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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 27, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 27, 1966

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]in basketball 70-40. Martipsburg fire to the Seibert Garage which' Rippon to Myerstown was opened 88% Of i SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARM, S ADVOCATE I tops Harpers Ferry in basketball was destroped at KearneysVille. t Monday morning. About noon [rHTTR nAy JANIIA V 97 1Qnn 154 to 43. C. of C. members hear I Paul Hough, using a farm tractor _ _= _ _ I .... ' ...... ' ..... t/$'~& iN. &. W. Official explain "Weeks 60-- YEARS AGO- 60 and blade, opened the road from Store AdY Bud.S I ...... ~i i Report" at meeting. Annual re- A shirt factory ooerated by ! Shenandoah lane to the vicinity t r I$*' I tlAm~Fl#,~ !~* A ~14,~m JimA,N|~ T1k*~ml,,* TA A,i~e^,,J4w|,m,,n dlF.i Iport of ~Independent Fire Cam- George W Billmyer inShenherd's of Mt. Hammond lane where it is~ q, Le | /41111gll~al3HUClllgl/41111gllt.0"lllOIll~/U/~Ulli~illy li I pany is published. Adams Link is town'was "closed "clown for lack of understood Mr. George Heidrich ~0es/0 Hew pers i Get Complete Coverage With The Spirit-Advocate . I renamed president of Jefferson employees Folks over there just~ completed the Job to Mechanics-I I .... O Loan.and Finance Company. Lee declined tloworkl"n the factory, town. One. huge drift along the The Bureau of Advertis- ]town Farm Women hold busy William J. Smallwood killed onFrank Hlu and Mrs. Charlesi ing, ANPA, analyzedtheNat-] ~~ i ln~---~,~o~'~'A~'~ ~x,~v'"'~ --~v'" i ............................ c.~ A .... +~ ~'^ ~'~'~ "+ ~ .... iJ session_ with...Mrs'" Myers as. guest railroad tracks when struck byJ Langdon's ....... farms obstructed tray- J lanai Retail Merchants Assoc- J ~ J ~ ~ ,.. Jttome. Dupont officials speak tel sp~Ker, t~raa!ey.Nash seeks Re- helper engine near Shenandoahle.nng.en~ne ~tate .K.oaas Commis-j iation's report, "Department J ~'~,I~ ~ j~ .~;tmrles Town Lions hold 25thJKiwanis members at regular din-]pu ~an n.oml.nauon m. uongress Junction. Died: . At the hospitalI ]on s .t outtwo a.lrtere.nt pacesI Merchandising and Operating [ ~~ T~j~I|| || lday celebration party and Jner meeting at Thomas Jefferson J~r tms o~strict. ~ ~re .vance in Charles Town Henry Moler, Io~ equzpment curing, tne atter?] Results of 1964", and found J ~li~]f,~lll|~l~J'~' ~ i~ Jr charter members Assets]Hotel. State, Congressional, Cou-J are sworn in to emorce mw at son of Milton Meier. Married in l.noon to. WOrK on mm ctntt .~utI that department stores in | ~i~ ~ i~ efferson County's four banks ] nty races taking definite form as [ county ~lres. Baltimore, David R. Hudgell to J .mese pieces were ~oun~ no~ to ] 1964 allocated 88.2% of their J l~ill~ ~ | I ~ II ~54,931 in 1955 Annual ban- J many candidates announce for I ..... ~ ] Mrs. Charles Hammond, both of I oe nervy enough tO do tire WORK. I total media exnenditures to / Bid~~ ~ "- ~k ' ~ 111 for Independent Fire Cam-I various offices. Bowers-Clegenger J zo -- rr;a~ AGO -- 20 Vanclevesville, Berkeley County. About midafternoo.n. Frank Hil]l newspapers A tvnical sneeial | | b~~l~ ~ ~ TM i |i ' set for February, 2nd. Acme J nuptials held January 14 in Hag- [ Died: - Page White, retired I ] usmg a tractor aria m aue.openea [ tv stor~ rievoted 90 2~ nf J I~_N~ mr. ] | *. ~ ~ ~ ~1~ ~et draws large crowd at open J erstowp, Md at St Paul's E U B i merchant who died suddenly in J 80 -- YEARS AGO -- 80 I .me way tar one-way tra.ttlc:. ~ar- I mere, :~u:.o ..... ::~'~ ~" / ~'N[~I~! i ~ ~ No draft calls for Jefferson I Church Heavy snow is helpfui to I Middleway; William Max{veil, son [ Married: . In Brucetown, Va., I lier me mail carrier, Jonn ~mith, I ......... vow.~. | ~ ~ lty in February. ActivityI farmers in ending drought in/of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. H.]by the Rev. Frank A. Strother, t came..astaras myer.stowl~_ ~'romI ~,, qr%. ~ .... t, o,,--J--,,/ -:-- -: ; in Circuit Court Major Will I emmtv Blat-ele,, R~,t. ....... i maxwell ~anson, died at his / A W Pittman of Wadesville. W I a r.e,mme source we were LOlU | t3ltl IU ~JliU[I[~I! k.~tlll|Ui~l,~t , ..... ,. .. ~ ................ , " " " ' " tha ' Moore found ill on road near J all officers at annual meetin~ ] home near P~kemde; Mrs. Emma] Va to Miss Corn Huyett of Bruce/. t a snow. blower and a.pmce otJ ....... Knox, Ky, suffering fromI Jockey Bernard Albert nabbed in] R. Rockenbaugh, age70 died at/ town. Died:- suddenly in Bolivar] nervy equipmeny..,naa.,..yeen a/:/ I - - - - ner name in t~anson yranK t~om- T C Moore a e 70 ears" in o,~,,~, ~,, o~,~,o,,, ,~,,u,,~ ~, o ~:~ ~ .sic. He was taken to Char- I Florida m Draft evasion charge.] . .... " ' g Y ' ] C"''~''+ *~'^ ~.~"-- ".,* * ...... ] ~i~ i~ ('~onor~l l~ntnit~l CifiTPn'~| Rhonhord~town firernpn ~nnn~nr] er was appomtea t~onstaoie mlSheoherdstown-George McGlinev.| ...... ~ -,e ,---~ ~,~ ,~, ~,,-,~| ~::_.: _-. _:-.~ ~~ ~!;; | ....... ----v ............... ] " .................. " ....... ..... rea on '| ' : t " ' Charles Town District, succeeding also in She herdstown Miss Ann . s .. had been rode trackeo en hold annual banquet, block of dimes on February 4. , . P Cave slugged and robbed]Winter meet opens at Charles Charles E. Staubs who remgned, iRebeeca Randall, age 44 years. [.a.lng_ me way a,n_a user else-| ... -. ~~ [] n ...... ,-- ....... t, rouno was broken near Wood ~ /where oelore reaching our eoun-i ~~_~ ~-- .... ' :~ ~~~a~ ~~ i ey wnue working at myers/Town trace TracK. naries own ................. "I / t-It is also re-orted that a re / -" - :---"- i Company. Mother's March/Town Race Track. Charles Town oys truing btatmn tar a uumng _ _ _ _ v _ . .'/ i January 31 RI. Crutch/ High beats Shenherdstown High to house Dodge automobiles l ............ /quest na, a een maoe earimr m,I ! [] __- ........... -- -- _. Sales and Service. S. L. Jordan, the winter tor a mower anu ,i loca, realtor sold the home ofKABLI IOWN ]other heavier euqqipment for l l L - - - ' James W Strider Jr, on South l .... .... a /this county but this was deniedI [] all .m . . Ill# S . Mllflrefl ...... treet"" to" tirover" " L. Bush" ] Xtll xtlcldtl Jtlgla a ett .u vu d l / those in hi-hers v"lac= .... ,,heI - -- - , - ,i worm a trip I0 washington, U. who was -uittin- the Perry Farm claimed the county did not have [ =--: - - - ] i Tue" ,~ ~k south of ~own. " ] Demonstration Club Meets / oS~t~StsrmmaSetn:UStifYhtehe s~o~3] ~ N/ m 111r ~ ~ Jffi i The Kabletown Home Demon-~ ry. y / ~~]~~ :-~:- ..... ---: - - I~ i YE a 1 come to see, as often, seeing is ENTERTAINMENT ~l ~ ~1 4o - ARS AGO -- 40 ]str t'on Club met Thursday after-] " I ~t'~~ ~=-~: - ! -- ! ~1 [] I=UI:IUT ill:: ~ ~ ~ Died: . In Arlington, Va., J. noon, Jan. 20, at the home of believing! ! ~~~ :/~- =': I ~ [] ~t,-,,. ut ~llkl~Lh-~ ~ Straith Hilbert formerly of Char Mrs. James Dailey with her ' I ~~:~ L --- :: - : :_ -- _ - I i:l l THE YEAR! ...... ~ les Town, age 65 years; at his, daughter, Mrs. H. S. Henderson, I Mrs. Line M|ller I l ~~ home near Charles Town, Rolfe Shenandoah Junction, as co-host-] ~1 I ~~~ ~ [] iiiiiii~l Gerhardt, age 55 years; at his ess. Nineteen members and two l ,~ . =, m ~ ~~~l~l I~J~~~~~!il home in Charles To~vTn, Benjamin visitors.werepresent. Mrs. Rich-trresems rrogram r0r [ ~g~J~q~~~~ R Shu-art 37 ":ears" at his hom~ ard bailey lea me uevouons Mrs. I / i~ ~~ ~ .~ ~.~ s , a. , . ~ Lloyd Owens presented the les- , ~ : ', ....... "q~'" 7~~ here, Mrs. Harr]ett B. S~mmons ............ I Me~klenburn Club [ ~T~'(~/~ ~d'~/g~ ~eOE" ~m~ ~m ~Tf~ widow of J. V. Simmons, age 86 son,, HomemaKer s ~nangmg I ~1 [ ~~~ ~#j '''"'''~W~'''''' ...................... " ....... "~'V" ..... ear " ~mle In a most impressive man- . I,, ~},'~P ;i~ .... ~ ; . ~ ........ ~ , I',,~Atenn',~, n I"ANklqL'~ l~li RA y s. A burning automobile set ner. She told of the ways thel.The Januarymeet~,ngf the Meet ~ ~~ ~ Kmnourg tiaroen t~iuo was held U/' VIU LC/' IM O rlklVl OF BORIS PASERN S homemaker of today both young iTue ,a ........ n _ _ _ a y, Jan at me home ot , and old, have to adjust to the .......... .[Mrs. John LaTe, Shepherdstown.[ ' Heat that extra room Pr ioenmS a;rta3t mv 3grgo ;si The business session was ten-[ , _ GPttDINE0 P[tN dULlS CH t IE TOM RT A one single day. Training for other ident. The club voted to send a tire moaern, economical way with +- a. are played by the homemaker in l ducted by Mrs. Lee Morgan, Pres ] ALEC INNE " RALPH RICHARDSON delegate to the state convention OMAR SHARIF z+ l ROD STEI " RITATUSHINGHAM RoEE EAR BOLT" LEAN. PANAVISION" ~o Mu oCOLOR Washington Premiere, Wednesday, Feb. 2-8;30 P.M. RESERVE YOUR SEATS NOW BY MALL! .............. MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED .............. : WARNER THEATRE t]th&lStt.oN.W. Wmh!ngte..O.. ~IH4 . .: 4+ : Enclosed is t-.~--- I"1 chock r-I money order for --.,-- t.o,,-trl .A-.EI .,r.r'l tve.El Plolsl List Altlrnlte Pet. 2ha choice 3rd thole,, : (p~eue Pr~tfl i Nlmt * | "mr+ zone---m,,+ = Enclose check or money ordo (no stamps) payable to WARNER THEATRE with a =elf.addressed st&aped calliope. .e= .llOIIItlltlllll ttllll tllllll Ill Illl Ilil I I llll't "lilt Illlll I I Illllll lllllll~ Matinees SI P.M.--Evenlngg 8:30 P.M.--Sundays 8 P.M. No Mctll Orders Please for Evening performance on Wed. Feb. 2 SCHEDULE OF PRICES ANO PERFORMANCE___S MATINEES at2:0OP.M. Wednesday 8slc.$1.80--Orch.&Loge$2.00 MATINEES st 2:00 P.M. ~t., Sun. & Hols, Sale,. $1.80--Orch. & LogeS2,30 EVENINGS ~tll:30PYM~ MMk*lhr~,Ttm~ I~lr,$2,00"-O~h.&l~lel~ll0 EVENINGS dIB:30P.M. Fd0~t.&Hoh. Bsle.$2.25--Orch.&Loge$3.00 EVENINGS at 8:00 P.M. Sunday Bale. $2.2S-+ arch. & Lo~e $3.00 ~ear~/:: WARNER THEATRE 13th & E Sts. N.W.- ME 8-4425 -Washington, D.C. 20004 For Group and Information Telephone ME.* 8-4440 T Fire having destroyed my home and shortage of water, I will Sell the following located 3~ miles South East of Shepherds- town, W. Va., on the Molers Cross Roads road: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1.966 Beginning At 10:00 A. M. 25 HEAD Of DAIRY CA 25 3 Holstein tows, calves by side; I Guernsey cow, calf by side; 2 ]Holstein tows, calves Just sold off; 3 Holstein cows, full flow f milk and milking; 4 Holstein heifers, yearlings; I Holstein bull, hrge enough for service. These cattle are TB and Bangs tested 30 days prior to sale. l~dlvidual health certificates will be given with each animal o~t day of sale; also interstate shipment papers. l tOGS--3 brood sows, will farrow last of March, 3rd litter; shoats, FARM MACHINERY, Eta tMcCormlck.Deerlng "H" tractor; 2 McCormick Deering "C" rectors with corn planter; 2 row corn cultivator and 7 foot ~er; New Idea manure spreader; Oliver manure spreader; is Chalmers corn picker, 2 yrs. old; McCormick.Deer, rig tbar side rake on rubber; McCormlck-Deering 13-7 grain drill; rubber-tire wagons with flat beds; 7 ft. McCormick-Deering ~se harrows; 6 ft. McCormick-Deerlng disc harrow; McCormick- earing hay ,bailer 45T-P.T.O.; tractor wood saw; Mall 36" chain saw; 8 hole hog feeder; 2 x 12.inch McCormick-De, ring ~lows; land drag; Blizzard insilage cutter; field sprayer; steel og troughs; old binder; lot of Junk; forks, shovels, tools and ~aany other articles too numerous to mention. 1951.1 ton Ford truck with stock racks. Dairy & Butchering Equipment Unieo milker pump, motor and pipeline with 2 milker units (1 Surge and 1 DeLaval); &can milk cooler; 12 milk Cans; strainer, etc.; Complete liue of butchering equipment, SCalding tank, pots, lard press, serappers, nose h#oks, etc. FEED And SEED ~0v bu. corn; 150 bu. oats; 150 bu. barley; 700 bales of mixed h y (alfalfa, clover and Timothy); 200 bales of young clover ay; 1,200 bales of timothy hay; 250 bales straw; 250 bales. oarley straw; clover seed; timothy seed. Household Furniture, Meat, Etc. c me household furniture; rotary lawn mower; tables and ~aalrs; lot of dishes; antique 12-gauge shot gun; 2~ cans ~o~ ; 3 pork shoulders and 4 sides; some canned goods; old oks; bushel potatoes, etc. LUNCHEON RIGHTS RESERVED TI~RMS-CASH: Nothing removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents on premises. ~DWARD (N~l) MORROW, Auctioneer C. WnL HENSELL, clerk Wm. & Clifford Willingham WILLINGHAM BROS. Jan. 27-2t- +Charles Town Photo And Gift Shoppe PHONE 725-5315 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. America'! ilntll wither, the lmU can IffoqPd. n IiHt0 a $3.00 Per Week CIrClES TOWN GAS fOe, INC. 114 North Charles Street CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. IIII III IIIII II UNBALANCED BUDGET? Home Loan Payments US! Yotm home loan pay. meats in balance with your budget through our low-cost refinancing plan. Leaves more room for ev- eryday needs -- and tirol :Enjoy many special ad- vantages, too. SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. 100 W. Washington SL HAGERSTOWN, MD. Dial RE 9-1001 i i jobs and the effect the working parents have on children and home life were given much thought. The progress in the control of diseases were dis- cussed. Announcement was made re- garding an oil painting class to be held during March and April with Mrs. Marshall Orndorff as instructor. Also a flower arrange- at White Sulphur Springs in March. Tote b~gs, to be sused at the convention, were distributed to members for individual decor- ation. A committee was named to make place cards for the con- vention. The club voted to give a donat- ion for the planting of pine trees at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, which is ment workshop using Flemish mixture will be held. Mrs. David one of the National Council Pro- McMillan gave a review on the,jects" book, "Rural Free." A study was An interesting program "Plann- made of the "Great Seal of West ing Ahead" was given by Mrs. Virginia. An all da~ meeting is Lige Miller. planned for March to make Arrangements were judged stuffed toys for a retarted chil- with Mrs. William Knode winning dren's hospital, first, Mrs. John LaTe second, Following adjournment the Mrs. W. R. Headlee third and hostesses served delicious re- Mrs. James Price getting honor. freshments.--Mrs. H. N Clenden- able mention. ing, reporter. ' -- ~ .... + Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius V.'~O To Church Sunday Mercer, daughter, Joyce, were mUEr LmR MarkI BASEBOARD HEATER Economical. Operateswith typical gas economy. Each baseboard heater has its own thermostat for automatic, controlled comfort. Gives wide distribution of gentle warmth. Heats instantly, Stylish. Siegler baseboard heaters take almost no usable floor space. Blend well anywhere. Ideal for add.on rooms, closed-in porches, breezeways, attics, recreation rooms and sleeping morns. Easy to install. Siegler baseboard heaters have a sealed combustion chamber, use no room air; rest on the SIEGLER OUALITY PRODUCTS floor and are ~irectly vented through ~rny outside wall. No chimney, no electricity needed. See #he SlEOLER Baseboard Heater soon! Inc., FAIRFAX BLVD. -- PHONE 725-2921 -- CHARLES TOWN .... SUPERTANE GAS .... guests Sunday, Jan. 16, at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. James Lilla and family, Millville. Mr. and Mrs. Merle LaRue and three children, of near Charles Town, spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Elmer Dillow and family. Callers Monday afternoon of Mrs. Clarence Smallwood were Mrs. Marshall Frye, her son, Don- ald, Mrs. Nell Riley, all of Charles Town. and John Emmert, of Mar- tinsburg. The Kabletown W.S.C.S. will hold a rummage sale at a date an- nounced later. Miss Jane Rissler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Rissler and who is a student in Shepherd Col- lege, is listed as one of the final. ists In the competition for one of the four $12,000 alumni Distin- guished Graduate Fellowships awarded .annually by Michigan State University. She and her sister, Pat, will fly to East Lan- sing in early February for the two-day competition to be held on the campus. Miss Susan Rissler spent the mid-semester vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Riss- ler and her sister, Jane. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mowery, of Winchester. are visiting their granddaughter, Mrs. Melvin Car- lisle and family. Mrs. Mowery has been a patient in the Win- chester Memorial Hospital on two oceasions s~nce Christmas for surgery. Recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gaynor, Bethany Farm, were Mrs. Frank Brown, her two children, of Charles Town, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gaynor, their son, Mr. and Mrs. David Moore, all of Big Pool, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Dale Woodward and three children of the Bloomery, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Costello and family, of Summit Point. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wolford, his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wolford, Jr., Mar. tinsburg, were hostesses at a din- ner Sunday at Shady Rest honor- ing their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wolford, Sr., Martinsburg, on their fortieth wedding annl- versary. Others present were their aunt, Miss Frances Millard and their uncle, Mr. Les Wolford, also the children, Laura Ann, Stuart and Scott. Cut Off Again Once again we as well as those of other communitms are experi- eneing being cut off by means of traveling from the outside. Fol- lowing the snow on Sunday the high winds drifted sections of Secondary Route 25 leading from Route 9 at Mechanicstown through Myerstown to the Vir-, ginia Line. Route 21 leading from i!Ti , ,:..+ ;.:.,~+++~ FORD 7-LITRE HARDTOP When we go skiin$ we go in our Ford. I choose the speed I want with the automatic speed control.., select the music I want with the stereo tape player_and relax with one of the world's quiemst rides, CI ahould have m j,ed in the car,) Ford S&Iell are b6o t One lPeae6"--engineering magic like this: New tereo t, pe player option:with o sy-lo ing cartridgem, 1 New station w goax Magio Door - ing out like a doorfor people dow tlik a t ilgate for rgo.*i New stttomatic speed control ot tion. B A ride $o quiet thttt owner of European luxury ottr -- from a"hanflcrdfted Jaguar to a $14,OOO Mercedes- have said, after a demonstration ride in a Ford XL or LTD, that it was even quieter . than ou tonl'built oa al Qhiet-teet a '66 Ford for your.elf. ~'~ AM~RICA~ TOTAL PERFORMANCE CARS MU$~A NG * ~tRoNco* FALCON F AtRLAI~t( & ~RD" THUND~.RS|RD 202 EAST LIBERTY STREET I I n i II] IIM~1 i II _ II1[ illl[ [ ...... I II II I fl lit I CHA S TOWN. W. VA i [ ii H i ii i i i ]