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Charles Town, West Virginia
February 2, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 2, 1961

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The man with NEW IDEAS FOR A NEW ERA / s '' " '"' ! I I We were pleased lo be invited n , n, to attend the annual meeting of r ]11 ~1 the National Farm Loan Assoc- ''' " iation and Production Credit As- , , , sociation in Winchester, Satur- Ii , I I I day, January 28th. I'l f ,I 8 I We were especially pleased RV t P ~:A~,'ITt ~" with the report of the 4-li Club t,,~1~,,v~ *t,~,~,r,p members. Jackle llugnes, :tate ~,~.,.l~,l~t 4-H Style Revue winner gave a I I very interesting and inspiring re- M ........ port oil her trip to National 4-It ~IlIK ~'roouclng ~ecoras i.,1 .... ' . ~ uo ~ongress. Which one of the fellwing Comment From The Family eow~ would you select for youri RoeonHv wo hnd an itPm hoad neru. - led, Do Your Cows (let Enough : Cow X produced 11,370 pounds I;~.t0." c~. .f ~(m- d..,,h~or~ of milk in 307 days, cow Y pro-I~'~'~"~hi~ ~:~ttlr~:. an~-~,~n~%~o~l'" ..... w ........... g ...... c ............. C,' duced 7,720 pounds of milk in 304 "Daddie do you write this stuffv ' day; ,or cow Z.that produced My reply was in the affirmative. al3o tDs. Ol nmK m zl.~ crass anu - . ........... To her th~s sub3ect seemed fool- stoou ury for ~,~ oays axe cnan " lsh, funny or unnecessary. To the cos are that you would take cow t h air cow that , (alryman and t e d' y ' X Those are actual records taken " " " r(- ce milk it is ~' ', ...... : . . is expectea to p mu' , , ~rom a nero nOOK m this neru ot r should be ver im ortant This o ." y p . ," t! lrty one cows ten had produc- ..... ., , cold freezing weather makes it ~lon recoros el over ten tnousana ....... . more important, ii a cow is to pro pounds, five had records of under dnoo ~ho anmunt cff milk uho iu six thousand pounds of milk per COW; , ,, ,, , ~ave'a~de'quate"wat'e'r.s T~h"e water ~ne question is wouta you like ....... ~ . must be reasonably accessable IO D~ve ThiS abe much more in- nod nat fan onlH ~ ?hi~ ~ovoro fa~matt!?r~nsa~Utu;mswhe'id :: winter weather'mal~]ng"s'ure tlae , Y ' '", Y . . " Y "' dairy cow gets plenty of drinking Why not tage mops to get on one . " " " . water is an important and money or the nnlk productmn record m kin, %b for the dair-man keeping systems. There are three i a g ,., u.,.s . Weigh a Day a Month, Owner n .n Sampler and regular DHIA. t taflaowners Iiecenrlv Farm Credit Meeting [ " ;' Become Cooperators With Conservahon Program Land owners recently becoming cooperators with the Eastern Pan NORMAN E. KISNER handle Soil Conservation District are Caleb Burns, Paul Wilson, Homer W. McKee and James Lou INSURANCE AGENCY tham. Complete soil and water conser Office City Building vation plans have been prepared with Homer W. McKee and Paul Telephone 552 Wilson. Charles Town, W. Va. Work Unit Conservationist Geo rge L. Cole has completed needs determinations on a well for For rest Hammond Jr. and a pond for i w.E. Henshaw. Soil testing has ~_ MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY I been delayed because soil has **~------,~, MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY I l"'.,**" LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY I been too wet for a good test. HARD STARTS Let us give your car an Electrical System Checkup Bring your car in todayl Here's where we sell and service the new Dodge Polara, the new low-priced Dodge Dart, and the new compact-size Dodge Lanced Our service department's electrical system ::: ................. checkup will lo- cate the source of hard - starting problems! Let us i::: end them for you. SPIKER MOTOR SALES DODGE CHARLES TOWN, III I I I II II CULPEPER, VIRGINIA 9:00 A.M., Grading of Bulls 12:00 Noon--Sale A. W. HAMILTON -- AUCTIONEER Selling---Reg. Polled Buy with Confidence--from Successful Breeders. The 30 leading Polled Hereford Breeders from seven states, S. C, N. C., Va., r Md., Pa., N~ J., and N. Y. are bringing their bulls to Culpeper for your inspection. Bulls are coming 2 years old or older, will be weighed, examined by Vet, tmd must grade good or better to sell. Bulls are guaranteed breeders, and carry the best bloodlines of the Polled Hereford Brood. Opportunity to select good Reg. Polled Hereford Bull in a public auction sale that will pay for himself by siring calves that pack on the pounds and are the type that bring the premium prices. Curtis Mast, V. P. I. - Joe Graham, B, C. I~ A. and W. L. Bowman, Alabama, Grading Committee: Write for Free Sale Catalog and Records made by Polled Hereford Bulls in various State Perfornmnce Testing Programs. JOHN H. ROYER, JR., Sec. and Sale Mgr., Glenwood, Maryland February 2 - ~t. HI | | Mr. and Mra William Hook and SPIRIT OF J'EF R ON faRMeRS L l_ 0 family. , 6---B " THURSDAY, FEBRUARY By Miss Dorothy Bowers k___ -- " James MOrlson/aKIng "- Mrs. Paul Mills and son Wayne accompanied by Mr. Norman How ~on~re,~ fin fl~r~t]^~ ~w ITEMS OF INTEREST IN VICINITY OF ell of Millville motored to Wash- ~, M 3~ ~ t/pc ~1 Ull I~'11 ington, D. C. on Tuesday where_ KABLETOWN they visited Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Inctrnim~nF In Now Ynrk Warren and family. Wayne and ........................... By Mrs. Clarence SmaJlwood Phone 2 Norman ratllrnad b-me that even . . " .. " ..... ". . ,James P. Morison, mg mawng mrs. a ran- Clinical Laboratory Baker VA get V~st~, ....... ttospital, will leave Sunday, Feb. Worship Service Sunday virus. ~,a weonesoay, lne warren 5 far Chmnnoov N V" whor. h, I .... _'" . . .. wilL take a weeks training cour- Regular morning worship Ser- Mrs. tlenry Harirson family and Mrs Mills attended .......... "' "'"-: :" ...... vice will be conducted Sunday, sons of Thurmont, Md.' [the tuneral of their uncle in.e se at the Technicon Instrumems Feb. 5 at 11 o'clock in the local night visitors Saturday late Mr Clarence Williams in ..... I. . ..... ::.. Corporatmn in the operation of church. Congratulations to Rev.a .o phi.,..u , viomress,. va. .... mr ann war-.t h-e Technicon Autoanalyzer. S. F. Butcher, our Pastor who ..................... iron and f am!ly brought Mrs. Mills is a biochemical apparatus design completed his ministerial studies Mr. and Mrs. Ch , i nome Samruay morning, ed to analyze lar ,e n.mhor .f at the American University Wash near Boyce, Va. spen Mr and Mrs Elwood Bowers - - ". -"-': ....... [ "" . blood chemical examinations at a ington, D. C. on Tuesday, January with her sister Mrs. Rob and .son Mr and Mrs A~ton Muse ' [ . " , . . ~ ..... I savmgs of time and equipment. 24th, He reports traveling was ex In the afternoon the gil ana sons ana Mrs euy frye .... I ]Some of these examinations in- tremely slow during the past sev with their grandmot were dinner guests Sunday of ] ........... [elude glucose, urea nitrogen, cap eral days of community especially Gertie Boyd a patten their mother mrs wlnera owers ., ..... ..: ....,_ [ _ '" [c,um, in the city zone. On Thursday, Charles Town General ]ana son. ....... ]bulin, uric acid, creatinine and Jan. 19 two hours were required Plans are being n I mr. ann mrs. tepnen Dalgarn !oh,~loOorn! to drive from the University to ladies of the local ch /and family Of Charles Town were i--=.-o'S.":" . .... .... I viistors Sunday afternoon at the "l:ne t aKerr VAan O u anna ;e- Chain Briage. lunch to be served at [ home of Mrs Dalgarn's mother cenuy orueJ:ea ......y. r Mrs. Eddie Seal was indisposed O. Bush Farm Sale I Mrs Annie P ne and family tor use m me cumcai chemistry several days last week due to February 21st. I .." - .. 7r -.-- -~" . laboratory and Morison will su- I ttecent WlStOrs at me home oz ...... " . I,, = . /Mr and Mrs David Penwell and perv se anu nanale the examinat- Ions m the operation of the appar Mr. and Mrs. Z0mbr0 pectat tSOOKS Ar [family have "been Mr. and Mrs. ". ' I /Harry Dinges, Mr. and Mrs. Theo ares. Have Been Named New lihrarv Fnr F hrn; ru [dore Penwell and family' of Char- -.,~.,,..$ .vl .~,~.u~=$ [ los Town. "" ~ a ~ ~ h alxCu'"rvls0rs" The special books at Charles[. Mr. Paul ,Trussell ,of Waynes- r A IF ~ ~, Canteen I ........... ooroo,va. were weeKena guests Town z'umic Lzorary For toe men For Wra m and " of ,his brother Mr. Albert Trus. PP g Mr. and Mrs. Ralph (Bill) Zorn- th of February are as follows: sell. Printing Paper Products bro have been selected to he the The Braintree Mission, Nich. Jerry Cotta of Charles Town Towels, Tissues, Bags, new Teen-Age Canteen supervis- olas E. Wyeoff; Harpers Ferry, visited last Thursday and Friday Locker Supplies ors, bginning February 1, 1961. I Manly Wade Wellman; The with Mr. and Mrs. Aiton Muse For Homes-Stores--Etc. Sco.f Coo[(ie J BUY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES... NOW ON SALE! They will replace Mrs. Leo Kis- Snake Has All the Lines, Jeant and sons. Kerr; Aground, Ask Your Dealer ner who has been filling this post Charles flliams;I Mrs. William Hoak, Mrs. Frank for the past sixteen months. Mrs. The Doctor's Bride, Elizabeth Set Simons and son Michael were vis tietam rapt;n'""r t,ur% Rewire for safety Kisner states, that it has been a fert; Only In New England, Thee itors Sunday afternoon with Mr. " great experience to be associat- dore Roscoe; The Progress of A and Mrs. William Hook Jr. and HAOEItSTOWN, MY. and for added power ed with the young people and Crime, Julian Symons; Murder their parents and her sincere Preferred, Agatha Christie. thanks go to those who have help ttarpers Ferry was a gift to the ed her so faithfully during these library by Mr. Langdon Backus, months. She further states that Armory House, Harpers Ferry, it is her desire that all parents West Virginia. cooperate with this couple so the canteen may be one of the nicest All political activity is banned places for our youth to go for in Nepal. fun and fellowshiP. Mr. and Mrs. Zombro encourage;, all parents T and friends to visit the canteen N 0 T, C E! whenever possible. With full coop oration from youhg people, par- The undersigned attorney-in- ent and supervisors, the canteen fact will offer far sale at public can be of a great service to our auction in front of the Court community House in Charles Town, Jeffer- son County, West Virginia, on Deputy VA Director SATURDAY, FEBRUARY n, To Be In Charles Town 1961, at 10:30 O'CLOCK A. M., the following desirable properties in Announcement was made this Charles Town, recently owned by week by Ray L. Sencindiver, de- the late Rumsey C. Smithson, to puty director of the West Virgin- wit: ia Department of Veterans Af- (1) That certain house and lo' fairs office in Martinsburg that situated on the east side of Soutl~ he will be at the Legion Lounge Charles Street, fronting 40 feet in Charles Town, Feb: 10 and thereon with a depth of 80.2 fee~ 24 for the purpose of assisting between parallel lines, conveyed war veterans, thelr dependents, to the late Clothilde H. Smithso~ or beneficiaries wRh government b.y deed from Kenna Knott Alger, benefits to which they may be en dw0rced, aatee bept. 1954, re. titled, corded in the office of the Clerk ' f of the county Court of said eoun- GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY l ty in Deed Book 201, page 145, in- herited by the late Rumsey C. Smithson, as adjudicated hy the PITTS CHARLES WASHINGTON THEATRE RANSON, W. VA. Matinee Saturday & Sunday 3:00 P. M. One Show Nightly-- At 7:30 P. M. Children Circuit Court of said county by decree dated October 19, 1959 in the chancery cause of Lee Bush- ong, Admr. c. t. a. of Clothitde H. Smiths~n, deceased vs R. C. Smithson, et al, being No. 109 South Charles Street. This property is known as the former Smithson residence prop- erty. The house is of brick con- struction, with full concrete base merit, off heat, modern bath, mod- ern large kitchen, large paneled 25c - Adults 50e living room, 2 bedrooms and/1 smaller bedroom, large finished Thursday and Friday February 2 and 3 .-DOUBLE FEATUURE-- "THE KEY WITNESS" PLUS-- t Saturday .. February STARTS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5 FOR A WEEKS ENGAGEMENT ELIZABETH TAYLOR |ENCE HARVEY EDDIE FISHER THE STORY OF GLORIA... who wakes up ashamed! J(Y~IN ffHARA3 but unpartitioned second story, fully insulated, with alum- inum windows, hard wood floor- ing, five ample closets, and in an excellent state of repair, ready for immediate occupancy. Coo- l structed about six years ago only I (2) That certain hbuse and lot I situated on the west side of South I George Street, fronting 40 feet I there on with a depth of 85.5 feet I between parallel lines on the north side thereof; and 202 feet on south side; conveyed to the late R. C. Smithson by deed from Fred L. Glaize Jr. et ux et al, da- ted June 21st, 1954, recorded in said office in Deed Book 199 page 449, being in the 600 block of 4 South George street and known as Lot No. 7 on Glaize plat in Deed Book 153, page 42. This property is at present rent ed by Mr .and Mrs. R. E. Vroom on a month-to-month basis, is of concrete or cinder block construe Lion, with full concrete basement oil heat, modern bath, modern kitchen, large living room and 2 bedrooms downstairs, and 3 rooms upstairs, all finished, fully insulated, with aluminum win- dowg, hard wood flooring, five am ple closets, and lso in an excell ent state of repair. Constructed about five years ago. TERMS OF SALE: One.third ,or more in cash on day of sale 'at the purchaser's option, and the residue in two equal annual in- stallments evidenced by the notes of the purchaser bearing in terest from date of sale payable semi.annually said deferred pay- ments to be secured by retention of title or deed of trust on the real estate purchased with ade- quate assignment of fire insuran- ce to secure any Unpaid balance. For further information as to either of these properties, or tit- les thereto, or for personal in- spection, please contact the un- dersigned or call 329. LEE BUSHONG Attorney-in-fact for Mary C. Wetton under power- of-attorney dated Jan. 7. 1961, recorded on Jan. 13, 1961 in said office in Deed Book 243. Jan. 194T- sons in Reedson. PHONE---Regent 9-0600 Mr. and Mrs. Henry McKee , -a You can count on a safe ring job with and daughter Karla Kay of Char-," capacity to carry the full power load of les Town, were dinner guests Sun J c: a,,mm .o im home appliances when we do the job for day of Mrs. MeKee's parents Mr. DR. O. T. REITER and Mrs. Marshall McAboy and ~ II " When It comes to electricll Mr. and Mrs. William Ware and FOOT SPECIALIST us., No job is too large or daughter Mr. and Mrs. Harry Din B E ges of Charles Town, Mr. and Mrs. e In (:hades Town J. DWARD MA Joseph Ranalli and family of Mill ville have been recent visitors at AFTERNOON and NIGHT x/f E L E C T R I C A the home of Mrs. Nathaniel Gray From 1:00 to 7:00 V.M. i' C 0 N T R A C T 0 Jr. and family. Mrs. James Lancaster of Har- 107 South Charles Street Phone 424 pets Ferry, Mr. William Hoak of Telephone 519-M Reedson and Mr. James Bowers Charles Town, W. of Charles Town have been visit- EVERY THURSDAY ing during the past week with O: :: '' LETTERHEADS . . . STATEMENTS OFFICE FORMS . . ANNOUNCEMENTS BUSINESS CARDS. . Phone 222 Charles Town, W. WE ARE AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE-.CALL US TODAY!