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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 27, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 27, 1966

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J Ill I I I Suits-:[ I - - - - ,,I ' - ;C - S' ! II II ' I I ~' ' West Virginia line on U. S. Route I mmli~lll I l~ .~. ml ll i ~ wary 26, 28 & 28th. Adult ticketsSPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE__ I rt; InjuredS ii r,:n i:ars, , I minimI [4d [] mm | are 75 cents and student tickets - - - - - i Involved a truck being drivent i ll[]i r:ii~l~!JI [] 1 I 50 cents, these tickets may be tHURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1966 Four t!. .flamaned ,ill il~,Id~f~-m~l m.~nmm~" West on the highway by William I n lll~[] [ :~'~/:::~i~ [] 1 ~ purchased from any member of Robert Lull, 42, of Pasadena, Md.;t I ii~! ~lr :~[] ~ 1 t the Senior Club, or call 725-2021 ruary 1. He has been with the burg January 17. Lancaster..~ a 1959 Mack Tractor truck beingI I l~~ii:: I l~ ~..~ ~ i 1 or 725-2784. If you really want to Potomac Edison Company since[been with the Potomac Edl~ Two persons were injured and t Dawson was charged with driving Idriven, West on the highway byII ~ ~l~ ~i:~ ~ ll~ ~ ~ ~! [] ~ have ,a hilarious evening don't 1956 and he previously served in I Company since 1951 and priOr~ seven cars and four trucks were t too fast for road conditions, i~urnet ~. t;asn, a~, of RFD J, I I ~:: ~!!~i~i I ~it~ ~ I iiiimiss Yellow Rolls Royce". Plan Frederick, Luray and Hagerstown I his appointment to the pete damaged .... to the extent of some I Tuesday, Jan. 11 a RippeR man,_ Mackt~apnine'tractorVa" anObeingan mternationaldriven West II ~~: ~!::i!i::~::::::::~i ~ |] ~llr~ :'~ WS [W ~'~ ~al i~:I~ nOWMoviesfOr ........ a "Family Night At The prior to going to the Moorefield I burg Post, he served in Charl~ $3,500 m a serms of five motoring Cleal Junior Hose, was arrested b Th r " ......... ........... ::. . An aooea bonus (or and Petersburg posts. I Town, Front Royal and LuraY. accidents in Charles Town and.on a hit-and-run charge and. for [_~__,^u man K. Clark, 23, of WmlI i:~: ~B! IIE I ~ ~ those persons attending Thurs- Lancaster, who has been serv-i Jefferson County during the per-idriving without an operator's I~"~Le'''v~'J~ull role1 uorporal" nolman Re" i ~i::.. ......... ~ai~ ~. . ilm~ [] ~ii~ ~ i;~ newday' JanuarYam "BANZO"27th will~, beh, them ing as manager of the Shenan-[ ,, ...... . .... ~1 ..~:~:,:~ ........ ~ ~::~ ' g e , ~,, w ~ n~. duties in Moorefield and Peters- I iod of Jan. 7-11. ]license following a two-car acci-[was starting to pass one of the I ~i~ Ti:~: III B ~*~: ~ come and try vour luck The vro- doah, Va., office began his new Ke~, I~e p,m nicaea ! Eugene L. Dawson of Inwood, I dent on U. S. Route 340, about[trucks, suddenly realized he was I ~i :~i~: : :: ll~i~ l~ ~:-:::~i:::: ~ ceed frnrn'thi movi~ ~ill-h. was injured and taken to the I six miles West of Charles Town. I i .... ..................................... I n a no passingzone and when ~: :~:: ~ ~ .... :~: use t l " h " ' : :~-~ ~ ~:~.~:::~ d o he p with the expenses Charles Town General Hospital] Damage to the two cars was l..e trmd to cut back rote the I II~i:!! i~::::!: .... III ~ i~::~:~ ~ for the graduation trip for the as a result of a head-on collision llosted at $100. - Iv]gut Jane ot track one oz ms I ~/?/ii::::::f ~ i i~ ~i !~,~ ~ clas -e man of two automobiles about 5:30 p. I Charles Town State Trooper l front t~res blew out and he lost I l~ll~.~:: )::~::~ t lli~ ~3~~ii~ ~ ~ ........ m. Thursday evening, Jan. 6 on I Gary Arthur said a car being control of his truck. I l[l~i~i~i ~ llll~ ~!~::iii:~ mE ~ , -, ~ t, State Route 51 about three miles I driven by Arthur E. Locke of Hay I One man was slightly injuredI I t Ill ~ I J, wayne (uneasier ~ew West of Charles Town I field, Va., was making a left turn I and two motor vehicles were dam I lllll~ ~ I ll [~ ~ ~ ~ I Corporal G. G. tIolman of thelTM his car was struck in thelaged in a collision January 6 atI lll ! ~ I ,, ^, ,, - ,- Charles, Town State Police said I rear by the Hose operated much-15:45 p. m. at the intersection of/ I i ] manger 0T bl00rellelll Dawson s ear, headed East, drop- I inc. ~ .... ] Congress and South Samuel I I ll ~ ~[~ ~ [] [] [] ~l | ......... ped over a hill and slid across ] Saturday January ~, an icemen( istreets, Charles Town. ] I llll[~il ~ ~ I II [] I reterslmrO l't Ottlces the highway and into a car being/in which three trucks were in-I City Police said James Whir-1 driven by George W. Pifer, of I volved was investigated by Cor- [ tington of Charles Town, received I Yur ghlvago (Omar Sharif) reassures his troubled young wife, J Wayne Lancaster formerly Kearneysville. Dawson received I peril G. G. Holman of the Charles [ forehead lacerations when the Tonya (Geraldine Chapli;O, in this. scene,from David Lean's. of Charle-~ T__..,~wn h~ h~, .~m~h oick-un truck he was drivin~ was Ifilm of Boris Pasternak's "Doctor Zhirago," Also starred in the bv the p,~t .... ~-i%~t~,~.::':~ andlaceratinSwas hospitalized.f the headDamageand face / Townto I which Statedid aboutPOlice'$1,500The accident [ mu~OlV:pder~efin dam-[ b~Ol~S~l~nsW~thRan [7:,Ctac~l~a;tel~/~)~r~t~el~yi!i!r~!~r ,~rTt;raM~J~'ffrlenaC, h~;~ aifimana~er sufOrethf ~o~i~e~ the tWo cars was listed at $2,000. ages occurred near the Virginia[ Richardson, o "g " " ~ dolph, also of Charles Town, who] Roschili who has served as man- was charged with faiIure to keep I- " ager of the two offices since 1962. his venicm under control. Prop-l intersection of Congressand ,..I,.. PI..L 1". ...... Roschilli has been named as assis erty damage was estimated at I South George streets at 12:45 p. [JI$111UI I lUU /U II U[ taut manazer of the Mercersburg no. tm Tne impact forced the Nick I . (Pa office in anticinati-- n another accident here Jan-Imachme into a nearby parkeOlA lflh At MflVlP~: retirement of the present man- uary 6 involving three motor vehi] auto. Mann was charged with I ..... ~ ................. aeer there. He wzL" 1 b~o tran~forrod cles damage was estimated at[running a red light and Nick forI The Senior Club of the Charles to his new assignment about Feb $250 and two drivers were arrest- I failure to keep his vehicle under I Town Senior High School is spon- ~ edL... ......... Ientrl" , I soring the movie "Yellow Rolls 1. ~ op~Ye~~ce~ea~(lra P~K~Ipgruc~ Ira. ~ ,. t Royce," which will be shown in ItI ~ l] I y "o o.o ,.o w01ne. 0T flearI the Charles Washington Theatre l[ ":'l[-~ It i : ' ' - I I waz'on';t'ri've--b' l ober N ck:"ofI lin Ranson, West Virginia on Jan,II [] )P(4 Ill / II 24-20 you can pack low-cost gains onto veal calves I r.i n y , . . . t'! ectrical Contractor I Harpers Ferry, collided at t elReports; Plan For Mid. I I III II i.I .... t I NOTICE II ' II ---without .sing whole milk. Just mix this 24% I I (Certified Wiring) It t' I /Winter Conference I To Whom It Concern: I II protein, 20% :fat milk replacer with water. Begin ! COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE IWV I My eeding after coins(rum and continue to marke [ ---MODERNI , YOUR---ZE , .~_.~.. , tI' ...... ~ -'-'~. , ,, / INrice is hereby given that Jeff" I ~ II I "" cer ] yma oe oe me/ Women of the Moo e metler on County Community Anten-III II ei ht. Z',T RSIN 24-20 top- il Home - Office - Farm ~ ..... y a Television has requested a quality fortified dry milk product that eaR boos(; !1 (or settlement me accoums o~ at the Moose Home Tuesda n x~oDe.rt u. rrencn, .Anemary/four fold all committee reports I of Charles Town to construct and I .......... II your veal profits considerably. Call for some now, GET OUR FREE: ESTIMATE Westinghouse I Administrator .f Marline RaY/were read and approved by the I operate a television signal trans- I YFIFVlElflld II ~! ilProductsil ....... I the following f~uc]ar]es: ._ /night Jan. 18, at Sp. m. after thelfranchise from the Corporation II RCA & ZENITH II ~1 EdwardrL-.Pme, Admm]strator/ Recorder Gertrude Prain gaveled to as Community Antenna Tel- [l! II SOUTHERN STATES i | el ren=e=se ,chaoterIm,ssionsystemeommonlyreferr' "--"--" ot aary nezen Thompson, we-in report on the dinners that were levision (CATV) in the City of il G.E. A-,qlances i :i _ERS -RADIOS I]ceasea. " /served during December and (ha' Charles Town, West Virginia. II ~'~" II CHARLES TOWN COOPERATIVE ' 1 RANGES - WASH . Joh~n C...Skmner, Executor of[nked co-workers for helping her Permission is specifically re-II tl I van.5, wilson, oeceaseo... i prepare and serve them. A report quested to conduct a television II 11 E 0_ {leDVIPl / DIAL 725-2212 RANSON, W. VA. REFI IGERATORS TELEVISIONS w]llard G: Smallwood, Sr., ~x-/ of the first six months of the signal transmission system within II ~[1..l_~ ~[ ~}l_~[~[l~l_ il . I Pewter ot pan mz rrangzm Lan-[ Chapter was read and approved the City and to construct or use, 1 [I ~.MAGAHA Icas er' ecease by the members, with permission of the owners, I II Bankof Charles Town, Guard-I The women of the Moose sPry- any utility poles as are now III Dg:ITg:D II tan ot.rmyu ~. ~om%rs, In(ant. ] ed the Lins Club and l:heir wives erected or may hereafter be erect Ill Ill-ill-rid II Bank Ot (;navies zown, Com-la baked ham dinner on Saturday ed upon public rights-of-wayslll /'~!.! 1-~____-.__.__]lCL0SING~ OUT SALE mittee of. Charles E. Hardy, In-] Jan. 15th at 7:30 followed by a within the City and to attach I1[ ulo ,J OmllllOll II ELECTRIC IV I t APPLIANCE CEIf[ER I competent.tenpins Trust" t;O", ~xecutor~" ~ or ] dance. I nmintain and operate therein Ell II | m etet c ]0, I l'Bell B. Snyder, deceased. T?e Loyal+ Ourder of Moose" sport ser]:tluCables, 2:d assoc a d up- l} m....., co= no,, II Louise R. Clendening, Admin-~ .............. t -=,,-~ -,,o v,~.~ rib "" .... . .~--~" ....... " ii ~t,mnv /-~o-,aoxx tl | Dial 725-5516 I ............ Isummer but due to a busy sche-lt utmg Telev~smn and FM[I ~, II The undersigned representatives of the National Lutheran_ il l!! ] Jmtratrix t ma tj tt ssmr' e" dul their "a ..... t radi si-nals in the Cit'" A hear "" " l North George Street --- Charles Town, W. Va. II - , e nquet nan to De ~; Y. " I I! ceaseo. ] postponed so on Thursday night ing will be had on said applicat-[1 Charles Town, W. Ca. II Home for Aged acting for Misses A. Ruth and Grace L~ Li~ II I I I I I ] .John S. A!fr)end,_Trustee of I they were served a Roast Beef [ ion before the Council in its '! . '1 will sell at Public Sale at the Link residence located on tile -- - ~a~(ara A. ol~rmn, ~eceaseo. ol dinner by the Chapter followed lchambers in Charles Town on corner of Prospect Avenue and Church Street, ShepherdstoW~ oromy ~uuer, ~xecutmx ozl ~, ...... ;~ ~,- I Mondav Feb 21st 1966 at 7"30 II West Virginia. H?bert.amrmyD. E ng!e,lvla ougmry,deceased:Aomm-' I " Tl e mnua"l"" iid-Winterf rence of th Con-I P. M." ..... . I SAT I DAY, JANUARY 29, 1,966 i~+ra+-i~ - ~- ..... c~;,,~., ~, ] e Women of the I Corporatmn of Charles Town [ ~ , ~,~,~,~,',~,~ ~.~'.~a ......... ~ .... "1 Moose will be held in Martins-I by Mayor & Council I! ~~~ I Sale Beginning At 11:00 A. M. C~I 1o%~s""J' ?~?~?u" " --- " I burg Sunday Jan" 30 at 1"30 P. m. I Jan 20-4-t I I I i W THEIEX~ ist~a~lo~r ~ ~narmsTwn'~%m~n'l Chapters taking part in the rituall .......... -I I I ANTIQUE FURNITURE , ...._ %~ .... , .................... "lwill be Brunswick, Hagerstown, I ......................I I IIi~li | wt~2~...I E ~- RiEN er, aeeeaseu, i Frederick Martinsbur Berkele- I U~t~mtt u~ I~UI0iLIL;AIIUI~I I I ~W---._~9 P P Nelson and Thomas W ' . g, y Cherry loveseat; Cherry extension table; Walnut chest ol Steptoe Executors of Ha(he B .................... ; _ , ,_ I IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF I . drawers; Walnut dresser; Cherry blanket chest; Walnut bedside " . " Springs and Charles Town Colle i I. : SKIttt NOW I]Nelsn' deceased" "h ' - . g~aztc ]to .qhiflmt wlh h,~ i (on wl)h[JEFFERSON COUNTY, WESTI [~ m[d{0$ $e1158 I~... ....... r.ym~ r[opps. -.....-~,,.~anct tmarmt-...... . stand; Sev. walnut stands; Marble top walnut stand; Sev. s~d1 T e Old Natmnal Bank of Mar-I their ren Stol~' ~;--;~"~- *~. [VIRGINIA I ltl~,~l~a~a~ old mirrors; Walnut Jewelry box; 3 old Straight.back chal~; tinsburg,, Trustee under the Will l ~-av- "-^~ ~o .:,s-.~.,,s ~,.z i FORREST H BRADLEY, JR I I-ObltO.~; 4 Matching old chairs; Other straight-back and rocking chairS; . . e oeen a memoer ot tne UOl- " ." . . of Lomse Moore W~sWell, deceas , Plamtfff __, "Ilege of Regents for four years. I [ ]four home iflsurance Several converted oll lamps; Silverware-some sterling; SilV~ I eo. All College of Regent are reqques v Frederick O, Byrer, Executor ted to wear their Ca~e Civil Action No. 787[ Our Home, whirs Policy al- tea service; Silver ice holder; China and glassware; Bra~ of Mac T. Overcash~ deceased ](= ...... ,v ...... ,~i.. ~,;. ~ I JEANNETTE MOORHOUSE t lows ou to combine your. candle holders; Brass bowl; Brass kettle; Stone pitcher a~ a u..__s ....... ~ .................~ Y ~ jars; Old weaving loom; Wing chair; Wooden bed; Old pie B nk of Charles Town, Execu-] furnished t,, an- one desirin- toIBRADLEY, Defendant I fire, theft and personal lia- (or of George J Gilgen, deceased .... ~ .~. ... ~ . l an infant I ~':': ..... vera'-es into one safe; Ironstone bowl and pitcher; 2 Powder horns. Bank'-f Charle- Town E-ec I go tO tinS meeting, rmase meet l ............... I u.~, ~,u u ,~ , x u-i ~+ th~ ~--~- " .... ~ ~+ ~9.a~ I L txne ooject ot this suit IS to I broad economical nolicv (or Ma de p .................................. MODERN FURNITURE of u W ayne, deceased I ' Th Cha ter has acce-ted an I obtain a dworce from the bonds I with these im-ortant advaa Bank o'f Charles Tow,0, Execu" . . e p P of matrimony ) ' ~'. " "or ..... ;" " _ I mwtatmn from the Lodge to art-[ ..... ....... [ rages: substantial sawngs,,. 2 Double beds, complete; 1 Iron single bed; 3 Dressers; Whl~ t ot ram ,.. uarues, ~r., oe- ~ end their Mortage Burning on I re me aaove ..... r~amea ve~enoam: I ~,"acka'ed~ convenience ., . sewing machine; Small desk; Studio couch; Hat rack; I Ice~s::l~ ^~ Charles TOwn ~'~c' Saturday February 5th at the Hiu[ tI~ appearmg'by affldav'lt filed m [ tailored prOtectiOn" YOil cantOr u, . ,r~. u-I To-~ House in ttar-ersp .Fer-ry. I S acuon mat aeanette. Moor-i DRy..... It on OUr easy rremmm rack; Umbrella holder; Straight-back and rocking chairs; of Ameba M Hopkins, de- ni,~-~- ~.~a ...... ...... ~ ~., ~ ]house Bradley, an infant ]s a non ......... Over-stuffed chairs; Some rugs; Glasa tray; 2 Card table~ .,....~ " ~.~ .......... ~, ......... uw~ u v a I .-~;n~.~+ ..~ +t.~. c+.^ ..r xsr^.* xr:- I ~'aymcnt J~lan wmcn mtows Pictures and picture frames; Books and book ends; Cloth ce~s~u, i dance music b" the .... 1-- ~.o_a : -~,,~-~ ut .~ o~a~ t,t vv~a~ vzr- i .... Mab ee }i n n a Vi ,, . y vuvu at ua.u .... you to spreaa me payments e! L Iam m d nd r-] rph. l-li hlit,hfn" l .r hrnan e I gmm, hereby ordered that l ..... hamper; Composition wardrobes; Wooden bed; Bed and ginia M. Whitacre, Administra-[ to~e s~'rve~'~l~rou'z,.'~,;;~,~:~".;~'.~lshe serve upon Roger J. Perry l over a perma .or mourns, linens; China and glassware; Book rack; Kitchen stool; Jar - s ...... .... fo details, tri:se:d of Anna Ruth Miller, de.I ing" I plamtzffs attorney, whose add-] Call us r ineer; Serving tray; Glidder and 2 Lawn chairs; Kitchen dr0 ~ ~"" Door "rize was won b .... w^r~- I ress is Jo~ w. t~ongress ~t., ~nar I leaf table and chairs to match; Floor mats; Porch seree~ Add a sound base of professional Robert L. Noland, Administrat-] er Pats,~ Kell,, ~e-+i-~,~ ~'~,~.-~ : les Town, West Virginia, an I ~ Ki ehen utens'les; Kitchen utility table; Frigidaire refrigerate or of Clara E. Noland, deceased, led to ;neet agai'n~on~Tu'~sd~a~?el~ ianswer, including any related[ ~~ Electric stove; 3 Burner Perfection oll stove; Small oll hence Ill training to the above, and you i / Robert H. Wilt, Admini~rator t8th for Hosnita~ Cha~t'er Ni-ht' cunter claim or defense you may[ ~]F'/~. ~bh~'~'K,~k Coal Heatrolla; 3 Oil Heatrollas; 2 Coal heaters; 2 C0al hod I[i know your prescriptions will be [ /fed.Raymnd C. Wiltshire, deceas- I committeeWith chairma~nin charl~Iariee V/hitef ramand thishaVeactiont CheeR complain(or before Februaryfiled in I[ /flD"~'~t~'~~O" ~_ \l~ Washing machine; Wash tub; Flower pots; Glass jars; Le~ The Old National Bank of Mar-I t 24, 1966. If you fail to do so, I ~ ~ ~ D ~ }P and plane; Electric fan; Electric dock; Other articles too nul Ill fined accurately, dependably. SeeI [ ' g o prog . tinsburg, Trustee of Williams ]/~,~7.~Aff$~f~-~,~ [thereafter judgment, upon proper I ~\~.~ ~.~/]] erous to mention. Ill I ~~CK ] / Memorial Methodist Church. ,dl',$1~ --I hearing and trial, may be taken [ ,~,~'~ Donald Fink, Executor of Will-I~,~#'~ I I against you for the relief de-I ~o~-,~.~..~.~/~ TERMS--CASH: Nothing to be removed until settled for. lam Luther Fink, deceased. I Imanded in the complaint. I Stanley E. Eye F Dean Nichols, Executor of " A copy of said com laint can , p & ALGER Lula R Maxell, deceased. 1 ]be obtained from the undersign. I PI4. I . ,.,. Rev. John Grissinger Ill I PHARMACISTS. DIAL 725-2621 i ] Given under my hand this 17the " "~[~d-~~ ted Clerk at her office. I .......... " .... Acting For . day of January, 1966. ] ~ [ , Entered by the Clerk of said[ ][[ [i MARK B. WHETZEL ~~~fl~l [ Court January 18, 1966. [ Misses A. Ruth & Grace L. Linl CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. i ] Commissioner Of AccoutnsI ~l ~ ~.~[ll~/ [ _ [ MARY . L. RIGGLEMAN ] , Auctioneer: EDWARD (Ned) MORROW ., ..... ... ....... .. JEFFERSON COUNTY j ~[ . ~ ~ ~" I CLERK OF COURT ] T .... Clerks: MOORE & MOORE Jan 20-2b -=- ......... [ Jan. 20-2-t. " I Jan. 2013-t. ' Your Southern ;tares Cooperative Agency