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January 29, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 29, 1959

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, , , ~ votions, the group sang "Sweet Hour of Prayer". Mrs. Charles c'Jeardly '- _)0rth enti0n o.oo singing "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" aJl repeated the PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN, W. VA Lord's Prayer and closed with Che BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. By Henry W Morrow ' ' Flag Salute. Minutes were read by Mrs. Char .... le -rid -mr- -"*""ns ^tA mak^ lea Willis in the absence of the sec SPiRiT ESTABLISHED 1844 -- ADVOCATE ESTA.L:SHED ,nn5 The Other Side of the Coin = .u c u. = rv tary Mrs Ily Bra~na and tl=.e in a given year And while the nat "re ur r's " ~ w " - COMBINED MARCH 1. 1948 We have been hearing and we l lonal de~ has climbed steadily ~ ~as e r~ .repo~_ as glven ....... shall continue to hear, in Ehe Mrs Marlan Myers ~naa cnarge lover the years it is also true that . .. ....... 8TREETMAX BROWN. EDITOR__ TELEPHONE 2an boutWeeks.theand na~ionalmnths ahead,debt andmUChthea"I] i,uv,,=- .... ~a.~--. ~,~u-'"- u,,,,Lu~u-"--'-^-= so v,'~'a*, b ilIy cneHen,~msson._age ....... wroOa~neexplaineu~'(lA u'am-now OFFICE NORTH GEORGE I ,, ...... ~,,o~ .,.o~,,, ,~,,,,~ ~,o to prepare your own mix to use m ,ouaget for the coming fiscal year the propo~tmn .between the two . --'--'--~ ~ as the President ,takes the de.bat- I .... ~'~m"~.'~'~,~:~,~'~r~,~'f~ various kinds of bread and .the val SERVING JEFFERnON COUNTY FOR ,14 YEARS AND READ BY MORE .............. [i~e o,,~ ,~o,,, i"ai'~""~-~h~ ar~ ue of knowing how to use Ehe in- .a~ole zo say Erie least pos1Llon Ena~ sam.. --.......... 1,,~..j ... v..-~" THAN an,non PEOPLE Evr~v WEEK. we have as much ~ fear from a ............... . ..u, ............. . [ .................. gredlents to make hghter texture lnoen~ea many rimes ovur bnmr , large baskets as we do ,from the . .,.,~ (~,~.,~ m breads. She demonstrated the ENVEnKD AS SECOND CLAn MArrSR *V VNZ eosvo~c~ ~N C.A,~ES TOWN. Com~numst menace Everyone it annual average earnl,,~. ,-,,v,~ w ......... i~,~ ,~, ~,,,~,~ ,,,~+~ ~,~o ~,, ~ T ,,,,d*o ay ~o use ~ne mlx in corn mumns w, w. UN~Z. "rNZ Ace o~ M^~c. ~. ~n79, seems to me, shoulcl" be conce~led ~L".'''~ "~_"'_" ,~.Z~"~_'.'")~.~.'~"~ and also made corn bread which " about the national debt, al~hough ,,,~ ~,ir+,,on~, ou ,,e ,~,,~ ~orae ~r the women sam, plod a~ noon; both WEEKLY NEWaPAPER REPRESENTATIVES. INC .there is a tendency on the .part of . ~ ~ .., ,~,,,,o ,,.,o. ,..#~.o ,~,~.~ poratlons have large debts In on, ~,o ,eci~,=o ,^ ,), ......... NEW YORK . CHmAGO - ATLANTA - DeVROIT - LOS A~GELES many ,to resort to Ehe.utter!y rid- m form or ancifner. But the creditors .... v .......... v ........ ~dumus positlonthWtslnce Ene gov ....... After a delicious dinner was WhO own me GeO~S are no~ concern en ......... ernment owes ~he people and Eahe 1 joyc~ oy all wl~n eacn morn- ed so long as they know the co-' . MEMBER OF THE ,people are the government every- J ........ k "" i ber contributing a dish Mrs Har- lacerm ~s ~nere ~o DEC it up n . thing cancels out very nicelyt+~,~ ^,~ ,,~ +.,.~.~ .~.- ~...o..;~.~o ,ns called the meeting ,to order. NATIONAL EDITORIAL " " ............ ~"~ ....... "~""~ .... Iss a , ,-, e- ~ ~ The concern over the national Jassets M M ry Magaha Joined the I I~S~ii~TI(O]N ~ ~ ~li~'~'~t~ ~debt is legitimate and sound and ] Which brings us to the question ir'l~ues were collected and ear ~fi:~J | ~:~ ~J ~ ~ ~ ~j[~-~] ] i~ would be wonderful indeed 1{ IDoes .the federal government have l Y " ~ - ~~~]~" the debt did not e~lst. But as leg- )anything on ~he ~black s~de of the )bOoks. given out. . .... ~ ltimate and sound as this concern {ledger to counterbalance the red I ~'rojec~s were semc~ea, k'lans is a great many .people fail to link? What is on ~he other side of~were maGe to make trays and ALL SUBBCRIPT|ON$ DELIVERED IN THE STATE ARE SUBJECT TO a% CONSUMERI place it in proper perspective. No [the coin~ |lamp shades at the next meeting SALES TAX.S~Je$CRIPTION $3.SO PER YEAR IN ADVANCE one in assaying the financial[ I have" never seen any flgures [also a ........ date was set to make cop- soundness of a bank or ,a large Ion the estimated value of all gee- ]l~.r pianrers, vne pmce ~o oe co- Thursday, January 29, 1959 corporation or even an individual [ernment owned real and Personal ]claea on iarer. . . . . would dream of lool~ng only at /ursnert.v but I dare to ~uess that ! taem,oers were appointed to .cm- the red side of the ledger; he/:t-l~e'-flgure is large Suou~se the ~lect for the Mothers March of rAM ~DDIM~ ~!= J~AD AW_AV~ would want to, indeed :he would ...... DI - ^- ~government decided to go out of~ rues J~nuary z~ around Lee- ~#~i~ ~mumxv ~i- iMll /~tw/Htl. ~have to look at ,the black side as {-the .public power business and sell ~own. . . . well as to find what assets there iTVA and its other ,public utllit- . 'me recreation cnmrrr~an Mrs are to counterbalance the debt. It ~ies~ Suppose ~'the government de-)a. ~'rank Garaner conaucted a According to a recent issue of the New York Times, there is here that our thtnking on mat- l cided ,to dispose of all the surplus i qu.iz game. Mrs. Harris won the . i ters of public finance goes astray [.foods it has been amassing over P~. . .... an old saying in the Northeast that a farmer can last = . . ..... ~'or many rend to think that wnen { the past decade or more? Suppose ( . .. e meewngaaJourned~omee~ out the winter if he still has half his wood and half his hay-- rn n ...... , .... , , . , . . . ., ;sove me ,~s ~orrow money mere a~ me home ot Mrs F F owens I the go.vernmen decided to sell ~he .... _ .. wnen e )ruary arrives, l ne same arZlcle points out tne is no corresponding increase in[private ind.~viduals the hundreds ~r weanesaay, ~'emmary 18 for pretty well known fact that January is a traditionally cold i government assets. /of thousands of acres owned by ian..,all day. meeting. Mrs. Harris , At the present t~me the national ~ wnl De CO-hOStess month and February is traditionally a snowy month r !.. /the National Park Sup-) .... .... w" "ve i o "n o government dev~ is an est~ma- tar ann ~ars ~wanon mue Grove Well, February Ill arrl th s c m~ g Sunday. And no [ted 285 billion dollars which any Ipose t decided .to sell.all its hos- I " " one will dispute the fact that January has been cold. And iway you look at i~, is a lot of'mo~l ]Pitals? Sttppose i`t decided to sell .to. BeckIey, W. Va. Thu~day to [all its ,postoffices and operate ge~ meir little girl for aaoptlon. i o i They returned home Friday it has been the worst kind of cold, with temperature fluctua- I ey. This figure: like all figures, i strictly on a rental bas s. Thls s i ..... '. .... s~andlng mone nas little meaning tar ~Tanme henry was 'nome tlons on some occasions plummeting from a balmy smty or ..... : .: .~ .... :[ suggest that these things be[ : ....... , , .... I ~ can oe oeu~er unoersmou iI ll; [ done It is but a wav of nointing ] over zne weeKena ~rom w. ca. un sixty-five degrees to the twenties or rower, an in ~ne space Iis com,~ared wlth another some-lu, u tl~e ,~ften i~n%red~fae +h"--o+ *he ~iversity Morgantown wi,th his par - - ' ~" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "~ ~ ~ ent "'r a ....... of less than twenty-four hours Small wonder there has lwhat astronorr~ical igure, ,the nat { govern, ment is not without assets...t s ta . no tars.. ~es~er. r~enry, Mr and Mrs r~e~son ~enry of e sos lonal income National income been a virtual epidemic of flu and other respiratory dis a I . :. . " . .. ) and when we consider the national +_ _ ~wan ~ona were dinner guests .... ,may~.._.., ~oe rougnly aelinea as .~ne side of the ledger, namely ~unoay ~ me henry home The long range forecast is that February will hve up to its ~,mh~,,, t~,] .... | .... f o, ,~ ]debt we should also consider t.hei ...... ,~ tradition. Temperatures for the next thirty days are ex- so s n d-cor r lons a'nd' i s[ her ............ ' - [rthe government assets as well as )..mrs...~. n:_ ~laa~oerger. ann. pected to be abnormally low; precipitation, probably snow[etc.) for a given year. I`t is esti- Mrs mary ~ruce ~'urr vmi~ea mated that in ,the current fiscal i the prospects for future income ]Thu'rsda ~with Mrs Rei bar- or sleet, is supposed to be higher than average. .......... .. }wi,tth Which to meet the debt. (Par)_. y _ . _ ,.. n' ....... year tJtuy ~ lV~ t.o June ~u,/anthetlcally it should be noted I(~nnson ~n ~'ron~ ~oyal. ca. But there. IS a bright side to it. April is. a httle wleSsi .................... 19S~) ns#.lnn~] ~ ...... ~m ~)'too, that a 'substantial' portion of' tar_ ,ana.._Mrs.. ~oy ...... v~rr o~ l-lag- than nine weeks away. And we shall confidently a a t )ligl~tly less than 450 billion dol- |the debt represents money it had ers.~own,..~a_. WSl~ea ~azuraay ev- that first sure sound that is a sign of spring: the thud of ars. It is difficult to simplify or~, ....................... 1- ........ emng w~n .Mrs. Mary ~ruce e~rr | ~ UUAIUW IUI ~ ~.Jlb US* llU~eJlb~*l I ~ ........ "~" draw .any real conclusions from [bill to save its hfe in 1917-19 and "h " m ...... a baseball being buried in a schoolboy s mitt The hard -h "" . ! ..... , .... tars esrer tienry enrer amea ............ ... -".,. _ _._ ~ ese ngures since aDou~ one f;i~n ! ~oA~ ,~ ~ :~, e we ens Mlsmonary moclew winter is more than nalI oenma us ine Da~l;le now is f ''~J "~on~ern .,h.,,t +.R~ a~t. i~ ~ 'of the Baptist Church at her home . ' o ,the natlonal income is deri,~ ........ ,~ ........ ..... Fri ............ mostly downhill. And we are glad. .from government spending. But~proper and sound. But the debt Gay m gr~. Mrs--~aylor wink!.er was co-nos~ess There were ~z ~ __-_-------- ~ generally speaking we can say that [ must be viewed m the light of all m - - ...... _ .......... what the government owes is a- emoers present. the facts, not just one side of the "'r n- "'rs ..... , ENmN NR I NH NI bout two t'hirds of what all them coin. " sontaFrankie'a a MEnd ~.esrerMr. andrtenrYMrs, anaNel ,~ son Henry were callers Sunday -- ~fternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Doug Speaking of the weather as we have just done in the Ins Huffer and son in Martins- above editorial, Can Spring Be Far Away, we know of no -- == burg ................ ' ' pendent, Miss victim of the THIS WEEK'S NEWS IN fishers sincerelY Myers has a ON will be back next news items. P o 23 P ints of By Mrs. Stuart Crim h ne 47-F-032 In Funeral services, conducted by Mrs Robert Light wlth ten of ,the gi~en~n'conn~o~'*~~ the Reverend Samuel Butcher members in attendance. Following Xf +.h~ ~ ~.ross Bl~ were held ,from the Methodist ;the Devotionas program and the ,it from Washington Church a 2:30 o'clock on Friday business meeting a soci,al ~hour was town Tuesday afternoon for "Jackie" Jenkins, enjoyed during which delicious Three others aPP~ f -- _ thirteen year old son of Mr and re reshments were served by Mrs. re%cted The tot~ i Mrs. Marsh~:ll Jenkins. Jackie, Light. lowest ~he Blood~n~. who was a student at the Charles- WHliam Ware of Waynesboro, encountered there. Town Junior High School, collap- ~'a. spent the weekelnd visitin.g at set quota. sod during a Physical Education the home o.f his brother and s~ster Officials explained Class on Wednesday morning and Mr .and Mrs. Howard L. Ware Jr. reunify unfor'tunatet died within ~ few minutes. ~eath and ~heir famiy, he. badly ridden now was caused by a cerebral aneur-' Visitors on Sunday at the home us whi~"h- it was sl f v , , ism. o Mr. and Mrs. Au.brey Jenkins the number of ~)eoPle Serving as pallbearers were six were their sons-ln-law and daugh- ed ~hei.r ~ailure to v of his friends and classmates, ters, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Frye and one of t:he major f$ Joey and Dlckie Henry, David son Kenny and 'Mr. and Mrs. How Eight- ~nts "given Childs, Larry Shanholtzer, Tommy ard Shewbridge all of Charles placement of blood Henry Jr. and Steve Shull and at Town. or friends. tending the funeral in a group Auxiliary Meeting Everyone of those were the members of the Junior The Women's Auxiliary of the a "repeater" i.t was High football squad, of which 'he Church of Che Holy Spirit will 'had been a part, ,the e~ghth grade meet at 7:30 o'clock on Monday CPL. L W. It, LL students and several of his ,teach- evening, February 2 at the home FROM ~TATE poll ors. Buriat was made in the Mas- onic Cemetery in Middleway. of Miss Prances Coleman. - --- W. M. S. Meeting Sta~te Police Cpl. Surviving him are his parents The Women's Missionary Soc- stationed at Buc~ two sisters Joyce and Judi,th and iety of ~he Baptist Church will August of 1953 has a brother David all at home. meet on 'Wednesday afternoon, auest for retiremea Mrs. Leroy Cheshire, Mrs. Rob- February 4th at the home of Mrs. on ,the basis of 20 : err Liskey and Mrs. Clifton Lon- Elwood Cheshire. ; Kelley a Tucker gerbeam a~tended the annual New~ i first enlisted in tt meeting of the Shenandoah Assoc NO ........... ,, ~vr~ !in July of 1935; resl lation of ,the Women's Missionary From Shenandoah Junction; of 1942 and then r~ Society which was 'held on Thurs ~r_'....-- -- -- ;He has served at day at the Marlowe Heights Sap- ~, [~ter nab luumps ~Etkton, Martinsbun fist Church in Front Royal, Va. -------- I Keyser. Mr. George Crim is a patient in The usual interesting column of the Winchester Memorial Hospi- personal news items from Shen- TODAY is the T{ tal having been ~dmltted ,there for andoah Jun~tlon which appears in thought about Y~ ! treatmen,t on Wednesday of last ~his newspaper each week is miss- [ week. ir~g this week because the corres- ATTEND CHU~ 'Mr. and Mrs. David Grove and ~N F~RS son C~egory of Charles Town were visitors on Thursday evening at 4--A THURSDAY, JANUAI the home of the .formers parents Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Grove. Mr. Garnet Smallwood of Alex. PUBLIC SALF! andrlu, Va visited on Sunday at the home of his brother and sister ~ in-law Mr. and Mrs. Philip Small- wood. Located on Route 40--11 miles East o Mesdames Robert Macoughtry. Md. 2 miles West of Ridgeville, Alexander Dunlop, Page Hinton. 10 O CLOCK" A. M. (Rain or Philip Creamer, Stuart Crim and 'Misses Mary Thomson, rances SATURDAY, FEBRUARY Coleman and ~hirley Macougl~try i were ,among those attending a 6 Ford Tractors, 3 H Farmalls, 3 M meeting of ,the Women's Auxiliary Farmalls, 3 Cub Farmalis, 4 John of Grace Church, Mlddleway Tractors, 4 Allis Chalmers, 1 which was held Chere on Wednes day ~fternoon of last week. Also 88 Oliver, 2 Oliver Diesels, 1 1 in ~ttendance were members of Gas Bulldozers, Several Others. the Auxiliaries of St. Bartholo- 200 PIECES FARM EQU mew's in Leetown, St. John's in Full Day Sale of Farm E( Harpers Ferry and St. John's Church in Rippon. Guest speaker We will sell your equipment on for ~he afternoon was Miss Vir- Private Sales Daily. glnia Rider of Charles Town who CLAYSALES, better or more entertaining way to spend a portion of the Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Purr and was a delegate to the Triennial cold winter evening than watching the antics of the char- son Klm of Charles Town were Conven'tionof ,the Episcopal Ohur January 29- It -pd MT. callers Sunday evening with Mrs actors in the hilarious television program, Amos 'n Andy, Asbury Methodist Home uable commurd`ty service if you Ma,~, Bruce ~urr ch which was held at Miami " " each week niLe from six-thirty to seven. We don't know Gaithersburg, Md will constantly ,hold before us the 7~ T~t~n a "w r,h,h ,,m ,~=+ Beach, Florida last September. mmmm m "'" ...... v .................. Mrs. J. W. Drish is spending ~ i iii i a r news on any developments relev- how much longer it will stay on the air; Tim Moore, who J nua y 26, 1959 ! .......................... at the school house Friday night this week and next visiting at the played the part of the Kingfish died shortly before Christ- ~rown Eaitor ANY LAr'~" ~F r~-, ........ ~..-'.~-~ ~, ' ...... =,,. w,. ~u.- home of her daughter Miss Mabel Drlsh. ~'~ u~ mr v"a~ wu'u e news m~eeu" until further ntice Mrs. J. T. Crane Jr. of "Mt. El- ~r,i ir, and presumably the tapes and re-runs of the present own W Va {Some of us cannot forget the ter- Mrs ~.~ster ~o.,L, ....... ,,~. series will soon run out. But nothing relaxes us more at ' " [rible tragedy that occurred In Chi S,,-da~, nt~t"~,'~,t"~ ~-~'~ ~, len" has been ill ~nd confined to m m il mm [ the close of a tiring day than to w.atch this program, which, . - or'- . ....................... ~ l~r '~ome..for .the past ten days. | /~ m / , [cage where a scho~ burned and ~,a~ ~,r~ " in another day, might have been written by no lesser a I you will find check"for I because we have been spared a --'lVfr~ anci'lvr~ W.r-~ .~l,,,=ho, _~ " Mrs. Caralee Smallwood left on m , m m person than Mark Twain. Who can watch George Kingfish $3.50 ,for renewal of the 'Spirit of like tragedy for many years, we and ciauEht'er'O~lvisi~te~l'w~th'l~r" 'Friday to spend this week vial,Ling ~ | ~W , Stevens without recalling the antics of that lovable frau l Jefferson Farmers Advocate. I on- can .take the opportunity now ,to and ~V~rs 'Wallace T~=an =n~ ~om" with her son-in-law and daughter Joy your interesting paper every do our best so that such a ~hing ilv in Al~nrlt,'I~ ~l~--~~ .~,,~l,o'~" a~ their home in Front Royal, Va. of Huckleberry Finn, the King? week. I didn't want to miss a sin lwlll never l~ppen here. [Lo~,a'n i's~s~il"l-a~a~ien~'i~+~h~:. "a'~" Mr. and 'Mrs. John Henry spent ...... gle copy as ~hat is the way I keep I - =, ....... o . - ........ " 'Sunday afternoon in Point of U~ ~ [', ~ Bll Sophisticated, drawing room type, humor has its place ............. m ..... exandrl~ Hospi,tal bu getting a- Rocks, Md. where they were guests ~ ~[[, U~ [~| in ~oucn wlm my inenas ann ,~,- I ~tanle~, ~ ~T~,,~o, l lon~ very well in America. But for country people like us it canno~ meas- atives ~n dear old Jefferson. I ~" .. ~ ..... _"~" I Mrs I~Iorence Owens s- n,t Sat at Ehe home of Mr. and Mrs. Oeo- ure up to the wholesome, refreshing and harmless humor Wishing you and your staff i Presment, P. T.A. iurd.av'ni=ht. ~nd .~,,~aovI~,~+~ ~'~-" rge I~rench ~nd their family. of this program. Get the picture from one of the immortal health and prosperity through { Congress of the United S~ates land Mrs. Prank Powell in Kear- Mr. Howard Fellers of Nutley, _ _ __ , ~, i N.J. spent the weekend here visit Odd Lot of Second-Hana q 1959. neysville scenes if you will: Andy has hired a secretary to,answer Sincerely yours House of Representatives Charles Jr and Alfred Owen ing wi`th Mrs. Pollers at the Pos- '| the telephone in his office, an office that is hardly big ' . s, ,ton home .... . ........ d I enouffh for him, much less for his secretary, Miss Blue, too.Mrs. Anna Ramsburg Washington, D.C. young sons of Mr .,and Mrs Char- MMr. John 'Ligh,t of Silver Spring, Alununum , torm Windows all The phone rings. Miss Blue answers. "It's for you, Mr. Asbury 'Me,th. Home J January 23, 1959 Iles Owens spent Wednesday wi,th d. vial.ted on Saturday at the . ~. ,~ Gaithe~hur~ ~v~ , J Mr Max Brown I Jones of Ohartes Town. home of his brother and sister-in- .r~ ~_~,r~ 'P.~,~.~-...,~ AI( ~.- Brown, she says. From the interminable distance of less .......... ~ i ..'. Mr. and Mrs Herman Willis oflaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert Light a.=, ,u=~u, ut ~i~aa~a~a~. z-~.~ G ~, ~.,,,+~ ~r|,,~,,~ ~] Ea1~or .... {Charles Town were callers Sunday and their son Bobby .... CO ~ than three feet away Andy utters the classic words: "Buzz ..................... i~Pirit of Jenerson-Aavoca~e i afternoon with Mr .and Mrs. Char Mr. and Mrs. William Zombro Sizes of Hastings and Wll me, Miss Blue." Or hear the Kingfish reply as Sapphire Charles Town, W. Va. | Charles Town, W. Va. . los Willis. of Charles Town visited on Sun- , ~. .~ asks him if he has any conscience. "I made an agreement January 27, 1959 ]Dear Max" [ ,Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Slusher Jr. day with the latter's parents. Mr. hum ~n~n~-~ .~m~ ~f r~h~ hurtswithtoit,to We all. these and my do no it conscience scenes, not one. don't know But bother so how early filled we me." long recommend in with life," we humor shall he whatever says. continue that has "I to may don't charm b e be tr bother ea left and t ed T. Char question Dear The~plntAt A.' Editorl es Sir: the in of Town box both Jefferson-Advocate last and ' .two the W. on Va. discussion meetings " the ~ ~loor of and of P" ] |"~"~'~;=?'~" ,r~.~^^-., | ~Jefferson Lure [ ! m cra.ucorgan!z~mns..aLton ~ "~ ............. to ~ves " jOlnlng commend of ' ............. County " me the '~Z~'%~'u'.~'._ a 0f grea~ Jefferson '~" ~*'~ au on ....... - the o.~ o~ D'""cr^* aeal .... .your ~ne recent o~ County uemo-[ " uou.n p~eao ~ for ~ " I [hington. ~,,-~ I lace land ................................ Mr and ter Mrs s. Va daughter Mrs Evelyn Lo ~,,.~u, g bu~ F a D. "M. n P is C. Hillyard "W via now Gaff Owens lied Fulton a and rm~p,,w,, '~~'~ Sunday of visi`ted Mrs in Winches- Berkel" " ' ~" ...... Wal- vnth ~ 'Mr ~ " .the uncle al, ann their and Mr: Va. home aaugnrer Mrs. family. Mr. andmrs, spent and of Charles the Trine Mrs. Monday Creighton letters Page of Roberts Front visiting Hlnton. aunt Propps Roy- and and at ~'~"lngs 51 5" .................. nave " 'rtt lU """""'~"never AT .... .een " lns a .... nEl ~,, ~"e meetin- ~tself the -uest~on W lnr~o one 2kssocla~lon lS an excell I ~v ,~nH~'~ W "V~ l~,,nd~v ~aff.~*r Stuart Crim Jr. arrived home on h~_~ ari_~n ~h~.t. '~ l~ir~ ~.~ ent step t~oward greater unity-and [~,~'~= ........ .............. Wednesday of last week from the ........ ,~ s~ ......................... I 1 "~"" University of W. Va. in Morgan- W V. ~ ~| ~ |~|,~ and the safety of the children at .ee c..or~ident many 0t~ner:co.un- j Mr. John Hopper of Martins- town to spend the mid-year vacat ~, IX n. J~LLJ. I1~v ~nes wm ~OllOW me leaa o~ ~ener Wright Denny. I have talked Vith " J burg was a caller Sunday ~fter .................. - leading officials of Che school sy- so)'k w ...... , ._ .. ]noon at the Owens home ion Wlth his P~ren,ts Mr. and ,Mrs. ~,,r~, Stuart Crim at "Monte View'. ROUTE 340 CHARLES TUW*'. no ~'reslaen~ ~ ~t rieme stem and understand that the ..... ". .' , J Mr ~nd Mrs Bathes Watson at- Methodist Men Meet _~.~ state' Fire Marshall 'had a r^"res ~ne o~ner omcers ann memoers ite..~:.'~ +...,.....~..-_,. ...... , ,,,~ . ~v w'" ~ .................... i ...... * ........ ~ .... ~w- ='~ ~v~zu- The Methodist Men's group of PHONE 113 --- P.O. flu ;: ent~tive come and who made cer- ~,,,, ,.,u ~,,= ?~u. =,u..~ =,, ~u,~ Idleway Saturday nlgh~ and then the local church met on Sunday fain ~recommendutions I would ap vne new Ass~. m~on Will prove .~. ] visiEed with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie . grea~ nelp no~ Gray insofar as POu night at the home of Mr. and ~ | preciate it, both as an indlv~dual %ical ~tims are con rn-- - - i [Groves. and as a president of the local P. b- i _ . ce ea,,.Dur, n ] Mr. and Mrs. Bill Swartz and m ~m - T A tf ou would hav in ring ng aDott~ a ~-ue Dome M . , ., y e yourcrac"" ' "] rs. Martha Rudolph of Oharles JemeiWilfong ~e,dlWoods Allce McKenz;e LeeD~mrepresenEativePa'per a cmplete rep~ f the '" "'#=of ,the State Fire{oz'l~eealess ~o say i i can ever neservlce. In' any' way to" you or' ITo~vn and Mr. and Mrs. M. H Wiljsonl Jr. were viistors Saturday" NEWBJ tR!' ['/S L!IIF Producing quallty crops may be l Junir leader fr theOut'TO'Win Marshall's office. Also, we would ours be sure n .... IngOt at theSlu.s, hersand Wilson's v, Just luck for some farmers. But I 4-H Club. . appreciate it, if you would find out y ""i:" - " . a a ~now. J"Rese Hill Farm '. ', West Virginia's James Wilfong, { Serving fresh fruits ann vege- and print exactly what action has w!~n oes~ wisnes ano KlnO per- i Mr .and Mrs. Ernest Slusher Jr. sonal reguras always ~ am a d d 18, of Buckhaunon, puts his faith I tables year round is oneof the been taken to ,meet the recommen , - J n aughter Oail vial`ted with in proper soft management, so. ] ~oys of having a freezer full of datlons that have been made I Sincerely yours, [ Mr .and Mrs. Ernest Slusher and lection of good seed, and control ] home-grown foods, according to Your paper can render an inval- ~ Harley O. Staggers [ James Slusher Monday evening of insects, disease and weeds. I Alice Lynn McKenzie, 20, of Blue- i Mr. and Mrs. Leon Upright gave ___ - Named 1958 state winner in/ fletd. Miss McKenzie was named .... "-. , ' {,their daughter Olivi~ a party In ' J ,' " I " " the 4-H Field Crops program, he state champion in the 4-H Frozen. li#~s~ Atom Ammm Imp/minimumS/ jhonor of her 10th birthday. Those wae awardedan ~ll-exl~ense paid Foods program, and awarded a trip to the National 4-H Club trip to the congrese by Whirl- MII=W~ !11= IIIMi=i~ =;nllilM-~ lattending were Dianna Collis, Mar New - Styhsh $1"77 I{ PLASTIC vmm,, w v| v m jl, and Dunn, Rebecca Mllburn. Judy . NEWBERRY S 12 x 19 x a4 IN C~ngrese, 1~eld in Chicago the pool Corp. [ Shirley, Cookie Carper, Doris Sisk, first week in December. The In years froze, food proj- GARMENT BAG aw&rd do.or was the Arcadian ects, MisS McKenzie kas pro- , ' I ] Ir bbie sisk, Carola Cells, Larry BOUDOIR LAMPS Ill Produots Dept. of Allied Chem- ceased 1,086 packages of fruits ' ~ {Grove, Cam Tabb, Abner Ware, i icat Corp. and vegetables, 1,470 pounds of NIXON V$ ROCKFELLER it~ify. Since ~o.mlnatlons.are us.u- [Mary Lee Demory and Mary Paul REG. $2.98 LOW PRICE I REG. 98c VALUE. L0 This champion strawberry meat and 1,365 packages of other FIGHT SHAPING UP a my ma~e oy ~ne party ~osses In [ Marshall. Late v~sitors were Mr. grower has also completed proj- foods. ~ .the v~rious states, Nixon is the J and Mrs. Lee Allen Marsl~all .... , " ects in removlng mulch and ap- She has won Mercer County President Eisenhower told news man .to beat. [ " [ LARGE, HEAVY DUTY pl}'ing nitrogen to the soil. He and state blue ribbons for her men last week there are ten Re- The other eight Republicans[Rites Held Thursday REG. 5c NEWBERRY S has given talks and demoastra: exhlbits and demonstrations,publicaxts w,ho..wo~.Id be acceptable whom.. U" S. News !t_nd 'World .re- | For Charles N. Thomas rshev 4 ~ for [I Plastic LAUNDRY tlons on theae topics to hie local ].,ee t)eem, ~, o~ rennsDoro, to him 'as canaiaa~es .Ior ~'resider~t por~ nsts as prooabie IKe ChOiCes I He club. state winner in the 4-H Garden in 1960. Vice President Richard are: George M Humphrey, Clove-| ~ ..... ~ ~o~,,~"~"~,, o~ .... a ,~ Wllfong is also a comDetent program, was awarded a con- , ' , " ........ ...... "' -, mmmmU BASKETS Nlxon and New York &overnor t~md ndustrialist, Robert B. An- | ted here Th' rsda" -t 3 - m "+ [ Judge of s~tls and land He won gross trip by AUis.Chalmers Nelson RocRefeller .head ,the list. derson, ,former Texas Democrat['~he Smith and Strider V~nera~ Candy Bars a blue ribbon for his efforts on Manufacturing Co. ~ This is jus~ another ~ndication turned Republlcan; Oen. Aldred | w~,~o ~,r~ ~,~,iO~ ~ :~V.~^~O~ ~,~ [ REG. $1.98. the first Upshur County teamA member of the Penn~boro that the Rockefeller-Nlxon battle M. Gruer~ther; Neff H, MoElroy,|ore ' o I L0] that contended for top honors at Senior Morning Star 4-K Club, r ...... ~ ..... " the state contest. Deem started his garden project is on. M~i.~r~te~lYs~f~efe~se,~Jl~rm..%liP."luary 23, in EnsiGn Pa The Rev, PLAIN and ALMOND. LOW PRICE While a lot of thing can hap- . ........ I Homer H. Bullett officiated and UILTED 1 He was recently chosen eight years ago. He has won a ' s .... ' ...... ~ v, ~, .... ,- ,, ,, , "~ b w a v ,~m r, t~ogers ~.~vorney 4.reneral; "HealtR ~rince of Upshur blue award for his gardening pen, etween no nd con ention ~,~f . +'~e ~"-' ,u .......~|interment was in i~irview. Q tlme, ]t is ou ol~mon Rockefeller ~,~,. .... ~ ,~,~...,..~. =~.~+~_ ..~| Born in the coun`ty in ~he Kab- C~nty and is a member of the everY year since, al.o has r ....... - .... ............... ength Zipper olds the ins de track ~t the pres- ~,,+~. ,,,,^.~..~ ,,. ~r~,,., [ letown neighborhood, December 3, . . . . NEWBERRY'S Senior 4-H Council. won blue ribbons for gardeningh i ....... *~. *- ....... ,s, *~-~, ,i, Brenda Ann Woods, 17, ofdemonstration in county, region- ent time. Things can ohange, how ............................ "" | 1897, he spent the gre~ter part of Kiddies Z pper Hood $ .97 Full L Cowen, state winner in the 4-H al, and state competition, ever, especially since Congress. is / ~ "ram =- mm '~ Ill, . |hls llfe in Ehe Rippon vlclnlty but PoUltry program, also received a Last year, as a member of thein session and developments ,there| ~ ~ | || W M J for the nest 21 years had been CAR COATS ~ GARMENT BAG trip to the congress, awarded by top vegetable Judging team in the may effect party popularlW. N/x- ~ ~ lib | V VW I~1 { employed in a .steel mill in Eas- REG. $4.98 VALUE. LOW PRICE REG, $1.77. Lt the Sears-Roebuck Foundation.state, he won a trip to the ha- on appeared to be a}movt a "shoo !-, M s M r - e ~ti /~ron. Miss Woods has been winning tional contest in Springfield, Ill. in" as an heir .to Ike's throne as ~Y r a y DrtlC J~ rr J His survivors are five brothers- ~ . pins aFd medals ever since she This energetic 4-H'er has also 'head of the GOP until .last Nov- ~. ~ |Harrison of Harr4sburg, Pa.; Mat- 19~2. In addition to the four trlcity and soft conservation. For ember when 'the crushing defeat farm Women Mee~ J thew of Bridgeville, Pc.; Rufus of county pins awarded her, Miss the past two years he has been of the Republicans was interpre- The Leetown Pa'rm Womens| Buffalo, N. Y.; and Carl and Mel- Woods' chickens scratched up~.H host from Ritchie County at ted as di,~pproval of party lead- Clu~b me~ a~ the home of .Mrs. B.{ vln of Rippon. |2 400 uroflt Boys Stat~ Camp. Now a fresh-ership. Rockefeller captured the H. Rlddleberger Mrs. Mary| He was a son of the late Ben- " ~ ~,d h~.r vdrtner won a blue man at Glenville State_= New York governorship to become Bruce Furr co-hostess on ~Nednes| jamin and Nealy Robinson Tho- rl~bon"~v'ith~a demonstration he plans to go into ~xtenstoaa new champion of the .party. day. Januasy 21 for an all dray[mas. "How Tb Produce au~l M~tntaln work after graduation. Rockefeller is the Republioan meetin~ with 15 members and J ~ ....... P 0 314 C WN High Q~ality Elgss," at th~ ~__a- .. Th.~ Cooperative ExtenelTn who today comes cap- +~ree visl`tors present. | Cuban economy shows strain of , ~E HARLES TO ~ional c~t~st in Syracuse, ~.Y. ~ervlce c.onauc~s me~ ~-r, u~Luring the popular fancy of theThe pre~ide~ Mrs. WiJllam Ks, r| rebel blockade. H voters but Nixon unquestionably rig called the meeting to order.[ = , Mis~ W0od~ is g two-year grams nauona~ y. has his Iiager on the party roach Ma'a. David Bell. conduced ~-de-" AT~TF2~D CHURCH SLr~DAY