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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
January 26, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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January 26, 1961

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!..,..^,. W^.A.AA Idua . CunA u U,,n#IMe Ai~t of the Mr. Carmel Church, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rAaMERS ADVO( I JOTI.I~C3 IlVllUIl~i 1"1]~:13 JUIIUU] IIUVlIUI} Frederick, officialed at lhe dou a A uur nAy JANUARY i FR'nM PAGE 1 A C..I-..-!..J I.. qq .~. hie ring ceremony on Saturday, "--:" . __ * ........ ' - r I " -- 3UIIflllilIL~I Jllll, LLIll Jan. 14 at 7 o'clock p. m. A can- . ............. vS'~'~.~ ............ i i ~ i re ..... her has abdicated die It" ht service was held -~,-.r~-,f,,~r~-~-.r,f.r~-,~r~-.r,f.r~-.~ I. ~tnaer ~oionlai ~u I ' Day ~ne tat , . " " * ~ " ' ' " in Ranson from where this rightful place in the home as Little Weddm Chapel The bride wore a white bailer ~ E A 1' W C.o ~f,, I lhe head of the house and family ~ -- iDa length gown, full organsa II I[_ I'~ | 1| J 9"'.-~ "~,~ "t"~" n.'*',~"~%n-~,h~ 7~7..~,-~/-~,~,.,.-~~,,~..~. ~T~,,~...~ 4-..-. OOO I discipline is no longer what it Little Wedding Chapel in Elk- skirt over taffeeta lace lop wilh ..... ~'our'S-uare'P~n~e'cosla .a. ~..It~'L~II.LI,.II~[~' / IJ/.~. .L v~" ~ ~ tl..I ~ I used to be the s-eaker stated ........ - "' " ..... r'et ~"j-j:rj'~-~-J:r.~.~.~.P~:rJ-~'~'.1"~J'~ q , .p , ton, ~o. was me scene ~unoay aI- a scoop neck ann three qua t ..... , .............. .,r Vtav*inch,,v,. n,,ri.1 u ................. -_~____. --_ ---__ ~ -----__~ / It is imperative that the lead- ternoon, January 22 of the wed- length sleeves. The veil was shoul lvlil~. ISLI~'ru~ A'l'~lr~a ~ar~an~" ....... ~, ......... ,, P. R t.~ * , Sunda- afternoon were Miss Ella, This was the third ,,ear the a ers of today and tomorrow must ding of Miss Bernice Sunday of der length attached to a tier of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Atkins, "" . ~i~ I, llen ~, 5n0em~Ker 12., ~.. ...... ~- -~ .~- ~ward has been presented The have heallhy bodies to have ac- Wilmington, Del. to Mr. David G.crystal (,range blossoms wilh mat wife of Cletus Atkins, 710 West MRS. MARY JON r~ Smnn an~ mr. mcnaro ~mnn. * - , ....... . . . ] ". ...... ~ ....... first winner was the late Mrs cule and sharp muds, the speak Myers also of Wflmmgton. chug white accessorms. She car- Liberty Street, Charles Town, Mrs. Mary Jones, age M.~^.i )I/~,~&l.,, h.h,:,.~ 1 ~virs. vwgu malone, ~r. r~ast Lm Cleveland Smallwood of Ranson er staled because it is difficult to The Rev Howard Van Sice of ried a while satin Bible with a" died unexpectemy uonoay even- and wife of Everett Jo "l~OIIl~gU WUlIII]~ MU1~UI terry Street is a patient in the .na ~.~t ,,.~'. i* ,~.~ M~ m.,,~ study problems and make dec[s- Baptist Church in Elkton perform corsage of white rose buds. ing in a hospital in Newport last Tuesday in the W~ .......... ~ ............................. " " ken ^ . ~ , . ~,, , [Winchester Memorial tlospital, Other nominees for the honor ~ons when the body is m pare. ed the ceremony. Mrs. Wflham Miss Christine Go[as, sister of News, Va., where she was ta, .. County Hospital in Hal IJrflpr K~unllflw hill( I wi-oaester Va .... ~... ~.o :..,a:" re.m, ~.o T.. issues Warning Myers, sister-in-law of the groom lhe hride was maid of honor. She after sue oecame l U wmm_y~sm Md. She was a resident v*~**, ,,u,,,**v,, v,,,~ I ........, " wc,c. ,,,,~,. ~c=u~ :~,=,~, ~,,.o. ,~a- :,,narn! rlershev warned that .* -*- -, ,,* ~, -,,,,- ~ ........ in- a oau'~hter in l~ewnort rqews ......... I ~. m....~. ~ v.,,,.,..,,~o ~o~. ...v Rnilov Mr r~ rr U,,ntor ........... ~ serve., as ma..o. ,.. .o.o.. ..... wore a street length aress oz DlUe t s ~ t~ "" tan(l, IVI(1. ~orn at 15ngle, ............................................. /~.jv~r~',~'.%'.'.~,'-"-." ~'.%~"u~..".? ~r ~'"W' Mv'or~ "'~r'" T'~,~'~]~-' this country w!ll not fail because Howard S. Myers, father of the Md Born in Charles Town, Aug. 4, the daughter of the lal ...... ...... ,= :::;:::':::.::: ....... ~ ......... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~ll LU 111ClIUSLU ,.=,,,U.,a, ,,0~ ............... ~ ................... " it has outwara enemies out ra- - , : ~~:~:~::~i~::~:~: .....i ~lri...h~o*.. II. h .... h,,i nor M,- ~'n .... ~:m,,,~* "d Mro " , ,,, . groom was best man for his son. satm with matching accessories 1906, the deceased was a daugh- and Sally Leach Lynn. Sh ' :. :~ii!ii;!:J;:~:/i::::; ....... q,,nd~,r /4....... di~i,,n Roy Lnlnhort ther because of lhe lacK o/pub Mrs. Myers chose for herwed- and carrmd a corsage of yellow ,ter of the late Hunter and Ruth v]ved by her husband, t ~i~!i:iiiii!i:;: ;~'~i,~s" the'same '" ............. ~ "~ :.-~;'~'.~.'~'. v ...... u~,n.,slcal fitness ot our peopm, u we ding a white wool sheath dress daisies McGohck Belier. She was an act: ghters, Mrs. Elsie Potter! ..... -~i:!~iii::ii~: - .......... ~. .,,~,w 0. .~,,,,,,,=z ...... z get ourselves m goqo physicaland ware a white orchid a,~. r ..... ~..,~ h,..~hor . the live member of the Auxiliary or ville Md and Mrs H ~:~:;:: Mr and Mrs James Dempsey County, Mrs. Stone came to Jet- shade to live we don't have to .. -.. " ~ ......... < 0"" .... ' ............ *he Ch..Io~ T.wn Citizen's Fire u ..... ~..~- ~.~ ~, .... ~..~ ~ii:/!ii~i Richards are the proud parents ferson County about 12 years ago ~,orz'~y about (;ur enemms. . ~ars; myers, formerly of Ham!l- groom,was Dent man. - IC'ompa'ny ....... a~d"~wosis"ters'Mrs'"I~d i _ .. : - :- :iiii::i.! of a son horn in the Winchester from Martinsburg where she hadThinking and believing men ton, v a..was.graauatea zrom Lm The Drl(les n]otner wore a aress I ................ ~.-.~..n ~'e ards of Martinsbur- az ~ :::;/ Memorial Hospital, Winchester, been residing when she met and and women are going to manage coin rngn ~.cnool ann for several of green lace with black access-l[~ sul~ve~Ul~v~onee~au~a~er"~rs Nannie Clin- and a ~son i i! Va Mrs Richards is the former married Mr. Stone. And almostthis world and not machines, Gen years was m government Work Dries and wore a corsage of white I ~_ ..... ~ ........ s ~,_--.._S~ ..~ ~...~_~.r. ~.~ ~,~rvt~ ~~/ Miss Nettm Lucllle Jenkins from the day she came to Charles Itershey concluded P g P -carnatmns..he g . [ ..................................... e ...... . " ' "s enoin art of this time in ear ~ ,rooms mother dames L llletlOlU ol l~ll~wl~uJtt, ut ual~iaxxu, ~,*u ....... "* " , . .. . iNews, wflom anne nail Deed visit- uezu *a~ rxiuay a~ tu Mrs. Forrest Sheets and child-'Town to live shehas been one of Introduced also on the programIS, Fra?ce. . .... ! wore an aqua dressff)th b]ack ae:Jin~; a son, Cletus Atkins Jr of Mill Church of the Bretll, ren of Arlington, Va. are spend-,the coumy's most aroent support were: George Mullen, the Rev. _ Mr. Myers, a native o t unarms cessomes, her corsage wuS p.,r~iM~,ddletown' Va and a number interment in the cemetel ~~!~; ~ in~ sometime with her father Mr tern ana comnmnity workers Carlyle McDonald, pastor of the Town was graauatea ,rom the carnations ~ . , - " - , __ ~ ~' . " ' ' a a . " . ot nieces and nephews. , Ralph Sager. Being a mother and a grandmo- Charles. Town Presbytermn Chur- M ss nnutten M]htary Academy Mary Louise. Jones of Bohvar [ ....... v ct I ,~-~r~v ................ ~ur~ a~J " .: Mr nnd Mr Norval CBub~ ther, Mrs. Stone has worked w~th" ch and "I." A. Lowery, Supermten-" and Shepherd College. He was sister" of the groom took care of i ............................ Tne oooy nas oeen remo e Fieicl[s-o'f- R'ans~on announce the and for, children's programs as dent of Jefferson County Schools associated for several years with the gift table. Mrs. Annabelllzrm. :he ~m,\n ana trmer_ _e- 2 Ienr erseFVe r- ' Tera engagement of their dau-hter" I well as on adult civic and corn- as the judges for tbe DSA con- Dupont Co'. of Wilmington, Del., ! Merryman, aunt of the groom ser [ morzai runerat Dome .In ~,_mr,e_~ Ho-em~nt Sa-'''~ .... T "ii ~ ~ ~' ' munity projects She is a member test; all of the nominees in both served two years with armed for- ved the three tier wedding cakei*rwn to me Dome oz the aeceas- . p._ ~tarmul.. , Mary Helene Ffleds to James B. ' " s i ' - ea zrom where services Will De ta az[er an illness el ~~ Oberle of Brookl" N Y The of St Thomas Lutheran Church the DST contest and the Woman-ee n Europe. At present he zs and Mrs. Ruth Burral, fmend ofl ............ ear wed[n- will take~'~lace F'rida,, and ~/olls the following offices or of-the-Year contest; and the tel- employed by Chrysler Corporat- the bride's served at the punch| nero ~rmay at ;z:~tl ,p_. m_a~iner y T~e deceased was ben : -: s v ~' ..... ion in Ne ark De awa e rtev. l~ussell J. urqunart, p s o T ........ 9'7 in Rvotvn,:vilIo Md membersh*p m same; Church lowmg DSA wmners-Clark Furr, _., ,w , 1 r. |bowl. I .. ,~,~ t~hu,-la~ 'Pnurn Ranti~t Ch,,r ray Vn n van 0 the 15 ~ ......... :.~:;::i: ~":~"~%v~,',..,~" .................. Council chairman of the church's 1953; Rzchard Glass 1954 (not r'onowmg the ceremony a re-I The young couple went on a/'f .... ,Y"";~:~? .'~ _"~1e..'_'7~,~.'.'.:'~% :.=.% G.-L..?. 7,':.'~.~.q'_.:'q,~ ,. "~: ':'::",::":':- :::. at. a:uv u~.,*u,,,r~. ' . . . - . Cll~ Will onlclate Ullt! utlrlaI Will IIIL[ ,t~lalley %.~l~lJIJa~U /'~1~ : : : ..... Mr and Mrs Oscar William I stewardsh~p committee, organ.~zed present), .SMrley ...Hunt, 1955, pt noWaS beld at the home of t w.e.ddlng trip to, Flo_nda;~ TheYi be in Edge Hill Cemetery in Char Surviving are his wife _ .................... ~.... " . ~. - " .......... aria participatea in the lellglOUS naroia (UnUCK) r.zsner, lade; t v ~ ~oitza utot4i,~t aa,u a*at~:*'l** Will live in rreuerzc~, xnu. ***e | ~^.. ,~.~. ,~TTa~tlpr AI~r" two ohildl - r=tat,r s v tir= I ztzer ot unKer mu: w. va. are survey made recently in Ranson; Robert Stone, 1057;: the Rev. law Mr. and Mrs. H. William My- bride is a graduate of Frederickl ......... ..... cv...a .- aome. and..joff.]n. " Miss Ellen Paige Shoemaker, ' me proua parentsaaugmer is a teacher of a Young Adult Richard Neal, 1958 and Normaa ers of Newark, Del. I High Classof 1956 and is employ l Bearers will bg u egmam and t.ei-ht isters and I .daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin ~onna J ~rs. r'~tze.r .the, Class of the church; chairman of KinDer, 1959. ' i After Feb. 1st the couple will ed at Frederick Trucking Co. | Staubs, George Heffner, taayton ..... s . r T wn zormer ~azss martna marnyn ~nzr be at home at The Plaza in W]I James, Robert Cam, LeRoy Ware tiers "S. Shoemaker of Cha les o . ~' "[the 'Social Ministry; and a mere-, Those who were at the speak- " " - I The groom is a graduate of Har| " " ~.*: ..... ,~.^ .~ ...... ~vas elected Worthy Advisor of: my. !ber of the Trinity Circle. l ers table and intr6duced weremington. I pers Ferry High School, class of J and Neill HinteD. . ,o~'u~4,~,:~,~,"~i~~t ...................... 0naa / esaal We{in $.{i r and I[[ some of the||/ | X 10 A. M. - 7:00_ P._ M.." the Charles Town Order of the Cadet Robert R. Skmne [ In fraternal work she is a mere Mr. and Mrs. William ADders, i 1957 and is employed at the Am / -- member of the Episcopal Rainbow for Girls on January 19 Cadet Jim McIntyre of near Uti- ~ .......... [can Le-ion Aux Mrs Richard Neal and'Mrs Nor &d. ,~.J U.. C...;.. I erican Optical Co in Frederick,/ MISS IMOGENE MILLER . .......... " ......... nit " States Air J oer oz me ~mer g " " " Mi-. Illili MI~. [~I~[ I " i ........ I Funera~ arrangements s -on January ztL MISS ~noemaKer ca, ~. ~. o, me u eu iliar" chairman of the -ift wraTM man Kisner. I I / ~v~iss xmogene Tanner Nluler, I A.~l.....4 , .-.i! . ...-.4 ;o and the other officers will be in- Force Academy, Colorado, visited i -:-'-?'-ervi"e for veterans at tiae Shirle'" Hunt "r'~s~den+ of the ' -- "" ............ I . ~ . d_ a / 82, well known Shepherdstown re ;'~'"~=?. ......... ~ '?,, ' " Mrs pH~g ~ ~ y v v ~ ~ Irom the' son as to hi, the formersarents Mr and I stalled at the Methodist ChurchI P .... Baker V A Center or--anized the Citizen's Fire Corn'-an- also in- ~~te 50~ W din. |Announce ~erroTnal |sident, died Wednesday at her I_ " oulter" Immo " Y' " " n h " " as a the same atmosphere of 50 " " ternoon at 2'30 with her pastor, " 'P ' ~!zmsbu[rgioti~deh~arlJemcoCblP; ]S:;e~nle~eTreaSd:y ~radam. t s lw2a/de:~Sa ~,~0d0 ~o19r53o~hetWr ser Sen;~eeeW~.d~IeeSdaaYs' ih roe u dn yt lYe trrS' aag2d Mrs Feeser received V~Ir. Gladstone is a graduate of/~a~n~e~uJl~nwi~r~:s'~g~m~oe~C~ I ...... ~'-----" -------7-----~ervice, Joy tt'unt; Confidential Mr. and Mrs. Philip George Her vice pin. iNorman KinDer. Imany felicitations a-ainst a back Loudoun County High School,/.~ ~- I , . . ~ , t~emetery in ~nepneros~own ' tbserver. Carolyn Brown; Outerlzog, Martmsburg, W. Va are re- Mrs Stone was one of the or- --- [~,round of ,,old boxwood yellow class of 59 and ,s presently ser-| " I You Gzve The Best ~erverl Kitty-Blue;~ Musician,'ceiving congratulations on, ganizers of the Jefferson County I |~w@r P,nil [roses and pore pores ' " : v!ng in the Armed an] LARRY E SINCINDIVER I You Give Marzaret Saville Choir Director, th ot a son naris Lee ]n me wm Mental Health Society, is now a i ........ r'" i The bride "attired in a "own of etectricai repair stuaent at r ortl ~ " .... i "~ ' ital Mrs " " n ' ~ v i Larry r~ugene ~incinoiver, zo- Ann McCormicK. t chester .Memorml Hosp~.. ~__~ member.and she asszst m the a "1 From Page 1 I dusty rose silk lace over rose sat B~ r. ...... i. .... et for the/month old son of Bernard R and l MARY FRANCES jnerzog is me zormer MISS d~ln~2 Dual ~eu-mnger campatgns. ~|h~nod lin with shoulder corsage or or ,t-~u uate l,aa u~,, a / ......... ~, I . .......... ' . " ddin umsy t~erry Smcma~ver ot ~nep- ,, ~_ : - ,,~',~.~t] Crlder Bartles. Mrs. Stone is also a member of The program has also been en-I chzds and hlhes of the valley was we g. i hprd~t.wn wn~ do~d .n arrival I ............... .... --., . . i Mr. and Mrs. John T. Shields the Charles Town Senior ,Worn- riched and improved through pro lbeautifully complimented by the /a~'t~aeW~arlesTrown-Gener~i'HosJ tir ro uo' ;anay P ~ ~ ~ || N ~ | ~ [ are receiving congratulations on art's Club, has served as it s vice viding teaching aids, such as prop [ floral decorations of yellow roses kd;.... D^II ~,,,,.~.~A,i T~ / -'ital Wednesda" I ........... / L. I! d V 11 ~ I~ ~1 'a son born January 10th at the president for two years and as er books for the school )ibrarY !POre pores and mistletoe and MI~ D~II LII~G~gU IV |P in ~dditl.n t~Yhath nar~nt~ the washington and rol~ ~,,,~,P~,:~-.~. -- ,u~ Central Baptist Hospital in Lex- secretary for two years. She is a modern, laboratory equipment I baby's breath, kd. D...JA $, I i-e~"nt'-is'~ur'vived~l)'~ a-sis't~r ~, I Bolivar w V~ r~...~a ~.o n ~ ,~ ~r .... . . mgton Ky. Mrs. Sh,elds was the member of varmus commzttees and materials for the $cience l The guests were. served from a MI. IIUII{IIU /4. IG~Ig I nda Ann ~inci-diver end a h.., ] ~ *' c~,./,~,.~ ..... ~," ~ ...... ,:,~h~**~ former Miss Janet Kmghtmg. and is also at present parhamen- fields and new eouinment for the ltable decorated with a center- .... .|,~, v .... ~ u~ ~,~,m,~, I Jan 26-1t o,,~, ..... .~ ....................... Law " * ~ ~ Mr. and Mrs. Harry 15eat o* ............. ~. ................. . " " th eta sonb2:r~eW~?:sd~Ye, Jani T::ct~Ythas been named - tao=. of the original boosters of tae;:sher of modern foreign langu- iP~%e f: ~he ~aom:e typeo~W::: Charles Town announce the en-[ The remams are at the Melwn I~p .... ! 18,at~t~heTh,~ ~ ;h~ ,.-:-~: ,bird Mrs Jesse Price of Preston St. the Jefferson County Memorial Through the National Defense ]bordered by a brass candelabra gagernent of the~ d aughte~ LID_-| .... = ...... ....s,. ........ s ...... c~..~. ...... -. " on i h h ' oa lo ttonata ~ raget, son oz ~v~r. son and has been named Ross has been v,sztmg Mr. and Mrs. Park, Mrs Stone has been a mere Act, the Jefferson County Board | wh c ung a large gold bell ...... .......... | eaa ~ 'e~a~r ~t,~.~ ~,,at~, t-~, ,~,.d , hmlds Lexm ton for ' of dwectors and of Educatmn has been able to fastened wzth small bells and mz ana ~ars ~nanes o raget o*- u, Louthan after the baby s great John T. S ' ': . "gt ber of its board " " ' |t'et e " " " "s Berryvilie " " | 31Lrfi3 3111)1: L1:M/1:fl, t, nAflL~ IVWM uncle Mrs Mor~an is the daugh- the past two weeks. ~v~rs. t'rice ex I is a stockholder. She is vice-presi- provide all basic teaching aids for I ~ o . The wedaing ca.~e was ser . .. : .......... / ects to return home this Frident of the Potomac Garden Club mathematics in grades 1 through |red by Mrs Margaret Fisher and rains t~eu zs a senmr at t~narms/ .-- -- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis P " " " ~ ' '" Town Hi h School and Mr Paget ~ ' Urhi'~ "~ C~arles To .... day. a past district chazrman of Con- 12. In Science approved Sc,enceIMzss Sylvm Jean Fesser, grand- g ..... :~ . | / ~~m~l~Al~~~a ........ I r turnservation and is also still an act kits have been provided alonglxtaughter was 'at the punch bowl is a graduate ot t=mrKe uounty/ HgfligH~nii Mr and Mrs Berkeley Custer Ruth Rodgers Smith has e ...... r . "---- " ..... "" ...... Hlg" h School and is now employ- ~'llliBIIBl~i~~l~ and ~taughter B'everly, Jefferson ed to Stuart Hall, Staunton, Va. ire memoer ot me ~astern Star with portable laboratory tables i.-d Mrs. Doruthy L~.~ v,,,,ed . ........ | " I Terrace, were dinner guests with after spending the weekend with Chapter of Charles Town. Mrs. for grade 1 through 9. This pro-~the coffee. . ea at ~.eating s r~sso ~ervmenter. / .. her parents ~r. and Mrs. Robert Stone has also for years been an gram has been designed to moti-|..DeWitte A. Feeser, grandson; A June wedding is planned. | ~ am mm A ," " "" R. Smith Jr. at their home 'Sil- active member of the Womens vate students and better prepare|attended the guest l)ook and Mr. " | ~ M~II~ Mr and Mrs Page Custer m Shep , , herdstown They also wszted Mr ..... " ..... - . "~ ver S"rin~"v ~ . She had as her guest I Auxiliary of the Charles Town them for Sczence" as they pro. land. Mrs.: Sylvester.Feeser, the for ,,,**v i n ttalpn ~ager zn unarms Town ~mm~m ~v~,m~,u -'-,,,, -,-,,, --,= ~ ii Mr James W-son~ of San An I Miss Jean Sumerville of Mays- I General Hospital and she is a gress through the 12-year pro~|mer a son, reecievd the guests as I / ton[o" eTxas visited ~ais uncle and ville, Ky and Miss Lucy Shep- past Councilor of Girl s State. gram. " |sisted by Patricia Ann and Mary ~ , .,_ ' | ' " -- .... of Tullahama. Term who I -- Hope To Expand Program ' |Estelle Feeser granddaughters K@CI~IVI~ bnfi / ~. on hard ........ ........ ............. aunt Mr and Mrs u 1~ Wys g " " " " . are her class mates at Stuart Hall | :l~lolralav I Currently the Board has an or-| The out-of-czty guests were Mr. | ~ Am at their home on South Samuel I a.~st,~,-,.,,~.,- [der on extensive list of Mrs. Fred 0. Mater of Lex-, The Jefferson County Chapter[ ~' II ~V~ Street. [ ,, ~ , From Page 1-- A Imnt to be used in chemistry and|ington,, N. C.; Mr. C. A. Feeser, of The American Cancer Society| ~' i ~ i Mr. and Mrs Gerald Dorsey woman UT amount of about $9,000 had a- physics. In biology the Board has[Cumberland, Md.; Dr. A. G. Hi- nan received the following mere-| i ~ ~ ~ ~ and children of Brunswick, Md. I From Page 1-- A I mounted to about $17,098. The purchased some charts, models|dined, Morirstown, N. J.; Mrs. O. orial gifts during the month of/II i' spent the weekend with their par . i next earnings after setting up j and microscopes. It is also hoped|B. Mires and Miss Georgia Mires I January In memory of Mr H G [ ~ J~'~ HArm I eats Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Dorsey. cate of merzt, the reserve, equalled $4.27 per that this program will be expand|0f Omaha, Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. J Lakenan, Mrs Philio Stevtoei[ ~ ~1~ ~" ~ ~V~ r~,~ r,~, Perks daughter of In accepting the honor .Mrs; share which is equivalent to 136 ed later. ..|C. M. Naah, .Fliatstone, Md.; Mr. tMrs James Shirley and Miss ~'ran] "Mr ~n.q M'r~ Philin Pprk~ ~t.v ' |6ercentofthe$31.25pricewhlch| Also at present new equipment|and Mrs. F. Hoffmaster, Bait[-cesMarkle also a donation to be'l ~ IIWYl Stone wno naa oeen nospltall e{1 "~ianr~e'a ~"U'rwng~C'a~'eP~t;:ln'tH~np'i~ ir~i)at~ee~~ed~aYar~k~[ir~eS!~id:e~ I ts erer' r'al;tW u ers ' per [ ;MGrlVI~' I us ' l t w tt /!tisre~ioray~12 f~lnan dl ~. IllfffJLW " ~ has returned to her home on Sam e communit and In the year 1960, ~.percent of " "P " ." we trust b g / V~VI~I~I~ ' ...... county ~espzte zne z~c~ sue sam ........ ~. = .... | ............ 1 | ~- *~o ~ .... ~terest to time [ varmus types to be sure that mon[ Virgima Lowe, Martlnsburg; Dr. [ be found ~r;. um~.e_bmzmk, son o~. ~a.r. her physician had .warned her ]~%.=~%.'~"~ "~vin'~s accounts J ey is not spent unwisely or for[and Mrs. C. W. Dawson, Md.; Mr. [ | Due to the inclement weather nerhans aria Mrs tucnarll 1~. ~mlzn lS " v u=pu~,w.~ .... -. ..~ . . . .. . only that day that sue must ga e I ,, ,k^ ,,_^ hmao, leauinment that has httle Mrs. Feeser recezved manvl - --,~e,.,~ r r -- s endin his s rl vacatmn at ~t tileum~ ~..~ o~--..-. .......... t~ves in mcreasm the schools as well as provide enrich P g P ng u some of the heav load of c~v e to reach able last year and a httle amount Frederick Md v ~i~ h.m. in R-r,'vville Xra i p ". .- Y .........../aUthorized increasing the' out-Ithe report states. _ ., ,[beautiful gifts. [ ~d" ~ 'P Tg~ 1~. missed the first few of our ann[verse .................. ~- , -- lic anll commumzy responsloltltles / ........ ..,. ,_ o I Lower,, said the ~narlls next/ t .~, ,~, x, .~ ~-~ wVg~tOrst Whi;hKMo~ RReOstbe~to~ ~hneg.has been carrying .for so ~nmp~v%t~oi'l~h~or~og[Hallel~ Youth ] _ The Mar_y sole..." i ~--~ cipal objec " " " ' g" J ment e ui meat for thk dien es'/Takes FredeCkk GM I Brubaker Shop COME IN THIS WE|K --- SAVE MONEY _ _... ~ stock was to increase the numoer| _ q P ..... "/ ~ I ..... - .............................. ' 0 ' of individual stockholders from ~or. the work. that nan DeeD U [J ~ cpl elal fin ~-'.~]ll 180 to at least 400. As of today, IdOne m broadening the fields odAs , ide January 14 i o. WOMEN'S QUXLITY FOOTWEAR ~ bVlnl VII ~[~ [thi~ h~ nnf h,pn fullY achieved fsciences zo llaze a sum of $8,000i I FRIDAY and SATURDAY PERMAN NTS ..................... new suv'lin Federal Funds was made avail] Mr and Mrm r 11 We are short about 90 " - , . s. 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What we particulat;ly want is at 1 The Rev William P Reed pan- ~,~,~,'--1 Kn_ ...... l IF/ .... 9,, s Mr Funk ,..7 ~t~, u, suu, t~# rr u##~t~#~ a least 400 stockholder, "ltor of Calvary Assembly of God ~ P . houser sald ~9.~ ~ ~av~ NT~ .~]~ Nfl ' " |located on Fairfax Boulevard on ~ I ' Ip II I, BII II I Fifth Avenue in Reason announ- I~ #1 1 1 II I [] I~ ...... ,,, .. WinnAr Nf iced the following schedule of 'll ~ / , 1 ~11 1 I~ L 1 , IY IIIIII~ V ~I'/.OU wave - l,~ow ,~l~.Do E 1 I meetings for Sunday and subse- " FROMPAG n [quent week nigi~ts. Sunday Dr in'- " oi of 2 Ve"-t $15.00 Wave - Now $10.00 committee of the Charles Tow . School at 10:00 a. m. morning wor ess - a.,~ And--be sure to inquire about our Telephone 390 OPEN DAILY 9:00 to 5:30 P. THURSDAY 9:00 to 9:00 118 N. Charles Street Charles Town, W. Va. Ranson Parent-Teacher Associat- ship service at 11:00 a. m. Even- iota; a member of Equality Lodge ing Evangelistic sen'ices at 7:30 of Masons; Member of the Retail p. m. Tuesday the Christ Ambas- Business Men's Association; an sadors meet at 7:30 P. M, Thurs- active member of Sigma Chi Fra day Bible Study at 7:30 P. M. ternity; and honorary member of ....... I the Citizen s Fire Company.I I,~,~|~m IA,,m,,,~ ,,,& /.fill For his ,church, St. Thomas Lu LC~JIUII LUUlI~ OI U.UU theran Church, Reason Mr. Sta- According to "gteve' Stone, Jr. Icy has served as Superintendent there will be a meeting of any of the Sunday School; is active one interested in making colored in the United Lutheran Church pictures in discussing the qual- Men; being president and fellow- ity and compositi0n of colored ship chairman; has served as a pictures and in sharing the show- member of the Church Council ing of their pictures with others. and sings in the junior choir. Mr. The first meeting will be held in Staley ~as also given many even-!the American Legion Lounge at ings to home visits and meetings,8 p. m. Friday, January 27. in connection with evangelism} , , ,, ,,~, l work in the church. I USE THE CLASSIFIEDS I Cranberry Sauce - Coffee or Tea EXTRA COFFEE AS DESIRED Hot Rolls -- Butter Homemade Ice Cream Children's Plate 75c -- Adults $1.50 Route 340 Across DiHER East of Charles Town 8 BHdge in Maryland Miles Charle T wn