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February 5, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 5, 1959

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O FORECAST. and sunshine to- 42 degrees. Part- ~i turning much colder var0Und 15. Mo~tly tips- Chance of snow flurries Friday 23. Clear and and Saturday. "Serving The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson County Community Since 1844" TWO SECTIONS 1 Read By More Than 20,000 People Every Week NO. 6. WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. THURSDAY, IeEBRUARY 5, 1959 COMPIA TE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGI, PRICE 10 (I,Ni. Mother, Infant Son Have Narrow WhenCar A mother and her one-year old creek. She and the child along son of Big Sandy, W. Va. had a narrow escape from death or pos- sibly drowning abou,t 2:45 Tuesday morning when the car in which they, along with another youLh from Roderfield, W. Va. were rid ing lelt the highway on U. S. Rt. 340 and turned over in Flowing Springs Run act Hall,town. Charles Town State Trooper A. J. Wade said Mrs, Christian Me- Clare, 18, of Big Sandy was driv- i ing a 1954 Chevrolet East on U. 'Route 340 and apparently went So wi,th Roger Lee Ward, 18 of Rod- efield, were taken to the Charles Town General Hospital via the Charles Town Independent Fire Company ambulance. Examinat- ion at the hospital revealed t.he child was suffering from shock and exposure as a result of being in the cold water. Mrs. McChire suffered a laceration of the upper lip and abrasions of the elbows. Ward suffered lacerations of the face. Ttooper Ward s~id the trio were sleep at the wheel, losing control he~ded to Baltimore. Md. to visit of the car. It failed to negotiate Mrs. McClure's paren`ts and they County Court Sets $3 Bounty For Fox Kills Memi~ers of the Jefferson County Court taking oognizant of the possibly of the county being faced with an epidemic of rabies as the result of the num- ber of rabid foxes which appar- ently are running on the loose in the county, took a definite step this morning (Thursday) to remedy the situation some at least, by agreeing to pay a $3 bounty for ,all fox kills occur- ing in the county. Payment of ,the bounty be- comes effective immediately Court decided, and ,persons mak ing such kills are asked "to report them to Earl A. Kid,well, Jeffer- .the curve ,in front of the Valley had been driving, since about 4 p. son Country gameand wildlife Board Corporation .and landed up m. and she apparently was tired omeer m friaries town. Under a West Vnrgmia ame side down in the Plowing Springsand fell asiee,p at the wheel of the . " " g i'an. Both Mrs. McClure and her car. Her husband is in the Navy, naT the foxes must be shot in infant son were thrown from ,theWade said no charges were pre- open fields and not in wooden car into the water. Mrs. McChireferred in the case. Damage to theareas. Persons may, however, quickly pulled the child from the cat" was not too extensive, shoot foxes on their own prop- ~~ erty anywhere, they do not have ) to restrict themselves in wood- C~]~Hn~Is ~v~_~ ed areas, it was pointed out.~ "-"'""" ""'-" ":. " S to rely h:okv the lives of two teen-age Jefferson CountYshowsYOUthStheand one former Jefferson ._O I~l .__ Am $300 000 F, a.y N'i0) " 'ghway accident to occur in Jefferson county this year and one of the most cost], To Buy Water System; Sale lOpen Until 9 p m residing in Camden, N. J. The above picture completely demolished i~rlrP [[r~ I~p J[][[ out e in which the trio were riding when William C. Meanear, 29, driver, lost control:all---- lit IT. --. , ach ..,.. me double "S" curve at Halltown and side-swiped first a tractor-trailer truck and[ ~om it and head-on into a second tractor-trailer truck.All three persons in the carI ......... -- --"---'-- ] Beginning this Friday nigh,t pa- p re ] fe hs ear mxetrmers oz me charles "1own g'ster the first three highway fatalities in Jef rson county t "s y ].. .! ' . :. . out, and until .these have been [tz'ons of Charles Town's down,town ~phat, By Tim Sinn) I ~ouncu morea a s~ep closer .~o completed no date will be set [retail .%oz'es w~ll be offered the op- , . '-"~'~ --%~-- [acquiring a municipally-owned for any referendum on the matter Iportunity to do their nigh~t shop- COunty teen-age I dent occurred. Trooper Wade said I n ~ m m . [water 'system for Charles Town it was stated. [ping on Friday even,ings ,as the mrmer Jefferson I tha`t while investiga`tion of the I Mesaames terry Lanmet [.Mnaay' mgn~ wn, en ~ney ann.n- Funds for purchase of the corn- [stores have agreed to remain open r .... g, ~ l'mousiy a~pprovea a resomuonpony's Charles Town and Ran- ~ until 9 p. m. each Friday nig~ht on esldmg in Cam- I accident is still not complete, [ / ........ . lnstan, tly killed ]every lndica~tion is tha,t the Mean- [ , . ~ ~.. ~. [aut, norizm.g purenase.oI ~sne.wa~er son holdings would come ,through [a six-mon`ths trial period. And zay evening when lear car was travelling at a high lName{! o. na rmen or [system w.mcn now serve!.t:na'm sel-liquidating revenue bonds, ]shou,ld they find the new nixh~t they w~-~ ,~,~),~l~,t~ ~ cn~n ~nd on the wren~1' ITown ano ttanson ~rom,vne r'eop- witch the indebtness being amor-tshopping hours saitisfactory ttaen - .......... 7 .......... . ~ ' les Water Service Company of - trac`tor-trader szde of the high.~a~. As ~,t moved * ...... s l more ~zea over a permd of years. ['undoubtedly ~this ,policy will .be con ~Olhde West V]rgima from it Bati d head-on l into ,the double "S curve it side-11Q~{} H. r) F.nd Drnve I , , . , INVENTORY NOT INCLUDED ]tinued. , . . . ~. my. =.~.~ = ~ (Md) owners a~ a rice oz avou~ s x The new mght shopping houzs ~.the double "S" [ swiped a Mack tractor~traimr I I *~"0"000 P About `the only holding not e. - [ .... ' ~ " ' ' ' " town on U S. I truck leased to the Novick Truck- [ Announcement was made 'Wed I yo.yo. ,. ; . ~ netted to be included in `the sale I zor ~naries Town will Vtow Ior at .... in iv ,b ' " "~e price agreeo upon oy a - -- least this trial period be the same .... ling Company and be g dr.en Y [nesday that Mrs. Roger Perry and [~,~m,ltt.~, af ~m,n~il and-fflcials is some $4.000 worth of znventory[ s 'h 'i s .... e "rzooper A. ] Alfred M111er K~pps oz wsncnescer, I ~ro ~,,les F Lan-let of Charles I . ...... o__ ,^~ ,~ ....... "",- ~" r,~,~).]~ ,re,,,,,, ~.~h ~ la tose n .urrounamg cities ano tc . . ,,, o. o~ . ~ oI me wauer ,=.ez vrue ,..o.~v~zzy c~clen~ victsms. [Va..The car then careened h.e,adIT0wn, have been named as co-tat a meeting held in Baltimore "'" ":" ..................... I towns Thus the new shopping P'?r etCtive plans of Council are ihours in Charles Town tores of this [ -on into another , ra. mr r.anerI chairmen of the Jefferson CounCY|Md Friday ,was a compromise be: to make some extensive improve-[each week d~:~ (,.,m ~,,,',~o~ ", ~.. meanest, I truc~ oemg arwen ~y tiai ~. ] Heart Association's annual fund[ t.~,~'~, s~.50 0no and .365 000 the ~ will be from 9 a m until 5 p m ne 1951 Ford I Copter of Bulls pap :i'enrt; ~oun I drive l -"7~."" 7- .:: ~." , ~_'_ ' .-. ...... ' --# -... ..... ~,-,-,, ey w . ' .... ' original o~erzngs oz ~e t~naz~, raen,ts and additions to the water i ere riding, trucks ,were loaded, tJhe la~er one riv ur Sh .........[ ...... [ The nation-wide d e to sec e [ TOwn Councit and the water c~m-system' " when ..... t~e ~ransactaon nas I thel through.~umme,.ThursdaYm~,~.~except,~ ~,,durin~,, ,,: 'sfor~l~' l~YV.' b~ ] w~,~,tl~o~t~:~ the truck being driven [~funds to combat heart and ear- [ launy officials respectively. . boon c"n ...... t'~ B ....~-'-'-' "" "~ " ................... ~,~ ' . " om"'~ ~": ~_,_. ;"~ .... s I July and August when ,the stores ~,,. % . ' I _ '~ . s. , . ..... I cul~tory diseases is conducted ev: I The resolution adopted author- t~ese ~mprovemen~s wmcn .may | wilt h~ cl~sen o- ~,~n,~n, .... ~o.. ~ ,[,'nell" par- I Oy t;oo~er was completely ~emon- I ~.. ~,.., ,~, ),, )ho amh~ican / ,.:a ,~. ........ .~ r, .... ~, ,. c"~* in ~'o "-ei~'*'~"-rh^'-'~ --~ ,,a, ~ ................. a ~-~. pint. Meanear I shed Copter suffered only minor I['.~ f=T'~?'A~.:~_~_ ~n~a~'~c~.,~n |,~v~. ....... .,/,~?~v,. ~.?_.~,=,~,_,L~- ~, _~2~ ...... ~2~ ,%.~.w_:,,v,~ ,,:..~,~., |noon. The Friday hours will be 9 S Daront no~)li~,,:i,~v a*~rl ~f,~-o~- ha|no {'ranted I~ear~ assoc~abm$~ - zaz~ ~z i catkupon ~ne company ,~o prepare uuv unarms Town ~nen Will no(,|a m until 9 " m wi~)a Saturd- -~--, ......... ~.. ...... "~ " ......... ~. '~ ...... , , " .... ~ 0nly haven water system ~that will |hours r~nnin,~'fram ~ ~ r~ ,~)it e act.u~uv t~v~ | ~ ~,h~ ~h~.~ "v~wn f~n~ral I with its many 0ha~ers, culm!n. | & Sale .oontraot itemizing all hold- ~ ' ay ree ~u~, ~, [~z,o~,~o~ ....... ~ .... a A ,~ac~n~,~r [ a~tzng thzs year on ~'eb. 22 when/lags w~lch go with the sale and fully meet the needs of both }5 - m " ......... w~.:?:-." ..... ! "'"?Y'~%" "~Y ":,~..~.L"'~in "" ~'"~ .... :~l '~Heart Sunday" will be observed. I prese~*t it-to,the muniei,pality for. Charles :Town and Ranson but[ ~'" ' mcn ~s near in mis ~ruc~: wayne Jones ox ] er rRe~ ...... will also be a real added reduce- [t~ ~-,,~h- F,-~n .... ~ob,~ ca~,,,~,,- 'e Base near t V,m~.t^ne Tenn also suffered On this Sunday volunt~ we ~ | constderatior~. Council ,will then " . ' The decismn of the merchants " I ~ ~ ? ' ': " - . ~ . I will make a house-to-house can- I pl~.c l~he'sate c0nSract .before the ment. for'a~ttracting additional in- / and~'~ein line"with'~he ~la~"~'~''':~" t mznor znjuries ann w,as ~rea~ea ac ..... " ' .... ...... iss' " dustry into bhe two communities | .......... _.~.~. ours jn said Me.near I .~..~ h..~.-.~o~ ,~.,~ .ol,,o~a,~ I vass ior ,iuntls /Puotic ~ervlce ~omm :ion oz 'othc. ,~o~.~, wa~" .,=u= ~ev=z~ ~hest internal [ The aeciden,t blocked traffic on l Mrs. Roger Perry, daughter of [West V, lrglnm for study and ap* Although It will be necessary weeks ago The Barber Shops of ttate~l lef,t leg [ the highway both ways ,for ,more Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Paxon of ] proval add l~ter the proposal will for a nominal increase in water Charles Town ,and Ranson also an both suffere~ilthan an hour and for another near Lovettsville, Va; is a grad-|be submlCt~d to ,the voters of r~tes within a reasonable time nou, nced new,closing hours, asper ~d chests ln-lhour there was only one-way tra$ sate of Brunswick, {'Md.) High[Charles 'Town before it can be Continued On Page 8-A their announcement on this page. broken 'legs [ fic Trooper Wade said , I School and she ~ttended busfness/fifialized: There are s~ill many de. l in ,he front I Property damage in the accidentschool in Washington. D.C. [tails of the ~purchase lobe worked SutAgt i.t Co nt r actor C ed T more ~han an I has,been estimated at about $8,000 Mrs. Langlet, daughter of Mr.| . extract them t Troper Wade said. ,and Mrs. John W. Lovelace of[(.L,,_.,'m~a.,L l..,,~l~a. ~mH~)m olitmu . I| ,demolished| Meanear. an Air :Force 8taff].semont. Md.. attended Mad-..||.||g||.UG||J.|N~)|IU]! TU des Mallerd6,' en $3379By, . . ]Sergeant at McGuire Air Force:ison College receiving a B. S: de- , ' . ury and Shull,Base, was ,a native of Preston gree in Biology and upon graaua,t- C.L..| *..~.m |rib. ay; , ~been to .the/County, W. Va., born ,there Nov. ion she ~ti~ugh,t at Frederick. Md. ~.JIUUI OIUKCil IlIIU )all game at [ 23, 1929, a son of H. C. and Lydia High School. She was also graa- were enroute|Prlce Meanear now residing at sated from the John's Hopkins ~,,, ~,,j& ~/A~,[, ~m~ The trial by ju y t e case of On the chancery side of the the acci-I Continued On Page 7-A School of Nursing and later was ~V~I .rG~l W~gll~ Keystone Acceptance Corporation docket the court spent all day graduated ,from John's Hopkins vs Corbett and Thompson, Inc., Monday and the better part of University wi, th a B. S, degree in Charles Town State Trooper A. which was scheduled to get unaer Wednesday of this week listening~ nursing. Yokefellows Banquet t Friday Night 6:30 P. M. All plans were completed here early this week ,for ,the annual i banquet of the Yokefellows Bible Class of the Charles Town Presby ,terian Church. A roast turkey 'and baked ham dinner will be served by the Women of the Church in the chapel dining room at 6:30 p. m. and arrangements have been aade to :take care of .a large at- tendance of the members, guests and the .men of the Church. Dr. Allen Ha~vthorne of Winchester Va. will .be guest speaker. The ban quet will be held ~this Friday night. J. Wade is conducting an inves- igating into 'the breaking and en- tering el the Shenandowh Junc- tion elementary school sometime between Friday afCernoon and Monday morning. Trooper Wade said about $16 worth of food much ~f i~ supplied under the U. S. Departmen~t of Agriculture's school lunch program was taken from the school's ki~tchen. Taken was four quarts of milk three pounds of ~butter, a can of grapfruit seotions, a can of ~tuna- fCsh, .a 6V~ pound can of sliced ~apples, five pounds of gingerbread mix, a slx-pound can of beef, 25 ,pounds of soup beans and three pounds of cheese. A pink and whi,te apron belonging to ,Mrs. Ma- phls who does lhe cooking at the school, is also missing, i~ wa~ sta- Ced. way in Circuit Court here this morn, ing (Thursday) was con- tinued until next Tuesday, Feb- ruary 10, by action of the court here earlier this ~veek. The plaintiff in the action ~ seeks ; to recover a sum in excess of i$21,000 charging that it financed the sale of some heavy equipment to the defendant when the de- fendant was engaged in construct- ion work at the new 'Charles Town race track, and.that the defend- ant defaulted m paying the debt. Last week a jury heard ,the ev- idence in another case against Corbett and Thompson, Inc., it be- ing a sui.t brought by John T. Mallard. The plaintiff had sued for a sum in excess of $5,000 but the jury after listening to the evidence for three days brought in a verdict for $3,379.86. to the evidence in the case of Doris Abshire vs Cletus Abshire. The plain.tiff has filed a .~:uit seek- ing separate maintenance from the defendant. No iudgement or- der has been entered. Earlies this week the case of Community Oil Company vs Cor- bett and Thompson, Inc., was settled out of court Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. GOP Women to Have Covered Dish Supper The Jefferson County Feder- ation of Republican Women will have a covered dish supper Tues- dany, Feb. 11 ,at i p. m. at the home of Mrs. D, K. Koonce. The supper will be ,followed by a brief meeting. One of the features of the axmu&! b~quet of the Independent Fire Comp~my last Thursday night at the Moose Dining Room was the installation of new officers for the ensuing year. Those inst&lled at the banquet were, front row, left to right:--Lee Bush- ong; attorney; Kable Johnson, secretaxy; President Chaxles F. Beininger; Charles O. Peer. treasurer, &rid the Rev. Robert H. Hiller, Chapl&in. Back row left to right are various officers of the company. They axe W~lter Carper, Rondo Smallwood, Clayton James, Elmo Unger, Leighton Welsh, l~wrence Lloyd, Jr., Clark Furr, Chief, Lawrence W. Lloyd, ~Sr., Edward McDonald, Wayne Smallwood, Locke Wysong and Lee Ra~nsburg. The officers were installed by President Reininger. (Photo By Tim Sinn Studios) W. Va. what they ~hink about some of 3, 1959 PERRY t of the sess- and, been done r~g bills intro- work on some ,of con~feren- down here, 'a de- ,an overall to be pretty ll .be necess- R, oad Corn eigh:t million ~to guar- will not aki, and .~ed for more situation. most discuss seem to be tax, Penny in= tax, refunds to airlines. armers and and us- pr~pos - revenue of $5. for the wo~t,h disaHow SUmers sales from cars. A~ on the less the ~hese proposals, and also some o,f the other possibilities, such us an- other penny on Consumers Sales Tax. And in this conneotion let me say tha,t all of ~these are still very much s`till in the talking stage, and will have to be worked over in commi,ttees and on the floor of each House. A Day In The House In the absence of specific infer motion as to t~he ultimate .prog~axa which will come out of .this session I believe I will tell you wh~t ,hap- pened in the House of Delegates Continued On Page 8-A NEW CLOSING HOURS FOR BARBER SHOPS! The Barber Shops listed below will begin observing the following New Closing Hours, effec,tive Frl- day,,,,A~ebruary 6. Friday the SHOPS WILL CLOSE At 8:00 P. M., and on Saturdays the Shops WILL CLOSE At 6:00 P, M. ENNIS BARBER SHOP A. R. DELAUTER M. R. DAWSON E. R. BIRKITT RAY PARKS NICKENS BARBER SHOP 'Feb. 5- 2t.=-FP BANK HOLIDAY FEBRUARY 12 and 23 The Three Banks listed below WILL NOT BE OPEN for busi- ness on Tbursday, February I2, or Mo~day, F~bruary 23, both legal holidays. Customers are a~ked to mal~e their ~lans a~cordingly. B&NK OF CHAItLE$ TOWN PEOPLES BANK OF CHARLES TOWN BLAKELEY BANK & TRUST CO. Feb. 5-1~.--PP like to and Jell me Relief Dilemma To Be Eased As The relief dilemma which Jefferson county now face as the result of a five-percent cutback in funds of the Charles Town office of the Department of Public Assis- tance should be eased considerably within, the next monlh or two as the result of a decision by the Jefferson County Court shortly before noon today to take on sponsorship of a program of distribution of surphls food to the needy in the county, qhe ' Court also decided to seek an opinion of the Attorney-General of 'est Virginia "ts to the le ality of Court sponsoring" the program since there is a limittd- anaount of expense connected with the monthly distribu- tion of foods. H. Ward Nicklin, district admin- t the program, distribution of food istr~tor for t~he Wes Virginia De I could be started at leas.t by April partment of Public Assistance, ex [ 1 and possibly even before that. plained the surplus food program [ Now that the. Court has agreed which is avai/able to Jefferson[to sponsor the surplus food pro- coun`ty and the mechanics necess- [ gram tlhe Surplus Commoditie~ Ad ary for a county to participate. [ministration in Charleston will In his explanation he stated that Isend a field man into the county not more than $100 a month ex- I to set up distribution of the food. pense could be .involved in the I The decision to take the matter distribution program, and in most [to the County Cour~ Came after a counties the expense is considerab ] con~fe~.ence Monday in Charles ly less, depending of course upon nTown among people interested in the amount of volunteer efforts I getting the DPA program started t~hat can be secured and utilized[in Jefferson Coun`ty. Charles Whir to the fullest. [tington a member of the County Possible 700 To 'Benefit ~Court ]~as been taking the initial He pointed out that under the [lve in trying to ~et the program z m ssib started food distribution p'ogra po " -I s ly some 700 needy families in Jef- [ He has been given valuable as- ferson County will benefit by being [ sistance by Joseph Warrenfeltz given food supplies ,monthly. In-I~ho has offered to provide ware- chided in the food orders which ]house space for t,he com moditie~ wilt be issued would be butter, [when broug,ht into the country and cheese, rice. two kinds of flour and I ur~til they are distributed, Shirley powdered milk. I Hunt. president of the Charle~ Nlcklin said he had learned last iTown Citizen's Fire ComDany and 'Wdek ~r~ conference With ~ii~am ]Les,~,r V~ds, Jeffersc~, county D 'Waggy director ~f the DPA's I Administra~r for the DPA appear cmnmodi,~y distribution division',]ed bel~re the Couzt wit.h.Nlck!lu. tha,t if a sponsori,ng unit could be [ Hunt told ti~e Court tlae t=~t~- obtained .in Jefferson county for Continued On Page 6-A Headed Fund-Raising Dance-Party ven By Race Track Personnel For Haven , A group of interested persons deb edness on the Haven was tak connected in various capacities with the Oharles Town Race track wi,th an assist from their wives, staged an el'a'bora~te dance and par ty to raise funds for the Child- ren's Haven a,t Charles Town So.t- urday nig~ht at Bardane Qommun ity Center. The affair was' one of ,the most delightful and successful ventures of this type undertaken with everyone presen~t showing such a generous attitude towards the benefi,t cause that a total of about $396.00 was raised and ,turn ed over to the Haven. In ,the above picture some of t,hose who planned and staged the affair are shown ~)resen, tdng ,a check to the Rev. Temple Wheeler, director (~f Child ren's Haven and Attorney Roger Perry. chairman of a special cam- paign which is now being waged in the coun.ty and area to secure some $12,000 needed urgently by ~he Haven. The project to raise the funds needed ~o retire an in- en on as a project by members of the Jefferson County Junior Chain ber of Comme~ce, with Perrry heading the program for t~hem. Those shown in the picture are Mrs. Joseph Servis and little dau- gh, ter Laurie, Mr. R. Brian Murray a trainer at the Charles Town track, the Rev. Wheeler and At,ty. Perry. Others who helped wi:th the project were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Arblmr, Mr. and Mrs. Sam l~lumbo, Mr. and Mrs, Vincent Bracciale, Mr .and Mrs. Adam Prain and Mr. and Mrs. William Bassaraba. And among those who made special contribu:tions to t,he affair were the Charles Tc~wn Moose Club: the Charles Town Race Track: Miller's Meat Market, Eddie Blind: the Acme Market, American Legion, Charles Town t~ace Track Kitchen, Shenandoal~ Downs and Melvin T. Strider. Photo by Joe Fliseher, track photographer) County's Quota is $5,667 Area captains of Jefferson Coun ty Red Cross Chapter's member= ~hlp campaign wi,ll convene Thurs day, Feb. 12, a~t a luncheon to be held at the Ct.arles Town Metho- dist Church. The captair will be orientated about this ye' s campaign, which i gets underwMarch 1 for a two week period e duty of each cap tain is to s] re for her area Che necessary x~,ers to make indiv- idual cont~= ~s. JeffersoP' Coun,ty's qu(~ta this year has I en set ~t $5,667 and it is the air of ,the carr~paign plan- ning cor~ mittee to reach this fig- ure wi,tl .n `th~ two weeks allotted the drive. I'~rom prior experience it has been found tha,t i~ is more sac cessful to li,n~ the c~.mpaign to two weeks rather than take the en tire month of March. Heading the campaign will be tIarold "Chuck" Klsner, chairman and Archie Smi,th. This year marks the 78th an- niversary of the founding of the American National Red Cross. Dur ing the p~s,t year 79.500 victims of n~tural dL~asters have been shel- `tered, fed and restored to strength through the Red Cross. Monthly, over 100,000 servicemen and their families receive some form of Red Cross assistance. AT ENTION--- REE GAS THE RANSON ATLANTIC SER- VICE STATION (on the P~_nson Circle) WILL GIVE AWAY l0 Gallons of Gasoline to the lucky winner each week. Drawings on Saturdays at 2:00 P. M. WADE BENNETT R, M. SMITH, Distributor. May 22=tf.--PP