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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
February 9, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 9, 1961

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' ' ' [ I 1 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON .... ' I 14---A . -- " THURSDAy, FE! | } . ), 'Jr 11 [ [sometime in Flor,da ,daughter Debbie WEST VIRGINIA S OLVEST N~VSPAP[R ~l - f ~ i ]Wishing You A Speedy Recovery[Md. were visitors CHARLES TOWN. W. VA I ..... !~ ~ IV. ~ ] j [ Mr Charles Grove entered the with the formers p THE PROPOSED NEW TAXES has been lost. I refer to the fact I | '*~++-- ~'+---'+'+ - "'+-- -' ~'+---- '~ins~u?g?2t~u~s33~it~rZGr::eIMrs" C. H. nudgerI BEST MEDIUM OF AD.VERTISING In an effort to come to grips that for the past decade or so in J I twas operated on Monclay for her I f U != kl kl FOR REACHING THE BUYING POWER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY AND ALL P'e s+"t^ ~'"- "~^" " '-"~ an"~ les" ' , . , i ... ,- m, ,! .. with t , . ~a u ~,t~ ~.uw. ~c~ u ~ nla SURROUNDING AREAS FOR MORE THAN IlS YEARS. he States seeming fin- . ............. I I / I JIILpIHI ........ ot an inclination o uem wire me ~ . / Mr Grove is the superinten- I _, uncial pronlems me J arron ad- problem of public education and [ | [ dent of the Middleway Methodist [ | | | it] READ EVERY WEEK aY MORE THAN ministrat, ion has come foward has shifted the burden of this [ I /Church School [ J U I1 ~t - 20,000 PERSONS -- l with a temporary increase in responsibility back to the local/ $ I I, as well as'the ,,eople of MidI ........ -'-" m " ie e v Jl~y J.11SS bllll~ -- -- Ithe consumers sales tax (nothing com umt s. Th result has been I | Idleway are wishin~ Mr Grove a I PUBLiSHEO EVSRY THURSDAY I is quite so permanent as a tem- that virtually every county in / | [ speedy recovery ~ " I Sends Best Wishes :' ev THE JEFFERSON PUBUSH|NG. COMPANY. INC. I porary tax) and is now advocat- West Virginia has within the past [ | I Mr Leonard " Ruble and son [ ............ rs SECONV CaAS$ POSTAGE PAIr AT CHARLES TOWN. W. VA. |ing a state income tax. Should few years authorized special levys [ | I Timmy of Gerrardstown called l~^,lvi.iss,.t~.m.l..a~..,.lvlcY:l~l + " " e " m lgLtt::l lCt t --------we all be good little citizens, draw mcr asmg property taxes fro ] i ]upon his sister and brother-in-| ........... SPIRIT I'=.STABLISHEO 1844 -- ADVOCAT[ ESTABLISHED tSBS our belts in and look anon these twenty to twenty-five percent to l ~ I Tn~u~ ~ff~" ~nd Mr~ v~.i ~'; .... I we~.n.mnngsw_rt_**a COMmNED MARCH ,. ~,m I things as necessary sacrifices to compensate for state level inact-~ ~ I Sundav It?n, .l~elaware. M ~..~ I - " " [ I" [ m wm ne rememv '" be made m the interest of good ion Having now relieved the " . . Miss Donna Jean Schlll spent . h0 _ _MMAX _snows. EmTOR ............ I government~ Or should we ques- state of much of ~ts burden m the the snoum weekend with her nar-]Mtss Anna Webb w~ OFFICE NORTH GEORGE te(==l -- a,, . " .... "'" =. aunt lvlrs. Jonn +ti:f, Jp:a ?+iBseemng smevwh.a.t.f3 fwi3ld:rfeP::J Cned3c tientb :awuse tiT+ entsMr, andMrs Donald Schill. lsummer many years y pie I ui ~ ztt~r x iuw wzl~ ~:: tY. ~5. 15 ~. ltle ' S to NATIONAL ADVERTISING R[PR [SlSNTATIVE$ : . ~ " hngsworth wlshe ..... Y NEWSPAPER REPR.ENTATIVES INC [iSgoing on In Charleston with powerless to help us, are we now [ ~:i I The W S. C. S met Wednesday [~. ....... ,, +~.-o~ who ......... i ds ~ ~L~U ~u a~ t.u~ 40' 4 FIFTH AV[NU[. NEW YORK |8. N.Y. I no small amount of alarm. For I, to be told that the state now f n I .;:* [ night February 1 at the Metho- [ ~.~h. ..... ; .... +bo .~tflrlt AT~A,T^ -- C.,*~O -- ~,T,O'r -- LOS AN~S [for one do not belong to theitself in the strange potation of/ ~ /dist Church Mrs. William Ab-lson2~voea~e ~an~d-l~ee~ I school of thought that believes being able to raise money for | : [shire had charge of the lesson/ " -++ .... ~ ate ~i~ ~" with those she remea~ A~ SUUC,'~Tm.S ~,VZS~O m T.~ ST^T~ *R~ SUB~Cr VO 3% ON~U,~R~ I that all we have to do to solve other purposes. If the st ~ iiii I The attendance was small be- [ SAL[$ TAX. 5ua~RIt=TION 1~~O P~, Y~*R ,, A=WNC=. [our problems in West Virginia is found itself in the position of ] iiil [cause of the bad weather i Mrs. Grover .Leith' + [ to find new sources of revenue being unable to tax for education,[ i I Mrs Paul ~in~ and dau~ht^-~ led home after navm~ I~ ' P g ' ~ l ..................... "I ............. +~ MBER UP TH" The rubles in West Vir inia is what is the new circumstances ~ [Teresa +nd r~...+ ........ ;,~.+...+ I tient in the Wmcheste [not that superficial, and it can- that gives rise to the view it can/ [ I day callers at Mrs Lee Brown of/Hospital in wmcnv++ N A T I O N A L E D I T O R I A L ~ [ not be that superficially solved, tax for some other purpose? [ I I Charles Town " ] Mr. and Mrs. Danny [A~:~TIt~N ~i~l~lh]~[ so far the Great Debate in The ready answer supplied by[ | /Attend Apple Convention [family who have b+ I ! -.~'J- -['I T "+ ka ~ ~t | West Virginia has been over the the state is that even though it [ I [ Mr. and Mrs. George Crim of [ with her mother Mrs. ~ ~ [method which should be employ- could not levy a state wide in-~ | ~near Summit Point and Mr. and| ler have moved - ~ led to increase tax income It has crease in the sales tax for schools/ | /Mrs. Donald Schill attended the|Md, where Mr. Mille+ -- Thursd Febrtm 9 1961 [been taken for granted that if or impose an income tax for[ | [Apple Convention at the Hotelled with the SafewaY saaY,32 earsI I[11111 IT' , rr[11|[ ,....~..ll/|taxes are increased, our problems t ][lll schools,. ,, yet it can, do so to pro-1!1[ 1 I ||It Roanoke| attain upROanoke, Va. Thev[~~rl mtxmMrs. Robertservt~,McG~x ' I will automatically be solved. Pre- vide help for the unemploye~l and [ | [ left Middleway Sunday, January| turned home after h ~F|r~F T~ ~. M i cious little thought and attention jobless. If I could be convinced / i l~9 and returned home on Wed-| patient in the'Charl~ ,,m.m.~vm-mk v v [haS been given to the question that the proposed new taxes | 7.20 P. M |nesday, February 1. | pital since before ~ , ' ' I of whether or not an increase in would actually accomplish this | "~ " [ Wizard Clippe Farm Women / Mr. Francis Sloa~ ~: For exactly eight: weeks, ..... ever since December 11, the taxes will result in the attain- purpose I might be willing to as-| ST THOMAS LUTHERAN CHURCH IN RANSON / The Wizard Clippe Farm Tom-/Md. spent the wee~.~ ground has been covered w th snow. Last week s snow I ment of the only possible goal sent; but so far all we have ~s a | ...... | ens Club had an all day work day] parents Mr. and ~$ fall of some fifteen inches descended on a foot or more of[ that can justify it, namely a bet- proposal to increase taxes with-[ , | Wednesday, February 1 at the] Sloat. accumulated snow that has not had an opportunity to melt. I terment f.theta CeOnOmimc hi~alth ~#tt p~: iassUrae CetaxWpatwSi v r | LOCAL_PERSONAL NEWS IN AND AROUND |Methodist Church They did some| rl l , h~+ haa m ,arlt-mhla nicrh{'mmra ~,v~nlOt me ole e com un y. I 1 8weuisn weaving anu other/TO HOLD BAKE . f,"~ :':,'," ..... ~'~_/""_"__~._;,':_:'TL'~:,:." .:~"~*'_.~"~'~'~:'~;;.'.~'~.~'.~.~ ]respectfully submit that so far used for the purpose in whose[ ~ II II ld I 'r I~ lilt ! kl qP |things. Mrs. Charles Whittington| ~.. ~ne cnuoren, wno g~II~I'~tlly IUUK tqJUl~ ~lluw w~~ ~, - levi ..................... ~.~ I there is not one iota of proof to name they are ed. / ~ || I~ ~1 I / r" || 1 II / [ had charge of the lesson which[ Dolly Madison 4-1~ nave nan ,enougn ann are areammg wire me aom+s ox ~u~ [ substantiate the proposition that The long and the short of it is | w =, ....... v .... | was on Civil Defense Mrs. G. W./hold a bake sale Sa~ distant Sppring. ' . ,, | an increase in the consumers that there are proposals afoot to [ By Mrs. Stuart Crim Phone 47+-F-032 / Myers assisted Mrs Whittington./ruary 11 at 9"00 A ~' Powerless as we are to do most of the thmgs we woum sales tax or the levying of a state increase taxes, but no concrete } ] Mrs William Abshire and Mrs l ~,, A,,*- Ctore On : like to do, there is, however, one thing we can do. We [income tax would help the state proposals for using the contem-~' ' | Clifton Posten were hostesses. | ho'mema~le cakes, pie~ can feed the birds. They, too, are victims of the st )rm.|economy.. Indeed,. there is reason plated increased revenue. I am['Snow. News' iety of the Baptist Church. met] |Benefit of Camp_ Fr" died But a small to believe that eithar tax or both aware of the fact that there ~s It' on Wednesda evemn of last No doubt, thousands have all ready " . . . s no news to anyone that the Y g ion. , ,~,r,~ an th~ hart. of each of us can save so many who could produce an adverse result, talk of using the income to be de- only news available this week is week at the home of Mrs. Elwood] S~LVFR fiROVE | ~'"+': .... -= *" ....... : - ~ In the loose thinking that seems rived from an income tax for a/the weather An~ ~+~- ~h+ Cheshire with six of the mem-/ ............. /~ ,,~ still battlmg surv ve..+We, urge :hose whohrI Ylto be so prevalent in our times, State Department of Commerce. | weeks of snow even't't~ose hard~- bers in attendance. The meeting[ By Mrs. Ethel Buzzard l chance u on tne e v ............ , . ' . .... --- P. .. . . ^.~^ few people have questioned The- How stupid can you get. Obvious 1 enou h t en cold eather was opened with Devotions led . anct crumple and place it outside for our feath .vd friends; [ther or not we need a sales tax in ly, a State Department of Com-~ly ~ _~.._~oy : ..... by Miss Mabel Drish and the -ro] Mr. Donald Stanbs and a friend/ It is a small thmg to do, and yet the domg .of can ms.~m |crease or a state and merce will operate under the pro/zed age Mother Nature still gram entitled "Witness Where|Mr" Clyde Smith of. Baltimore,| in the doera sense of havmg done some mng wormwnne, lhave been contentto argue for the tense of attempting to attract|cracks the whip and for two days We Are" was presented by Mrs].ma" were ~unoay Traitors wireI - Imost part which of thh two would new industries into the state. It/the village iteself was completely Cheshire. The lesson dealt with[ ~ne ~ormers. mo.mer mrs..~eona] k ~ ~ ................... =~ [be the more fair. (The Barron seems a bit asinine to me to be-[isolated ~However bv Mondav the language work of the Bap-|~tau~s an~ ms oromer an a tom-[ can ot a tract ~ ~ lly mr an~ mrs vernon ~tauos Olin H'AIHI RI'B PKIPNUX [Administration apparently thinks lieve that if we n t ' ~morning those emnloyed in Char tist Church among the Italian| .. _ .. 7. - ~. . .1 vw.. =.n+.=..... .= = lvlr anu ~virs nowara uogle ano ,n~ .............. |they are both equally fair, and new. industries without a sa!es/les Town were able to report for Spanish and Russian speaking[ ~ 'a vi i" it-| - "' +. . Inot to be out-done, supports both) tax increase and withou~ an in- [work bv followin~ a rather circa- .peoples in various parts of the[ son were ~un~ y. ~s mrs.w n| D D I I N Appearing elsewhere in this |sane is an announcemen~ IBut sight is lost of the fact that come tax we will be able to at-| it|pus routes and the mail and world Following a brief business[ ~vtr ann mrs. uavm t~racKett an~/ ~t m m t_ m ~ ,'. ' from the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company | one of the most cogent reasons tract them with these added bur-/supplies were beginning to trick- session the meeting was adjourn[ familyin Millville: . ~ [ ...... -~'1 .... stating that new offices will be opened next week anct|for a state wide increase in taxes dens. [le into Summit Point Because of ed and a pleasant social hour en-[ .. mr: lzy LongerDeam aria tam-[ " - - " ue durin which delicio re fly ot ~nesmu~ trill were ~un~ay roductmn at the plant near Mlddleway will get unaerI ~the depth of the snow many of s d g us -| ........... | P freshmen were se d the guests wnn wr anct mrs Jumor way this Sprin . Thm ]s welcome news. While the eco-land Mrs. A. D. Peters. them and we are headed for trou |the farmers have been unable to ts rve by |-r v nd fa '1 " ] th the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia[ Photographer Tim Sinn took ble. [get out across the fields on their hostess [~.~ea. m~ y. | nomlc heal - . 4II Meeting &~tenu Tuners to ", , , , " er areas of the State where a major pictures of the newly installed Too much concentration on any [tractors as they have been doing " | M- ~harl~ a ...... a M, ] BE ,SURE is n t as bad as in oth .................... . o ............ .'---- *,-^ ........ can officers as well as several pic- one creates an unbalanced life./all winter whenever the roadst The Busy Bees 4-H Club plans[ T....,~. ,~ ..... **.....~...~ +~... ,....'[-- , .... , ae resslon exlsl;s, a~ ~ne s~d, Iit{:~ Lllllt2 LL[U 1UU~tL ~U~LU~*# * . dLtlllUl ~JJLUYI~ aLLt:~IIUUtAt LIIU JLULII- ~+U K 0]L # P ..... , ....... ..a.;,.. Mininv[tures of the banquet. Corsages That can mean trouble too. [were blocked As a consequence to hold the monthly meeting on[ eral of Mr _T~m~ ,~f-~,-[ u toe stand a shob in arm u.u ................ o ..... . , .......... . ...... ........ ....... -.~^ I were prdesented to the ladies. Examine your hfe. Is ~t in per-| some are running a little short the regularly scheduled date,| lMa~hincrtnn ~n Mfmdav Mr [ fie All l/';.~A~ + and Manufac urangwer t all ourt~mpanYeconomicCanw0es,n~at;De expec eU ne same lmeL' prv_w_ _ every ........ ~h~ *. ...... ~ ............ ~ .... itoe of Wr- fect balance or. do you put too [ on supplies as well .... as on feed and Monday evening, February 13th.| narney'~',~w'~ ............... Ch,~ h,,h~,~ ~f ,,,~[ .......... , the ans o " " " |n~st Houser Jr Kable Johns0n much emphasis on any one fac-[water for their hvestock. The The meetmg will begin at 7:30|~'~; ~. ~.7,~,..~'~,;~'~"~*'~'.'~,~,":~.[ httle helps .... ~and Wavne Smallwood was com tor Is your life one continual [ only Jones who seem happy about o clock | ........................ / ~ " " " . ~ . UL LII~ lctL~ VLI-. ~IIU ~Y2g~. 2~IVltl e ersonne wno wm We extend a cordial welcome to th p ...... |plimented by the toastmaster for recreation cycle with play the|the situation are the children Meetings of the W. S. C. S.. of|staubs | BAIM~tf' '1'1~ come here next week in connection with the Mmmeway their fine for~s in arran .;in the only objective? [with an enforced vacation and the Methodist Church and the Ep-[ Mr' "~,~ M,-~ ~h, f'. ....... ~+] B/4151~ =" /I, bk .... Cj~ g g ...................................... operation. We hope they will fred our commumty, to the_iT banquet. The benediction was by Are you so ........................................ revolved in your | plenty of time for sled riding, lscopal Women of the Church of| ...... n likin , and we are sure that they will ff the local people Dr. Scholl. work, so dedicated to makmg[The customary,, salutation: How. the Holy ................ Spirit were cancelled|~ .... +~+ ...... v ................ +~ ~ ""'~[~ " * " g " " them money or success that you are are you~ seems to have given fox" this month because of the wea " Ketrl erat0rs will extend them the hosp tahty and courtesy due.. An interesting feature, of the .... ,. .... ,.^ ^st. ........ f n~- [ ...... +~: -..~nter +- "~n Y-.' th~- c~"~ti~no The "~e~+~'~ .~(rMs. Russell Cogle to a cabin at/ g " " o m er- . ~u~mm~ .,= u~,~, a.~oo ,,--- ~,~:~ -,,o --, ~ ,~,, -- ~- ~,,,,* - +. ,,, ~--s ,,~ the B1 ome We look forward to meeting them, and if they sh u p l evenmg was the awarding of num[ .... ~ / .... ~ ................................ t ............. / o ry. / h an o or [ d ' e e mai acuvlty, t.e~ uut. 1.e overworKeu ruautz,e oumm~ ru.1 r~rm wumeu.~ chance fall upon these words ere we have ..acl pp - erous our prizes and th y wer ..... + out of life de ]~rews will un~--h*odlv ai= u~-,,t Cl-h h,~,~ever was n-* ~,~ou~[ Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cogle and] eIson we hoe tile win Know tha as follows family were visitors recently with ] tunity to see them in p " P Y .... ' r, ends largely on what we try to|as soon as possible and in the land is being held on Wednesday| . ...... | TRY TI{ , " " " " " " their " "--~ his news a er are alwa s o en for Irlenctiy Those winning prizes, some of aaugnter ann son in law mr the doors of t p P .. Y P . . , | ........ |get out of it. If we sacrifice any| meantime about all we can do a- [eVening at the home of Mrs. John| . " " "| m ] r poxes oi canu now and mrs John Greenwalt at the greetings and such guidance as they may neect in Deco - [ wn'cn we e . . .Y, "[ one of these four facts, it is we | bout the weather is to grin, bun- Kincheloe. ,, [ "1 " | +,,- -, t+ated to this community I ~rs ann salt anct pepper Kits were [ who lose If we keep our life in | die up and bear it!| Mr. Philip Creamer of Locust| ts oomery. | _. ,LI ..... " Mrs hn n Mrs Truex Mrs " , , Welcomer~ |... Jo so, -. .... , .. I balance, it is we who are hap-[ The Reverend Arthur W. Kerr Grove' is a patient in the Charles[ Mr. and Mrs. Harry.Dinterman.| ~|h [~nM|M . | ttamsDurg, ' mrs. w~cn,. ~rs. I pier and better individuals be- | was in Washington, D. C. on Tues Town General Hospital having[ and two children nave oeen spena[ vt, v ~'~,,i I Oden, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. ~unt, mrs. [ cause of it ] day and a~ain on Wednesda~ been admitted there on Thursday| ing a few weks with the latters| A RBI I l ~[ J'[~ , .~,~ -- . ~1#~, Plenty of Ham and Turkey ]Vnger..Mls Proctor_Miss Oden, [ How does your life measure| going there to attend an lnterde- for treatment of Pleurisy and a[ mother Mrs. Elhe Piper. Mr. Din| arrLtam, [~rs. bnrecK, mrs. reters, ..~rs. up? Are you getting your share[ nominational meeting rural min- kidney infection. ] termananu tamliy nave a tral.ior[ n~x~v o_ ~Tt~ ' t m m m t~ _1 a~ ....L_ I ~cnoll, Miss t~aprlotti, Mrs. tamer, [ of happiness from each of these | isters and laymen He was accom- Mrs. Marshall Jenkins who has| m our ~ommunlty ano something[ r,xu~ e~ ~,~v \ t AS tnaenetmem nremen ana uues s ~;: Wp:darMtrs~,i~r:n?ieTd~" ~:: four fields? Or are you trying to [pan.led there on Tuesday by, Mr. been conf!ned to her home.with a[ s~ee~ v~rl~ng WiethetxhecpenaU~g Phone ~0i r , I~ . ..; . _ " Inch|eve it all in one ~ield. That[ Philip t~reamer ann on weunes- virus mr me pas~ ~wo weeks was/ Y . P ~ g / . . t= I~ R R m I _ ____ I ~immons, lvirsl t~layton ~ames, [ cannot be done | day bv Mr Alexender Dunlop able to return on Monday to her| back to their trailor soon. / ......... rnlov ammal a! mse [10me;lYlrs'ltbertJames'Mrs;.Bushng[ Decorah (Iowa) Journal[W-lW.~S. Meeting employment at the Doubleday[ Due t.o.:.more snow over the[ unarles "1o~ --='$"J ............ I rs. walker, mrs. JenKins, mrs./ | The Women's Missionary Soc- Company in Berryville, Va. [weeKena mere was no un ay] . _ a ~ I AI__ I__L_II_J ILloyd, Mrs. Whitmore, Mrs. Rein-~. ,,, ~m | | ]School or preaching at the chur-J ' - N~w unlcmm are also ImUm linger, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Conrad, l~aUI vlener IS flame0 I ..-..-.-..,,,,R.~.'. . ' The Leetown P T A will ~avo[ch on Sunday No school for the! ,w,. v .............. |Mrs. Margala, Mrs. Peer, Mrs. Mc-I" _ ..... ! II=A~MI=V%VIIII= I thei- regular meetin'~ Fr'i'da-'[ youngsters on Monday and Tues[ ..... -" ........ "-- +-tate association" Merle C |Donald. ~rs. Carper, Mrs. Day, IT0 Richmond fivd War I !night, February 17. InSthe form|day- ......... I ~ + m t rln an excellent roast + , o mrs m ram mrs . u lg .... ..... r [Fellers Martinsbur fire chiefi [:~rs:. House.% ...... - . . , ".,. [By Mrs. Elsie rtamstead l Of a nmsical program by the le, aw, Oil ~urKey ann country ham , [ . :: . - -- e, ~ _. _ /WllllS, lvirs. ~en~m~, ~ur~. ~J,a~-il'Ang~nnl=! /Amml~lm ! lars of the Leetown School !,~,,~o~.,,~ .~,. ,,~,~ ~,,,,~a~ ~-I 1 ~1[,151 topped off with a dessert of home[ :mb eiiof hnea:r ga:y veteran|ford, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Sites, Miss[t,t;ll,t;nltmu, t, vmmH, t, | Mr. Carroll Zombro of Charles Mr and Mrs C H Walker of|ening guests with Mr. and Mrs.] i=mml. ll : made cake Ofnma~YbkindSe?on? t~e | X momen~ Of silence "was ob |Muell' Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Shreck | Saul Viener, business, part-time [Town spent several days last the Hatchery left Saturday for|Hward Cogle and son. [ ~P~ '~il[ cream, the a ua q [ ...... :/and Mrs. Carroll. [ historian and civic ledder has [ week with his daughter Mrs. N. t Fl-rida t~ s"-n"~ ...... I" [ Mr. Vincent Cook of Brunswick [ ~ I1~ t ~#~ C an of servea in memory ot tmaries u ~ ~ w ,, a .~=,, Independent Fire omp y [ ......... [ - [been named a member of the[R. Whetzel. [ Mr andMrs ~"leF"~'-*"~s''|Md" have been spending a fewlrd!14. l Charles Town last Thursday night ] Bannon, wno usa n ]mY z an | - Civil War Cen.| ........ t . ........ ...... -- ==,, -- state -~,~ ......... ,--~.~ mrs ~,~ewton ~tUCKey wno nas Klm of Charles Town were call ,- a ...................... ,-~. ~,~,= attracted an attendance of mere- Wade Thomas, well known .... tennial Committee, it was learned" " nt I . " Cok and family Mrs. Vincent bers their wives and invited fire official who dmd on Aug. 8, . been a parle .... at^Washington iers Sunday evening with Mrs.|cook,went to Wash|n-ton to vis-[ ' over VIEWS / thtsweek. . county uu,p,t,, .,+ rc~urn+u maryt~ruce,urr. . o ~' guests numbering around the one . Regrets were expresse~ .... , Viener a former resident of ~'me J ............ |it her parents and seek new era-I "- ~'~>' hundred and rifty mark The an- absence ot mrs. r eu ( .una) ! /'tl ftqPI-II D =,= ....... -- ,,a'o, .... I Tne Leetown a-n t zu s nao mt,qov _,a =-- ux, ULZa" I ,, ", o" " "" ien t " - " " " nual occasion was qaeld in the|Smith due to illness. [ !Charles Town High School, is a[...Mrs~.Jh,n Dick is a pat t a [postpone.their meeting FridaY|her on Tuesday. They are expect-[ ~h~ pU~|~, Moose Lodge dining room with I Among visiting fire. officials ] ~ ~ m ~ ~ ~ ~ ]brother to Harry Viener of Hy-[ ~lty ~o~jta~i;~a~u~s~rg.[nign~ untu ~aturoay mgnt, ~eo.|ing to move there in the near fut [ to nl~$~: embers t , r T A g ruary same place e dinner being served by m wero G. Kenneth Levi,Smi h ll I / ll K X [mart Viener and Sons Viener sap [ "-:" *-" .,, :. ..... I /ur . I ....... ,All! of the Women of The Moose whO[McFillen and Roy D. Locke of| -- ~,, m I, =, ~- [pointment was mad'e by Rich-[,.-~]ae,~earn.~eysv~_~,Jmee~i~[._ .~~_ __ | Mrs. Ludelle Waldron of Neers[ ]rOUl~ ~IK'~ ld ob a Shirle Hunt and , . uu,u zu~ r~usaz mum ~s v +; ' V i " or r centl ' turned in a splend' j . [Berryville, V .; y ] .... ]monds Mayor Woodward and it| .......... I U B m le A V /vflle, a. was a v sit e' y I Take a closer_+ The invocation was by the Rev. Howard Whitmore of the local ,m~,~tm.~r [fills a vacancy which has existed i~e~f ~./,~.P~ m., m oosef.:[ ~ ll[$ l~ L L ~ ~'~ | [with her brother and family M~'. [ emblem above, yo.~ Dr. Richard T. ~eholl of the Char [citizens comI ; A:.r. ID=ORO : x . [on the committee for some time. [.~Z~....~..'~-~'"~'a~,~'"~a~e~e~,~, [ By Pats,. Zombro |Elmer Penwell. [ that ix feat~es ~'~ les Town Methodist Church and Ballenger, Alfrea. uouns, o ert In a ong ann users career m Viener, 39, iS a partner in the I " " [ Mr .and Mrs. Earl nudgers and l most familiar t aa%a Chaplaln of the hre companylAmsworth ana Robert nu. |,ourna, sm, voronyo . p .o[Hyman Vmner & Sons, a metal[invit d . ttend ", l Mrs. Barbara Fryespent a few| . l Checkerboard" , - " , ther- " i t Tnom son re - --,- ~.~ v-~o~..~'-... -,,~ t.~-~-,~ .-. .... Tb~" while President of the Indepen- I tara ot r~arpe, rs. ~erry. ~onvar; icmve snareor nonors., ui | smelting and refining company. I" ~,.:,=^ ~.,^-~.: =~" ~, .... i. .... ;.~o I days last week with her aunt Mrs ! ~ ............. ! ~ Purina ~vfins, ~ "# dent Company, Charles F. Reinin [ and Nathan tmoaes ann Lee tour|~nem ali,.pernaps me most n~ter J He was the co-founder of the Sou [ .. ~, ..... ~. ,_ ~ ,~..~. ,.o, c.... [ Albert Anders of Ranson "| | You Are I~tvi, Led ---- . [ feed industry I~ st n as her ex msian from tier .... o+ " ears, is ger handled the dutms of toast-[gan of Shepneru own. [l g w. P ..... "[thern Jewish Historical Socmty [~ ...... ~. ....... e.,~. ..... ~., [Mr and Mrs Lynn Grantham| ~ -~'I~1. A----: .... ~ [ S~xty-two y ~'~4~ ..... man oecattse ot her attacks on - , . . . ~,a# ,,,, ,.a,, .,~....,,.,.- -.,.... . ' ' a./, r~tr~v~r~,y ice we are o~,,'- master in his usual 3ovial style. [ Chief N. C}ark Furr mtrodueed t. .Y .......... ~ and xs a member of the Vtrgmia t church services have been can- J Jr. of Washington, D. C. spent the| ~ ' ~ I ] ] I [ seJ~ --ll~ Following the dinner and just [ Troopers Ward and R. R. Truex; [~azt o.aroarius. MISS ~lnompson, [ Historical Society and the Ameri- [ celled at this church~ [ day last week with his aunt and[ | ~ I l~ | [ Yes, Purin~ ~"~ efore the group singing, atten- Ranson Police Chief Lewis Car wno men ~onaay at me age or lean Jewish Historical Society He] " [uncle Mr and Mrs William[ i ~/~mm~-- | I in our Check-~'~'..~ ! O aTa l raellsedent t eireCgnetr b rd [ O lef a pdhraCpmr rs DT: .n Police [66 :;pdneh:: open te i iVelnYisaS | s:J Oe: e hbeerj3fw:he pbou d: I .......... I Wa te Grantham of near Middle.|'- - "2e:.' how st [ [ Bu h0ng led the audience m In making note of the newly rhrough . her w'. iely'syndicate.d J,onSocietvofAmer+ca I LEETOWN I ~+ LouiseJennin+sleftMon/ ~B0 ant&il the singing of happy birthday. _ installed officers, President Rein- coumns, net ooo~Ks ann raam! Viener holds a Bachelor of arts l By Mrs. Mary Bruce Fttrr tday evening for Washington, D| i ~.~..~.~.. ~tt~ | [ w~thPunnaC _.toil! Charles O. Peer, treasurer" . of]i !ger said, "we have had a. goad icommentaries,, . miss Tnompson de ree from Shepherd. College/. __ IC. to s end , someti'-e,, with her] t I llllllallS 'l-vv i,=, =, II ! inaKesearcns', the Independent Company since year and let's each one try 3ust a [spoke wRh warmth and eloquen- land a masters degree m Amerz-[ Farm Women Meet Feb. 15 [cousin Mrs. Mel Bolgiano and Mr | [ ,'~.='=_. ~o, ~a ! '[ c.oncentr.ates ar ~o#. 1926 was presented a lounging little bit better than he did this [ce-donn ~,unmer once !Ke.neo ner[can History from West Virginia| The Leetown Farm Womens land Mrs. William Beck "[ | t- .~"u'~-~""'~'."~-- ! I -t~ey valance :~l~iO b a d described as a 'fund t ear to make 1961 a real baa to a "blue eyed tornaao m an U lye sit Two articles that he Club will meet on Wednesda make st do the 1~ ro e n , ,- pas y ' . " "" n" r" y. " " Y,I Mr. Paul Ring was a "patient in reD. ISt m rea. zzm " u ,o i raiser supreme by the companys ner year" age which tendA " to be blase about [wrote on Moses Albert Levy, a [Feb 15 at the home of Mrs. F. P.!the Charles Town General Hospi-| |, It | ] to help .y.o attorney Lee Bushong. The banqnet tables were attrac politiCS,r Miss.. inompson represen l sur. g. on in the Republic of Texas Owens. at 10"30. . The+ club mem- tal from Friday till Saturday. -- "~'_~_~'~d= in, i I ,,meat' milk an~,~tT," ~"~'" + T rm != l out ottne o A feature nf the evening was tively deco+ated with potted ted a tradltlon.of comm,ttment Army during its War,of Indepen l hers plan to make ceramic trivets, j Mr. and Mrs. Carroll H John-] i ........ " ....., I -. ".'. ~,, ~ ...... i n oo credit ...... ' ~.-,, .... +.,,~ .-.~,~'~-=, ~,necK-~ ...... the leadmg m smgmg of severat plants and a centerpmce of cut an . concern wmc ~ . dence in 1835-36, have been pub [Each member to brmg a dish of l son and son Tommy visited Mr.[ | Drawing Feb 22rid | ] ..