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February 2, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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February 2, 1961

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] ,,,, , , j , these Fire Companies, which are I mean what I say about dropping I SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON VARM~ I - second to Rope anywhere, with down here when you visit Okla. [A A ~T-TTrO~nAV ~1 [ ~ ' ~" liberal contributions or at least and hope I may s you before l~- .... '~*~ ...., x.~, ] ~ r J "~ i ~ with expressions of sincere up- too long. .... I - ... ...... WEf~r VIRGINIA'S OLDEET NEWEP~dPER ] ) L ~ / ! 1 preciation. They didn't ask me to ' Sincerely, I Hospital.~arunsourg, ~oJiowing a[ BURCH CHARLES TOWN W. VA. I ,,, , _ write this article; I have done it Frank Boxwell [long period of ill health. [ Twin sons, born ....................... [ ~ ~ W. Mon~w as a citizen who wants to say - ] A native of Charles Town, he Marshall and Ruby IPLACING THE BLAME Iwaged his campaign, and without thanks to these earnest, willing, 'VISIT OF OLD FRIEND' Iwas born September 10, 1895, a m,~h .e ..... ~, BEST MEDIUIM OF ADVERTISING [ Havin~ in~t *h,~ r .... t .... M~, [suggesting that the Democratsiand courageous men, all of whom Washington, DC t son of the late Isaac Newton and %"'~'" "~-- ..... "~'\~ i FOR REACH,NG THE nUY'NQ POWER OP JE~FEREON COUNTY ANY ALL I.... :---~.-~-: ..... ~ ..... v .... ~," I could have won with "just about twe all know. Jan 31, 1961"J ............................. chester aiemorm~ J SURROUNDING AREAS FOR MORE THAN !!5 YEARS. |tlal emcuon oy so close a poplar Inn-one" the n~.,,huo...o ..~.,~. I (Regular Reader~ ... i-~aoe.e =mma zvzc,,uugmm zvxer- the same day or bi " , : chant, were buried in Gre vote (roughly 112,000) reports the less were laboring under 1 ~ " " " I ..... " y 8, READ EVERY WEEK BY MORE THAN ,are now beginning to seep out ,strong handicaps. As a political FORMER RESIDENT WRITES S~;[e:f:eff, e~r?n~Advocate M2tUlrdvivlng _are hiswife.. Mrs, tery m Berrvdle. VI, -- 20.OOO PERSONS -- /that men high in Republican cir- [party it was under a terrific hum ABOUT COMMUNITY NEWS,D~...~ ~ .... j a falter ~v*e~c...~, u.= I ~urwv]ng m auum -------|cles are attempting to pin the lerical majority of Democrats Its ~,~TL" A~Tr~ ~A=).,~,,.~,~ ...... . i son Temple Merchant of Balti-!parents are the foll . ~ =.~,,=,~,~ ~.u .,ffi,=~,=~,,.,o I am senamg you m suoscri PUBLIEHED BY THE JEPFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY INC [blame on the former vice- rest [victories in 1952 and 1956 were .... .~ .......... ~ P- more, Md ; one step-son James sisters and brothers .nn ENT=RZO AT TN= C"a'~ TOWN Zv=.v A* sEcon=|dent, Mr. Nixon himself whop waslnot genuinely Republican victor-t~-In a letter to urown ~issier o( tion.~or me ~pirit-Auvocate for[G. Breeden, United States Navy; JoAnn, Francis Ma c~== M~,L MArtEn [the candidate. Whether' this is a |ies; they were personal victories .the mechanical ~epartment o~ anomer year. ! nave .taken the ~one step daughter, Barbara Ann l Judy Sue and Duane! SPIRIT EETABLIEHIr~ |,44 -- ADVOCATE E~'rABLIBNIrJD 188, [~eoWe hl~ne:~lpYuen~rtalnedetbY [~3rnG:~er:l Et~eenhc~er~haa~ l~he:;' [nlrLnre~Spaperes~d:n~?n:ow~XWedl. p~pe~hSv1:i~go~tSnW~%K~Yri:aldl. ~/J:neSMrfs Cha~e~([p?~i;:c~Sr 1 ch" CO~mNE~ MARCH !. ~i4e /it is an early effort to scuttle any ]have been in Control of Con- ing in. Dallas, Texas, writes an in. ~san old fri.end: .... lies Byers, both of Washington, D ] ........... MAX BROWN. I[DITOR |Nixon hopes for 1964 in favor of [gress but twice in the last 28 ~restmg letter: . uon,,g may ~t ,Jive-anu long utter |C; and two brothers, Marion / 9btll tl~rmuay ~'o] OFF,CE NORT. GEORGE ~rRE='r - TEL~HONE ===|eitheraGoldwater type candidate |years. Mr. Nixon, far more thaniU~rre~,rWn~ere I'~ "P ...... ~am no m~r% ....... ]Merchant, both of Wash!n~onlShepherdstown Re~ /remains to be seen. What does ICongressman Halleck or Senator ....... ,, ,, ,rig _ wu .... L?t .. /and Ernest aiercnam of St 'et-I ______ olr(ls wltn one stone, as nave (airs) mancne A wneauey NATIONAL ADVERTI=INO REPRSENTATIN[= [bear analysis is the question of [Goldwater or other leading Re ....... [ersburg, Fla. [ Mr Robert Kear~ WEEKLY NEWSPAPER REPRESENTATIV~E. INC /whether or not there is an- mer ....... ...... ~,..~ ]kT;~-.~n promlsea myseit to arop you a / ..... ; - -- ~She-herds~own's bes~ ] 404 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 18 "" "' / "" "" ., " /1,,,.,,~,~*,..,~,,o w.v .uw u=,=*z=~ =,=.'~,.,,,, n,~+~ ,.,~,4 4,, .,,~,~ .......... ~.~...,,~ ~p~" ,,,~.,~/.,~l..,.Ip,.~_~,/ OocIy was taken to me ' ~ " ' ~' " /it in the ar...... +ho,~,T;,.... t_.._];.^.~ ,t.^ _:_..:=; ...... = ,~.;. .... -,,=,,~ ~,, ==.=w ,,,y ~uu~=lv ............. f,~,~,~-~o/ .......... dents ouieblv observe ATL&NTA -- CHICAGO -- DrTROIT -- LOS ANGELE= / ...... l=ea- eu .,e , --,cauce u, ti-n *- ,,,-,- ,.rla;oh T ~-~ -- /LaCKleS lYuneral rmme in r ar- __ t [He reahzed that, whether right or o~; .......,; .... ~,, .n., ~,,, In~ i~ A T U [pers Ferry and removed to Wash[^. ~ ....... =+-~ ~n ALL SU==CR,FT,ON=OEUv=mm ,N Vn ~rA~ *U Su=ar TO a% con=u,=R=[ It seems to me that the. attem-/wrng' more people were inclined a~:: ..... a .'"'='7"'~ .......... - ~ ~"~ I/L/4 / II _J /in-ton~, honda-~ for crem~tl--._.~ .... ~,~,~.;..~;=~,=, ............... ~ . SALII TAt BUIIORIPIrION El.SO PEa Y~R In ADVANCl. /pts to place the s01e blame 0n/ ........... m t' thin hun Re w ys oy zv, onuay mornmg aria to De ocra)?c _. kmg ,t.. -" which I enjoy very much althou- ~"~'.~.,e~~,-.~.,O~.,~,y-_ ~_~/ - l~ixon are somewhat superficial lpum]can mmKmg- pmmsopny ...... -=- t ; MEMB~I~ OF THE land that, all things being consid. [would, perhaps, ben better word. gwnthmpCe~p~ets mem~seWSen~tPPee~ BISHOP E. P. DANDRIDGE [ t .......... ~ /ered, he ran an astonishing race land that he had to agree with Mr ...... DIED IN LEXI~zT~ try / ! N A T I 0 N A L . . w om t oo not Know. E DITOR I AL ~ ]agamst terrffm odds There are [Kennedy on many, many matters ....... ~ The Ri ............... / I " ' ' he , see you are getting atong U g~c ~evezenu r~omuno A C TI N many thmgs for which Mr Nixon even at the risk of losmg t Pe " " [ I ~'b ~ ~ f-~[5 ~ [ ........... . /Goldwaterites if he was to stand K. attend annual dinners func-[ ndleton Dandrldge, retired Bis [ ! l ,~ k.J I ~kk~l--][-~L~j [ crmclzea, put ]t is go mg | .......... , .............1.~ tions and bet you never miss a hop of the Episcopal Diocese of | I -'n~ ~ |a m t .tar to ~y. mat any omer/~ c.a~ce: ~u~ ~u uu u))~.n~.wv~:u day at the plant When are you Tennessee, died Saturday evening [ ] canaiuates in his position could nave to in part repumate me - - " ;n .... " ........... " ' I; .... lenhower Admiinstration The decommg oown to see your son in ~ ,,exmgtun, r~y. where ne nau/! Thursday, February 2, 1961 Ina es ;::ga:s]et baett?e made for/cision was made at the famous ?klaLYu shuld d that, fr if; be~r::~dAnagt~:e~1956~, ..... w..~]I " .............. "re ..... f ~'ifth Aven"- --'hen he ............... ~ ........ ,,,. -, ......... a-,,-~ ..... me proposluon mat air ~lxon * aty v r ue w " " " est l .... -. . / ............ orktake m this western area that ~sSchool, Orange, Va and the | [ mane a major omnaer when ne wrtuany enaorsea me r~ew x Univ .... " l ETllhV IU TVPI: / " ...... 1"~ v ' bli t rin riticism of unless he gets the fever and re- ers~ty of Virgmm, Charlottes/ I wi ~ttlVl~/ III //lira I agrea to engage in numic aeoates/tJo ernor s s e g c ~ ......... viii ............. l ....... ~._ ._ = " - ast " -li an ol mains in me west Then come e, va where fie receiver A 1 I wire ~r ~enneay ThiS, me argu. present anu p ttepuo c p " B " | " " " - " | .... the nl h ice he down Dallas way and see me Its . and M. A. degrees, he also at-/ i or ore t a a u rt o a e tu efor the ou ment goes, mane enneay [eros zt was o y c o n ' " F m h n q a er f en ry b e Y ngestl]' ........ ' " [coul"-v made He did not winot far away from Stfllwater tended Oxford College, Oxford,| [ employee of the Spirit of Jefferson- Advocate staff waswn (1. uln:erme tva:Yim but hneareeis not" one iota of evi; What is your boy studying? Must England the Virginia Theological/ [ born Brown Rissler had all ready become a seasoned and I our o., ,o ,.o. ]deuce to su--ort the -ro-ositionbe agriculture, wrestling or geo- Seminary, Alexandria, Va. / I veteran em,qo-ee of thi news, aner On Tuesda, of this/ - --%, ""?'/ ..... v .v _ . logy for those sub3ects are parR- He was ordamed in the Epis-/ I Y J Y a .... leeor near Ardmore On the pro- " hu ch Nashville, Term I marked the end of anothei year and Wednesday as ju 1.. .......... 1 ......................... gram was a friend of mme assoc-became Bishop of the Eplsco-| I " w" st began Furthermore most Repub- to ex mme thew party prmc]p " " He "' " " llcan maaers tnougnt air z~en. msteau oi IOKlng IoI" a scapegoat . . ~nother dayotha~ marked the beg,nnlng Ofranoth:i~l dBaUst [ edy would be duck-soup for the |for their defeat. This is not said p:ed wmt:us~n~si Witehntth~ vCOms [a ir i ce el fT n%s 5 19t~il, I co res z u here paper ney a e pe Y Ivio,~ nv idpnf .t.~ J;n defense of Richard Nixon but v a ..... . : ........ " ............. "" ........ " " Yale & Towne This chap is a fine ne was acting aean of the hat mark records, ofjournaLishc labor without .precedent ]l ates did influence some people/in defense of fairness. Inn nse amateur magician and since his Sewanee Theological School, Se-J I ]n ms ory oz me rour n t state In west virginia, we land it is not at all unlikely that lit is an odd paraaox" ,en- .o ............ , i ........ " " " " b reurement in lt~D~ has mane a wanee, ienn know our readers will jura w th us m extendmg every lif they had not been staged Mr Inedy won m sp~te of all the o - ~ ........ .......... ! I!" ...... a" ~ tacles in his wa such as the ri tr~p arouna me worm an~ moT. ne was a veteran o~ worlo war t good wish Nixon m~gnt nave recewea a m -lEts Y P " " " I ' " ..... m lug pzcture photography ~s also servmg overseas m the Chap I Making his first State of the Union address on Monday I Onty of the popular vote-butlmarys, the convention, his see - a ........... l i ........ ......... " ..... i lin outh his reli-ion and he noooy, m ms presentauon mane a n orps. A zna uegree cot-i I of this week the President of the United States said that I mm. m Lne emctr c-/. gre ore leserves eat ersonal the remark this was a hobby but fish Rite Mason, he was a mem-I vote, wmcn me nnai tacto t g p his Administration would not measure the size of a man I ...... ' ....... _.. / ................. f he had worked all his life for Y ber of Petersburg Lodge No 15, i . WRy men, um me ~epum~cans cream air. ~xon nau none o . " F a " ,by the positron he held, by the number of employees he had ,];no .... h,,, bo ~ & T. After his program Ben ask- . nd A. M. and of A1 Menah I of secretaraes or office . ed him ff he knew me and thm mple, Mystm Order of Shrme under h~m, or by the number ...... ~ 1~952 and 1956 lose in 1960 and Imore formidable one that no ............... I " chap sala (lO I Know nlm we ~or years ne spent ~ummers rooms he held, woma measure n]m o y the. size oz the [what prompts the statement that ]other Republican save Dwighthave traveled all over the ~T'S A at the "Bower"th Dan ! iob he did. If we use that measuring rod in 3ournadsm-- I Mr Nixon was laboring under ter I Eisenhower could overcome: the ....... "" " h -- ' ..... s= ! " " " " 9 " " " ano lvleXlCO (we toureuIvlexlcoome near l~eetown. and we do---Brown R]ssler casts a m ghty long shadow, [nflc odds. Without detractmg [lack of confidence on the part of . ;,h .... ;. ~o ;.~ ~o~ o.a ~ m~.. r~.n..M.,~ t,~n .... I whether the sun be at five o'clock or twelve. for an instant from the sheer bril Ithe American people in unvar. avet]en my'a ldress hence'a fr ends n eiferson Count "'and liance with which Mr Kennedy Inished Republicanism. g " Y ter came along. Ben says ~t m 49 Charles Town and for a number STATE OF THE UNION Not since December 8, 1941, the day following that --- that will long live in infamy, has an American President appeared before the Congress of the United States and spoken as did President Kennedy Monday. It seemsmore WONDERFUL TO GET PAPER than a coincidence to us that the speech delivered Monday | ..2300 Ly.n(mle ..Ave, Mlnneapons ~, Ivllnn should have been delivered on the anniversary of Presi- ......... D ....... :-- mR---- res')ects the two Oe erson l-'uDnsnlng de. r.. m l INorth George Street " speeches bear close resemblance. The Roosevelt speech was Charls Town, W. Va. brief. It said little of the danger we were in. It did not have to. The country had been told of that twenty-four hours before when the terrible news from the Pacific had been flashed over the airways. On the other hand, Mr. Kennedy found it necessary to recite in detail the nature of the danger that now confronts us. The Pearl Harbor of 1961 is not quite as discernable as the Pearl Harbor of 1941. For painting a stark and somber picture the President is to be commended. We have all ready had too much whistling in the dark, too much wishful thinking, too much hoping that if everyone just goes merrily along everything will come out all right in the end. There was a message in the Kennedy speech for the free world and for the slave world. To the free world he has said, the line is now drawn. While language remains the greatest invention yet known to man, still it alone wilt accomplish little. Language is the generator for action Either without the other is mean- ingless. We hope the Free World will use the Kennedy language of Monday for the purpose for which it was in- tended: to awaken itself to the danger that is not only ahead but is with us now. THANKS .. With no assurance that the long siege is yet over and, in fact with some predictions that it definitely is not, at the same time we pause, mid-storm so to speak, to give a hearty salute (even if it is with a frosted hand) to the Jefferson County branch of the State Road Commission whose employees have been on duty virtually without let- up since December 11. Nor do we hope the pubilc will be unmindful of the cooperation of municipal authorities and private individuals too numerous to mention who have labored to keep streets and pavements and some isloated roaxls open during what has all ready been the most severe winter within the memory of most of us, if not all of us. With the equipment at hand and the labor available to do the job a splendid effort has been made, and those responsible are deserving of, the thanks of the entire county. A little more than a year ago we suggested on this page that the road clearing equipmentqn Jefferson County was not entirely adequate for the demands that are not infre- quently made. If we are to haxe an increased sales tax and if an income tax taw is passed we hope some of the revenue will be allocated to the purchase of such equip- ment. Of co rs we shall probably be told that there still be en()ugh ioney for this item; and if that s the case we suggest that the ales tax be extended to include race track betting as well. M0ri 0n Tllinn savings of time and equipment. l=m # lqm Some of these examinations in- A A .. clude glucose, urea nitrogen, cal. on New cium, phosplmrus, albimun, glo- ' bulin, uric acid, creatinine and In hmm n in YO cholesterol. Bllil| MIII~III |11 |1~ | The Baker VA Hospital has re- _~=,.,,~ 1:, ~.,-i~.. Bi-chemist cently ordered an Autoanalyzer ....~'.'"~f .'" ."~:'~v-'.. y "'~.. for use in the clinical chemistry t~nntca~ ~aooratory ~aKer vA laboratory and Morison will su- Hospital, will leave Sunday, Feb. pervise and handle the examinat- 5 for Chauncey, N. Y. where he ions in the operation of the appar will take a weeks training cour- se at the Technicon Instruments Corporation in the operation of tim Technicon Autoanalyzer. This is a biochemica apparatus design ed to anaiyze large numbers of atus. ducators urge lJ. S. to send "peace corps" abroad c,o TO cmlmm Dear Mr. Brown:- Effective immediately would you please change our address on our newspaper subscription to read: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Fair- bairn; Apt. 3. 2300 Lydale Ave. So; Minneapolis 5, Minn. It sure is wonderful to pick up our Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate once a week and read about the happenings in the area. Our main regret is that we can't get out there more often to visit and maintain our close personal relat- ions with our many friends in the county Very truly yours, Thomas E. Fairbairn Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate N, George St. Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Don: We appreciate the privilege of using the Bpirit of Jefferson-Ad- Toate as a means of publicising our "Saturday Nite Buffet." Also, we appreciate the very fine job which the personnel did in pre- senting our Ad to the general public It was quite attractive. Our check will be sent to you for this service, as soon as we re ceive your invoice. Again, thank you. We hope to have the privilege of using your newspaper again in the not too distant future. Cordially yours, Wm, F. Standley Resident Manager The Shenandoah Hotel 'A WELCOMED VISITOR' Shenandoah Junction .Jan. ~7, 1961 Mr. Max Brown Sl irit of Jefferson-Advocate Charie Town, W. Va. Dear Mr. Brown: How swiftly time passes as one grows older, tt seems as ff it were only a couple of months since I renewed my subscription to your paper. I say again as I said before it is a welcomed visitor in our home When we are snow.bound and can not get it on time we miss it very much. Wishing for you and your staff the very best in 1961. Respectfully, Mrs. Boyd Link Max Brown, Editor Spirit.Advocate Charles Town, W. Va. Dear 5Jr: I SLt at my desk hear the 1 cal fire companies, and I wonder how many of the populace are co- gnizant of what happens at such a time. All of the firemen are vol unteers, and immediately leave what ever they are doing, even their jobs, thanks to their em- ployers, rush to the "fire house," and take their places on the fire trucks or ambulance to be of ser vice, far, far beyond what any- one knows. Anyone of us may have a vision of service, but many of us fail when the time to serve arises. These men serve. It almost seems at times as if they throw caution aside as they rush at the risk of their lives in order to get to the fire before it does its final act of destruction And most of the fires are fought for people whom they do not know But that makes no difference; their main motive is service. Who of us will shake ourselves out of bed even a few minutes early on a cold morning, yet these men jump out and are off to fight in less time than it takes to talk about it. And they are glad to do it. And how glad we are that they know how to fight those deadly flames. They are not novices in the bus iness; they train and study and attend fire-fighting school in or- der to be highly enlightened and fitted for their job. Anybody can pull a hose, but not everybody knows how to fight a fire. These men do. But wold you know that what they endeavor to do in putting fires out is not always appreciat- ed? There have been times when they have been criticized without mercy because of breakage or be- cause of water damages. How un- grateful can a person be? Anyone with a grain of common sense ought to know that these men do not damage willfully or willy- hilly. They are there to save not ruin. In this regard, recently a firefighter was unjustly accused, but he kept to his job. Afterward ne said, "I felt like walking off the job, but I didn't, we put the fire out." There are many side- walk foremen, but few could do the job at hand. And have you ever considered what those men feel when they ride the ambulance? How would you like to arise from dinner and rush out on an emergency call to "pick up the pieces" of what was a human being. Or how would you like to be called out at 2"00 a. m. to disentangle bodies and ears? They don't like such trips either, but "when duty whispers 1o thou must....," then they reply we will These men are not asking for thanks, they are not asking for honor. They have only one desire --to serve. And as far as serving is concerned, how much of it do we do. We may not be able to ride a fire truck or fight a fire, but we serve by upp0rti g years since he had seen me, SO this shows how small our world is. Ben tells me he has two child- ren, a boy and girl both married and seven grandchildren, the dau ghter lives in Mechanisburg, Pa. near Harrisburg, well the funny thing that is the childhood home of my wife, where many of her relatives live today. Brown this is odd-when I was in Charles Town for several years the Presbyterian Church brought two ministers from Dallas to C. T. Lots of Styles to choose of years conducted worship at the Epis,copal Church in Leetown. He also preached in Zion Episcopal Church in Charles Town a num- ber of times. Born in Flushing, N. Y. on Sept. 5, 1881, he was a son of the late L. B. and Isabel Lawrence Dandridge. His wife, Mrs':'Mary Lloyd Dan, dridge died in 1952. Surviving are a daughter Mrs. Angus W. McDonald, Lexington; son Edmund P. Dandridge Jr., Baltimore, Md.; seven grandchild now one of our Presbyteran Chur ren; brother, E. P. Dandridge, ches here has a Jefferson County Pittsburg, Pa.; and two sisters- boy as an associate minister, a Mrs. L. B. Franklin, Noroton, oung man by the name of Geo- Corm; Mrs R. L. Martin, Tucson, rge McKee whose mother is a for Ariz. mer C. T girl now living in Shep- Graveside services were held herdstown where George McKee born and educated. I read a column most every eek written by Henry Morrow who must be a son of either Wal- ton (Skinney) or Ruthvar Mor- row whose father was an early editor of the Advocate I as a boy. played baseball with both of these Morrow fellows, much of these playing days was in the Summit Point area. Old Timer, the world has used you and me well, maybe not fin- ancially as for some people but in Health, Friends and associates and don't ever quit anything that gives you an incentive for keep- ing on, that is one reason for lon gevity and happiness May 1961 bless you in all things from. Several Fabrics. Fresh young checks tenderly sashed |n color. Back bodice cleverly tabbed and Sparkling Arnel and cotton in gold, green, liJ turqu0ise, taupe, Sizes ~ , . $14.99. DEPT STORE Charles Town's Shopping at 2 p. m. at Old Nor- borne Cemetery with the Rev. Dr. E. J. Lee of Shepherdstown, offi- ciating. RAY X. MERCHANT Ray X. Merchant, 65 antique and used furniture dealer, died Sunday in the King's Daughters Cash- Charge- Lay-A-Wa Open 9:00 to 9:00 Friday and Use Our FREE Parking ii West Washington :Street Charles Town, W. APPLIANCES SALES and SERVICE NEW FIXTURES -- NEW LIGHTS -- NEW EVERYTHING BE SURE to See Our Full Stock of Appliances 1. Ansco Camera Kit. 2 & 3. 1 Pr. Boudoir : of mi m.ds. 4. t a P Wall L, S e k latter. 5. 1 Jewel 6, 1 C! t RADIOS-. TELEVlSI S Set ( ' DRAWING AT 8:45 P. ,M. SATURDAY, NIGHT. Refrigerators -- Ranges See the New Hallmark Plans-A-Party I)ispl, Now A Complete Gift Wrap Dept.---.650 lJall --TRY THE-- Cards of Every Kind, Color ,and Description you imagine. OLD DOMINION Join the Crowd-.-Everybody's Going To Be APPLIANCE COMPANY PAUL & DICK REITER Phone 202 Charles Tow,, W. Va. IN CHARLES TOWN ON SATURDAY Phone 367 Charles Town, W.