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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 10, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 10, 1966

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i 1 1 I [] 1 1 m 1 1 m C Ib P 0Z llbi 69 C 1 I It 1 1 P 0Z 4 I II i 99 $ 49 2i 69 bag 59 25 bag P K G bag 49 21b! 59 he has learned to play with other ment, these fost e pa dtjs CO hldI DP?::mta:deR V:nr ta ed al ac:nh , SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE 1 hi, # children; and he has found secu- not proviue so tarea t I P , ql~l-I']rTDt;ll'lAV ]I~I~,RI~lrTA]I:~V 1N 1QGG A~ ~. [4 excellent care of whlch they, the done n th way of mass sew ge "L.4- ritYentsin the love of the foster par- foster parents, are capable. I treatment on a large scale basis. I - ~ ~!| '.~ 'W'ith this love and care Butch- Older children -may profit by/If constructed it will be the first rli_l __ ii ii_l ji mira 1 Im | ttr ie has come out of his shell and living in a home where they canI plant of it s kind in the world. I~ITI~R Nnln / ~n~u ~e I I I ~ hopefully, at some later point, he[work for room and board or be/ When the proposal was firstillllhq nl nu nuUU, I UI ! ' 1 " can be nlaced in a permanent paid for pertormmg specizic aut-/presented to the County Court, I / ~ , home. " lies. ~Federal officials estimated the!llliA,.,uA,,~ illl--l,l---- ll;--J.'..~|~: i n , l~ Had it not been for patient and Still other children only need]CwO:tldofruth~efeeasibilit~ sur~aeY W [[ II NU~|,I'~~ Ul~Tlnl~ I I II understanding foster parents, care during the day, but can re-[ ..... w! n $2 ,000 i el !q~LIIlI| ~'~ 1 Butchie would probably never be lturn to their own homes in the[ SZ~,ooo. And although no figure l _ i~ as far along the way as he nowlevening. The Day Care home|was given in the grant approval z III I1! _ II More homes are needed foz' the ., 1 this little boy has. But it is the is; in fact, there might not ever {meets the needs of such childrn./it was assumed the cost would be 1 II ' lllIiillIIU lI !!1 R lllrlnlr, i name by which he is being called be a Butchie today! I The most familiar of the homes/ somewhere around $25,(X)0. [q l q/ llqd Fl, lll 1L I II i IVlllV ! less fortunate children of Jeffer. i !by his foster parents and friends. But Butchie is not the only l of course, is the boarding care/ ~ I ~ | ~. son County, this section and throughout West Virginia for ! WAS NOT ALWAYS HEALTHYI child who has needed a home. [type, which was mentioned first.[ ~t, lltl~tl I~lpl=lt~d I ............. "'~ ~ - "in~ ~Peurrod dll~ i~1 ....... l/ll1[,llVVl i VUlU ervlces were nela thiS utter- 'lne snooting occurred o q that matter. And this month hay- ..... c*'; ........... t alwa-.s -s There are many more Butchms zn J Little Butchm lives zn a boarding| I ........................... I ....... ~_ r_r_ea~,,~'l~ l,.ql 1 ,...~ ,.= .,~ ,,o ~ . ...... "t "/ I MelvinllOOllkllllAl'bUily) aL /-:do ii-OlliFune, ibomet"~ -n ~li-gUlll~2ilt}t al. [~_~ iw~al.[1]~ l~ll.i ~ West Virginia, and in this Cou care home and has certainly re ing been designated as Foster healthy looking as he is nowat ....... FROM PAGE I-A T. Strider Colonial and claarles Town; ! nty For SUCh Children, the oe iv am ce ed excellent care from his / Homes month in the state, a spec 1 the age of four. When he c e to : ........... 2/ " '-| '"" Feb ~7 ~" ~n...~^~ ,i, ..... n ral Home in hanson, for Warren I Trooper Gary F.- A~rthur, ~ "" i#l efffort is being made to not the Division of Child Welfare of par~men[ o t welfare, pwmlon ox | foster parents There is a need/-:s-~ ;. *..,"' ~".*."~ "%.~" ~"~ B Nuckles, *45-year-old Shenan- I along with-'Consta'l)ie"-l~iC.l~ only create more interest in Fos- the West Virginia Department of ~nim. weizare, carrie.s me re-t for this type, as well as the other| ~i..~n%e~nn Jezterson ~ur~an doah Junction man, who was fat-[Buracker, invested;e-d-the ~.~ z A z n ~sponsmnlw ~or provmmg homes mentioned t es roster home n uu to ue neta in tap ter Home care, but also to pay tri Publc ss'sta ce at the ageof. . " YP , i | .... "I ally shot and kiled, alle~edlv bvl ing, said Mrs Nuckles had ad~'| bute to those persons who are I one he had to be hospitalized for |The Foster Care program ls a I the county. If you would like toI port, reo, ix. - ..... Ibis wife, Mrs Lill- Pearl Nuc'kles ed to the sh()oting: ......... already taking homeless children [] ........ : ....... i very vital part ot any cnua cure,consider becoming a foster par. I x~ was a~so announced mat met ..... .. ? ^ . . I .... :-jf.-.-Y.: ._o,~eJq I pueumo~a~a and mamourzsnment, t ....... ,,,~- ........... r~,sono i .......... ~Cehool-Adviso-'-~-'---'** .... ,, at the P~ucz~es home, ~aturaay~ ur Mimred Williams, Jefie'.:dl into their homes and caring for ..... agez,, y, axe o eat and rovluln zo some cnna o w.x . 1 And following this hospztahzatlon ,,h,, ~,~ ......... ha n~on~n I .~ P- g - - ] meet Frida,, hi-h* -* ,~.~n., ,~.. night about 9:30. The Rev Paul{ County coroner, who'was ~dl them. ' ' " m ,,,,z ~""- .... ~ ......... the warmtn, 10ve, ana acceptance s . ....o... . ' e i his behavmur did not see nor- I ~,,~, ....... , .......n,~n ~,~ I ~1 e'h~rle~ ,P,w,~ J,,ni,,,. ~r~,h ~,,~,,,,~. Relter, pastor of the Shenandoah/moned to the Nuckles home ~$1 One of the things which is ..... ' ..... v .......................................... he has not known before, contact a ........ ~ . uc 1 mal and since his mother dldn t I**.~ ........ ~.. mr, ....... huh . .. ;I t,. develon furtho, t~lannin~ far Baptist Church, of which the de-[ urday night, pronounced NuC l being done in Jefferson County ...... ~ ............. z ................ " a tment of Wehare z~" e -" ~ -- ........... o ..... think she could care for him I ...................... the Dep r o zc ;I **,o Bonn Lev,, olo,'*~ .... ~x~,,,,, ceased was a member, offlcmted / dead to dramatize and emphasize more ........... i rert In the Categurie~i jtan~ ~,~ex~- in Charles Town bv call[n- 725" ..... ~ ..... ,,. t#,, .......a ...... ":l " ro err , sueasked me ur~ to I ~- ,~ I~ J:l pointedly the need for more Fost P p .Y tiened in Jefferson County and " 8. urlai was made in ~Jlmwooa I take himandfind a foster home |~. .......... ned However in 7036. "I ....... I Cemetery in Shepherdstown / I(Z~ I 17, [ er parents and Foster Homes, is- ' " -" '"""~ '~'~ "'~' " ' I t marts are also oemg made t)y ~ ,,,,._ .1 ...... ., .... :._ _, ~;,.__ . ~~,~ v, ~i 1 I or ram. I order t have suitable foster " "-- " ~ ........... [ Jttl~ U~UI@~I...~t~U, a llatlyl~ IDI ,.~ilell- I .......... I[ 0 ~ unarms TOwn radio station w/~,an o ti ~U~ r~: I-A giving of public recognition to1 I When Butchze was brought to I homes and to minimize the risks C#tlll~l~l./ ~ | VA for nn onen forum di~en.~inn . d ah.Junc on, and a son of the death.~ reco~bAr~n~tl~lF/~re those persons in the county and III ~ .................. late Joan Thomas and Ethel ~ ----, ................... section who are now operating ~I I .he Department of. W.elfare of~tce/involved in placement of a child q~VU $ | of the proposed Bond Levy on a F~ .... t- ~r,,~b, ....... q,~,,~ ~oh I pany s log tide-past year~ -- ..,~ foster homes. There are some 25 .r~a" ,l'l~Plli' "I~ITTCHIE" I ze was a patneuc lztue teuow: / away from .his own family, it is FROM PAGE 1--h I special radio program to be pre- " .... .~" :'~.::'~.'. "'~ " $":"%T" I The Citizen's F'~e equiP~ ........ o erator n wash n e , His httle backside was red and nece o [lies want[ t P l I gton, x~. ti d such accredited homes in Jeffer- . .... [ ....... J ssary f r faro ng 0 .... | seated Sunday afternoon Feb 20, wa - v-te ........ r ....... ;" I travelled some2363-miles-alzd.~ son County But this is not near ~rom z untit ~ p.m. / "at. tie was with water niisers, | r)rovide foster care to be selected o[ new prospects for a larger use I-'-ar"~"i'~'~i'~"a ,t ,,9 v" -.'~ ,~ ~* ....o" .... a~...~..*~*"n s a e ran oz wo m war tL I Hremen .......... gave---V-up voiuntaruy--J';-:-:-""" ~1~11 The affair has been arranged I md a rash ran up to his waist| on the basis of careful study and of coal, Senator Randolph stated| .............. Surviving are his wife, one dau I .... ~e up voi.u.ntaruy -- | enough to meet the needs since by the Senior Woman's Club as{rod covered both his back and{evaluation Endorsement of an engineeringl ghter, Patricia M. Nuckles, at the man fired. there has been more homeless their effort in helping to promote tomach ". h., o feasibility survey for the propos-I I=lremel home and a brother, John G. [ :xne largest number of children than foster homes to interest in the Foster Homes] Fortunatel- for Butchie the! In.select_rag %foo~_._ ..=-~ .... ed demonstration coal filtrationl .................... Nuckles of Washington, D.C. iwno responded ford sing~4 | place them in. ' [ ~ , a cnuu, severai zactors arc ta~e. e t was ~ ~ome l,bliO man " work m the county and sectlon. [ first foster parents who were lint- consideration such as a~e sewage treatm nt plan, was[ U~|#I ~t,,m| ~n~]#~ Mrs. Nuckles has been charged[ ..... ~^.,, m%.I,~6o man ~ | As recognition for the time and ....... 1 H I H ' ov .... ,,, A heart-warming and true story [ contacted were able to accept t sex snecific needs snecific nrom- given about two months ago byl HV M ml ug /u ~lwt~; with the murder of the deceased, l ~..n n.~.. ~".~ w~a~c~ ~ | efforts which those now operat- of the good which Foster Homes | him into their home. Immediately [ lems, and the prot)ai~ie length of the Jefferson County Court andl ,, ,- m ~ and is being ~eld for action of/ u~'~er't'l~'d~lonVof Fran~ .,~ I ing Foster Homes have afevoted ~ do for children who have been / the foster mother followed throu-~ placement It is for this reason the Mayors of the five municipal-t ~U~ rema. zz } the Jefferson County grand jury I. _ . T_ ",:: q~l I , ~ rr-I ~ ler aml instructor In tttv to caring for the less fortunate left homeless for one reason or/gh with the pediatrician s advice that there are several different [ties to be served. The Court andl ' t in April on a murder charge. She] .... . . ,.~r.,_m [~~ ! children, the Jefferson County another, and the need for more / in caring for the severe diaper kinds of foster homes,the Mayors decided then to makeI The Citizen's Fire Company of was taken before Justice of the / vl.rgmla,~mve~Sr~ll~r o't !~ I Department of Public Assistance, with full cooperation of the Char of this type of humanitarian workl rash; in several weeks the con-1 Some foster parents do not formal application for a federalI Charles Town will hold their an- Peace Merle Alger in Charles/ '' - All les Town Senior Woman's Club, is provided in the events which/ dition was cleared. Unfortunately have the financial status to pro- grant to make the survey. | nual pancake supper at the fire Town shortly afterthe fatal shoot| ~" ~.. ~" a._ ,re ,umpa~_~y~....~ 1~ I has arranged to hold a "Coffee have already taken place in the] for Butch[e, the lack of proper vide care without financial help Federal officials say the plantl hall on West Washington Street, ing occurred at the Nuckles home| ~es,of ~4 I Hour Sunday, Feb. 13. The fun- young life of the little boy shown{care in infancy has made him from the Department of Welfare. which, if built, will be located ITuesday, February 22, it was an- and she waived a preliminary|ven.uon lzt~re~"l#~ | above, who for public information/ slower than many other children Each month such foster parents l t hearing for grand jury action.| ea to.the Elementary send'it~ I ction te which special written purposes is being referred to :~ust/in his mental and physical deve- receive a boarding care check to /our zoy_o , ds; ! invitations have been mailed to as "Butchie." , | lopment. However,, he has been be used to pay for a child's ex- / rrevenuon aemonstrauons *'~i~ ! willall thosetake operatingplace at fosterthe tIillearyhmes' Although "Butchie' is not the~ lucky that he hash t been moved peases during the month .... Were it | ious group o House, on South George street real name, nor the only name from one foster home to another; t not for such a boarding care pay /hshed F re Preventmn Pr g I