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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 27, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 27, 1966

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TWO SECTIONS SIXTEEN_PAGES LATEST IN LOCAL, AREA LOCAL NEWS PICTURES SPORTS -- COUNTY NEWS WEDDINGS -- SOCIETY ADVERTISEMENTS First Place Winner of West Virginia Press Association Community Service Award CL SWmD AVS 101 NO 4 Business News De t. Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, W VA THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1966 West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE 10 CENTS , P ...... i ;econd Storm ()f Week ] "its ('ounty ' k t lSI n II..o. l T,,,v [Pvt.RogerL. Breeden ]Eddie Shull IFormer [BlakeleyBan ()WS ]rafhc To Crawhn gl I V UllUOUGI I, iA _l [ ' r IT .s el.e /P ;P At fort Benning. 6a. O....&.. y,,..,t, tll:..,, ru t Re- cts ace t esents More Problems han e. Ex )eq;ledl l -?u '' lOff'cers'O'rect( IF dyW yR .._.._ _ oi:Alrea ear oad Crews -- m I ,ilHl lmJl AA IIIIK BEII| I Stockholders of the Blakeley L A v I --JIB I [ui U01 ..iU Old Man Winter hit' area with his second I I:/tllnTV/llll rltstr/ I honor came toa former ~ i 126, in the auditorium of the IPtent snw punch of\this yearof 1966, and like the first one i iiii iIP | _ i Jefferson County youth MondayI ..... :_ IFunkhouser Building and re-lwhichhitlastweek-end, it did not bring everything to a stand evening, January 17, at the~ I elected all 13 members of the i .-n ~.... i s o....'uot ....... ,h~ ~ / - - --- _- _:*= -_ - - - I Knights ot t~ommous tiall m Arl- I ~.. [ ooara ot infectors aria neam re- |_ ' . _, ...... eSSion which seems to be clr- County Court until Feb u ry of , '" m e" " E R County and a graduate of Charles The directors re-e ctea wer . ing m Jefferson County_,_ the 1967, NOT THIS Y A . . C D Bo er Blackwel Davis. they were were already closed, not having been able to get r . : . Town High School, was named . . Y , J. 1 . . . . son County Court wl!l NOT, _ The. functions of the.Board of as the winner of the Disting- Richard R. Feller, R. J. Funk- back to operatmn after the big snow blow of last Saturday l| meet.s ,nex~ week usa| E_qua!l~t]on n..ext mon~n w ul oe[ -' :::::_ i [ uished Service Award by the~-~:-:: :_- - : [ houser, Darwin M. Henesey, / and Sunday ~t OI l~qtl~lt~tlOil ~lll[1 1~- me suiue aS ill tll~ pu~t tu x~ 11 " " -s _ -,:: - - i Greater Falls Church Chapter of| ---: : \ : --= | James R. Mason, George M. Mu - But the five t six inches of covers most of Jefferson County either consider or adopt jview the assessment records and[ -:/: " |*h.. t,,.,..,*. af Oar.r. I ":~ _.-- : l~n "-,, E Steele- Ma,,rico A ] o ] .~ 'W assessment program forI proposals of the Assessor, whl'ch/ ............................... erce "[ [ ...... Vmner," ""J Errol Ward," .... Dr. W. P .... /new snow which did fall during as a result of the two snows wim-. s and ersonal ro erty own- have been made in accordance - ................ the period of 8 a. m Wednesday m the past five days Conden ed P P P Shull o,e ,f five ,ore- Warden, Jack R Huyett and Dr " " " " u in Jefferson County. with past practices and proced- T...... 'o hlc et T .... " " and 1 a. m. Thursday morng, to vain this would mean j er | ures and policies, and none of| i ............... : ....... ..... ............... did bring many more problems, about an inch of p cipitation. sonal and telephone mqmr- . . . annual award. . Jack Huyett, executive vice- to the office of the assessor[ I........ PVT. ROGER L. BREEDEN ] Mr. Shull, as the DSA Reclp-I ~~ /presldent of the bank reported[n~n ,~.~n ,o,o ~.~n ...... T* mo,onlo~,~ur,~n.,.:no,,.~,~,~.. which are based on fmdmgs made . . for the a reauy over-worKea and The Weamer lan naa pre. 'efferson County suggest that by the_ professmnal appra Pet Roger L Breeden, son of lent, is entered as a nominee for/ ;=(:- |to the stockholders that the bank of'u n? of 25"n il es thfeEP "I Vh ughn e Coun . Fo;i ;e' o /Mr. and Ira, in L. Breeden,/ lh Uy2unJaYTneS'a::fd OiUt oands/ / hadwthen nYt dth epC ss'de ablne. ] oalmos"t a snail's ;ace for many per h";,ur were[ headed, for the __.-':-2:."-7.. 2 " art the fi ures used by the um.mzt rotor, w. va., wno enter . s . v s hours Wednesday. And only mesection las[ night and naa m ey_ Ion a,d Revi ,w opeua ess- P g ea me Arm on December 6, that his achmvements may be come for the year. " ' " oul ;next week It will give con-l_ s .,.g ........ [1965 is taking his basic trainingl further recognized and honored.[ II] assessor makin the assessment Y fact that the high winds which reached such a peak there w cl R. J. Funkhouser, chairman of ~.~,,,a .. w~a,~o~ ~,~.,.~ ~,o,~., ..oo~ .....~o,~ .. ,h,~ ration to adoption of a whole I tnis year wm me same. as/ at F )rt Bennin% Georgia His ad-| In the capacity of Director of / _ / the board of directors, spoke [ , ,a / mose usea last year .xcepuons/ " / / / fl h rowth f he bank "": ....................... .... s .............. ..... ppralsal of real and person- " dress is Pvt Roger L Breeden, the Falls Church Boys Club, Mr. brae y on t e g o t " " "n ma be noted where recent sales ,, . EDDIE SHULL ]prevented more trouble for Jeff- morning. But the highest wi d 'r.Operty in the County. County/ Y . IE R 1573047, "F Co 5th Bn,lShull works In an area of youth/ ..... /in 1965 and theincreased ser- ...... .... ,h .... .... ,...t. .... ,.h* " " * " " ero s c ro n state,' .... ,--o,,- -o ,eials pointed out that. for the suggest It should be oone, or/1stBde, Fort Benning, Georgia. recreation for boys m the FaiN. Us pee. nes a.e ss t e vice it has been rendering to the eo lea artmularl" those who onl 8 mile" an hour Llo. d said," two years professional aP-l where improvements to the prop- I He would appreciate hearing/Church area, and has been m-ionBoys wor ana Youth gencylpeople of Jefferson County an IL P, ,o.P: out .o Jr ,,,o mo,, .... ,.Z o, ers had. indeed, been mak- ' " en from all of his friends, strumental in obtaining a build-| programs, tie is a m emner, the section and area, not only :" .... ...... ........ - v ............. -: ..... .. ...... . .. .... / erty justify a higher assessm t. I / ...... th- Wasnin-~--~ Home rlate t~luo I ........................... I mg and head for their )obs. tween 10 and 15 miles an hour ,~ stuffyreal aria personal mg ior recreauonal use. cite pas year, a,m:e at ' c erty in the County; but it|The Court has no power to ralsel, ,,, ,, . i He has now embarked on a i the Washington Touchdown Club, l founded. [ BROUGHT CANCELLATIONS for tom ght,. however, could ause ' ho some (lrlI~lngon some oi tl'l~ Pointed out that their find-[the assessors figures wit utlLeaguew0men men |project to build a permanentithe. Parent-Teachers AssociationI 'Following the stockholders] The new snow of Wednesday ...... ; and recommendations will notice to the taxpayer. I ] structure for the Boy's Club I ana seryes on several committees ] meeting the board members met i did, however, force cancellation ~'~"~ ~ "*s"'*f~" . ..... . ' I U^~ ~|~,~,~|~ / Fund raisin lans are bainv for- I as a pnysical fitness and youm I f,r tb, I of many meetings which had wnne normauy me mngm ot o ........ ~, ............. ~--, ....... S now i ...... I/V IllgOI I I ,UI}IHVII /mulated for an estimated l activities advisor. .... ..... .... ,I b en scheduled prior to either a permd of eontinuou s s :! Cl~Id~l~ll~e~i ~l~lIl~, I~ ~il~llll~ll~llll~[~l~ - I - / 00o I On February 4 and 5, he will I ,,ear h-i- re named Tha , are" I the big snows no more than 8 hours,h ne VII LplII, uIsal IIUil ,11 VlIHI -yUlIVll I Pntamm" Rlvar R in / The DSA Awards Banouet is I plan a panel discussion' on 1%1 X ~'~i':~lel~al~or af I DUe to the fact that many of lasted for a little better than . "-- .,.. -- = = -- --.-" I / hald hv tho graalar- I "Youth Programming" in Nor- I ;;;o I the rural roads will not be ol ned 12 hours But the fact that the ItPte Ha l I / Churchqayce'es' as'a-p'a'rt 0fiiae [ folk, Virginia, at a district Op-I l u' len nr si'den f'Jack 'R I before sometime Friday, "there snow this time was very fine and bI; VI s Ibbl I IbUI ; hmlst meeting ' "- ' will be no school in ifl Jea fer ngnt, gept th - nt fall " ! Members of th e Provisional/celebration of Jaycee Week pro-I " " . " = I Huyett, executive' vice-presldentl . ! _ .agfli, , .... so Court rrl it wag uvw. ~.__ /lone _1_ _ L__ _ I Lea-ue of Women Voters of Jeff, I claimed to be January 16 to 21 I He recently returned from NewJ and cashier; Dorm d R Edmonds, n ty y /oYe Aa(ll lon ! pallgl ..... County lLmeet this , Mr,, Shull .h s been. active for J ork U iverslty co letmg a I tce-pres dent a assmtant trust/an. oun by S ho . Su9. HE ..P ARRIVES ,r ........ -- ............ Img (T ur F): tSo'cloCkatthelseveral years in youth ogramsl:. ecial course on a Kelloggs'lofficer; Virginia Smallwood Kfl-Ienntenaeat T. L owery. Tho J fer od CO ,y State ...... .......... I home Of Mrs. Bartlett, 121I and civic projects. He is a rues-I cholarship In the field of edu-I mer, assistant cashier; and. J-I Laurence Lloyd, local Weather Read crews which have been i-e .annual meeting ol me con- vl }es wmcn n.e naa mrec ea I South MildredStreet, Charles[ ber of the Optimist Club as a I cation. He is now working toward I Errol Ward, secretary and trust I observer, said this. morning that working most continuously gabon of Zion Episcopal aurmg me year one ot me B a of lrecto s akm nu M A de ree m Education I c . " ...... . . .[iTwn' it was announced this] o rd D" r m " g m-| a . g " " . | officer a total of 12 inches of snow now sin e Saturday afternoon, did get !ch, held last Tuesday in the interesung tacts drought out Dy / I " ~,~ ..... ~ ~n~ ~m~, or,,,,, ~ ~ ,~ . week. ~ ~ ............................... ,~..,.,,,~ .,U~-o,.*.~ ,,,.,~. ~,.,~,u~,t ~, a. ~,. Building, elected parish Mr. Bartlett was that the active| The nro ram will be a discuss ......... ~- - . _ I .... ...... this morninu when two big V. and heard reports from members in residence in Zioniion of he Potomac River Basin, RitacH idFarChad$|ahncani| n r_ I U i AA snow plows and a snow blower ar- parish organizations, as well ChurCh now totama ana me-! with Mrs Emor,, Kable to be inn ivn vuan vas v / i HI n i mn mmmm mm mR ived from Buckhannon W Va the annual report of the rec- bers.ut of town now. total 132. charge of'the program. All mere- Ill Ill Imlltll, UIVl| with a fresh crew of men to op-" .. " . ..... "l bers and other interested persons M~naa~r of Shannor da~ D~velonment t and asszstant rector Inactive local members were re I I crate them. And they went to estrymen elected for a three- moved from me active, list oe.-Jare invited to attend. ]-- "" -- =1" --" r / Ilall tlall l Ig | IAI IAi Id I work immediately widening some '-to fill the unexpired term R. inRan.n, for Charles Martin Pifer. arden On |i/ _llar Farm r. Dale Keyser, who resigned t Johnson, 72, Prominent owner The deceased was born in| II IIII IIVII VII I IVIIVI INIIII t11~ T. DI u USe his professional duties and manager of the huge Shan- Brooklyn, N. Y., May 8, 1893, aI I II~ Ii~]~;t,l~ UU III~ lict with vestry service, was nondale Development, located in son of the late Charles Martin/ _ - """ '?' ' '" "" ............ le in p. Fleming. the Blue Ridge Mountains East and Ella J. DeLan Johnson. Ani ak na wea vn s. v memr:niani t earca:unnt,aVa n Oit For D ncp e rotating off the vestry--- of Charles Town, who died un. electrical engineer by profession,/ ..... m ~,~ ....... ..... ~em g completed their three- expectedly Monday in Lake the deceased was g ged in hel ...................................... . p term--were Charles Kelican, Worth, Florida, apparently of a Washington, D. C, when he was] o et,)2ef .enRr nU:n orm . a.r ens, me... _ . LenT r rrla v lOllT en /~ p~ ~y, xu~ac u u~a~ .v pp u ThiS Is me secona Tract of real ~ ~-- Smith, James E. S - heart attack, hired to help build and develop U. S. Route 340, west of Charles estate which Dr. and Mrs. Smith "The Rejects" will provide the. James W. Strider and Paul The vestry as now con- is made up of the 6 newly men listed above and Appell, Carl Merchant, J. Perry, Thomas W. Step- Richard White, John S. J. Blackwell Davis, Paul and Turner A. Ramey. the congregational meet. vestry met briefly for or- tonal purposes and elected officers for 1966: S. Alfriend, senior warden; W. Steptoe, junior war- Roger J. Perry, recorder and Merchant, treasurer. his annual report the Rev. t artlett enumerated the ac- Nursing Home. For some months a committee of the vestry has been working with Keith Williams and Asso. coates, Architects of Winchester, Va., on plans to utilize part of the Mason House and an addition to the Parish House. The plans call for six more classrooms and a lounge or par- lor, together with a new office TURN TO PAGE 6--A .s possible that Charles Town its surrounding area, may the services of professional Vaarriage counselors in the near future if financial ar- are made. It is hoped 'this service will be made through the efforts of of the Churches in the Town area. program would have Char- included as one of see- centers in the Pastoral and Consultation of Greater Washington. one day a Week in an in Charles Town a highly l counselor will be avail- for private consultations local person. These will be working in con- with a staff of psychic- the Washington area. to the individual there would also be for couples and for urea clergy who wish to enroll. Charges would be made for these services, but the person receiving the aid would pay only according to their abil- ity. It is believed that this service would be invaluable to persons experiencing marital problems or other trouble within the fam- ily such as with teenage children. In the event the person request. ing aid actually needs psychiat- ric help, he or she will be re- ferred to a psychiatrist of the person's own choosing. Other centers will be located in the Metropolitan area and the staff will originally be headed The first jury trial of the cur- rent Jury Term of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County was scheduled to get under way this morning (Thursday) at the Court House in Charles Town, a case in which the State seeks a felony conviction of Steve Leonard Painter, of Charles Town, on charges of breaking and enter- ing, entering without breaking, and larceny. The offenses are alleged to have occurred at a residence on Mildred Street in Charles Town, and all charges are contained in one indictment. Painter pleaded not guilty to the charges when he was arraigned in open court last Wednesday, January 19. He was indicted by the grand jury Jefferson Countians will have an opportunity to hear a full dis- cussion of the school improve- and buildings program by the Reverend Charles Jaeckle and the Reverend William An. now being proposed for Jeffer- drew, both ordained ministers, son County and also the plans for Funds are needed for the set- the special bond issue election to ting up of these centers. Any per- be held Tuesday, March 8, at a sons interested in contributing to meeting of the Charles Town- this program should contact any Ranson Parent-Teacher Associat- minlst of the Charles Town ion to be held Monday evening, Churches for more lnformati6n, February 7, The Rev. Allen Bartlett, rector of Zion Episcopal Church and the Rev. Douglas Bailey, assist- ant rector, officiated. Burial was made in Edge Hill Cemetery in Charles Town. Bearers were: Dan Armstrong, on January 18. The second jury trial of the Term is scheduled to commence tomorrow, Friday, and is a civil suit by Charles Kearns against Rose-Jensen, Inc. The plaintiff, Kearns, alleges the defendant owes him for work done by the plaintiff as a subcontractor on a building project in which de- fendant was general contractor. Following these two jury trials, the jury will presumably be ex- cused until February 10, when the final jury eases are'set to be tried. One is the case of Jeffer- sons Motors, Inc., vs Amiel R Elliott, and the other is P. W. Plumley Company vs Clifton Mc- Donald. The meeting which is being sponsored by the PTA organi- zation, but will be open to the general public, will be held in the auditorium at Charles Town P Mrs. Hilda C. Judd, LPN, who officially retired from the nurs- ing staff of the Charles Town Town, to Dr. H. Lee Smith, for- merly of Rocky Ridge, Md., as a site for a new development in Jefferson County. The land will be used for the development of the finest type General Hospital on December 31, 1965, was paid an outstanding and well deserved tribute Mort- day evening, Jan. 10, by the doctors, nurses and other per- I Junior High School at 7:45 p. m T. A. Lowery, superintendent of Jefferson County chools, will be the speaker for the program which will be followed by a TURN TO PAGE 8 sonnel of the hospital when they Judd said. Mrs. Pauline Fritts, who served as general chairman of the cover- have purchased in Jefferson Cou nty. Through the efforts of Mr. Linaweaver, they purchased, a short time ago, the Hill property located near Kearneysville which Dr. and Mrs. Smith plan to move into in the near future. Dr. Smith, an osteopath by pro- fession for many years, said Mon day, he became interested in the Memorial Gardens movement throughout the country as back as 1940 while he was still an intern. And upon entering honored her at a surprise dinner at the hospital. "And the evening was certainly one of the best and most pleas- ant surprises I have ever bad the pleasure to experience," Mrs. ed dish dinner, led Mrs. Judd to believe she was taking her and her daughter, Mrs. Frances J. private practice as an osteopath after being discharged from ser- vice in 104~, he became an inves- tor in a small New Jersey Mem- orial Gardens operation. This was the start in this field for Dr. Smith. Since then he has develop ed more interest in the field of developing Memorial Gardens. Besides owning a very fine Me orial Gardens Development in Georgia, Dr. Smith is consultant to over ten of Memorial Gardens Development projects throughout the nation. And Dr. Smith said he is proud of having had a part in the developing of four Memor- ial Gardens that have passed the million dollar mark in value Dr. Smith, owner and operator of a small diary farm, came to Charles Town in search of a small dairy farm in Jefferson County. Mrs. Smith is a graduate of St. Joseph's College of Emmittsburg, Md., and has had ten years ex- perience in the successful operat- ion and management of Memorial Gardens. Dr. Smith said he had consult- Jefferson County before moving Boyer, out to dinner, Mrs. Fritts into the project here. drove Mrs. Judd and Mrs. Boyer On January 3, 1966. through to the parking lot in the rear of the offices of Attorney Frank the hospital and made an excuse to go into the hospital for some- thing. She advised Mrs. Judd and her daughter to wait for her in- side the hospital since it was cold TO3--A Lee Bushong, a corporation was formed to be known as Jefferson Memorial Gardens, Inc., with Dr. Smith as President; Commander Howard S. Westin, retired, as TURN TO PAGE 3 -- A music for a dance to be held at the Jefferson County Youth Cen- ter Friday night, January 28 from 8:30 until 11:30 p. m., it was ann- ounced Monday by Mrs. Leeds K. Riely, president of the Youth Center Board The dance is being held Friday night instead of Saturday so as not to conflict with the basketball game. Food Distribution May~ From l~i~ Friday 1il Feb. 4 The nmnthly distribution of surplus food will not be held Friday as originally scheduled be- cause of the difficulty which would be encountered by many of those eligible for the food to get in from the rural areas to the distribution center. Charles Whittington, who di- rects the food distribution pro, gram for Jefferson County Court, said the new distribution date will be Friday, Feb. 4, at the same place and at the same time. Mostly sunny with highest 25 tO 30 today. Some cloudiness and ed with a number of citizen's in colder tOnight. The Lawest 8 tO the county and area as to the 14. Friday variable cloudiness need for such a dvelopment in rather windy and cold. The high 18 to 24. Outlook for Saturday, consider- able eloudines~ and contlnu~ cold. Northwest to West winds l0 15 MYH, becoming Westorl 10 this ffternoon Win sidftiag to North to NorU west 15 to MPH tonight with Nartherly winds 15 to 25 MPH Friday.