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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
February 9, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 9, 1961

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FOR SALE:--Hagerstown Su- OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT:-I ' [} B k| [ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FAm as ADVOCATE preme Building Blocks. ROBERT~ Professional Building. Call DR. R r r u ~ ! FOR SALE M SMITH, North Lawrence St., VanMETRE 282, or 173. ]ITEMS OF INTEREST IN VICINITY OF THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1961 5--A ~ Chavlcs Town, W. Va Jan. 21-tf. ] |g t h n W q' Itl LI MRS. AUSTIN NICODEMUS! ~ALE:-I ~d .FrigidaireRe- Mooch 28-tf............ I I[ A g / I | || W [I -- }Mr. Herman H. Piggott, City; ium, together with a new Field )r, ~n good condi,tion, ~_]_ro~ ~e~-r---Z~ room~ e ron~] It /Mr It# L, I / V W I'1 4-H Club Meets [Mrs. Elizabeth O. Hunter, Shen- House will cost around $10,500,- Pho e ~oI~ ~:: ~ ,,arge ~meiApavtme~ on ~ra floor, ~ 'M~'- ,, ,, . . 9 It n 887-M, House at Engle Switch Pricedl gavet's Building Immediate pos- [ By Mrs Clarence Smallwood Phone 20-F-024 -- A.Greater WestV,rgmia was ] undo.oh Junctmn, Little Sharon L, 000 .......... " ' ~'or ....... ~mcK ;~a~e ual'~ RAN~ON session V~C.T~NIA E. ~, n " me. meme ot me January mee~., t l-iaraen, MillwtJe; tsaoy uaymona The .speaKer calleo a~tenuon to IS'''~ ~ ~'='" ESTATE'& INSURANCE Agent" I' mg of the Blue Ridge Live WtrelR Morton, Kearneysville; Miss the many fine courses of study ,~,~r.:--usea M,ayl~3~g AU- ro .w J " 4 IU " ' " Washer l~ke new in ,-~- COMPANY. i Feb. 2-~f. ],~;o a,,, ~,, , eral arran,~ements Several local -H C b. ] Eleanor J. Perks, City; Mrs. Fern now being offered by the Umver- .Orkirtg condition, $50 00 Jan. 21~bf. J ~,] m .... a ....... ~,~, a, ,,~, ,r, .... ] residents cont~oted Frant~ Gard Edward Hough, president call. ~ G. Howell, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. sity. He said that every effort was " r r~ r~r~L'--a-mUse on ~oa ress .,,~ou.~ ..~......~ -.....o~ ...~.. .... - , ~ . M9-M. - -~ u . .g. . . ed the meeting to order in the Foye M Russell, City; Miss Bar being made to keep down total 9 '+ FOR SALE PRIVATELY:---19a91St 3 Bedrooms ~ltchen Dmmg[gh traffic but in many places only l ner, operator of the Prather bull .......... [_ _. .................. .:'.~. ~ .... ,-,.~ ~,.~. T~o~.~ ~o.~,~ ~ ~:~',~ ,.~,~.,~, ~,~,,-~ o~h B*~h ~ ""'~ '"~" ''~'~ f"~' m,,*,~ ~ o* M, ~ dozer to have him nnen the drivo l~aoletown ~cnoot at v p. m. on I barn ~. Jonns~on, Ulty; Mrs. vir yearly cost to eacn stuoent; that SALE'---Single iron bed t~p Sedan Power steering, power ! Oil Heat Possession Feb. lst.| chanicstown to Route 340 at Rip- ~ ways leading to their home It Feb: 1. Th.~s late date was due I ginm L. Eppard, Mdlwlle. the present cost of $106, tuRmn .... " ....... h~o~ ,~yn~f~,~w ~t 'O DA B "LZN~ SR Phone She /_^.. ~, .... ~. ,~.c,; ..... ,- - f ,,ms -mazin~ t- ,~-t~h tree ni~c~ to me weamer | Out patients were" David H for each semester is much lower ~mgs ann a DUltet l~eai -~ .............. he,, radi , ~ M ' '' 'P" ~JUll XIIIUU~II LAO*LII~,~ L~tlll~; tU O~ -- v, D ....... F ~ "~ " " Phnno ~ 9 a~ oe, o~ ~" ~ ~ in good ru,nn~ng condition, red herdstown 3'536. | h~ ~rla~v ni~,h# hut after } of machinery hush aside the snow Pat Heflebower wce president ] Jones Anna L. Moler, Emma Hor than at many rather colleges. He ~3t w~th white ~op. LE~E BL~S~-IONG,t ~e~. 2-tf. ].... rnl h-lne af +r.~+ar frsvollnc~]wifh nnnnront pn~p Whil~ hpro was In charge of the program. Jan, George E. Vickers and Bar- also satd at the present rate of " Exor. o,f J. I. Triplett, Jr.I .~.,. ,~.~.,~~ ,~___ .~^.~I.~.~'~,'~.~ ~.';T~ ~".'-='::5~ ~-'~.'-~::'~ I~":.:':.t--=~.~:~ ::::~,.,~",~:.'.,-,o"%~, The devotions in charge of Patlbara E Johnston, all of Charles progress, that W V U. will soon ~-- ~" 9-2t ru~ I~.NL:IO -rf~f~ulIl flirt Illll ~dl~ EUUI~A ~U IIUIII i I-a.,~ ,.au~ a-.a,,s=,,,~,,to ~u .... .~ ..~ .. it...__.. ,,,~l.~.^,, ot...I,., "__.- . .... . _ . .,_ ~" ", __,._ ,, - a~E:~White Paln~ in 10 "'~".- - I South Water Street, water ln lthe brid~e to the lane leading to thave the bulldozer equipped with ~vu a~ a t.w,v *,,-= o-e/town ann Louis Argemo, liar- oe one ox me ~ew maamg unl- L~0~o~. ~$2_~ per ~!on. PLANTING GUIDE CATALOG Ikitchen. no furnace. Immediate[Roderic~ barn then go in rever-la light as calls were coming in useda calendar and ..a clock to|riett C. Welty, .Ranson and Harry jversities of the country. :,~a,J~ ~r~r, erode o~x-~, in color FREE on request. Offerea ~ possession. V. E BENlqrEI=t Agenda o. d,m,n *ho hid 'Phi~ i *ha way I for snow removal iobs to keen stress me amount o.z ume everY- i Masters, lnwooa. I I WILL CARE FOR SICK orIing. Nelson saw that she reached ]vin White, Henry Clipp and Gen ..... ~ ....... / ni-ht in the Charles Town Gener I A Re-resentativ- of Th" RGREEN SEEDLINGS' Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23-4t. E!demy .reopJe m my nomeqhome that night. Bush Popkins]Andrews. Sometime Monday ~~t.nen~'~rsn.~url~a.n t~u,n/alS~ospital after an illness of a'l ,,~xr l~r~ ~,.n.~r t " lit-none ~l#a-%N. /dld ~ cfr~n,q "[nh in olaarincr *h,~ I ni~ht state enuinment went throu =~. " -- ,,- ~-~,~,"--,, ,,,~-,-'/ ........ "l a~,a~ ur~r~r~r~ ~u~,,-.~x nave the best for Xmas ............... nt ' -- -2 2t . .... ~, ..... a ............. ~ ~''1 o "1 ~" die* i~h~roh I O0Ut a week her nusoanu is em I ~;s~dP~avCeS~_~o~nd in2,'l'~ ~p~s.~;," "~oer ~Ule," r~o.z-zL / sd~iveWaYa ~n:nPathu~sg~ MS~na~,~ I go~ t~aTmgaitht[~adl tat) :l~:f~ "Proj'ect*books were distributed/ployed on the George Hough farm I Will Be At The ,,.~ Y. "For Rent," "Wanted," and Ma~y, I I WILL CARE FOR Childran inI ........... " ._ I ...... by the leader Mrs Garland Hef./near Kabletown. She was born in I SHENANDOAH MOTEL ~g, ~t, 2, Clymer, Pa. Many Others at the SP~R, IT-AD- my home ages one month to 5-1 Mrs. ~seison white ann r..amy, i our worm has expanaea. ~ur ,^~. ...... ... ,,~.^ _~_- ............ 1 Kearneysvllle Jan I 1924 a dau' ~- .-pd. VOCATE O~ICE on North George ] ye.avs. Telephone 1025,Charlesl Last but not least Mrs. Martin I marl carmer Mr. John SmRh ........ | ~,btar nf ~a.~ l~.niekg Willi~rn~ ~, Ph~,,l,~o q~..... ...~w, ~ #in ~t r~+ ~J~t ~1~ ~r~.,~ I .q~r~wrvl l ~!.;.,. 1.,..,~.~ bar nnt~d ~ in thp I rn~dg a nnrt nf hi~ rm]ta hv Mnn semeu. ,he group sang me ano-! o .............................. ., ,~.ol.~. ,,or, t! z.~,,i, ~, :vu zx. c>u ........... ~ ...... ["- "9 It /~ ..... ....... , ................................. j -- dendron Song and Barbara Hough/ _,..and the late Arth r illi. u W ams She M. to ' : . Feb 2 tf ~ condition of her husband Mr day afternoon and was on sched " 2 00 P M., TUESDAY, [Au kd ~=TI}CS C ' ~I ~- ...... ~|Clarence Smallwood (Buddyi]ule Tuesday reaching those box- read.a, stry abut.pride in ,West|~o2:~v~e~tieYK~; ~Ughnte~:e',FEBRVAaY 14th, to discuss a II ffl !- I n I. j SC, I~A'I'CIt l'A1}b: -- we nave l~AUlaTOl~ KEt'AII~INUI--WeI ,,,ha i = na*~o,~* ,~,,~n in *ho I es which were available Farmers v~rgmm. The ciuo song trailI , ..... -, .. . . " _ them--and plenty oT them. ~et I ave nmv eqmpped to take caveI ,~ ........................... J "-"-~ ^" -*-^ ----' .... ~ --^ ~-~v West V~rgmm , Mar~e PenwellI sa .a u t~lauaette, an at home, A Dealer Franchise with In- your needs today. Different co -of your Radiator Work a ...... ._.. ........... read a st Our State Museum Thmma R. Ferguson of Kearneys- . C 0 U N T R Y ors STrIP, IT OF J'~~ be glad tO take