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February 3, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 3, 1966

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TWO SECTIONS LATEST IN LOCAL, AREA 8PORTS -- COUNTY NEWS ADVERTISEMENTS 102 NO. 5 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 1844 .... The Newspaper Charles Town And Ranson Grew Up With .... 1966 CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, W. VA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1966 For Here We Again FOURTEEN PAGES LOCAL NEWS -- PICTURES WEDDINGS -- SOCIETY CLASSIFIED ADS West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper I PRICE 10 CENTS m ~ I n Through the efforts of Carl Charles Town race course where n I i David Spunich and Joseph Carra, it landed. From there Indepen- i who reside at Hermitage Ri~lge, a dent Fire Company ambulance .. ,~ -- development on the George Heid transported her to the Charles the filing deadline of Sat- I, m rick Farm on the Kabletown Town General Hospital . BY DON RENT H Feb, .5 for the off-year I ] Road, Jefferson County has aec- Later the.copter came cock to ( C ) ~ el?:lonanear, ~heo tempol, ess to a new type of emergency Jefferson County on another Winter has struck one of it's most savage blows at Jeffer- 6 ~- ...... v ....... ~,, service - - a Army uemicopter to emergency run ann went to me son County and thi and area in many Years, and a total of six being record, l ~ help out in the snowbound cases Leetown area to pick up Mrs. o ......... . , c me, Jefferson. County Cir-] in the county the past several Bonnie Rickard and transported while the county is just beginning to regain some semblance .~erK. s office since monaay.[ : [] days her to the Charles Town Race nf nn~rnnlitv nfter l inc ,) r lvz a h. ~h,,~. ~,,~,. ' with these more recentl m Messrs Snumch and Carra em. course where she too was carrmd _ _ ;s three offices which until] ~ olovees f~the Federal A i' " b amb l " storms, the last one the worst in years ,for some ten days ...... ~ ~:::::: ~ ~ _ o . v atmn y u once to the hospRal. ~- ~- ze~ had only one candidate, [ !: ~i!i Agency in Leesburg, Va. were Then at 4 a. m. Tuesday an But Old Man Weather wasn't plz)mising a bit of encourage. .re aeveiopea into at least ] ~ ~i:iii~:~ able to make arrangements with emergency call for help came ment to those who have been b~Hin~ th,~ mountninm~ ~n .... ~a m some instances tour[ i ~i~:~:!i!~ U.S. Army officials at Fort Bel- from the home of Mrs. Harold .... " ........ -~"(~' .- ":~.-.-'~ ..... -; .... races clr]I~s, DIOCKeCl mgnways ann untolcl m]sel y wmcn nas 1)lag~ . / i , /:::: : voir, Va., for the use of the Army Grey, who lives in the Bloomery " ~ " r instances the vancancy I :: ~ ~ helicopter to transport patients area. When the snow plow and ued the entire area almost continously since Saturdav night) h comes un in the Harners| i ~ stranded in Jefferson County to ambulance crew was unable to 99 " January -.. Y District on the Jefferson l ; - i::i::~ the Charles Town General Hospi- get through a call went to Lees- .. ............. ~ty Court on January 1 1967] : ~ tal. And Monday and Tuesday burg for the Copter again. Mrs. J ne some three more inches o~ snow wnict eJl in um Which is now being held, by| i iiiii~ the copter provided invaluable Grey was picked up and brought section Tuesday night, was not too bothersome since there (Sam) Henkle, will have at| : ~ service to residents of the county by the copter to the same landing was very little wind, and the snow bein light and wet four candidates on the pri-| ~iiii on five different occasions, area at the race track and from ~ ballot. They will be the]~; ::iii~:!il!I The first trip by the Army hell there transported to the hospital brought no additional drifting problems. abent Henkle, John N New-t : ::ii~:~ copter was made Monday when it via ambulance. And while the With all primary and many secondary roads in Jefferson r, motel and restaurant operi ~ landed in a field near the home pilot of the copter was in Jeffer- Count- now o~en all of them ex-ected to b^ "---~- L. of Cliffsde Motel and rest-[ ~!! of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spunich, son Cotmty he made a run to the I z 1, ' ~' ~ ~,pv- -y !t at Bolivar; Howard Koon-] i~ i picked up his wife,. Linda, and farm of J, Edward Magaha in the :~:~ the end of the week,. Jefferson County School's Suoeri_ n- ~ near Halltown and Lloyd| ~ [] flew to the parking lot of the TURN TO PAGE 6--A ~- ............ t,md,~,t ~ -- - ...... -.i ,1.-_ .~:__:__ ~t. .......... 'h r,.e T~ ...... 'n~ ...."~T^. l i I ' i: :::, .~. ~.-..,,,.~....., =* 2"~k. ~UW~I'~, l~U, lqL1L lfll~ mol-Hin,tY~ tlL~ L,HLl~t~,t~t ante r, Koonc~ an~ " .... ~..q/ i I [] --- . -- - - . . =,,. A ::: -.~ ~ Ior me re-opening ol me county s scnool n&~ I)een set for ~ ~ ~v~. a~ ' .~: : :-...::~ th, s week. II n a e , ..... Monday morning. ,. .. / Ch fl s Town Indep( ndent Pire ComDanv ..... Stroupe of Shepneras- EDWARD L CHRISMAN m- ~, Off .... -. " ...... | _ ......... cmls at the County State Road Comm] mn offices ,a~so file(/mis week as a can . " i ' ....... , -= for the house of dele atesJ 1 Edward .,Chrtsman,. better [xDerlentes Anothel B. v Year In said at noon today that all primary roads are open and Jeff own as Ed to ms hOSt oz r" de . . ...... .. erson County. Thorutoni .... a'"'a .... i" Je ......... about 40-percent of the secondary roads. At least one-way ~e incumbent:, filed for re-i ersoncou'n~;an~ i'l~e 'section, has Fi a.Rnhfinn. Amh. aura a iea traffic is now available to all consunities in the county, tO me ottlce eany in Unl~k~ i I lilgll i rMUllUSeIM I~|IIM~ td~wB ~|~l~b~ . , . ,, |been named general chairman of. Road officmls stud B,.* there s*;" ...... ..... .=-- r ~me annual heart runa anve ~orI , ' ~ l--in ........ ace forthe two seats n ]e With the fire com ames of Jeff the contmbutmn can g to ano nora mese commumtles, and from the mum w .... ! ..... /the Eastern Panhandle cos t" s. ' P .... s coming into ~ I ..... "... ... .. -i oe vacam on me Jem/His appointment was announced ~erson County being called upon the company have been about ~ I roaas DiOCKeO, an(i it will I)e another two days or so before ~ounty Board of Education i this week by Mrs. Richard Brow~ to perform more and wider ser-~ the same amount as for ten years~ ~ they will be o ened to traffic, i.nuary also, gained another I president of the Eastern Panhand vices with each passing year, ago when ~he company was operat ~ L P :,,!s week wn~le~b~rt:.~A~sociatio~ Ghris,r~n more .~ae,~tie@, ~oAu~ on a more limited basis. ~ 1 The State ,Road crews have been working around the a. mena ra_ as cimi man f the drive hits become necess- Reranger said in his letter that , ~ I dock since Saturdaaw wn , are still sta " wi h; the job" ~n~s~erof~.. son, t ueetor|in Jefferson county last year. [~iiT, thus'increasiiigthe operating the vompany is most grateful for ..... ~- ~-. ..................... ,..,.~...--- ..J.k~.l andd.v..d~i,h:,~--~,--=.=..ffi,,h::~, ni~:.: I~ ~o that office. Other canI The campa!gn w~ll be conduct-lex.penses of the company. These the fmancml help ~t has been ...'".~ #uu m ~w ~m,~.v,,, mI ~,~,~.:?., ~%. ~,~. ~ "" -.-~. "7:- ":: ...... .......... y should have the 3oi) L urme ot ~aucat-led here and in more than 8,500 [ facts were brought out this week receiving in the past/but that it t:n~.r~ws -ro wn_sc~_ ms zo ~e an lamwe ~em~s.sno~._now,qmel~. ~ I comple~ea by cne wee~-ena. . " . ~o: haa net(l., prev mumY|other American communities I by C. V, reininger, president of is hoped that full cohslderation e_"~ess .n~e m,~_^~,'c~ The some 28 to 30 inches ofI The storm which was not a real rs. r~orman t~omse) t;or-lthrouuhout February I the Charles Town Independent will be uiven the cnmnanv' i.. cr uo~ me ~tf~ct r~w .m~ ~t.a I s~t mc anew r,~.u m u~mc uu~ I snow Which haa allon .nan _I,~f m h;.....^ ~, ;,,o ~.........;... :....~ V dham J. Brown,. E M.| Chrisman .is" emnrio_e_v d as an [Fire Company, m the fwe corn-'arlcial obligations and _oroblems snow removal, equi.pme~t,, aug.u- ag.ain re.Charles Tewn. The top l ,erson County and this sectan ~,~ res~d~n.~ ........ n~ tbo ,_,'-"~f ~."f ,.,=~,,~,~,,vlo,, uge, Leo Widmyer. | a~ent for the Charles Town l.p~- i pony's annual report. ' ' in providing the exvanded ser- menum ~y ~er heavy eqmp- I ~lcmre s~o.w.s me wor~. golly, on I since the first of the three ~torm~ | ni~k,~d .n rn,~i~t ....... I .... ,: - ................................ t i 'l .......... ~" ....... ~" .......... "'"~ v .... Middlewa D~strict amed vic ment loaned by the wo race n the 300 b ocl~ of Wes~ washing I " " . . . Y .. ~ g |town area by the Peoples Life[ In a letter which the company es to the commumty and thetroob~ ~=t ,h,~ ~ob done then]to- street while th,= h,~,,,.,, .~,;. h~t on Saturday, Jan. 22, has la.s zt reached the North Carohna ~:.Justice of me t'eace can]insurance Company working out[ is ,sending out to businesses and county, and that contributions com~=s~mo~.e ~_n~"w~and more work ture show~ a ~harles Town-d~m~i Pimd the snow so high, it has]area. And according to Laurence ~nis week when Lawrence/of the Martinsburg office [industries of the county under will be increased this year accord Eve--time it snows Charles To~v~[ truck mov~-- ~to "--'-=tl~ ~t become a problem for State Road]Lloyd, Jefferson County's official Pierce, filed for election] A World War II Arm-- "veteran [ the signature of President Rein- ingly. . ry ....... .k~ z'rst ~ ..... , I -~tc'- ": "-'~=~" ....... ~--~-- .... I Commission crews, and others [ weather observer, the added mois office y . is noways one ol v,.c ~, muuat:P t:. . ,~ use ~,wv~l oz snow ~x'~m[ " "[ " the ;. commander of Post 71linger, ]t was pointed out that the[ The many added and varmd ,..n;,a,~ ~., ,i,,, .,~,; .... a a~*a.I .. anln~d~* m~ ...... who have been d~ggmg them- ture from the Atlantic Ocean, since ........ there have been re-[ American Le~,ion and is ores-[cost of operating the fire com-[ servmes whmh the Independent ~', .... ...... ~ "~.,~ ......... ... ,,,h". .................. ,~,,,,~.,..I .......... " ,~",~."vu,..~...~,^..~,tday the ,~ selves out, as to where next to [ overran the near zero a~r" which' of ~" ' ~" ' " Fire Com a .u ,.v,.v,,~,,~ ..,~ ,.,,.. ,,. ,.,~,.~, ..... .,..,,.,,,,, .... ,..,,--~w., u the no other potentmlcand~-Jdent of the Jackson.Perks Post|pony has mult~phed many,t~mes] p ny and other county .......... I~,h..~.~ ,!, ....... . ...,,.,. h,~aa P t s w whenthey do move] was pouring down from the 'or the various offices up~i 71 Auxflmry ..... He is actwe m the[ over in recent years. But most of fire companies are now offering ou~ ~)[ me snow anu a~I ~,.:,~, ,,,,~n ,,?~ ...... ,~..-2. I it. I Northwest, and these, were .,u-*o, .oting m the May 10 Pn-lBlue Ridze Lodge No 131,1 ' , , certamly was brought into full from theclty's downtown streets,i h.v|n~ .Ir,..av h.~. ,.I..~a .[ While the first storm of Jan-] rngdmnts for a bhzzard-hke snow ~s expected that numer-I Knights of Pythias Lions Club [ .. ,~ . ~ n n. I VmW thin past week-end when And once again this past week-I ,h. ,.,ha,...~.,~ ...a .,~,.~,,,o o..... I uary 22 created some minor prob | storm. ngs will be made prior tol Forty and Eight, all of Charles I ~r. ~|am|n ~1~N|ng ] they were called upon many,end this was true. As soon as the | to be, ] lems, mostly for motor, sis, ped-] It started out as a heavy snow ,ht | assan Elkins" member of "thian I tt~,t. R ~, . 4- ~ _ I storm and accompaying snow . ....... --. :-,-- .----.,p s ere provided by] system, and the second one of] intensity as the da,, wore o an , , -~ , y n, d rt G Hoo er eneral con WIll .e uuesr Her TURN TO PAGE 6--A winos nan Ie~ up m intensity, me ALONZO u Peters t e n ' P , g "[ Home Board of the State of West[ " " " I W d! esday, Jan. 26, added anoth- by nightfall the stage was all set .__ --.-- +, ,+ o --w to + =,for..or+rm. w+. filed last week in the of-] tow~ past master of Elk Branch [ ~tA~|e~ ~llrr~ ~llflt~lt ] m --- . .. . m. A . ] ]inches of the first storm, neither not been running heavy durin th ' n'm~,numv~u~u ~,amu~,mn ~m.~ , g ~ e Clrcmt Clerk ..f Jeff- Lodge No. 93, A .... F and A M, $ . of these blows were. m the same the day. pinked up speed and by ountyforthepos~tmnoflShenandoah Junction; Potomac[ Dr Ben~aminMehrlin- Assist lRl tlt etlfln lln latter,on [.flllnl~l~ln,g category asthebxgknockoutblow Sunday morning, there was more onCounty surveyor, a post[ Commande.~. No 5 Kni-hts Tern I __. ~. o J .... s, ..... "I U~V|EVVIIVBUV ~g SVUVUVVUU vv~mimm~mv l of this past weekend t snow blown- than ..... I ..... is - . .. -i -~ , ~ -, ant r'rolessor ot ~peecn ann Irnll- I l " l g was ~a JmB. r-" now vacant..uooper,, a| plar, and Mecklenburg Chapter[ osophy of Religion at Shepherd[ .......... ~. I WORST ONE IN YEARS | At times Sunday, the winds hit ~an~ former cltye~gln.| No. 31, Royal Arch Masons, both[ College will deliver the sermon]--= ..,k .= --- -= an = ]BY DON RENTCH ] ......... ' ..... | peaks of 58 miles an hour, and -~e ~umctpafiw o~ ~nar-I of Shepherdstown. | at the 11 o'clock service at As-[ ~',,.,-~----~sm ~|i~ ~,~ V~im-i-l~ n=~I [ .... I . me ~z to i~ ~ncnes o~ anus-| for the most part all day Sunday wn, is the second person] Th~ new ~hai-ran,, is an ~,'~;,,o| bu,~ M~thodist Church Sunda-I rirtl~-IIi~l~-ii- IJIlin~ _#I~. |R||||i|~ L~|Il l Whenever nature ~reazs mose~ | !onal snow, pros me extremely they were in excess of 35-miles tot this -oo* T,,h. v...... n ~ ............. ~1 "~ "~ , ~i mmu-~mmm,.~um~ vvu.v ~v .. ~w. w..=1~ --~'" n crea,~,,, .. ..... ~ ~'-"-~ "~" .... ni-- win(]~ wnicn Kicked u,~ late| ...... " -. - ~. ................. ,] ] , . . ~u,r. .......... u .ovum, ~.~.~ ~. o ~" er nour At I.e salne tim tem. member and deacon of the . February 6. A Nursery ~s provid ...... P , e ~ers Ferry also filed for ........ Lee [ m P _ ]Is for a tlmea feeling of helpless ] Saturday night and continued to] peratures droPPed into the teens ,to tne post subject to thel town ttaptist t;nurcn anu is pres.I ~-~k~,'~'~"~.',::'~.: ~1.~ ~ a.~nl vg~t~Itm~I~ i~ll i| I11 ~mgtP~gt~ti~t{~ i hess on the part of most people. I blow until Monday night, provid-| and visabilitv-(liminished to less l~ . . ~.,l~u~.ll *a~.llVUl 1o ll~lu a~ ,.,,vv , -- the May I0 Primary]]dent of the Tin-County Baseball[ a m with ,,1~,,~ for ~1] ~,,~ W~] i ; unmuii ,;~u ~ li IL-|||~;|~||~U~. ]But also there are always the] ed the county s worst weather| .~, ....... ,~ .... League. n -- |sturdy a.d determined who uickl headache in many. many years. , ..r...., .,.--,. Y P" l ' ' ' .... I Other annOuncements fOr thelII. It,,d #Ad Ck I eish oeul rst ' h e nlomw 's o t.I '" IIIt0wn Panerhnard /week include: i uu n.u.,u;u o,,;,,,,,[e,, :. ? [ Rand*lph U'**' E P , d by working together, are t All Circle meetings were can- celed last week and were .re- , __ able to ride out the storm. They Rn q~ n~w~ mergency --- ...... r"" --'~ .... ] scheduled for Monday February ] BY DON RENTCH I the operating headquarters, the ] take over the task of accom.piisla. ] .... =" n~ .'- ' --~ -- 7, with" the exception" of Cite' le Wh "do it" yourself" emergency corn ing oy nand wna~ man-proauce~ - . ......... _ 3 Chairman Mrs J W car:l : en that old-fashioned mn-lbat;iX the Winter storms, on Imachinery has not fully beenI H ln For Uanrvmen. Farmers lflflinnmtA~ II--NAN4P~AA iN I " ' , ter snowstorm, wi~n WIL(I wlnus, I ....... ---a- I~,hla ~. b.~-~ ~^ ~,r;4h A~ on it*/ uuvm~ my,= =l~ m~m==--..! l~mmW i mmlm=..vm ~ , roll A meeting date for th~s C~r- hit Jefferso as a g P " " nnwuuHq q #HdH IH cle will be announced later n ,County l t S tur- And in many instances it pre- has been for the past ten days ..... '-'-]dayandSunday, residentsfthelvented what have might have]withJeffersoncountianstntheir] mk.,P n. / The ~eaners ~mss will meet I She-'herdsto .... cti^- -f the eou' " " .... " .................... -_ i.. - 1 I with Mrs Mildred Lennon Tues-I . ~. . ,,, ~ .u,, u , I been tradedy. I ~atue against ~ne snow oulge. | V~,NN~U~,~ N|Ut It#] vlIq w NUNI ~lI~Id~a~AI~IAI U AAn~IANA /do-Feb 8 at 8 n m 1 i naY Knew.trom past experiences,[ Pathos, excitement, drudgery,/ From late Saturday night,I ' The Su~nna Wesle Class will mey coum not walt tor neLp to yes even some humor. That was when the third snowstorm of the qui(IKt:lldl ru3ntlunl3 I_...,.,,,.,,_ ..... Icome to.them, but that theYllifo ,,, She,,laerdstown and the/week, teamed up with e,tremety/ In a telegram to this newspaperl Proprieto's of small busmesses. v WIL/1 AVII 3 VOllll~ vvIIILIIuL~ l&& * 0rn .... L n I would have to dig themselves curl surroundin+ section from Satur I high winds, began piling up snow| this m mg, West Vlrgmta s I l'he Federal Government Hallt.u,,~ ' .... t,.~~ .... | Tues~layat.7.!3Op. m. ~,r^~..^..~..,[ again just as they had alwaysi day aften~on until today And| drifts of housetop height, until| senior senator Jennings Randolph ~ flood disaster plans and programs --- ~, ........ . lnlsJolnt announcement was/ o,--o o--o, ~-oo,, -o--O+Xl done i h o / /" | re rteu ne was u m the White ........ "n t e past And they w rk- " this mornin hundreds of Jeffer- po rg g ' drou ht disaster rovisions and announced changes in man issuedby Halltown's President, at 7:45 p.m. . . . most of was shared, or should- . g' House and the Office of Emer- g ' P- " I st- ..................... "! g2ZL l ?ru """"'""] that. ] which manned the emergency| on their own brain and brawn to/gency pianmr~ in. tne ex,ec, ut!ve I ando disasters. It is time for the .... _ .... ../ From about 4 p. m. Saturday/headauarters at the town's fire/dig themselves out of the snow/ omees ot me eremaentto'qu e ! Federal establishment to join ', ~ uammann, iormerly~ w.u auueu~ ........ ~ . ....................... - bound situations " which the ly ctevelop plans With me iovern I1....' ........... . , | Edm'~tlnn Chairing. Mr ~a,.z,.ra| when nt became evident that a/hall on a 24-hour basis. Saturday] . m Y/ .... "| with the states and local Govern, o .' mtenttent, W ll u tne We believe these cnanges inI "=" Z,--" / real old-time blizzard was blast-/ntghtmost of the p oblems which| found themselves after the big| ors ot snow emergency sta.tes toI ments and with the American o. .......... / |rag away at the county, untll late/the men faced and handled con- Y Y| ..... "; , .... "[Red Cross in strong, posttwe act o,uon O! mana er ot ~n i -,-~-s,-,, -,- ,,,=~- *- ..w ,,. ,., . . hel ac - g g our management ahgnment wall | Saturdasnow and the Sunaa p re h stranded and nome ' om ep a er r. provide us with tv .spec!a,ze I ,, .. ,. .... ]Wednesday night, more than a| sisted of going to the rescue of blow. | Douna. ina}vmua!s, ann tamines|ions in this snow emergency i"~ :P- g .o . tment necessary to ormg ~ne en-I [:$1|| ~l)r ~t[~i~| ~l)l] half hundred men and boys, many] stranded motorists, delivering While in some parts of Jeffer- to asmst Iarmers anq| which also is approaching dis, P"~ ann planning, mvow- t~re" rtalltown operauon' to me ...... - .... r .......... of them Shepherd College fratel'-" medicines to people in need of son County bulldozers and huge small ousmesses. " oemg" stranglea aster proportmns" " n.rnent mamtenance,.new highest level, of eff!cency, and D__J ! ..... IS_L_ #*__~_J nity boys, laborered hard around lsame, and advising residents of snow plows were working around econommal!y under the impact of] ~m~=~m~m~~..,~,~ msta!latmns ann airspeed the e~ec~ive utifization ot D~ i~,~tU~ D~|IIO ~d]rriL~[] Ithe clock handling errands oft homes having overheated fur- the clock helping .residents to anmanagea~Le snow conaitions. /~.~+,,~.~~,:.~:.~,~m~ propertms of the com-the modern]zatmn and and ex-] =~ mercy and helping the towns-I naces and stoves as to what to do dig .themselves out, mother sec- Randolph announced that he] ..... . panson program completed in |.. ,11,f. |,,,,,o.. ~ ~.,.,,.. A ~ people out from under house-size|to eliminate potential fire haz- tions it was strictly a "do-it-your- had pointed out to White House| |4~ .._~ ~B. Blackford, formerly March 1965." IH III1~ 13~1 r~J~ ~,ID snowdrifts which blanketed and|ards self" chore. Since it was not spokesmen that "In numerous] ~~ ~i/~ ~_.~uperint.e.ndent and Tec .............. paralyzed just about everything l .~+ i.,, ~,,~n .... ,.n~n,~ +h~ possible to get any State Road West Virginia Counties an in sev| ~ .... = ,~reetor will become Mill xne pumm nouce ot me Jett ..... ~ ...... ~ ........ ~ ...... hei cti o ' endent, in which capacity You~ Center Will Be erson County Board of Educat- m~d :~u::t Sohn:Pho;rdthteOZgh tfOr2meleP betgoa~0tOolPuinl~e:p ~P~ntw~Omo~vairoserk ;onntte 3raldn g bnO i gm tes a eangYavnel uperwse all proauction ion's cau tor a special erection " . h~ghways and streets, men, wo health emergencms and rivation~ as ~_.._J ~L~_ UL._m.__J for the issuance of school bonds ways leading into the' town andI who were manning the emergen- _ ...... ~ ...... -, .... a .t.~ .......... P .~ Partly cloudy today with hig~ ................. - " - othe cit"s streets cloaked bv the l ~,, ho.a,,,,...,,.,-~ wero kent real men a,.u c.tute, m~muu ~e oemnu snow wnlen geeps mem est 30 t,, clear L S, Whittington form- t,lUb~l I!11~ WL'~"R~gllU to paytor a propose(1 program ot .. ,~ . , ~?~ . ..-. t -~ ..... "4 .... ":.-- " ." ..~.,,,,~. +,,,..,, ;o.~.,.a ..... a,.., .++ ~ _ ~ 36. Meetly : . rter Room En-ine'er will newschool buildings and addit-inches ot snow wmcn exl aur-I busy throughout, the aay ana "=.;"o- _............... -y., n.. eold tonight With lq est m ' " " " in out a 12 hour eriod rom " wne worus ox snaring anu neap enuon, tueh anci ]coo "require- with the ht kssistant Superintendent" Because. of the parking dfffi- runs to others is corned on Page g ab - P, f mght ................... m av been more meanin ul .... teens. Frt~y fair _ + gh ultimately m~.rn~ *h~ r~ cult]es the Youth Center will not 4 of Section B of this newsaver Saturday at noon until about 1] ,~a ~ ,~t~o . g ha e .... gf _ ments, and he said shortages near 30 Out~,ok for sammy Lities nP "P~-,-hnt"c-~,("~i'~ be open ~his weekend All mem- this week - -- a. m Sunday, the job of handling[ ........... = ..... m Jetterson counuans ann str.ana are devemping in the uroan com partly ~|~y with modes=rely ................ " bers are asked to special The voters of Jefferson County the many emergencies which de-| One of the reports reveiced .e.a strangers, m me past ten nays mu.nities,, too, because meat, dairy tool eratu , West toNorth D. Pierson, formerly a notice and advise their friends will be asked in a special election veloped was a long, tiring and| Saturday night told of an elderly tnan ever veto re. anct poultry supp~ms cannot reach' west Wl~ Ms less lO ~FH uns - H c l lad hwn in a house m a rural m tne rural areas more so the market places, moral 10 to ] flus uee~ of th~ mil~ nvnd,w*i.n also The Youth Center WILL Tuesdav March .8 to authorize er u can one. / y " " g . " .. ........ ~ ng J ! . e ..... - ............ " man anywhere etse me county, ' N rth to winos I1 fill NOT be open th s weekend, the Board of Education -.,t-" Issue But with a _. vstem, the volun.] area near Shepherdstown, with ....... om stom nena Farmers, dmrymen, and their noon. _ . nave c e r s ot many t o ecomt a out fuel and in danger of freez families face loss of income and $ to 1 MY][I ng s Beater' Room Engine- school bonds in the amount of teer manpower, and the Shep-| " . " " i ,mr ATTEND CHURCH 61YNDAY $1,710,000. herdstown Fire Hall serving as" TURN I'0 PAGE 2 TURN TO PAGE S..-A have emergencms, as do many varlanle mtay,