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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 3, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 3, 1966

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,, .... ........ [ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1966 ! I __ llaroiv Illlll I I / i i Id2tln.-.I ~lllrl/Au I the sale of most consumer PUBLISHED EWRY , U 3 Wn.4bk l l [ I[ . ...,v,,., ,.m,.;l l even though they seem to .... 1-11 l[ IB/I, II lUl [ Ch^w. U^.... ..... I luctant to admit it openly BY THE JE~"ERSON PUBI, IS]~[N(~- CO, INC. 1 1 1,1 _.._L~ I THESE S~EGUARDS BEGUN N CH LOHOOO MAY REDUCE RISK OF HEkRT ATTACK JIIgff3 I~l;W~lp~l~ I ional adve~isers.have been " B He W. Morrow ~.~~' ing more neaviJy in new~ 210 North George Street-Charles Town, W. Va. II y Illefl[iOfl I Sell Autos Best I ; I ~-:;~'!~~:";:~:;:] ~. ,,9 mmrmmm Ll:;I NORMAL *~, "XA (~Th,' ..... , ...... l ional advertising expenal~ :~:":'': ~ " m ~~ - " o~srrY know wha and natmnal hnage red,cat. ':::::::::::: ..... : t it takes to sell their ]] ~t~es~si?gje~eurYreYme:nrt:ha~vllle Md Miss Mar aret G Jack s e for staff and maintenance, Zip Code 25414 I :] Hi[ I " " S " ::..:.:.!.~((::.~ ::~.:~-;;~: ~ ::;w~ 6at. ~ne nation s aummomle dealers " " e READ BY MORE THAN 22,500 PEOPLE Henry W Morrow conduc- , I ++ %~ j53 I . " " ' /~, ! EARLY. products In a survey just releas- A 0 tor of thin column for a hum- I I ..... ~ [ 2 \LYlliI /Y--- H ////~ i I TREND CI/URCH SUl Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postoffiee her of years, and his son I LETTEIII5 [ I~ ~'-'~'~[~e/~>~[t!] ~] ~Y ~ I ed by the National Automobile I ------+2 * Bucky who just recently join- [ I'.-" "--.'.'--" IP-~'~I II ~ ~ ~ ~/:~[j ~ .4~/ Dealers Association 75 per cent[w'r'~'f'~'~'r't'~'t'~'r~'t'~:r'~'at ~, NATIONAL NEWSPAPER ed the staff, of our countyI 110 1[llli I_l~l I I ~!ii~ ~~il of the 1,500.dealers favored newsIUAI gUTlldg :' ' - S-N-O-W B.O-U-N-D at their . + ~ ....... ..:~+., :~+i!+!i:+:i::i:!::+:i:i:!!!!:!i!ii++++i+i!ili: rough long experience these ~;~ ~m-d~ home "Millbrook" near Bill. [ menhavetearnedthatautomo-[ HEADQUARTE[m myer's Mill, earl Wednesda[ [ ~ r:) ~ ~i!ii biles, like all consumer products,/ ~,~- ~nt~+ ,~ .... , ~r ...... mornn- Talkin~ with Henry I January 28,+ 19661 ~ &~ ~-~'~ ~~~::i are bought and sold at the local/ - xvLc~2K .Eil'l,~L~ I'Y ~ ~ ~ofll~llUI"dil ,tvli~iU,~cx t+. ~. y ' ' :'::':" i ............................... this mornin- h- said "I've ] Charles Town, W. Va. [ ~ ~- ~ ~_~~ level where the newspaper is the Charles Town Pb a~u aatu .t;aau a nut, a~ota+ I ..................... / rr#l[-[J Ib~q~J]l ~[[2~l "~A'~J~'r,-r~~-~,~_ I r + "~' ............ / X']klltl ~k~l*lJ.U I~ltUll$1M+ ~:o,t.,.o~ aa .... ,t~.~, m..,,,,~=n+~.~,~ "----.-'-~- snow shovels in my time and I Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate / ~r ~ ~ ~.$ ~ I] -I ~~~"~."4~mrs. I newspaper advertising is the best/ --- . . _ now I KNOW from personal ]Charles Town, W. Va. I gEBa m[M PHYSICN.LV FIT ~~(~t0R~[)nFhr. I w y to sell both new and used| PHONE 725-5315 Newspaper Repreaentatives, In,, 404 Fifth Ave., t~ew xorli experience" He hopes to re- I Dear Max" / THROL~H REBULAR EXEROSE ~A-- - I cars I Detroit- Clflcago . Atlanta. San Francisco . Los Angeles I sume his eolumn next week,I In the "present budget session / ~~: ~ [ Y//~) I -~ National advertisers and their | CHARLES TOWN, W. along with his son Bucky ]of the W. Va. Legislature, if not[ [~c$ ] ~,~J I lil agencies know this to be true inlct.~..~-.t.~-.t..~s..,~-~-~-.~.~l{ x and his column about peoplethe next regular session, there ::~;~;~:~?~?~;~;?~? OocroR - .-.~ SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 Per Yr., Plus 12cts. W. Va. ia I n" "a " - n- ] .... " . / [:~~ ~ I [!l Ii a tt pi ces in and arou u lure sure to De Iunas appropmat-[[~ ~:~ f ],]J,'~l~+. I I+I II .......................... Shepherdstown, that is, ifted for county-wide kindergardens/ I~~ ~l~-~ +~,~V/~'+~=~._l ~] ~ __ . ~ . v or uusmess, ews or Aover~lsmg uep~rtmt~lit~ another blizzard doesn't de- Ifor the first time. There seems/ DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 cend upon us!. Ito have been no mention made in/ f~,N'~I+I II--q~lkUq~ll+U #~1+ '+ -- I the schools building program furl [ I- TtlURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1966 "Bait And Switch [facilities for the kindergarden/ I ~~~ ~ " ~ L'~ l ~ ,~ ~ .... ~ ~" " , ~ ~ " .... " " " ~ . L ' ~ . IProgram - - a program I wouldl ..__Pnn- ' I lne ~ale oI wm. ~ Ulliiorfl Wllllngrl I r enthusiastically support Limited ~YJ "" 1 ":* vuev ecouc [vision here by couniy school[ Eke. 1 (Wflhngham Bros.) located 3 /lit/ }[ItVt= UJ itEM. lUlbll~a la I~t;al [administration would jeopardize[ . 1 Sotrtheast of Shepherdstown, on the 5[~ ~ the early start for hundreds of * * ~ - i , ' During the last ten days of miserable weather, we have had Consumer Gyp Today l young Jefferson County students.lRelahves Serving I I er s Cross Roads, scheduled for Satur ,!l man occasions to be wrateful for that name-ross mmy oz :The -eo-le should not beheve~ ' " ~'" ...... y ' ," * " " v v,, " . Feb. 5, has been postponed because i dividuals who da and ni ht erform the myriad tasks" The Jefferson County Chamber i that the Head Start" ro ram/W h M Mn^ P .,ne I I ....... 1 .... , la Y g P . ] . o a i I g,ipj l L ' , d that make m ban hfe e u - p I , + " nd ruble in sub zero tern eratures and of Commerce stud today that the will take the place of the kmder-Y 01Hl i l[ weather conditions. This Sale will be a alling snowdrifts We have all those bundled figures[use of"bait and switch' tact!cs garden program. The kindergar./ II |. . at the same time (10:00 A. M.) and app.~ ,_ ,,,::].o -i -rin the hi hwa-s and streets ito retail overpriced merchandise den program would reach'all In Ylet Action , .. -+ uvuum~ ~u --~ ....... "~'~; . ~ . . ~" ~ .' I has become the most widesphead I students / I I loci[Ion on: making deliveries of milk and Dread and newspapers, respond- I .... '" c .... +r" I m,_ " ...... l I " " . o- -. :. Hm new r. - rmrper s terry mg to emergency calls to remove stalled vehicles, drw]ng I S. Brooke Blackford, Executive l Joint High School will undoubted[ [ II - " ----- , public transit vehicles, (and a job those _vomn[eer ]Secretary of the Chamber, said Ely offer advanced, technical,[ I ..................... El 1" firemen and nurses have been dust. Our hat ]s off to each [this finding is based on the re-[trade and distributive education[ I Funeral services will be held [ ~~|~~ i~;~ -~-i one of them.) -These and similar s rvices reflect devotion to lsults of a nation-wide survey of[courses not to mention new music l ~~ |Friday, Feb. 4, at 2 p m. from Ill duty and a willingness to endure bitter cold and discomfort [ the ten top consumer rackets con [ new science and math eurricu. [ [ the Melvin T. Strider Colonial Ill ......................... ~ ~ ~ JI~IJCWAI'CU (iNe(l) I1UI~I~UW~ Auctioneer so that others may function with some degree of normality [ducted by the National Better[lums not offered now at either] ~~ [Funeral Home in Ranson, for We salute them all and hope that soon the sun will ease their Business Bureau, with which the [school. I imagine the Shepherds-I I Be:Janmin. rFrsai klin Benne . 79, !1 C. Wm. HENSELL, Clerk +~.o ~,~n .... ~-~ ~h~;, h.~+~ ~ h,~ h~,,~ n,,r~ I local Chamber is affiliated throu I town people are wonaering now ! ~l,~~i~~ I P m s aen~ ot me ~nen- ~ ............... ~ " * " gh, membership" they are going to profit from the~,;:l~::~ :~..:::~ andoah. Junctmn sectmn, who - ........ ~.~. ~ In its survey" the first nation[building prgram except fr s0me! Wednesday in Charles Town HEART MOHnt Ewe: ~S:fe3O~[~:[alS~he~-i r3npV~g2 ~dor[p3~ru~[:he ~(:s[ ~ [Gen:(:ult H~S~tyIs. after ~nv~ll~Ie~ls" II .^.=., .^.=.. ........ At~ATXT r~LTT~2 V~ ............... TT ..... ..~ a~_i_. I. ;. ". .. "1 some additional classroom equip. I I ard Williams, of Leetown, will[El JUlgt, lOh dUct, mOb ~u~,,, x~,~ ~2~r~, reuruary m xzeal% zv/uil~lt, ~u uc~ gu- I mr ~uslness oureaus, asking I ____. .._ .... 1 I officiate and bur~a' "--'I' '-^'-- ~ '+ " u ~,ar~~;':~ them 1" liiullt. ~ne same program snoulu ~ iwi. u~ ,1 ated by act of Congress. . I. . to ]st the rackets used to t be availa,ble to all county high l Shown above are Corporal] Edge Hill Cemetery. Ill .nfh ,d The purpose of Heart Month is to focus pub]ic attention on [ .aecewe anu aetrau.a me puolic I schnn| ~h]d~m~ . . h,,t ~.~, ,h~v I Donald L. Ceravalo (left), son[ ~'ri~nd~ ~nn ~t~*~ ........ . ~ I II .............. ~~.~ ,, " In me oruer of their prevalence ....... - - ~ w,, u~ .~ heart disease, aptly tetzned the American epidemic by ] ....... [ be~ -+The -sunerintenden't ""of I of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ceravalo, I receive(1-at't'l e it l eT;(hnm thi.~ I [] FEBRUARY famed heart specialist Dr. Paul Dudley White. [ m melr communmes. [ schools can onlyanswer the quest I of Route 2, Town and [ evening (Thursday) -f-rom-7-unti]] II 4 Heart and circulatory diseases kill almost a million Amer-I,GoTo I ia~~ o[ equ3~ty of education for m[aPwrmf We n -l rUSe av n:19 p.m. [1[ rl:l l lAl i:nl:} ]cans event year---more than die from all other causes com- I [ h'gh s oB1 students under wh ....... " ....... " ........ | The deceased was born in Lee- [ I[ blued I I the proposed new building pro- c [ town, March 23, 1886, a son of the ! I[ Were NOW Thi's is a -dud time to evaluate your own susceptibility t I gram. The people of Shepherds. ~l~eat~"'~ ,~u~g~)., m~ v.~t. ~m I late James W. and Sarah Graves i II o~ ~ n~ ~ ~ ~ ~' ' town had better be asking now re ot operauons Tms is me Benner He was for years super /p~O U~ ~I~.OU to heart dmea e in terms of factors hke excess weight, too[ - - - [ - second tour of duty for Cur" ral] " -[I] " ~ ...... about the courses of study to be , - . . t~ intendent of the West Virginia, 12 50 10.00 much cigarette smocking, and insufficient exercise, which [ i IIOl}lTA[ [ I[ [offered t- their students Ceravalo m V]et Nam. He wasl,,.... . uo., .......... .,, I[ " " - " .............. in Vlet Nam and came home on -~+-.*~ --.,. *.---. -~.-w,,~ -,,-, -= i you can do somet! mg about by adoptmg a sensible, moderate I | u ...... I There is one possibility that I a 15 day Christmas leave and [ retired. He was a member of the i] 10.00 -- 8.00 pattern of. daffy nvmg. / | ~~ ~-'~| ]would be of material aid and w'---" ............... /Leetown Baptist Church and an I[ 8 50 7 5~ ~ Hen ne repormu DUCK ~O t~amp ., It S also a good time to give your support to an organizat- [ I I~ ll~ ~~ | ] benefit to the Shepherdstown Pendleton, Calif after his leave ~ honorary member of the Shenan- II " ion which is leading the fight against heart disease--the [ | ~~l I schools and to Shepherd College. h ....... ,,~.....~ ~.~.,. ,.. ,,,^. | doah Junction Ruritan Club. i It Heart Association of Jefferson County " -'IT he plan I would .propose is that 51am:~is +firs~t~ur~Vi~et l~am|- The deceased's wife, Mrs. Edith I[ Make Your APlmlntment Today. ~tne COllege auminlster ~otn m~ dut "was for sum t--e m -- ~'. t~enner, uied last August ,II ll~ ,~a, t~a~ue, ~ [ OBSTETRICAL .+|elementary and high school as[ ,;Y ..... ,_.. e,_ n~re~ .omns. Surviving are two sons - Alfred[EL lnl I ii~a| P Rt=l mmq~t# ~ all aim !I[i IIIr B~[~} [ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Penwell, [ ~arb~rra~3i~ngSpho~l:a~r +hhe~rwteoa~h[ ?h~r?nt'}SmUa/t~r ~es ga:dn3~iona FndB~f:n~r'y e ."reP r erry [1[ hiLL - UAL B AUH bALUN .... January 25 1966, Harpers Ferry, " from Charles Town High School " " Teenagers who might consider droppmg out of school tlus ,r o .,., ,_ ._~ be done much the same as W. Va.[ ..... ~._^~ doah Junctmn two grandchildren [11 HILL - DALE SHOPPING CENTER , . YV . VC:I., JJvUULU ~d, C~ ~111, 11. ~llt.~ niv "" ," " " lJL~,.l 11~ IIC~ UK:I3LJ. 111 LII~ ~llll~U . )'ear would be w~se to ~ve the results of an Ohm study some Mrs Geraln T Lane Januar,, ~a ~ U ermty admmmters the Unl- I Force~ f,r .~,m~ ~w, v~,r~ u;o and one great grandchild, and [~1 1,-.. , ............. ~. weighty thought. 1966, Charl'es'Town; a girt,~l~r: i~:r~ty 2~gnM~cnt~a~l m,2rg2n:[ address is: -Corporal two+s, e - MrsioAda,B se lll l)lal za-vzzl - ,unarms Town, w. v ) " " n e ucat , ..... , .... , ......... ..,.. In 1960, 38.7 1)ei cent of th(se without lobs had a d - and Mrs. Kenneth Wolfe, January .drolni +, . lob o.h,..d ,. [ Ceravalo, 2078961, E-Com an , .......... Ill -- vr r, tonal attamment of e ghth grade or less. In 1965, the figure 31, 1966, Bunker Hill, W. Va. Huntington The otudent~ ,-o,,1a[ ., h Marine % F. P. O., +o, " I1[ was 39 8 per cent Route 1, a girl. 1 ben fi er n .... .... I San Francisco, Calif.,D6601. ~ ....... men had not . orporal Eusey, of Galhon, In 1960, 21.1 per cent of the unemployed ~,,,~_,,~, I~deas on this college sponsored l .... z ....... + o- e ""'*'~"~*'~"-' ] / urn0, ~s the nusoana ot the for- omple ed high school In 1965, unemployment amon basis. The Jefferson Co. Board,mer Be........... same group jumped to 30.6 per cent. Mrs. Carrie L Carter, Knox- O blEducation would be respon:] 2' CharlteyHera?Ifste i The figures indicate that a high school diploma is becom- " , , " ' g " " " " the Marine C " - .... tn th eb,aStlCi ntl ] my no: 3u d for employment. ?#t::a SrTOW o2n,rSyiJ?n E.- chm:eu r!pro es at t! : Ce i P i;edd oa peL ?UnH+bs fidi !ai gecea " rew J. Guerin. Charles Town, Mr. Y " " poral Lowell F. Eusey, 1962227, Isaac P. Sigler, Jr.. Knoxville, with the college aid than by the U. S. Marine Corps, 1st Amphib- WEAIHER I$ STILL THE MASTER All t}mt white stuff outside. Each of us sees something different when we look out the window. The man who has to drive for a living groans when he sees the snow. The little boy cheers. The pragnant mother wonders about having babies in stalled autos. The birds see no food. The middle-aged man looks at the snow shovel and wonders about his heart. The school kid jumps when he he rs school has been called off. Most discouraged must be the weary snow removal crews who have battled all week to clear the roads only to be hit by the grand-daddy of all snow storms. Each of us sees something different, but it is evident to everyone that this weekend's blockbuster is nature's ponder ous reminder what feeble creatures we are. We're so smm that we send men into space, blow up cities, move mountains and fly coast-to-coast in a couple of hours But we're helpless when the weatherman begins acting up and throws nearly two feet of blowing snow at us. Our cars spin down the highways at 70-80 miles an hour and faster; but they just spin the wheels on the packed now or refuse to buck a drift. Our industrial power and businesses are the envy of the world, yet a snowstmzn stalls production and stores close. One thing a calamity like a major snowstorm bring s out is the inherit good nature of man in his desire to be helpful Oh, there are exceptions, but the majority of drivers are courteous. Many helped to push stalled cars, held back to give the right-of-way to others and offered rides to others. Calls indicating such helpfulness were many at our office. No doubt about it, nature still has us in her grip. We can do almost anything as long as the weather co-operates. A snowstorm makes us feel rather small. Everyone real- izes that maybe we aren't as sharp as we thought, and that the smartest and most versatile human can't outwit the weather But we're convinced, Mr. Weatherman... so please turn off the snow valve! Mrs. G. E. Webb I don't believe that the readers of our beloved county newspaper, The Spirit JeffersomAdvocate will expect very much local news this week, as we couldn't get out and visitors couldn't get in, dur- ing all of last week, so w will have to prolai e to go overboard in doing our best here after. The weather has really been teriffic deep snow, high winds, heavy drifting, and the town of Bolivar tied up in general, with cars park ed every where, and piled with snow. We can really say that dur ing all of last week, so we will Virginia and in West Virginia, we never recall seeing a blizzard any worse than this one. The temperature, too has bee!~ very low. Go To Church Sunday Md. Route 1, Mrs. Margaret C. Dinges, Charles Town, Mr. Tim- othy W. Curry, Charles Town, ~r. Charles W. Redmond, Ran- son. Mrs Mary L. Anders. Ran- s01a, Miss Sandra K. Taylor, Shen andoah Junction, Mr. William E. Stanton, Charles Town, Mrs. Mary E. Cline, Harpers Ferry, Route 2., Mrs. Joanna P. Carson, Charles Town, Miss Lucy M. Johnston, Ranson, Mr. Donald W. Jenkins, Charles Town. MEDICAL Mrs. Eva K Clark. Charles Town, Mrs. Clara L. Armstrong Charles Town, Route !, Mr. Ken- neth C. Nielson. Lutherville. Md,, Miss Laura J. Trussell, Kearneys- ville, Mr. Jacob E. Miller. Charles Town, Mr Lawrence O. Gray, Ran son, Mrs. Bessie L. Housden, Cha rles Town, Mrs. Pearl L. Johnson, Ranson, Mrs. Lorella M. Penwell, Hhrpers Ferry Route 2, Mr. Rod- hey W. Jenkins, Harpers Ferry Route 2, Mrs. E]i~betb T. Fox, HarPers Ferry, Mrs. Llewellyn R. Field, Harpers Ferry Route 2, Master Warren S. Moore. Bruns- wick, Md, Mrs. Katie E. Dunn, Bolivar, Mrs. Nellie C Shreck, Charles Town, Mrs. Ella M. Keiter Charles Town, Baby Jacqueline L. Clark, Charles Town Route 2, Mrs. Edith B. Lloyd, Harpers Ferry, Mr. Kenneth R. Wilcox, Charles Town, Mrs. Sadie V. Can- ton, Charles Town. Mr. Joseph R. Lancaster, Charles Town., Mr. George W. Anderson, Ransom Baby Joseph Hart, Rippon, Mrs. Laura V. Carter, Charles Town. SCOTT & WHITE Ethical Pharmadsts PHONE 725.2182 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. No. 150 000 Dr. Family When your prescription bears this label you know you will benefit from the best that the scienee of pharmaey can provide. local board alone. This would be a unique start among state col- leges. The pioneering spirit in educat ion seems to be lacking in Jeffer- son County - - a county that has so much educational potential. Very truly yours, William J. Br~wn ian Tractor Bn., H. G. P. L. T. H. S. ComPany, F. P. O., San Fran- cisco, Calif Read The Spirit-Advocate ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY SLASH YOUR COSTS OOWN THE MIDDLE Interest on a Farm Credit loan is abouthalf as much as some farmers are paying for financing. With Farm Cr it you pay interest only on the money you are actually using. (the unpaid balance,) The next time you borrow money, ask if interest is being charged on the full amount, for the entire time. If so, better call Farm Credit, LONG TERM LAND BANK MORTGAGE LOANS SHORT TERM PRODUCTION CREDIT LOANS ASSOCIATION | D Assistant Mgr.- Shepher]stown, W. Va. DIAL 876-7441 or WINCHESTER fi62.-3479 GIRLS CORDUROY PRINTED REG. 2.98 MENS QUILTED REG. 10.98 GIRLS FLANNEL REG. 1.98 BOYS LONG SLEEVE SPORT REG. 1.67 LADIES FLANNEL REG. 1.98 BOYS BROADCLOTH REG. 1.98 LADIES COTTON SHORT OR LONG SLEEVE REG. 1.00 LADIES PRINTED REG. 5.98