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February 10, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 10, 1966

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE Y, FEBRUARY 10, 1966 SECTION---B --- SPORTS SECTION --- DON RENTCH --- SPORTS EDITOR I Celtics Named Champs And LOCAL COVERAGE - SCORES - PICTURES With Old Man Winter having,t inK the measure of the Raiders. delivered a real blow to the sec- OTHER FRIDAY ACTION tional and area schoolboy basket In other Friday nigl~t action bali schedules the past ten days, the Shepherdstown High Card. The big game which eve ,ry_|, . . ~ . ~ it's going to be rough on the cage trials will invade Berkeley County Charle,~ Town and St. Joseph s| M0un[a|neer ~,~[s . teams to make up some of those to play the Hedges~ille tIigh cage ~an was waiting to see, but Play in the Charles Town Mid-" missed games. And to do this Eagles a return game. In the which only a limited number got Phi| ~a2e~nre R|nnaeb get basketball league has been they are going to have to play first meeting of lhe two teams to soe, came off Monday night in ~un ~uJvn ~ vay~;;~i cut short this season, so that the three and four games a week. Hedgc~ille ran roughshod over the St. Joseph's Catholic High Ra . ~ . ~ annual po~-season tournament And this is what has happened the only once victorious Card. gymnasium and a great home- uose[ |n ~e~|na ~UKe can get underway. And since the in the case of the Charles Town trials of Shepherd,town, and lhis stretch drive gave the Crusaders r , ~ Celtics, who have been leading High eager, this week. The Jor- could be an even easier win for a 71-62 victory over Charles Town the league since the season open- dan-coached Panthers faced a the Eagles. and an even break in the two ed, were out in front by two full four-game schedule, with two of .games series. The Panthers had games, league officials have de- them having already been played, Also Friday night the winless and two more on tap, one for Fri Harpers Ferry Tigh Tigers will previously defeated St. Joseph's dared them champions for the The Charles-'~own Junior High day night on their home court be in for some rough treatment NEWS AND VIE S 55-51 in Charles Town and the second consecutive year. two clubs, among the finest in The decision to shorten league Varsity and Junior Varsity cage and another Saturday night in when they tangle with the power. the section and area, went into play came ate meting of league toearm~hsc~redhaj2a~orr~i;~cttorime~ Lee,burg, Va. . e- e n ~Ul:nleta;eSpr2~l.Tg:nMdt~l~hca~" RY MAX RROWN this battle With longwinninz officials and team managers Mort Tim Panthers aropp d th. ope N, - . :. ~ .. - " - tAear ~prlng is one ol me lop ................ streaks day night It was decided that of Martin,burg Monday night on er of their four-game rugged ~ : ........ .. = CARL HARTMAN will take the best baskethttll The "battle proved to be just the four league games which each the Martin,burg hardwoods, schedule ~h~s w~k i~ Ml~rti~ ~e:dmsl~n ~et~'~raet~, ~n~[~;c~ Sh~l~rl 0,-,11,-,,-,.,-, L, .......... + +~ *ho Uta+ -Po e ~,~- about what the overflow crowd team still had to play as the re- M Williams and Tommy Ott b rg Mon y "g t . o t e " -e,'ora~ - 12 vic~ori~ "~ ...... ".~* at~Jll~l~t UUIIt: :; lIO* O llt t, ~J t#%~ le S v h Jose h's Catholic" " High cagers " u ttJt L (A~.ItlI~ ~ q~........ 4- .~.~1~.~..1..1..A 4",~. +l~,~ ~ci,,~ C~l~.~.|,~f,~ 4~,~.~ had expected it to be It was suit of postponments would not led the Char s Town eent P ~" ,,,. a,r~ .................. close until the final minutos of be p yed, but instead would be gr d rs to y easy 32-17 lC-Tuesday mght they went to ......... r on ~'eoruary, Zb-'Z~. one r~ams ust coma turn onz ..... . -ancellea *row -ve- *h~ Martinsburg seven eh~,-~,o,'ao*-w., and "scoredan ~ne ~vmsselman High eager, , , ," play It was a tremenuous ouel ~ " ~ -"- * ~ ~ ,. - ~...=v-~*..ow - . r w confident h will be hosting tim ttancock (Md eal sleeper th s time and e re y t at eas wan over She herdstown ) _" .. " " , . . . ".. , betweentwowell-balanced teams, The Celtics finished the season th graders, the former hitting for Y " P u~.~ .... ,... ~.,a.,.~, 2~... w~ll break thew lon msm strm m tne annual cage 0 h and Friday mght they will _ g ,,g g and itgave St. Joe and their with a 10-1 mark, that loss com- 12 points and the latter 1 . D. g ~ ~ame and tho Martin~h~r~ Tilth Le ~ " tI " '=, ~ ..................... ~ -- -ca-,-- . Keep em n owng, backers an opportunity to atone mg at the hands of the second Wh~tmore also contmbuted heav- play host to the BerKe.ey. ~prmgs ea-,~rs wit *ra,,m ~, wo*m~,,o, _ ---------"-- for that lone defeat which they place Packers who finished with ily to the Charles Town scoring High Indians. This will be a re- ~.-~-: ...... -/~" ~ ...... ": .... :, Jd NiNv:fLOWER: :7 td:m :al/:temx:ta se gfl::nanfll0d7 5 ;a n'bee t:anded by Charl:s i!giDr / a t w !i eL vi i!Si s a n Witeh:pep~otSlM~k~hBer~W:rth~d !~agnr~sthoegnrjmplau{e~ly i~:~e~kh~lch Sthe mpnai!r r !urb:ue.rgim!:u e{p]e Sting by the HiKer, town Junior College quint in the Maxy- .,,he v c ^was S t_Josep_..h's who finished'second last season, burg a!tack. . ._ In that game the Panthers eked The West Virginia Mountain. ad el*,, ~-~m.A~xr nlo-h~= :p,.~, .m~u. ~ame~, ~m ~t was . In me teature game ot me out thrillin 75-74 victor in eers tresh from their upset vic- - ,~ ~,,~ j ,, won only one game m 11 a g Y ............ meir s~xm m a row. The aeteat, .. . " . doubleheader attraction, the Cha- the last seconds of nlay on a field tory over the Duke Blue Devils, '._ .... the second for Charles Town, as ~em~r~rv ~t~- cancellation of the remainaer rles Town Junior Hi~,h Varsity . - -- " ;-~- - .... will be ", o;.~ .... n v~ t,~n~ ' ""-~'-,---~-*-,~ , . " goal oy ~enny uarr.anu TI'IIS 111 lle|ul|ltl~)llU, __,,~,, **~..~- 8URLEY CROW, the former Shepherd athlete mad a man against 10 vmtorles, broke their An overflow crowd saw the of the regularly.scheduled season scored another easy 47-23 wetory Fridav"S battle could be a re-t ling with the Richmond Spiders did a good job of beating the bushes in West Virginia in se e g}em i.w n a ng t.reakl" ..... West Virginia University cagers alongtomeSPmer tl aCtv ne.eP? S :r over the Martinsburg cagers: , peat of the previous meeting of I in a Southern Conference battle. ,arch.-_of e~--.~'rid. -.~--~-~,~'nlonf .~i~ --~--e.----~,roicrnln(r ........ n~ an n~sistanf~ ..... coach at. Van.oroKe .... me game~ " wine" "~ open~O'o":?'m" me ,.null. th-~ bi--ett~, o. unte*~.~. ~ .-- ~..~*ha sen.. way weanesaay ..... Vmgnt.-~, ?"onS me .... una Lanky Larry Carr. led the unar-, the two teams. I Ttae ~wountalneerSe won the.. open. ,rbdt Umvermty, so one of our agents tip that way wautes 1-~ ..... ~,,,,,... ..~.., ,~.,, son Monday mght m the Charles- .1,~o q, ..... c..~,,,, r-r~.~, h...~ ..... ~o lea Town attack with 12 points, Saturday mght Charles Town t er betw en two teams m Mor- lrle ba 1 a ton Cwm Center in coming from while Lawson McIvor had e ght will go to Loudoun County High ~ g , Y got educating and learned los football at Shepherd tt e w s so close and so hotly at 7 p m. o h 7 " " .m,~ __ ....... ~,,,~,o~ ,,. ~0,,__ ,.,~o ~.a~ behind to upset tthe top-ranked " . . and Jeff R t . School for a return game with Then Saturday night the Mount t~.Years ago and basmanyf~ends in.this area%He slg~ed ~(~meS~-~, an~r~he-l~eadte~ ] Duke Blue Devils by a 94-90 niIn.the f~rst, round We(me,any The Charles Town eager, ran the Raiders. In the first meetinglaineers will tangle with the Uni. _?Dmgton s star quar~er~)aCK, v, arK ~vmler ,m a van(lerDllt ch'an-ed hands some 16 time "J score . gn~ me ~emcs ann LaKers me~ up an early 15-point lead and, of the two teams the Panthers ex- versity of Maryland at College etb g s m me nrst game ot me aOUDle ~ I all contract Crow has been a defensive line coach at Charles Town Hi h's P "-" } After being down by 19 points - - ' ......... " stayed in front all the wayperieneed very little trouble tak- TURN TO PAGE 2-B :: bflt .... n on eft w ienh dcnl!am: ni lii e521 0 t i!il Lhbei teMr, dat ia! i!P ii:aid u n'mw ingnenatc e E TO Jim Morison who tells us that reside ts J - ' g p g , ' " g n" [ . t In *~'- ~[:.^..a ..... a ~ ..~... Son Av~..~ wcmlan'~: hnvo -,~ ~,-,, +~-ffic +,~a- if either qmck points and up his total for I c ymo.t,. Delaware, came roar- ~,,,.a .... , ,r ,. m ,ho win .... te 1 ...................... -7........ the game to 28 He was by far the z g oa K tO take the lead w~th i esda i ht e deal race tracks were operating: Read the February 12 .... ,o ..... ~-.. [ only three minutes of nlav re. f n the Wedn y n g gem "It r'~-~ ~ ~ ~m- -v-~'~ -st "V-l-~ atl , will meet and the losers will ic~,~I~he.~SaturdavEve~nln~,,Ps,t~sa~%%~eP~%8:~of~se Char.ties. Town's ace back court I ~ralt'~hge rAs~dfthhe;w:vrayed m/meet in the second game. [VI[ ll I' | l1 u. ,_,.u, = :, v v - ma rnle d ne a " ' - ttM , ' Leaner scorect z~ dints ann .,,~ ~...,. t,.~...u ,~- v.,,$ ,.,.. Wrestling by Myron Cope. You ll enjoy it.. team a two-point lead on two] : ....... P * .[ be Wednesda,, Feb 16 and the " fo ..... pushed the Mountaineers in trout ~, - ~,..- ---------- foUlaSh~toS~t then Plccohmml hitI to break Duke's 13 game[ fourth round Saturday, Feb. 18. "~ ]1r1~ r~ ~r~l Zr~~t,~ ~/~ A "~T t~ s lumper to ~not me i E WEST VIRGINIA basketball team which upset power ........ / winning streak The triumnh was f If a fifth round is necessary it I I/I I .I / I1" / i I/I I !l_I e on Monday night has b ..n called the most exciting West'Virginia's.15th of,t ae sea- be played Wednesday, Feb. A. liI.MtJ IN % : lntaine r club since the Jerry W st era. and few anywhere Gibson tlien hit for a fielder for I son as against five aeteats t ' arirue that point, we feel sure. Ducky Water's dandies are St. Joe to give them a 55-52 mar- _. . I ,.. , ,. He Deals Easy... lly somethin and her~ is r~a,~on to believe that hm) )v gin Earle Johnson, who broke , ,~ . tvs are here a-aiD They'll be racine and,hot touch a sim -back into the Charles Town line-I Charles Town Tops nepnera s natty t i Just a minimum amount of cash along on Saturday in iheMar iand Terps at College Park. up Monday night for the firstI #, t t '!' =" [ E_ll_ eL_.&. .... & [ I with easy terms to suit your budget, ume since ne sustainea an ankle I/I lln lf /A ha1 t r lllK nnrL I lBIIlll I I AS WELCOME as the warm weather of the oast few days free throws to cut the lead to 55-1 ......... [ ~" " [ a~l] I ~i:~ !!!:'~ :~ . ~ I ~r~da~ ~]ah ~.~ the return from Florida (his annual vacation) of Walter 54, but then Keith Wagner, a for [ I~=~PIF [~i'll WIrli I amd I S wins I I , al ,, mer Charles Town bo n w r ~UI,~ ~/ll II UI IlVUM '$ He ll offer you the top dollar and the aopearance of his interestin column, Horses .... y,. 0 e-I l ] [~ '~]::]:~1 ~ ................................................ I . - . sluing in Martinsourg, nit for a - ' allowance oss ble for our old ear :P.t Oble" a ain in h 1 nO . Po . . h a fielde- for St Joe an" pioo.,imi.,, I The Cha,'l- ..... I The Shepherd College eager, [ - ................................. ~ I P Y " NOI~ of fnllnw.~ in *hi~ sot*ion and when hi~ column doesn't , ", ,.L . ,h.~o ~,..,'~,. ~"~'~'{~ I ..... n r,o~. ~,~.~, ,'ko ,,'.:,~.~,",.~\'~ ~, staged a fine late rally, pulling I I~~) ........ ] I ....... l ear in The Post, the local circulation certainly suffers., i a bucket to give the Crusaders a I Tuesday niuht, after having been I to within one point, with seven [ i ............ :: ,? I And Shoots Straight... .... . ]62-54 margin. And this was wide ":,detracked momentarily Monday ~:~'.~?::~i~:?~::~:i~::::i!~ " A enou h for the Martins b then they ran out of steam and ~ !~ Immedmte dehvery on the Mercury , TIt (I, FTTME. acolle.o, efoo+ball coach was sbm]Hn , to . g "burg oyslnight,,when they scored an eas~,lwent on to dro a close 10097 ' " ~1)1~ .... ,T. n~4- ..... 1~,~.1-.~1, .... I~,~.~_i~;a~.~0(~a ~o hold onto. Jones did cut the l ~8-54 victory over the Shepherd.,;- [ ...... o..o=,o / I or Mercury Comet of your choice. ..... ,~ : . -, ....... ,,,. t,,,,,,-, .~, -.,,,~, ~.,,,,~, -,,,-, ~,.. ............ o merci, tn 66.03 but thou .qt Joo I tnw. ~li~h ('~nrdln~|~ in ~h~n [ueclslon IO fflOUI1L ~. .,x~j o / x:~l.~rztlt~ Yv llllla.~l~Jr I ,. It rnean $30.000 a year - - that s what it means.., i wen "into a freeze and when herffs* .... " " I College of Emmittsburg, Md., / I '~least he was honest.. I Charles Town had to foul in an I Th;~Pa';thers onene~ th* *am* I Tuesday night on the. Shepherd ~----------------- I ,- .. ~ . .-.o t naruwooas It was me secona .... effort to get the ball, the Cru- wi r " but " th a p essmg defense, the[ . 0 ' sider " . . strazght Mason-Dixon Conference : TTR JOVIAL Po t.rna. t r Manmmr Smffh remarked after . s widened the margin to ~ Cardinals managed to cope with defeat for the Rams . . . , t ,--- ~t=h,lko Rh~ D~vils had the milled from under them e tDYe em:r~ngc~iUoi?deS t and kept well-on the .heels. o.fI The hot shooting of Mike *** A great guy to ao ,rosiness w~tn: , " t , me r'anmers in me tlrs perloa, ~ 1 eer ondav TII ht Lyons, who scored 32 points for ~, Vw ma s zal ant Moun am.. s M ~ ; I it was Charles Town s Kenny Carr [ trailing only by a 16-13 score I ............. .... " me mgm, me arymnaers at Le s and 8t Joe s Jeff Hahson who ,. . a _oTeat,oooortumtv for somebody to ask thela- .. [ Then m the second period Cha I ........... l- -n~ "he-- n .... ' ~ o i ou~ in zron~ ear y a u t y vver , wh]oh is now in sessirm for a new and much neod~d field ] d m Dated play, t;arr who had 131 rles Town went into a zone de-[ -a ..... "" 'eaa ~ ~ ' eat Morgan x)wn,'; .. Excellent suggestion, Mr.P.M.?.. . TURN TO PAGE 2, ,Ifense and out.scored Shepherds-I S~ep~er'd's' changes for over- _.~mm~s~ ,,... . _.._. __ .__ "__' ]}OWn "]-t-IL take a a -za..nait-ltaking the Marylanders suffered l1 , CIL WILLINGHAM, who ained a lot of exoerience I T ii.#*ad :e:t~es~iormft~en ?uc~ ~s l a real,blow early in the second ervin as assistant to Charlie Funk at the Charles II UUI M t ~anthe~s would win by. I aa e n cthmeier :CeicS~frer~?p:rn. l tce Track, is now receiving plaudits fromhorsemen [ A Am .m Du / Shooting at a 40-percent clip lsonal fouls and had to leave the ma]: co where he holds down the top position of superin- 1 lll,lg 11111 DJ [ from the floor, the Panthers wide I game. ~ ,, ent of the racine, strin " _ ..... I ned their margin to 66-41 by the I ph | n led Rh nh,vd " ~-- I end of the third period, and Pan- )oor LA':KE COUNTY'S basketball Ea ,les are finding it[ esvdle 80= heseerrvCe aCht: lhleJ rtdt en fsenthois [ ettnaC: i ethi r off.3 nsi ia f :ned . ~g . : - . . pulled down 19 reDounas, I~ h m the Northwest League w~th a 1-7 league stand- I The Harpers Ferry High Tigers/of the final period. I The defeat left the Rams with ...... -- ]- " [ i ~ ~ -- and a 3-10 overall. They axe possibly already looking for- t who are still Iookin~ for their [ Shepherd,town had a very cold a 1-5 Ma~on Dixn Confer nc / J / another great football season - - where they, first victory of the 1965-66 cage [ shooting night from the floor, hit [ mark and a 9-12 seasonal record, i ~sE se ring tor omy ~ oz v~ snots I. L, indeed.. I as n, were soundly trounced[ _ . " . I I I once a~ain Tuesday night bv thel r~rnie Jones led the Charms ~ ~t ~.~ ~lllllll~ll ml~l~lU -:. _- --: IIWi~ll "--- ~O NITM~I~.D I'tNTI~, ~'~'~=~-=l=~,~,~a T~,l~,~ ;n f h~ oa|l~.-, ! Hedl~es~ille High" EnVies, "this / Town at~ck with 27 points, whi!e ~ |U ~[lU[~[] ~UIWA| A ............................ ----- Lowe an 1 1 .,to . TURN TO 2--]] ~emr~bY an 80-47 score at Harpers lead th~d scrrWn~l feo~cnsheadh~2u~- Read The ~,rlt-A~v--te m.ur~ =c~.d2 ~!~D.. H.nlto, , Hedgesville moved quickly to i town. ~ ...... - -- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -_- _ - " the front, and by halftime held a In the preliminary game the ..................... " 37-79 lead as the Tigers once Charles Town Jayvees also scored again experienced trouble finding an victory, downing Shepherds- the shooting range of the basket. ,town 67-46. Scott Whitmore and As a matter of fact they hit for Roger Roy led the attack for the The Move-Ahead Cars From only 22-percent of their shots in Panthers with 15 points apiece. the game. See Your Mercury Man for Big Savings and Selection The much taller Hedgesville Charles Town Photo " team not only outgoaled the Tig- ers 34-18, but they also controlled ~~ And Gift Shoppe , the boards most of the game. Sam JEFFERSON COUNTY MOTORS, INC. Blair and Terry Shickle led the PHONE 725-5315 Hedgesville attack with 20 points 202 EAST LIBERTY STREET CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. each. Lee Ballenger led the Harp CHARLES TOWN, W. CA. "-- ers Ferry attack with 18 points. ====_-====--_=--=-=: I I I Ill , I I I I I I I I I