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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 5, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 5, 1959

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PFRIT OF JEFFER.qON rA.M RS ADVOCATE 8--A THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1959 President Tells ., Re,. ponsibility To Area,. Of Company ,Operations The F'airchJld Airplane and En- largest single industry in the area, gine Corporation inaugurated a ,it's compact is of course felt more new community and public relat- +ions policy last Friday when corn- " 16any officials invited newspaper and radio men to an unprecenden ,ed press conference at it's main plant in Hagerstown, Md. and net only related to them the present status of the company's operations bu't strewed to them the fact the company fully realizes the tremen dous dual responsibility it has to ~he various communities of the ~,r~ea and to the company's many stockholders. J. H. Carmichael, newly named ,president of the Fairchild Com- pany, was Lhe spokesman for the con~pany and his informal heart- to-heart like remarks to newsmen ~proved most interesting and cer- tainly very enlJghtening to the some 40 present. Carmichaei, a veteran aviator himself and former president of Capital Airlines of Washington, D. C. became the new Fairchild pres ident in December under a com- pany re-organization prograzn. Mr. Carmichael Cold the newsmen the ,drplane mann,lactating and miss- dle business, fields which the Pair vhild Company is, and has been ffor years one of the nations lead- ers in has it's good imes and bad )t~mes as does any other business. Possibly more so because of the highly competitive naJture of the business. Carmichael stated that ~these high and low spots in the company business have a real ~m- pact on ~he economy of net only strongly tha.t for more smaller industries. Although the cancellation of a large contract by the U. S. Depart merit of Defense recently had put the company currently in one of it's "down" periods. Mr. Carmi- chael predicted a good fu'ture for Fairchild production and operat- ions. He said at the present time the company is quite proud of the new F-27 twin-turbo-prop com- mercial airliner which it is pro- ducing and great things are ex- pected for it in the near future he said. The new plane is designed to replace the old DC-3 transports which many of the "feeder" air- lines are still using. The plane is already in use commercially and present a.t the Friday press con- ference was Ray Peterson of Alas ka, president of the Northern Con solidated Airlines. whose company is now using the F-27 and finding it most satisfactory. Lou Davis, formerly of Martins- burg, now d,irector of public re- lations for the Fairchild Company ~rranged +the affair and inCroduced Mr. Carmiohuel and other com- pany officials to the group. A short sound and color fll~m showing the construction and first test flights of the new F-27 was enjoyed by the group. Prior to the informal conference the early arrivals were taken on a tour of the huge a~r- craft plant. Press and public rela~tions men from Martinsburg, Charles Town, m m m mmm Hagerstown, but also other sur- Berkeley Springs, Hagerstown. rounding towns and cities from Brunswick, Frederick, Md.. Way- which many of their employees nesboro, Chambersburg and Green Alwayes j Wait on, You All come. And since Fairrchild is the oa~le, Pc. attended the affiair. ~. . _ ty culture and maicuring. This bill |:~r|~ |Nwn places %he beauty parlors in the e. Your i, !1, i, ge. .............. same general category wiVh bar- .. .. .. bets as to regulations, and relieves l~rO= rage une all such workers from the necess- -. , ~ . __ ity for having periodic blood PHONE 159 " WEST WASHINGTON STREET CHARLES W' after unarms "town peg!us ~ne tests. The bill was recommended VA. proposed improvements, me rate by our state h,~=~th ~-=,.*,-,--~ in e e w II not 'be excesmve 2 Pavmen,t of Tnh-,'~ ..... h h z n srs ............... of W at ,t e p'ese t water u e _ Transfer Tax-Has to do time Ot~uld have expectea TX) oe asKea II ...... a owed for payment of .these :tax- ~ ~ | ~m~g ~ ~ ~ t:~) Imy m me near ~uture any~vay. I es and brings us in lin ..... i,t~ fed 1% ~s been known ,for sometime ~ral nru,'tio~ .... "" "- the present owners of the]~ 7. ~.~.'"~+;.~ .... . . . ' e~vrm .......)~nni,~=tn~th~l ~.~rea:tmganew~uoiciaJcir- ~ ~~ 111~) ] ocer~e~ "'~ .... " ........ .......... cult for Hancock County ~'S[-Virginia, Publlc Servicel ~mission for a sizeable increase ] 4. Period of parole and dischar- in W~ter rates in Charles Town. I ge there irom-Allows Parole BOard of the dIscretmn as to t~me a parolee ~}0wing the ,passage ] "s ' . " Gidley and Staub, Inc., of Charles- [ icates of indebtedness of Indus- ton, W. Va. and the Charles A. [trial Loan Companies-Means ~that Hinsch Con4pany, an investment I tdlpoSatmSeils t~eSesiCOmpanies are , I -- and seurities company of Cin-] po~ ts in banks, as cinnati, Ohio. were notified of the ]far as is concerned. __[SH MAt. C Don action and the two companies] 6. Special License Fees ~o be FR I ! will now proceed with working]paid by public utilities-Makes .the out enganeermg and financing de utlhtles a sore x " " " -[ "'' 'py ' ee,tra, sothat r Coffee } LI].~ %ails for the purchase when it is ]the Public Service Commission can Porl Sho ! Ib 3c ! made. Conducting the negotet~lons use the rnotte to v m In Baltimore Friday were Council-]needed people,Yuch aeons Inl~)e:~om: ;e Coffee } " ' '., the p.'otection of l J ~'C men Gemge Mullen and Joseph auditors etc for ! t ::!i; : iiiii!:; i : WarrenfelLzandCityEngtneer'Al't hepublic. FRESH 'ORK ' BO" [ 'I N " if'ee b.c,naerlt asbestos..' :'P~ anti'"" ''par galvan-. ] 8 SurveysbyStsvtel:~oadCom-, mission'' to ascertain' rural roads .to B0S~ on Bt ib 19c ! c0,=0. ~0,,~: ,+:, lzed There are about 1 887 service )be added to state -anister *'"0,.,7 ' . , .... system This bill lthes and about 1 362 meters on ~ .... " - " ar 48 f, re h ,snoum never nave come out of t ---- ----'"" -Ib, ~he system. There e ' Y" [ committee ~ it ,m~v r~,~o,o,~ ~rants and the water plant pump~1 "resent law in dlff " ~ "'*~"" ( ~ . fsn ........ " I" ns'v ! " erem;worcts It ( CHASE & SANB $1.4 on an avelage ol 4avuou ga 1o . " , ' , "[ passed but I joined with 40 otf ~f water daffy m I . . the other members in voting a- :OTHER MATTERS HANDLED gainst it hL/ BELTSVILI s[w CHOCK Utt HUb C0ffK-lb. cen 9c Another matter handled by. the 9. License pin, tea for am a~ur . BLUE BONNET OLEA - = 2 I oo.c,, +.+ t+ ..n. o, Turl Ib ,7c ] -++o.+. '+ +' Alonzo D. Peters, Charles Town , ple to buy special plates which 5 81bs. l sOhool teacher and insurance man I allow them to pass police lines, ~S a, member of the municipal I etc. They have proved ,themselves zoning commission. He fills a VaC-Ivery helpful in disaster areas and OLD VIRGINIA A ancy created by the resignation in many other ways. of Howard Sec'hrist who becav~esiexIceVltedhin f~vorof a]]the above It, J }l ll|| " r * ! JELLIES--Reg. 19c - - 2 lO+z. glasses 29c ineligible to serve when he w p t e o e mentioned, num- eleoted ,to the Council. )bet eight, and bhey all passed prac lq%~hl111 3 LHEEfl ) .[LEO . . : Council also authorized the city I tidally unanimously, as there was fa'easurer and property committee ]very little controversy about any ~ 4 ~ | | | d to Issue a draft to the Select Bak-]of 'them. | LIBBYS BEEF STEW 24 oz. mn 49c ,rig Company for the surrender] A bill being considered in the .ac n , t),ty ,uc | C RISC._0--ScpOFP.-.-.-3Jb. can .c of it's lease on a city buil~ng lo- I House Finance Com, mlttee has as ca~ted on Liberty Street, ~or ,the fits object the lowering of license remainder of it's term for the ~fees on trucks operated ,by farm- -- : S P R Y 5 OF 3 lb. ta, ~c sum of $100. The agreement gives I era. This bill, introduced by Del- ~he Council control of the build-egate Slonaker of Hampshire ~.II~&~M'IMIt_ ~l~ ~]~F~ ,a ' -- / ~ng and also the heating equip-tCou,nty has real merit, and I am merit which had been left in the l trying to help him with it. It ~ ~ L U F F 0-.8c Off - = - 3-lb. c~n tic ~uilding. The Pairmont Creamery'wuldfcursentapplytfar- Frar ks 2 Ib I)l;g ~, 8c ] P.TY... taft can 49c Corn,puny of Fairmont, who oper- mers trucks .if they used the a~ted the Seleot Baking Company tm~cks for other .than farming M t~as been endeavoring ~to get out pursuits. from under the long-term lease [ I think I had be t;ter stop, Max, L ffor sometime, before you have to cult this down ' Council then authorized the ] to proper raze. More next week. Market House committee, headed] W.P.C. Perry i LI BYS TOMATO JUICE 4 46-oz. cans $1,W bY Councilman H. H. Lehman to[. contact John Briscoe ~bout ren,t- One In Five Thousand" the C,,ty building, i~-rmon For Pres:--'+-.'-'---- ~ ~,~l~,~, 3 ~ I ) YACHT. CLUB } 10 eommittee was also asked to make | -- t~ ti ]) PORK I BEANS ) f the street re-airs need I The usual schedule for services ~d:~r~L?utinm~.te on~ame andl~thlhr3hChallelT?~po::ISboY, te~ea~. I ~) ?J ( I RED KIDNEY BEANS ) 15'k-0z. cans + ,r~o T,d,~r~nd+~.t.l~+re ComDanvl8; Sunday School at 9:45. Wor- ~~~~ of~:~harle+ +own was granted per-]~hei2p~erv~t? ?tollpllneS:m~eHlegrhs BUTTER BEANS ) mission to hold a carnival on ,thel : , ~ ~ .".~' d ! ~ 1 ~r~i t'~,,T,~) a,,r~n~ the week of Amz ]at 6:30. The sermon topic, as ~ ~~i[~ ! I ............... d i GREAT NORTHERN BEANS) a.,%1 'V o ,~,~1 +ham artr~r~x,~d fiv~ build- |announce by ,the 'm mater, ? ...... ~"s" .... ~-v .......... [Carlyle A McDonald will be "One Ing permlr, s. /in ~ive ;thousand".' For prayer, g : DUTCH" MAID . , _ ]worship, meditation. Christian Lemmmre [fellowship and inspiration the C ELBOW, MACAROHI - - 2-lb. Cello +Bag 29c r'-- -- ~ |public is cordially invited to these Uo S. GRADE A ]Prom 1Pt~ge One |services. The minister stated that i LIBBYS TOMATO CATSUP - 2 14-0z. bottles 4k ]he would urge entire families to PASCO FROZEN ORAHGE JUICE 4 ca.s 79c o%~nordlinaryd~13h waS?2dayi ; l~::lafi:r [~tgl:h:l~;ldrNeUn'SlrrYe :acll1_ WISHBONE morning, usually beginning about during the II:00 o'clock sez'- "[%.41" ~ ~ rp ~ ~tl) ~ nineo,clockOrright'ten after'lCk'lunchthentheatRulesne ,]vice" ~ " "'-"'*" +" + CHEESE DRESSIHG 8+z. b0ttle. 49c Comm.it4,ee meets, ,,twelve of us h~v|d U+w)an P,nw+ll .PARKER HOUSE ROLLS - - p g. 24 rolls 33c are on i)to go over the calendar i"'"" "" ............... I WISHBONE fo'clock with a prayer by the chap-[ POLAR FRENCH FfllES . 24b. RUS AH DRESSIN ot I 33C lain, followed by a regxflar order -- - , . of business and wi,t,h parliamen- Dn,nk n hr,v, nn ('harna tary rules in force. There are mes ,-, ~..,.~,| y.|T,||] '~ql~llUl~q~ sages~ received from the SenateI ........... ' ~~i~i~!~:~!~!5~ii~~~.'.~~#~i~... ~!~!,j;~ ~+~iiii~i~:~i~i~.":'+~iiii!,~ .,.gvernmentZrm", ,,,,,o'tne~- ~,, ;,,,,,,v:xecuv~ve:2 resolu.tmnSced DranCnand. o~her fferZ de ~dhe' r~-- ~ ~r.enU~Vm'u'~e l~ ~,~uraay'r~ewtncrrarles t'enwenToWnar t, ernoon" ' 'wasti~ ' ar-oy.Z ~iii~i}~?~iiil~ ......... ~::~*~:~i i iii~i~l!i~i~i+ ....... + ii.>.:iiii +~!~.. >:+:?[iii~ W~-""+":+" "+*< :a>i '+~ i+#i:++'J~+' ~+ ~ '~ .......... + ............... "*+++iig+i;:>>>+i~l~!i;iiii ~::::*::*i=~i~ii~ F:'l~!~i:"~:"~;i'~~i? !ii~" '~::~:~i~ ";~ ~:~!~ , .... : ....... , +.+ fi+ali, Charles own Sta+te Trooper A J. ~IT/~ ! ~i !ill ~~ --t, tin- down to the ~no+ im-ort waae on a orunzen ~nvm~. c.nar- of taken into custody by vlL DU. lne,'s +t ' .. ;a'"r "-', .... -" " ' s wremDe w (~e on ~'a,rI,+x l~lVa bills Which have reached ,the pc.- ...... - " e In ~anson aiiI, er a ~no~t cnase, ii sage stag. t Penwell was taken before Jus- +Nine Bills To Vote On !(Ice of the Peace Eugene CIipp for Today we had nine bills 'to vote a hearing and he posted collaterial on, which I will describe briefly: in the amoun+t o~ $125 for his ap- 1. Regulation of barbering, beau peaxance at a l~ter hearing. " !i