r~ospz~a,, wincnesce, ca. :f,,l refreshments 'of Hawaiian l,U,ll~a VlI,~,~I3, ~V,,IUh where she had a major operation Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harm and i~unch cake fancy nuts and mints ALL ARE WELCOME BETTY CROCKER CHIFFON CAKE MIXES - - 53c Duncan Hines Pillsbury CAKE MIKES 29c Betty Crocker ) F A B .... large box 19c (WITH COUPON INSIDE BOX) SUPER SUDS - large box 23c V E L - - giant size box 81c PALMOLIVE Bath Size SOAP 12c SOFTEE NAPKINS-- 200 count, per pkg. 29c SOFTEE TOILET TISSUE, 16 rolls $1.00 PET DOG FOOD - 12 cans for $1.00 yesterday morning and recovering satisfactorily. Mrs. Mary E. Ott and Mrs. El- sie Painter, Ranson were dinner guests Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. A.ppell and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jewell and son Jackie. Other visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Appell were Rev. C. W. Lloyd, Mrs. Forest Hostler son and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith spent Sunday in Washing- ton where they attended the Ice Capades. Mr. and Mrs. William Blum of Alexandria, Va. were Saturday vis |tars with Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Appell and on Sunday the Ap polls visited with the Blums at their cabin ~t Shanno'ndale. The annual Mother-Daughter Walraven of the Walraven Studio dinner was served at the Episcopal of Dance, and her young group of Parish House Tuesday evening by ballerinas presented a most delighl; fusing the Valentine Colors, Red ~nd White. A delightful evening iwas spent at The Saville Home. . The March meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Francis N. Whi.te's on South George Street second Tuesday, March 10 at 7:30. Miss Carroll Becomes Bride Of Mr. Hough Miss Mary Catl erine Carroll, ~aughter of Mrs. Esther Turner, Charles Town became the bride of Mr. Samuel Hough, son of Mrs. Virginia Shull of Ranson, Satur- day afternoon. The ceremony was .performed ~t the Presbyterian Church in Hagerstown, Md. The bride is a grauate of Char the men of the church with Con- ful and entertaining program for les Town High School and is em- rad Hammann, Glenn Brown and Admiral George Cooper in charge the pleasure of the Mothers and played by the Silco Store in Char of arrangements, preparations and Daughters there assembled. The les Town, STAYMAN APPLES - 5-1bs. 49c B AN A N A S . 2-1bs.19c PINK SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT 3 for 19c PASCEL CELERY--Large - 2 for 19c T E M P L E S - doz. 55c At the annual organization meet ing of Zion Church Vestry Mon- day night Forrest A. Brown and John S. Alfriend were re-elected Senior and Junior Warden respec 'tively of St. Andrew's Parish. Con rod C. Hammann was elected Re- gistrar an~ J. Glenn Brown was elected Parish Treasurer. These officers are all for one year. ~ ~r In addition to the e]~.~*~,, ricers, the Rev. Stanley F. Hauser, rector of the parish, appoint.ed the standing committees for 1959. CHURCH WOMEN WILL HOLD BAKE SALE SAT. St. Phillips Episcopal Church Women will sponsor a bake sale Saturday, Febl"uary 14, beginning at 10:30 a. m. in the Parish Hall at 113 Sou~h Lawrence Street. Pies cakes, cookies and rolls and pota- to salad on sale. Chicken salad by order. Phone 446. cooking Frank Corrigan supervis- entire evening was enjoyed by ev- . Mr. Hough who ut~tended Char- ed the waiters and clean up squad, eryone including the men of the los Town High School is employed READ THE SPIRIT-ADVOCATE A savory_ repast consisting ofchurch. --=-=-=_-L-Y._-~--===--_~~---=-=--~_~ frult Juice cocktail, pear and cot- t tage cheese salad, roast beef, par-, Miss Louise Durham ~ley potatoes, peas with choppedI mushrooms, hot rolls, gravy, milk| O? n and strawberry chiffon pie. [ Freshmen Ha or A varied program of entertain-I ment was presented with PierceI Barr, The Strolling Troubadour, t L|st At Sweet Briar singing and playing his guitar dur Hums Ot "Over.The.Top" Feeds II Formerly to $8.95 Q Formerly to $19.95 ing the dinner. Mrs. C. Manning Smith, President of the Woman's Auxiliary, presented gifts to the youngest mother with daughter Mrs. Rolfe Hayes; to the oldest Mother with daughter Mrs. P. P. Nelson; the mother with the most daughters-in-law won by Mrs. Fred Propps. J. Glenn Brown accepted the heart shaped halo of roses for all ~he men of the parish who con- tribu~ed o,~ their time and talents ~o make the Mother-Daughter dinner possible. Miss Louise Spears Durham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ken- neth A. Durham, Richwood Hall, Charles Town. is among the 24 first year studer~ts at Sweet Briar College named on the Freshman Honor .IAst today. Their names were announced by Dean Mary J. Pearl at the Freshman Honors Con vocation, which was .addressed by Dr. Helen Hill Miller. free lance journalist of Washington and Charlottesville. Eligibility for the Freshman Honor List is based on a first sere $10.00 Formerly to $49.95 BRAS $1.00 Cheer King Assort. FRUIT ROLLS 2 for 45c Charles Town, W. Va. VALUES TO $5.00 TV DINNERS--Beef, Turkey and Chicken 59c ESSKAYS CHICKEN BACKS & NECKS, 5-1bs. 59c Phone 73 & 74 EVERFRESH PEAS 2 for 33c Alvey R. F_,bersole, Mtp'. BLOUSES $1.00 EVERFRESH FORDHOOK LIMAS 2 for 35c VALUES TO $6.95 GLOVES $1.00 VALUES TO $2.99 - - - 83c - - 85c - - 87c - - - 87c - - $1.25 - - - 83c FROTHINGSLOSH OLD FORT PITT ALE, - - VALLEY FORGE - - GUNTHER - - - SCHLITZ .... A R R O W .... (cans) - (6 Pack Throw Away Bottles) ALL POPULAR BRANDS After the dinner Miss Louise ester record consisting entirely of (OPEN EVENINGS 'Till 10:00 P. M.) Monday Thru Saturday (Quantity Rights Reserved) Always Plenty of FREE PARKING! OWNE HOSE $1.00 SOME OF GENERAL MILLS VALUES TO $1.95 Restaurant in Harpers Ferry Invites You to DINE By the Open Fire and enjoy Sandwiches, Ligh! Meals or Complete Dinners. Seafood Platter Dutch Oven Roast Breast of Chicken in Sauce Lobster Newburg Williamsburg Ham Steak Delicious Curries, Bombay Style ----BRAND NEW .... VANITY FAIR GOWNS % PRICE SLIPS $1.00 VALUES TO $3.95 ! Sunday Night Buffet APPROPRIATE DISHES FOR PRIVATE PARTIES. Telephone 3351' .... Smart Fashions .... Your Dog will like it and it's great food.. Try it today... Charles Town M