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January 29, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 29, 1959

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FORECAST. warmer today and to- rain beginning tonight. in the 40s, lowest to- Upper 30s. Friday rain highest in the 50s. Saturday, partly cloudy, TWO SEC IONS I I Read By More Than 20,000 People Every Week "Serving The Charles Town- Ranson and Jefferson County Community Since 1844" CItARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. YA. THURSI)AY, JANUARY 9q, 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 NO. 5 WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER Recommendations Minor, But Several minor recommendations were made for few of Jefferson County's 16 school buildings Safety inspection report which the Jefferson trd of Education received last week fl'om the aia Fire Marshal's office, Wright Denny Grade the Junior High School in Charles Town are the ildings in need of what might be termed changes a ran, or nature. report which came~-- moo, All hrect Alrlt.a COunty-wide in- " U|~ ts of the Fire Marl ave the following[ Aoo* __ I~_ d ,S for the two umcers nename 1tin V'enielose the ver- 1 reate~.onlnside o~ B- Biakele n inside stairway. , 3 y Bank fire and smoke s meet evels of e ha' I The annual stockholder - th fld- trs ~,oa r~i-~-'~.r ling of the Blakeley Bank and ~oor-on ~t~e"no~t~ I Trust Company was'held Wednes lldlng; check one I day afternon in the auditorium oz 1 add a firs -Ytln ] the Funkhouser Industries build- :these matters"ex-" ing in Ranson and among the mat .he stairways haveters of business handled, was the arrected S-,~rin- renaming of all directors. aOls T A Lowerv They were and are: C. D. Boye , " - ] George R. Crim, J. Blackwell Dav- ~ommendation ] is, Richard R. Feller, R. J. Punk- arles Town-Junior ! houser, Darwin M. Henesy, James Uch the ~ ~e-'~ R. Mason, James Moler, George or the inside stair I M. fallen, C. F Reininger, Ernest . made with theO. SHer, Charles J. W. Smith, Roy tor enclosing the S ...... Steeley H W Wageley J Er- width a fir~ rP~ist- rol Ward and Dr. W. P. Warden. ..... he and i.nstall an- George Mullen, presiden~ of t alarm system in bankpresided for the m.eeting in : that can ,beme aosence oI ~cara ~nalrman ~. rs. Recommend~.t J. Funkhouser, who is recupera~t- lding also called ing from an illness in Florida. of ,treads on .stair A progress report given by @airs ~co a shon Bank President fallen showed n *the rear of ~he that during the past nine and a 1Ool and chanue , half years since the bank opened et'ricM wiring ]'n 1550,000 has ben* added to the sur- plus; $21,783 in undivided profi,ts so t'ecommended ,paid $26,000 in dividends to s~ock (ht be given to holders and over $145,000 in salar ,he Harpers Pe~v~ les~,bank employees .... ; Chat nothing 'pc Pollowlng ~x:e meeting the t~tter until ~ care directors met and re-organized for ...... r ~e of the set-u'p the year, re-naming all office s. ;did recommendThey are as follows: R. J. Funk- ~e hand rails on houser, chairman of the board; ~ls side of base- George M. fallen, president; Er- ct: nest O. Stler, vice-president and he only chan~es cashier; Elaine F. Moore, assistan~ nvolvesanv size" cashier; J. Errol Ward, trust of- expenditures of ricer; J. Errol Ward, secretary; :e ~ost of the'cor Darrell K. Koonee, attorney. ended are either Vi.rginia Smallwood was retain- or ~have already ed ag teller and bookkeeger, Doris he school jan-Whiting as note teller and Lucille lo handle the Printz as bookkeeper. for the 'board. extinn Spelling Contests To ,ready " ped and in ,o better Be Held in County ngs; rock- some light- Schools March 11- 13 making some ff r n electrical w~r-" Dates. for the Je e son Cou ty 'Spelling Contests have ,been set for March 11, 12 and 13. Two h grades will perform each night. ~e .county-the Notices were sent to the schools !ou,~ aria .the, this week announcing the final ~cn~ol passes plans and the adoption of rules. ou,~ recommen During the next several weeks el~#I~i~__ .. 1 schools must choose the re~resen- ,~mn mace tatives from their grades. Each s~,t~was row: school may enter a con,testan,t for wficn ~.n ~ne each twenty-five studen,ts or frac- as.-rmsnas .tion thereof enrolled on each e ~aYc sacs: grade level. This arrangement per ool some rs w mlts a maximum ~f ~wenty-four ere recom , , all " pupils in each cor~test provided schools enter. Partict, p~tion is vol- report re- unt~ry. room at The contests are being sponsor off from the ed by the Jefferson County School md some ad- Principals' Association to which be add most of the eour~ty principals be- ,long. The deadline for entrance In One Person Slightly Hurt, Six Three Trucks Damaged in Six Minor Road Accidents in Jefferson County One person suffered bruises and Stiles of Charles Town. The car scratches and six cars and three belonged to the Tri-State Homes trucks were damaged to the ex- of Charles Town .tent of $1,415 in a series o$ sixTh Stiles girl started to make a minor highway accidents reported left. turn off of Jefferson Avenue to Charles Town State Police into Forrest Avenue just as Craw This morning (Thursday) about ford started to pass her. 2 a. m. Corporal I. P. Richardson Damage to ,the two vehicles a- investigated a minor 'accident in-mounted to about $150 and Troop voluing a 1954 Dodge Pick-up er Wade said Crawford was char truck which occurred on Secon- ged with failure ,to give proper dary Route near Leetown. passing signal. The truck, drive~ by George A, Also Saturday evening Trooper Clark of East W,ashington Street, R.R. T~ex investigated a two-car Charles Town, went out of con.trolcollision which occurred on State off the highway and turned over Route 51, near the intersection doing about $90 in damages ,to it.with Secondary Route 51/1 Corporal l=~ichardson said Clark _ Troope,r Truex said ~1953 Buick ,,,a~ ~o~,~ ,-i~h ~r~,,in~ t~ fastoelng Qnven ~as~ on r~oute ~I Dy fnr,,~'~'~nn'di't.~nnS ........ George S Frye of Jones Springs ........... r W va was orlvlng on cue w pug weQnesaay nign~ aDou~ v' *~ wo " " " '" dI szde of the road and struck a 1953 poral Richardson also investigate; ~....,_. ~..~..,. .~.~, ~.. ~xr~+ ,... ...... Chevlulcv tmllh~ u~lv~al vv~ov u,, a one-car accmen~ wmcn occur-, ............ ed o*- ~ S Route 340 in Ri"'~on ~rtou~e ~i, oy tsnarles t-. ~ayne o~ ..... v~, ' i Loudoun County Vs. Corporal Richardson said a 1953 ~,~h ~o,,,~ ~' - ........ ~,. +*-~ Chevrolet sedan being driven . I Payne car suffered minor bruises on U. S. Route 340, by Wilbur W. !and scratches Mathews, 68 of Brunswick, Md., Troouer Truex said damage .to f went out of control as the result o the two cars amounted to about defective brakes and wrecked. Ms- $500. Frye was charged with being thews told Corporal Richardson as on the wrong side of .the highway. he entered .the curve going into Thursday Jan 22 .a 1955 Pon- Rippon he 'hit his brakes and they tiac Stati~'n wagon ' being driven pulled the car to the left the car ~North on State Route 9 by Wil- striking a curb and turning over. ;liam Nell Slasher, 32, North Mil- l)amage .~o the car amounted to dred street Charles Town and a about $300 Corporal Richardson 1958 International Pick-up truck said Mat hews was eharged~sWith gingcar. I in the s~me directi-on and having defective brakes on h" being driven by E. Basore Saturday about 1:25 p. m. I Kearneysville. collided about 2.5 Trooper A. J Wade investigated [.miles north of Charles Town doing a two-car collision which occured l about $225 in damages .to the .two on Jefferson Avenue in Charles I vehlcles. Town. Involved were a 1957 Chev- Troopers R. R. Truex and Tom rolet being driven North on Jeff- my Ward who investigated the ac erson Avenue by John Marvin cident placed a ,charge of failure Crawford of Riverdale, Md. and a ,to keep their vehicle under con- 1955 Plymouth being driven in trol against drivers of both re- the same direction by Alice Reese hicles. Jefferson Farm Bur au Will Hold Annual Ban@e) Fri lay At Bardane The Jefferson county arm Bur ., s# --r eau will hold i,ts annuai meeting ipi~|l0 vaccine : UDDIV and banauet Friday .ni~t, ~Janu- ,r" -~- - rr ary the Ba l n"t3 mni'un,lty IIIwhmuetaa, ell.Chlid Center at 6:45 p. nL The meal will be served by ,the ,,, # 'I~ . e.. Harpers Ferry Band Booster's LOllll~r~n[~,:~$~ ~I Club ,and tickets for the meal will .......... -- '- ....... be $1 50 ,per plate _..._ _ _ ~ The Jefferson Cour~ty De 2Lll E'arm ~ureau memoers ann ,~h~.~ ~,.~o~.~on ~. .,.~,.,~..a partment announced Wednesday ~,,~.,o .,,,~%,~,, ,;, a~:,,.,,~ that the Federal Grant providing :to,a~ena ann armg " for the. purchase of :poliomyelitis mug a guest.. .... vaccine for use in West Virginia The main ~eamre ol .me pro- . . has been exhausted and the sup- gram will be a question ann an- ,h, ....... .......... rm ~.,o o~ vaccine ue,pm~e~ swer penoa ~eallng Wl~n va ... Because of ~A's cutting off of Bureau and i~s activl~es. Mere- _ o., ......... the polio vaccine the Jefferson oers oz .me ,aucuence Wlll 'oe en-,..,,r~rvH~,~,rn~.r~nr.m~nr."...... ~" ..... ~dlll couraged to ask questions and a Z~m'ln]sder-orl'ly~thT"secona and serious a:~empt will be made by .... ...... ~ ~h~rd m]ectlons ~fter Friday, Jan- omclalS preseN~ I~O answer sue ~.. ~. .o~o ,, . ~ o+.,~n questions. The directors feel that u~on~' w~l~' ;l~s~a~nnouncement the better informed the members the Health De-' rtment also an are in regard o their organizat- nounced 'l~he f~owina dates and ion the better they will under- ~ . ~,o~n ~o .,,,h~,~ o,,,~ n~,.,~ places for holding their Well-Child ?y.,.,%.~.:~. v ..... -.,~yf ....... .'?"Conference in February. me omolals are asxea to cope w~m ................. ,- Ano'h r hi hli ht of the ro The wharves Town wen wmm e g.. g P " Conference will be held in the gram will be the receiving some . ........... basement of the County Building Iv or tz memoers m~o one zu ,~,.,,.~nFebruary 5 froml year club. Other Stems on ,he pro ,,,,~,,ay, to gram will consist of election of -. v.-,.. - tl~ree directors, report of scare- . In S.hepherdstown, at the W~r tary and treasurer, consideration memomal ~m~nm~ Monaay, - of changes in the cons,titu~on and ruary z ~rom z to ~ p. m. by laws and the presenting of In Harpers Ferry, at the Camp other awards Hill Methodist Church Basement, Franklin McQuilkin, president Wednesday. February 4, Srom 1 to of :the Jefferson County Farm Bur 2 p. m. eau urges farmers to a~tend and , --------------- bring with them a guest. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS Unless Steps Are Taken Arthur L. Glover Named Treasurer Powhatan Brass The Cupboards Are Bare As They come in tears, man and wife, some with one child, others with nearly a dozen. They come speaking, yes in most instances, pleading in voices choked with concern and worry--concern over whether their request for food, and in some cases badly neetled clothing and medicines, will be granted; and worry as to where next to turn for }lelp if their request is denied. And since January 15, the many, many calls for help which have come daily to the Jefferson County Department of Public Assistance office in Charles Town, have been denied. Yes, it has been necessalw for the DPA wo)'kers to turn these destitute men, women and children away empty handed because the funds which they had been using to care for just such cases, have been depleted. Since a bout the mfddle of Nov- t DP, A officials stated But for .gome .................................................... ARTHUR L. GLOVER ember these peoples have been[reason not enough interest in it ]I==~=~]t ,==_. T.|.I Announcement was made Tues- coming of.ten sometimes severallcould be created to find either a I rll'hl JIIl V /I I11 ' ' " ' S r iiil~/ I~ WII i /II~I day by C.. F. Relninger, Pres,ident times ~ month to the DPA office I collective group of mdiwdual , o I J~ and General Manager of Powhat- for help. And until Jan. 15 they/an organization, ,that .would take Ill / I~ la an Brass & Iron Works, Ranson had.been receiving a helping hand. Ion the responsibility of s.ponsor-[IIn|l~I~ Ila~lii1r that at a meeting of their Board But then .came the cutback oz'-ling ,the program. I~IIU~IIIU~I I~l~I~III of Directors held January 20, 1959 der, and within a few days after [ Feelers were put out by local /I p I / in New York City, Arthur L. Gl0v- the order had become effective the /DPA officials shortly after the stir [II~l~ I=IIt/l~lff~i er was elected Treasurer of the lines at the DPA office began to/plus food program was started in II#~,~I%,II~J I-III~I~I~I~U Company filling the vacancy caus thin out. The word soon spz'ead Inn effort to interest someone i.n/ The f~-st ~ur- t,~-~ of t~ .... ,. ed by the'dewth November 30 1958 through the moun.tains and rural [sponsoring it but they never mov- [r~nt. t,',:~ /f ~,"~ ..... ~/'~r'~,~.~ of Wdlmm W. Graham. Mr. Glo- areas where most of these needy led too far. |~t ,,nde,'~a~ ,,~~,'~ ........ ~,,o- ver joined the Powhatan staff in families live Many said it was use | Charles Whittington then pres/?~'.,^.~'____;_". /_~L"~,S~", d'?_":::" " ~ ' ~ VycLIII2~O3~I.y~ ~tllU Wt~ SLIII Ill ~JIU" April. 1951 and has been serving less to go any longer to the DPA [ident of the Jefferson County [uress today The suit is the case as Assistan~ Treasurer since Jan- for assistance. Some quit trying [Court, showed interest in getting [of Mallar(i'Constr~lction Comnany uary 1957. : but others came to learn ,for them [the program started in Jefferson/vs Corbitt and Thompson ~he At'the same time Hazel S Oden selves and Wednesday morning/County He received encourage-[nlain~ff :-ek~ to recover "~5470 was elected Secretary of the Com- four more such families came and [merit ,from the program from Jos- [alle~,e'dl~' due for work and self'vices party Miss Oden has been employ were turned away empty handed ]eph A., Charles Town [~,~.~',~,~ f~,, ~o ~,~,,.~,'~,. q~: ed by Powhatan since August, 1954 with DPA officials reporting they [ business man. who agreed to pro- ]ae}gn'd;:~7 co'nt~e's~s"a "num~ez'" ('>~" and has been serving as Assistant are helpless to even hand out a [vide a warehouse for storage of [~t~ ~. ~h~ ,h~',,, " i t uld ...................... Secretary since April 1957. She small food purchase order. In one ]the commodities unt ] .hey co [ c~:~-" .... t~, ~,,, ~,~ ~,~, ,,+ h~ ~,,, also serves as private secretary to instance Wednesday there was a [be distrabuted~ Shirley M. Hunt [mo~r-~-}', ~i~,ht followin~ ~ hu~v Mr Reininger. man ,his wife and ten children. [ and members of the Charles Town [ onen~n~a; last' Wednesda~ - ' " ~ They needed food first and ,fore- [ Citizen's Fire Company offered the / ~'Couz'~ me'L last Friday at'which ........ most But ,they also needed espec I use of the Citizen's Fire hall as a [ Li,',~- t,-o ~f~,,~* ~,,~"~') .... ~" Dr. AU~n T. Hdwth0[il~ [,ally the children .clothing. Then distribution center each mont [~-d~,e~ ,,.i~t cn,-hitt .nd n"hn there is their small frame home[ when the commodities ~rrive in/ ........ "~'-': .... ::~- ...... " h mpson one m ~avor o~ ~ommun- . 1 r . ~ which has to be heated and there[Charles Town But one of t e mal.t Ol'Com an ..... I y I p y in ~ne amoun$ o[ t Ket r r is no coal only some wet ,pieces of I jor requirements for a county's par/. ,.o o..o o, .... Is Gues pea 0 .... ................................. wood Which they had been able / ticlpelaola in ~ne ,program nan no~ / T,~'t~.;-, ill,, ~, r~rd,, Or,..,I "a~. ,it, _ to gather from one place or an-I been met and still has not been Yokefellows hnquet othe _ ,_ |day--.~ s .ponsorlng org n zat,on o |$13 0 154. It, case of Assoo- ann t Know Where 'to Turn I organlzatlons, i iates T ..... D 1 Hawthorne w~del n 1 vm Thus while six of the eig~ht court ......... ~.-,,a .......... r. A len T. , ' y O el; .' g t~e DPA office dis-] ...... . ..... | Elliott and Iret~a Elliott the known Winchester. Vs. optomet- couraged, not knowing where to I, in.'tni.s ~-,.a. a!s~r!cr~_are par-/ court overrule'l a plea~ in abate- ~, ~ ~ I, lclpal~lng In ~e sat.plUS I~ 13to fist, will Ji~ g:' speaker f~ 't~e turn fami ~ s usually see the I ~ _ - ~ " -J ":o: n I merit fi~ed b:~ ~,he defendants and annual I~lm/'d'~ of the Yokefel- Red Cross office located Just up|g.r~m, aenerson ann t~al~ay e~u -[ the case was set for trial on Feb- lows Bible Class on Friday night, the hall from the DPA and so they].!es_are._n.~, ~na ~o~ nave oeen[ ruary 13. The plaintiffs claim the In arc m~ t~y me january ~ cu~ Fe~bruary 6. The banquet which try for help there:In most il,.stan- _ -: -- .... nee f n~ "[defendants have defaulted on a l d women f DacK sn ut'~ assss~au oS will be se've by the o ces ,the Red Cross officials must l ...;' ........ , . _[ note but the defend,ants claim fail the Church wiN be held in ;the also turn these people away empty ] _W~nlle l)t'~ om~clais we[~ quic~I are of consideration. s enan Ch r a ed si h to pozn~ ou~ ~na~ even ~ms pro Charles Town Pre ,bye ' u - i h nd rice b eir organization is [ ... _ . .:" :/ On the chancery side of the doc- ch dining room (or chapel) .be- i not set up .to provide ~on~inuing g ramwm no~near,~)ve ~ne neeus~ ket, a divorce was granted .to Hal" o[ jenerson uoun~y s ross zor~un ginning at 6:45 p. m. It is one of [relief. They can grant limited ,food ............ 't ili old Busey in a suit against Lois a~e ann oesu~u~e zammes ~ w the hig~hli~hts of the year for ,the orders in emergencies and usually .~' ... ~,.^~.,' i~ ~utUn- "-'t least ' Busey. Bible Class, the Men of the Chur- do. But as ,l~hey pointed out ,the - - ' '-ar- }In the case of Stdte vs Edward some ~ooas on wna~ are now o e oh and invited guests and a very Red Cross, operating on a limi;ted _ . ' i Hosby, the defendant entered a large crowd is expected to attend budget, could not possibly get in- ~aoies.._ -- - e " --" plea of not guiity to a charge of the annual affair, to this type of relief work --. U~'urn ~o rage u-e~) malicious assault and the case to J ar 15 this t of was continued to the next term of Long ae~ve in Church work and Prior ann Y ~ ype A F " ~ " I ~lI'II " . ' ri~ . " clvie affairs in his home town, Dr. case had been given u~ least some I. l'r~ll~l~I~NIllr~ WIll cour~ m ,~prli. Hawthorne is a member of the assistance such as food ,purchase v. ,,,,,,~,,,, ............ First Baptist Church in Winches- orders several times a month ter and just recently was elected These people were not .then and chairman of the Executive Board are not now eligible for public of 'the Church for the 33rd consec assistance under either .~he otd- utive year. He has ~had u vast a- age or general assistance classifi- mount of experience as a men's o~tions. But they trod been recet- Bible Class teacher, an after-din- ring 'hel'p under a "Relief in Kind" her speaker and 'has served as "classification with DPA officials toastmaster at a number of social drawing ~unds for this type of re- ~ven,ts and the W,i'n- li~f from the general assistance chester and Virginia areas He is funds an active member and past pres- Several mo~ths ago a general iden,t of the Winchester Lions order was issued from the DPA Club headquarters in Charleston that a A roast ~;urkey and h~m dinner five-percent reduction would have wlil be served at ~the banquet and to be made in operating expendit- a very interesting program is ures prior to, or ,by January 15. being prepared by the banquet This was an order which all heads eoxnmittee of Jos. A. Warrenfeltz, of state financeed agencies or de- partfl~ents in Charleston issued. Wilbur Tha~pe, H. L. Carper and Thus on January 15 the cu~1~tck Max Brown. ih DPA funds brougb,~ the end to liO ~ M--~,Ph the "Relief,in Kirid" ~tssistance. P0 .,,,along with ur lmen, in other DPA assi~i~tnce. Biock of Dimes Very Successful Projects Donald Noland, cHairvaan of lae Althoug~ this cutback order ap- plied ,to every other county in the state, just as it did to Jefferson Coun;ty, the move is working a worse hardship 5n .this county than others because most counties P Be Kiwanis Speaker Child Growth, Behavior On the Thursday night dinner Problem To Be Aired meeting program ~or the Charms _ _ Town Kiwanis Club will be C. tAt P T .A Mnndav Nmht Francis Printz who will speak to I'-'" .... n. ,- ..... ~j .,.~.. members and guests :about lncome I ..... m .... e" lne montmy eetmg oz tne Taxes His subject will b~ In-[ , ..... n Cha:les Town Ran~on Parent-Tea come fax ~n a crowing ~co - . : ........... at chef Association will be held Mon omy. Lnnner Wlll O~ serve~ ", ~.1~ n ~ ~rl ~rr T~rt~t~ will day evening at 7:45 at the Char- ,,,~,~ot- ~, ,~ . ~ .~-~creta~,, -Tosenh le: Town Jumor H gh School and ~"~':,~'~*~='^~i's'~o~l~e at~n~ion~f ,the subject for discussion will be ........... h ir "Child Growth and Behavior m all commll~te cnalrmen ena~ [ e .... n" - " " January reports are due .and r~ome,.~cnooz a.o commumty . should be in his hands Thursday I Charms F. Printz will, be the: lead night Last Thursday nigh~t Kl- er in ,the program d~scussmn and wanians heard Clai'k-Furr of the an effort will be made to coilec.t Independent Fire Company tell numerous behavior problems about fire prevention in an .inter- WhiCh children of' the com muni~,y ~ttn~, and infnrmative re~ort He nave ann send mem to a leaomg was heard wLth much interest Ki- ~miversity professor ~or analyzi g. -- - " d wanian James Moler was one ofIt is expected that a report an 203 in a/ctendance last Saturday discussion on the finaings of these nigh,t in Morgantown ,fo~ the in= behavior problems will be t;he pro stallation of Bob Burehinal as Dis gram for the March meeting of trier Governor the P. T. A. @