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February 10, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 10, 1966

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1 . _.! ] Calendars have arr!ved and are ] buying a membership card to the I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER ADVOCATE t If ......... II [now available tor oistribution. [ClUO. I THURSDAY FEBRTTARY 10 196a I II ' l[ | Planting dates, variety reeom-I Jackson has a number of top/ ........... ' ............. ' .... i I]| II B| ii| I I| |mendations, fertilizer tips pest I hit recordings in the field of [ [1| i~r~|V |11| [[ ~eontrol suggestions and soi'l test- country music, two of his top Men' R;IHV Virfl|n|a [ ~nl~v ~ H| ~;l~|nc PUBLISHED EVERY T][I'ffRSD&Y / |IllUiqulaJ [[ ling are all included in this years, rated one being Waterloo and, ., u 3 i.,w,.$ ~ ,.J ........... ...... [ [!~1~ ]HI UFI-H U [[ ]calendar. ["If This House Could Talk." [~ ,... ,a . . ~ ,~, r . .~ BY T]E][E r""'ERON t "'" ":N"" / tl i i "" " iWi .. It t A Netghbor Move Away' l tsapnsT ,romernooa [to t'lav ror uance AT I li ii ", w..orr. IlleflIIOfl Services For Calvaff T,_. .... L. .... .'_L ,,-, I,,_.-,_ ",,_ -_ ,"_-. _.,--. Zi ....... / I1 II [ just a social one Take the Collins ] I Ifl L rg reD. I I I louIfl Lellier 38TUrOdJ p tbooe zo414t lit lI t family who spent a lifetime and Assembly 60d Church [ The Regmnal Men's Convention 'Sandy and his Satins, READ BY MORE THA.N 22,500 PEOPLE i NEEDED: A NEW POLICY [ Johnson Admlnistration than ] ao de!tey e a, smc ! it ePt t t torTho Rce va llAameP;blRyeed' Pao l r ?ll OsftheaB Pat t Chp Ch I ro id tahte : :s cf Orsa:acn: Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffice an hethat.esb ht:rhseogS l latw I licth nS:n Amdmkn st;a liy ' iY?, l slyt af mU l t rUg bSrttoinn he aCnhg eh hl cateidn nFsa: aaXnnB:uVnd"/2s;'Cl etbrnaWylllb h'he:: th I eUtghe Cten ' i:nRans n' sNaO I in Vietnam have had a ~o at test- I consensus. There is nothing too .........~'. ........ _ . . "/Lynchburg Baptist Church, Lynch day night, Feb. 12. - ,, ,, aujolnmg iarm moveu a nu sum ces me IOllOwing scneauie ot ser .... . . NATIONAt NEWSPAP~[R ling their theories as to what we I wrong with consensusprovidedtheir land ta an nut nf tnwn firm vioo~ f,,. ~,,nn,,, ,ha ~,,h ....... , [ burg, Virginia. I Mrs. Leeds K. Rmly, presld~ [~L~ '~ ~ [ a~rt(~yi~M should (or should not) do there, lit .is. an informed consensus, an Their farm'i~'n~l~-'(r~'r~'~ ~ ~'i~,h~" .............. "~ .... [ Dr. Dale Moody, Professor from I of the Youth Center, Inc., ~ | ] J I I [ it would seem to this observer [ opznlon or consensus oase on a "=== I ......... I Southern Seminary, Louisville, [ dancing will be from 8 until 1I: ]that the time would be fruitful[careful analysis of the facts. But t unaa.y eaool at lo:uo A. M. [Kentucky will be the Inspirational [ This wilt be another in a seri ..0 ........ ~...,-...~ ~-~k/ZUU.'c,~x J[, u o. " . . . , , ' --- I zviornmg worship at 11 ~ , ' }'|or some new approach to the I one of the tmut)lesome things nois", blatant ni-hmare of buz ..... " ;... [ speaker. His subject will be 'A[of successful dances that ......... [problem. Up to now that has not |about this particular war is that zin.a .... .... ,. ....._ unaay. venmg vangeasue [ Christian Man's Witness in A [ been held at the Youth Center. s , uu pwr.w ervice at 'z' O , MAX BROWN, General-Manager /been feasable. Up to now the lwhen we got into it, initially, shoutin-~',~ectators could this sit-, /Changing World.' The rally will j ~,~. u DON RENTCI News Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor [ country has been divided between I no one paid much attention to it uation t,. ,,Ok [ Special services will continue [ begin at 7 15 P M I u,, -u --,I .... ~'~" " " " at 7"3 c .... -" [ two schools of thought: the step- I because it dldn t seem too Import- ...... 0 ea h evening, with the [ [ common language ma take on " s Town State Trooper M ' National Advertising Representative, American [per uppers and the steppers|ant, and by the time it came'.. .,, [exception of Monday, through[@ .... !__. E__ I__-_. _ [ --------- | ' downers there remains a die- around to being important the wnere there s a will, they -say, I February 20. The Reverend Cha-/Jk'rVll:k IUF L IOWH I UAI CLITIklP- i Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave, New York ] hard contingent of stepper up-[ facts had been lost in the shuffle, there s a relative.. I des F. Etheridge is the speaker. [ _ [ 1/41.Ll /Ii [: | Detroit - Cldeago - Atlanta - San Franelsco . Los Angeles I pers who continue to argue that I By the time Vietnam became a i most every family can recall ] [ nf|c} ( tllrrh [ mh [ .... =.A...-..... l .............. l We have not stepped up the war[ national conversation piece the at least one experience where K4|n [ I Hl'AllllllAI/1H/% I ~TTI~(~II~I[PrlP|d~T ~4 Nn "P~I~ vtra. Ph, o l~Fm W TIfs rra.g [enou~,h and there also remains I Monda,, morn|n- Secretaries of the will couldn't be found, the jVlll~ VII~ IVlIIIVI fllt~Ibl~ | ........... / l lllmJPbH~qi~Vlqll/1-ilO i J~Ju~,~,a~a~ ~av~ q,~ov~ ~.~ ~o~ ~ ~,*~o "" --~" ~'~ l ' .... ' . I a ~ --"', ~-~-'- ~ ......... , - -'- - I I worsnl services will be neia I l ........... / an equally die-nard contingent of [ State were ashamed to admit to w.-i ,]au,, ueez properly wzmess- t -- ., . , / at the LPeto .... Bon, o .... / l For Business, News or Advertising Departments [steeper downers .whosti!lcontend |lack of knewledge of the back- ae~iowm~orn~Ss~rhaudtio~ ~ ~led :: [ mYes.gama uurmg t Sunday, Feb. "i3", at"~':~30~ ~t'l~'t~l]e / Charles Town PhotO i A 9o4 ,1. 04"; ] mat me day mu in me . omo-I ground, and when questioned ........ .............. "] [ sermon topic to be "The Tragedy [ A,A d2Hr ~L, ..,o-.,,~v ,,...~,-. . ! ings wasn t long enougn ~ut it l about thio the,, brushed the ~ u~-~aua~ *z*vt~ wan uu w~z, I~ ...... ~/- L ~_. I~-I.~-- / ~ Tt~al....... ,, ; ............. .41 aXL~L ~.qll~ k,.71lq.Y~7]~./~ [is fazr, I think, to say that each[,uestions aside by e-uatin the tc. I fl0WV Week DV l'OJlCe [t ..................... I "~ : "I ~" ' he " --.~ ~, .,~ wee~ oy cue r~everenu iV|ill- PHONE ~- T re a definite need for 725 315 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1966 / school, considering the monumen-[ problem in naive expressions ] havin ........... -,-,'--- With man ..... a ..... ard E. Williams, pastor / " . _ ]tal hazards mnerent in eitherlabout communism and anti-com-I.., g a va)ia Will and ..... a .; .... .... Sunda,, Seho -,il' 1"- .,/ CHARLES TOWN W ] nolicv have had about as much l ........ .... `4 ....... up date. nanges Will USU- DIOCKeQ anu omers having only ls uz . , / , - iPf lrr [of a chance as the circumstances l ally take place in a lifetime that i one-way traffic for most of last| 9:45 a. m. Feb. 13, with Charles[ _ . __ __ , It#~l J~l wI.i,n.~ [permit I ~',,"~'~ ~.~.,o~,~,'..=" +~,,,~o~..~,,,,,~,. will require corresponding adjust lweek, not only was traffic light[ Whittington, .Sunday School sup-[ ~ .... . ............... / ,, ................. I ments. For example, the executor ] on the highways, but the number [ ermtendent, in charge. The chu-/, " toe l neme oIo oy ; c.oul weeK, .o .servea I rom?eoru-] _. .:nlsfie as mere l..S^ [ sau_ my.u.o: may move or pass away, a named / of accidents was almost nil As a.[ rcn ~Drary committee will meet [ I I E" T r'tl I D is t er .uu.u . uo .., result In a docum "ent which 3ust ng driven South on the" high P tt burgh Post Gazette at special I I 725-'I 10 arvYm nen mencas r en age. A e rer one , I ,ardza- - rod., matter o fact the -nl- --o p. m l LLI VU X V een ch e time is ripe for a cessation of the depth, and it LS for precisely this / Wednes a could not ha e b. os n. ........... [ ...... removed, or bequests may need, ported to and investigated by, d y at 7 the Youth[ i t] All manner of activities will characterize the Week Church-] ueoate oetween, me .escajatorslreason.we nave oeen ame. to to be adjusted ]Charles Town State Police accur-[Choir practice will be held, with | VV/ I ,l-I L/k Jr3 .... ". . and the ae escalators i nan hoped extricate ourselves zrom me " . L es of every denomination will develop the theme in their/that when" the debate between [ dilemma we find ourselves in Do-it-yourself law is no safer Wednesday afternoon about[ 3Prayer servme to follow at [ [ 0[ L H FAT services. Newspapers, radio and television will give the Week ]these two opposing forces showed Vietnam Up to now, we have than do-it-yourself medicine. 1 4:h2a0rlen Stoatw e Route 9, South of : I I ,, ra, Words that mean one thing In the notice it so richl deserves Schools and civic groups will some si ,ns of abatint, a new'en a ed "n -aiv ........ "I -- I I CE'D /IC'E" Y ~, ~, ~, ~, l ............ v ..... Charle A LETTER FROM HOME .J t- t ~ v i ~ L particip tte. Patriotic organizations will play their important/school of thought would emerge,[that because the Diem govern- . ....... Y. , I ....... 7. T ..... ,. **, ...... `4, ...... [I ,~, Y^~r~lkv ~,-,~, ,~-, part. The goal is to bring home to everyone Amercan princi-[a school that would have as its [ment (and its ten successor guy- etn] re y :: te entlmaan nguWne . I meck eaW lvninSa asal:ndrga:aiOt, a l ter'fr'om" aome s"a=va uab e [ T L] U qes and ideals which are*eternal and which the Scouts are/first premise the proposition that lernments!) was/is anti-commun- __ . g l .... I ..... g P a " ,. ....... ,,, ......... '.. II ......... " ..... me conaitions for valiaity oz a st tonala Lee Twigg, z-a, 0z rair- v ................ to mat letter I"1 I:. il IN to bomb or not to bomb is not 1st we should, therefore, support ..... , pledged to sustain. [*h ...... q-n" n ooa we [it w, e ll - in - in- will are definite and inflexible, fax Apartments, Charles Town, bed enjoy having a home town I i I'17 LiY2_ The Scout Oath and Law is worth reading and remember-[n'o trie 'boih nol cies n*ow long[fantil'e" "laab t'of "think ing* tlaat and any attempt to interpret following the two-car collision, newspaper [I UOMi-OI i "n r- " mv on r I will do mv best to do my duty to God ] ...... ~ ~ ..... ~{,,a~ ,~mr~ .... lit ~ .~ ,,~,~ ,o-~i~h ~, them to suit one's own logic may [ Trooper Davisson said a car Now you can send him the -,, l_o. On _ h o ........ ~ ...........................................what th% . ' " be| .... and nay country, and to obey the Scout Law, to help o h [semblance of reason,that both are i is, ipso facto, pro-American and .... i , _ " - i u 725-7510 .... Hrwa onA vwxrval@ hxr p llxr u 'r#av ae men- ! e-uallv ineffective Is this not I nro-democratic The fact of the won stand up in court. [ way oy iwigg attempted to pass reduced rates for members of the I 1 r, -P ..... ,* .... ..... .. / w ere'we ai'e Thi" "-ct alone is I atter -'s "hat" -'-t a sin-l'e -ne Making one's will is no more I another car being driven by Ken- armed forces Only $6 75 will | I aUT0UAT C OEUVEalES ....... OF ~alty awake, and normally s ralgn J very cou ; nus gains] 1. i nu u .... neth P " , morbld than buylng life msur- L enwell, 29, Route 2, send the Post-Gazette (Monday II tragm enough. But even more of the ten governments that have "P " / tra"ic is the fact that in the face l been - in nower in Sai-on since ance or fastening a seat belt. Charles Townand the Twigg car through Saturday)anywhere in] i AlOOf . a hflo o hy to hve by all hfe This Week wi}l mark the 56th Anmversary of the .... '- that I 19. a hav, a ~ nnn.lar~'mandato Every estate must be settled in I slid sideways and into the Pen- the world for six full months I | " * UJL 1~- UUt.t I.,11 ,IL,&,I~I.&JL~ 1~ Ob'I~AX r.~, ....... ~.J',~.~.v ~-.',.~"~. ~ .l~v.~" ............. , 7 ' " " * Scouts of Amerma. Some 5.5 mllhon boys are now members.] w- can come un with nothin~,[and it h'a~ h~en th~ nolicv nf the some way. You can let your prop- ~ell car. Damage to the two cars Hell en3oy being able to keep [ | ........ - .- o ............. r ~ .... wa li May thmr tribe increase; and may the movement last for cen- ] better than the idea of resuming [ United States and whatever ov- erty be dlstrlbuted according to ] s sted at $300. up to date on all the sports act- I i t come state laws designed for those Corporal G G Holman ofhceriv|ties whether it's the Pirates in tunes o . [ a policy that has already been ] ernment happened to be in power . I. , ' .... ] i who have no will But the law ]n charge of the Charles Town spring training, Pitt and Duqu .................... | tested and discredited Is a nation I in Saigon to prevent elections for , . ] " i I A _ . stronger, more secure union. And| which is capable of planning to [fear the results would be adverse doesnt taKe into account your ]State Policedetachment, said that esne basketball, Hornets hockey I I | zeeungs aoout responszonlues to a numoer ot minor road accidents or teeler zootoalz traues . they have the satisfaction of ] put a man on the moon so im- [ to us and the existing govern- certai 1 ..... / ' ' . . [ I l"d , n peop e, aDout me poverty, had occurred as a result of the nd your cnecK or money ILEIIEI knowing that every one in thelPotent in its thinking that it can|ment. This is hard to swallow. ..e . A' . . ] ......... i | J ..... . ' or wealtn ot me recipients, or snow and ice on the hi hwa s oruer toaay, wzm nis complete |-------" ".---]--- L| work place is paying hls fair [ not think of new ways to pull [ This is by no means an effort ........... ]. g Y ........ [ I I TO TH| It-J_.i a| share toward the co ts of the J itself out of the mud of its own [to suggest that the Vietcong and melr aonlty [o manage[tbtu: tmhiOS:r i :olVe:s hnavdolvSettled aVl ?u :c r; SotODe; .st axZe ] I |nP re.Pro am A A, I I - - --- -_ union, and not taking a free ride ] muddled thinking. " I North Vietnam are right about " / ' g ea a- ........... ., , / I H I! 1 I II I-" I II I ! I[i~l~lO |" -'Tr- I like a flea on a dogs back [ Admittedly thi~ is but t- state [Vietnam simnlv beca-~e we may A will is the most flexible, andimong themselves and it was not x-'zttsourgn, ~a. laz~u. [ [ II L.fl I 1 11 ~ V I I~ im -,mVltl i u There are man--'reasons Lots]**. .... - --lye 7. Butl,_ wro-- It''- -ve--'-'- gives the greatest choice, of any/necessary for the State Police to ' [ I , -- I -- I Y t --~ v-Om, not o lu I oe ug. t is,nuwe r, an ............ t m-k " .. .. a e a / ' -" f em lo ers where there is no memou ol providing tor me UlS a e lnvestlgatlons ---------- o P Y , " | before we solve the problem we [ effort to say that while what the ........ "] Anenn Lnurcn : unnav /,r. ..!-. ........ union shop, actively discourage ] have to see the problem And if /Vietcong and North Vietnam pro- trlouuon ot property.- It .taKes ) _ ~ ................... ,I / J[k-/'kJi J[JJ UJLJL I[JU,~ ...... ?at , taoAve& workers from joining. In Anti-|we are to see the problem we lPose for South Vietnam may be, awayno propertyrights and.can l rvi For %emmif -- / ........... de cnan eu cancelled or uestra ,..,,, ,.-. -wo v....,o, u1 ,X 1"66 union communities, as in the[must first brush aside some of|and undoubtedly is wrong, it __ .g , , ..... , __ . Y| l{EAD THE SPIRIT.ADVOCATE/ l'KltiU'lX)lg oak ou, ~ e ea aurlng one s lltetl~ne Tne last . ..... South, some workers who~ vot ] the false premises that are con-idoes not follow that what we . i~ . . ~ - , ~ u , Mr. Max t~rown, ~altor for the union in a secret ballot* cealin~ it from viewI nronos~, ~s simnlv because valid will is the legal will. i*omf 5aO. lr Lnuml .~,~,,~,~o~,,~,~..,,~,, Spirit of Jefferson-Advocated- . lot ioin becau. - they are l ob ** les "it" odcl wit "what he,, The cost of having a will drawn [ ........ r ............ , Charles Town, W. Va. afral l or because t hey' are in I any sen"sib"le "a' ppr "oach ' o the p "r0 ose Bothmay up a lawyer .li vary WRh the [ The Lord's Supper will be Dear Max: - ....... L __, favor with the boss. In all areas,[problem of what to do in Viet-/I am convinced they are. And complexity.of me estate, x oU[observed at the Summit Point _ -- . in reply to J onn Altr. en s some workers don t join because nam is the overwhelming ignor-[since this is so it seems to me .ana; expense, oy[Baptist Church Sunday morning .L II V letter of Jan. za, z wlsn to they think it's smart to get some [ ance of the overwhelming major- [it is time for us to start thinking t lnKJng .mrougn aneaa of time I at 11 a. m. it was announced this v tl eteatnmantn :i noaes thing for nothing, l ity of the people in this country/of what we might propose that ;Zoe;pz e: ;ty u t nWv:;utk by the Reverend Mfllard E. A N D ! E S UeniOns,be rngrga ized ulaib:r: thIat :nx s, Yhmomr:.oUn .Armme:;c n about Vietnam. More so with the [is right. : _ rh hte OU wish to have it dis-[ fo ieS c[hel e[em, P. , opposed to a plan to build a new drift fter th ele bene l y o essness who knows absolutely nothing _ - ...... ] " s, a e ments had ft; decide unwisely and we " I Sunda "c . " ........ sh!rn i h!necoSts il:haa: n ) ris t' #ft ro ,q 'UU IbaOt eSe tcitO.n 14 (B)of the Tal, f 1;ayehlsS ge eons;:c f rYsiHO :ver ntdn ip:yf erc;lth money, misery or St wdl Jockson ] 0pe i I stron lv" resent Mr Alfriend s =, ,. ] kind, in moisture value Helping people to deal with [ ............... " . ... I I'l u P tl "r 1 I,! r - " the rlght" tO-WOrK laws gives . . zv.tuz.tuay at o'ou me annual val- remarks auote the reoutrement . ". . Naturally, the rolling stock was these changes is one of the most ALl, ] ............: ......... Vall' /l C... , elltlxle u~llquet Will De nelct ac ..--- .'- of labor membershin as'a condit- rise to many abusesand that one not that of first class travel, but important benefits of a commu- Ig UIg /galUl~.'M All I ................... " co e~itlve Lne church, wlm cnaplaln ~rea ion of emnlovment are a bunch of these is untair, mp ' " , the warm and reassuring feeling nity newspaper Where else can . . . " ....... ..... of fools, are 'sadly ignrant, :va;:;g:gwn hltyerls Lg esto [Ofn:e:oU tyn ra ed treh OP o,n the i:nfnOr ea ongslc to a wise peim0n[c0 t:iub l'eb. l l [ ' l e /outh"l iss 'onar;'organizat they are to dumb to dye, un " vv i :!pWellml.wa e tT i :ma quIt ave been a member of the !li: e Sab;ht:n, arnd,t' oansapp?achisngv hi :eo tnhe a dt scO: c :ld::kdee hvO r tOrVli ltia couStnOt : lolpJaCk;o: Ofcth mg to-work law states nave a sordid ea av with com reall cr b t th United Steel Workers of Ame ic ger be er, pulslon to averYge p:J:: i:ro? kely to de au?c iwnil-th ieeltdr:df Country I There will be a Prayer service Union for the past 20 years, l e in a oigiThursdav evenin~ at 7".2~ Country music show to be staged[ ............ at the Delmonieo Club, located[ just north of Charles Town on[ State Route 9, Friday night, Feb. I 11. The show will get underwayI Vice President of Local 4767 for the past 4 years I feel that I know more about unions than Mr. Alfriend does. Unions and organized lab0'r have been the salvation of the working man. In the days before steel was organized into a Union, working conditions were very bad poor pay, no job security, no vacations, no insurance, no sick pay or hospital benefits. Today thanks to the union we have all of this but it has taken years of hard work to get it done, over the barganing table and wRh long and bitter str kes. Union mem bers are no different from the people who walk the streets of Charls Town every day. They go to church, pay their taxes, buy their homes, and educate their children. I will admit that you will find a few crooks in u qn,s,. but you don't condemn, a whole barrel of apples, because you find a few had ones in the barrel. You will find this same condition in our government, .business, schools and even in our churches. Show me a business er com. pany, that has no union and I will show you one, that pays low wages, and has dissatisfied em- ployes. To be a union member you dont have to be a Republican or a Democrat, a Catholic or a Meth- odist, or of any race, creed or color. What is 14 (B) Anyway?) Section 14 the Taft IIartley . " labor relations law. "It allows the states record of Anti-uniouism. . In. those pass. states labor exploiters still look tara ................... rke a .... ~ m servlce was an lmegral upon wo rs s a commoalty to art " illa lif unT "94^ be purchased for the lowest price P~ .,o~ v~.age" ~o~tllo~ o~..~O possm e. - . . . I and true friend from yester year. In regar. .to a younster ap y-f A thankful people appreciate lng tor a and oelng tOld the kindness of a great carrier, but he will have to become a and all emnlovees for aid rendar. a un - -- -- - ......... member of . ion..][ the so call ed, during hours of need, in this ea youngster, Mr. Altrlenu speaks, snowbound area of is 01d enough to work he is axooe sure, young man, and should shoulder i rat f ......communittty is ' "l .... g e Ul to Tne tteverena t; his responslb~ ltles by paying his Reckle,, ~o ~,', 1, ..,.a .o~ h~,,,,-" union dues, along with the other |and M~r' "~o=A"~d ~,~a~':'c~:l~,,"~','e' men, and reaping the benefits.] "enial-r^-ri^t^r the .... 1 .... ,, ._ ..... ~ ~; IJ UIJ ~ U UI IUt:'~ ~tUUtt zor me zew people in t;nar-, mart, his efficient assistant, Mrs. les Town and vicinity who .belong I Ann Starkey, and all WAd partici- to unions and are dissatisfied, hated in Orm~'aH~n ~nnd ey are not in a position to Ao sl~rss~e th~*~ i~ ~ llc~ht~t* ] dge un ons, and most certainly I ~ia,~ ~n.~ i~,~ in~,~o~,~.. ~,, not M . Alfrlend. If they worked noto am,p ..... .... xor a ompany wno employ n r t m ~ ,... ~o,~o~ .,,h.. a~a .~.. ho. ,~ [ ed t ac ors, snow pus]aers, bull- . , dozers et etera, wnne me young a union they would feel different I ster ....,,,aa .. oa !Y, g S they were saUsfled w th ............ " . t ~lgn[, Ir0m tnelr lmprovlsel spec- a mere ems%enence : " [ ators gallery. No great wonder .. I hopeyour newspaper cansee !these dear little cup cakes de- ts.way crear to support t'reslaent t sire miniature duplicates of this onnson and all fair thinking i intri uin rown-un machinery. members of the Senate and.Cong: [ Lastly: salvoes to all meml ers !or the repeal of SectionI of the Hand Shovel Brigade, who .)'of ..... the Talt l artley Act, forI performed undauntedl_v at _lla me etterment ot working con-hours Thanks ditions, for the people of this " Edna G Farnsworth country. [ ......... ' Very sincerely Earl M. Sites .... Vice President LOCal 4767 Steel Workers of America Summit Point, W. Va. HOW NOT TO BE FOOLED. February 8, 1966 You are required to make more Editor: Spirit Advocate decisions today that effect your Charles Town, W. Va. future than ever before. The to pass laws that forbid unions Sir: world is changing faster than [ili and employers from bargaining The stopping of the train (frei-[ ever, and each of us is caught up over union security, called the ght, that is)for boarding, at the in dynamic circumstances. union slmp. A union shop. which former sight of the Baltinaore and Shall we vote for a new school? requires every worker who is Ohio station in this hamlet, was What do we do about an im- i! roec*ed by the union con*at* to be a member of the union protects the union from being andermined by the employer; assures it of enough income to do its job and helps it to be strong enough to live up to the terms of the contract First of all, the workers get better represeatation, from a hailed with mixed emotions of proved water supply? gratitude, nostalgia and a heap of| What are my responsibilities pride. And agin, the faithful Iron and benefits under new laws like Horse went through, when other medicare? mode of transportation bogged[ It is easy to get behind the down, [ times Changes brought about by The skilled and trusted man at a rapidly increasing and mobile the throttle ushered mail, food population force each of us to and men tu the destination point decide certain questions nearly z through seemingly impassable every day. Decide wisely and we SO. One could conduct his own original study about water needs, but most people are not likely to do that, either. The newspaper is geared to pro vide its readers with a running account of circumstances which lead to or involve civic problems. The newspaper boils down the problem so that readers can get the basic, accurate information they need to vote and act wisely More and more of these dicis- ions must be made. The news- paper is more and more valuable in supplying this information. The newspape, r reader is fort- unate. He doesnt need to vote on hunch, or according to,neighbor- hood rumors. He doesn t need to spend his time attending numer- ous meetings, even though he should, and checking public re. cords. The newspaper does this for him. It helps him act positively in the voting booth. It keeps him from being easily fooled about pt blic matters. _ _ ~ _ _ _ _ - __ _ = _ = _' BY J. E. SAVILLE, CourAy EXtension Agent FARMERS INCOME TAX February 15th is the final date for filing 1965 income tax return for farmers The few exceptions are those that filed an estimated return on or before January 17th, those that operate On a fiscal year basis and partnership or corporations. We still have a small supply of the 1966 Farmers Tax Guides available for those that may have need of same. 1966 GARDEN CALENDAR In spite of the snow thc 1966 garden season is not far in thc future. Our supply of Garden GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY at l0 p. m. with admission tickets Subscribe To The Spirit---Advocat It YOUR -- FINANCING DOWN THE . _ redit loan is about half as much as some farmers are paying for financing. With Farm Credit you pay interes[ only on the money you are actually using. (the unpaid balance,) The next time :you b0rrow money, ask if interest is being charged on the full amount, for the entire time. If so, better call Farm Credit. LONG TERM LAND BANK'MORTGAGE LOANS SHORT TERM PRODUCTION CREDIT LOANS ASSOCIATION Assistant Mgr.- Shepherdstown, W. Va. DIAL 876-7441 or WINCHESTER 662-3479 RED FOIL HEARTS 5 1/2 oz. _80__ 1 lb. $2,10 ] 3/4 lb. 3:i0 FANCY SATIN HEARTS $3.35 to $10.00 ASSORTED CHOCOLATES llb. boX $1.60 21b. bOX " 3.15 VALENTINE'S DAY IS MONDAY FEBRUARY 14 Ph armacists Dial 725-2621 Charles Town, W. Va.